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Reviewed July 14, 2021

I am going out of my way to post this negative review about Perry Homes. My home is gorgeous and I love it very much, however I will NEVER buy a new home with Perry again. Dealing with them on repairs and through their warranty department is a living nightmare. There is no reasoning with them whatsoever. We have had problems with our roof, the colors we picked out for our cabinets, our side yard drainage, our plumbing, electrical, etc. the plumbing is the latest issue and it cause a leak in my kitchen onto my hardwood floors. By the way, the leak happened because when the plumbing was put in a piece had a small crack and they used it anyway…. Eventually leading to my problem now. They could have prevented this but they do the bare minimum.

They keep sending repair people who I cannot communicate with that do the ABSOLUTE bare minimum and just leave. They took up the long wood planks, did not remove the glue before putting new planks in and replaced with tiny, short, uneven planks with gaps up and down my runner of my kitchen! I said this is not a quality job that I will accept and my floors did not look like this before the plumbing leak. The repair guy that came today realized he was going to have to replace the whole section and immediately shut off, saying to me that “it’s normal to look like that”, or “sometimes the planks come in the box in small pieces”. Which they did not!! They came in large pieces and he chopped them up. They lie, they make excuses and they make you feel like a crazy person. I just want my home to be put back the way it was before the leak!

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Reviewed June 26, 2021

I am simply writing this post because I am overly frustrated, disappointed, angry and lost about what action to take next. We are building with Perry and our experience has been less than mediocre. I also want to say that I do understand that mistakes will happen along the building process. I believe I have realistic expectations. I also feel like my experience has been horrible.

We signed with Perry November 2020. Our lot was released January 2021. I feel like our building process has been extremely slow due to a lot Of mistakes. It took four months for us to just to get our foundation poured and we just finished installing windows.... it’s nearly July and my house doesn’t even have a roof installed. I feel there has been A LOT of mistakes and all that does is push out the date. Mistakes...

1. Our foundation was poured incorrectly and is missing the brick ledge.
2. Our bathroom plumbing is in the hallway.
3. Electrical outlet that is supposed to be in the middle of the living room is next to a wall.
4. All doors was supposed to be 8 feet tall, they were not.
5. Front door was supposed to be a double door, it was not.

6. My kitchen cabinet we added the extra row on top and I have four windows above the kitchen cabinets. Those windows were installed incorrectly, fixed incorrectly, and fixed again incorrectly. All these mistakes and we haven't even begun stage 2.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, I understand things happen but I feel like every time there is an improvement and progress we take two steps back with mistakes constantly. Mistakes cost us a lot of time because they don’t get fixed right away. You have to wait for the framing crew, then you have to wait for the fixing crew and so on.

Perry prides themselves on customer service and that they don’t overwork their project managers, and not give them more than five or so houses at a time. I feel like that’s a lie, that has not been my experience. I also feel the sales office tells you six months (give or take) from when your lot is released and it’s more like a year in my experience. We are almost in our seventh month of building time and I don’t even have a roof.

Our new phase 1 project manager has been great. He meets my husband out at the lot every other Friday and is great with communication. I don’t understand where the communication is being lost. It also doesn’t help that I see houses that started their foundation two months after ours and is way ahead in the building process. I guess I’m looking for advice, what steps I can take to escalate this because I don’t feel like it’s improving.

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Reviewed June 16, 2021

I had a very bad experience with the people from Perry Homes. My house which was purchased with a two year warranty is located in Pomona Manvel, TX. A couple months after I moved in, several cracks appeared on every foundation corner. I filed Customer Service Request (CSR) ( The cracks on the foundation were soon filled with concrete. The staff who worked on the repair said that these cracks would happen again soon. Exactly to his words, weeks later many cracks appeared on all foundation corners again. In order to fix the cracks, I filed a new CSR and waited for Perry Homes warranty service.

About twenty dates later finally the project manager Joseph ** showed up. However, he refused to fix the cracks. He gave the reasons: 1) The cracks appeared on most house corners of foundation including my neighbors. 2) The cracks were fixed before. 3) The cracks wouldn’t damage the house. What kinds of ridiculous reasons were given? For my concerns, I hired a professional inspector for the house. He pointed out that the cracks would let termite infestation easily. Perry Homes, I think, must fulfill their warranty duty to seal the cracks permanently, or we say professionally, prevent termite infestation. I strongly urge Perry Homes to take the warranty promise as seriously as it should be.

