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Last updated: Dec. 4, 2017

79 Century 21 Real Estate Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 4, 2017

I sold a home with Century 21 earlier this summer. Overall I was fairly pleased with the amount and frequency of showings. However they were constantly trying to beat me down on my price. That is not cool. The house was worth 170000. They sold it for 142,500 after repeatedly beating me up on my price over a 30-day period of time. Very unprofessional but they did sell it in a very quick time frame. Of course giving away a property isn't that difficult. I listed a farm that I own with them.

The realtor is constantly blowing smoke up my ass. He had a state trooper that was pre-approved at the bank wanted to buy the property put $1,000 in earnest money down after almost 3 months. The state trooper default it fully on our agreement to purchase and Century 21 refuses to give me my earnest money. They keep telling me that I have to sue the purchaser however under contract it is the responsibility of Century 21 to collect and distribute all earnest monies. Now they will not return calls. They have threatened to drop my listing because I have complained about the earnest money.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

We had this real estate agent contact us and we said we were looking at a property and we were interested in it. But there were tenants in it. She said she knew the agent that was selling the property and she also knew how to get it in the contract that the tenants would be out by the time we moved in. But then she said she was going to Vegas. She promised us she would deal with it when she got back. We had concerns and said, "Well we are interested in the property. Can you please keep on it as we don't want to lose it." She kept saying she would. I emailed her what or she was gone and asked, "Are you keeping an eye on the property." I did not know what was going on but then got an email that we had an appointment to go see it on Wednesday. We were in the bank on Tuesday setting up our finances when we got a call from her. She sounded still drunk and out of it. She then proceeded to tell us the place was sold. I was in shock.

She tried to make excuses that just fell on deaf ears. When we contacted the agent we found out she had never called and made us an appointment and never kept in contact with home. It was all lies. When the manager was called he had a arrogant attitude and didn't care at all what happened. He kept interrupting and was so rude and unprofessional. I knew that there was no getting around it. We had lost our home to an unprofessional company run by and unprofessional manager who has unprofessional agents. We run a business and make over 100,000 a year. We were treated like we were hobos trying to break into a brand new home. Century 21 needs to go under. They destroyed our dream because partying and lying is their motto.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

If I could give negative stars, I most certainly would. Century 21 Masters in Brea is dishonest. To begin, we were never informed of the relationship between the escrow company and the real estate company - they were one in the same! They have involved 3rd parties in our sales transaction that are not parties to the sale, escrow, signers, deed holders, etc. They have allowed and actually forced our escrow to drag on for literally more than two years by their illegal actions of involving unrelated parties to the escrow. They have now followed procedures to have any of their desired 3rd parties complete the proper forms in order to be involved. Lastly, when we have no pending sale now (thanks to their actions) they are refusing to cancel the listing agreement despite the property no longer being available for sale and being rented.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

My husband and I had an awful experience with Century 21 Real Estate during an attempt to buy a house. After my loan was denied by the bank, the seller and his realtor fought for the escrow deposit. The listing agent Karen ** and the broker Christine ** never let us talk directly to the seller which in my opinion was their way to manipulate the entire situation in order to fight for the money in escrow. At the end, we hired a lawyer who negotiated with them. The seller got $1200 from our deposit and then Century 21 required 50% of it. Be careful doing business with this company. If the deal does not go through, they will fight for your money even if it is not your fault that the transaction was not complete.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

The people working here are extremely incompetent. We are also dealing with Sara ** and are facing the same problems. We also dealt with two other employees before her and they were either let go or quit without informing us that their emails and voicemails were not being checked. One of their former employees, Jonathan, told us that he was the only one who could fill out the move-in condition sheet, and he refused to write down anything that HE didn't think was a big deal. Lo-and-behold, Sara completed our move-out checklist and nit-picked EVERYTHING. We are now being charged for things we didn't do because Jonathan refused to write anything down. I won't even go into all of the unanswered emails and phone calls... If you don't absolutely have to deal with Century 21, then DON'T!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2017

After signing the tenancy agreement and before the keys were handed to us, our landlord abruptly ended our contract without notice, blaming the agency for not making him aware that we had pets, (which was discussed both verbally with the agent and clearly stated in reference forms for both tenants). Though in breach of contract, Century 21 backed the landlord's decision and refused to own up to their mistake. The agency also refused to refund their fees and have allegedly advised the landlord that he does not need to refund the 1.5 months rent paid to him in advance.

