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Centex Homes Reviews

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Centex Homes?
    • 4,479,812 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed April 21, 2016

    I've had my home for 7 years. I have roof leaks, nails popping from the ceiling, and the ceiling detaching from the wall as well as the sink in the kitchen and bathroom detaching from the wall. There have been at least 7 fires burning homes in the 7/8 year. Fairly high new Centex area where homes have completely burned down due to electrical issues. I fear mine may be next.


    Reviewed April 6, 2016

    I purchased a home in 2013 at the Highland Creek Subdivision in Raleigh, NC and at first the model home and the house I purchased seemed great. However, the problem started during the inspection. I noticed some minor issues with the construction, issues with the sink faucet chipped, poor quality of woodworking with floor baseboards and thought they were minor. As time went on I started to notice major construction issues with the house mainly related to faulty workmanship and substandard materials. There are numerous nail pops throughout the entire house including the ceilings and walls. The floor baseboards are separating from the wall. There are cracks along the corners of walls which run the entire length and the most blatant is the drywall seams and joints are visible and bulging outwards throughout the entire house.

    Centex tried to correct the drywall issue by covering the seams with plaster throughout the entire house and leaving paint drops on my carpet and walls. I have asked Centex to come back and finish the job by repainting over the plaster back to the original paint color however they stated that I was outside my 1 yr warranty even though I put the original work order in within the 1 yr. I think the most frustrating thing with Centex is that you can't reach anyone. The main line number goes automatically to a recording and all you can do is leave a message. I have talked to Loretta with no regard for anything I said and left a message with Randy ** waiting to hear back. I would never purchase a home from Centex again and would try looking at houses of a higher quality and with more respect for the customers.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed March 24, 2016

    I purchased my house in new just 3 years ago (Feb. 2013). Several shingles fell off the roof the first year, which the warranty covered. They've continued to fall off in several other places and now I'm paying $500 out of pocket as initial expense to fix with more to follow. We also had a problem with the water heater setup. There's no one I can talk to about the problem.

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed March 19, 2016

    We bought our new house from inventory in Sept 2009, Washington state. In March 2011 we had a roof leak that ran down the inside of an interior wall and was only discovered because we discovered wet carpeting and baseboards. Centex came out and checked on it pretty quickly, but initially only patched it with a rubber patch. I pitched a fit, said a band aid was unacceptable and requested a more professional job.

    They came back within a week, told me that the leak was the result of a poor design, that my house is the ONLY floor plan like it in our development of nearly 100 homes because they had to modify the original single storey so it would fit on this 10k sq ft corner lot... And that the modification required a change in the architecture of the roof, and that the valley in the roof did not allow proper run off, and that water was puddling so deep that it rose above the flashing and down into the attic and interior wall.

    THEY decided to build a "cricket" to divert the runoff, they patched and retextured the wall and ceiling, blew new insulation into the attic where their workers had trampled on it while searching for the leak, but refused to replace the carpet that was stained by my antique armoire bleeding on to WET carpet or pay for professional inspection of water damage to a very expensive antique silk oriental rug that was hanging on the wall.

    In 2011 we were grateful that they admitted there was a structural issue and that they seemingly fixed it... UNTIL this last week. Leaking again... EXACT SAME PLACE, SAME BLISTERING OF PAINT AND KITTEN SIZED WATER BUBBLE ON THE WALL, NOT CEILING. 2 "emergency" calls to Centex, and they call me back 24 hours later to tell me that water invasion is only covered for 2 years and to call my insurance company. I advised her that this was the same leak, had to be a structural issue and should be covered under warranty because of workmanship. She said she would check it out and call me back.

    24 more hours of rain and no call back. I called her again to advise her that my insurance company had been notified but I was not filing a claim, I merely wanted it documented that if Centex/Pulte continued to drag their feet, that water damage was possible, including introduction of mold being that we are in a wet climate. She said she passed it to her supervisor and would call me back. 24 more hours, I call the regional guy and requested that he check on what was happening. He said it was out if his hands but he would call her... 30 minutes later and she sends me an email to tell me that they concluded it was not covered under my 2 year full house, or 10 year structural warranty... wth?