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Reviewed May 15, 2021

This may sound like a sales pitch but it’s all true. I am writing to highlight the excellent assistance I have received from multiple sales staff at the Prairie Oaks Community. I’ve signed the paperwork for the Perry home I am having built in Little Elm, TX. The ground hasn’t been broken yet so this review may be premature but I wanted anyone who reads this to know that I have had nothing but an outstanding experience dealing with the sales staff. I’ll quickly describe one at a time how good they’ve been.

Lewis, the salesman for the 50’ homes was excellent, took all the time I needed to assist me, was professional and always checking to make sure I had all I needed in the process. Ultimately, I decided to have Perry build a 45’ home so I was switched to Lane. Like Lewis, he has been phenomenal. He’s consistently been involved every step of the way and has gone well beyond the call of duty to ensure no stone has been left unturned with the pre build process. He really is ultra professional, courteous, and I have no doubt he’ll see the entire process through successfully for me. It’s really nice to know he’s working on my behalf in the background.

Then there is Sarah. She hasn’t been my salesperson but has been an incredible resource in every respect. She has helped me make design choices that were confusing and has spent a lot of her own time to ensure any questions I’ve had were answered. She’s got an amazing eye for design and a great handle on the products Perry sells, how they fit into the homes, and what items would fit in with my personality/taste. She’s done all this for me on her time. That says a lot about her. If the quality of the sales staff is any indication how the rest of the build process will evolve, I’m thoroughly convinced I’m in great hands with Perry Homes. I’ll continue to blog my honest thoughts as the process proceeds. Again, this may be premature but absolutely so far - so good! Mark **.

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Reviewed Jan. 31, 2021

We signed a contract with Perry Homes to build a new forever dream home in the same McKinney neighborhood that they currently live in on 6/30/2020. Having built with a different builder with our current home, we had plenty experience in home building and had expectations going into the process. The sales rep Lee constantly promised that they would provide a “model quality” home, a theme all the reps consistently would state during the process. This home was on one of the bigger lots (which had a $35k premium) of the community and why we had to chose Perry to build.

During the initial process the Perry sales rep Lee provided a lot of mis-information about costs as well as errors that we ran into during the design center process in July, which we had to have 3 total sessions because of all the hidden costs Perry didn’t provide up front. For example, were told up front Perry had multiple options of standard tiles to select from, only to find out there was a change in their standards because of COVID delays. We were given option pages with no pricing only to find that the sheets weren’t updated with pricing so instead of fixing and owning their admitted system errors we were still forced to pay for the upgrades. The division president of DFW would consistently say no and refuse to acknowledge the errors that were causing buyer's frustrations.

That being said we put over $30k in upgrades into the house since this was going to be our forever dream home. We put in stained cabinets, upgraded the stainless steel appliances, upgraded most of the first level to hardwood floors, and spent over $8k to upgrade the fireplace to a 2 story stone fireplace. Once we were finished with the design center selections, we waited until the end of September for the foundation to be poured, which we were finally excited to see movement on. We became concerned when Perry Homes told us that from the time framing ended, there would be a 45 day to closing time commitment. Framing began the first week of October, and took over 3 weeks to complete.

On November 10th, the sheetrock installation began while the roof hadn’t been fully completed. We had brought the concerns of the roof installation looking really bad to our construction manager who acted shocked we would question the installation, and we even had an independent home inspector confirmed that the roof wasn’t installed properly. The roof was installed over the 3 days of Halloween weekend by 3 guys. Our independent inspector said that at final inspection he would take a closer look to verify if it was functional, even though it had glaring visual issues. Perry construction manager told us that he would address the roof after the house was bricked and the trim was painted. As the roof was being finished, the sheet rock installation began which our inspector stated he was surprised that Perry got the go ahead to do considering the roof should have been completed first.

