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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Centex Homes?
    • 4,460,028 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupCoveragePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 29, 2021

    I intended to purchase a new build at ** in the Estrella Subdivision. I am sharing my experience with Pulte Mortgage, PGP Title, and Centex. Pulte Mortgage - They claimed to be so busy that I had to wait a month for an appointment and even longer for a follow-up. I spoke with Zach ** , loan consultant, who could not update the incorrect information he entered on the loan application. I asked more than once. I was frustrated and felt dismissed when asking questions. Pulte Mortgage would not lock in my rate. They kept changing the rate and their fees. By the time the home was built, which would have been eight months, I would not benefit from using them. Therefore, I didn't proceed with them as my mortgage provider. I left that supposed 8k in savings on the table out of frustration. Even months after my Pulte Mortgage rep knew I was not using them, I was still receiving emails from him and Pulte Mortgage as though I were.

    PGP Title - I called them because Chance **, New Home Sales Consultant, said it would be smoother using them. I did not receive a callback. I followed up with Chance, and he reached out to PGP Title. Again, I never received a callback. Eventually, I did receive an email from Jennifer **, escrow officer, where the information was based on my using Pulte Mortgage. I felt that despite this all being one umbrella company, the representatives in the divisions do not talk to each other or cannot view the information as they should. That is the main benefit of using a one-stop-shop. Chance did take some time to update the contract. I had to ask a few times.

    Centex: The framing was done. I noticed some damaged lumber and wanted that addressed. I let Tyler, the on-site construction manager, and Chance know. No response. Upon my follow-up, Tyler dismissed me, saying it was not damaged and said they were knots. My realtor told them I wanted everything fixed and the construction to be stopped so Centex could address the issues. Chance said that they were not going to fix it. I drove by the house and realized that Centex continued construction by installing sheathing that covered up the problems despite my concerns. I had a framing inspection done, and I'm so grateful for that because he noticed more issues. This house should not have even passed inspection.

    Pictures are worth 1000 words, so you can see the lumber that has mold in it. All the nails that weren't fully flush with the wood. More than 50% of the wood used was damaged. The column for the patio is not fully supported on the concrete. They were drinking on the job. There were Beer cans all over the place. They knew my framing inspection was scheduled and didn't have the decency to remove the beer cans. This was more confirmation of their carelessness and how entitled they felt to selling this house.

    Eventually, a meeting was scheduled about the way forward involving my realtor, Tyler, Chance, and Lou ** (Not sure of the spelling), the head construction manager for the east side of San Antonio. Unfortunately, he denied most of the findings, my licensed home inspector noticed. Furthermore, Centex refused to fix all the significant issues. Therefore, I did not proceed with the home purchase due to the below-par construction of the home. I'm disappointed. I'm frustrated about my wasted time and the poor customer service I received from Pulte Mortgage, Pulte Title, and Centex. This experience is unacceptable. I hope this is not the norm, but I will not use Pulte/Centex services again. I am so sorry for whoever purchased **.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 15, 2021

    Would give 0 stars if was an option. We started the home buying process in February 2021. We set an appointment for noon on a Saturday. The sales agent didn't show up until 12:30 and stated she had no appointments that day, even though she was copied on the meeting invite. We selected a floor plan and cabinet/flooring package and were advised we were 20th on the waiting list. She email for several months and the wait consistently extended. We were then told we could not go under contract until the house is at sheetrock stage. We were advised this would happen in September and provided an address.

    Roughly 2 weeks prior to sheetrock stage we received an email stating we were no longer in line for this property and it would go to a bidding process. This was a huge waste of time and house prices have gone up 20% in the area in the last 8 months. This was however a blessing in disguise as we have seen other reviews and put a house that better meets our needs under contract.


    Reviewed Feb. 3, 2021

    Updated on 08/20/2021: I have been having ongoing issues with my Lennox Air Conditioner. Centex has sent out a tech from Artron, the company they have contracted with. Airtron has been out 4-6 times, they have replaced the dual capacitor and other parts not knowing what the issue was trying to find the noise problem. Now the air has stopped working altogether. I am a senior citizen and have been without air for 2 days This home and air conditioner are only 2 years, 7 months old and should not have these issues. Because I have been out of warranty for 7 months Centex said they will not help me.

