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Reviewed May 17, 2020

I'm moving to Miami from Los Angeles and they wanted to charge $4400 to move some stuff from a one bedroom apartment. There's cheap. There's fair. There's expensive. There's insulting. And THEN there's Mayflower. Don't do business with these guys. Also, they're trying to push a survey app that's buggy as hell. If you request a quote, tell them you don't want to download it. If anything they can tell exactly where you are and if they're interested in your stuff. Be careful with any movers for that matter.

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Reviewed Jan. 27, 2019

We got Several bids. We were moving across the country. We decided that Mayflower was the best and most experienced. We were quoted $1999 but understood that we needed a completely accurate list and that it may go up and we figured it would go up but not that it would quadrupled in price. The person who gave us the original bid was Roy **. And he has not responded to any of our emails or phone calls since November 2018.

The movers that Mayflower had bid the job out to “Fantastic Movers” from Renton Washington came in a Budget rental box van. After we were there for several hours watching them pack everything up when it came time to give them the $1622 that Roy ** with Mayflower said I would need to pay them at that time it all of the sudden became $3500! So I had to rush to the bank and get more money or they were going to unload our belongings. They asked when they could bring our belongings to our new home what date. I said November 14, 2018. They also said that did we have room for a box van the size that they were using to come to our home. We said certainly no problem. We have a very large driveway and turn around.

We called on November 13. Told them we were here and that we were told that our property would be delivered on the 14th. To my surprise our belongings were still in Washington state and that it was going to be a month before they would deliver. Well beyond their 21 day guarantee. We were supposed to be given this really great deal as Roy was explaining because there were others moving long-distance and so they could piggyback our 10 x 20 unit of storage that we had for our belongings with several other people that were also moving to Florida. The mover called me that Fantastic Movers or Mayflower moving had bid out to. This guy told me that I needed to pay him $2200 and I said WHAT!! Back to the bank. He starts calling me in the next hour or so telling me he can’t get his semi 18 wheeler down our street.

Mayflower and Fantastic Movers said a “box van” would be coming and now he had to go get a smaller van or truck which was going to cost us another $900 or he was not going to bring our belongings. This started at $1999 and went up to $11,000. I could hear them before I saw them because they were out in the street yelling and screaming and dropping the F bomb at each other so all of my new neighbors could come and see. It was pouring cats and dogs. He didn’t even want to back up into the carport. He wanted to haul everything out and get it as wet and muddy and dirty as possible.

I would not let him. I made them back up into our carport as they are unloading. Every one of my boxes were wet. Some of them were 1/3 to 1/2 way up wet and these were 20 x 20 boxes. Everything was wet and in all the boxes of breakables or anything that could be remotely broken something was broken. My husband’s Husqvarna chainsaw was destroyed not to mention so many keepsakes.

I have two large clothing bags that are gone that had easily over $1000 worth of clothing in them gone that I will never see again. We also had two other people's items because of those little stickers they put on ours were light blue. We had very dark blue and yellow. They were not our belongings and pretty much everything in there was broken and destroyed. We also had a Blue Bunny ice cream chest freezer. The glass was shattered out of it. Now it is of absolutely no value. We have an antique RC cola soda machine with the little door that opens and you get the little bottles out, it was shipped upside down. I have wood tables that are cracked and broken and destroyed.

Thank God I took my jewelry and my shoe and boot bag with me otherwise I would be buck ** naked. We have called and called and we have filed claims. I don’t have receipts from years ago for the items a lot of the items that have been purchased. Some things were ceramics that my mother made before I was born in 1961. How do you put a price on that? So we have called and called and tried to file claims but it just keeps getting nowhere at all. We have talk to Sarah ** with customer service at Mayflower who transferred us to her supervisor Jason who every time we call he hangs up on us or he acts like he can’t hear us on the other line.

