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Pacific Specialty offers homeowners insurance and a variety of other coverages. It provides multipolicy discounts (including savings for bundling with auto coverage from any insurer) and flexible payment plans. The company doesn’t let you purchase insurance online, but you can work with a local agent to find out if it suits your needs.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Pacific Specialty Insurance Company?
    • 4,466,033 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingStaff

    Reviewed July 28, 2022

    This is the worst insurance company I ever gone with. The pipe on my kitchen sink got a small hole due to corrosion and I filed a claim. The adjuster Kimberly ** was rude and made me feel like a criminal off the bat. Pretty much right away made it seem they'll deny my claim but after when I asked how long will it take to get a answer she snapped and said she barely got my claim 30 mins ago. Shows they are quick to get the yearly premium but when it come down to a actual claim they have no plans to pay on a claim. Their motto policy holders come first is **. In this stressful time in our lives not only were they rude and snappy but pretty much make their customers feel worse. Do yourself a favor and get another company.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 11, 2022

    I was trying to get a quote and call them but I have speaking problems a this girl help me a lot with my quote, was patient with me and help me a lot with emails. From beginning to the end, she is so kind!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 24, 2021

    I got overall good customer service once my calls were returned. I have no real complaints considering the business of the times post-storm in the area. I would recommend this company to friends & family.

    Claims HandlingCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 12, 2021

    My vehicle was into broken into 5/2021. It's now 10/2021. No payment on loss. Darren ** an "investigator" repeatedly made me feel undermined, insulted, and disrespected. This caused me to search for more reviews on this company. From reading reviews on Consumer Affairs/BBB and other outlets shows this is their culture. Several customers have complained about him however his behavior still seems to be tolerated. This entire claim process physically and emotionally drains one's energy where you just are FORCED to walk away and accept it as a loss. as many others have.

    I must say the level of disrespect would be considered racist but it seems like other background of people have gone through the same or not. After providing MONTHS of documentation yet the stalling tactics continue until you have nothing else to provide then they close/deny claim due to not cooperating? After a while one can tell this company's poor consumer reviews on all outlets speaks volumes that any needing coverage to STAY FAR AWAY FROM.


    Reviewed Sept. 24, 2021

    Turning up was much faster and easier than expected. Deborah was super nice and friendly, let me know all of my options, and wasn't pushy in the slightest. I got signed up with policy that fit all my needs and was not nearly as expensive as other quotes that I've gotten.


    Reviewed Aug. 3, 2021

    They are always pleasant to deal with, they make it easy to renew my policy. When I have needed them, they made their part the most easy. The towing option is a life saver too! Their prices are competitive if not better than others in this field. How many companies have you been with for 20 year, that you can't ever remember a problem with? I wish everything was a responsive and well run.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 23, 2021

    PSIC phone representatives are always friendly and consistent. Yesterday, Jill as well as her son each helped me with different steps to complete a couple of changes for a client's homeowners insurance policy.

    Claims Handling

    Reviewed April 24, 2021

    During the years 2018-2020 this company asked me to supply roof repair receipts as a condition of renewal. This year I was told my home is rated as being in Public Protection Class 9 Area. They dropped me and suggested I seek out a California Fair Plan. They are affiliated with Allstate whom I have done business with since the early 1990s. I have never had any insurance claims. I was just dropped like a hot potato. Do not do business with this company.


    Reviewed March 26, 2021

    Over the years I have had a very good experience with Pacific Specialty. After many years with them, the first time I had to make a claim has been just recently and Matthew ** was assigned to me as my Claims Adjuster. I was/am truly impressed with how professional, efficient, helpful and overall easy to talk to and always available he was when I had questions. I think Matthew is probably one of the best insurance adjusters I've ever dealt with hence I will be referring this company to everyone I know who owns or rents property in California.

    Claims Handling

    Reviewed Nov. 10, 2020

    I filed a claim for Soledad fire. I had ash all over my house. They denied my claim. This company is horrible. Don't get them. Pick another company. Clark self Clark claim that my house didnt meet the requirements for them to pay to clean my house and I didn't have enough ash. CSC lies for them.

    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 12, 2020

    Here's the thing - insurance companies rarely get good reviews because if you are having to use your insurance, it inevitably means something bad has happened. When bad things happen, people are not inclined to write positive reviews - they just want whatever it is fixed so they can go back to their lives. Both my home and my small personal watercraft are insured by PSIC and I have had nothing but a positive experience working with this company. I can tell all of their customer service representatives have been trained properly and they always answer with a smile (trust me, you can tell when someone answers with a smile). They continue to self-evaluate and improve based on feedback and I love their openness and honesty in becoming the best company they can. Highly recommend!


