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I have been using Sticky Password for years. It simply gets better and better. The developer is super responsive. It has been a pleasure sending in suggestions and the occasional support ticket. Buy this product with confidence. You have found your answer to a secure password manager that is unfortunately needed in today's crazy world. Lastly, the fingerprint support is amazing. I open the app on my mobile and use my fingerprint for the opening password. Sweet!

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with Sticky Password. It's always gratifying hearing from satisfied customers! We'll keep at it for you.

Sticky Password saves me a lot of time and trouble logging into various accounts and web pages. The passwords are easily edited and can be backed up as needed. Overall, a great product that I would recommend to others.

Hello James - thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. It is appreciated!

Sticky Password has been a major stress reliever for me. As the need for more complicated and more frequent passwords increases, I no longer worry about remembering passwords. On the rare occasions when I've had issues, support has been prompt and stellar!

Hi Walter, Sticky Password as 'stress reliever' - we love it! Thank you for the great feedback.

Sticky Password is a great password manager. The user interface is neat and easy to use. The auto-fill engine is neat and works great. Online synchronization of the password database is good. The ability to synchronize many devices desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone is cool.

Thank you, Samuel, for sharing your experience with Sticky Password! It's very gratifying to hear from customers like you.

I feel my computer is safe after I run Sticky Password. I use it about every 2 weeks. I appreciate that they send reminders if I haven't used it in a while.

Thanks so much for the feedback, Elaine!

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I have been a user of Sticky Password for the last 3 years. I use it across 5 different devices and across 4 different operating systems (OSX, iOS, Android and Windows), and for me the greatest benefits are the seamless replication of new and existing passwords via Cloud services and the easy integration with the appropriate browsers. This means I can auto generate complex passwords with a high degree of security without having to remember each and everyone. The portability means that I can quickly access secure sites on the move. In the few occasions that I have had issues with the product, support have provided me with a fix or workaround within 24 hours. In summary a great product, with easy to use features and backed by great support.

Thank you, Clive for sharing your great feedback! Much appreciated!

I tried other password programs before I found Sticky Password. This is by far the best. It's easy to use and accurate. It does auto fill very well. It is secure. It also will generate automatic strong passwords for you and stores them. A must have for anyone with a lot of accounts. Five star program. Give it a try!

Hi Robert - we really appreciate that you took the time to share your feedback. Thank you!!

I have found them to be responsive. Only negative is the time difference. When I am experiencing a problem in the US they are closing up shop in Germany? They get back to me the next day. And they troubleshoot until the issue is resolved. Many times the fix is not the Sticky Password program, but the browser or OS.

Hi Lawrence - we're persistent in working on support issues when they do come up. We try to make sure that every customer is satisfied. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback!

I found Sticky Password to be very useful, especially when I was away from home and not near my book of passwords. I did encounter many issues with Sticky Password trying to get involved when filling in other forms, especially on a couple of genealogy sites. I knew it was the culprit because of the little icon showing up. I finally uninstalled it from my desktop, but do still have it active on my laptop.

Good morning, Gus - thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We want to make sure that you can use Sticky Password on all your devices and sites. Please contact our support team, so that we can see the specifics of your system as well as the sites that are giving your trouble. Some websites are designed to not work with autofill, but we hope that's not the case with the genealogy sites.

I loved Sticky Password with Windows 7. It just won't work for me in Windows 10 even with Chrome browser. Stupid Microsoft! At present, it appears on the Task Bar, but won't bring up the log-in box. Even when I am able to log in using Chrome it doesn't remember passwords. Also, with Windows 10, Chrome is very slow. So usually use the new (not improved) browser Edge. I know it's not your fault but sure did like it with Windows 7.

Hi Jo, we regret the experience you're having with Windows 10. Sticky Password does support Win10 as well as Chrome, so we'd have to find out more about your system. Edge is only now being opened to extensions and we'll support the Edge browser later this year. Please contact our support team and we'll get the problem taken care of for you.

Does not work with multiple devices. Totally different format and does not work. I use on my laptop and works great, just not anywhere else.

