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QMedic is ideal for a customer who doesn’t want a long list of options and add-ons. Users choose from three simple medical alert systems, and there’s an opportunity to customize how calls for help are answered.


  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Easy set-up instructions
  • Caregivers can follow and monitor behavior.


  • Few add-on products and services
  • No fall detection service

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Qmedic review

QMedic two-way communication response system customizes how you want your call for help to be answered, and your answering operator will immediately dispatch medical aid or put you in touch with caregivers and family. The wristband or pendant is waterproof, and the battery never needs charging, which means you can wear your device day and night. Emergency operators are available 24/7. 

There’s no fall detection provided with these devices. Instead, detailed tracking allows for viewing and following established patterns — if something seems outside of standard behavior patterns and a wellness call goes unanswered, you can expect to be contacted by the emergency operator. 

Compare QMedic medical alert systems

QMedic in-home medical alert systems require a landline and are best for those who spend most of their days at home. QMedic mobile devices are best for those who want to feel comfortable living independently at home but want a little extra protection while they’re in the yard or running errands.

QMedic LandlineQMedic CellularQMedic Mobile GPS
Monthly cost$30$30$45
Battery life24-hour backup24-hour backup2 weeks
RangeUp to 1,000 feetUp to 1,000 feetNo limit
QMedic Landline$3024-hour backupUp to 1,000 feet
QMedic Cellular$3024-hour backupUp to 1,000 feet
QMedic Mobile GPS$452 weeksNo limit

QMedic Landline medical alert systems

If you have an active landline phone, the QMedic Landline medical alert system may be the best option for protecting yourself. A waterproof help button that never needs a battery charge can be worn on your wrist or around your neck. The base station provides two-way communication and a range that reaches into most homes with up to two bedrooms, as well as outdoor space. Caregivers can monitor activity reports, and the system checks itself 24 hours a day. The cost is $30 per month, the equipment is leased and shipping is free. Billing plans are available on a monthly or annual basis.

QMedic Cellular medical alert systems

The QMedic Cellular medical alert system depends on the AT&T mobile network, making it ideal for those without a landline and living in an area with a reliable cell phone signal. The system provides two-way communication with their operators through a base station and speaker as well as an emergency button worn on the wrist or around the neck. The cost is $30, shipping is free, and you can pay month-to-month or billed annually.  

QMedic Mobile GPS medical alert systems

People who spend a lot of time outside of their home will benefit from the QMedic Mobile GPS medical alert system. This is a water-resistant and rain-safe device worn around the neck on a pendant. The GPS tracking technology monitors where you are and sends help when you press the button. The battery stays charged for 14 days, and the charging station lights up to let you know when you are fully charged. The cost is $45 per month, and shipping is free. You can also pay annually if you’d prefer.

QMedic caregiver tools

QMedic offers customer caregivers support and resources — the caregiver dashboard provides family members and loved ones an opportunity to monitor an individual’s activity. It’s easy for you to make sure your parent or friend is wearing the device, and you can check sleeping and activity habits.

About QMedic monitoring center

There are two QMedic UL-listed monitoring centers based in the U.S. As soon as you send a request for help, your call is answered in an average of 30 seconds. The trained operators treat every call with a sense of urgency, so if you call but cannot communicate, they will dispatch emergency services and connect with your emergency contacts. The monitoring center is fully operational 24/7. If you accidentally call the emergency center there’s no need to worry — just explain to the operator it was an accident and there is no charge.

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QMedic FAQ

Does Medicare cover QMedic?
No, Medicare does not cover QMedic.
What is QMedic’s average response time?
QMedic’s average response time is 30 seconds.
Do I have to sign a contract to get a QMedic medical alert system?
No, there is no contract necessary to purchase QMedic medical alert systems. If you’re interested in a long term contract, you will save money, but you can pay month-to-month as well.
What is QMedic’s return policy?
If you’re not happy with what you’ve purchased, there is a 30-day return policy in which you will get your money back when you return the QMedic device.
What is QMedic’s cancellation policy?
Your billing arrangement will be canceled once the devices and equipment are returned to QMedic.
Does it cost extra to add my spouse to QMedic monitoring service?
It will not cost extra to add your spouse. Each monitoring station supports two buttons, so you’ll simply have to buy another pendant or wrist button.
Where are QMedic monitoring centers located?
The QMedic monitoring centers are in Idaho and Utah.
Do QMedic emergency response services require a landline?
No, a landline is not required for QMedic’s cellular and GPS devices. However, a landline is required for QMedic in-home landline medical alert systems.
Does QMedic offer a warranty on medical alert devices?
QMedic medical alert equipment is leased, not purchased. If something isn’t working, you can return it for a new device.
Does QMedic offer a free trial period?
Yes, QMedic offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Are QMedic medical alert systems waterproof?
Yes, QMedic landline and cellular devices are waterproof, and you can wear them when you shower. The mobile GPS device is water resistant and safe to wear in the rain.
How much do QMedic medical alert systems cost?
QMedic landline and cellular systems start at $30 per month or $300 per year. The mobile GPS system is $45 per month or $400 per year.
Are there additional QMedic medical alert services?
In addition to equipment and emergency responses, QMedic offers caregivers a dashboard to study that data that’s gathered on sleep and activity habits, as well as ensuring the individual is wearing the medical alert device.

Do we recommend Qmedic?

Yes. QMedic medical alert systems are simple to use and relatively customizable. When you’re setting up your account, you’ll include the contact information for any family members, loved ones or caretakers who you’d like to reach in the event of an emergency. Once you press your help button, a signal is sent to the emergency response operators or your preferred contact. This works 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If abnormal behavior is detected, a wellness call will be made to you or your caregiver will be contacted.

Qmedic Company Information

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