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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Law Offices of Patenaude and Felix?
    • 4,460,553 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 6, 2015

    I am having my wages garnished every paycheck 300 plus. All of sudden they also cleaned out my bank account. I called to try to get answers and the guy that answers the phone was rude and basically said "Well you defaulted on your loan and you have to pay!" I said I understand, but I want to know why it was taken out of my check and bank at the same time? He said "If you can pay us at least 2000 right now we will stop everything!" I said I am getting my wages garnished because I cannot pay that amount. He then said "Well I can't help you!" I called back asked to speak to a manager, he transferred me to his own voicemail. I have already paid 5200 and they still do not want to work with me! I do not know what to do! They are rude, condescending. I don't understand if they are willing to close my account with 2000, why cant they close it if I have paid 5200 already?


    Reviewed Jan. 21, 2015

    I paid the original amount of loan (this loan was presented as a student loan, but was really a personal loan; that was the first deception) and years of interest payments, but then was told I still owed 10K in interest payments. I continued a payment plan, as scheduled, and never missed a payment until they refused payment. I contacted them and was told the account was closed. They sent a threatening letter, so I sent two payments, which were accepted, and then the next payment was rejected again, with a note to my bank saying "account paid." Fine. Then they proceeded to tell me that I am in default for the excess interest.

    A year later, I receive another letter saying the account is in default. I have been constantly harassed for a debt I no longer owe. I have been insulted, mocked, mislead, and threatened. This company is either a) incompetent or b) legal loan sharks. Either way, I am powerless to stop their harassment, as they are "lawyers," and I am just an ordinary citizen.

    Reviewed July 13, 2014

    I went to sell my house in Texas and my ex-husband sent me a text saying, "I'll make the lien go away for 5000 Dollars." So I went to the court house and got a copy of the lien and it stated state of Texas vs. Susan ** but was signed Dennis **... He's not the state and I divorced him while he was in federal prison in 08. In January of 14, I got my paycheck and it stated I had a federal levy and money taken out... so I backtracked it to this company and they are the ones who got a judgment against me and a garnishment without ever notifying me once. When I talked to the law firm, they said their files served a co-worker Pam... ** because I didn't even live in the state of Nevada at the time. I also filed identity theft with the FTC. Because they said they had another account that they had a judgment against me and I never opened that account. My ex did in my name... and I called Capitol One and they marked it fraudulent. How can a company never once notify me and take money from my check...


    Reviewed April 29, 2014

    I took out a student loan a few years ago and it was somehow sold to this company. Now I have to deal with this trashy company... They lied to the judge that they served me. Luckily I showed up in court to cleared it up with the judge.... I did not want to take what I had to offer, but I think something is better than nothing... They can try getting money from me, cause I am dead broke. This company disgusts me. Their business practice is unethical and I do see how they are still in business. Plus I forgot... my student loan triple does not make any sense. I refuse to let these people take advantage of me. Try to fight them. Do not let them win.

    Reviewed Feb. 8, 2014

    Patenaude and Felix refused to submit the offer we made in order to settle a debt in the amount of $26k. We offered $4K to them. This is illegal and they have taken me to court and the judge will know about this. They are now threatening default judgement. We will see how far that gets them with no money in my bank.


    Reviewed Oct. 9, 2013

    Today, someone "served" someone at our household with the notice they are not required to even verify they have the right address. Interesting part is the person does not live here. I refused to sign and told them I would not accept the papers and told them to serve the proper person as they had the wrong address. The server (who barely spoke English) said they are not allowed to take anything back and only had to drop it off. No one has to accept the paperwork. Bottom line, there is no proof this was delivered but the person named in the suit will be considered "served". How is this even legal practice? I will look for the proper person because it is wrong that this has been done this way, and I should NEVER have been given their legal paperwork with a suit against them and their personal information. This, to me, is a violation of privacy!

    Reviewed Aug. 6, 2013

    I owe Capital One $1300. It's been a few months. I've been paying my debt $75 a month with Patenaude and Felix, Las Vegas. Then googled them online saying it's a fake. So I stopped paying. Now I got a letter. They want to garnish my salary. It has Clark Count court. I'm scared but how come it never went to small claims. Should I pay them of or not. I just want to make sure it will come off my credit report.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed March 6, 2013

    As a result of what is below, Felix wants me to pay $14k on a $6k loan that they paid $11k for! Can I sue?

    In 2003 I took out a private student loan from AES (American Education Services) for $6,000, and now it is $13,133.00. I am not sure how it became that amount. I was paying the monthly payment until I could not afford it anymore. This is when I started getting harassed by AES. I moved back home to California because I could not afford to live on my own anymore. Once I was on my feet, I called and started back making payments. I got back in school and took a work-study job making $550-$650 per week. I called to set up a different payment plan with the collection agency, and they would not cooperate.

    Harassing phone calls: (1) In 2008 they called me and pretty much yelled at me for 20 minutes. I told them I was doing my best to make payments. I was also still living on my own out of state. I then told them to please stop yelling and attempting to intimidate a payment out of me. They yelled some more and hung up. I called AES back, made a payment arrangement and made a complaint. Nothing was ever done. I was told that they would notate my account so they have record of this. (2) The debt collector also called my mother’s job requesting payment. My mother is disabled and has limited income.