There were days where nothing on the house construction was being done through November and into December, but Perry Homes committed to the us a 12/29 closing date. Because of that committed date, we listed our house and sold it in the firs5 weekend of being on the market. At the beginning of December the pace of worked picked up rapidly and the since we lived in the same neighborhood we would check on the progress and would be very excited to see the daily updates. There would be some concerns that they would bring up to the Perry Homes construction manager and they were always very nice to help and make adjustments as minor things would get mentioned.

One concern was that the lights in the kitchen looked off and were all bunched to the one side of the kitchen, and Perry Homes accounted that because they accommodated for a bigger island that the lights would now look spaced differently. We are talking 9 can lights being spaced really close together. 9 lights is a lot for that space as it is. We asked why they just didn’t move the lights and they were told that they “were to plan”. We were called to a meeting on December 7th to discuss concerns with the Perry Home VP of construction. The meeting went very well and Perry reps were very accommodating to the we were very appreciative and felt that things were on track.

During the meeting we repeatedly had to mention the concern about the pace and quality of work, even having to bring up a pattern tile floor in the powder bathroom being installed incorrectly. We expressed that this type of work is what is making them nervous about the pace and quality of work being done because of the end of December closing commitment. The VP of construction Joe continued to promise that by the closing date Perry Homes would deliver a “model quality” house.

The next week another round of glaring concerns of quality of work arose, and again the we insisted in getting these issues addressed. The VP of construction Joe called another face to face meeting along with the Division President of DFW Gretchen to discuss “getting on the same page about our expectations” with the us and our realtor agent on 12/18.

Instead of getting on the “same page”, the Perry reps defensively refuted any changing of issues making statements like “Perry Homes isn’t a custom home builder” and “just because we as customers see something we don’t like doesn’t mean that Perry can just go changing it.” Perry made statements that also included that they fear “they as a builder can’t meet “our” expectations” even though the Perry Homes website says they will “meet and exceed customer expectations.” The entire meeting ended when the Division President of DFW Gretchen stating that she “felt it to be in their best interest to cancel their contract and refund “our” money.” We had to state that because of closing on the sale of our house the day before, this wasn’t an option. We along with our agent left shocked by the way we were treated from reps of a company that boasts customer service being their priority.

The following day while celebrating our son’s second birthday, and even showing our soon to be new home to our family and friends and how excited we were that closing was getting close, we instead received an email from the Perry Homes local sales rep for the neighborhood stating “that after recent meetings Perry Homes feels that they cannot meet the expectations and are cancelling contract of purchase.” There was no formal document to sign, just an email solely from the sales rep Lee to us and our realtor.

We immediately contacted a real estate attorney review the contract and evidently most home builders have the ability to cancel a contract at any point as long as they refund the money. The attorney also mentioned that in 38 years of practice, he had never seen a builder pull a contract so close to the committed closing date. We have spoken to multiple agents, brokers, and competing builders who have all said this was ridiculous and disgusting that any builder would do that within 10 days towards their committed closing date. Our former sales rep with the home we built and sold stated to us that he has had to do the same cancellation, but never that close to the company’s committed closing date.

Our attorney suggested sending a formal apology to extend the olive branch to smooth over relations, but the Perry Division President of DFW Gretchen denied any chance stating that “because Perry has a 2 year warranty” she “can’t put the company in that 2 year relationship with trust issues.” We even stated they would be willing to waive the warranty, but was still denied the request. A broker also tried to reconcile relations, but Gretchen had no recourse to mend the relationship. To further insult us, Perry listed the home as available January, only 2 days after the Henkes were sent the email.

The home was listed over $70k more than it appraised for in mid-December when the we were getting their home loan finished and ready for the 12/29 closing.

The had to confirm with the Perry sales rep Lee (in the development) the address as well as the total refund amount on 12/27. Lee finally confirmed the amount but stated it had to “go through multiple senior leadership signatures before getting the refund.” By the time the refund was delivered, it was 4 weeks from the time they cancelled our contract.

