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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about First American Title Insurance?
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    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 23, 2021

    This has to be the most unprofessional title company in the state of Texas. The escrow company has totally messed up our paperwork and has caused the lender to file a review. They refuse to settle with the funding party, which caused numerous problems with closing extending closing multiple times then when we finally was giving up and moving to another title company they close the dang thing without having updated papers. Now the escrow agent refuses to speak to the agent and circumvents her to call me directly leaving the agent clueless. They recorded our deed wrong and had to go back and re-record it which caused another 3 week delay. You have many Title Companies to choose from. Don't go here.


    Reviewed April 12, 2021

    Days before our close of escrow, T. S. from First American Title in Reno NV contacted us for the first time during the entire process, blamed an error on the loan officer, and stated we had two days to provide documentation that would usually take a month or more to prepare. Whenever I tried to ask questions or clarify what was needed, she would interrupt me and tell me how it was my fault for not being organized and having the documents they wanted immediately on hand. Additionally, she also told the notary that was sent to our house to be aware, "they are very angry with their lender." She, as well as First American Title, are the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with.

    Reviewed April 1, 2021

    So we have an easement issue and have had to contact our title company to file a claim. After 4 months of almost zero contact, we were surprised with a letter from a litigating lawyer to dispose us. At this time it seems that rather than do research for us or admit that they did not do due diligence on our title they have decided to act against us and litigate. If you have any options do NOT use this company. We now have to get a lawyer to protect us from our own title insurance. What a shame and bad faith.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaffProcess

    Reviewed March 4, 2021

    My loan officer opened up an escrow with this company located in Tempe 1620 W. Fountainhead parkway. The agency was not knowledgeable in properties that have gone through probate. We had a private purchase with the seller that had all of the legal documents to proceed in making the transaction. During this process all information was provided however more unnecessary documents were requested. Once the seller had his attorney contact the title company they then reached to us as if they had everything in order. I was assured that I would hear from them and all should go smoothly.

    Another 3 weeks go by. I finally tell my lender to proceed with another title company. We ended up paying for 2 extension for our interest lock due to their lack of expertise. Our loan officer kept this escrow open until we got on board with another. I went with Pioneer Title and they had all in order in the first week with our close date! During this time there was absolutely not a word from First American on our close date after another 3 weeks. I closed escrow with Pioneer and still not a word. Bottom line they do not want your business if they actually have to use knowledge and experience or go the extra mile. Even when all is handed to them it's still too much. I've never dealt with such unprofessionalism during my course of purchasing multiple homes. If you want a stressful experience and like to waste your time and money call them.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 19, 2020

    First American Title Company (San Ramon Branch) was the title company "chosen" by the builder for the closing of my new home purchase. Obviously, I did not choose them. The so called senior manager Michele would not return calls or respond to emails. Did not answer any questions or alleviate any concerns. The upper management is clueless, oblivious and would not take any actions or pay heed to clients' complaints and concerns about their branch manager and office teams. Please stay away and choose another Title company if you can.

    Reviewed Dec. 23, 2019

    My house was to close on or before today. They offered a courtesy signing near my house. I said no big deal. I'll drive to the office everything is being handled at. "Oh Mr. ** we offer courtesy signings at any office." What they don't say or bother to tell you is it holds everything up because they have to then FedEx the damn paperwork! I buy and sell houses. It's my living. It's what pays my bills. They royally screwed up on my house when I bought it too. So twice in 6 months I've been punished because of their neglect and poor business ethics. I will never again sign buy or sell a house through First American Title.


    Reviewed Nov. 21, 2019

    They handled the sale of my home for the buyer, I had a lien that had been discharged thru bankruptcy, it took 4 months after the sale to get the federal court to sign the lien removal order, 1st American was and are still holding $5000 of my home sale proceeds. They cannot find this record or that record and now their agent closer is no longer employed by them! The order was signed 4 days ago and it takes a whole 20 min to do a wire transfer yet.... no money. As a disabled veteran and being terminally ill I find their dodging both insulting and borderline unethical.