We have paid a total of £5,400.76 to the agency and have only received £3000 back, which was from the landlord. The staff at Century 21, including their senior staff are refusing to acknowledge their malpractice and are not taking responsibility for our, or the landlord's loss. We are now facing a legal battle to claim back what is rightfully ours. As it stands, the agency are holding on to £1500 and the landlord has kept a further £1000 in his pocket. Staff at Century 21 remain uncooperative and rude.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

If I could give this agency 0 stars I would! My boyfriend was in the Navy and got a VA home loan and they set us up with the agent Debbie **, in Marion, IL. We started looking, found a house we wanted and started to move forward with everything. Paid for inspections and appraisals and once everything was done, she contacted us and told us we had to pay approximately $500 to deal with termites because the sellers didn't want to pay for it and if we didn't agree to the payment of it we lost the house. Now let me tell you that the termite inspection was done one week prior to any of the other things we paid for, so the fact that we weren't informed of this at the time was very upsetting and already a breach of the laws of full disclosure that the agent has to abide by. Anyway we agree to pay of course cause at this point we've invested too much to back out.

Now fast forward to today, less than 24 hours to our closing, and same agent calls us again stating that we need to come up with $3300 now for closing costs that the seller is supposed to be responsible for (that's how a VA Home Loan works, and mind you they should have known this prior to signing any contracts, but seeing the history of the agent and full disclosure so far, she probably failed to mention this to them until now) because they can't afford it. Well guess what we can't either, not less than 24 hours to closing anyway! So either we find a way to do it or we lose the house and now the loan too since VA Loans hold an expiration date if we do not close before then.

I want this agent we worked with to pay for the losses she cause us during this process, and I will be contacting corporate to file a formal complaint with them on this agent and her actions as well, but I wanted this out there for others to see so they know to stay far away from this agency and this agent when buying a house!

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Original review: July 30, 2017

I've had a bad experience being a first-time home buyer. My realtor was Liz ** out of Solano County and I've never felt so betrayed in my life. I started out believing everything she said and now I feel so scammed. I was told I could not be present during the home appraisals. The seller was covering the cost just trust her. I found out later. The house might be off foundation. From a neighbor that wanted to purchase the home.

I had no heat in the house or hot water no air condition and all of my appliances were supposed to have been new. I never received my Garage openers once the air conditioner was put together because pipes were missing in the attic. It made damage because the antifreeze filled up in a pan and overflowed and ran down the wall in one of the bedrooms; damage a dresser in the bedroom and came down the wall into the living room. Lunged into the ceiling and it's possible that there is mold in the house. Liz send a guy out to check it out. I don't know who the people or companies are that she sends to the house. After I ask her to take care of the problem that was cause from turning on the AC.

She never tells the truth. She keep putting me off, and putting me off, for 6 months now. Still has not been taken care of and we were trying to become to where we can talk and be friends. I would think after you make a big purchase like this to buy a home. When you can't believe someone how can you be friends with them. It was all about selling a house for her. As you walk around possible homes to purchase she said things were minor and she would have repairs done. She will fix this. "I'll take care of that. Don't worry about it." The promises were never taken care of. Who would have known it was just all talk trying to sell a house? Now I understand. I will never buy a house from Century 21 and M&M or Re/max anything to do with Liz **. I will stay away from those real estate.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12, 2017

Don't even bother working with Century Towers, by the end of the lease they will try everything in their power to take your security deposit from you by saying, "oh we need to fix this, fix that, there's a little tiny scratch, we're gonna have to patch every single one." They even blame us for damages done to the property that was done before we even came in. They have horrible business practices and I have to say that dealing with landlords directly is better than this. Century will take every penny from your security deposit lol.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 4, 2017

I purchased a home for my grandson and his family in June of this year in the state of West Virginia. We found out that the home had mold. And we believe we have evidence that the listing agent Michael Corbin who is the owner of Century 21 Mountain Heritage has prior knowledge and did not disclose the mold to me. The home is not livable because of the mold. And the Mr. Corbin was very nasty when we tried to contact him about the issue of him having prior knowledge.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 25, 2017

When googling the potential agent we ultimately used, I typed her name into google along w/ Century 21 company name. The website (from Century 21) had only positive reviews on her. Naturally, I thought we found a winner. She had a nice personality and many years in the business. But, she took the WORST pictures of the home we were trying to sell. We live in CA and the house we were selling was in MI. So, it's not like we could run over and take our own pictures. We were considering hiring a separate photographer to do a decent job of the pictures for her to use. I still can't believe an agent with more than 25 years of experience does not know how to take positive pictures of a house. The house was not in bad shape either. We spent a lot of money to dress it up before the sale (paint, refinished hardwood, etc., new toilet and vanity etc.).

