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The Hartford is the only AARP-approved insurance company. Its home insurance policies are flexible and provide multiple discount opportunities. While its quote process can be lengthy, its online claim filing and bundle options make it an affordable and savvy option for AARP members.

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  • Online claims
  • Multiple discounts
  • AARP-approved
  • Not available nationwide
  • Long quote process

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about AARP/Hartford Home Insurance?
    • 4,464,082 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Claims HandlingCoverage

    Reviewed May 6, 2019

    Premium for Homeowners Insurance doubled, a $1,934 increase, because of one small claim. They sold me a Home Appliance warranty extra endorsement at additional cost, then after one small claim, increased my total premium to outrageous. Stay away from these crooks. AARP insurance is a ripoff.

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    Reviewed Feb. 11, 2019

    I had $6,000 loss and damage coverage. They refuse to pay saying because homeowners paid a small deductible, we are not covered for loss assessment. What was I paying for? Now have to pay a large amount to cover hail damage to roof.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 17, 2018

    We have had the Hartford for about 6 years and I have been told the rates a good and now I know why! We had the water line to the refrigerator start leaking. It was a slow leak so the first sign was the floor started to cup. We discovered the leak and fix it. But the floor just kept getting worst. So I called the Hartford and they were very nice. They gave me names and numbers of all the people I would have to deal with. I had pictures of the damage and forwarded them to our claims guy and had a flooring company write an estimate for HARDWOOD flooring replacement.

    So the first response was "that looks like laminate flooring". So immediately they called me and my flooring company liars. And of course I have been to a few different flooring companies. I have shown these pictures to a lot of flooring professionals. Not one of them had any doubt this is HARDWOOD flooring. So I get an email stating I will receive a check for about a third of the cost for the floor repair. Of course I am told this is just an initial payment as they work to make us happy.

    I called and ask what kind of drugs they are taking and tell them they need to send someone out to verify their stupidity. And we now have a 3 inch rise in the floor because of the water expansion. This also is pushing against the walls. The adjuster comes out and stares at the floor, gets on his knees and takes pictures. Then states "well I can see how they could make that mistake". I wish I could add pictures because you can see the grove pushing out of the tongue and all wood no composite.

    At one point they requested the flooring company to come out and cut a part of the floor out and mail it to them. Of course they denied this. Again calling the flooring company liars. But the adjuster ask for me to cut the floor so he could do this. Which I did and then finally he acknowledged this is HARDWOOD flooring. But I had some extra pieces left over from the original installation which I had shown him. And after questioning me if this was the same flooring and it is. He wanted to take a piece of this with him but when I cut the floor I asked how about taking the piece I cut out which had mold on it, he declined and wanted the new clean piece.

    This is pre-finished hardwood flooring so the extra pieces are a perfect match for what is on the floor so this is a no brainer. We also have the original box the flooring comes in with the label. We showed this to the adjuster and he had taken a picture of it stating "PRE-FINISH GUNSTOCK OAK FLOORING 3/4 X 3 1/4". So I was surprised when I got a call and asked "Is this PRE-FINISHED flooring".

    So being completely frustrated I called a supervisor at the Hartford claims department. (It doesn't get any better). My flooring company and all the others have informed me replacing the floor is the only solution and least expensive. Also you can't duplicate this finish in the home. So she has now said we will have someone come out and replace the bad spot and then sand the finish off the rest of the floor, re-stain and clear finish it. All my flooring people have had a good laugh. Stating "they can do a nice finish but nothing as good as a factory Aluminum Oxide Baked Finish". My flooring people have stated they have never had these problems with any other insurance company. I will continue this review as we try to move forward.


    Reviewed Oct. 16, 2018

    I inherited a house late 2017 in which I reside. Logically I received a cancellation notice in the prior owner's name in May 2018. I called the Hartford and set up a new policy and promptly paid for the year. A person was sent out to photograph and browse the house. I received multiple followup questionnaires about the house including roof, fireplace, etc. Now this mid-October, I received a policy cancellation.

    Here is the direct wording: "The reason for cancellation is you do not qualify for coverage with our program due to the existing unrepaired damage to your property. A recent inspection of the property indicates that damages include: the tree limbs that overhang and touch the roof and siding on the home, and this renders you ineligible for coverage with our program." I was even required to join AARP to apply for The Hartford Insurance. I was never questioned or notified about the vegetation around the house. There are shrubs and trees that touch the house on the north and west sides but nothing over the roof. Definitely avoid this company.