    I REQUESTED FACTS SUPPORTING THEIR CONCLUSION SINCE THEY DIDN'T EVEN COME LOOK AT IT... in the meantime, we are expecting another storm this weekend. I won't even tell you the story of our electrical issues or my TWO fireman neighbors who had electrical issues and had their houses completely re-wired. Aarrrg!

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 22, 2016

    We decided to build in Highland Creek Preserve located in Raleigh, NC in July 2015. I got my 10,000.00 deposit in on time. House was done before expected, did final walk through and that's when the nightmare began! We were set to close and due to Miranda ** at the office not having the permit on time, we could not get the appraisal done. Closing was set for the 17th of December. That same day I received a termination letter from James ** stating that he would keep my earnest money if we did not close on the 22nd of December. The change order for the house came in late on the 22nd, and with the holidays, everything was closed until the 28th. Centex attorneys were closed on the 28th so we were to close on the 29th. Mr. ** informed us that we now owed 2,000.00 in late fees. To no avail, even though things were closed, they would not budge with the fees.

    My realtor finally agreed to just let them have it out of her commission and we were set to close in the 30th. We literally waited all day to hear what time, and finally heard they had cancelled our contract and were going to keep my 10,000.00. I then heard from James ** and Miranda ** that they would do me a favor and sell me the house at 243,000.00. 3,000 dollars more than it had appraised for, but only if I went through them. We took it to the next level and spoke with Matt ** a vice president in the area. He was supposed to contact my lender; however, he called me at work and proceeded to yell at me and refuse to give me his supervisor's name or number stating he didn't have one over and over. He screamed (literally) at me and refused to call my lender three way and even called my lender a crook because the appraisal was only for 240,000.00. He then hung up on me and called my realtor and yelled at her.

    We finally made it up to Richard ** one of the CEO'S assistants. He was at least polite, but sent us back to Matt's boss. To make a long story short... a waste of time. Thank goodness it was an FHA loan and I will eventually get my money back (talk about crooks). I feel like I dodged a bullet. Found a MUCH better quality home that is much prettier as well. The company is awesome to work with as well. I feel sorry for whoever buys **. I was told by the builder to check the heating unit when it rained, it might slide down the drop off by the house. Hopefully the foundation doesn't do the same.

    Verified purchase
    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed Jan. 15, 2016

    Moved in new home Jan 2 2016. Discovering construction issues. Garage has damage above wall of garage door. Garage door not aligned properly thus creating more damage on sheetrock on sides of nearby walls. Really substandard work regarding installation. Not observable during walk-thru prior to closing.


    Reviewed Dec. 10, 2015

    Purchased townhouse in 2012. Few minor issues that they took care of and some that I fixed on my own. Quality was good for a production home. Materials are good but far from top quality. Overall I am very satisfied. This is my second Centex home, first on was in 1988 when I first got married. We had a few issues then and were very dissatisfied, I can tell you they have made very great improvements since that time. Lived in the first home for 4 years then purchased a custom home that was a resale. I can tell you that the construction and materials in this custom home were the same as the Centex. I owned that house for 20 years and during that time I completely remodeled it myself. I used only the very best materials and my work is superior.

    I found so many cheap defects in that house that never should have passed inspection. My first Centex home was constructed better than it was. My current Centex home is also superior to what the custom house was. Bottomline is that you will find issues with any builder and any house. Get a home inspection before you close and again before the warranty runs out. I did not because I have the skills to do this myself. Inspect the property around the house and look at the surrounding area by driving around and by looking at it on google map satellite view. Go to the county page and look for future road construction and also look at who owns the land in the area.