    Reviewed Oct. 3, 2019

    Reverse mortgage refinance. Loan closed on August 30th. They missed the deadline to wire my funds on the same day. Claimed my HOA & taxes were paid out on loan close day. Neither the HOA payment or taxes have been paid after more than 30 days have past. Never again will I do a close with First American Title.


    Reviewed Sept. 18, 2019

    My experience is like so many others here, lousy. I would have given them 0 stars if that was an option. At every turn I was met with issues which were not of my doing. Eight days prior to closing they advised me I needed a quit claim deed from my non-borrowing spouse. I had a POA to do everything for him but that was not enough. The POA would only work if it was specific to the property I was buying. My husband is not in a place where a notary can walk-in and get a paper signed. It is similar to a soldier in a foreign land.

    My escrow office Darcy Presley was the worst. She says "oh we'll get a traveling notary to go there and get it done". I told her it does not work that way. All notaries have to have a clearance to go there, etc. Anyway due to her eleventh hour tactics my closing had to be delayed 15 days at a cost to me of $50 per day. Totally unprofessional. I never even got a settlement statement until the day I went for the closing. Even the wire she never sent the info. She said "our wiring instructions never change". Well that's great so just send it to me so I know what to do. I don't know how she keeps her job and if I had anything to do with it she would be fired. Plus she was no help in finding a notary.

    I finally found one who had clearance and could go and get his signature. I also advised we could just close with joint ownership and I'd file the quit claim after the fact myself. Again no dice. If she had told me on day one of opening escrow that we needed a signed quit claim deed signed it could have happened and I would not be out $750. Do you think they offered to pay any of that money because it was their fault. Of course not, money grubbing title company. My final thing is if you are purchasing a house and they say the title company is First American Title, run for your life.

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 20, 2019

    This story I’m about to share is 100% true, and it is not embellished. At the end, you will think “No way could they get away with this,” unless you have also been victimized by First American Title’s incompetent staff and unscrupulous legal department. Read the dozens of horror story 1-star reviews below mine and you’ll understand. You’ll also wonder why some haven’t gone to jail. If you’re interested in joining a class action lawsuit, contact me at **. I have been a real estate agent/broker for more than 30 years and I have successfully closed well over 1200 transactions. I owned an office with 15 agents. This title and escrow screw up is the worst I’ve ever experienced in over a 30 plus year career.

    In April of 2019, a client asked me to use Palm Springs First American Title and Escrow for the sale of his 5-unit Apartment building. The seller agreed to provide seller financing detailed in “Exhibit A,” of the purchase contact. The loan was for 10 years with 3 major installment payments due the first 3 years. Unfortunately, the escrow officer forgot to include the 3 major installment payments totaling $161,705.70 when she drafted the note. The installment payments were clearly detailed and agreed on in Exhibit “A” of the purchase contract.

    Fortunately, the buyer and I noticed the glaring mistake when the note was sent to us for review. The buyer and I emailed the escrow officer to correct it. She said she wasn’t able, and that we had to delay escrow and spend money on an attorney correct it. I convinced her it was unnecessary because all she had to do was reference and attach “Exhibit A” of the purchase agreement. She agreed and said she would take care of it. Unfortunately, when escrow closed, we saw that escrow forgot to correct the note. This meant that the seller was shorted $161,705.70. I immediately called escrow and respectfully asked her to correct her mistake. She refused. I asked her manager who also refused. I went all the way up the chain of command, they said I had to file an insurance claim with First American.

    I spent a week researching and preparing a presentation with highlights, arrows and emails. I thought there was no way the legal department at First American could deny my claim this time since they were obviously at fault. I was wrong – it was denied, and their argument would insult the intelligence of a 6th grader. I filed an appeal which was also denied. I’m currently in the process of taking them to court in front of a judge, and not from an unscrupulous self-serving staff member of First Americans legal department.