    I cannot afford whatever costs are involved living on Social Security. Lennox told me that I could get any tech I want as long as they are licensed HVAC so I chose to get another tech because Airtron cannot remedy the issue. I am hot and uncomfortable. I have started contacting the Governor, Attorney General and legal hotline for Texans consumer protection advocates. Centex should take responsibility for this. This air conditioner has been having issues since I bought the home. It is a lemon. Centex does not care for their people once the sale is closed. Unhappy home owner!

    Original Review: I have been in my new Centex home for a little over 2 years and have had Airtron Air Conditioning, (through my 2 year warranty) out to fix the noise on my outside heat pump. Brand new Lennox unit. The times they were out they replaced the shroud (fan housing) but that didn't fix the loud noise. I told them as much. I can't have the heat on at night because the noise keeps me awake and is very unnerving. I gets very uncomfortable and cold because of this. The noise at times gets louder than usual and sounds as if a helicopter is outside. I am a senior citizen and just wanted a home that was peaceful for me and this isn't.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 26, 2021

    Everything even remotely nice is an upgrade, and few of the upgrades have been worth what we were charged for them. In our very first meeting with our agent, she INSISTED we get the hood vent -- in fact, she didn't give us a choice, she simply checked it off and said she wouldn't even allow her own kids to buy a home without one, and that you simply had to have one in an open floor plan so that cooking smells don't permeate your entire living area. So we have the hood vent, and guess what it does NOT do? It does not vent smells. The only thing it DOES do is flap very noisily whenever there's any hint of wind.

    There are a small handful of house models you can choose from, some one-story and some two-story, and the layout can be a bit different between the two kinds. In our one-story, the master bathroom is on the left side of the house. Both showers have a window above them. In the lot directly to the left of us, they allowed the buyers to choose a two-story elevation, with windows upstairs that look out to the right. Which means they could see directly into our shower below them. On our own dime, we were able to frost our window, but as the first people on our small four-house street to buy a lot, they should have had the presence of mind and the diligence to tell those people that they couldn't buy a two-story on that lot, or they'd be looking into our shower.

    Construction -- Our floor is laminate, which is fine, but there are bubbles and waves in it and a rather large divot in one spot, which we noticed on the foundation when the house was first being built, but figured surely they would level it before they did the floors. They did not. We pointed it out to them once before our closing, and they "fixed" it. I don't know what they did, but absolutely nothing changed. The huge divot is still there, and there are still bubbles and waves in the laminate in one area. It looks AWFUL.

    As for the walls, the paint that they used is, first of all, called "Devine White" (no, I did not spell 'divine' wrong; this is what they're calling it). It is in no way white, not on any planet. It is basically a very pale peach-ish yellow. Furthermore, they used matte-finish paint, so if you even breathe near a wall, it will leave a smudge. Also, within our first month here, the wall and ceiling started to separate from each other in a corner of the kitchen.

    There were some other little things, like the sealing around the door had a gap at the bottom which was letting cold air in, and in one of the rooms the blinds were missing the turning rods. At 30 days you are supposed to report anything like this that has gone wrong, because the house is warrantied. So we notified them about the blinds, the front door, the ceiling, and the floors. We heard NOTHING back. At 60 days we notified them again and finally got a response. They scheduled someone to come and fix the ceiling, but they were an hour late. The blind turning rods and front door were fixed on the same day that the ceiling was repaired -- repaired, but not painted. No one notified us about painting, and one day a guy just showed up, in the middle of our work day, to paint. No notification. And we've still heard nothing about the floor.

    Speaking of floors, the carpet is laid terribly. You can feel nails if you step on the edge of where carpet meets floor, there are places that are bumpy and/or have a bubble underneath that makes a kind of crunching noise when you step on it, and other places where you can clearly see where one piece of carpet meets the other. And now for my sermon on the Homeowner's Association. It costs over $1500 per year to live in this development, and the list of things you cannot have/cannot do is massive. Everything -- and I mean EVERYTHING -- has to be approved if you want to make your house and the surrounding "yard" your own and not the Stepford cookie-cutout that is this entire development. They will not allow two houses next to each other to be the same color, and when I say "color", I mostly mean one of three shades of grey.