Fantastic Movers has blocked our phones so they can no longer receive our calls. is under the Mayflower umbrella. In no way will they help you get anything back ever. Do not use Mayflower. Do not believe their name and that they are these great wonderful movers because they are not and at this point we would like to know about any class action lawsuits because we are willing to be a part of it. After replacing everything that’s been destroyed the triple or quadruple amount of money we are heartbroken. I want everyone to know how horrible Mayflower movers are and I don’t ever want this to happen to anyone else. I trusted them. I trusted their name and their reputation and they suck big time. Beware every one.

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Reviewed Oct. 16, 2018

I did research about this company and have had a terrible experience with this company. I unfortunately gave them a $800 deposit to move me across the country. I never heard back from them after I sent the deposit. When I called them they would not give me a definite date of pick up, and when I asked to speak to anyone in authority to discuss my issue with them, they always have an excuse that the managers are not available or not in to speak to.

When I finally talked to the Accounting manager Rich, he gave me a bogus phone number to reach him personally. I canceled my order 3 weeks before the supposed move date, I haven’t heard from anyone regarding my refund. I have called them every day for over 2 weeks and they either place me on hold for over 15 minutes or get disconnected. This is not a reputable company! I will probably never get my refund. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY! I also filed a formal complaint with DOT.Gov, and still wait to hear back, l feel this issue will never be resolved. I simply want a refund. This company is based out of Coral Springs, FL, and btw, the address is a house! STAY CLEAR of Mayflower Moving Group, LLC.

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Reviewed Oct. 1, 2018

Watch out for Mayflower's Pricing Quotes. I contracted Mayflower for my family's move from NJ to TX. I was given a binding not to exceed quote from the Sinclair Moving in Berlin, NJ. After packing, Mayflower personnel told me that the number of boxes packed exceeded their quote, therefore my cost would be $998 more. I said that I would not sign for the increase in price and I had a not to exceed price quote that, they legally cannot increase the price. I was told that my goods would not be moved if I did not agree to the increase in price.

This is one day before the scheduled move and closing on the sale of my home. I have complained to Mayflower corporate office and to the local agent. They say that I am responsible to pay the additional amount. Their agent completed made the assessment of the goods to be moved. I even lightened the load to less by not shipping all the items that the agent viewed in my home. The cost of my move was already quoted at over $23,000 but the company is not happy with that amount, they want to swindle their customers unfairly. Quote one price to get the business and then charge another higher price. I would recommend that you use another company.

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Reviewed Sept. 25, 2018

The move was from Mashpee, MA (Cape Cod) to Hernando, FL May 16, 2018. An estimate for 2100 lbs. (2082 to be exact) was produced by Katie ** (BTI - Mayflower, Plymouth, MA) on 4/3/2018. This was for the contents of a 2-bedroom condo (minus furniture and kitchen appliances); i.e. the move was for clothing, two TVs, books, and some tools. To make sure we didn't go over the estimate and spend more than the $3,161.99 estimated, we cut back on extra clothing, books, etc. Much to our surprise, the actual weight of the load was 1240 lbs - or, 842 lbs. less than estimated. We did a great job of cutting down stuff. Did we get a break on the total cost. NO! We complained to the SSCAC, BBB, and other... BUT GOT ZILCH. BE ON YOUR GUARD IF YOU DEAL WITH MAYFLOWER... especially if you are sending a small load.

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Reviewed Aug. 17, 2018

Move from NJ to CO - The experience is one of the worst I have had with any company. Since the beginning of the pick up in NJ the movers damaged my floors by sliding totes and boxes across. I told them to please don't do that and they ignored my request. Property and belongings were damaged on the pick up. My belongings did not fit on the truck because I was the last pick up and a prior pick up went over.

At that point the company should have called another truck. Instead they didn't communicate the issue to anyone and I was left with 20% of my things in a home that was no longer mine. This resulted in costs for renting the property back from the buyers and having to pay a day off for them to be there (~$1300). I communicated that this was unexceptionable and sent in a detailed description of the experience and expenses. After almost 2 weeks someone from corporate called me and basically told me that there was nothing they could do for my expenses. They would give me $100 dollars as goodwill. That amount is insulting.