    Very few sales people know very much about construction and about their product and will tell you what you want to hear. You need to verify everything yourself and do research. Inspect the house while it's being constructed. Bring the workers snacks and drinks etc. You will get a much better home this way. I am getting ready to sell my current home and buy yet another home in central FL from another builder who has multi-complaints.

    Reviewed Dec. 8, 2015

    Centex fooled me good. When you buy a brand new home wouldn't you expect the roof to last you at least 20 years without any problems? But unfortunately for me it isn't so. At just 8 years and 6 months my roof started leaking. Please see pictures of subpar roof construction fundamentals. Two to three inch non-roof nails were used exposed above the shingles which are susceptible to rust over time and ultimately water would seep thru causing the plywood to rot and leaks would ensue. That's what happened to me and my brand new Centex home of 8.6 years. This is something uninspectable when you buy a home, but it was incumbent on the home builder to make sure they hired professional roof builders and had good QA in place for something as important and costly as a roof.

    Basically I trusted a reputable home builder like Centex and they burned me, pure and simple. They left me holding the bag as they got away with the loot so-to-speak after any warranty claims could take place. I will write to the Attorney General and the consumer protection agency of my state and voice my displeasure concerning this fiasco that's causing me thousands of dollars. What could you do to protect yourself when buying a new home? If you could hire an inspector that would inspect the roof, usually something not done, then do so. It would be worth the $300 to 500 it would cost. Something I did not do, because I heard good things about Centex Homes and Pulte Homes who owns them now thought the same as I. Buyers beware.

    Installation & SetupPriceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 8, 2015

    Purchased a 2400 sq. ft. home in Goodyear, AZ in 2007 from Centex Homes (now Pulte). We've had AC comfort issues (hot/cold spots in the house) and have had multiple failures of our 2 outdoor condenser AC units. After a 3rd failure, and the exorbitant cost of replacing a R-22 compressor, I requested a quote for replacement HVAC systems for upstairs and downstairs. What should have taken the designer an hour to draw up a proper new installation, it took him over 3 hours of trying to design a proper new installation that would provide properly sized plenum and ducting for the two air handlers in the attic crawl space.

    After 3 hours, he came back saying that it was not possible to put in the correctly sized plenums and that this was why we've had so many issues with our outdoor condensers, because they've been working overly hard to properly cool down the house. I should have realized this sooner, as less than a year after purchasing the house, a 'third party company' came to inspect the installation due to the numerous complaints that other home owners in the area had been raising. This has cost me thousands of dollars over the last 7 years in parts/labor for the outdoor condensers, and it’s going to cost tens of thousands to replace with a properly installed system.

    Installation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 1, 2015

    We bought our home in 1995. Grant you it was a long time ago, but we keep finding things that were improperly installed. We're talking major problems: Electrical outlets with wire touching metal, shorts throughout the house. Most recently after thousands of dollars of expense we determined that when they installed the air conditioning unit, they installed it at a slant AND the PVC pipe running under the house for drainage was created with pieces of PVC pipe - not fitted together and not glued. They used duct tape. My A/C was backing up, flooding the garage, finally flooded the house. No one could determine the problem until today - 20 years later.

    How do you make a claim against the builder now? I think they plan this. I strongly recommend no one buys a Centex home. Lord knows what else poor unsuspecting consumers have found or may find. We even found a sandwich in the wall. All these things were happening while my husband made daily trips while they were building. These people need to be put out of business.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Sept. 23, 2015

    Before you sign a contract with Centex/Pulte homes, walk through one of the new homes being built in that subdivision and look at what they are using to build the home (not just the finish details). I failed to do this. I thought Centex, formerly well thought of in Texas, was still using standard construction and materials in their tract homes. That is very important to the longevity of a house. Today, 2015, Centex is using PEX (hose) for plumbing, which is run overhead in the attic, Thermo-ply 1/8" for sheathing (no OSB), very low quality of wood for framing (why?), fiberglass exterior doors, and drop-in fiberglass tubs that are unusually small (not standard tub size), with the 3-part surround, just for a start, and the thinner drywall. Sadly, these things are very similar to what you might see in an RV or mobile home.