    (3) In October 2012, I received phone calls from the Law Offices of Patenaude and Felix on behalf of AES and they wanted me to pay $600.00 a month and I only make about $650.00 a month. I asked if something else could be done, and they said I could pay $5,000 down and pay $372.00 a month. I told them I made around $600 and could pay $50; they said no, they would only take $5000 down and $600 per month. I feel that both options are not possible for me to do right now. Them suing me is a form of harassment. I cannot afford legal fees as a student living on my own with a disabled mother. I should not be subjected to this, since I tried to cooperate.

    My complaint: (1) How did a $6000 loan that I have been paying on become $13,000? This does not seem legal. I have called to see a statement of transactions so I can understand the charges to AES and I have been denied. (2) I do not have money for legal representation. They are forcing me into court, which they can afford, and I am trying to cooperate. They are now fighting me. I should not have to be intimidated in court. They have been intimidating and bullying me for years. All the while I continue to try and pay off the loan.

    Customer ServiceContract & Terms

    Reviewed June 1, 2012

    I have been calling the office since April. Each time I called, I was told by Frank ** that he was going to send me the agreement and each time I called, he said he would fax it and did not. When I called back in May, he said it was too late, that my wages were being garnished. I made an agreement to pay him and he said it would not go to my bank until the weekend and it came out the next day causing several NSF fees from other scheduled payments. Then he said he would fax me again the agreed amount and he did not.

    Customer ServiceContract & Terms

    Reviewed April 2, 2012

    Bad Collection Practices: They sent a letter on 3/26/31 in attempt to collect a debt and they called me several times before I even received the letter. Also, when I tried to set up payment arrangements, they said they would fax me an agreement, but I never got the fax. I called them back and asked to re-fax and they told me I was too late.

    Their initial letter states I have 30 days to contact them if disputing the bill. I am disputing a portion of it, but still wanted to get the ball rolling on paying back. These piranhas will not email you an agreement schedule either. Apparently, the debt is not high enough for an email! Apparently, they are trying to send this to litigation without even giving me a fair chance to start paying back.


    Reviewed March 16, 2012

    I was not made aware of Aug 2008's fraudulent judgment and invalid service until August 2011. I had not occupied the served residence in over 4 years with records of proof of tenancy. The Law Offices of Patenaude & Felix should be investigated for their unethical actions. As lawyers, they have not upheld the attorney's oath and all the participating members in the group should be disbarred.

    Reviewed March 3, 2012

    Without so much as a notice to appear, without any warning from the courts, from an old debt which was dated eight years ago. I had nearly $3,000 from my life savings. I have been unemployed since late 2010. Now, this criminal law firm attempts to make a quick buck on a debt, that I'm sure was already charged off, by filing again in SF Superior. I was given no opportunity to fight this in court, no court summons, nothing. That's your legal system in America.

    Reviewed Feb. 24, 2012

    My company notified me on 1/31/12 that my wages were being garnished by Patenaude & Felix for Barbara ** of ** Los Angeles, 90066 on 10/0/2007. I believe this is wrong as I did not even live in the United States from 1/2005 to 6/2008.

    Reviewed Aug. 6, 2011

    She had made me aware after contacting her that they had tried to serve me and told me that they were going to serve me at work, the school district. I told her they would have a difficult time finding me for I sub. She said, well, they will go to the human resources and they would call me in. I let her know that I work for different schools so it would be hard to find me. I finally asked her where they were trying to serve me before finally getting it that they had my old address and not the new one. I think she thought I was avoiding so she became abrupt and said, “Well, where do you want to be served, at home or at work?” I finally had to stop her from talking to give her my new address since our communication was clashing a bit.

    I did get served, problem is they served open papers, no envelope for confidentiality, and gave it to one of my daughter’s friends who happened to be visiting. Not cool, very unprofessional. So I called and said so, again with Ann, and she took the defensive so much. Then I was once again asking about my options. She says I don't have time for this and that I told you last time. She then said to get a pen and write this down. When I asked again what my choice was regarding this, again she said, “I don't have time for this. I explained this to you last time.” Then she started yelling so I asked to speak to someone else. She yelled about that, but gave me to someone else, thank goodness!

    He was cool, he explained again what my options were and he answered all my questions. I will not have to deal with her again, but I feel for anyone else that does. Also, as to being served, c'mon some confidentiality please.

    Reviewed Aug. 30, 2010

    I had a Visa credit card that was closed back in 2002; the date verified from my credit report was dated March 2005. A collection agency based in San Diego (Law Offices of Patenaude & Felix) recently took it upon themselves to pull the file and took it to court without notifying me. Court was held on May 5. I found out about this from my company payroll department who forwarded me a copy of the Whit of Execution with a Money Judgment to withhold a total sum of $3,210.34 from my payroll.

    My payroll department told me that they were sending the document back to the court to let them know that they could not honor the withholding due to that my income is already being garnished for child support. Please note that the address listed for me on this Execution Judgment was a residence that I have not lived in for well over 3 years.

    After I was notified of this action, I went to the court house and pulled the file. First, there was no Proof of Service filed for the most recent court date mentioned above. I did however see a "Proof of Service by Mail" that was recorded on September 23, 2003. However, they sent it to the wrong apartment number. I only lived in one unit in the apartment complex. I never received this notice back in 2003.

    Reviewed Nov. 19, 2008

    I have been sued by the debt collection law firm mentioned above. I have a court date on 01/15/2009. Mr. Victor Patenaude calls my house too many times during a given day. I have asked him not to call my house too many times in a given day, but he keeps on harassing me. I like to stop his harassing calls. Sincerely,
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