The miscommunication, lack of responsibility, disorganization needs to be addressed. If not even corporate realizes this and does not stand behind their organization's competencies and does right by their customers, which keep them in business, there is something very serious wrong. I am here 18 days later and still haven't received my second shipment. There is no apologies or compassion around my situation. I picked Mayflower with the trust that the move would be smooth and that my X-Country experience would be memorable. It sure is memorable. I will never, ever use Mayflower, Molly Bros (sub contracted by Mayflower) again. I urge all movers to never use them and whoever you use to read the FINE print carefully. This is more than just things being moved, these are your belongings that you would hard for; not to be destroyed and absent for weeks.

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Reviewed Sept. 8, 2017

We moved from Sacramento to Tacoma and it started out okay. Sean, who came to give me an estimate, was great but there was someone named Jackie at the office who was supposed to call me to coordinate everything but I never really heard from her. Someone had to be at the apartment between 8-5 on the delivery day. They showed up at 10:30 but couldn't get their truck in so they were going to have to rent a smaller truck. They didn't come back until 4:30. They finished unloading around 9pm. My mattress was literally bent, a dining room chair was broken, they didn't have my bike, punching bag stand or my fan. It took a week before someone else brought those items to me.

The driver said repeatedly that I was about 2,000 lbs under my estimate so I was expecting a sizable refund. I received a whopping $136, after the check was sent to the wrong address and was returned to them then sent to me again. I have asked for a printout of the weights and what a surprise that Jackie was supposed to email it to me but of course never heard from her. Now I am waiting for a check for my claim for damages. It has been over 30 days and they apparently sent this check to the wrong address too. The claims guy, Will, says I have to wait for the check to be returned to them. How long am I supposed to wait. I left a message today but of course no one called me back. I will never use or recommend these people!!!

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Reviewed June 27, 2017

It's 9 hours into our move and this nightmare is nowhere near over. Despite signed paperwork by Derek ** and three written and two phone confirmations, no van showed up at the promised 8am. Calls and texts resulted in no answers. Van and crew promised by 10. No show. Van and crew promised by 11. Again, No show. Van and crew promised at noon. No show. Van and crew promised at 1 pm. At 1:15, a dilapidated trailer was unceremoniously dumped in front of our house. No crew. One guy, Scott, shows up to start the inventory. (It is now 5:45 and it still is underway.) More than a dozen calls to Operations Manager Lori ** found no answer for any questions. Crews were always "on the way." Finally, about 4 pm. Two guys show up from another job. After a time of hauling boxes, they simply drive away. We are back with one guy: the inventory guy.

I just watched the shelves of my Stickley $3,000 cabinet hauled into the van unwrapped. There's my Stickley cabinet. No wrap. No moving blanket. I walked in the van and see all our most expensive furniture simply stacked like it is a Target $200 construct it yourself piece of furniture. And now it is well past time when anyone will answer the phone. Texts are ignored. And we have no commitment that this truck is going anywhere tonight and certainly no idea if it will ever be unloaded from its soon-to-be graveyard in Escondido CA instead of on our way to North Carolina.

Learn from our horrible nightmare that is nowhere near an end. DO NOT CHOOSE MAYFLOWER. YOU WILL BE LEFT ADRIFT by uncaring and completely uninformed management who don't know anything and cannot find answers (they claim that they won't take your money but it will be drained from your account) and there will be no resolution in sight. DON'T be fooled by their national brand. It is now hours from resolution and we missed our 4 pm flights today because we have no end in sight. RUN FROM THESE PEOPLE AT CHIPMAN RELOCATION FROM ESCONDIDO CA.

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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2016

Making any kind of move internationally is extremely stressful and worrisome–at least for me. The Mayflower company was very easy to deal with and put our minds at ease in many ways. Regular moving is expensive... but across the ocean? Crazy expensive but compared to others and with the great service, this company was reasonable and had great rates! Mayflower took care of so many details for us that may have been overlooked or messed up by us or a less reputable company. The processing of claims was easy, expeditious and comprehensive. Filled with worry about our most personal and expensive items being shipped–we found no damage, nothing lost or missing and all that worry was for, nothing by the end of our journey.

