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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2022

On 10/27/20, Perry Homes sold me a new home in Celina, TX. The closing was VERY brief and lasted only a few minutes which was very scary. Days after closing, my smoke & carbon monoxide detectors stopped working and the home repeatedly lost power. Perry Homes insisted the issues were my new appliance. However, it turned out that the smoke detectors were defective and nails and staples were in my wiring behind tile backsplashes and behind drywall. Problems have continued throughout the home since October 2020.

I discovered in my closing records that Perry Homes did not obtain nor provide a temporary nor permanent certificate of occupancy (TCO/CO) violating Texas law section 14.01.311 and the Federal TILA-RESPA law. A home MUST be occupiable when it is sold to you and you sign a federal promissory note, ie your mortgage. ALL homes in the USA must have a CO. A CO is a permit that allows anyone to live inside the home and certifies that the home is: 1) code-compliant 2) conforming with the city's permit-approved plans. A CO is also needed for your appraisal. The price/ value of the home is dependent on it having a CO. Without a CO, the home is legally uninhabitable.

On 2/1/22, I hired a state-licensed Engineer to inspect my home. The Engineer took over 100 phots and 2 videos to prove that the home was full of code violations and constructed with unapproved materials that deviate from the city's permit-approved plans. When I submitted the inspection, photos and videos, and while I had ~9+ months left of the two-year "warranty", Perry Homes hired an attorney and breached their warranty.

The 2/1/22 Inspection proved that I was defrauded. City government records prove that Perry Homes used a falsified certified letter on 8/13/20 to fraudulent claim that the home's framing was completed and compliantly. However, the city's inspection log proved that the home failed framing inspection on 8/25/20 because "framer still hanging hangers". A photo was included with the failed status reason. This meets the criteria of criminal negligence and fraud.

The 10-year warranty, by StrucSure, sold to me by Perry Homes at closing excludes coverage for homes constructed "out of conformance" with the city permit-approved plans. I was fraudulent sold a bogus warranty at closing. Perry Homes defrauded me at closing into believing that I was buying a safe, code-compliant, conforming home with a 2yr workmanship and 10yr structural warranty. My damages are far more than construction defects. Fraud is a felony in ALL USA states, including Texas, where Perry Home has legally paid millions in political campaigns for the Governor, State Attorney General and Texas Supreme Court Judges.

BUYERS BEWARE! Scrutinize your mortgage records. Open public records in the city where your home is constructed. Hired an Engineer. Class Actions may be the best way to resolve the issue since Perry Homes has very strong financial ties to Legislators and Texas Government. Look online for others. There's MANY VICTIMS out there. We are safe in numbers. United we stand, divide we fall. Perry Homes hired an attorney who already violate the Texas RCLA by ignoring the 25-day statute to inspect the home. WATCH OUT.

23 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2022

As a real estate agent, with a husband home inspector, we aren't the easiest clients when it comes to buying new construction. In these uncertain times, it was a bit worrisome to find a builder that wasn't going to jack up our purchase price during construction. We realized many were doing just this due to supply chain issues! Perry Homes team was honest, straightforward and even in August 2021- the build was completed ON TIME, and AS EXPECTED. Yes, there were a few small substitutions because of supplies, but frankly they were minor. Weekly updates on progress were so appreciated. Need a question answered? We had a reply in a few hours at most! Best experience ever. So happy to tell others about this builder.

5 people found this review helpful

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 22, 2022

    Perry Homes is absolutely horrible. To be fair, I think the industry in general can be pretty shady, but that doesn't change that these people are bad news. We went under contract on a move in ready home in March 2021. It was supposed to be done June 2021. We moved to San Antonio and booked an Airbnb for 6 weeks because renting an apartment at that point would be silly.

    I was also pregnant and expecting our baby at the end of June so we were counting on being moved in. Like someone else said, they kept extending the date at the last minute. And saying stuff like "oh just one more month, definitely by the end of July." Then it was definitely end of August. We finally moved in October 28th. We had to move our newborn baby to four different Airbnbs because they would never give us a truthful expectation. And I know all about supply chain constraints. But they continued to sell and market homes as move in ready with the exact same timeline even though they should've learned it was unrealistic.