Since all of this, we have since found out how much of a bullet we dodged. At the beginning of January, we were told by neighbors that either a pipe leaked, or the roof, which has not been corrected, may have leaked during the first weekend of January when there was a 3 day period of downpours. There have been credible reports that Perry had the 2 story foyer wall tore down and that there was sitting water in the garage during this time frame. Shortly after, the house was reportedly sold, but as of a few days ago, the buyers reportedly pulled out. The neighbors on both sides of the home had serious flooding into their yards because of the poor grading that was done on the home lot, and the city of McKinney has denied Perry from selling the home until they correct the issue.

In the meantime, we are still are currently without a home, and because of COVID delays and rising home prices we may be forced out of the neighborhood we love and were intending to stay forever. We are currently looking at home options, but nothing is comparable to the dream forever home we worked so hard on for 6 months. We had dreams of growing our family, and our 2 year old son growing up with the neighbor kids that are around the same age. We met the new neighbors and have become friends with them, and the neighbors are just as upset especially since they are now experiencing issues with Perry not fully addressing the flooding issues.

We along with multiple brokers and agents have tried to get ahold of any Perry Homes representatives in the corporate Houston location with no success. There is definitely concern that homes builders can pull a contract at any point and have no recourse if it leaves a family with a 2 year old toddler without a home during the holidays and COVID.

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Reviewed Jan. 26, 2021

We purchased a new home thinking we would be without any major issues for a few years, at least. Unfortunately that is not what has happened. We have had nothing but issues, especially with our AC and in TX, you do not want to have AC issues in the heat of the summer. We have tried to connect with leaders at the top to get things done, but no one will ever hear us out. The team on the frontline has bent over backwards for us, but they can only approve so much. This review is not for the frontline, but for the leadership who says they want a customer centric company, yet don't stand behind that when a customer is having major issues.

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Reviewed Oct. 1, 2020

We purchased our home in February 2020 in the Ventana community in Fort Worth, TX. The actual process of building seemed to go pretty smooth. The project managers for our house did keep us informed and also assured us our issues would be resolved if we ever had any. Soon after we moved in Covid hit. Any problems we encountered unfortunately had to be put off for several weeks. Most issues have been addressed. However the two biggest items in our opinion, was not addressed. After several emails we were told someone from “corporate” would come and hear us out.

Our driveway, two months after we moved in, started to crack. Also, the water coming out of our water hose in the front yard has hardly no pressure. The backyard water hose is sufficient but the front yard is terrible. We noticed before we moved in, the person burying the gas line broke our water pipe. My husband was on site when it happened and witnessed it. We advised the Perry Homes project manager that this happened and was assured it was fixed.

When we moved in we realized something was wrong with our water volume. When you turn on our water hose the volume is fine the first one to two seconds, after that the water stream just falls down. It is impossible to water our yard or flowers Or wash our car with the hose because the water won’t even reach out other than right in front of you. There could be a fix to this issue, but Perry Homes refuses to fix it or investigate the problem. We feel the broken pipe was not repaired right, but it’s covered up, and that is the end of it, in their eyes. They have done nothing to try and figure out why it’s happening. There is so much more to this issue, but this complaint would be five pages long.

As far as the driveway, 1/4 of the driveway has a large crack that is also affecting the walkway to our front porch where the ground is sinking and the slab has fallen. Part of the concrete is actually crumbling and they “corporate” are actually trying to say that is a “normal” crack for concrete. The subgrade was not properly prepared or packed, so the slab is sinking. So basically every time someone walks up to our house the first thing you see is this huge crack, which to me, does not look good on the builder, especially since this is a brand new house and it happened two months after we moved in. Obviously Perry Homes is fine getting that reputation.

We really do love our house as far as the design, but we will never build with Perry Homes again. Perry Homes will only fix an obvious error (meaning, they know it’s not right, but....) during the build process, if the homeowner sees it, and pointed it out. Their motto is, if they don’t notice it, don’t worry about. Just cover it up and hope the buyer won’t say anything. That confirms to me they have zero integrity. We spent $475,000 on a brand new house that has a cracked up driveway. Wow!!

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Reviewed Aug. 31, 2020

My wife and I were looking for our retirement home, since I'm retiring from the Army and wanted to have our retirement home built in Carpenter Hill, Buda, TX. We signed a contract to have a 4 car garage house built. We signed the contract and went to numerous decoration center appointments and home automation appointments. We thought the process was going to be smooth since we knew what we wanted before each appointment. When we got to the home automation appointment, the floor plan was flipped and they were using a different orientation so it was difficult trying to place the locations of what we were wanting to add because it wasn't the way our home was going to be built.