I looked at her other listings and she did the same thing. Took close up pictures of washing machines full of crap on top etc. Seriously, can't believe that. We had another issue with her that I won't go into but my main complaint here is that Century 21 has a review of agents website that makes them all look perfect. I couldn't believe it. It's like a fake Yelp site. I now know better and thank goodness the house sold in about 1 month's time despite her inept ability in picture taking.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 26, 2017

Realtor Janie ** and broker Doug **. Realtor was totally incompetent as evidenced by fliers and pictures that my 8 y/o grandson could have done better!! Asked for redo and got more of the same. Realtor used whiteout on disclosure form also which caused huge ordeal and cost for me the seller. Realtor refused to hold open house saying that, "We can't do that on a house that old" (built in 1987) and totally flipped at a cost of 60,000$. Realtor misquoted sq ft on house. I attempted to fire realtor before end of contract but backed out because Realtor pleaded, "They really frown on that. You are making me feel really bad."

My mistake, too late now because irreparable damage has been done. My house finally came under contract after 5 plus months and it's too late to fire Realtor. Have complied to every whim Realtor evidently is working for buyer instead of me the seller. At walk thru today realtor says the buyer wants "touch up" on ceiling in hall and laundry room. My response is a firm NO. I've done all that I'm going to do, the house is near perfect. I've left paint for buyer of ceiling paint. Now realtor says we may not close because I say NO to doing anything else. I spoke to broker Doug ** today and he says that I should be "grateful" to realtor! You're kidding me right??? Realtor is lopping off 6 percent that they did not earn in any stretch of imagination. What a way to run a business!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 12, 2017

I presented two offers to the realtor listing a house that was for sale. The first answer was an immediate "no", too low. The second, no response at all. It is my understanding that it is not ethical for a realtor not to present all offers, written or verbal, to the seller, then give a response to the potential buyer. It is not up to the realtor to decide if an offer is acceptable, it is up to the seller. Even if the price offered is lower than what the realtor thinks the buyer is willing to accept, he/she is still obligated to present the offer so the buyer knows what level bids are that are being offered. This is not good practice and makes C21 agency look pretty bad on both ends of sales.

I think the seller should be made aware that the realtor is not bringing all offers and I will attempt to do that. I have seen this before, and it is usually a sign that something shady is going on, something like the realtor knows, or is related to, a prospective buyer and is trying to get the price down for them, or something along those lines. In any case, agents should always be professional, and always follow guidelines for ethics even when technically not required by law. When they do not, it reflects badly on the agency and the corporation. C21 is not an agency I will ever use, and will not recommend them to anyone else. No honesty in this agency.

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Original review: Jan. 31, 2017

We had an appointment to go see a home in American Fork. As soon as we arrived, Garrett, an agent steps in front of my husband and I and says, "We are not going in until you sign this paper." I was startled and thought, "What is this paper" and he continued, "Well, I am broker and to make my travel here worth it you need to sign these documents and blah blah blah." The document asked for us to pay at $300 fee even if we don't even end up buying the home through them plus a 3% of the cost of the home if we end up buying it. He was rude, obnoxious, and made me uncomfortable. I would NEVER do business with them and NEVER recommend them to anyone. It seems like the whole company pushed for this kind of nasty sales approach, which is unfortunate... Plus, we could see from the hallway how bad the house was. The pictures online looked nothing as the real thing. There were cracks on the wall and floor that would need to be fixed.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 30, 2016

I am deeply saddened by the poor quality of the real estate agents at Century 21. One in particular, her name is Sherrie **. She showed my home for sale with her friend. Upon arriving, two people pulled in behind her in a black jeep and started roaming my property. She asked them who they were and they responded, "We are waiting for the owner's friend to get here." She went inside the home and when she came out, their vehicle was still there but they were "nowhere in sight". I returned to my property two days later to find my garage completely ransacked and picked through. Whatever was worth any value was stolen. Dehumidifier, pedestal sink, christmas decorations, clothes, step ladders, down to the lawn mower belt hanging on the wall. When I got there, I was devastated.