Hi Donna, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We're sorry that Sticky Password isn't working for you. Sticky Password supports PC, Android, iOS and Mac, so we'd like to understand what the problem is. Kindly contact our support team and we'll get on it for you.

This program has saved my skin more than once. I have used it for years and would have no other, but... on the last upgrade, there have been a few sites which I have to copy and paste the id and password into the login page, rather than the way it used to work where SPM fills it in automatically. I'm near certain that they will fix this soon. Then, it'll be back to the 5 star rating.

Saundra - thank you for the feedback. Please contact the support team with the sites that are giving you troubles, so that we can be sure sort them out.

Sticky Password is the best password manager I have used, and I have used a few. It stores and allows simple access to logon passwords and a myriad of secure memos that can hold any type of data - templates for many are provided but you can design your own - as well as providing secure passwords to use if you wish. Personal identity data allows easy filling in of forms online. Data is securely synced to the cloud which makes it available to other devices you own - tablets, phones and so on. It has made my online life so easy to manage and control and I would be lost without it. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. It's just brilliant!

Thank you, Peter! It's always gratifying hearing satisfied customers. Feedback like yours shows us that we're doing the right things.

I am a full user. Love it. Occasional weirdness with Firefox but that's likely FF. And SP service always comes through.

Randy - thanks for the feedback. Our support team is ready to help whenever you need us!

This is the easiest to use, most reliable password manager I have used. I use it on all my devices (for almost 5 years) including iPad and iPhone, PC and Mac. I just remember 1 password to unlock it and it's there on my browser. It has a really good password generator on it, which is great when making complicated passwords for websites. I'm a web developer and so I need enhanced security for sites and databases, and this little program looks after the passwords safely and securely. I would recommend this program to anyone regardless of a home user or professional as it's so simple to use and totally reliable.

R L - that is awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback.

With all the websites requiring passwords and all the thieves out in this world, I couldn't feel safer using Sticky Password. I've been using it for quite some time now and it is the best out there. You too can feel safe using this software.

Steve - thanks for choosing Sticky Password and for the great feedback!

I've used SP for years and was very satisfied until recently when it for no reason I can figure out became very inconsistent. What I mean is it will work perfectly one day and not at all on the same account the next time. It varies from day to day on most accounts with no pattern. When it works I use it, when it doesn't I go manual. Not the best way to work and this is the pro version.

Hi Ron, thank you for the feedback. We'd like to find out more about what is going on with your system, so that we can fix it. When it comes to functionality, "inconsistency" suggests that something is continuously changing on your system. Please contact so that we can help sort this out.

While working fairly well I have experienced a few problems. In roughly 40% of the time the program fails to fill in forms for me. No indication is given as to why it has failed. When it works it is very good. Also after some updates strange instructions are given to cancel things in Google and then the program does not work in Google unless I totally uninstall it and then do a clean install. I take it that eventually the writers will iron out all these niggles but I am not holding my breath.

Hi Howard, thank you so much for your feedback. Please contact our support team so that we can get to the bottom of your problem. With google, it seems that this could be tied to your extensions that do need to be reactivated after updates. To help, we'd need to know the versions of browser and Sticky Password that you are using, and some additional info.

I installed Sticky Password first on my pc after seeing a review online and was impressed with its ease of use a features. I had so many notes on my pc and stuck around my monitor with all the passwords I used and was relieved to be able to rely on a program to remember them all. When I expanded my devices and got a tablet the ability to save all the password online was a bonus and being a paid up user I was so glad to get a lifetime license and now all my devices have a copy of the software on. The security and features are first rate and the password creator will give the CIA and the British Home Office a run for their money. It has worked flawlessly on my Windows pc and my Android tablet and would recommend this to anyone.

Thank you, Nigel! We appreciate the time you spent sharing your feedback! We're happy to hear that Sticky Password is meeting all your secure password needs.

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Sticky Password is a standalone application that can be integrated with web browsers and mobile devices for ease of use.