We did our best but we had our doubts after that. When we got to the deco center, they didn't have the exact floor plan we contracted on. So this made it difficult trying to pick selections for a different master bathroom that was on the print out then what was going to be built. Also, we were told that prior to the deco center appointment, we were supposed to pick out exterior colors, brick, and stone with the sales rep. We were not told this before our appointment.

We then met with the construction manager to go over our selections. He also didn't have the exact floor plan and made notes about it so that we could get it the way we contracted it on. Lack of communication between the sales rep, the deco center, and home automation company prevented us from having a clear picture of what the result was going to be and caused confusion between all parties involved.

Then the home building process was going to begin. The lot was prepped for plumbing and then foundation. There were some plumbing pipes that needed to be fixed prior to foundation pour the next day. The plumbing was fixed after I talked to the construction manager and he addressed them with the crew. This did not give me confidence on the home build going forward. I was looking forward to the build process but I had my doubts.

Then the major issue happened after the foundation pour. We find out after the foundation was poured that the driveway was going to be too close to a drainage inlet. This would make our driveway at a diagonal angle by 4 feet! It was way too late to go back and build the house 4 feet to the left to make the driveway straight. We asked for the company to take ownership of their major error.

They presented us with these 3 options:

1. Stay with the house you’re currently under contract. There will be no compensation.
2. Transfer to another lot we can do everything you want with the straight driveway. He will give you another $3,000 additional off price.

3. Cancel contract and we’ll give you a full refund for all earnest money.

We chose the 3rd and are waiting to have our ernest money returned. On top of this they already leveraged their mistake with having someone else to buy the home as soon as we were clear of it. I have dealt with used car dealerships with more integrity. Please take your business elsewhere and do not deal with this shady company.

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Erik increased rating by 3 stars.
After a positive interaction with Perry Homes, Erik increased their star rating on Sept. 11, 2020.

Updated review: Sept. 11, 2020

Perry Homes made me whole by fixing all my concerns and doing more! Thank you for making my first home buying experience worthwhile and helping me feel like the problems that occurred were not at all intentional or for the benefit of Perry Homes. Thank you we are enjoying the new home!

Original Review: July 20, 2020

They made me rush on closing the home and the home wasn't even ready when I closed! The outlets werent working, the grass in backyard was dry and dead, the bases had glue that was cracking, the NEW HVAC system wasn't working for 3 weeks! I couldn't move in or enjoy the experience of having 1 month of free rent because the A/c wasn't working on my new home! All they did was repair the A/C but didn't give me a new HVAC system! Im left having to think if I will have to repair or deal with the logistics of repairing this "new" HVAC system! Do not buy from them! Especially at Blanco Vista in San Marcos, TX.

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Reviewed May 2, 2020

Do not buy from these people! I repeat! We had a once in a lifetime pandemic, and we signed a contract on the last day in February 2020. We tried to complete the process, but we were forced to delay due to travel restrictions. The salespeople were very pushy, and everything was an upcharge. Everything. You want white paint on the ceilings... upcharge. The job that was moving me to the area has been delayed due to Covid-19, with no plans to proceed.

I had to cancel the contract due to this reason, and Perry Homes was no help. A contract is a contract, they said with no compassion. I understand this, but, these are the people you are dealing with. After speaking with the president, he said, "We just go by the contract." This is a once in a lifetime event we are living through and Perry Homes won't refund any of the money.

From a business standpoint, this is very bad, and taking advantage of the situation, and hiding behind terms just to keep the deposit. This was a bad customer experience, and I can only believe it would continue to get worse throughout the process dealing with these people. Maybe long term we turned out to be lucky by not proceeding. I strongly urge you to not deal with these kind of people who don't understand how to treat people during these times. It wouldn't surprise me if they were taking federal funds too. I will never buy a Perry Home, and the tone of the president was condescending and arrogant. Buy at your extreme risk. Bad experience for sure!