Filing a police report was no help. I contacted my jerk real estate agent from Berkshire Hathaway and said I wanted a list of any agents that were showing my house that weekend. I found Sherrie's contact information and asked her questions. She said she saw the black jeep and met the people! She was willing to help me the night I found out but the next day I didn't exist. She said they are just things... then blocked me. JUST THINGS?! My whole garage was robbed on her watch and she MET THEM. What a ** company and a ** real estate agent. I will remember that when I go to decorate my Christmas tree and the totes full of brand new lights are gone. THANKS SO MUCH CENTURY 21!!! You make me feel like a valued individual.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 28, 2016

I made the unfortunate choice to work with Toby & Teresa from Century 21 Kirkland Wa. I found a condominium in Auburn, Wa, that was a short sale fixer upper. It needed a lot of cosmetic work and was filled with the seller's belongings. I loved the yard & decided to give it a try. After several months of waiting, my offer was accepted. Toby sent over the contract, and it was for the wrong property. That should have been my first clue, but, I missed it. I also listed my house and Teresa was handling that.

A couple of weeks before closing, I asked if the items in the house had been removed yet. Toby checked and said not everything, but they were working on it. So, I thought that meant it would be handled. I was told that I had to go to the Title Co. and get everything paid for before I could get keys. So I did. The next day we met Toby at the house to get the keys and no lock box and no key. It took several hours for the other agent to get a key. When we opened the door is all I could see was a disaster. The back sliding door had been boarded up and the place looked like it had been ransacked. We went in and discovered that squatters had stolen the lock box and gotten the key and moved in. There was drug related items through the house. They had even installed more of their own locks on the bedroom door.

The realtor made a comment about "Here is the key", and I said "No way. Get the locks changed now." Toby's comment was I'm not going to pay for it. I called the police, and they came over and gathered all the drug related items. I had to sit there until about 10:00 pm to wait for the locksmith. I was scared, angry and frustrated. Is all the realtors said is they didn't know how this could happen.

Obviously, I was starting to freak out, I had already sold my house and knew I didn't want to move to the "squatters paradise." I went online to see if I could find a solution, and discovered Century 21's "through the looking glass" approach to real estate. This included a list of all the steps they take to "ensure" client satisfaction. On the list was a final walk through checklist and instructions to complete the final walkthrough. Toby & Teresa didn't provide the opportunity for a final walkthrough. I would not have handed over my money until the problem had been addressed and corrected.

I e-mailed the realtors and asked why I didn't have that. Response was, "I wish we would have done that." They wish! I said I was not going to move in. I was told I signed a contract and bought the condo. They said they would do everything to "help." I am so naive. I thought they meant "physically" help. But they actually sent me listings of new properties to buy and talked about getting the "squatters paradise" ready to sell. I will say, that was the first time I could laugh at the situation, they actually thought I would ever do business with them again.

Then the push started in with my house that I had sold. I said I wasn't going to sell it. So, I was turned over to their legal department. I said I would sell, because I had signed a contract and said I would need at least a couple of months to sell and buy a new place. Teresa said the seller wouldn't do that, but would rent back my house to me for $1,200 a month. Right. Teresa kept sending me paperwork to sign, and certificates I needed. I was having trouble trying to retrieve a resale certificate. I sent Teresa my log in information and asked her just to take a look at it. It was determined that it wasn't working. She went ahead without my knowledge or permission to cancel my document and request another.

When I confronted her about that violation, she said she was trying to minimize my paperwork overload. I told her I didn't ask for that, nor did I give her permission to log into my account and do whatever she wanted. I have no idea if she changed anything. At this point, I don't trust Toby and Teresa or believe anything they say. Most recently, I was advised the buyer wants an extension on the closing date! I had to laugh at that too. The buyer wouldn't grant me an extension, but now he has requested one. I did give him the extension, I don't need that fight.

My experience with Teresa and Toby from Century 21 Kirkland is my experience and my opinion only. However, based on my experience I would not recommend them ever. My communication with them was practically nonexistent They were never an advocate for me and they never were accountable for anything that happened. I have already had to pay over $1,000 to get the trash hauled out. The squatters kicked in the back gate and I have to pay for that. They also ran drug related items down the garbage disposal, so that has to be replaced. For fun, they ripped out the floor heaters, so I have to replace them as well.