    This neighborhood is so depressingly identical and the houses all look like they were stamped out, as close together as possible. What is supposed to be included in HOA dues is lawn care and landscaping. Landscaping is a joke; everyone gets a tree and a row of some puny monkey-grass plants in front -- which have all died, by the way -- with some sad ugly shrubs along the side and in the back. EVERYONE gets these. And so far, at two and a half months, there has been no yard maintenance whatsoever. And of course if you want to replace any of these plants with something you actually like, you have to get approval from the HOA. The HOA will not let you keep your bins where they are visible. The HOA will not let you get a birdhouse. The HOA will not let you have a trampoline. The HOA will not let you have a pool. The HOA will not let you hang bird feeders. The HOA will not let you park a certain way in your own driveway.

    The HOA is charging us for use of a community pool, gym, walking trails, and clubhouse that are not even finished yet and that wouldn't be able to be used anyway because of the virus. Were we told about any of the things we could NOT do when we signed paperwork to get our construction started? Did we have some sense that we were moving into a fascist domain? No, of course not. We were told the HOA would provide landscaping and lawn care, and that is all. Oh, and we were told every kitchen gets pendant lighting over the island, but apparently "every" kitchen did not include ours. And finally, every time I try to submit my review to their own website, AT THEIR REQUEST, there are somehow "difficulties" posting my review. Which is why I'm here.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 9, 2020

    Our Centex home was built in in San Antonio, Texas during 2016/2017. We found our "salesman" Joe **, to be pleasant, but as the building process proceeded we found options we wanted were not included. But because we wanted a home in a culdesac, we purchased the home without all of our options. Shortly after the first year, we noticed cracks in the walls and ceiling and doors no longer closing properly. The reason given was that all the recent rain was the cause. It was determined that the foundation was still intact, but incorrect grading on one side of the house was causing water not to drain.

    The customer service manager sent a team to regrade the side, but poor drainage continued. Meanwhile my original service manager accepted a job with another builder. The new customer service manager (Ryan) listened to me, but never followed up. The only time we spoke was when I reached out to her. Even though a weak attempt was made to correct my problems, Centex was not willing to correct any of the problems. I regret the day I chose Centex to build my home and would not recommend them as a builder to anyone. In fact at this very moment the doors in my home are being repaired at my expense.


    Reviewed Jan. 9, 2020

    We have had many problems with our new construction home built by Centex. I will mention a few.

    1. AC/heating fan does not turn off upstairs.
    2. Water pressure issues throughout house.
    3. Air balancing throughout house.
    4. Plumbing fixtures and plumbing including toilets, faucets, dishwasher.
    5. Electrical wiring. Fuses tripping.
    6. Sod quality.
    7. Garage door opener failure.

    8. Siding blowing off house.

    ... Many more issues. A lot of issues were not apparent until after first year when the first year warranty over. If you do go with Centex hire a 3rd party home inspector to check periodically check the construction of your home. I wish I thought of this. It will cost you approximately $1200 and save you many headaches in the end. Good luck!!


    Reviewed Oct. 17, 2019

    Lived in the townhouse for 8 years. Random symptoms began after 2. By the 4th year I was very ill. 6th year I was totally bedridden. In 6th year mold was found in the master bathroom. A mushroom grew on the side of the bathtub and the next day the tub fell through onto the lanai. 700 square feet of toxic mold. First restoration. I continued to get sicker but couldn’t find the source of the mold. Then I thought about how the AC always got clogged and needed constant draining. Hired an AC repair man to open it and he freaked out about the pounds of dust. It was I that recognized the pounds of green and black mold. The AC man said the system was way too small and not even the fundamental needs of instillation were met.

    The remediation team said the HVAC and all ducts and vents needed to be replaced but that was a temporary fix. For several reasons, the mold would continue to reoccur. The lack of ventilation between the two floors meant that each floor would require its own HVAC system, and both much larger than the one there was. The pipe from the AC should be as short as possible but for some reason it circled around the inside of the house fully, before exiting into the backyard. Had $3,000 in reports done on the home. On a moodiness scale of -20 - 20 the home was an 18.9. If it wasn’t completely rebuilt, the mold would definitely come back. Besides the AC the reports proved that there was water and mold in every wall. Only the roof was mold free. The experts said that I could never live there again and that all my and my son’s possessions were too toxic. 100K in furniture was trash.