    The sales guy we worked with was a total creep. David **. He made weird comments constantly - like telling me I didn't look pregnant from behind. Gross and creepy. Told me we probably couldn't afford to decorate the house as nicely as the model home (pretty sure I could afford some lame Target canvas prints if that was my aesthetic lol), and said maybe we could stay in his friend's camper as a joke to me being upset saying we needed to know when our home would be done so we could plan accordingly and have a roof over our heads. He also bragged about being anti-vax, flying with COVID, and not needing to wear a mask even though he was unvaccinated and Perry's policy was supposed to be masks if unvaccinated. Had I met David ** initially, I never would have bought with Perry, but my husband did the house hunting trip.

    In the end, we spent $25k on Airbnbs when we could've just rented an apartment if they were honest with us. Guess I maybe can't afford the model home Target prints after all lol. When we did the final walk through before our move in, there was so much wrong with the house. They just kept nonchalantly being like "oh we'll fix that, we'll fix that." Clearly just normal for them to not properly complete work. I think they try to see how much they can get away with because they know people don't want workers in their home after moving in.

    There's tons of chipped paint, carpet doesn't meet the wall in a lot of places, almost every door is all scuffed up, fixtures not properly secured, paint marks on the tile floor, random red paint on the tubs/toilet when nothing in the house is red?, stickers left on windows, an accent window area on the exterior painted the wrong color, the caulking in the sinks looked like a crazed toddler did it, cabinets hung crooked...Our plumbing has never worked properly and they can't figure out why there's a sewage smell when we run our washing machine, and our heat/AC doesn't work properly.

    The workers at nearby homes blare music for 12 hours/day which makes our walls shake and we're trying to work from home and our baby is trying to nap. Multiple times workers have been here well into the evening - until 10 pm last night, using floodlights and loud machinery and the management at Perry has actually said to call the cops on the workers. WTH?? These people are just totally unprofessional and embarrassing. Do yourself a favor and stay away. I have major buyer's remorse and we are stuck.

    22 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 13, 2021

    Do NOT trust Perry Homes!!!! Check ALL their work Thoroughly before you close especially the utilities!!!! We have been in our home at Woodson’s Reserve for 2 years now since July 2019. We love our house and especially love our neighborhood! Recently we decided to have a big backyard project done including a pool. When they came out to mark the utilities, we discovered that Perry Homes took a major SHORTCUT and ran the electric line from the electric transformer in the back of my yard, diagonally through the center of my back yard, completely outside the utility easement.

    I contacted Perry Homes Houston, Texas on October 12, 2021, at (713) 967-7183 and spoke to a lady in the warranty division. She passed along my information to Jordan ** of Perry Homes, Woodson’s Reserve, who contacted me later that same day. Mr. ** asked me to email him the details of the situation and he along with a gentleman who he referred to as Alex would contact their management and let me know what could be done. I asked Mr. ** if he and Alex would be willing to come to my house and meet with me so that I could show them exactly what I was referring to and how this was not only poor work planning, execution, but also a major safety hazard!

    On October 13, 2021, at or about 9:00 in the morning, Mr. ** and Alex arrived at my home. They accompanied me to my backyard, and I pointed out the area in question. Alex informed me that he had spoken to his management at Perry Homes and stated that this was a common practice with Perry Homes, that Perry Homes does this all the time, and that Perry Homes will not route the line.

    33 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 20, 2021

    I would like to say something positive upfront because not all is bad. I love our neighborhood and I love our home and floor plan. The gentlemen that left a review that just signed on to build a Perry home in Little Elm Texas I really hope that your experience is totally different than ours! My suggestion for you is to walk your home while they are building weekly because you probably will catch a lot of mistakes and as we all know it's much easier to fix things early in the process than wait until it's too late.