    While doing some background research on First American’s history with lawsuits and complaints, I found this website here with 46 negative complaints, and not 1 good one. In May of this year, it was revealed that First American left more than 885 million sensitive documents dating as far back as 2003 exposed online. The complaint suggests the members of the class affected by First American's data exposure could be in the millions, and the lawsuit is seeking over $5 million. In another recent class action lawsuit “Kirk v. First American Title Company,“ a judgement was awarded because the court found that First American was overcharging their customers with excessive fees. If you’re interested in forming another class action suit, contact me at **.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 11, 2019

    My review is factual & never let First American Title Insurance handle your information. Mr. Dean ** uses the company (he owns it) as Vice President, but uses other board members to answer his problems. The title company has employees at Chicago Title Underwriters & they have all your financial information. My property was changed (metes & bounds) through a fellow attorney, Mr. Fred ** that alleged papers were served on me. His filings were dated MAR 2003 or MAR 2005 & never served.

    Mr. ** had a fraudulent lawsuit in CA after he had sold this LOSS to a collection company. The professional licenses, the Insurance licensing is a mockery of justice. This company has a license to steal your money & all your information. Call one of the companies that are listed as First American Title Insurance or his company, First American Financial; & see if you can complain. Good luck. This leader of fraud & manipulation should be hung, but no worries, CA Attorney General is handling 400 other cases who have been ripped off.

    Sounds good, & all because they are not empowered to return your money or aid in any way. My letter from the Attorney General said "find an attorney to represent me". So please do not hire or let First American Title Insurance Co. or his First American Financial company handle any escrow or financial information. They are crooks & waited 8 years for my $62,328.00 & tax office certified that it was never owed. I would NOT get title insurance and take my chances without. And be told to hire an attorney. The Vice President is an attorney & furthermore, if you prove in court that you have money owed; guess what; Mr Dean ** is in charge of that fund as well. He has too much hacking power to allow.

    Remember, if you have a problem or claim; you are able to call the same crook that did it to you. YES, I AM MAD AS HELL & DON'T HAVE A CHOICE BECAUSE FIRST AMERICAN TITLE INSURANCE CO. TOOK MY RETIREMENT FUNDS & no one is EMPOWERED to return funds taken fraudulently. Probably not able to read. I'll probably get sued, but I am ready. No worry. These thieves know better. I am now 80 years old & have suffered since 2016. Do not wait for help to arrive, PLEASE, be careful because all crooks are not in jail. They are professional, licensed & set to take all your funds. They waited for 8 years & TX to CA gives them the advantage & maybe someday there will be a person licensed to make sure they are honest. Not likely, because lazy has become a familiar word. NO ONE WILL PROTECT YOU FROM THIS CROOK.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed June 18, 2019

    Did nothing but drag their feet and delayed disbursement of funds on my home sale. Buyer was in my house for 4 days before I finally received disbursement of funds, had to call and got lots of excuses. They seem to be experts at giving you the runaround. Then charged big money fees to wire the disbursement. Buyer beware. Would NEVER use again.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed May 4, 2019

    I used this company for the closing of my house. They screwed up BIG time in their paperwork, and when I went to the tax appraisal office they informed me that the house that I just closed on was not in my name, only the land. Could of been an easy fix but the lady that did my closing had a very bad attitude, screamed at me, and then hung up on me. I then tried to solve the issue with the branch manager but she would not call me back. So I went ahead and tried to contact the president of the company, and left a message with his secretary. Once again I never received a call back. So after 2 months of me trying to get them to fix THEIR mistake I had to hire an attorney which solved their mistake in less than 24hours. I would not recommend this business to anyone. They are very unprofessional and do not know what they are doing in this line of work. I only gave them a star because I was required to in order to leave a review.


    Reviewed April 13, 2019

    135 W Delano Ave, Prescott Highland East, Prescott AZ. New Home Investor Funded. Sold for $450,000.00 (Wells Fargo Bank Loan 100 Financed). First American Title Insurance. Insured/Licensed Arizona Title Co for Escrow. All Policies were issued by First American Title. Home sold with 2 HUD NOT MATCHING. Investors not paid off. NO DEED OF RELEASE FOR THE TWO INVESTORS. One Investors recorded on Record said they were not on the home. HUD Shows them being Paid off.