    Reviewed May 2, 2020

    Do not use this company. I had my roof completely replaced, new ductwork, etc, in 2013. I have submitted, and submitted, and submitted (!) the required documentation. Nevertheless, they continue to list it as installed in 1940 and charging me for coverage of a roof over 10 years old. I have just sent one last complaint. If this doesn't fix it I will go through the hassle of getting a new company, pay for the required appraisal, (insurance companies really have us at their mercy!)--and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

    Reviewed Dec. 22, 2019

    Before you consider this company DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!! I’ve never had a problem regarding my home. Out of the blue I received a letter stating I’m being dropped because I have cords of wood in my almost .25 acre property. It can get down to 19 degrees here!!! I’m not in a flood or fire danger area. This business is insane. They’re actually doing me a favor because I had it in mind to cancel them anyways. By the way PS my wood I burn in my fireplace is not junk or debris, how you stay in business is beyond me??

    Customer ServiceCoveragePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Sept. 18, 2019

    Both my home and my boat are insured with Pacific Specialty and the process to get insured was painless and pleasant. Their customer service is excellent and re-upping each year is quick and convenient. I really appreciate that they are a big company with a small company feel and will continue to use them as my insurer since I feel confident with my coverage under their umbrella.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 13, 2019

    I feel terrible that I did not research about this company before signing up. Actually a insurance agent tricked me into this. These guys are all fake. Don’t even accept your claim. They are horrible, poor customer service. My request to everyone YOU ARE NOT INSURED WITH THEM!! They just take your premium and hope you never have to claim. If anyone willing to go legally against this company and their scam please let me know.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 6, 2019

    ZERO STARS! On 5/26/19 I cancelled via fax, per instructions from Pacific Speciality, both my homeowners and earthquake policies, and asked for a refund from that date since both policies are paid through 1/9/2020. I have DOCUMENTED proof that PS received the fax cancellation at their end, in the section of the fax where it says "OK" and confirms they received it. On 7/30/19 I spoke to a rep in customer service who said they never received it and asked me to email it to them, which I did on 7/30/19. He said it would take 8-10 days to refund. I have since called multiple times to CS to confirm they received that email, as he suggested I do, only to get the robo message that they are experiencing difficulties and that I should visit their website.

    I just sent them an email with original documentation attached advising them that I would be filing a formal complaint against them with the insurance commissioner within 72 hours if I did not have a response from them. If this is what PS is like in getting a refund, imagine the nightmare of actually filing a claim with them.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverage

    Reviewed May 7, 2019

    Our experience is below. We are seeking legal representation and invite anyone else who would like to join us to email me at **. We have been treated as horribly as you can possibly imagine by this company, PSIC. They used a substandard test to tell us our home was safe to live in after the Woolsley fire. We have 4 children, 2 of which are under 5 years old. Not only did all four of my children get sick, but I became extremely ill and asthmatic for the first time in my life. I am now under the care of a pulmonologist and have been told I will be sick again if I go back into my home environment.

    PSIC refused to pay for a second opinion test but told us they would consider paying us back and using the findings if the findings were different than theirs. Not only did we order an extremely thorough and extensive test but we furnished them with an equally thorough and extensive report which stated our house should not be lived in and needed to be cleaned. We also had an insulation company and ducting company examine the attic and home - they told us the same thing.

    After many unanswered calls and emails to PSIC (this is their norm), we were told that they would be sticking to their original findings and would not clean our house nor would they pay for the test. At that point, we were living in a hotel. They mentioned many times during our stay that they may not pay the bill and made us wait for weeks to get paid back. At this point, we still have weeks upon weeks at the hotel outstanding that we have not been reimbursed for as well as loss of use back in January before we checked into the hotel that hasn't even been acknowledged. Our emails questioning them go unanswered.

    The fire burned all over our neighborhood, including on our street and the homes/yards above us on our street, behind us and in front of us. All of our neighbors have already completed full remediations - we are the only home fighting to get our house cleaned. In addition, the embers burned holes in our roof. The rains that came after the fire, poured into our home and damaged dry wall in three rooms. We had a roofer out immediately to examine the roof. He found burn areas and wrote up the recommendation and estimate for a new roof. PSIC finally had a roofer exam the roof two months later - they would only use that roofer for obvious reasons (much like the hygenist) to get them the report to say what they wanted two months later after an exceptionally rainy season. They refused to cover the roof loss and made us open a second claim.