    This has been our experience…Sign on was wonderful, our salesman was wonderful. He was very informative and really brought up things that my husband and I wouldn’t have thought about building our first home. When the building process started we found a lot of mistakes very early on starting when they were framing. They had changed the plan in the hallway that made it more closed in and not as open and had to redo because they made the change without telling us. If we wouldn’t have walked through then we would have a different house that we didn’t sign up for that was in our floor plan. It wouldn’t have been as open and of course we wanted and signed up for the original floor plan.

    Along with the changes in the floor plan was that they put recessed lights in the dining room when the original floor plan had a chandelier over your dining room table. Of course we wanted the chandelier in the dining room so they had to make that change. They forgot to put in our access door in the garage that we added as an upgrade and we had to let them know that. In the floor plan the master bedroom has a linen closet in it and they framed it as dead space, they had to fix that. We paid for extra insulation between the media room and a bedroom and even though they had painted in red spray paint “insulate” on the concrete floor in front of that wall they didn’t insulate it. If we hadn’t walked our home on that day we would have never known because drywall would have went up.

    We asked for the floor plug in the middle of the living room so that you would not see a cord running across the floor to our wall (which is a tripping hazard) from our lamps and they didn’t put that in. That was a major deal with a lot of fighting and us almost walking because they have to cut into the slab to run electricity. Our salesperson did finally go to bat for us and we ended up getting the floor plug and not walking but of course it was a huge fight!

    We found outlets in wrong locations and had to tell them which makes me so curious because it’s pretty intense to make sure all of your outlets are circled on paper of exactly where you want them on the wall of each room. They didn’t even put theirs in the correct places much less ours. They put two outlets next to each other in the middle of the wall which would be in the middle of our headboard instead of where your lamps would be behind our nightstands….two just together in the middle of the wall side by side…lol. I know there’s so much more but those are on the top of my head.

    A week or so after we moved in we had a flood because water backed up in our showers and toilets and flooded our home. We knew something was wrong because we could tell that the toilets were acting funny and called Perry and they sent the plumber out. He thought that he unclogged it when not even a week later the flood happened. Found out that during the construction process a large boulder rock had found itself in the sewer pipe that is in our flower bed and it was blocking passage. They had to replace new carpet in two bedrooms and a closet along with new woodwork. Having to fight Perry that we deserved new woodwork that was not splintered and cracked instead of them filling it with wood putty and painting over it was another fight.

    This one will be hard to believe but true…a couple of months after moving in my husband was in our backyard on the side looking at the house and frame work was sticking out of the brick. Because the framing workers forgot to cut the wood of the framework the bricklayer just bricked around it. This is another example of workmanship…Why not just call Perry and let them know that they need to come and check this framework that’s going to be sticking out and I’m about to to brick around? Perry didn’t even notice it and it took 2 times for the bricklayers to fix it because the bricklayer wanted to do the quick fix…so sloppy and poor workmanship trying to save on cuts and put two bricks in instead of four and a lot of mortar. You could tell that it was a mistake and a coverup, it looks nice now but that was another struggle.

    When we got our ladder out to clean all of our transit windows we found that they didn’t even finish the drywall on the ledge of them all. Above the front door, in our media room, in our bedroom, and in our living room. They have fixed them now but we are still waiting for them to repaint. They have so much to do that they only want to have the painters come out once. So please live with your house for months on end without it being painted so that we can have our guys come out only once. What you can’t see they just don’t finish….lol. There is absolutely no pride in workmanship anymore and I don’t think that that's just Perry. We found stain drops all over our tile inside the front door, chips in our island countertop because of workers dropping tools and not letting anyone know, grout in showers just missing in areas because of going so fast, on and on and on.

    We have been in our house for a year and four months and the struggle is still real with them coming to fix things. They rarely show up when they say they are going to show up. Workmanship absolutely sucks and is non existent. They need to come out again to redo for the second time our walkway. Well I guess it will be the third time because it wasn’t right the first time so this will be the third time. They took two sections out but broke a third section in the corner and thought it was okay not to fix the third.

