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New home from Perry Homes is a fixer-upper. When we decided to build a new $500k+ home through Perry Homes Utah, we didn't expect there to be dozens of issues costing many thousands of dollars to fix. There's a final walk-through and home "warranty" that create the illusion that issues will be fixed by Perry Homes, but the small print provides a legal loophole for the builder to subjectively not fix issues.

Don't let them fool you when they say that subcontractors are required to do repairs on a specific day of the week in order to get a paycheck. For a few areas of the home, such as kitchen and tile, the subcontractors actually did come and fix the issues, but ~90% of our issues have not been fixed since we closed several months ago. When our pleadings have actually resulted in a subcontractor coming here, the result has almost universally been a cheap cover-up, rather than an actual fix (examples to follow). We might have walked away once we saw the low quality final result, had we not already invested over $30k.

What makes the situation more frustrating is they do not communicate well, so whether or not they're planning on fixing items is a mystery. I expressed my frustration with Perry Homes to an old-timer in our Perry Homes neighborhood, and he responded that everyone is frustrated with Perry Homes. I then spoke with another home owner whose home was recently finished, and we talked about the many drywall issues we had, and he commented that this must be the norm with Perry Homes. So, there seems to be many people who have had a similar negative experience. Here are some specific examples:

Not long before the home was finished, I noticed that the second floor window in the center of the home was not even close to being level. It looked bad and we demanded that it be fixed or we would not purchase the home. Well, they reluctantly rotated the window, but they didn't fix the stucco on the outside, nor the drywall on the inside, to fit the new window location. It was noted on our final walk-through as an item to be fixed, but it never was. On one side of the window, inside the house, someone did slap down an unintentionally wavy border out of drywall compound, which looked really bad, but left the other three sides untouched.

- One of the bay window stucco borders was noticeably lower than another. I pointed this out during the final walk-through, and eventually someone came to "fix" the issue. However, rather than making the straight stucco borders even, he literally curved one edge of the border down to be even only at the end of the curve. I couldn't believe it. These were straight borders around straight windows, only to have a curve introduced as a cheap cover-up of the issue, only it did not cover it up.

In one of the bedrooms, one side of the ceiling is several inches higher than the other side. The ceiling along that entire wall curves down considerably. I brought in my own contractor who said a third of the ceiling drywall in that room would need to be replaced, and estimated over $1k to fix it, with the possibility of framing work needed on top of that. When I mentioned this issue to Perry Homes, they claimed that it had been addressed, which was impossible because I had never mentioned it before. It was discovered after the final walk-through. I asked if I could have the opportunity to show someone at Perry Homes the issues myself, and their response was, "This is not something that we do".

The many other current issues include: kitchen window sill not level (very obvious next to level granite countertop), over a dozen ceiling corners that curve down, several places where drywall that was intended to be straight curves one direction or another (probably because of bad framing), generally sloppy stucco work, major dents in the window wells, front door won't shut completely (light and howling wind come through the crack), crooked door frame in master bath, bad looking caulking in bathrooms, sloppy painting, and the list goes on...

I had such high hopes for our home, and I loved the design as seen in the model home. Little did I know that my home would not look like the model because of low quality work. I hope this review helps Perry Homes realize that changes need to be made in their policies/processes. A good start would be showing some indication that they care about customers like me and the many others who are frustrated with them. I'll be updating this review if/when the situation changes.

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Joseph TruiniHome Improvement Contributing Editor

Joseph Truini is a home improvement expert who writes extensively about do-it-yourself home remodeling and repair, woodworking projects and tools and techniques. His work has appeared in several national magazines, including This Old House, Popular Mechanics, Country Living, Woman’s Day, and Today’s Homeowner.    More about Joseph→

In business since 1967, Perry Homes is one of the largest homebuilders in Texas. It offers customized, affordable homes in the Austin, Houston and San Antonio areas.

  • Guide for first-time homebuyers: Perry Homes offers a complete online guide to help first-time buyers understand the building process and weigh their options.
  • Hundreds of designs available online: Prospective buyers can browse a wide variety of designs, sizes and styles before ordering their home.
  • Online glossary: Before and during the building process, buyers can brush up on technical terms so that they can communicate effectively with builders.
  • Live chat online: Buyers can talk with a representative online to ask questions and get help choosing the right home.
  • Move-in ready homes: Perry Homes also has existing homes available for immediate occupancy.
  • Partnership with Crestmore Mortgage: You can get pre-qualified and apply for a mortgage online at the company’s website.
  • Best for Perry Homes is best for people on a budget, first-time buyers and highly independent people.

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Perry Homes
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United States