I was expecting to buy new carpet, but since it is now a rush, I had to pay an additional $300.00 to have carpet installed before Christmas. I had budgeted about $3,000 for flooring and paint, but, that is what it has cost me for repairs. Teresa and Toby will probably make between $8,000 to $10,000 from me and they have their hands out to get their money. They are definitely "in it to win it" only for themselves. Friends don't let friends use Century 21.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2016

My money is in escrow for Homeowners insurance and Property Taxes yet every time year it's a fight to get them paid. Again I have received a cancellation notice from insurance and the bill was sent and faxed to them FIVE TIMES along with being emailed. If I had another option for my mortgage I would surely be there.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2016

I made a purchase with Century 21 Real Estate Company, and they send me a letter asking me to cancel the contract. However, I refused and I could no longer reach the Real Estate Agent Tonya **, neither the manage Mr. ** at the San Antonio, Texas location. A real estate agent have fiduciary duties to their clients but I was totally discriminated against and then my house was sold while under contract. When I go out to make other real estate purchases the agents are asking for proof of funds before they are willing to show the property to me. Once I give them all the information showing that I have the ability to purchase they give me the runaround or it's become very difficult to reach them again. This is discrimination against Native Americans and I'm asking the Consumer Affairs Company to investigate it for me. This is happening throughout the state of Texas, with all the Real Estate Agent no matter what city.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2016

21 Century in Noosa Heads was the property managers for the rental I purchase recently, changed management and gave them 30 days as required. They sent a letter to the tenant the day before the contract run out so the tenant paid in rent the same day without knowing it was a change in management. They transferred the rent the tenant paid in minus $70 for their management fee for 1 day. I rang up and got the answer they have the right to do that because the rent arrived in their account before our contract run out, 1 day. I thought not very reasonable or flexible. Just very greedy. Will never go back to them.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2016

A listing agent, Carol Ann worked with our agent for a purchase we were making. This purchase should have been easy as there was no mortgage involved. We started with a termite inspection to which we found there was evidence of termites but we were told the owner had a contract that was transferable. Our next step was an inspection in which we found there was $7,000 worth of work that was needed. She spoke with the seller and the seller took $2,500 off the purchase to compensate.

Next we had a survey, and I would advise you to NEVER purchase without a survey. When the survey was done, it was ascertained that the fence that was presented as the sellers, was actually encroaching on the North end by 1/2 ft, but on the South by 2 1/2 feet. First she came back and said the fence was not the sellers, then a couple of days later she said that 62 ft of the fence on the south was the sellers and the seller offered to credit $500 for removal of trees, replanting them and repositioning the fence. We had no idea if this could be done for $500 as we lived in another state so we asked for 3 quotes stating we would settle for the smallest and requested the owner to have the fence replaced before closing which was now 2 weeks away.

She presented only 1 quote to our lawyer for $550 with no letterhead on the quote. Next we asked for an affidavit to be signed by the sellers stating the fence was encroaching and was theirs. The sellers refused. Carol Ann then got back to our lawyer and said the fence was actually the neighbor's fence, which would not be an encroachment. Alright, so again we asked for an affidavit from the sellers and they refused. A title must be clear of encroachments to be considered clean, but FYI, a bank will never loan on a title with encroachments. If the buyer accepts the encroachments then you are responsible for any circumstances that result in the future.

In the end, after spending money on an inspection, a survey and a lawyer in addition to our substantial earnest money, she then said the deal was off. Obviously there were a lot of lies being told. After months of researching, we now have to start all over!! I might add, if you change agents and you are asked to present a referral for a fee to be paid to the old agent by the new, you do not have to unless you want to. Our agent asked us to do this stating he had worked hard, went through a lot of bumps and spent a lot of time!! That is their job, and the expense to us far exceeded his.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 17, 2016

My family and I were recently referred to Century 21-High Desert by the USAA referral program. The agent from High Desert was less than helpful and seemed more interested in telling us about her personal life than helping us find a home. She was unable/unwilling to find homes that met our criteria, though we were able to find many viable options with a simple Zillow search. We had to initiate all communications with her, and she was slow in responding to my calls. When we looked at homes, she was unable to provide us with relevant information and we had to rely on my own research. She provided less information about homes/neighborhoods than was readily available on Zillow and questions I asked her went unanswered. I would have found another agent at this point had it not been for the USAA referral.