    Our home was built in the early 70s and PSIC knew the drywall contained asbestos. The damaged drywall was removed and our walls were left open that entire time (2 months) while they waited on their roofer. Asbestos was left exposed and possibly disturbed for those 2 months in different areas of our home. PSIC refuses to test to see if our home is safe from the asbestos. They are now kicking us out of our hotel without any cleaning to our home, any repairs to our roof and potential asbestos fibers free in our home.

    Customer ServiceClaims Handling

    Reviewed April 29, 2019

    I filed a claim with Pacific Specialty two days away from being three months. My adjuster Crystal ** NEVER answers her phone nor does she call back. We had water damage in our carport due to heavy winds and rain... Received my new policy stating that they were going to cancel it because of our carport that has not yet been fixed. To begin with, there's an open claim for the carport and now it's our fault that they have not yet resolved this issue? In all honesty, I feel like the adjuster and the representative just want us to either forget we have an open claim or perhaps they're just waiting so they can get their share... It is extremely upsetting! Every time that I've asked to get a manager's or supervisor's phone number or email they beat around the bush! Never providing me with one! How can I file a complaint?

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 29, 2018

    Dont buy their home Insurance. They made it very difficult to cancel. I have to call their customer service. Call my Allstate agent twice. Write 2 emails to Pacific Specialty and 2 emails to my Allstate insurance agent to cancel. They never reply back whether my Insurance policy is cancel or not. I feel very frustrated.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 2, 2018

    My tenant of 12 months was evicted due to major delinquent payments with involvement from the court and sheriff to force him out. Assessing the damage, I had discovered that he had left the house in chaos: broken, missing, or removed furniture such as light bulbs, kitchen tables, mirrors; cracked windows and destroyed blinds in about every room; severed kitchen fountain and defective cabinets. The entirety of the house was saturated with scribbles and tiny holes, and I had also found the walls behind the kitchen cabinets hammered in. The back and front yard were littered with the broken furniture and a massive quantity food waste, clothes, toys, and cardboard. Fortunately, the overflowed garbage bins were not toppled.

    When the appraiser came, he had a look with all of this damage along with high-quality pictures taken 3 to 4 years before of clean walls, appropriate devices, and a recently trimmed grassy backyard. The appraiser and -were confident that this was a case of vandalism and that I would be able to receive the insurance.

    I emailed my insurer of all the documents of missing payments, repeated damages the tenant cherry-picked to disclose, and proof of purchasing a locksmith due to tenant refusing landlord (me) access.

    I was incredibly infuriated when I read their response. It was a denial because all of these damages were unintentional and not vandalistic - that this squalor resulted due to house deterioration. Repeated contact of lengthy gaps always referred to an innocent and untarnished... denial. It is strange that every review supervised by Pacific: Facebook and their Website reviews, possess none of the criticism listed here, but this is just my speculation.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 7, 2018

    HOW THIS COMPANY SCREWS PEOPLE OVER WITH EXPLANATIONS: For the love of Pete, DO NO USE THIS COMPANY! READ THEIR REVIEWS. The reviews on their website are hand picked from likely every person that they have been able to schmooze into writing a good review. Either that, they wrote the reviews themselves, or they paid people to give good reviews.

    Malia ** - Lying claims rep. Alexandra ** - Manager of the lying claims rep that does not call back when she says she will. Not even within a few days of when she said she will, as I STILL haven't heard back from her. Brian **- Gets a bad attitude and a tone in his voice if you ask him questions that he doesn't have the answers to. Gabrielle - Receptionist - Very nice and TRIED to help, but she is too low level to do anything. Stephen **- Guy who did the estimate on my repairs. This guy is an absolute piece of work. He missed some things on my quote so I sent him pictures of the damage. Then he had the nerve to call me a liar. Darren ** - Guy has an inferiority complex and doesn't know simple answers to common questions.

    This company will try to cheat you at every single angle they possibly can. I got an original claim stating that my repair cost would be $2800 and that my bike was not totaled. After DAYS of trying to convince them that the quote was missing three damaged pieces, the manager (third level of support), Justin **, finally agreed to add the items. I gave them VERY CLEAR PICTURES of the damage on the day of the accident. Not until I did this would they even accept that there was damage. Instead they basically just kept calling me a liar without actually using that word. They even told me that without those pictures they wouldn't have added the damage. Justin said I should have the check, with the cost of the added pieces, by the end of the week.

