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Juno Online Services
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Original review: July 6, 2010

I received a collection letter from the above listed company and don't know this company and have never had any dealings with such company. I tried to call the listed number but unable to speak to a person, there is only a recorded message. I do not want this to go on my credit as a collection account for this bogus bill. I sent a demand letter to the company directly to adjust this bogus bill, but have had no response. There has been no consequences as of yet, that is what I am trying to avoid.

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Original review: March 1, 2010

To: Anyone, anywhere that gives a hoot at

Last Friday, I called with two problems, one personal and the other a problem you created.

1) My password disappeared from the log in box. The password was automatic since I first started using Juno in 2004, I had forgotten my password and needed help in remembering it.

2) I was on Juno 3/24/2009 and 11/14/2009 and a message popped up telling me Juno was doing something to my account. Next time I went into Juno, I found that you had emptied all of my files even the deleted file and dumped them all into the following:

Restored: 3/24/2009 (5345 unread) this same thing happened again.

Restored: 11/14/2009 (42)

There was no way I had time to sort through 5387 messages and put them back into the folders I had created. Last Friday, I spent over 5 hours trying to bring both problems to your attention. I called all your telephone numbers and no one answered. I finally after numerous attempts to get a hold of you I got through and decided to cancel Juno.

Of course, your retention department went through their script. They finally connected me to the tech department in India. I first talked to Peter, he helped me with the password problem. Had no clue regarding the second problem. I asked to speak to a supervisor, Ethan, it took a long time to explain problem number two (above).

Finally, he said he would need to get with a few techies around a table and find out what happened. He asked if he could call back within 30 minutes if they resolved the problem. I asked him to give me an hour, if it couldn't be resolved within 30 minutes to an hour. He asked me what time he could call me back the next day. I told him anytime after 9AM. No one called instead of call your people, e-mail me 5 or so times with generic messages that are absolutely useless to me. So here we are, problem number 2 has gone unexplained and unsolved. I still have 5387 messages that were dumped in an restored unread file. I have come away from this experience with the following:

1) It is impossible to reach you by telephone and/or e-mail, see my first sentence above. Five hours, count time is just as valuable as your time.
2) I am sure the people in India are brilliant. However, they cannot incorporate simple English phrases into their basic understanding faculty. There is a big difference between being brilliant and understanding.
3) On 1 to 10, I rating scale Juno as a service company rates 0, yes, I said zero.
4) On A 1 to 10, I rating scale your customer service rates 0, yes, I said zero.
5) On a 1 to 10 rating, I rate your promise keeping 0, yes, I said zero.

6) On a 1 to 10 rating scale, I rate your problem solving maybe 1/2 not even 1.

Bottom line problem number 2 (above) remains unresolved. Please forward this correspondence on to Mark R. **, Charles B. **, Robert **, Jeremy **, Paul E. **, Steven B. **, Frederic A. ** Jr., Scott H. **, Robert J. **. They need to know what is transpiring in the company they are running.

I will be cancelling Juno in the near future but before I do that I need to transfer information to a thumb hard drive. Here goes another 45 minutes down the drain.

P.S. Do not under any circumstances send me another non productive, information lacking email!

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Original review: Aug. 21, 2009

I called Juno to cancel my Internet service as I no longer needed their service. After answering the agent's question of why, I was told the service would be continued for free for one month as a back up service and thereafter at half price monthly as a back up service. I was not offered. I was told that would happen. I told the agent two more times I wanted to totally cancel and did not want to call again to cancel their "backup" service. The agent then agreed to totally cancel. I spoke to a supervisor and was told my concern for the high pressure like continued backup service would be looked into. I also asked that I be given credit for the remaining 27 days of the advance monthly payment, but was told it was not part of Juno's policy.

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Original review: Aug. 10, 2009

I noticed that had been billing my non-existent credit card (I only have a credit at this bank - the card was chopped up years ago). When I complained, they informed me that they would credit 2 of 3 months that they have charged. They told me that someone (who had an email account with them) had signed up in April. Somehow, they charged my card without an expiration date or security code. They refuse to credit my card and I have to go through the bank.

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Original review: Jan. 16, 2009

I see the same story over and over again I have been charged for their internet service for over 2 yrs I really had not looked at my bank statement closely I know I cancelled it in 2006 it is now 2009 and I cannot find the email address that they gave me to be able to follow up to try to get a refund for more that the 2 months that they are willing to fork out Of course they just kept repeating that it was cancelled when I had cancelled it a long time ago. I had one of the operaters check if there had been any access on the acct. and of course it showed that there had not been any activity since 2006 so why would I pay for that? that means that they have gotten almost 200.00 what can I do can anyone help? please use my email to reply is anyone has an answer

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Original review: Jan. 9, 2009

Since a few months I have a problem printing out e-mail messages and reports. The e-mail responds always: Juno not responding At that time the e-mail message is locked and I must log off, re-start the e-mail. Next I try again to print out the e-mail, when the computer responds again: Juno not responding. Please help me to correct this !!!