We found a house that the agent didn’t even know was on the market and put together an offer. However, the agent stopped us in the middle of trying to come up with a closing date and suggested a date a few weeks away. We told her that the date she provided fell in the middle a starting a new job, my college finals, and was a few days before a deployment. The agent promised that the date was just for the offer and could easily be changed. After the offer was accepted, we did not have any contact from their office for at least a week so I, again, initiated contact. At my questioning, I was told the closing date would not be changed and my questions why were, again, not answered. We contacted USAA and told them of the issues. After USAA called the High Desert office, the agent began pushing us to do a walk through prior to the house being vacant. My attempts to reach the agent’s supervisor went unanswered so we again contacted USAA.

USAA arraigned for a supervisor from High Desert to take over but we had no contact from the supervisor prior to the walk-through/closing. We rescheduled finals and work days to get everything done before my deployment. During the walk-through, we found the house filthy and damaged from the sellers moving out. The supervisor even pointed out the poor condition the house was left in and said she was coordinating with the sellers to fix the issues. We told the supervisor that the house was not maintained per the signed agreement and asked to push back closing until those items could be fixed. The supervisor promised us that the house would be cleaned and repaired, even if her “office has to pay for it.” With that promise, we closed on the house.

I did not receive another phone call from Century 21- High Desert. Instead all communication was via text message and occasional email. The supervisor’s correspondence was rude and she ignored her promises to us. The house was still filthy a number of days later, and Century 21-High Desert outright refused to keep their promise. We had to hire a cleaner so that my wife, small children, and mother could move into a clean house while I was on deployment.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 1, 2016

It seemed this realtor was always targeting low income people who sadly for them and me they could not be QUALIFIED for a house mortgage above 60,0000 if that, through the showing which I had to a week for 4 months straight. They're the people who could not afford the loan and all I heard from agents was no basement or garage, but they liked the 6 beds and 2 baths? I asked why did they not explain before they wasted my time that this what you get! I spent eight thousand dollars fixing up my house to sell and that's all I hear from buyers? I think that was lies to bring my price down for a QUICK sales.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 19, 2016

Missed a lot of transactions. Cost me a lot of money. Refused to contact back same owner of Century 21. Was forced to use out of troy, michigan.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 14, 2016

House was advertised by Christy ** of Century 21 Award in Santa Margarita as pristine and meticulously maintained. Ms. ** told me that if I want to buy the property she has to be my agent. I was concerned about conflict of interest but I liked the view so reluctantly I agreed. Ms. ** was pushing for 30 days escrow despite that seller was late with seller disclosures and termite report. Taking advantage that I did not have real estate agent, Ms. ** gave me summary CMA for Madrid Del Lago where houses were selling for $80,000 to $100,000 more, were never and newly renovated with the view of the lake and city lights. Seller was late with seller disclosures and termite report, but my complaints to escrow (selected by Ms. **) and Century 21 Award were disregarded.

Ms. ** told me that fumigation is taking place after escrow closes. I did not want to agree to that so she lied to me that all repairs were completed and I have to sign escrow papers and pay full down-payment. I had to postpone final walk-through by one day and that is how I found out that fumigation did not place before I signed escrow papers. Termite completion report was sent to me the next morning at 8 am while fumigation was still going on and house was tented (violation of California Pest Control regulations). Final walk-through has been cut short since I found out that chandeliers were removed without counteroffers. When I complained about it I was told that those chandeliers were family heirlooms. After escrow I found out that house had multi-year mold damage and entire kitchen cabinets, insulation and dry walls had to be removed. Roof tiles were broken. There was slab leak.

Home insurance company canceled my insurance since they considered house to be a very high risk. After escrow I also learned that Ms. ** handled termite extermination for the sellers. Fumigation was completed after certificate of termite completion has been issued. At that time Ms. ** was provided "after report" which indicated that over 100 roof tiles were broken during fumigation, but she decided not to repaired it but told me that all broken roof tiles were replaced. Despite my requests I never received accounting of the repairs done by seller in violation of purchase agreement. I also found out that certificate of termite completion issued by selected by Ms. ** exterminator was fraudulent since it listed repairs that were never performed. I filed complaint with California Pest Control Department and exterminator was written up for violating workmanship standards and reporting as completed work that was not done.

To make things worse, after it rained I found out that backyard becomes a shallow lake and water collects next to the house walls damaging wooden jambs and door frames and making house walls wet. From neighbors I've learned that seller had Alzheimer and sellers moved to retirement house about 10 months before house was put on the market. That was also not disclosed to me. The seller was retired plumber and his son(s) were general contractors so they knew how to stage house for sale. House inspector selected by the real estate agent did not see anything. I thought that I'm prudent buyer so I requested that all modifications are permitted and that property conforms to California Building Code. I got the permit which was issued by City of Mission Viejo based on assurances of Tom **, owner of Home Renovations and Maintenance despite of violations of the building code.