    When we moved I was 88 pounds and more dead than alive. I spoke with some of the newer residents. They were told to pour vinegar down the AC drain monthly. The only reason to do that would be to kill mold. They know they are building death traps and continue to do so. The mold is irresponsible and deliberate. 2.5 years since we moved out with nothing but the clothes on our back, I am finally beginning to feel better. The experience ruined me and my life. I will never regain full health and I still need to recover from the financial ruin. I don’t understand the laws but the builders can’t be held responsible. There is no legal recourse, there is no reason for them to make any corrections. Don’t ruin your life too. Stay away from those coffins.


    Reviewed June 12, 2019

    Bought a house in Whaley’s Creek subdivision in St Cloud FL in Nov 2018. Three days before closing we were notified flood insurance would be required for the first year. Apparently they were waiting for paperwork from FEMA changing the designation. Well you guessed it. New paperwork from FEMA didn’t change our designation. Sales Dept people are liars and Pulte Mortgage company is right there with them. This may qualify for a class action lawsuit!!

    Reviewed April 25, 2019

    Bought and move in to our property 2008. It was newly built. Had discovered other issues: cracks in the cement slabs, cheaply built plastic fence, and etc. Until recently when we got one of our AC replaced. Discovered the reason why we were having problem with our AC is because Centex contractors must have rushed the buildings of home and took short cuts. Attached is the AC tubing line... Wonder what other issues are there and how many homes has same problem..

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed March 7, 2019

    I have had a horrible experience with this company, and a shady sales rep. The Centex rep. seemed nice in the beginning but as soon as you listen to them and follow their instructions and turn in your earnest money, everything could go downhill. Be very careful when reading their contracts too, the sales rep. will tell you one thing and the contract will say another. Do not sign it at all if there is anything in there that you do not agree with. They will try to make you pay for their mistakes and threaten you that you will lose your earnest money after you discover their mistakes. The minute you start to see their issues, they take a very long time in responding back to your concerns. Read other people issues posted on their build quality as well. Buyer beware.

    Reviewed Feb. 20, 2019

    We bought our house "secondhand" in November 2017. The house was built in 2016. Because it wasn't the "rainy season" AND the previous homeowner didn't honestly disclose a drainage issue in the backyard - we purchased the home. Come spring rains of 2018 and backyard was literally a pond! Centex refused to acknowledge there was an issue and basically said "oh well, it's your problem". What the heck?! So we had to shovel out money to "fix" the problem by trying to create a channel for the water to run to the drainage basin in the next door neighbor's yard.

    Now when it rains heavily it floods a little in the yard but not as bad. Fast forward to today - 2/20/19 - between the snow and rain all day today the yard can't handle it. If you look at the pictures you'll see not one of the neighbors yards is flooded like ours. Ridiculous. The floors inside the house squeak like the house is 50 years old - not 2, insulation is missing in some of the walls. It's ridiculous. Whenever you reach out to them it's the same runaround. I will NEVER NEVER EVER buy a Centex home again. Previously we built a Joshua Home in 2001 and we never had an issue with - lived there 17 years. Should never have moved...

    Reviewed Dec. 14, 2018

    We bought our home in April of 2018. I've had issues with my home since day one. First, had water leak in my irrigation system and I got a $360 dollar water bill. My floors squeaks like a 80 year old home. They have gone out to fix it 3 times and it hasn't stopped squeaking. The people they have coming out to do the work have damaged my walls and ruined paint. Light fixtures aren't flush with the ceiling. A/C vents and returns aren't flush with ceilings. It has been a total nightmare - makes me not want to be a homeowner and go back to renting.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 27, 2018

    My wife and I purchased our home in early August 2018. Side note, when you close with Centex/Pulte they have you sign a “Table Top Survey” that states you are 100% satisfied with your new home. This is so the Field Managers can get their bonus/commission and Centex/Pulte have a document on file when complaints arise.