    We still have a large crack running down our driveway but they say its not a tripping hazard so it’s okay. We have water issues with standing water on both sides of our house and they are fighting us on the French drains even though the salesperson knew that it was a huge concern of mine because houses behind me are higher. He promised me that Perry would do the right thing if we had standing water and would put in French drains….another fight that is still going on, we have standing water but they keep saying it's fine. If the supervisor would have came out today like he said he was going to we both could could have sloshed through the standing water to take a look at it because it rained today. It will still be there tomorrow but he probably won’t come tomorrow either because of it.

    Our kitchen cabinet doors are pulling apart at the seams (even ones that we don’t use) and they said that we don’t deserve new doors, they will just sand them down and repaint them. I’m thinking how is that going to fix them? I mean I’m not the brightest bulb but how in the heck is that going to fix the problem. When the higher up from Perry came to look at all of our issues and I got frustrated because of his solution to our cabinet doors I finally said I’m tired of fighting Perry, I’m just going to start posting on social media with pictures and hashtag Perry and he told me whatever helps me sleep better at night. I honestly wasn’t trying to be nasty, I truly think that people need to know how much of a struggle it is to build a home and be in a constant fight for quality. What would truly make me feel better is if he bought a home from Perry and his cabinet doors were pulling apart at the seams and they wouldn’t fix his….I mean am I wrong?

    Perry Homes is supposed to be a very good builder and we paid a lot for our home, prices are crazy. When you open up their web site it says A tradition of excellence…..not from where I’m sitting. As I sit here and type the supervisor from Perry was supposed to be out today and look at where a contractor dropped his nail gun while fixing our patio ceiling and scratched our window in a few spots and put dents in the framing. He’s a no-show at it’s after 7:00pm and I have sat here all day….not shocking. It happens way more times than not for him and the contractors. You arrange your day to appease them and they are no shows or come in the late afternoon when they tell you they want to start very early in the morning.

    We still have a lot of things that they need to be fixed and they are way more interested in the new builds and making money instead of fixing what has already been paid for. I honestly hope that not everyone has the experience that we have had and that our experience is not normal but I don’t think so because everyone at the pool wants to talk about their frustration that they are dealing with. I have stopped going to the pool because it just gets me fired up and it's probably going to be a continuous process. I will close after one last thing….all of the papers that Perry makes you sign about the caulk….that is because the caulk issue is crazy in a new home. Be ready to redo, redo, redo…

    52 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 14, 2021

    I am going out of my way to post this negative review about Perry Homes. My home is gorgeous and I love it very much, however I will NEVER buy a new home with Perry again. Dealing with them on repairs and through their warranty department is a living nightmare. There is no reasoning with them whatsoever. We have had problems with our roof, the colors we picked out for our cabinets, our side yard drainage, our plumbing, electrical, etc. the plumbing is the latest issue and it cause a leak in my kitchen onto my hardwood floors. By the way, the leak happened because when the plumbing was put in a piece had a small crack and they used it anyway…. Eventually leading to my problem now. They could have prevented this but they do the bare minimum.

    They keep sending repair people who I cannot communicate with that do the ABSOLUTE bare minimum and just leave. They took up the long wood planks, did not remove the glue before putting new planks in and replaced with tiny, short, uneven planks with gaps up and down my runner of my kitchen! I said this is not a quality job that I will accept and my floors did not look like this before the plumbing leak. The repair guy that came today realized he was going to have to replace the whole section and immediately shut off, saying to me that “it’s normal to look like that”, or “sometimes the planks come in the box in small pieces”. Which they did not!! They came in large pieces and he chopped them up. They lie, they make excuses and they make you feel like a crazy person. I just want my home to be put back the way it was before the leak!

    22 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 26, 2021

    I am simply writing this post because I am overly frustrated, disappointed, angry and lost about what action to take next. We are building with Perry and our experience has been less than mediocre. I also want to say that I do understand that mistakes will happen along the building process. I believe I have realistic expectations. I also feel like my experience has been horrible.