    2nd investor was not Paid. Check cancelled IN ESCROW and HUD SAYS FBO FOR BENEFIT OF OTHER. First American Title issued the new owner a Title Policy. The new owner was foreclosed on 2nd buy, Paid 1/2 of first buyer $255.000.00. Title Search showed first investors still recorded on record. First American Title issued an indemnity saying they had the Deeds of Release. They were never produced and First American took one Investor to court to have them sign off saying that they intended to sign off. Then put a lien on their home in another state for court cost as the Judge In Prescott said the the Deeds of Trust were only good for 6 yrs. Arizona Law is 10 yrs. Arizona is the only state that a Title Co and partner with a Developer. First American Title was a partner with the Developer of Prescott Highland East in Prescott AZ. Trust 5055? Developer was partner with First American Trust Dept for this Development. Prescott Highland East.

    Reviewed Feb. 14, 2019

    My daughter used First American to close on her first house, and they were acquaintances of our family. Who we knew had no impact, as fees, fees and more fees kept piling up. Our closing estimate said one number, while the actual costs were much higher. We tried repeatedly for better explanations of the costs, but we were told by our rep Marsha, that they were regulated. Yes, the business is regulated, but not processing fee after review fee, after other fees. Never, Never use them for a business transaction!

    Installation & SetupPriceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 2, 2019

    First American Title Insurance Company is one of the worst title insurance company I ever dealt with. If you are a potential home buyer that lives out of town please DO NOT use this company. Last June 2018, my wife and I purchased a house in Detroit through First American Title Insurance. The purchased went as planned up to closing. All of the closing paperwork was mailed to my home of record. No instruction was attached indicating that something else needed to be done.

    Last week I went to pay the property taxes for the house and found out that the taxes are still in the previous owner’s name. I called First American Title Insurance company and asked why the taxes are in the previous owner’s name and was told that First American Title Insurance Company should have delivered the Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) Affidavit to the city of Detroit Assessor's office. The closing agent also indicated that it was our responsibility after 45 days. I asked why they didn’t submit the affidavit and she informed me that sometimes the city of Detroit is behind. The closing agent sent me a copy of the affidavit. Now NOWHERE on this form does it indicate that the purchaser has 45 days to mail this form. I called the City of Detroit Assessor's office and told by a representative at the assessor’s office that it will cost $200.00 I was outside of the 45 day timeframe. The fine is $5.00 a day up to $200.00.

    I immediately called First American Title Insurance Company to confirm that they delivered the $200.00 affidavit to the assessor’s office and they immediately placed the blame on me. I informed the representative that I was just told the day prior that the form had been sent and there was just a lag in Assessor's office processing time. She stated that they had no proof that the affidavit had been sent nor received.

    It is disappointing that after paying all necessary fees and completing all documentation required on my end my home is still listed in the previous owner’s name 8 months after closing. First American Title offered no resolution and I dismissed to correct this issue on my own. Therefore, I am writing this review to let everyone know NOT to used First American Title Insurance Company for any residential or commercial purchases. We have purchased two houses in the past 12 months and we did not have this problem with the other title companies. BEWARE!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 31, 2018

    Donna, who handled the sell of my property requested a demand notice from Waste Management over a month prior to closing off my property that I sold. Another bill was issued two weeks prior to closing. My inept escrow agent didn't think to make a final request for a demand notice closer to the close of escrow, and because of their lack of attention to detail, I now have an account that is delinquent and in collections. When I called to have the escrow company explain why this happened, the escrow agent refused to taken any accountability or responsibility for the situation. I shouldn't have to tell an escrow agent how to do her job, or that one should probably request a new demand notice if escrow is closing more than a month after the initial demand notice was requested. I'm absolutely abhorred by their lack of customer service, and their poor attention to detail. I will NEVER recommend using them.