    Here we are Tuesday of the following week and I get a call from Darren stating that now they are claiming that my bike is totaled and he didn't even add the three pieces that Justin said they would. How is this possible? Because this company doesn't have a clue what they are doing? Then Darren also states that if I want to keep the bike that it will ALSO have a salvage title. PLUS he said that I would only receive $2700, instead of the original $2800. I literally cannot even handle this company anymore. I LOVE MY MOTORCYCLE, but because this company is SOOOOOOO HORRIBLE, they forced me to give up on my bike or lose even more money than they are already trying to screw me out of. Now it's been 7 weeks and I still do not have a check, a bike, and they have still not refunded me for the insurance costs during that time period. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE ON EVERY SINGLE LEVEL AT THIS COMPANY!!!

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 19, 2018

    Bad experience from the beginning. First they sent notice to me asking for remitting a completed application form, while I had already sent the signed form weeks ago. It turned out to be their mistake. When the appraiser comes, he said everything looked good, but a month later they sent me a notice to trim back all the trees and send back photos as evidence. I hired tree service and trimmed all the trees, sent photos back to the company. No confirmation, no follow up, they've been quiet until last week they sent me a non-renewal notice. The reason given on the notice was non-compliance of the company's request to provide pictures showing Trees have been trimmed away. WTF? Homeowners beware and stay away from this company. They just don't care and do a pretty poor job communicating with their customers.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Dec. 22, 2017

    I had Pacific Specialty Insurance for my home thru Allstate Insurance. I paid for the whole year from 6/17-6/18. I called in Nov 2017 to cancel my policy because I found State Farm Insurance did not subcontract their homeowner's insurance. I'm supposed to get refund of $1063, that's the difference since I cancelled. Pacific Specialty Insurance claims they refunded my Bank card on Dec 11. I have been diligently checking my bank account daily to check if refund was deposited. I've been calling Pacific Specialty on status of my refund that hasn't showed up in my bank from Dec 11 to present (Dec 21). I called again and they said they gave me a confirmation number, again I called my bank, went inside the bank and there is no refund pending from Dec 11.

    I do the booking in my house, so I know what money comes in and what money goes out. Now Pacific Insurance is telling me that they subcontract their refund and they have no control over it. I'm at my wit's end because now I'm behind on my new homeowner's policy since Pacific Insurance won't refund my money owed to me. I smell something fishy with this company. I am looking into seeking an advice from an attorney on this matter since Pacific Insurance has been giving me a full circle runaround with no results.

    Verified purchase
    Claims HandlingCoveragePrice

    Reviewed Sept. 20, 2017

    This place has cheap ** insurance! I use it for PLPD on a motorcycle so basically they are just taking my money for nothing and I can't ever get ahold of no one. :0( Has to be bogus insurance but I don't care if I get in a accident on my bike... Not expecting to live much less it being "my fault". This place won't even contact me to renew my crap ** insurance policy just to be legal. :0( I could never imagine if I had to use them for a claim!!! If you needed them for a claim you might as well go bankrupt... 100% total piece of ** company!

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceClaims Handling

    Reviewed Aug. 3, 2017

    Motorcycle insurance - Stay away from this company at all cost. Filed a claim at the beginning of the year and It's still pending for damages that were never paid for. Adjuster came and did his thing. Later I found out he never included the water pump or radiator that had scuffs on them. I emailed the claim rep back and asked why. They had no explanation other than that adjuster didn't include them in the report because they were not too bad and could be painted when they painted the frame. I contacted the insurance commissioner after 5 months trying to get an answer from them. "They take weeks to reply to emails and they won't take calls -_-".

    After this they agreed to replace water pump but only paint the radiator. Apparently it's my job to find a painter. Since no dealer will paint a part like that I can't find no one. They haven't responded to my email I sent them regarding this. It's been almost 7 months it feels like. Do yourself a favor and find another insurance company. Worst experience and headache of my life. I'm never the type of person to leave a review and this is my first in 31 years. Just trying to warn others to stay away at all cost. Trust me it's not worth the headaches.

    Customer ServiceClaims Handling

    Reviewed June 20, 2017

    Their client ran into my son's car. It was clearly their client's fault. After 3 months they still haven't responded to my insurance's request for claim settlement. They don't answer phones, they don't return messages, they don't return emails. They are doing everything they can to hide from paying out a claim. It is pretty much fraud. Stay away from this company.

    Claims HandlingCoverage

    Reviewed June 16, 2017

    Last year we had a monstrous hail storm come through. Their adjuster came out and forgot to write anything down on two sides of the house. My contractor contacted them with pictures of damage. They refused to accept the damage. I hired a public adjuster that sent hundreds of pictures with a huge report explaining the damage. They refused his findings, now I have to hire an appraiser to force Pacific Specialty to accept responsibility. They certainly didn't mind taking my premium, now no coverage without fighting. ** the claims examiner has been extremely condescending and disrespectful.