    Claims HandlingCoveragePrice

    Reviewed July 23, 2018

    This has been on my mind for quite a while now, and I feel the need to share this so that no one else gets bitten and loses thousands of dollars as I did. I also know some other folks that have lost on the same thing as I did. This pertains to anyone that has an HO6 Home Insurance Policy with "The Hartford". Please look through your policy documents for a "Loss Assessment Coverage Endorsement - HO04 35 10. When you bought your HO6 policy you had options coverage. The one I am referring to is an increase in "Loss Assessment Coverage". In my case I took an increase of $10,000 giving me a total of $11,000 loss assessment coverage. This cost me an additional $7.00 in my annual premium.

    I have been with Hartford for well over 20 years, and never filed a claim for loss assessment until a hail storm occurred on July 28, 2016, and I was assessed an amount of $6857.00 from the homeowners association for the damage of this hail storm. I filed a claim with Hartford and was denied all but $1000.00. The reason they claim is because it was due to a deductible of the homeowner’s insurance policy as stated in the above endorsement that is all I will get. What really makes this interesting is I looked through all my policy documents that I had including the electronic file that Hartford encouraged me to do to save paper, and there was no such endorsement in any of my documents.

    So Hartford ripped me off for $5857.00. I tried many ways including going through my State Insurance Agency, and Hartford would not budge. When I took out a policy on my new patio home with Hartford, I went through the policy documents and that endorsement was in the documents. My contention is that the endorsement came out sometime while I had my policy in force but Hartford never notified me, or I would have canceled my policy immediately. I definitely would recommend canceling any HO6 Insurance Policy that you may have with Hartford, because you will get ripped off by them with regard to "Loss Assessment Coverage".

    I won't go into detail, but I got ripped off on another loss assessment claim for $1800, and was only paid $645.96 because they ruled out so many things they did not consider loss assessments. I am through with The Hartford, and will not renew my AARP dues because they say in their advertisements" "Worlds most ETHICAL Company by Ethisphere Institute". Ethical? NO WAY is The Hartford Ethical. If I could afford a lawyer I would consider bringing a lawsuit against Hartford. But as the saying goes “You can’t fight big corporations” and I have come to believe that quote.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverage

    Reviewed July 10, 2018

    Every year we have had an increase and this year finally did it for me. Never had a claim in 25 years with Hartford and this year it went up 28%. This is crazy, if we had several or any claims it would be different but still a big raise with NO claims??? And when I called I got the same programmed people telling me that I did not understand and yet I know how it works about helping to pay for others who have claims... WOW, of course we understand how it works so DO NOT talk down to me. We do not need you to tell us how to vote or get into social issues... I have contacted another major insurance co. and saved $200 with better coverage. AARP was very good. I am sorry you are over the top now.


    Reviewed June 29, 2018

    I am terribly dissatisfied with AARP. I am now looking for an insurance company that is more interested in the customer than the money. I have been insured with AARP for about 20 years because I was told that they were reasonably priced for senior people. That is the biggest lie I have ever been told. We have had our current home for 11 years now. Our insurance premium has tripled since we bought our home bank in 2007. AARP says it is because of the rising costs of rebuilding. That is a load of crap. Our insurance went up by over $900 in one year. We can no longer to afford to live in our home because of these thieves. We are shopping for insurance that is reasonably priced, and we have found at least three that are recommended. Moral learned is don't use AARP.

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed May 14, 2018

    Both my parents died within 9 months of each other. I was handling all their affairs. When I received the bill for homeowners insurance I called to pay them, their response was that it was too late to pay and I should look for another insurance because they don't cover that area any longer... in English they suck. No compassion. If I could give them a 0 I would. Just a shame that AARP name is connected to them.

    Customer ServiceCoveragePrice

    Reviewed Nov. 7, 2017

    Customer service for the initial application was great. All my questions were answered in one phone call and the quote was reasonable for home coverage. I am happy with their home insurance policy. The only reason I deducted a star for value was because I would have liked to bundle a policy with my car but Hartford's auto policy for my car was more than what I am currently paying for the same coverage with another company.

    CoveragePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Oct. 8, 2017

    We're very disappointed! My father who is a senior (50+) was denied homeowners' insurance through AARP because our home is considered "too rural". Our house is located on a state road. They denied us quickly after asking very few questions.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed July 24, 2017

    Due to ending up in a nursing home for now and didn't get my bill paid in time after being a long term customer, never had a claim and never was late with the payment. I have had my policy cancelled and you won’t reinstate my policy. I think this is very poor customer service and I think AARP should give you the boot. AARP being there to help elderly.

    Claims Handling

    Reviewed May 17, 2017

    My experience is identical to Henry's in Santa Rosa on 4/16/17. Been customer since 1999. On 5/2016 Homeowners increased 20%, on 5/2017 another 30%, total 50% in 2 years. Hartford manager blames it on construction costs and increase in claims in WA State... We have no hurricanes, typhoons, and we don't live in a flood plain. Never had a claim, nothing has changed for18 years. Very irritated that Hartford can treat their loyal senior citizens this way. Scared to see Auto insurance next month. Will have to start long process of looking for another company. Who was the competitor Henry found?

    Claims HandlingCoveragePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed May 8, 2017

    I writing this on behalf of my 86 year old mother. She was cancelled after 11 years of having home insurance. She had been in the hospital and then rehab. She was late on her payment and they would not work with her. She even stated that she would put automatic withdrawals in place. She never had a claim in 11 years. I believe they were looking for an excuse not to insure in Detroit.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoveragePrice

    Reviewed April 18, 2017

    I used The Hartford for my homeowner's insurance for the past 18 years. I have never filed a claim, the same house is being insured, nothing has changed to warrant an excessive premium increase. In 2014-2015 the policy was $1065. It jumped to $1,848 in 2016-2017, a 74% jump. This year it has again been increased to 2,349, another 27% jump. It said The Hartford suddenly taken its pricing queue from the pharmaceutical industry? I called Hartford customer service and got some nonexplanation about lots of recent claims and increased costs related to replacement costs.

    In the meantime, a competitor has lowered their premium from $1,700 to $900. As a confused consumer, it appears that the same data on replacement costs has driven one company to substantially raise their policy and another to lower it. I am completely disappointed in The Hartford and feel their price increase is driven by greed rather than taken care of their loyal customer base.

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed April 7, 2017

    They are very quick to answer all your question, very easy to talk to and they work hard to fit your budget. They do not push to add more policy that you don't want or need.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 4, 2016

    My 82 year old mom has been trying to get roof leak repaired, which has been evident for months. Ceiling in living room has hole in from repair persons who said the leak on roof was due to gutter issue. After spending an hour on phone and 4 different persons, I was told it was due to normal wear and tear. No way and it's not gutters. The repair persons ripped my mother off and a lawsuit is pending if it is not remedied this month. Still not fixed. Contractors are a joke.

    Claims HandlingPrice

    Reviewed Sept. 15, 2016

    Last year spring of 2015 I sign on with them because of the deductible being low. I had two claims within a year and paid extra for what was fix because the fixes were higher than the amount sent to men and with my $500 deductible. My cost of my insurance went up. I wanted to go with another company to lower my cost. But no one would take me because of the two claims. This year I had to do another claim which I paid more out of pocket than my $500 deductible.

    A month later I had another roof leak from the same spot that was fixed last year. They would not do anything until I found the invoice. They said will send me $200 to fix it which took three months to get claim. The wall got worse. This got me very upset and that I would have to pay the $500 deductible. They are a ripped off company. I hate them. I wouldn't go with them. Being with AARP has screw me in other things. I am very stressed out. I now have to see a psychiatrist because of the stress.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 30, 2016

    After initial reasonable rates on both home and car insurance, and for a few years following, I was given, with no reasonable explanation, an increase of 28% on homeowners last year which I ended up paying. This year it was an increase of 30% on car followed by another increase on homeowners of 34%. I paid the bill for car insurance because after comparing rates from other companies, the savings wasn't enough to justify changing and losing the discount for having both with AARP/Hartford. When the homeowners came however, it ticked me off so bad I did change to another company for a savings of 27% less, even with no multi-policy discount. I suspect I'll be changing the car next time also.