    So, back on topic, we ran into an issue with our dryer not heating when we first moved into our new home. We immediately brought this issue up to our Field Manager who asked us to disconnect our dryer vent from ductwork and run a diagnostic on our dryer to see if this was a blocked vent. Good idea, and when we did this we still received the same diagnostic which told us our dryer was not receiving heat. So our Field Manager then made the immediate determination that this was a dryer appliance issue and we needed to seek repairs and/or replacement.

    So, fast forward, three months later after having multiple repair appointments we eventually have to purchase a new dryer. The dryer is the exact same model since it ran great before moving into our new home & my lovely wife wanted it to match our washer. Of course, upon delivery, we discover that the brand new dryer will not heat. So, the only conclusion at this stage is that this is a house issue.

    I file a service request with Centex/Pulte & they issue a work order to their electrician. When the electrician arrives, a week later, he discovers that a wire was not connected properly in the wall outlet. He admits that this was their fault. After all of this I request a reimbursement from Centex/Pulte of the cost of the new dryer, which was $750, due to the poor judgment call of their Field Manager. This would simply remedy the monetary burden that has been placed on my family.

    They return with a $250 offer saying that they feel this makes up for their Field Manager’s mistake. After detailed emails back and forth with Centex/Pulte customer service they will no longer return my emails. All the Field Manager had to do was request their electrician visit our house to see what might be causing the dryer to not heat. It is clear that they do not want to accept the responsibility of poor judgment calls on the part of their employees.

    Reviewed Oct. 9, 2018

    Lived here 1 year. Yard and drainage pipes put in twice. I still have no sod. Carpet, vinyl flooring and baseboards ruined due to daily cleaning. House was built **. Sink still leaks. Front door is still not right. This company is lazy and non reliable. I don't even want to give them one Star. DON’T BUY A PULTE/ CENTEX HOME!!!

    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed April 12, 2018

    We moved into our home in 2007 in Cibolo, Texas. We have had 3 major problems with the home that are costing us thousands of dollars. (1) The A/C unit did not have adequate drainage for the condensation and this cause regular servicing. (2) Our roof shingles needed to be replaced after several storms. When the contractor finished he told me the shingles were not installed correctly - the tarry underside has protective paper that was never removed and so the shingles would not stick to the lower row. This caused the shingles to fly upright away from the roof whenever the wind blew.

    (3) Now I had my latest fears realized - our painting contractor came to inspect our home and confirmed that there was no primer used on our house! Several wood sections will need to be replaced because of rot and the entire painted area will have to be stripped and primed and repainted. We haven't even been the house 11 years and we have had to replace the roof, repaint the hose, and rebuild the A/C installation and replace the AC unit! DO NOT BUY A CENTEX HOME!!! I just keep praying for a tornado to level the mess so I can get a house worth living in.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed April 10, 2018

    We built our house when Wayne Homes/Centex were working together. We recently had a leak in our roof which has affected our electrical. I have contacted Wayne Homes, but since they were in conjunction with Centex homes at the time, the people from Wayne homes will not honor our warranty, and we have yet to get a call from Centex homes as well. You would think that Wayne homes would send someone out to fix it but no, they have to get in touch with the guy who works for Centex homes to see if it can be fixed. To date NOTHING! We paid for our house when the payments were due and they're supposed to have a great warranty, but not by my standards. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE.


    Reviewed March 28, 2018

    Do NOT buy a Centex home. I made a mistake buying in the first place when they changed the price on me right before closing but I just went ahead with it. Since owning our house we have had nothing but problems!!! They do not do quality work. We can hear everything from in one room to another. The insulation is terrible. You can hear every footstep downstairs that is made upstairs. I have replaced ALL the flooring in this 5 year old house. It has cost me about 14,000$ in repairs. Repairs for a brand new house. There’s a problem with the foundation they refuse to fix. Terrible disgusting company. Do not make my mistake! I wish I had read reviews before I bought my house. :(

