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About Safe Ship Moving

Safe Ship Moving Services is a licensed interstate moving broker based in South Florida. As a broker, Safe Ship connects customers to registered carriers with the best rates and terms for their specific situations. Because the site offers limited information, customers should call to speak with a Safe Ship Moving representative and get a free quote.

    Pros & Cons

    • Licensed interstate broker
    • Full-service packing available
    • Corporate and military moves
    • No local moves
    • No quick online quotes

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about Safe Ship Moving?
      • 4,465,035 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Customer ServiceContract & TermsPriceQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

      Reviewed June 5, 2024

      Expect zero customer service and being upcharged every single step of the process. They will speed you through a quote that ends up being inaccurate. They will refuse to update your inventory prior to pick up. You will then be charged $1300 from Next Relocation the moving company they broker you out to on day of delivery. That company will miss your moving deadline and contract you out to a 3rd moving company who will hide damaged furniture behind boxes and shrubs.

      The 3rd contracted moving company hired by the second will charge you an additional $1300 because they drove an 18 wheeler and not the 26 foot moving truck you originally were quoted from. They will also refused to give you any information about affiliation. This unknown company will give you an option of renting a UHaul yourself to carry your own furniture from their 18 wheeler to your property all while you take care of your three kids with special needs. Coming from a military family, expected more from a Veteran owned business.

      Customer ServiceSales & MarketingMoversDamage

      Reviewed June 5, 2024

      I am utterly disappointed and disgusted by the appalling service provided by Safe Ship Moving Services. Two weeks have passed since I sent a detailed email outlining the traumatic experience my family endured during our cross-country move, and yet, we have not received a single response from the company. It's evident that they couldn't care less about their customers, and their disregard for our concerns is beyond infuriating.

      From start to finish, our experience with Safe Ship was nothing short of a nightmare. We were promised professionalism and reliability, but what we got was the complete opposite. The misrepresentation during booking, the unprofessional behavior of the moving crew, the false promises, delayed delivery, and the damage to our belongings—all of it has left us feeling robbed and betrayed.

      What adds insult to injury is the lack of accountability and responsiveness from Safe Ship. Despite reaching out to them in hopes of resolving the matter, they have chosen to ignore our pleas for help. It's as if they think they can get away with scamming their customers and leaving them to deal with the aftermath alone. I cannot emphasize enough how frustrated and helpless we feel as victims of this scam. Safe Ship Moving Services has shown their true colors, and it's clear that they prioritize their profits over the well-being of their customers. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this company at all costs. They do not deserve your business.

      PriceQuote AccuracyDamage

      Reviewed June 3, 2024

      If I could give them a zero I would. They give you an EXCELLENT quote and promise great service. Then, they take your deposit and only then do they inform you that they don't ship your belongings themselves. They use third party contractors. They also don't tell you that the third party contractors can feel free to charge you whatever they want once they get to your house and put your stuff on their truck. If you refuse to pay at that point, they will gladly remove your items from the truck, but you lose your deposit (usually a couple thousand dollars). Then you'll be informed that the quote for the other end (when they deliver) will be even more. Your belongings are basically held hostage until you pay them what they want!

      All in all, the move ended up costing almost three times the amount originally quoted. And, to top it all off, there was a LOT of damage to multiple items. Like, big, expensive stuff (washer, dryer, dresser, etc.) Now, after all this, they say they're not responsible for the price gouging or the damages. That you have to take that up with the contractors. Hindsight being 20/20, getting a POD or a UHAUL container would've been the much better option. Save your money and a lot of stress and choose someone else!

      Contract & TermsPriceMoversQuote AccuracyPacking

      Reviewed May 31, 2024

      Safe Ship moving company was terrible for me and my wife. We moved April to the beginning of May. They did all of the tactics, The salesman Tyler L just blatantly lied. He told me when I was about to sign. I saw that you could only get a refund within 3 days So I was deciding not to sign but then he told me "We don't want to keep peoples money" and said, "As long as it is not a week before your move we will give you your money back." Me being young and not knowing any better I took him at his word, Which was a big mistake because then I tried to cancel and let's just say they bent me over. I either had to forfeit the money I gave them which was close to 40% of the total cost of the move. Which I honestly should have done, because 3 days before pick up they went over the cost again and for me to keep things at the same price I had to remove half of my things.