    Should you decide to proceed, it is very important that you hire your own inspector prior to the foundation being laid/poured. This will save you a lot of problems and money. The more reputable inspectors will not come in half-way through the project because they will not have been able to inspect the foundation prep and pouring -- a critical issue in Texas due to expansive clay and foundation cracking of new foundations (under 10 years old). The inspector will make sure the foundation prep is done correctly, then they may actually watch the pour of the slab and do a post-pour inspection. After framing, the inspector will do a pre-drywall inspection helping prevent problems from going uncorrected behind walls, and then a final inspection of the home and grading of the land, prior to close.

    There are no perfect builders, but not all have cut costs in the basic structural components of a house as are being done by this builder. I don't see that they save that much by making these substitutions, but the quality of the structure is well below what they used to build. Very sad it is. Proceed carefully and thoughtfully before you lock into a 30 year mortgage with any new construction, by any builder. Past reputations are no longer intact. You cannot assume you are buying what you think you are buying. You must take the time to really check out what the builders are actually doing.

    Verified purchase
    Contract & TermsCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 6, 2015

    We went to go under contract with a to be built home in Bulverde Village San Antonio TX and gave a $2000 earnest money deposit as a guarantee to secure the lot last May 2015. We mentioned to the sales rep that we want a good size backyard that fits with our budget. We want to move in by November 2015 to allow us time to save money for the closing date. We had a notice that our house will start to be built the week of August 10 knowing that we will have a 2600 sq ft home and decent size backyard fit on our home. After almost a month, we checked what has been built on our house and we saw that there has no backyard at all and from our house, the back wall is just 5 steps away (please refer to the picture below).

    We shared the concern to the sales rep and he never admitted that he should have given us specific measurements on how the house will cover a portion of the lot we chose. This should have been prevented. The sales rep just sweet talked us looking at the good resale value of the house, good location, etc just to cover his fault. And now we are in a situation that we can no longer refund our $2000 dollar deposit if we drop the contract. So, to anyone wanting to buy a house over there, make sure you ask specific details of the house and lot you want to purchase. We are really disappointed. We just want to get our hard earned deposit back.

    Reviewed Aug. 29, 2015

    In Central TX, Centex are the worst builders. They take lots of shortcuts when building. Please beware when buying a Centex home.

    Reviewed July 21, 2015

    I purchased a Centex home in Columbus, Ohio. Two other identical homes were also built on my street. About 8 years into our warranty we all three discovered that our porch columns were rotting - some worse than others. Centex builders put trim boards in direct contact with the concrete porch, causing wicking into the column which caused the columns to rot from the inside out. My two neighbors were lucky, Centex agreed to fix their porch columns. When I contacted Centex they said I could not get a remedy until I proved the rotting existed (which would mean I needed to disassemble my porch in the middle of winter).

    I sent them pictures which clearly showed rusting nails and wood that was falling apart but they said this was not good enough. So this summer it was clear the boards were rotting off, I had to do something. So I disassembled my porch, it was a safety issue. The workmanship was silly. Centex builders (now managed by Pulte warranty) placed multiple fiberboard trim boards directly on the concrete causing massive wicking and rot.

    I contacted Centex and they said I missed my warranty window by 3 months and they have refused to help me. I can take the blame for not being more persistent the first time around... but I am certainly upset that a company who has clear evidence of poor workmanship would hide behind a warranty and not take care of their customer. I would recommend against buying from such companies.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 20, 2015

    I purchased my home in 2005 in Suffolk, VA. I called Centex Homes about a leaking ceiling twice. The first time they bought in people to pre-plaster and paint the ceiling. The second time, I hired an HVAC person and investigated the problem and he told me that the condensation from the AC pipe is leaking through the ceiling. He told me that the pipes are not insulated and eventually the ceiling will fall. I contacted Centex Home Corporate Office again in 2013 and I spoke with a customer service person about the problem with the pipes sweating and leaking into the ceiling. I explained to her what the HVAC person had told me about the pipes not being insulated. She told me that the housing code in Virginia did not require them to insulate the pipes. So to me, she was aware of this problem because she explained everything about the housing code. I would like Centex Homes to fix this problem before someone get hurt.