    Reviewed Feb. 28, 2018

    Centex have used a low-grade copper piping in California houses which allows pinhole leaks to occur. The water in California has chemical added to it that causes the early erosion of the pipes and Centex is aware of this. My house began having leaks at 14 years old! I have had 2 leaks in my house in 6 months. Many class action lawsuits have occurred and settled for $15,000 to repipe with PEX piping and repair your damaged house. The settlement only assist you if your home is 10 years old or younger. I believe Centex should be liable for this horrible costly issue that has destroyed my house despite it being only 15 years of age. My house was built in 2002, Spring Valley, California.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Feb. 24, 2018

    Buyer Beware! Centex Homes and Pulte have been the most unprofessional and unreliable companies I have ever encountered. My home was scheduled to close in October 2017, and ended up being “finished” in December 2017, and when I say finished, I use the term loosely. Today, two months to the date after I moved in, there are still punch list items from the walkthrough that have not been addressed. They are finally correcting the exterior paint color of my entire building, which they said they would correct a week after I moved, but today was also supposed to be the day that the same paint crew, which I had scheduled over a month in advance was supposed to have a crew come in to finally finish painting an interior door to close the punch list; when I asked them about it they told me they had no idea about it. Of course, nobody from Centex will answer their phone, and neither does the painting contractor company.

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Jan. 29, 2018

    We had a Centex inspector come out to check on a foundation that had a "Lifetime Warranty". He checked it, said some work needed to be done (after 36 piers were put in 5 years ago) because the house wasn't level. He also said not to worry because all the work he was recommending was covered by the "lifetime warranty". Well... when my wife called a couple days later to follow up and schedule the work, suddenly more piers needed to be put in that weren't covered in the warranty. This company put in 36 (THIRTY SIX!) piers 5 years ago, and wanted to come back to put TWO more in. I've talked to a number of inspectors and engineers completely convinced they are running a scam, they 'level' a house only to leave a small section without piers and come back a few years later claiming they are needed and not covered by their sham of a "lifetime warranty".

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 30, 2017

    We wrote a contingent contract for a house that Centex built in Big Run Ridge in Grove City Ohio. We already own a house so we can't get two loans. We scheduled a tour online to look at a house by Centex. We were on the Centex website. We thought we were talking to Centex when scheduled the tour, but it was actually a realtor for Redfin, which we learned later. The realtor we found out represents Centex. When we showed up to see the house, there was no house, and the address online for the house didn't seem to exist. We were standing in front a what appeared to be a Centex model home that had been shut down, and it had an address, but not the one we were looking for that was for sale. A little while after we arrived there a guy showed up verifying who we were. He said he was from Redfin. Anyway, he said the house we requested to see does not exist at this time, that it will be completed by December 18.

    It was September 30. He showed us the model home that was for sale, but they wouldn't allow us to write a contract on it because we owned another house, which by the way, we are now in an office with Pulte and we have the realtor and the seller along with me and my husband in the office. Centex allowed us to write a contingent contract. We verified that the contingent contract would allow us to get our earnest money of $2000 dollars back if we were unable to sell the house we have now. Centex said yes, that only in a contingency could we get our money back. Centex said that if we took our home off the market and walked away that we wouldn't get it back. We all agreed that that was fair. Centex said we had to list the house for sale within a few days. The realtor said he'd come by our house and he would list the house that day with a "coming soon" "delayed showing". We all agreed. We paid the $2000.

    There was a contract we signed that day, along with a check we wrote for $2000 and we asked if there was something we could write on the check to assure everyone and make us feel safer about not losing our money on the check... Centex said to write "earnest money--contingency" so we did and we have a copy of that check. The other confusion was that we asked for a copy of the contract we signed which also had the contingency highlighted where it stated we would get our money back if we didn't sell. Centex took the contract to a copier, she came back stating that her copier was down. So she handed us a red folder that supposedly had the contract in it, but later we would realized it wasn't in there. The red folder she gave us was exactly like the first fold she gave us about the house. The new folder contained the exact information. So we had to folders that were identical.

    Everything was dated for 9/30. On October 3rd, Centex called us and claimed they had made a huge mistake with the contract papers and that there were more things to sign. She sent them via email, which was very confusing. We went to the office to try and understand what happened. We were afraid we were being framed and that we were signing something that was about to change the original deal.