      Then the worst part of all of this I didn't read the contract fully on the insure because I was like, "Oh they are professionals. Everything should be fine." Wrong. They said that they do full premium packing which we chose to do because it was only $150 more. This was also a huge mistake they failed to wrap my mattress. It was delivered absolutely disgusting. They also say that they cannot move perishables but somehow while I was helping the other mover the one in my kitchen supposed to be wrapping and moving my plates and cups and little appliances ended up filling a full box of food.

      I have pictures but he put in chocolate bars chocolate chips, Open boxes of pancake mix. So I would run as far away as possible from this company. They honestly in my opinion should not be allowed to do business. Also I know stuff happens but they did put a hole in my wall because they don't carry your stuff out of your house they slide it down the stairs.

      Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

      Reviewed May 31, 2024

      Do not use SafeShip!!!! The worst service. They doubled our price after hooking us up with a moving company that brought the wrong size truck. Had over a month to find someone to ship our car and we still do not have it. Boxes marked fragile were packed on the bottom of heavy boxes. Even found footprints on boxes that had been walked on. The sales people and service people do not speak to each other so every time you call there's a different answer for the same questions. My boyfriend has a broken leg so we needed a company that would put boxes in the rooms as they were labeled. Movers got here and said they didn't do that. All boxes dumped in one room. SafeShip brokered this move, took our $16k and dipped. Hire local movers yourself. This company in no way will help make your move easier.

      Customer ServiceQuote Accuracy

      Reviewed May 26, 2024

      Absolutely rude responses when I politely told him we would not be using their services after reading reviews and getting more reasonable quotes from other companies. I wish I could post the screenshots.

      Quote Accuracy

      Reviewed May 23, 2024

      If I could give zero stars I would. They TRIPLED my original estimate on the day of the move. They lied to me about acceptable payment methods for delivery and pickup. This company is a SCAM. Do not give them your money.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingPriceQuote Accuracy

      Reviewed May 23, 2024

      Bait & Switch and deceptive business practice. Get quoted a binding contract with items listed. Load 1/2 of listed items and demand another $425 to load rest because moving company obviously contracted out to someone else and not forthright about items and wrote less cubic feet down than needed despite item list. Then delays on delivery with barely any notice.

      Hard to reach SafeShip and over 20 calls later. Then suddenly get texted day before delivery about more upcharges of $75 per 7 steps of flight if there are stairs despite them being told it's a second floor move. Then constant delays hours before arrival again and again. The company did not do their due diligence and did not do a route check and can't get it delivered and now charging extra $350 for box truck shuttle delivery on our dime in order to get items. This is after being originally quoted $3100 to move a 10 by 12 bedroom across state lines. The cost has gone up to $4264 as of now! Do not use SafeShip! They meet all red flags listed in moving booklet.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingPriceMoversQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

      Reviewed May 22, 2024

      In Jan 2024, I signed a contract for my move out of state to take place in late April 2024 with a total cost of $3,950. Three days prior to my April move date, Safe Ship Moving called to tell me there had been a mistake with their quote and that the cost for my move had almost doubled; with the new quote being almost $7,000. I'm retired, so this was a hardship on my budget. I was told by their representative that I had to pay the balance in full or they would cancel the scheduled move. With three days before the move date, I had already cancelled my rental agreement, so I had no choice but to pay. The worst part is this company doesn't actually do any of the work themselves, instead they contract out every part of the job, so they can then put the blame on the contractors and avoid all responsibility.

      On the day of the move, the packing team and the actual movers each tried to get additional cash amounts from me, claiming that it was part of the service fee. When I told them I would need to call the main office to inquire about this additional service fee, both teams told me "not to worry about it" and that they wouldn't charge me. I was very put off by this and it felt very dishonest, like a scam to get more money out of clients. The moving process was horrendous and unprofessional. Items were packed without care or organization. Belongings were left in dressers and drawers and the furniture pieces were poorly wrapped in moving blankets. My items were haphazardly placed in cardboard boxes with none of them labeled.

