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About is a retailer that sells fitness vitamins, supplements, accessories and clothing. sells vitamins, supplements and protein bars from its own Signature brand in addition to third-party offerings. provides access to workout plans for weight loss, muscle building and getting fit for a monthly fee. Reviews

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Original review: May 1, 2015

I just wanted to share my positive experience with Number one I've been ordering from them for over a year now and they ALWAYS ship next day air. I get my package the next day even if order standard shipping. I live in NYC so maybe this has something to do with it. Number two I ordered a wrong item and only realized it AFTER it was shipped. I called customer service and there were no hold times. I was immediately connected to a customer service representative. I explained everything and he instantly shipped out a new order and told me they will have that other package "returned to sender". Got the package the next day. I have not one negative thing to say about this site. I'm a customer for life! Thank you. I don't work there nor has anyone told me to write this review.

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Original review: March 17, 2015

I would feel ashamed if I worked on the customer service team at Perhaps that's why they all hide behind a fake moniker. I placed an order bound for Singapore on January 12, 2015. The last DHL update was on January 14, 2015 which says "Processing completed at origin". It is now March 17, 2015 and still no sign of the package. I had emailed, called and live-chatted with personnel, and all dismissed my request to track the item with their stupid response template: "we are sorry for your wait bla bla bla... may take some time at customs bla bla bla... item may be rejected or destroyed at customs control bla bla bla... check with your local postal service bla bla bla... no refund or resend unless the item got returned to the warehouse bla bla bla..."

The thing is, I have on at least 5 other occasions explained that I had taken their advice and contacted my local customs and local delivery service. I also checked with my local health authorities to ensure that the item I ordered did not contain any restricted ingredients. I even contacted DHL directly, who let me know that the onus is on the seller to initiate the investigation to the missing package. Further, it is not that cannot locate the item because of the minimal tracking due to the shipping type (and fee) you opted for, it is that they simply do not want to do it for you. Essentially, they pay their customer service officers to brush you off.

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Original review: March 16, 2015

20 years I been doing business w/ the company, I'm done!!! My account was charged $31.60 4x !! Was only suppose to be $31.79, where did $31.60 come from? I had a credit on the account for $116.00. W/ the difference of my order, was suppose to be $31.79 not $31.60 x4, which put my acct. negative. The supervisor has no empathy for their customers whatsoever!! And my email shows $11.98 X2 for shipping charges, wtf!!! Ridiculous. You lost a great customer and my friends and their friends too!!!

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Original review: Jan. 19, 2015

Never ever buy anything from if you're outside the US. I ordered some pre and they gave me a tracking number (which DHL doesn't track in SA apparently or so they say). It's been almost three months and I still haven't got anything. I even spoke to DHL South Africa/Customs and the Post office and they say that the tracking number provided is invalid. Every time I mail or contact them, they take no responsibility and give me the same response that seems like a template and that I'm not actually addressing a person. They just give me a response giving me my tracking number (that isn't valid) and a link that goes to their site stating they are not responsible for shipping. It's like nobody at that company actually does anything. Customs say the package hasn't even entered SA. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and I advise you never buy anything from them if you're outside the US.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 11, 2014

So I just created this account to warn other people about the practices and policies of Let's start at the beginning: I live in Austria, ordered two Pre Workouts from the site, paid almost the same amount for shipping as the items itself. Checked the ingredients on the label so that I won't have issues with customs. Everything is legal, and there are no banned substances, at least not what is stated on the label.

After one and a half week, no package, no answer. Called UPS and I found out that the package was seized by customs because there are illegal substances in the supplement itself, and not only that I will probably face criminal charges but also have to pay for testing, etc. Contacted and got the same response every time, they do not have any responsibility regarding the items that they send. This is the most unprofessional site that I have seen in my life! Never order from the site if you are abroad or Canada, etc. They don't send the necessary paperwork with the package, they don't offer you any support and the products that they sell are definitely mislabeled. Never ever buy something from this company again.

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Original review: Nov. 28, 2014

I ordered a supplement, about 2 months ago. A month passed & I still did not receive it. I then inquired with who were very dismissive of the whole affair. They stated that it was rejected because of customs & that the shipping of the item is my responsibility. I then inquired with the shipping agents - DHL, who assured me that these items are not banned by SA customs as per the seller's information. could not provide me with information as to why the item was rejected by customs & only refunded my 50% of my total payment. The irony is that I purchased the item from the SA login of their website, which according to their website removes the doubt & risk around shipping issues. I would suggest that anyone looking to purchase goods from think twice, as they will not as they do not refund & do not give a damn about customer service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2014

Probably fine for US customers but I'm living abroad and was stupid enough to keep using this website after they lost a $400 order. What happened? They lost ANOTHER order, but only for $300 this time. They lost 2 out of the 12 orders I made, which might have been understandable/forgivable as being out of their hands but when I contacted customs I was informed it was a mistake on the part of the shipper. The shipper had incorrectly labeled the contents of the package and because it was too heavy to return to sender they simply disposed of it. Further,'s response from the very first moment I contacted them was to simply copy and paste standard emails and quote sections from their T&C about why this was none of their problem. They shouldn't be allowed to trade internationally with a reputation like this (which is corroborated in countless other reviews on similar sites to this one).