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Reviewed Aug. 23, 2016

Movers were well trained for packing and loading personal items. All items, including furniture, were well wrapped and/or padded for transportation. Movers worked quickly and efficiently. The costs associated with this move were reasonable and competitive. The final cost was very close to the estimate that was quoted. This company made certain everything was covered when the quote was issued. Although I did not have need to use the claims service of this company, I feel confident it would be held to the same standard as their other services. The movers were exactly on time and ready to begin. Their organization was impressive and efficient. Delivery to my destination was within the time range quoted.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2016

Packed, moved to Sicily, unpacked, & placed in proper rooms. Removed all packing material & left house in ready to use condition. One could not wish for a better move or more professional workers. We had no complaints for the move, either on pick-up or delivery. It just is important to know what to expect when you arrive at new place of residence. We experienced no damage during the move, so therefore didn't have to place a claim in conjunction with the move. We were told what the procedures would be if a claim was necessary, but, in our case, none was required. We were given a date for pick up, number of days furniture was expected to be in transit, and the company delivered in the time frame that they gave us. I would say they are very reliable.

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Reviewed Aug. 14, 2016

Came to load us and began, but they forgot to load the car so the driver had one of his helpers drive the car to his house and they unloaded the trailer to get the car in and reloaded the trailer. At the other end, car had $1500 damages and numerous items were broken. Costs were very reasonable for me since this was a company paid for move. I don't believe I would have paid this much for the move without getting several bids to do some comparable shopping. The claim processing time was very successful. The reason the claim processing time was okay with me is because this was a company move and the company I worked for took care of all claims in a very timely fashion. I was absolutely amazed at the fact that they were so unreliable since the company I worked for was using them nationwide and did multiple moves yearly with this supposedly reliable moving company.

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2016

Always safe with my items. This company has always been top on getting the job done right and I have always enjoyed the price, the quote and I love the service. The costs are great. I love the value I get for the service they offer. The rates are based on so many options where you can decide what and when you want to pay. Always spot on get it done so it always right, fast and I love how it is set out. The claims are great and they are of top service. I go to the top notch strategy. They are always right there. I am right them and they are right there so the service works out great.

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Reviewed Aug. 8, 2016

Overall the crew that came were friendly, nice, caring, dependable people who help us manage to get all our items together in one run. You would think hiring a moving company would cost a fortune but the price was fair and reasonable. I would definitely recommend because they did a great job. Nothing was broken and they came with smiles on their faces. The claim process was very quick and easy. I had no problems. I did not have to file a claim. Happy for the work. They were on time, did great work, and had not one single problem. Very reliable and responsible workers so I would have to recommend them.

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Reviewed March 20, 2016

I hired Mayflower for a long distance move, the guys they sent were unprofessional and had no clue what they were doing. My furniture arrived 6 days later scratched, broken, wet. I took out full protection insurance on my move so that any damages would be taken care of. I filed a claim for damages 60 days ago and keep getting a runaround from the company about replacement of 7 pieces of furniture that are not usable anymore. Overall the company isn't worth the money that they charge and I would never recommend them to anybody. Mind you a 1100 mile move costs 6900 bucks for crap service and for your belongings being trashed in the process.

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Reviewed Dec. 30, 2015

I read all the reviews on Mayflower before I selected a moving company. Although many were poor, I found this with all moving companies so I figured that probably only unhappy people were reviewing. So, I selected them for a move from Omaha to Denver. I have to say that the staff in the office handled my move in a professional manner. They were very helpful, the quotes they gave me were accurate, and they helped me problem solve when I had difficulty with the placement of the container. While the movers who unloaded my container were excellent, those who packed it did such a poor job that they damaged nearly every piece of furniture. There were marks on one dresser that looked like they had tied the straps so tight that it damaged all four sides. I mistakenly thought that I would be OK because I purchased the additional insurance. That's all well and good but it took multiple e-mails and phone calls to get any service.

Whoever handles claims is unresponsive! Finally, after many weeks of contacting them, they contracted with someone to repair some furniture. This company did an excellent job! I still have a table that cannot be repaired and although my insurance indicates that I should receive payment for it, they once again won't respond to calls. Finally after many weeks, I decided to cut my losses and put this behind me. Life is too short to continually try to get someone to keep their word. My advice: monitor closely the packing, get your own insurance, and if something goes wrong, don't expect any help from their claims department!