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Reviewed April 29, 2020

We have searched for home for relatives. We have had couple opportunities to purchase a Perry home, but we experienced bad attitude of sale man Lar.Ver who not tried to help us and seemed to be a racist's attitude (he did not call...mostly we called him...for anything related to the sale of homes). We felt we were not welcome to Perry Homes. We don't think we need to buy perry home anymore.

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Reviewed Oct. 15, 2019

Most of my experience with Perry Homes has been good. However, within a month after moving in, we found that the 2 very large pine trees left in the backyard were either dead or dying and causing a hazard from large limbs falling off or the possibility of storms topping them onto either my own home or neighbors homes. Other homes in the area have the same problem. Perry Homes does not warranty these trees nor do they take ownership that their own build process should identify these issues and take care of it prior to selling. It appears to be a case of buyer beware. They do not have a complaint department they will tell me about where I can escalate the problem.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2019

We bought the home on the 24 May 2019 through the Veteran Affairs Loan opportunity provided and both my wife and myself are disabled veterans that cannot perform the warranty repairs on our own physically. We have been relying on Perry Homes to complete these repairs and problems for 4 months. On the 6th of May we did the Home Demonstration with the Project Manager and the Building Manager from Perry Homes. We notified them of the back-exterior door needing replaced and fixed during this appointment. They had 2.5 weeks to have the issue resolved before we moved in on the 24th of May. They have been sloppy about the amount of quality that goes into fixing the problems and we have had to tell them exactly what needs to be done to fix the issue.

For instance, an exterior door that leads to the outside is much heavier than an interior door. These doors require a 3” screw in the top hinges to sit the frame to the interior wall so it does not sag or shift later on (still not done BTW). These doors also require insulation to be placed in between the interior wall and door frames to prevent energy loss (still not done either). These are supposed to be energy proficient homes from what was described to us during the demonstration. This is a brand-new 2019 Perry Homes home and the quality of work that has been put forth, lack of follow through, and completion within a timely manner has not been present during the last 4 months of getting the craftsmanship warranty items resolved.

Perry Homes does quick fixes that won’t last later on. They use caulking to fill in cracks in the plaster, fill in their own mistakes outside in the siding so the owner doesn’t notice and they attempt to recreate the trim pieces using putty and caulking for 3/4” gaps between bottom of trims and floors. I understand that this may not be the project manager or building manager's faults but the follow through of saying you will stop by or check on the work needs to be there. If you say you are going to do something, then do it. Don’t go back on what you say you will do during the process. We don’t want quick fixes in our new home, we want the work to be done right and correctly for it being under warranty. I would not recommend Perry Homes to any of the Veterans or Active Duty that we know so that they never have to deal with the disappointment of owning a brand-new construction home or a brand new first home.

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2019

Don’t get me wrong. The home is Beautiful! That’s why I went in... I am going to turn 19 but let age not determine accountability. I went in to look at the home because it was something I was looking to move into. Right away a sales rep starts asking me questions and looked baffled on why I was in the model. Asked me to write a review and here I am. It made me very angered because the questions that were being asked were confused that I could actually purchase a home. I told him I was just getting some ideas to move into and got many questions on. “So wait. You’re looking for a home?” And “So, how are you going to pay for the home?” Well sir. Just like everyone else pays for a home. Money...

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Reviewed July 19, 2019

We had a great experience in buying our new home in Lakes at Creekside (Tomball). We decided to built the home from zero and everybody involved did an outstanding job: Sheri (Sales agent) followed us from the beginning to the end, Jennifer at the design center, Ryan and Pedro (Project managers) during construction and still when little help is needed. Perry honor warranty without trying to find excuses.

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Reviewed July 1, 2019

We had to find a home quickly and with the help of our salesperson, Sheri **, she found us the perfect home! Everything went very smoothly with closing and with our walkthrough. Very impressed with Perry Homes and would highly recommend them for your home builder.

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Reviewed June 4, 2019

Perry Homes, Personal held responsible for this conduct and how being treated when making a sale with a returning valuable customer. Shawn ** aka Division President at Perry Homes in Lakes of Bella Terra and some surrounding areas. Also included was Dominique ** Sales Professional. This is not how you conduct business. We had a deal. For $2000.00 they negated the deal we agreed to. There should have never been another offer taken or accepted after we had verbally agreed. You call us 20 minutes later and ask us to come back; did that other offer not qualify or fall through? I will never deal with Lakes of Bella Tarra Perry Homes again. I may never deal with Perry Homes again. I would like the sales representatives bosses name and corporates email address.