Mission Viejo "lost" paperwork based on which permit was issued and Payless Heating and Air-conditioning which allegedly made repairs/modifications told me that they never worked at the address building permit was issued for. I thought I purchased dream house to retire in. Instead of the dream house I purchased nightmare. My complaints to escrow, Century 21 and mortgage companies were disregarded. Appraiser issued appraisal at the sale price despite of poor conditions of the house. To be able to do that, appraiser quoted Ms. ** extensively listing alleged offers she received and uses newly renovated houses with new roofs, new kitchens, new hard wood floors, newly painted as comps. I filed appeal with Orange County Assessor Office and assessed value was reduced by $88,000.

After I brought up issue of water leak (p-trap was mysteriously misaligned before I moved into the house) and massive mold damage in response to my email in which I was asking for the resolution, I got email from Ms. ** attorney in which she told me that Ms. ** does not have any obligations towards me and to stop sending her any emails about my problems. My complaints to Century 21 were disregarded and I was told that franchise is not responsible for their agents. Dual agency should be made illegal in California since it exposes unsuspected buyer to excessive risk. Ms. ** had contract with seller and she used me to offload house with numerous issues while at the same time claiming that it is pristine and meticulously maintained property and charging me prime price for the house.

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Original review: March 11, 2016

** is a strong word but I am sorry to say there is no better word for it. The ** keeps coming in all sorts and shapes from this company. Every time they call or email me, they either go back on their word, contradict what they previously say or say something that is incorrect. Since I said I would complain at them, they started with insults too. When I hired them to be my buyer's agent, I thought a well known name such as theirs would vouch for quality but I have never been more wrong in my life. I rarely complain, this is actually the first time I go online to warn people not to do the mistake I did. Main problem is that they don't want to help me place an offer for the properties that I like, for some unknown reason, even though I have funds and everything. I explained the situation to my new realtor and she agrees, Century 21 have been behaving very odd and bad.

Problem 1: Said it would be possible to make an offer contingent on me selling another property, then sends me 62 page contract to read through and ask them any questions I might have. Said they got the address wrong, then they responded by saying it is not possible to make a bid contingent on me selling another property. A classic "wall of text" trick, which I didn't fall for. Problem 2: Agent said "because money is in two different accounts, the money does not constitute proof of funds". Did however not mention there was a problem with the "gift certificate" she told me do draw up myself. Problem 3: Said she did not send the offer yet, then referred to seller response over email. Then confessed to having sent the offer.

Problem 4: Draws up and emails me contracts with fundamental information missing, then after I read through and sign them online digitally, complains that information is missing (even though I can only sign the contract and check certain check boxes, not add the missing information to it). Problem 5: Claims that funds abroad do not constitute proof of funds. Problem 6: Sighs and insults me personally almost every time she calls me, even though I keep a professional attitude (although dissatisfied). Problem 7: Century 21 changed the agent to represent me even though I did not request this. New agent Janine ** says "you don't know who I work for" and does not want to tell me.

Problem 8: They do not want to let me out of the contract which I signed for them to represent me, even though when I signed it, they said they "usually" do that in case a client is not happy. Says their realtor Dennis ** (a person I never met nor talked to) decided they must not let me out of the contract. Emailed Century 21 about the situation, they said they don't take complaints, they would just refer me to the owner of the rotten branch in question (Century 21, Martinez & Associates, Las Vegas). Will file complaint with GLVAR next.

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Original review: Jan. 5, 2016

We had an initial meeting with the Century 21 agent in the Poconos, PA. At this meeting the Century 21 agent explained that they only did 12 month contracts but it didn't matter as if things were not working out then she would rip up the contract and we could use somebody else. If I thought for one minute that I was getting anywhere near a decent service I would obviously understand that a contract should be honored, and of course if I thought it should be honored then I certainly wouldn't ask for the house to be taken off the market.

Unfortunately the service has been terrible and when you're selling a house you know will lose you tens of thousands it's bad enough with a good service, but it has been terrible. We have constantly had to request updates for things that should be the job of a realtor to do. Twice we have had an offer through and except for informing us that there was an offer we never received voluntary updates from our realtor, so much so that we still haven't had a reply from a counter we made last year. It has been unprofessional at best. So we gave it as long as we could but eventually we had no option but request that the house be taken off the market with Century 21 and we informed the agent that we would be putting it on with someone else. The agent said she would take it off the next day and send us broker papers to sign... and that was that.