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed March 21, 2017

    I am currently in the process of trying to cancel my insurance policy with Pacific Specialty Insurance for various reasons. They will not accept. First I attempted to cancel over the phone and got put on a loop. Eventually the person on the phone began to help me and said she had successfully cancelled my insurance policy. I still got billed for a month's worth of insurance. After calling them they told me to email them my policy number and some other personal information and they would complete the cancellation, no mention of a refund for my false charge was ever mentioned. Now that my email has been sent, it's been almost two weeks and I have not heard anything back yet. I'm typing this review because it is currently outside of business hours and I cannot contact them. I don't know what actions I can take since if I cancelled my credit card they would probably send the fees to collections and ruin my credit.

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Feb. 25, 2017

    I had a residential liability policy with Pacific Specialty. Our former tenant filed a frivolous lawsuit against us. Pacific did NO investigation, would not take our statements, would not take our phone calls and simply sent denial letter after denial letter when we appealed. We paid thousands in premiums over the years only to be ignored and ripped off when we need coverage. I'll be filing a complaint with the state of CA Department of Insurance and also considering a lawsuit. Based on other reviews in this section, looks like there needs to be a class action lawsuit against Pacific Specialty.

    Claims HandlingCoveragePriceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 31, 2017

    Pacific Specialty has wrongfully denied my claim. I have never written an article or a blog before, but there is always a first time for everything. This is my first time dealing with Pacific Specialty over my water damage claim. We had a clog in the master bathroom standing shower upstairs on a Sunday. However the rest of the master bathrooms, downstairs bathrooms, kitchen and toilets were functioning properly within the house. The use of washing machine upstairs caused a sudden and accidental discharge of water due to the stoppage on the residence premises.

    I have been a customer for Pacific Specialty Insurance company for over 7 years, with a history of zero claims and have always paid them for an entire year of policy coverage. I am not happy with Pacific Specialty, as they have wrongfully denied and are constantly misconstruing the facts of my claim. The company did not follow proper protocols when handling my claim. A claims adjuster, a person professionally trained to assess the damage to your property, did not visit us. We did not receive a "proof of loss" form to fill out and were denied a copy of the filed claim by the company. Our insurance agent (third party) contacted PSI on our behalf after the accident and we have no clue what paperwork was filled. The claim was denied on the same day it was filed without the plumber's written report which contained important information relating to the overflow.

    They are denying my claim on the basis of the provision that "water backed up from a sewer or drain" and from multiple fixtures in the house. The water only overflowed from the standing master bathroom shower and no other fixture in the entire home. The rest of the plumbing system in the house including bathrooms, kitchen and outside the home premises were working perfectly. There was a no backup on and off my home premises.

    As an average consumer, what am I do if my insurance company denies my claim? You can file a consumer complaint form with the California Board of Insurance. It's a simple online process, where you create an account and upload all the necessary documents. If your case is valid a case representative will be assigned to your case and will follow up with your insurance company. California Board of Insurance main goal is to protect consumer rights and can hold companies accountable. My case is currently open and I am hoping that they hold PSI accountable.

    You can file a complaint with NBC Bay Area consumer complaint and Michael Finney Contact 7 on your side. I have received a response from NBC asking for further correspondence relating to my case. Social media links like Linkedin, Facebook, and other blogging websites can be used to voice your story. A letter of complaint can be filed with the senior management of your insurance company. Public adjusters can help you with your claim, however only show interest if the damage amount is high. I spoke to several public adjusters and insurance agents during my research phase who advised me that our claim was being denied on the wrong basis. An inexpensive legal way to resolve your claim would be filing a complaint against the company in the Small claims court, where lawsuits can be filed by individuals for $10,000 or less, and where no one is allowed to have a lawyer.

    I would not recommend Pacific Specialty to any Bay Area consumer after my experience with this Palo Alto based company. Company performance and comparison date from the California Board of Insurance shows that they received 117 complaints in 2015 and 144 in 2014. Their complaint ratio is about 3 times higher than the industry average. Throughout our claim process, PSI has shown bad faith and poor business practices.

    It's very important for the consumer to do research on insurance company records prior to trusting their homes and car coverage in their hands. Companies like Pacific Specialty do not care about their consumers and families. For them it's all about reducing the cost of doing business. As homeowners, we rely on our insurance companies to stand by us and provide coverage against sudden accidents. It's unacceptable for insurance companies to deny claims wrongly and stick the consumer with the bill.

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