      Unfortunately, I wasn't surprised when items arrived broken and furniture pieces damaged. I paid for their Full-Package Service, which was supposed to provide insurance against damaged or lost items and ensure my belongings would be shipped directly and not share space with another client, however, my items were split and arrived in two different shipments. Now, weeks later, some items are still missing and at this point, I have little hope of retrieving them because the office has stopped answering my emails and phone calls.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingMoversPunctuality & SpeedPacking

      Reviewed May 19, 2024

      Absolute Hell. This is the first review I am ever writing in my life - and I only do so to hope that somebody out there reads it, and does not make the same mistake I did. They overcharge, stole some of our boxes, showed up 3 days too early (4 AM in the morning to be precise), and delivered 30 days too late. They also do not own up to any responsibility, because they actually are just brokers. They put the blame on the actual shipping company, who then does the same to Safe Ship Moving. They had a very very slimey sales guy Mike - who REFUSED to pick up OR answer a text or email once we ran into issues. He was very slick and helpful and wonderful BEFORE we signed the contract of course, then disappeared.

      This is an elaborate con, and I would hate to see other people get scammed too. Beware - most of the "positive" reviews are just members of the team trying to put something on so that they can continue scamming others. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH (Including YouTube videos - people hate them so much they go through the trouble of making videos warning others....).

      Contract & TermsPriceQuote Accuracy

      Reviewed May 18, 2024

      Working with Safe Ship has made my cross-country move so much more frustrating and expensive than necessary. I would not recommend this company at all. They do not provide accurate information on shipping timelines and boast that communication is transparent and accessible at every part of the move when that is not the case at all. The initial quote provided does not account for the nickel and diming that occurs when the movers actually show up to move up your stuff, at which point you do not have the ability to back out of your contract. Don’t fall for the initial reasonable quote presented in your sales call (which is also incredibly pushy, especially for such an expensive decision) because it ended up costing me about $1000 more than what was initially quoted when signing my contract.

      Reviewed May 18, 2024

      This is company is a broker! They are middle men. Do not waste your time with Safe Ship Moving company. They are comprised of sales agents at the top that promise you things that cannot be delivered. On the initial sales call while they were drafting my binding-estimate I notified them that I have one major requirement. I live in a city and cannot have a tractor trailer pulling up to block traffic, I need a 26' box truck. They said that's ok, no problem. When the movers came to pick up my belongings, they told me that a big tractor trailer will be delivering on my belongs to final destination. The broker never instructed the movers of this. Trying to get on the phone with Customer Service is nearly impossible. Average wait times of 20mins +. Save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere.

      Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceMoversQuote AccuracyPacking

      Reviewed May 15, 2024

      Bait and Switch Company!!!! They are not BBB certified!!!! They quote you and take your deposit (3 day cancelation window, as if your booking movers 3 days before a move?) then wait until 2-3 days before the move and double the price on you (can't cancel because you put the deposit down a month or two ago)! No time to find new movers. They claim it's because "you added more inventory" but what they really do is leave items off the original quote (They left off 64 boxes. They included zero boxes, as if we wouldn't have boxes??). They also make sure to change your sales rep so they can say, "yeah, I'm sorry the other guy messed up, but it is what it is. That's the price." Then when you ask for the phone recording to prove them wrong they refuse and ask for a court order. That phone recording would show that the rep and I agreed and he confirmed the price included 64 boxes!!!!

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyDamage

      Reviewed May 8, 2024

      We called this company without realizing that they are "brokers" not actual movers. The representative was very friendly and he quoted a price based on what we described on the phone as our things to move. When we agreed, we had to pay almost 50% of the estimate as a deposit on the spot. A few days before our move, we were asked by Safe Ship to provide a more detailed inventory. When we did that as best as we could, the estimated price went up substantially. They said both the number of items and the volume were much more than the initial estimates. They wanted more money to be paid on the spot, and we did.

      On moving day, All Together Movers arrived with a partially empty unmarked truck and an empty U-Haul truck. The moving team was 3 men who struggled mightily loading the trucks, and struggled even more at unloading. At the end of the move, the crew chief showed us some numbers on a Post-It note, and said we owed them more than 6 thousand dollars, in cash. He said our belongings were much more than the last estimate.

      Since the precise quantity of the inventory was so critical to the cost, why did Safe Ship or the movers fail to send somebody at the beginning to make a detailed estimate? All told, our within-state move to 2.5 hours away cost well over 8 grand, which was almost double the initial estimate. Anyhow, there were some damaged items during the move, so we asked Safe Ship to help us file a claim. It has been almost 3 weeks and we heard nothing from them. We are not holding our breath. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of Safe Ship.

      Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyDamage

      Reviewed May 6, 2024

      Updated on 05/20/2024: Safe Ship gave me a phone estimate of $6000 to move my apartment from New Jersey to Virginia. After that, I called Got Junk to haul away a truckload of stuff. When the ** moving crew came, they demanded another $4000, payable by check. They took ten days to drive the 200 miles to New Jersey, claiming they had to wait for my check to clear. That cost me hotel bills, $2000. When they finally delivered my household goods, they left my dresser standing on end in my living room, instead of setting it in my bedroom. They broke my bed, snapping the baseboard and crushing the box springs. They stole $11,000 worth of my electronics, including my laptop, 3 monitors, 3 La Cie hard drives, Nikon digital SLR camera, a leather jacket, a flight jacket, and more. Basically, anything that could be easily hocked was stolen.

      Safe Ship said I could submit my claim to a neutral arbitrator but I would have to pay the $300 to begin the process and had to forgo any lawsuit. I would also need to hire a lawyer to prepare a legal brief and produce receipts to prove I owned all the stuff they stole. Now, I found reviews from other customers who were similarly burned. Overcharging their customers at pickup and looting their goods is their real business. Basically, Safe Ship cheated me every way they could cheat me. The $6000 move they quoted me actually cost me S10,000 with last minute overcharges and $11,000 in broken and stolen goods.

      Original Review: Safe Ship gave me an estimate over the phone of $7000 to move my apartment to the next state. After I got the estimate, I called the got junk people, and they hauled away a truckload of stuff that I discarded, which should’ve lowered the price significantly below the estimate. When ** moving crew showed up their lead, told me that my household was above the estimate and I would need to pay another $4000. I had a new job waiting for me in this other town so I paid by personal check. It took them a week to drive the 200 miles to my new home. That cost me $2000 in hotel expenses while I waited. They said they had to wait until my check cleared before they would move the truck. Of my previous moves had taken overnight. I kept asking when the truck would show up and they kept putting me off.

      When they finally arrived, instead of putting my dresser in my bedroom. They stood it on its end in the living room in a forest of boxes. It was very difficult to get it into my bedroom. When I unpacked, I discovered they had looted my household. I was missing a $2000 laptop, a $2000 camera, three computer monitors, three portable hard drives. They broke my bed, snapping the baseboard and crushing the box springs. Altogether, they broke or stole $6000 Worth of my stuff. Adding together the overcharge, the stuff stolen and my broken bed, it came to about $10,000 worth of broken and stolen stuff. I feel that I paid like $7000 to commit a $10,000 felony against me. These are very bad people running a crooked business, who are fleecing their customers for everything they can get.

      Quote Accuracy

      Reviewed May 4, 2024

      DO NOT use SAFE Ship to facilitate your move! I had a small 2 bedroom apt that I moved out of State. I was quoted $3,332 & they hounded me until I signed. I ended up paying over $7,500, I was over the sq ft.

      PriceQuote Accuracy

      Reviewed April 28, 2024

      DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! They quoted us a price for moving several states away and we knew the price would go up a little from the quote given because there were a few things that we forgot to list. But not more than double the original quote. They take advantage of people knowing that once everything is started you have no choice but to pay their fees or lose your belongings. Again I say DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY unless you have plenty of money. Our quote went from $4800 to over $10,000!!!!




      Same thing happened to me. They raised the price by two thirds at pick up, then looted thousands of dollars of electronics from me in transit. This is a criminal company.

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      Reviewed April 27, 2024

      Safe Ship Moving Services is a fraudulent company. They require thousands of dollars up front and then do not show up to move your belongings. We lost almost seven thousand dollars and got nothing for money spent. They lie to customers and provide no services whatsoever. Impossible to get your money back. Internet crooks!!!! Authorities who should regulate these cons do nothing to assist victims of these crooks or to keep them from ripping people off every day.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

      Reviewed April 25, 2024

      -10 DON'T USE. These are the worst movers of all. I moved from WI to TN. The Friday before I moved, they doubled my price -- even though I left a whole family room with 2 sofas, china cabinet, and recliners. The movers came on Monday (I had no other choice) and they emptied all the dressers into large boxed (4' high x 3 wide). They even emptied my mother's side tables with her medicine. None of the boxes were labeled. I told them to put the basement furniture in the garage, they left everything in the garage - except a few items I made them move in the house. Antiques were stacked on each other in the house.

      They couldn't find the footings for my mother's bed (who has arthritis very bad & 83) so I had to call a handyman to put some boards across so she could sleep. The movers left without a word. My mother's medicine was in one of the monster boxes with everything else. I had to search through the garage and tear down boxes to find her medicine. It took 2 weeks to find. The garage was so so filled.. I could barely get through to the boxes. I had to pay extra movers to help me get through. HORRIBLE. DON'T USE. I could go on.. and on.