    We signed with Perry November 2020. Our lot was released January 2021. I feel like our building process has been extremely slow due to a lot Of mistakes. It took four months for us to just to get our foundation poured and we just finished installing windows.... it’s nearly July and my house doesn’t even have a roof installed. I feel there has been A LOT of mistakes and all that does is push out the date. Mistakes...

    1. Our foundation was poured incorrectly and is missing the brick ledge.
    2. Our bathroom plumbing is in the hallway.
    3. Electrical outlet that is supposed to be in the middle of the living room is next to a wall.
    4. All doors was supposed to be 8 feet tall, they were not.
    5. Front door was supposed to be a double door, it was not.

    6. My kitchen cabinet we added the extra row on top and I have four windows above the kitchen cabinets. Those windows were installed incorrectly, fixed incorrectly, and fixed again incorrectly. All these mistakes and we haven't even begun stage 2.

    Like I said in the beginning of this post, I understand things happen but I feel like every time there is an improvement and progress we take two steps back with mistakes constantly. Mistakes cost us a lot of time because they don’t get fixed right away. You have to wait for the framing crew, then you have to wait for the fixing crew and so on.

    Perry prides themselves on customer service and that they don’t overwork their project managers, and not give them more than five or so houses at a time. I feel like that’s a lie, that has not been my experience. I also feel the sales office tells you six months (give or take) from when your lot is released and it’s more like a year in my experience. We are almost in our seventh month of building time and I don’t even have a roof.

    Our new phase 1 project manager has been great. He meets my husband out at the lot every other Friday and is great with communication. I don’t understand where the communication is being lost. It also doesn’t help that I see houses that started their foundation two months after ours and is way ahead in the building process. I guess I’m looking for advice, what steps I can take to escalate this because I don’t feel like it’s improving.

    25 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 16, 2021

    I had a very bad experience with the people from Perry Homes. My house which was purchased with a two year warranty is located in Pomona Manvel, TX. A couple months after I moved in, several cracks appeared on every foundation corner. I filed Customer Service Request (CSR) ( The cracks on the foundation were soon filled with concrete. The staff who worked on the repair said that these cracks would happen again soon. Exactly to his words, weeks later many cracks appeared on all foundation corners again. In order to fix the cracks, I filed a new CSR and waited for Perry Homes warranty service.

    About twenty dates later finally the project manager Joseph ** showed up. However, he refused to fix the cracks. He gave the reasons: 1) The cracks appeared on most house corners of foundation including my neighbors. 2) The cracks were fixed before. 3) The cracks wouldn’t damage the house. What kinds of ridiculous reasons were given? For my concerns, I hired a professional inspector for the house. He pointed out that the cracks would let termite infestation easily. Perry Homes, I think, must fulfill their warranty duty to seal the cracks permanently, or we say professionally, prevent termite infestation. I strongly urge Perry Homes to take the warranty promise as seriously as it should be.

    27 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 15, 2021

    This may sound like a sales pitch but it’s all true. I am writing to highlight the excellent assistance I have received from multiple sales staff at the Prairie Oaks Community. I’ve signed the paperwork for the Perry home I am having built in Little Elm, TX. The ground hasn’t been broken yet so this review may be premature but I wanted anyone who reads this to know that I have had nothing but an outstanding experience dealing with the sales staff. I’ll quickly describe one at a time how good they’ve been.

    Lewis, the salesman for the 50’ homes was excellent, took all the time I needed to assist me, was professional and always checking to make sure I had all I needed in the process. Ultimately, I decided to have Perry build a 45’ home so I was switched to Lane. Like Lewis, he has been phenomenal. He’s consistently been involved every step of the way and has gone well beyond the call of duty to ensure no stone has been left unturned with the pre build process. He really is ultra professional, courteous, and I have no doubt he’ll see the entire process through successfully for me. It’s really nice to know he’s working on my behalf in the background.