    Customer ServiceCoverageSales & MarketingPriceProcess

    Reviewed Aug. 14, 2018

    I have been scammed many times. I thought that I was asking the right questions, but I missed the important ones. They claim to be lawyers working as a 3rd party to sell timeshares on behalf of a timeshare reseller who was shut down. They could not/would not tell me a name. Their talk is typical: claim your timeshare is sold (around $22000). They are going to walk you through the whole process. It won't cost you anything. Papers & check will be sent to you FedEx, etc.

    The only problem is that they are lying. You have to pay the Florida Documentary Sale Tax, which actually exists. Since you don't live conveniently near a clerk of court that covers your timeshare district to pay it, they will ask the buyer to pay it. You must send him the money via Western Union. My buyer is in the Dominican Republic. See the red flags yet? I saw them, but their reasoning was plausible enough to get me to go along. Still lots of talk of a FedEx package containing papers & a huge check. No papers, no emails,& when pressed to provide a tracking number things began to break down.

    I was given a false number because there was no package. Then the tale changed. My deed was lost & they could find it for $400. Ok, they would split the cost & it would be just $200. The story then changed from lost deed to "registration". When I pushed back they stopped talking to me. So I have disputed the Western Union transaction & I am writing complaints. Neither one will do me any good, but if it will help another timeshare owner it is worth it. Avoid: Ashley **, Michael **, Kevin **, Newberry, FL, Dawson **, Felix **.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed April 26, 2018

    This company were very unprofessional and did not do their job in a prompt and adequate way. The staff was rude, unhelpful and expected me to pay them for things that were not necessary. I will never use them again.

    Verified purchase
    Eric increased rating by 2 stars.
    After a positive interaction with First American Title Insurance, Eric increased their star rating on April 6, 2018.

    Updated review: April 6, 2018

    The company provided me with a refund for my title fees. This was a satisfactory resolution, obviously it would have been better for everyone if things were smooth in the first place.

    Original Review: March 28, 2018

    I recently went through a home purchase where I was the buyer. First American initially gave an incorrect Preliminary Title Report to my mortgage company. When they finally got around to giving a correct one to the mortgage company (three days before my scheduled closing), it showed unreported issues on the title. Apparently there was a title transfer within 90 days which caused my mortgage company to delay closing since a 2nd appraisal was needed. I had to pay an additional $1k in costs due to 2nd appraisal and rate lock extension fees. The First American office was located in SE Portland. My title officer was William **.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 18, 2017

    I had a closing at a location in Illinois. An Employee went through my file and got all my personal information. She called my home (I still have her name/information on my caller ID). She called my home more than once. She admitted to me that she went through my files but denied it to American Title. American Title hung up on me when I contacted them about it. They didn't do anything about it even though I had proof. So unprofessional and they do not protect your privacy. Beware!


    Reviewed June 11, 2017

    Please, do not use these people. They do not know what they are doing. My wife and I just lost 1.2 million dollars due to their incompetence. We sold some land back in 2006 and they did the title work. My wife told them it was for surface rights only. They wrote it up as "excepting all mineral rights". It should have said "surface rights Only". We have a chance to sell these mineral rights, 110 acres at 11,000 dollars per acre. We cannot claim title to them because of their wording on the title. We are both retired and almost 70 years old. This was to be our retirement money, which is gone, thanks to First American Title Insurance.

    My wife even question the wording of the title using "except all mineral rights" instead of "surface rights only" and was told that was the same thing and not to work about it. It only gets worse. We cannot bring action against First American Title Insurance because of the statute of limitations, because of Supreme Court Ruling, that we should have known at filing. Well, we never filed anything and took their word for it. They did the filing and we got screwed out of our mineral rights and retirement income. I have reached out to them by phone and email. They are no help. They know they messed up but are not communicating about this in any way. I guess the less they say the better for them.

    Reviewed May 2, 2017

    The Eagle Foreclosure title insurance admitted that the parties listed as beneficiary were not authorized to file foreclosure papers. They did anyhow but later rescinded the notice of default and notice of intent of sale. However, they demanded $96,600 in attorney fees for defending their right to a non-judicial foreclosure, even though they stopped it on their own.