    Reviewed June 24, 2015

    Bought a Centex home in Silver Oaks in San Antonio, TX. One problem after another. Appraisal came in lower than my purchase price. Vice President of San Antonio Centex lied to me and my agent. Lived here for one month. No sod. Tons of excuses.

    Reviewed June 20, 2015

    I bought a new house in 2014. The contract people that built this house half did this roof. It's been leaking for long time and my concrete floor is cracking. This house isn't that old to be having so much problem. What are y'all going to do about and I have black mold in my attic.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 11, 2015

    Water pressure low to non-existent in the Master and 2d Bathrooms' bathtubs, but since our home was built in 2007 Centex/Pulte tells us they can't resolve the problem since they only have a 2 year warranty for plumbing. This is the second time we've contacted this company about a problem with our home and received a less than satisfactory resolution or response, so this is the last time we'll buy a home from any of Pulte's subsidiary companies or Pulte. Buyer beware when it comes to dealing with Pulte/Centex.


    Reviewed May 30, 2015

    Several outlets were not put together... Some had wiring dangling. Several times a month, the circuits would fail when the vacuum was plugged in. Front garage lamps wouldn't work. Costs us a few hundred dollars to temporarily fix the power surges. Door won't stay open or shut...wondering if the ground is level. Fungus growing in 2 windows; replacement was expensive. NEVER AGAIN, CENTEX!


    Reviewed May 26, 2015

    I purchased my home in 2006 from Centex with a full 10 year warranty. Pulte bought Centex shortly thereafter and to this day uses both the Pulte and Centex names. I was assured my warranty was fully covered by the new company. The first spring, the stucco would "melt" off. The underlying stucco would turn to sand and the paint was the only thing holding the surface together giving it a melting appearance.

    At one point during a rainstorm, water poured into the home and damaged the drywall. The drywall was repaired, but no mention to mold. For the first 2 years, they would patch the areas and promised they would fix for years to come. Here we are at spring, and like the flowers, the stucco is unfolding. I feel the dampness may be contributing to mold that could harm my family. The warranty person came out, was very nice, then went back to the cowardly position behind my computer to deny any claims. Beware. I find this company unprofessional, uncaring, and without pride of workmanship.

    Contract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed May 20, 2015

    I am representing a buyer (I am a Realtor) who had planned to build a home with Centex in the Mt Dora FL area. After 2 months they still have not even applied for the permit to start building. It should have been submitted 2 months ago and we should have the permits within 3-4 weeks. This poor couple doesn't have a clue when they will even get around to pulling the permits.

    Once they get the contract signed and get the earnest money, they don't care about you or your circumstances! They are also very hard to get information from, they don't communicate well with buyers. There are too many good, reputable builders out there, that respect their customers and really try to do a good job and in the time frame that is reasonable. As a Realtor I find this behavior to be unprofessional and I have worked with many builders in my 28 years of being a Realtor in FL. Centex has been one of the worst. Run to the nearest good builder and avoid Pulte/Centex!


    Reviewed May 19, 2015

    I have been in my home for 9 years and I have had to have the ac unit worked on every year. The unit almost caught on fire one year because the blower motor blew up in my attic. My home and ac unit is clearly out of warranty, but people need to know that Centex is using poor quality equipment in their homes. I ended up having to get a home warranty because the repairs are so expensive. I may now have to replace both units, which may cost around $10K. This is so unfair that families purchase their homes from Centex believing they are doing a great thing for their family and end up getting screwed by a reputable company who obviously care more about profit than providing quality service.