    Then there is Sarah. She hasn’t been my salesperson but has been an incredible resource in every respect. She has helped me make design choices that were confusing and has spent a lot of her own time to ensure any questions I’ve had were answered. She’s got an amazing eye for design and a great handle on the products Perry sells, how they fit into the homes, and what items would fit in with my personality/taste. She’s done all this for me on her time. That says a lot about her. If the quality of the sales staff is any indication how the rest of the build process will evolve, I’m thoroughly convinced I’m in great hands with Perry Homes. I’ll continue to blog my honest thoughts as the process proceeds. Again, this may be premature but absolutely so far - so good! Mark **.

    8 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 31, 2021

    We signed a contract with Perry Homes to build a new forever dream home in the same McKinney neighborhood that they currently live in on 6/30/2020. Having built with a different builder with our current home, we had plenty experience in home building and had expectations going into the process. The sales rep Lee constantly promised that they would provide a “model quality” home, a theme all the reps consistently would state during the process. This home was on one of the bigger lots (which had a $35k premium) of the community and why we had to chose Perry to build.

    During the initial process the Perry sales rep Lee provided a lot of mis-information about costs as well as errors that we ran into during the design center process in July, which we had to have 3 total sessions because of all the hidden costs Perry didn’t provide up front. For example, were told up front Perry had multiple options of standard tiles to select from, only to find out there was a change in their standards because of COVID delays. We were given option pages with no pricing only to find that the sheets weren’t updated with pricing so instead of fixing and owning their admitted system errors we were still forced to pay for the upgrades. The division president of DFW would consistently say no and refuse to acknowledge the errors that were causing buyer's frustrations.

    That being said we put over $30k in upgrades into the house since this was going to be our forever dream home. We put in stained cabinets, upgraded the stainless steel appliances, upgraded most of the first level to hardwood floors, and spent over $8k to upgrade the fireplace to a 2 story stone fireplace. Once we were finished with the design center selections, we waited until the end of September for the foundation to be poured, which we were finally excited to see movement on. We became concerned when Perry Homes told us that from the time framing ended, there would be a 45 day to closing time commitment. Framing began the first week of October, and took over 3 weeks to complete.

    On November 10th, the sheetrock installation began while the roof hadn’t been fully completed. We had brought the concerns of the roof installation looking really bad to our construction manager who acted shocked we would question the installation, and we even had an independent home inspector confirmed that the roof wasn’t installed properly. The roof was installed over the 3 days of Halloween weekend by 3 guys. Our independent inspector said that at final inspection he would take a closer look to verify if it was functional, even though it had glaring visual issues. Perry construction manager told us that he would address the roof after the house was bricked and the trim was painted. As the roof was being finished, the sheet rock installation began which our inspector stated he was surprised that Perry got the go ahead to do considering the roof should have been completed first.

    There were days where nothing on the house construction was being done through November and into December, but Perry Homes committed to the us a 12/29 closing date. Because of that committed date, we listed our house and sold it in the firs5 weekend of being on the market. At the beginning of December the pace of worked picked up rapidly and the since we lived in the same neighborhood we would check on the progress and would be very excited to see the daily updates. There would be some concerns that they would bring up to the Perry Homes construction manager and they were always very nice to help and make adjustments as minor things would get mentioned.

    One concern was that the lights in the kitchen looked off and were all bunched to the one side of the kitchen, and Perry Homes accounted that because they accommodated for a bigger island that the lights would now look spaced differently. We are talking 9 can lights being spaced really close together. 9 lights is a lot for that space as it is. We asked why they just didn’t move the lights and they were told that they “were to plan”. We were called to a meeting on December 7th to discuss concerns with the Perry Home VP of construction. The meeting went very well and Perry reps were very accommodating to the we were very appreciative and felt that things were on track.

    During the meeting we repeatedly had to mention the concern about the pace and quality of work, even having to bring up a pattern tile floor in the powder bathroom being installed incorrectly. We expressed that this type of work is what is making them nervous about the pace and quality of work being done because of the end of December closing commitment. The VP of construction Joe continued to promise that by the closing date Perry Homes would deliver a “model quality” house.

    The next week another round of glaring concerns of quality of work arose, and again the we insisted in getting these issues addressed. The VP of construction Joe called another face to face meeting along with the Division President of DFW Gretchen to discuss “getting on the same page about our expectations” with the us and our realtor agent on 12/18.