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Reviewed Dec. 7, 2015

We were given an estimate for our move and this representative went through our entire house to get this estimate. He misjudged our belongings which required another truck. The second part for our belongings were sent to a warehouse to be "crated" and shipped separately. This truck took 2 weeks longer to be delivered and the crating was so bad several of our belongings were destroyed beyond repair. Some stuff cannot be replaced. They delayed any type of reimbursement until their "deadline" was exceeded. If I ever had to use a moving company again I would never trust this group, under any name. They use several by the way. We chose them because they were members of the Better Business Bureau, which also failed to help. The BBB, is another organization not worth trusting. They sided with the business.

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Reviewed Nov. 20, 2015

Stay away Mayflower Moving Company - they don't stand behind their subcontract moving companies. Let me start by noting that in the Washington, D.C. metro area there were many complaints of fraud and scams in the local home moving industry. To avoid these scammers my wife and I used an online registry to request a move from Springfield, Virginia to Dorado, Puerto Rico in May 2011 by the Mayflower Moving Company. Mayflower sent a local mover, Joe Moholland Moving who told us they were the local reps for Mayflower. The Joe Moholland Moving estimator gave us a quote of $14,000 for a 14,000-pound move (this quote was higher than other alternatives, but I thought it was worth using Mayflower for the peace of mind).

The estimator also advised us to get rid of anything we could live without so as to reduce the cost of the move - he claimed anything over the 14,000 pounds estimate would be billed before the delivery, and anything under would be refunded after. My wife and I evaluated every item we owned and decided to donate, give away, sell, or discard a large portion of the belongings we'd accumulated over 30 years in Northern Virginia. When the move arrived in Puerto Rico the delivery driver (Crowley Freight) told us the total weight of the move was just over 10,000 pounds. We contacted Joe Moholland Moving to request our refund but after 18 months and over 40 phone calls or emails we had not received our refund. They eventually just stopped answering our calls or returning our emails. We became so frustrated with Joe Moholland Moving we decided to contact Mayflower directly to see if they could help.

After about a year of exchanging emails with Mayflower they informed us there was nothing they could do because, to quote their most recent email: "As an agent for Mayflower Transit, Joe Moholland Moving represents Mayflower in interstate moving, however, with regard to international moving, (to Puerto Rico in your case), our agents can use any licensed forwarder to arrange transportation. Regrettably, they chose not to use our services to handle your move, therefore, we cannot help in this situation. After contacting Joe Moholland Moving on your behalf, John **, replied that he believed the forwarding company was settling this with you." I felt this was a cop-out because 1) when I contacted Mayflower I specifically stated the move was to Puerto Rico and 2) I didn't have a formal contract with the "forwarding company".

I don't expect to get a refund, but I hope my experience can help other families that are moving in or out of the Washington, D.C. metro area to avoid using these scammers. Or at least, to go into a move knowing that the D.C. area moving company scams are unavoidable. Please don't make the mistake of trying to reduce the load to save money - the only money that was saved in this move was pocketed by the Joe Moholland Moving company on their freight forwarding costs at the expense of the items we gave up to lighten the load.

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Reviewed Oct. 21, 2015

First off, when we had an estimate date of delivery, which was supposed to be October 8th, we did not receive our shipment until October 17th after several attempts to contact our carrier with no response. When we finally received our furniture, our BRAND NEW couch was scratched up on the corners, the leather on the couch removed. Also, they unpacked and repacked items and it seemed as if they threw them into random boxes.

For instance. I had winter scarves and hats in a box with Christmas decorations. Originally, I had all of my winter clothes packed into ONE box, only to receive the hats and scarves. ALL OF MY WINTER CLOTHES ARE MISSING. Also missing, is a full box set of dishes, not even used. And in return, we find a box of clothing not even belonging to us! I would never refer this moving company to ANYONE. Better off moving it yourself!

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