    Reviewed May 5, 2015

    I purchase home in 2008. Water keep leaking, they said expand pipes sweat. Fireplace by heat and Glo gets really hot on the outside. AC unit gone after 3 yrs. Why they use a purchase unit that takes R-22 knew it was being phased out in 2015.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed April 22, 2015

    I invested every dime I had into this house and the house, company and community is worthless. One month after the warranty expired every carpet seam started coming apart and pulling away from the tile. The entire dining room outlets can't be used because they trip if you plug anything in. The upstairs window has mold growing in between the panels. Bedroom doors won't stay shut because they were set wrong. One of the sinks won't drain properly. The company's response, "Sorry, it's out of warranty." These things happen.

    Reviewed Jan. 13, 2015

    I reported to Centex Homes a dangerous problem with the foundation cracking which led to an unsafe condition of the structure of my town home while still under the supposed warranty period. Centex only patched the sidewalk knowing very well that the foundation and structure failed due to severe cracks to the foundation around the front doorway of the town home. The awning connected to the front has the potential of falling on top of myself or a family member. If this happens, someone could be injured or killed. Centex/Pulte claims this is not structural failure when clearly it is!

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Dec. 17, 2014

    I own property in the Village of Armstrong Farms in Jeffersonville, IN. During my purchase process, the sales information I received, including the governing documents, stated that the developer (now the Pulte Group - Centex) will turn over control of the HOA to the property owners upon completion of the development. Our neighborhood is now almost TEN (10) years old. We are a small community, like 125 properties. The Pulte Group - Centex is refusing to turn over control. I was told by their management company that Pulte Group - Centex is holding one (1) unit and that one unit is NOT for sale and they have NO plans to develop it.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Dec. 3, 2014

    I lived in my home for 3 years now, 8/29/2011. My AC/unit/heat pump has gone out two times now. It’s going to cost me $384.00 today to repair & replace the blow motor & wheel in the unit. Called Centex Homes. Too bad cannot help. Unit was bad when they put it in. I live in my last home 26 years. Never had to replace the unit. Runnnnnnnnn. Don’t walk. Run away.

    Customer ServiceInstallation & Setup

    Reviewed Oct. 14, 2014

    I bought my home in late 2005. In 2006, a wind storm blew off some of the roofing. Centex (Pulte) subcontractor replaced the damaged shingles at no cost. As this replacement was paid for by Centex on a new home I assumed it would be installed to code and be free of defects. I recently developed a leak and had another roofer inspect the roof. He reports that the roof was installed improperly and not according to roofer best practice for nailing shingles. This resulted in many of the improperly installed nails backing out, resulting is a leaky roof. I contacted Centex (Pulte) and their response was it's out of warranty so not their problem. My position is if the roof was installed improperly causing premature failure that's Pulte's responsibility regardless of warranty considerations.

    Reviewed Sept. 11, 2014

    We bought our home in Las Vegas in Jan 2007. After two weeks in our home, a pipe burst in the master bathroom. We call a plumber, who discover that someone nail a screw through the water line. We call our insurance company who went against them and won, returning our deductible. Fast forward to 2014, a line under our sink crack, causing a slow drip, which flooded our kitchen. We have it fix on Sunday by a plumber, who indicated to us the wires under the sink were not up to code. Now today, after we were about to get everything fix, the insurance people discover a second leak under the sink. Where a nail, slice one of the wires, which were hanging off the wall. We have it once again check and they determine, due to the sink not being up to code, they would have to pull everything from underneath and fix it.