      I agree. This happened to me too! They are a fraudulent company. They bullied me, put me through hell for 5 hours trying to determine what I could take to keep on the original quote, which listed everything I told them I was moving, minus things I sold . At the end of the 5 hour torture session they said they could move everything for a little more by giving me discounts! They doubled the price. I received my shipment yesterday after hours of threatening emails and phone calls. I told them they exceeded my budget. They just threatened to charge me more. They used 7 different phone numbers to contact me, six different email addresses and 2 different moving companies!!

      PriceQuote Accuracy

      Reviewed April 23, 2024

      This company is a rip off. They quote you based on what furniture you have, them movers show up and say it's not enough space, sketchy. Wound up paying 3 times as much. DO NOT USE, you will be sorry and pay more.


      Totally agree. Same thing happened to us.


      This happened to me too! Somebody needs to put them out of business. I contacted the BBB. There were more complaints like this on their site.

      Reviewed April 17, 2024

      I contracted Safe Ship to arrange a cross country move for my wife and I which took place in January. We opted for the white glove service with a full pack and load so we understood we were going to pay a premium. After a detailed walk through and increasing our estimate we felt like we had high conviction in understanding our costs. Unfortunately, we were way off and became victims of what I can only describe as predatory practices by the movers - Top Notch Movers - that Safe Ship Moving arranged for us.

      Everything went fine the day of our pack and load. The team showed up on time and were professional. We were blindsided that after everything was packed into the truck we were going to be charged a full 50% more than the quote due to space taken up in the truck. While some margin for error is understandable, 50% is absolutely egregious and we essentially had to pay because all of our belongings were on the truck and we had nowhere to stay in the city we were in at the time.

      Fast forward to the completion of the move where we paid the additional cost and we filed a complaint with Safe Ship. After explaining the situation and speaking with one of their customer service reps, Lesley **, we were assured that the owner of Top Notch would make us right through the claims process. We worked through the 3rd party claims company they utilize, CSI, and for the past 2 months have been waiting for this to be resolved. We were notified today that there is nothing that can be done to enforce the commitment to pay our overages back and are now out an extra $5000 dollars on a move for a 1000 sq foot, 2 bedroom apartment.

      I write this as a cautionary tale because I know we are not the only ones this has happened to or will happen to in the future. Avoid this company at all costs and know that their word essentially means nothing. Predatory business practices such as these are heinous and hopefully at least one person/family will be helped by our terrible experience.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed April 13, 2024

      Most definitely not safe. Don't walk -- run!! This company & the 3rd parties that they contract to (in this case Rigos Moving & Storage out of L.A.) were horrific. Prices will skyrocket by thousands, not hundreds, thousands after arriving. Rigos walked in the door with no hello, no introduction and immediately started complaining, were rude & handled the furniture very poorly breaking/damaging many pieces. They complained endlessly the whole time even threatening to cancel.

      It was a small move, 2 bed, 1 bath, all pre-packed for them & they acted like it was the biggest inconvenience. Delivery across country wasn't any better & of course once you sign on the line Safe Ship is nearly impossible to get ahold of. I worked in shipping for years. Hands down the worst service I've ever come across. Not the white glove service that Safe Ship will convince you that you're paying for. And the delivery driver crashed into the gate because they send a 53" High Cube Semi instead of delivering in smaller shuttles. Awful. Zero stars. Beware!!

      Customer Service

      Reviewed April 9, 2024

      Requested a quote and a salesperson called me. Upon saying no, he immediately became rude, tried gaslighting me, and disparaged the other moving company I was going with. I told him my dealbreaker was the fact Safe Ship was a moving broker and had many negative reviews — he claimed all those reviews were made by lying customers. In the end, he hung up on me after my third attempt to politely say no.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed April 6, 2024

      I called for a quote while still in the early stages of moving my mother out of my childhood home, so without a set itemized list of what would be moving with her or what I would be bringing back home with me. The first man I spoke to was incredibly rude and judgemental about my 'lack of preparedness' and further, I got follow up phone calls the rest of the evening almost every half hour until I picked up the call at 10:40, indignant that they were calling so late! This company seems like a nightmare to work with.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsPriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed April 5, 2024

      I could not have hired a worse company for my move from Iowa to California. They turned my life into a living hell with their fraudulent practices. DO NOT HIRE SAFE SHIP MOVING SERVICES. They tell you what they want you to hear and offer you a $1000 reduction on an inflated price quote for the job. Their auto transport department is a total SCAM. I paid $700 more for a covered transport for one vehicle that they guaranteed would be picked up March 31, 2024. They never contacted me for that date. I had to call them the next day and they guaranteed me a pickup and called me to say that a driver would be there to get both vehicles but NO covered transport and no refund on the up charge.