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Original review: Jan. 15, 2014

I Did an Order Thur., Oct 10, 2013. Until today, 01/15/2014, it not arrived. The tracking number show that my package still is in US. This is the LAST Information (on 10/15/2013) that I can have: Compton, CA,US 10/15/2013 3:48 PM PT PROCESSING COMPLETED AT ORIGIN I'm having a very bad customer service by email, where no one can tell me what's happen with my order. I asked to customer service: please tell me what is happen. And I got the following answer: "Usually a DHL order will say when it left the United States then nothing after that. So at this time I am unable to see exactly where your order is at. Please take note that when you see 10-25 days, that is 10-25 days to get to your country, not 10-25 days to be delivered. So once your order clears customs it will be sent out to you for delivery."

They DO NOT know what's happen with the order. I don't know even if the package is outside from US. They say that the problem is Brazilian customs, but they can't show me that the package arrived here in Brazil and is in the Brazilian customs. I'm waiting for more than 90 days, and really would like to have a satisfactory answer to my order problem. There is a missing package here, and I just want some explanations and a solution. But what I had, was sarcastic answers from "Energy **" (customer service). If you do not live in US, think two times before lose your money at

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2013

I'm waiting for my order for over 84 days. Support refuse to give postal tracking info or make a refund. Horrible service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 19, 2013

I ordered some items, for the 1st time from on the 20th of April 2013, on the 8-20 days Shipping Method. It has now officially been 2 months, and still nothing. All the Dumb ** at have a standard answer - it's with CUSTOMS in Malaysia. I have spoken with the CUSTOMS at the AIRPORT and the local Postal Service. NO ONE HAS RECEIVED IT. Customs say unless the postal service receives it, they will not have it either. Why do these dumb ** at offer a CRAPPY option for INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY, which has no TRACKING SERVICE????? - After searching further, I found that there are many disappointed customers internationally for this same reason. My total product cost was USD 200+.

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Original review: June 4, 2013

I ordered the Six Star No Fury and the Six Star BCAA pills on 15/05/2013 from the Bodybuilding UK site and I'm still waiting for my items. On the tracking system, it's showing that the order is still in California, US! First of all, I didn't order from the US; they didn't warn me on the checkout page that these items are not on stock on the Netherlands depot. I've done a same order for a creatine the next day. The item arrived 5 days later because it was shipped from Netherlands! Now, because they're sending me this stuff from the US, I have to pay customs taxes as well. I don't know how much it will cost if I will receive it ever and again they didn't warn me about this either! I send them emails but they did trying to explain me that the items have reached GB, so soon I should hear a call or email from DHL for customs taxes! So far, this is a terrible experience. I'll never ever order again from them. I better buy on Amazon or eBay!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2012

I never had a worse experience. A great cheating by store and DHL partners in organized cheating. They literally loot people. I ordered an On Whey Protein 10 pounds and paid $57.17 extra for shipping. They promised it will be delivered in 8-20 working days without any extra charges. Now more than 20 working days, I got a call from the India post office that I will have to pay another INR 4,012 ($80) for custom charges. The product which costs $99.97 now finally costs $99.97+ $80+ $57.17 = $237.14, which is 2.3 times the original price. This is great cheating and fraud. The delivery boy (postman) even came to my house with the product and asked for custom charges of INR 4,012. I refused. Why should I pay? If booked order by DHL Couriers, then why did they deliver order by postman (post office guys)? This store is cheater and fraud. They will show lesser price on website and even offer some freebies to trap people and ultimately charge 2.3 times. Super fraud, cheaters and dacoits. Please don't buy anything from BodyBuilding Store. I need them to refund the full amount of $147.14.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 31, 2012

I never had a worst experience. I'm an experienced online buyer. I always buy goods both from the Brazilian online market and international, and I never had experienced more problems to buy something than I had this time trying to buy a 29 USD pre-workout. I did payment using my British credit card, and then I got this message telling me that the order has been cancelled without any given reason. Only after many e-mails, I got a human reply telling me that they couldn't proceed with the purchase due to security reasons (?) and that I should send payment through secure payment method (?). I never had this problem before!

After I tried with PayPal, it's the same problem. Then ensued more two weeks of trying, sending copy of documents, and getting messages that shipment would be done. And today, I got a message saying that it's not possible and that I need to pay by Westernex or wire transfer. It was the end of a promising relationship! I finally got the products I want through eBay cheaper and shipped the day after placing order. So to summarize, I strongly suggest everybody here to avoid buying with this crap of web store.

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Original review: March 30, 2012

I ordered Muscletech Hardcore Pro Series Fat Burner from on February 26. It was well within stock. Today, it is March 31, and it’s still showing that it’s en route to USA. I selected 8-20 days shipping, but still I have not received my order. When I ask the company officials, first of all, they are very rude and don’t know how to talk with customers. Then all they have to blame is Customs. I am very much frustrated by their response and want a refund. Please help.