    Upon signing the documents Centex said we must sign the documents for 9/30 and not 10/30 otherwise there would be no sale. I think we did sign for 9/30, but I have the email where Centex wrote that a mistake had taken place and that we must sign these documents for 9/30. We signed them, but it didn't look like it changed any of the original deal but we are not sure at this point what happened and how they got us in the catch 22 or bait and switch. Our house did not sell by December 18th even though we tried. It is still for sale.

    We have never delisted, although the realtor Centex set us up with asked us to delist it on December 18. We said no, because we were told by Centex we could not delist, that Centex had to decide to drop the contract and they could extend if they wanted to. So on December 18 or close to the 18th Centex did extend the contract until January 31st. They didn't tell us they were going to. We were trying to reach them all the week of December 18 but no one answered the phone. So we got the realtor to contact Centex. The realtor sent a text to us that said our contract with Centex was good, and that Centex extended it until end of January. We were fine with that. But today, December 30th we got called the realtor to ask some questions because we are concerned that things are happening and Centex does not reach out to us, the realtor doesn't either. So we left a voicemail for the realtor to call us because we had questions.

    He called back to say that Centex is dropping our contract--they don't want us--they want to sell the house to someone else--but he also said Centex is voiding the contract and keeping our $2000. He said good luck getting that back. The agreement, even though the contract is wordy and shady, the agreement was we had a contingent offer. If they sell the house out from under us, who gets our $2000 and why? Centex didn't lose anything. Centex built the house, not us. It was a spec home that was going to be built regardless if they had a buyer or not. We had no say in what went in the house. Everything was already picked out prior to us ever speaking to Centex. So what is the $2000 for. Earnest money is good faith money. We are still trying waiting for a buy and we are still waiting to get the Centex home. Can we place a lien on the Centex home and file a legal complaint so they can't sell the house without giving us our money back?

    Installation & SetupStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 8, 2017

    Bought a Centex home in Magnolia Park FL. One problem after another. Uneven floor causing hollow tiles in all my first floor and kitchen cabins problems, inappropriate pavers installation on my lanai causing water holding problems. Many Centex and Pulte personnel came to my house and make many excuses to avoid make the repairs. PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANY CENTEX & PULTE HOME...

    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed July 8, 2017

    Horrible experience, I'm in the military and recently purchase a new home. After my first month living here we noticed there was drainage issue that covers a large area on my sideway and part of my back yard. Water from my neighbors due to irrigation of theirs back yards and rain doesn't quite drain right. I've got in touch with the sales rep and other field managers, they responded my phone calls at the beginning and making promises they will address the issue and have someone call me and keep me in the loop with news.

    Many many calls later my issue was covered up with more dirt but they didn't solved the main issue. Now my sideways and part of my back yard looks awful considering this is a brand new home. Only excuses and phone calls being ignored making mad and frustrating. How is this possible that this team is not taking care of the homeowners, at the end of the day we are customers and we paying a high amount of money for a brand new home. Really disappointed with the customer service, field managers and sales rep which provide no help nor solutions.


    Reviewed April 2, 2017

    Love my house. We built our house in 2014. I thought this builder was reasonably priced, and the options/upgrades were also much more affordable than with other builders in the area that we considered. My father who has several years of experience working for different builders approved of this builder because the studs were a reasonable distance apart (I think 16 inches) while other had 24" apart. The house was started in April and done in July, just like they promised. Overall, the finishes are all fine. We did have a leak in our living room ceiling that took a couple of people to figure out (flashing around one windows in the second floor was not done correctly) but once they figured it out, they fixed it right away. Yes, we've had a few nail pops that they came and fixed at the 1 year warranty time. I expect that with any new home builder.

    The only thing I don't like is the windows - they are cheap. You can feel air leaking in during the winter months. I've had friends with a home by another builder complain of the same issue. The glass on one of the windows broke within a month, and they replaced it. I will say some people in our neighborhood have had problems with the HVAC units needing to be replaced within only a few years of the home being built. Ours is fine, but I also insisted on gas. Gas furnaces are always know to last longer. The gas water heater is also fine. We have a 3000 square foot house and the AC and heat are both able to keep up fine even in extreme temperatures. We upgraded the house to include wood floors throughout the downstairs, granite counters in the kitchen, and marble bathroom vanities. The quality of these items is very good. Overall, I would definitely consider using this builder again.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 22, 2017