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Original review: Dec. 31, 2008

Juno or netzero Has been billing my checking account and causing numerous fee's to be charged on my checking account,I've called Juno many times to get them to take my info out of there computer and stop billing me ,I had an account with them at one time and made a one time payment over the phone,they said after the payment was made the info would be deleted,I canceled my account in July 2008 and in August the billed my account again. I have to live on social Security because of my disability so there's not always money in my account so the bank hit me with an usf charge again Juno has caused me 8-10 of these charges and on 12312008 they tried to take money out of my account again I do not have an account with Juno why can't someone do something about them,please help

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Original review: Dec. 28, 2008

My email provider is Yahoo appears on their main page when subscribers are logging in. Since I travel worldwide, I always login from a remote server A large percentage of the time, when Juno subscribers enter their passwords (encrypted, ********), the password appears in plain English within seconds on Yahoo's search line. ONLY the passwords. The passwords are obviously being collected by Yahoo, and there is another problem: since the password appears in its full splendor -- in plain English -- anybody standing nearby can learn the password. This constitutes a double breach of password privacy and security. Since it is completely illogical that a person's private password would be used for a Yahoo search, only two conclusions are possible: (1) Yahoo is collecting the passwords for reasons of their own, or (2) there is an absurd arrangement between Juno and Yahoo to move to the Yahoo search engine input line in order to remind people to use Yahoo, for which Yahoo would presumably be reimbursing Juno. The second possibility is so ridiculously improbable that I can only believe the first, more sinister possibility. Your investigators need only find any Juno subscriber that logs on from any remote location to verify this. I'm very curious to learn what Juno's -- and Yahoo's answer would be. Very truly yours,
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Original review: Dec. 30, 2007

Juno gaye me 3 months free so I would come back, but still charged me. I was having problems with my bank account and juno charged my account $9.95, but it did not go through as they did not have authorization, so it cost me $34.00 dollars plus $9.95. I was told I could use the internet and not have long distant charges. I now owe the phone co. $1200.78 dollars. Juno refused to help me to find out what is going on and I told them from the very start I have never used a computer. I cancelled my account and I am still being charged. This is a nightmare. I only get $730.00 a month and the phone company will not work with me.

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Original review: Oct. 29, 2005

After trying Juno for 3 days, I cancelled my service on 8/16/2005 by email and with a follow up phone call. I received an email from Juno with the cancellation information and reference number. After the phone call to Juno, I also received a reference number with another cancellation number.

Juno continued to debit my check card for three months - not only for the ISP service but also for a one time "mega mail fee".

I called more than seven times, was always put on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes, and was finally able to speak to a person. I was GUARANTEED that Juno would no longer keep making charges to my account. I should have just talked to a wall. I had to cancel my debit card because this company kept making unauthorized charges to my checking account.

Damages: I will never get my money back ... believe me, I tried.

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Original review: March 29, 2005

I bought a computer on 2-29-05 from Best Buy. They offered me Juno for 9.95 a month, when we tried to download the program it would not take. We called the support line several times and it was never answered. I finally got hold of a representative, and told her my problem and that I did not want the service, because it did not work. She proceeded to tell me that because the program was not started I did not need to worry.

Well on 3-25-05 I received my credit card bill and lo and behold juno charged me 14.95 for services I did not use. I called customer service again and all I got was please call back in two hours.

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Original review: March 22, 2005

when filling out applications for internship/employment. halfway through it Juno cuts in and freezes the whole thing claiming that there is an error detected and must shut down.

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Original review: Feb. 19, 2005

I tried Juno as my Internet provider for an introductory 2 months free. Because my computer in Illinois is so old and I have Windows 95, I could not make Juno work. I cancelled my subscription last year, and now I am receiving charges on my credit card. I am now in Arizona and do not have an ID number or password so that I can get on line with them.

So far it isn't too much only $9.95. However if I can't talk with someone it will only add up to more charges. This is difficult for a person on a fixed income.

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Original review: Feb. 2, 2005

Juno charged me for service in December. I do not use Juno. Please do not charge me any more.

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Original review: Dec. 15, 2004

After three episodes of double billing on my account I contacted my credit card company and disputed the second charge. Juno responded by canceling both my accounts, Speed Band and the Mega Mail account which I had PREPAID for one year. After three phone calls and two email complaints to Juno I have still received no satisfaction and they have not reinstated my prepaid Mega Mail account.

On the bright side, for those who are having trouble cancelling their Juno account, telling your credit card not to pay the charges works immediately. Juno informed me that any credit card dispute results in immediate cancellation of all accounts. Sounds like the most direct route to successfuly canceling to me.

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Original review: Nov. 29, 2004

I have been a paying customer of Juno. I pay for the Platinum product which was supposed to have free telephone live tech support. They did give me free support for awhile ... and then yanked it without telling us. I attempted to call them recently and immediately got a prompt for my credit card number. I emailed Juno about this, and they told me live phone support is no longer free. I was able to fix the issue by email ... and there was no damage or anything like that but I think it is illegal to treat paying customers like this.

What have I been paying them for? The free support is one reason I opted to go with Juno Platinum. Now they are telling me that if I revert back to the free product, I will have to get my mail on the web instead of being able to download it to the Juno client. They are taking that ability away from us. It just seems like they are being sneaky and ruining their product. I don't want any money from them... I just want them to be forced to do things the right way!