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2012

14 Days Order Still To Be Dispatched: I have ordered few products online to be sent to Australia SYD. The order date was 9th February 2012. Today is 23rd February 2012 and my order still has not been sent. For a single order, I did send more than 20 emails which are all saved in sent box. There were various changes as they do not have the items in stock, but when I was buying, it was clearly stated "in stock". My order was cancelled and they had to do another order on the 14th of February, and again, there were 2-3 changes for items not in stock, and as of today the 14th day, I am still waiting for my order. They promised to contact me via email at manager level within an hour. Previously, I have given $50 off for a $620 order. All monies debited from my credit card, but it’s obvious still they do not have few items and they don’t care that the customer is waiting for it.

Well, I will take this as far as I can so they will learn what goes around comes around in customer service and, hopefully, they can update their system so if an item is not in stock, the customer doesn’t have to wait.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2012

I haven't received my order yet. The details are as follows:

Order number: **
Date ordered: Sun, Jan. 1, 2012.
Status: Shipped on Sun, Jan. 1, 2012.
Tracking number: **
Shipped from: Idaho.
Shipping method: DHL Super Saver (8-20 business days).

Payment method: Visa.

I need refund.

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Original review: Sept. 30, 2009

Placed my order on 1st July 09, mid August and no sign of my order. Cancelled order in August 09 and to date no refund! Keep receiving email confirmations promising a refund will be made within the next 3-5 days... same promise repeated by different reps from the company.

An absolute headache! I placed the order with these guys as their website come across really impressive and they seem to be very successful but if this company operated this way in UK, I’m sure Trading Standards would be on them like a ton of bricks! I would never order with this company again, and warn all my friends and family too.
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Original review: Jan. 11, 2009

On Jan 10th I've made an order with After I've checkout and paid through credit card, I spoke to one of their customer service rep. to make sure that my order is shipped out ASAP. They assured me that my order will be shipped out within 9 hours. I've even received shipment confirmation email from that my orders will be shipped out on the very same day.

On Sunday night I did not receive any emails from FedEx for my tracking number. So I check my order status on, it stated ON HOLD. I spoke to the customer service reps. (MegaMan Myke) via Live Chat. He told me that my order was so large, the shipping costs might be more. And they're doing everything they can to minimize the shipping cost for me. They put it on hold because the courier company wanted to charge them more. It doesn't make any sense because firstly, this was a problem between the courier company and And secondly, I did not request to minimize my shipping cost. Because I made my order and paid accordingly to the shipping fees the checkout page stated. I asked Myke, how can they delay my shipping due to shipping fees issue that doesn't involves the customer when I've already paid for it. And now I have to wait few days longer for it to reach Malaysia. He was very rude and unfriendly and even replied me that I would have had wait that long anyway. I'm very unhappy with the way he spoke to me and I'm still having the whole conversation history with me on my comp. I've rushed my credit card company to increase my credit limit. And rushed to make order before Sunday (Friday midnight) so that they'll ship it on Saturday morning and I'll receive it by the following Friday (16th Jan) in Malaysia. Now that they will only ship it on Monday or so, I'll have to wait another weekend till my order arrives.
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Original review: Feb. 10, 2008

I ordered a product from (aminofuel) on 13 Dec., and the policy of that company is that they deliver the product within 15 to 20 days from shipping. I have not received the product, and my money is deducted from my credit card. I have mailed him 5 times, but they reply with some reason of security checking--that they're not able to deliver. This is not a way to do business!

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Original review: July 26, 2005

On June 20th, I ordered a health supplement from The site is very specific and said the supplement came with 120 pills of 1500 mg each. The site even ranks the price per serving.

When the supplement arrived, the bottle contained 120 pills, but the 1500 mg dosage came in 2 pills. So in essence, I half of what I paid for. I asked to return the bottle and purchase a different one, which I would have purchased if the web site had been correct. They agreed to accept the bottle back but would not pay for the shipping for the replacement (I had already paid shipping once and was required to pay again).

They told me to contact All American Pharmaceutical (Joe Archer) to resolve the issue. After trying multiple times to contact him, when I finally did he agreed to refund the full amount of the purchase so I opened the supplement.

When the refund wasn't issued, I called several times but have yet to get a hold of him. The company now refuses to give me any refund since the bottle has been opened.

While I did not lose significant amounts of money, I did spend considerable time and effort trying to contact the various people at The web site was wrong, yet they told me specifically that wasn't their responsibility. I think it's important people be wary when ordering from their web site because the information may not be correct and, if there is an error you are still responsible for certain costs.

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Original review: Dec. 28, 2000

I ordered diet pills on Nov. 8, 2000. They were to be mailed 2-3 day priority mail. Thedidnt show up so I called multiple times and was told they were send on various dates. Eventually they showed up on Dec. 4th. Unfortunatly all I received was a bag full of broken glass and capsules.I was promised an imediate refund angain, multiple times. In the end (at least so far) they recharged my credit card. After being promised twice that my refund was being taken care of as we speak I am still out the cost of two shipments. I have all my e-mail corospondence supporting this.

The only consequences have been the danger of putting my hand in a bag of jagged glass and the loss of my Christmas food money. Beyond that I am just livid.

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