    Instead of getting on the “same page”, the Perry reps defensively refuted any changing of issues making statements like “Perry Homes isn’t a custom home builder” and “just because we as customers see something we don’t like doesn’t mean that Perry can just go changing it.” Perry made statements that also included that they fear “they as a builder can’t meet “our” expectations” even though the Perry Homes website says they will “meet and exceed customer expectations.” The entire meeting ended when the Division President of DFW Gretchen stating that she “felt it to be in their best interest to cancel their contract and refund “our” money.” We had to state that because of closing on the sale of our house the day before, this wasn’t an option. We along with our agent left shocked by the way we were treated from reps of a company that boasts customer service being their priority.

    The following day while celebrating our son’s second birthday, and even showing our soon to be new home to our family and friends and how excited we were that closing was getting close, we instead received an email from the Perry Homes local sales rep for the neighborhood stating “that after recent meetings Perry Homes feels that they cannot meet the expectations and are cancelling contract of purchase.” There was no formal document to sign, just an email solely from the sales rep Lee to us and our realtor.

    We immediately contacted a real estate attorney review the contract and evidently most home builders have the ability to cancel a contract at any point as long as they refund the money. The attorney also mentioned that in 38 years of practice, he had never seen a builder pull a contract so close to the committed closing date. We have spoken to multiple agents, brokers, and competing builders who have all said this was ridiculous and disgusting that any builder would do that within 10 days towards their committed closing date. Our former sales rep with the home we built and sold stated to us that he has had to do the same cancellation, but never that close to the company’s committed closing date.

    Our attorney suggested sending a formal apology to extend the olive branch to smooth over relations, but the Perry Division President of DFW Gretchen denied any chance stating that “because Perry has a 2 year warranty” she “can’t put the company in that 2 year relationship with trust issues.” We even stated they would be willing to waive the warranty, but was still denied the request. A broker also tried to reconcile relations, but Gretchen had no recourse to mend the relationship. To further insult us, Perry listed the home as available January, only 2 days after the Henkes were sent the email.

    The home was listed over $70k more than it appraised for in mid-December when the we were getting their home loan finished and ready for the 12/29 closing.

    The had to confirm with the Perry sales rep Lee (in the development) the address as well as the total refund amount on 12/27. Lee finally confirmed the amount but stated it had to “go through multiple senior leadership signatures before getting the refund.” By the time the refund was delivered, it was 4 weeks from the time they cancelled our contract.

    Since all of this, we have since found out how much of a bullet we dodged. At the beginning of January, we were told by neighbors that either a pipe leaked, or the roof, which has not been corrected, may have leaked during the first weekend of January when there was a 3 day period of downpours. There have been credible reports that Perry had the 2 story foyer wall tore down and that there was sitting water in the garage during this time frame. Shortly after, the house was reportedly sold, but as of a few days ago, the buyers reportedly pulled out. The neighbors on both sides of the home had serious flooding into their yards because of the poor grading that was done on the home lot, and the city of McKinney has denied Perry from selling the home until they correct the issue.

    In the meantime, we are still are currently without a home, and because of COVID delays and rising home prices we may be forced out of the neighborhood we love and were intending to stay forever. We are currently looking at home options, but nothing is comparable to the dream forever home we worked so hard on for 6 months. We had dreams of growing our family, and our 2 year old son growing up with the neighbor kids that are around the same age. We met the new neighbors and have become friends with them, and the neighbors are just as upset especially since they are now experiencing issues with Perry not fully addressing the flooding issues.

    We along with multiple brokers and agents have tried to get ahold of any Perry Homes representatives in the corporate Houston location with no success. There is definitely concern that homes builders can pull a contract at any point and have no recourse if it leaves a family with a 2 year old toddler without a home during the holidays and COVID.

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    Perry Homes author review by Joseph Truini

    In business since 1967, Perry Homes is one of the largest homebuilders in Texas. It offers customized, affordable homes in the Austin, Houston and San Antonio areas.

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