    Forget any other discounts with companies selling through AARP also. The same thing happened with exterior water line breakage coverage with a company through AARP. Last year it was $66, this year it was raised to $96, a 45% increase. When I called to ask why, I was given a blah, blah, blah explanation and then asked if there was anything else they could help me with. When I replied not unless they could lower the rate, I was then offered a 20% discount if I paid over the phone then and there. I didn't take it because it threw up a red flag on their ethics and makes me wonder what kind of response I'd get if I ever needed their services.

    Claims HandlingCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 30, 2016

    I live in Yucaipa California and never had one claim until my water heater blew two weeks ago and flooded our spare bedroom. Hartford AARP denied the claim saying it was a leak over time and it was not covered. I have been investigating and it seems they decline almost all claims. I would strongly suggest finding another insurance company. They only take the money, (THEY NEVER GIVE ANY BACK), and it's sad because I am a 100% disabled Vet and I live on a fixed income.

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Aug. 12, 2016

    Changed to Hartford insurance 2 years ago. Always paid policy in full when it was due. Call to have endorsement put on policy and sent to mortgage company. At that time there was nothing said about I would be charged. Next thing I know getting a bill for $42.00 for admin. fee. Called them, said that was a fee for filling out paperwork. One sheet of paper 42.00. Can't believe it. I wonder why insurance companies are so rich. Did not pay at that time.

    Next thing I know they sent email stating if not paid they were going to cancel my policy, which I had already paid in full. Call them, said it didn't matter if I had paid them in full, if the 42.00 was not paid by within 2 weeks my policy would be cancelled. Then when I told them I would pay it over the phone she told me it would be 52.00. When I ask what the extra 10.00 was for she said that they had sent me 2 paper bills. Never received paper bills. All transactions are done by email. When I told her that she said "Let me check" and came back and said "Oh that is right." So beware when you are dealing with hartford.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoveragePriceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 6, 2016

    My wife and I have been with AARP The Hartford for our home and auto insurance for many years. Their rates, up until now, have been very competitive and their phone customer service in servicing our policy has been excellent. However we recently had three claims with them. Two were on my car. One was an accident which required me to supply them the same information four different times. They kept having computer errors requiring me to resubmit a lengthy set of answers. They paid the claim correctly. The second car claim was hail damage which they handled well. The third claim was on our house for the same hail storm that damaged our car. We had multiple contractors verify hail damage.

    Several of our neighbors had new roofs put on due to this storm. I could visually see divots in the shingles. Hartford said there was hail damage to some flashing and gutters (and obviously to my car which was in the driveway) but miraculously my roof was spared damage. We contested. Their only accepted process was for them to hire a forensic engineer who inspected the roof and, surprise, agreed with the company that was paying their bill. We asked for an independent inspector and they refused. Low cost insurance is not all that good if you can't get them to honor their agreed to coverage.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 22, 2016

    Signed with Hartford Auto/Home via my AARP membership. Although I was set up for auto-pay for both accounts (Auto/Home), I paid my account a day early to avoid overdrawing on my accounts. I was assured by the site that $0.00 would be taken out of my account the next day for the auto-pays. Received email confirmation of both payments and the site posted both payments. The next morning, much to my surprise and disappointment the Hartford had doubled dipped and gone ahead run the auto pay and caused my account to go over. Hartford Customer Service was totally useless and stuck on the usual mumbo jumbo corporate baloney feed to the masses about how it was not their fault. Bottom line Insurance companies, Hartford in this case, both nickle and dime us and feed us corporate mumbo jumbo just to feed their greed. They do not have our interests at heart. Words to follow... Buyer Beware.

    Claims HandlingStaff

    Reviewed June 8, 2016

    We purchased our house in February 2016. We had the home inspected prior to closing, and there was no damage to our roof or siding. In April 2016, hailstorms damaged homes in our neighborhood, including ours. We filed a claim along with several of our neighbors. Our neighbors claims, with insurance companies who were not The Hartford, were approved. Ours is being denied. Our Hartford rep is telling us there is no proof that there was a hailstorm in the area on the dates in question. Clearly, there was, as two other insurance companies in our neighborhood have approved claims for repairs due to hail damage. Why is it that the Hartford cannot? I am at the point right now where I am ready to cancel ALL of my coverage with the Hartford. My confidence in the Hartford is ZERO. The reps at Hartford should contact these other insurance companies, who CLEARLY were able to find the proof required to validate my neighbors claims.