    Have paid $2000.00 as earnest money and they said that IF I don't approve for the loan will return. Pulte Mortgage keep on saying until the last minute that I will get approve but the day before the proposed closing they denied. The salesperson is very rude and does not have any good knowledge. In short, they send me a letter that they will not give my earnest money back. I lost $2K plus another $260.00 for appraisal. So please be careful when you are buying from Centex. The construction is average but try to avoid from them as we have lot of other options. Please read all other reviews and decide yourself. In my experience PLEASE DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Dec. 8, 2016

    We purchased a Centex Home in Aug 2016. The home was built in 2007. Our home inspection went well with only having a faulty garbage disposal which was replaced before we purchased. Once we moved in we noticed the baseboard in the guest bathroom seemed a little swollen. Eventually the corner piece just fell right off and we realized the entire baseboard is cardboard. The baseboard has swollen and turned brown instead of white with what appears to be water damage. I am assuming this is from the precipitation from showers. So I contacted Centex and requested that they replace the cardboard baseboard with a different material because who puts cardboard lining a bathroom floor?? Still no response from Centex.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Sept. 25, 2016

    I bought my house in November 2012, from previous owner who had house built in 2005. I have been noticing my community has green residue on siding of the house. I just spotted on my house now. Both of my neighbor had for over a year now. It has be problems with the builder or was land built on something toxic. It looks like mildew. I need someone come out and fix this situation. If you could have an certified license inspector come out and look at Canal Highlands subdivision and see it numerous of houses over 30 or more with mold on the off side of their house. And about 5-10 on front of their house. I'm going reach out to House Association.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 15, 2016

    I've put in a few jobs through the "Home Owner Portal," to come and fix my windows in the front of the house. I went to clean my windows and seen the wooden board underneath the window sticking out. I've contact the builder and he apologized that he didn't notice it. I have also put in a request to have a lighting fixture put in one of my hallway closets, since forever. I got a response back. They wouldn't do it because I COULD HAVE made the room adjacent the closet a full bedroom, which I never did, and that's besides the point. It's supposed to have a light switch in there. Who wants to go into or use a dark closet? When is somebody going to come out and address these issues? Every day it rains, I get more and more upset with Centex warranties.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed July 5, 2016

    I hired a home inspection and was delighted that the home I was to purchase was given a go ahead, everything was 100%. After moving in there was a problem with the compressor to the air conditioner. Few months later there was 3 leaks in the roof. A few months later I found mold & mildew in the quest bathroom. Months later the adjuster from the insurance company found water damage under the master bathroom shower floor and behind the shower walls. I took pictures showing that the walls in the shower were not constructed with sheet rock or USG Durock cement board.

    Discussing my problems with my neighbors I was made aware that a good majority of the houses in my section have all had water damage. The association is well aware of all the construction defects and water damage issues and is now telling the homeowners that we must have Homeowners Ins. Since my insurance co. would not renew me, I have tried to obtain HO insurance that I could afford. $6,300.00 is out of my ballpark. The association is threatening to issue me a summons and put a lien on my home. I am 78 yrs old and looking at health challenges that can strike at any time.

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed June 8, 2016

    We chose Centex as our first (and what we thought last) home purchase in Killeen, TX. We build this house from the ground up (even choosing the specific lot) and were so excited to build. During all the walkthroughs and inspections all seemed to be going well. Soon after purchase little things started to go wrong and show themselves, nails popping out of the wall, the wood paneling (that we were told was solid wood) became detached from the island, the floor in the kitchen floor (linoleum) literally started changing color (it faded to this purplish color). Centex response was these were things not covered under warranty as they were natural wear and tear.

    First my parents have lived in their home for over 40 years and I've never seen the floor change colors! Second, how can it be normal wear and tear when we had been in the house less than 3 months?!? We finally decided enough is enough and went with a truly reputable builder and have our quality forever dream home, but during the inspection process of trying to sell our previous home we have learned we have way more problems than we thought (all the trim around all the windows had to be replaced, the posts on the back patio had to be repaired, and more things like this). We will NEVER, EVER buy a Centex home again. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF OUR LIVES!!!

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