      When the driver called he said he wouldn’t get there until almost midnight and it was raining so I canceled the driver and cancelled their contract. NOW THEY REFUSE TO REFUND $1100 they took as a deposit. Their contract is shady and their employees are crooked. They had 22 days to arrange for and ship my cars and didn’t do anything right. I had to call another broker who sent me pictures of the job board they were posting to for the transport which shows they never had a transport company assigned. They are a completely unprofessional and unethical company. DO NOT HIRE, EVER!

      PriceQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedPacking

      Reviewed March 31, 2024

      Waste of time using Safe Ship. They are a broker/ middleman who low ball a quote to win business. Pushy salesmen who claim last shipments are happening so get in quick! Requested us to do full measurements of furniture during a “quality call” only for the total shipment to move anyway from 800 cubic ft to over 2,100 cubic ft. This meant our quote moved from $8-10k upwards to $17k!! Waste of time. Paid for a full pack service - do not recommend this - they overpack things and take up a lot of space to fill a truck load more than you actually need. Go direct - Safe Ship took $5k payment and I’m Not sure they did anything.

      Contract & TermsPriceQuote AccuracyPacking

      Reviewed March 29, 2024

      I chose Safe Ship because they are listed as Veteran owned. The first sign of trouble was on the day of pickup which was delayed by one day from the initial agreement. The second issue was the amount due at pickup was 2.5 times the original estimate. Then delivery was delayed, and they want to charge extra to get delivery there sooner. Again, extra fees upon delivery and they wanted more for using an elevator. I was not advised they use subcontractors. They charge by the foot of space used and after delivery there were boxes with two pieces of wrap in them. So, I was charged for what amounted to an empty box. I would not recommend this company to anyone, especially a veteran. As a retired first sergeant, I am utterly disappointed in such lackluster service.

      PriceQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

      Reviewed March 27, 2024

      They basically will not be honest about time frame of delivery or pick up. I was told they would be able to deliver within 4 days of pickup. It was 10 days. I was not told my belongings would sit in a storage area at all. Appears they purposely didn't correct # of items I stated so the price wouldn't go up until the pickup driver shows up to say "Oh, there's much more than we thought. That's an extra $2000 or so." They showed up 1 day sooner than I expected so, another $500 or so to help pack what I didn't have time to do.

      I was never clearly explained that another company would do the delivery of my things, I was told "they are a family business". The first sales person said "I was like his grandma"! , Not knowing how old I was. The delivery company was horrible. A few precious items broken (can't replace). They set the bed up with shrink wrap still on box spring and headboard on wrong. When I ask the guy to fix it, he said gotta go, by! I'm pretty sure I was told about subcontractor delivery after large deposit was given to them.

      Contract & TermsPriceQuote Accuracy

      Reviewed March 25, 2024

      Please read every detail of the contract before you use this company. They will give you a low price and then, the day of the move, the mover actually gives you the real price, which is invariably higher. At that point, you have no choice but to use the service unless you want to leave items behind or take them another way.

      Also, even though the mover says "when would you like your delivery" and you tell them a date, that date is actually not your delivery date. NO, that date is the first day that you are willing to take delivery. They have up to 10 business days from that date to actually deliver your belongings. But that is not the worst of it. They deliver your belongings in a semi-trailer. If the semi-trailer cannot get within 75 feet of your front door, you will need to pay for a "shuttle" to have your furniture delivered. This can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more. Please, do the research and book a company that actually cares about your move.

      Contract & TermsSales & MarketingPriceQuote Accuracy

      Reviewed March 25, 2024

      Whatever you do stay away from Safe Ship Moving. This is a complete scam and not a real moving company they are a broker. They pay their sales people to lock people into contracts and give low estimates - then their quality assurance people work on commission and once you sign the contract they will change your price 3-4 times. They will try to intimidate you and change 2x the cost of any other moving company because they are actually a broker but not upfront or honest about this. Whatever you do stay away from safe ship.

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