    Customer ServiceCoveragePriceStaff

    Reviewed April 28, 2016

    Astonished to call five times for information related to confirming details of a quote for Homeowners. No one knows yet what or why under "Optional Coverages and Special Discounts" - known as Unit Own Bldg Spec Gov at $41. I asked and have yet to get one broker who knows what this is. The last one insisted something was wrong with me for asking, that it was "just" something connected to the Dwelling coverage. On hold five minutes - she came back with "I'll try to explain this to you to make it easier for you" - wow. All I wanted to know: what is the additional $41 for? Then, to sweeten the deal, she hung up. Not at all impressed by the call center staff - I can't quite comprehend how a company could dismiss questions about what they put in writing? Be careful to ask questions!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed March 8, 2016

    Something very strange is going on with Hartford. 3 weeks into my new coverage, pushed/partnered by AARP, I received a cancellation notice based upon a 3-minute outside inspection. I was not given an opportunity to make any repairs or changes, and most of the reasons stated on the letter were grossly inaccurate or downright false. Calling them on the phone is a test of patience, as you simply cannot speak with a person who can do anything other than "parrot company policy." A completely reprehensible situation where they can make a decision, based on less than accurate info, and I can't even show them that there are mistakes in the "facts" they used to cancel my policy. I have since re-upped with my former company, for both homeowners and auto (it does me a small amount of pleasure to cancel the auto insurance we got through AARP as my retaliation).

    Claims HandlingCoverage

    Reviewed Feb. 23, 2016

    Been using Hartford for years, no claims. Then why did I receive a notice of "nonrenewal". Insurance companies evaluate the risk, then charge you (too much) to cover that risk, but seldom do they hold the insurance liability. They sell it to a reinsurer. Hartford prides itself on low rates. If they have to raise your rate, then their average rate across the board goes up, then they lose that false advertising claim of lowest rates. Thus after years, they've decided that this neighborhood (actually the state of California) poses wildfire risk (though that is bogus in my neighborhood) so they drop clients in order to maintain misleading ads (some even suggest that they don't do nonrenewals in most situations). OK. So we're stuck with a banana republic, lightly regulated (the state board is owned by the insurance companies) company. If you can save a few dollars by going with the Hartford, don't. It's too risky for you.


    Reviewed Jan. 22, 2016

    Since having my home placed in my trust The Hartford is charging $32.00 a year - for doing nothing. I checked with other insurance carriers and one in particularly said they should be giving a credit for my being good with my money (property) and knows of no other insurance carrier who charges a customer because of their home being in a trust.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Dec. 25, 2015

    Cancelled policy due to missed payment. Policy was reinstated and then dropped by a higher manager. 35 years of no issues, payment in full, on time and then this. My parents are in their 80's and there was a mix up on the auto and homeowners policies. Hartford claimed this was due to having so many issues in Nevada and wanting to cut their losses. We received a renewal and a number for the confirmation that the policy was in fact good again but now the upper manager of the individual that was willing to help stepped and dropped the policy. The payment was made in good faith and accepted. This is why I detest insurance companies. Pay the bill or else. I'm not asking for special treatment but one issue with a payment after 30 years and then this? Looking elsewhere for this and then three other homes they have. Hartford is Heartless.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoveragePrice

    Reviewed Dec. 1, 2015

    Lowest price with same coverage as from others by $100's. I've had one claim and they approved and paid it within 5 business days. Customer Service from The Hartford is excellent. They take the time to fully explain your policy and coverage when you have any questions.


    Reviewed Dec. 1, 2015

    AARP Hartford has always been there for me, the homeowner. Their agents, in my honest opinion, have ALWAYS been professional and courteous. I would HIGHLY recommend any senior citizen to look this company up. Not only professional and courteous but understanding. I have had other homeowner's insurance that ONLY wanted their premiums.

    To cite an examples: Before installing a brick wall around my home, I had a wooden fence surrounding my yard. There happened to be a severe wind storm that caused it to fall down. When calling this old company, I was rudely told "You should have replaced it with something more sturdy." If one was on limited funds, replacement is not an option. Finally, they were going to not insure my home unless the paint around the bottom of the roof (facia) was repainted. Again: no MONEY, no Painting. I feel the bigger the company, the more they tend to gouge the homeowner.

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