I was a returning Perry customer. My parents are Perry customers. My sister a Perry customer. We stumbled on a Perry Home in Lakes of Bella Terra subdivision while shopping for a new home. I made an offer on 23803 Via Viale Drive, Richmond, TX 77406. Dominique **, the sales rep, called her boss with our offer; we went back and forth a couple of times and agreed on a price. We had a verbal agreement in place. She told us to go take one more look at the home to be sure. She gave us her word that our offer had been accepted by her boss and that the home was ours. We returned to the sales office and I was literally filling out the pre-qualification on her computer as she instructed I do. When she came back in the room and informed us another customer had offered $2000.00 more and that her boss would allow us to bid against them.

Is that how perry homes conducts business? Are you kidding me, we had a verbal agreement in place and I was filling out the application on her computer. There should have never been another offer taken or accepted after we had verbally agreed. That’s unprofessional. And after being told they would be accepting an offer for a mere $2000.00 more, unless we wanted to outbid them. Are you serious? I am a loyal Perry, returning customer with a family of loyal Perry customers. That is the most disgusted I have been as a customer during a business deal. I am disappointed to learn that this is how Perry Homes chooses to conduct business and that these are permitted business practices. I thought more of you as a builder and I thought a verbal agreement and a handshake from a loyal returning customer was more valuable than a mere $2000.00.

And we really cannot believe you called our real-estate agent and said you would now accept our offer if we came back after what transpired. That’s was extremely bad business. I would like a response from Perry Homes corporate office. This is an unethical, immoral, and nothing less than criminal business practice. It was embarrassing and wasted mine, my fiancé, and my realtors time - the hours we spent working out an agreed upon deal. And to have Dominique ** ask me to stop filling out my prequalification application that she instructed I do, and get off of her computer unless we wanted to bid against another customer insisting this business practice is permitted by Perry Homes because no contract had been signed was disgusting. Even when sitting in her office and filling out the lender application.

Then we get a phone call from the president Shawn ** acting like he didn’t know what happened when he was on the phone with her while all this was going on. He knew everything and yet said nothing. But allowed it all. Instead of saying except and respect the people that are in your office and who made the offer first and we agreed with. I had no idea as we sat in the office, door closed that we soon would be asked to leave for again $2,000. It was embarrassing and just unethical. WE WERE IN YOUR OFFICE!!! Then now Shawn ** refuses to give us corporate’s number quote by him “I am the boss” and will not give us a number to contact his director. Did this phone call really happen??? Did the guy knowing what he did really just call us and first act like he didn’t know what happened. Refuses to give us any contact information.

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Reviewed May 31, 2019

On a contingent sale that stopped because our buyer in their option period backed out of our sale, Perry Homes is stealing our $7,500 deposit on their home. These people are liars, thieves, corrupt, evil. NEVER BUY from Malea **, Bob ** and their corrupt VP. Contingent means, steal their money if things don't work out.

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Reviewed May 24, 2019

Run away from this builder. This company does not know how to build a custom home. My new house has 6 typed out pages of issues from the day I moved in. Their construction team has been in my house every day for almost 4 weeks and still not done. These are things that all should have been completed prior to move-in.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2019

From start to finish working with Perry Homes representatives turned out to be the best experience possible. Our project manager, Bridger **, was prompt, whether responding by email or by phone; he was polite and professional. The workers from the foundation construction company showed up when expected, they were courteous, professional and thorough. After finishing the job, they totally cleaned up. If you have a problem with a home built by Perry Homes, no matter how old the house is, send them a letter. They will reply immediately and will work with you to correct the issues.