The next day we received an email stating that the house was off the market but that we would be tied to the contract and could not list the house with someone else until that contract expires. So basically the agent removed the listing knowing I could not list it elsewhere but not telling me this. So now Century 21 is "punishing me" for getting a bad service?? I don't want to waste time fighting this, all I ever wanted to do was sell my house. We made a mistake with selecting your Poconos, PA Agent Alison, it was a bad choice for us and I'm sure I just got a rare bad experience. But I feel like I am being put in a corner I can't possibly be expected to remain dormant. I need to sell my house, I need an agent to sell it, and unfortunately the agent doesn't seem to want to do that for us so I need to be free to find someone else who can. It's hard enough selling a house where we know we're losing tens of thousands without all this.

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Original review: Jan. 4, 2016

If you would like to work with a real estate agent that is ONLY concerned with her commission this is the agent for you! Her time management skills are terrible and she is always in a rush especially when reviewing paperwork and contracts. She is well-trained in telling you want you want to hear as long it suits her own motives.

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Original review: Sept. 9, 2015

Realtor = Josh **. This guy is very self-centered. It took me 2 weeks calling just to look at a homes. When he did show he was always on the phone. Never told us about it. We finally found one but on our own. It was an open house that we went by ourselves! This realtor never has come to any part of the home things. Never seen the house ever! He had a contract that was for a whole year which was ridiculous because we didn't like him from the beginning, and now we got moved into the home and as per our contract the seller will pay $100 for pest control.

Our lender said ants and spiders what qualify under pests but once again Josh ** has screwed us again. He says it's only for termites!! I have 3 kids and the spiders and ants are crazy and now bees all over. I gave a horrible review with company. They asked me to rate him. That was a bad idea. I have nothing good to say about this $ hungry jerk. BEWARE OF CENTURY 21 AND NEVER USE = JOSH **! He will only treat you somewhat decent IF YOU'RE LOADED WITH $ SELLING FOR OVER $300,000 OR BUYING OVER THAT! Josh ** is a horrible person!! I could tell more about our experience but would take hours but 1 last thing - he is the biggest liar I've ever met!

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Original review: Sept. 3, 2015

We listed our Glendale, AZ home for sale with agent Sheila **. She told us it would be a 6-month listing agreement. She left the state 10 days after signing without providing us with copy of agreement. She was ill and went to another state for treatment. Four months later she has not returned. We found out 6 weeks into the contract that the listing agreement is for 8 months plus one day AND the broker - Floyd **, will not cancel this agreement.

This agent is incapable of carrying out her contractual obligations and the office has been deceitful, unprofessional and outright lies declaring they could sell our home. The broker nor his assistant will return any calls or emails yet they want to sell our home?? Do not use these people - they accessed our home after it was off market, caused damage and left it unsecured. This broker and his agents are bad news. Avoid at all costs.

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2015

This company and real estate agent are a joke. Roberto ** was hired to help us buy a house. So at first he showed us maybe 2 houses. He kept telling us others we were interested in would not pass FHA guidelines, etc. Then we let him short sale our current home. He would call and threaten to call the bank on me and tell me I must show the house anytime someone wanted to see it as if I was being reprimanded. The house needs a lot of work and he was not mentioning this in the real estate ad so he was wasting our time and potential buyers' time by deceiving everybody. He called an attorney when there was an offer and told me I could change the closing date anytime. Not true. He then said the prospective buyers now had the rights to my house. The attorney called me and said he told her we wouldn't accept any offers and I said absolutely not true he's actually threatening me and she was surprised to hear that.

So meanwhile all the houses for us to buy he would not get back to us on but called every day about the short sale making an already hard process more difficult. He said all potential houses already had offers on them, or sold for a lot more, etc. Come to find out I had inquired about these houses myself and anything requiring a 203k loan for renovation or paperwork he didn't want to do because houses were still on the market and one in particular I offered on SOLD FOR LESS.

He kept stopping by my house after being told we knew what he was up to and I called the cops and his office. Ironically he just reminded me to write this review because he drove by staring at our house 5 minutes ago and then parked down the street and came back again. He's disgusting and we will no longer work with a real estate agent due to this experience. Disgusting doesn't even begin to explain him. I'm sure we'll hear about him in the new soon if it's not us having him arrested first for stalking again.

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