  • Users can manage a large number of passwords: Sticky Password saves an infinite number of passwords using a database that can be stored either locally or in the cloud.
  • Offers password generation: Any time a user accesses a registration screen, Sticky Password offers to generate a password for the new account.
  • Customizable browser integration: Sticky Password integrates with most web browsers, but users can block access to certain browsers if they wish.
  • No two-factor authentication: This program isn’t as secure as some password managers.
  • Annual fee: Some users may not find this program cost-effective.
  • Best for People who can’t remember passwords, Small businesses owners

Question and Answers - Sticky Password

What problem is Sticky Password trying to solve?

Sticky Password provides password security and convenient online form filling for customers around the world. With Sticky Password, users avoid the hassle and the very real security risks of having a disorganized approach to passwords. Sticky Password helps combat online data breaches by keeping customers safe.

What sets Sticky Password apart from the competition?

Sticky Password has been pioneering password security since 2001.

One big difference that sets Sticky Password apart from the competition is our approach to password storage and the control we give customers over their passwords. Many vendors today have solutions that are primarily cloud-based. We’ve found that more and more customers want more control when it comes to where their passwords are stored.

Customers have a choice of having their passwords stored only in the encrypted database on their device(s), or they can take advantage of our secure cloud solution for backing up and syncing their encrypted database. The only access to the encrypted database is by the customer entering the Master Password on his or her device, never through the cloud.

Of course, Sticky Password does not know the Master Passwords for any customer databases.

What needs does your product fulfill, and how does Sticky Password fulfill those needs better than its competition?

A major security issue for many people who are active online is that they have a haphazard approach to passwords. This results in weak passwords, password reuse and poor storage practices. Sticky Password provides strong unique passwords for each of the user’s online accounts. Sticky Password offers automatic login and online form filling to ensure that data is entered accurately and safely. Because the passwords are stored in each user’s independent encrypted database, Sticky Password ensures that customers’ passwords are always safe.

What’s the most common misconception consumers have about the password security industry? About Sticky Password?

A lot has been written about online authentication (password and other secure access methods) over the past few years, but very little has encouraged users to have a ‘healthy,’ systematic approach to their passwords. Most of the news about passwords concerns data breaches and hacks, and promotes a personal helplessness when it comes to online security. It’s the perfect storm against people taking even basic precautions to protect themselves. Using a password manager like Sticky Password goes a long way to protecting individuals as they access their accounts and use the Internet in the day-to-day lives.

In 2015, we’ll be celebrating our 14th year! Sticky Password is well known in the security industry because we provide the infrastructure to various security suites, but most consumers haven’t heard much about us yet.

How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?

A great deal has changed since Sticky Password was founded. Ten years ago there really wasn’t a broad understanding among computer users of how important passwords were. The people who cared about passwords were mainly techies. When it came to online security, all the talk at that time was about viruses: People were finally starting to understand how important it was to have anti-virus software.

The discussion in the last five years has moved to passwords, but too many people still don’t realize what it means to them. Even with all the news about weak passwords being exploited and the need for strong passwords, too many people are still using silly, easily hackable passwords and reusing the same passwords on several sites. It’s really dangerous and leaves the door wide open for hackers.

Another big change is that more and more vendors are getting into the password industry. As technology is evolving, so are the possibilities for managing passwords. Users can now choose from storing passwords on their computers or in the cloud, and of course – the possibility of having access to their passwords on all their devices. The difference is, none of these vendors have the industry expertise or proven security platform like Sticky Password.

What is something you wish every consumer knew about Sticky Password?

Sticky Password is a pioneer in the password and online security industry. With our years of service in this industry, Sticky Password has seen how the needs of customers have changed and we've been there to help them meet those needs. It’s why we’re not only a password management solution but a trusted form filler for our clients as well.

Sticky Password believes in giving back. With every purchase of a Sticky Password license, a portion of the proceeds goes to support endangered manatees in Florida and around the world.

Has Sticky Password received any awards or recognition for its products or services that your customers should know about?

Sticky Password has received awards including ‘Excellent’ ratings from PC Mag,, Tucows, Softpedia, and many others.

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