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Original review: April 13, 2003

In August of 2002 I signed up for the Juno Platinum account which is 5 months for 54.75. The renewal was due in December 2002, However, I did not have the money to renew. I tried several time to get on the internet around December and January (because I didn't know when they would disconnect me)but I couldn't get on the internet from the end of December on. After the holidays was over and I got some bills out the way, I decided to pay the Juno for five additional months in February 2003 which would cover me for internet service until July 2003.

However, I received a bill in April 2003 indicating that I owe $54.75 to be paid in May 2003. I called the customer service line and was informed that I am being billed from December 2002 to May 2003. I asked how I could be billed for service I didn't use especially when I couldn't get on the internet during the end of December 2002 until I paid in February 2003. I also asked them when do they disconnect when I customer doesn't pay.

The person (I didn't catch the name) indicated the next month. But I couldn't get on the internet the end of December on and if the diconnect the next month, why am I being charged for service they disconnected? I asked for a manager to call me but no one ever called. I do not want to pay for the end of December and January or the beginning February because I should have been disconnect and I could not get on the internet anyway. I should not have a bill until July. Could you please look into this? Thanks.

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Original review: April 11, 2003

I was a free subscriber to Juno for several years.This is Juno Gold. I then decided to pay for service for same e-mail address, $9.95. This is Juno Platinum. After this I continued to see Juno Gold on all their icons, etc. on my screen. An inquiry received this response about a year ago. Transition during merger; should change in a few months. More than year later I decided to download update. Found out I couldn't download updates. Why? I had to close out the current old account for which I am paying monthly; open a new account with a new e-mail address and I would not be able to transfer my mail in my folders. As I see it I am paying for Platinum service but not receiving it.

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Original review: March 17, 2003

Called concerning inability to send an 8in column of newsprint.Knowing the potential costs involved, Iexpected a quick solution. I was sometimes confused by his accentwhile he ledme on a wild goose chase through my computer. during this time he was generous with sights and comments conserning my skills and general intelligence. He also injoyed blaming his failure to produce results on my 'getting ahead of him'.

I didn't know where in the hell he was going so I could hardly get ahead of him. 15-to-20 min later we were nowhere. He knew it and bailed out. I was left with a non-functioning Juno and a wiped-out address book and a loss of all recent mail and saved mail. by retracing his twists and turns I was able to 'find' juno and send this note. In hind sight I should have bailed out very early. I was willing to pay something to get a fix. Instead I got less-than nothing for $20plus.Perhaps you will feel like making an appropriate adjustment.

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Original review: April 15, 2002

couple of years ago I paid (up front) a 1 yr contract for the then juno gold. after contract expired (2000) I no longer used the service. fast forward to present- I inquire about signing up for juno platinum, only to be informed that I cannot as that account had been written off because there was an unpaid balance. No one, by phone or e-mail (formletter reply)could answer me what unpaid balance?

I have struggled to maintain an excellent credit file, I do not want some shyster derogatorily claiming I owe money.

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2001

I signed up for JUNO's unlimited $9.95 platinum service and have used it for about a year now. About 6 months ago they sent me an e-mail telling me I would be charged the rate of $29.95 because I use it too much. I take the word unlimited to be just that! UNLIMITED! I have noticed, on several message boards, that lots of other people are having the same problem. I feel that this is a VERY unfair, misleading business. They need o start charging what they advertise.

I am paying astronomical ISP fees. If I switch servers I will have to notify a lot of people, who already HAVE my JUNO address, that it has changed. I will also have to notify all the web sites that I am subscribed to, etc. This will be next to impossible to do!!

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Original review: July 16, 2001

Recently, Juno has terminated my service due to violations of service agreement. Rather than contacting me about the cancellation of my service, they allowed me to go without service for nearly a week until I called them to find out why I wasn't connecting. After contacting a customer service representative, they told me the only way that I could find out why they cancelled my service was to email and they would reply with the answer.

After emailing them, I got an automated response which read like this, if this automated response doesn't answer your question then reply to this email for further information. The email was filled with web site addresses for frequently asked questions and service options from Juno. I then emailed this address with my query upon which I got another automated response saying that they received over 2000 emails a day and though my letter would be read, it may not get a response.

I then called juno customer service back and asked to speak to a manager. After holding for over ten minutes, she got on the line telling me that I could only find out via email. I asked her the address that I would get such a response from and she told me yet another new address. I then asked her when I would receive a refund for the services that I had prepaid for ( a full year ) and she said I would be credited in one to two months.

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Original review: Jan. 8, 2001

Signed up several months ago for their free internet & email service. Now they restrict our internet usage to where we can't even log-on. They say after 4:00 a.m., but have not been able to use it. In previous memos sent they said that we were not heavy users, now they have us restricted so that we can't even get on the internet. All numbers I've used were computer run so I sent an email - and they replied to my email using a standard form to contact their customer service.

Why offer free when it is not? Juno needs to set up guidelines to let you know up front how many hours you can use their services and what plan you need to use. Their services are not free. It is just a come-on to get you lured into signing up with them.

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