    Contract & TermsCoverageStaff

    Reviewed April 18, 2017

    When I found out I had title insurance I contact the above claims handling who took months delays then denied my legitimate claim. The above breached the indemnity contract, are liable for my losses and had property sold with unmarketable title. Seller not in good standing. Liens lis pendens. Lawsuits all over. Property ** New York. My ex then sued me alleging I was nominee. Untrue. I owned it. My closing attorney ** had title certified with above First American. He sued me with John my ex alleging otherwise. That's why they fail to release owner policy prior. I was insured but property had many issues.

    Contract & Terms

    Reviewed Jan. 30, 2017

    This company, once they get your money will not release it. I entered into a contract with a seller with specific contingencies in the contract that the seller did not meet. Therefore, the contract was null and void. The seller refused to sign a termination. The realtor who was a dual agent was really working on the side of the seller because he had multiple properties listed for the seller. The contract stated that I would have to wait 180 days after the contract was signed to get my money back. I waited and the First American still won't release my funds without getting a signature! How can they just keep your money?

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 25, 2017

    Melissa, the Branch Manager, neglected to provide pertinent information during our closing. When we had issues after, she did nothing to help solve the problem. Terrible customer service. No one wants to feel like information hasn't been disclosed with such an important financial situation.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Nov. 10, 2016

    My friends John and Linda have been tied up in litigation with this company for over 7 years. In the meantime they are now wanting to settle so obviously they are accepting some blame. However, it is coming a little too late and a little too little. My friends have in the meantime list their beautiful home and in their senior years have had to downsize considerably. I have been a realtor in Toronto since 1988 and I have never seen such a lack in action on the title insurance part. I hope they can resolve this soon as the health of my friends has been affected.


    Reviewed Oct. 30, 2016

    I am writing this in support of John of Huntington Beach CA. I have known John for 60 years. I obviously knew him before all this started. Since this started I have seen a change in John. He is emotionally drained which shows physically in his face and the way he now moves around. This ordeal, that has gone on too long, has also taken its toll on his lovely wife. She has developed a stress related shake in her hands that I do not remember her suffering from before all this started. I do hope that this legal harassment ends soon so they can have their life back.

    Contract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 4, 2016

    There is no such thing as "Title Insurance", it is merely an "Indemnity Contract." In California the title industry got legislation passed in 1966 exempting them from responsibility and liability for any mistake they make. Title companies use "outside counsel" to give the appearance of "clean hands". I am a former First American employee and have been am in litigation for over seven years. After losing their Motion for Summary Judgment and Judgment on the Pleadings, the Court having found 19 triable issues of fact and running up over a million dollars in legal fees FATCO has hired a fourth outside law firm to continue legal harassment. There is only one person at First American with the authority, ability and who had the motive, method and opportunity to continue litigating attempting to ruin us financially and he is now in charge.


    Reviewed Sept. 22, 2016

    Attempted to reason and use common sense to utilize my First American Insurance Policy which we purchased 2 weeks ago to protect us going into our new home. We contacted the agent for our policy to replace a nonworking microwave covered under my policy. First American has no desire to help but rather stand behind "policy" even though it makes no sense. We had service rep tell us the unit was over ten years old and made little sense to invest in its repair to make it heat. First American states they have to send another service tech at my cost to attempt a repair anyway ($65 to $75). If not repairable they state they will then replace the unit with a comparable unit but can't guarantee it will match the rest of the kitchen appliances. They did commit if the replaced unit was unacceptable they will cash out to us. No guarantee here either how much.

    We did the legwork and found an acceptable unit on sale for the lowest price anywhere on the market and closest to match our other kitchen appliances. We offered if they will pay the $218 (cost of the microwave we found) I would waive the delivery and installation fees. Not acceptable to them "have to follow policy" given to us again. Asked for manager... same story! First what do we pay insurance for? And we wonder why insurance companies get bad press!!! Sure hope I don't experience any other needs to use this policy. I would "not" recommend First American Title Insurance to anyone!!!

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