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Reviewed Feb. 6, 2019

I have lived in my house for 11 years. My detached garage slab has been cracked in half for at least 8 years and filed a warranty claim and was told it's within tolerance. I have filed 3 different warranty claims that were well within the warranty period and each time it has gotten worse but still "within tolerances". Now that I'm out of the warranty period the siding is popping off and the slab has dropped almost 4 inches in 15 ft. The front stone fascia has been replaced once and is cracking and separating from the house again. MLAW engineering's inspection report states it is a framing issue but Perry again will not make it right. My neighbor across the street has had his replaced and it also is separating again, same house plan. Perry homes are not meant to last more than 10 years. They also say that warranty work is a "courtesy". Never again will I buy a Perry home.

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Reviewed Jan. 24, 2019

I can't say enough good stuff about Perry Homes! Perry truly came in to save the day at the end of 2018 literally! We were building a home in the same neighborhood as Perry home with a different builder, who luckily did not work out at all for numerous reasons. We didn't consider Perry Homes for a couple of reason from the start, mainly because we didn't think we could afford them nor did we know much about them at all.

I recently purchased one out in Celina, Texas. Although it was a "pre-built" home they treated us beyond exceptionally well and had an AMAZING attitude about working the deal all the way past the finish line. Everyone from Autumn the sale coordinator to Keith, Sam, and Ray who are the managers to people we call for warranty issues. None of them have had the "you're aggravating me with all these issues and questions". It's ALWAYS been a "I'll take care of that" or "I'll find out an answer for you." I would do this process with the exact same crew and company time and time over again.

I wish more builders had this type of team and this kind of value for customers. I have told numerous friends and family about Perry Homes. If someone from Perry reads this review please give the employees recognition from my purchase and treat them to a awesome lunch or something! They are the real MVPS far as I'm concerned as a buyer, I can't say how happy I am that I bought with Pretty and dealt with the team I did!

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Reviewed July 21, 2018

WARNING. If you do business with Perry Homes (San Antonio) make sure you understand that if for any reason you fail to qualify, the will keep your earnest money!!! They are very deceitful about this, if you do not get financed and approved within 14 day they will take half of your earnest money... Do not do business with this organization, I am a retired veteran and they do not value any of your service. They are being placed in the OFF-LIMITS list because of their shady business practices.

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Reviewed June 27, 2018

Recently, I have been working with Perry Homes sales person in Aliana Richmond Tx with for my client. We saw some houses and she was interested in purchasing the house. After looking at this house, I asked my client to contact Perry Homes lender to see if she can receive a loan approval for the purchase of that house. She started to speak to the lender and after couple of days, my client received a call on Saturday May 25, 2018 from salesperson in Aliana who communicated that they received an email approval from the lender for a loan amount of $300,000. They asked her to come physically to their office to write an offer for the house on basis of $300,000 loan amount. While writing the offer, my client asked if her earnest money would be refundable. Salesperson said that it would be refundable. At that day, she was not given a copy of the Earnest Money offer.

With this understanding, on Sunday May 27 she went with her daughter to sign the Earnest Money contract. Monday May 28 was a Memorial Day holiday. On the morning of Tuesday May 29, my client was told by Perry's lender that she was not approved for the loan amount of $300,000. This information was not communicated to my client before her signing the contract that her loan was not approved.

It is clear that my client was not given the correct information at the time of signing the contract and now she is being refused the refund of the earnest money amount. She is being told now that it is Perry's policy to not refund the full amount regardless of what had happened to her loan application. After all this, my client is still willing to buy that same home. If this is still not possible then my client should be refund the full amount of her earnest money. Your Salespeople knew that she is a first time buyer and it was important for them to explain the terms and conditions properly while making her to sign the contract.

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Reviewed April 13, 2017

Perry Homes built my home in 2007. I recently discovered my trim underneath my shingles that has been nailed on top of my shingles is rotting and in some places disintegrated. In Katy Texas homes do not have gutters around the entire house but the areas that do also have that 1/2 by 1.t.5" trim installed that the gutter is nailed through. Those are the worst as you cannot see what condition they're in. Needless to say those were pretty bad. I had Perry Homes come out to explain why they failed to comply with 2006 international building codes as they failed to install a drip edge on the house. They said it is not covered under their warranty. I found later that ALL homes built by Perry Homes in my neighborhood have no drop edges. I am shocked that they think that that is acceptable and would not recommend them as a builder for any home.

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