    This wasn't the only problem we have had with the house. We have to replace the toilets, due to leaks. As well as an outlet outside, that kept knocking out the power into the bathrooms and kitchen. Due to the fact that someone install an indoor outlet, outside. Right now our insurance company is once again going against them.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 11, 2014

    Our move in date was August 10, 2012. After a year of living in our home, the kitchen and bathroom cabinets color starting coming off on the bottoms. Actually looks like peeling. My husband called the office even though it was over a year, and a cabinet person was sent. The guy came and said maybe it came from mopping, vacuuming, etc. He said he would let us know. Now I have friends that mop and vacuum that live longer than I do in this development and their cabinets are perfect. The man never got back to us. Today I noticed the tops of my cabinets starting to chip. Can't call Centex. It is not under warranty. Apparently the material used is some cheap stuff. Looks very unappealing, and would surely not help me if I wanted to sell the home.

    Installation & SetupCoverage

    Reviewed Sept. 9, 2014

    We watched our home being built..even got to do many walk throughs as construction progressed. I remember asking the field manager if anyone on the framing crew owned a tape measure! There were 3/4" gaps between many fire blocks. The drywall of course covers up all those qualities issues. In fact, the drywall came out fine! Go figure. We purchased many upgrades....most disappointing....1800 sq ft of ceramic tile which is now cracking....everywhere. Of course that means the foundation is also cracking....WONDERFUL!!!. Think Centex will fix it? RIGHT!! Just like they'll replace the 1400sq Ft of "upgraded" carpet they installed in the bedrooms and great room....upgraded that looks like a wet rag.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Sept. 9, 2014

    We closed our new house with Pulte yesterday (09/08/14) and we decided to replace the carpet with tile and this is what we found after took off the carpet.

    Updated on 01/08/2015:

    Be aware when purchasing a home with this builder. My walls and ceiling have multiple cracks after 2 months. I request for the service, no one contact us until now (after 30 days). If you want to see I can show you at the address below: **.

    Installation & SetupCoveragePriceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 30, 2014

    RECAP: We bought our home Dec. 2012 - it was a HUD type purchase - we are the second owners of the home. In my previous review I stated a lot of issues with our home - one of them was the flooring on the main floor in front of the bathroom and basically through the home in various areas.

    We recently had 2 different contractors (Carpenters) come in to give us a quote on replacing what we thought was water damage from a leaky sink in the bathroom. OH - NO PEOPLE.. that is not it!!!! Turns out we have a MAJOR STRUCTURAL DEFECT!!!!! Our home is 2 stories, 5 bedroom, 2.5 baths, living room, family room and kitchen 2200 sq feet total.

    Apparently, our joists under the first floor are failing!!!!! Failing - defective - crap - junk!! There are not enough joists under the home to support the weight of the house itself!! There are only 10" cement support columns" under the home and both companies that came out to give us quotes said there should be at least another 10 under the house, given the size. The joists are spaced too far apart and that load bearing wall in the center of the home is not supported correctly and our house is basically sagging in the middle!!

    That is why the 2nd floor directly above this area is starting to sag also. You can literally put a golf ball on the floor and it rolls toward the load bearing wall. We need to install additional joist under the home to help support the 2nd floor. This is why the nail heads are only popping out around this area upstairs and downstairs, the reason for the front of our house almost tilting towards the back of the house (bathroom upstairs is tilting slightly) why there are only cracks showing up on the front side of the house on those doors that are on that side, why the doors won't close all the way - the house is basically sagging towards the middle from all the weight of the second floor.

    We could have jacks put in under the home to alleviate some of this, but if anyone wants to purchase our home and the inspector sees those under there, it might be a turn off?? I am devastated at the cost to fix this. I am sure they will say it is all to code, but both carpenters that came out said there is no way that is up to code and if it is by some miracle, it is strictly that..code, based on the size and height of our home and weight sq ft wise.

    I think he said that the joists are spaced something like 16 ft apart, one of them said they should have done them more like 12 ft. The soft spots in the house are actually our floor sagging between the joists!! Quotes so far to fix it and make it safe and prevent any more damage - Min. $7000 - $13,000 dollars! (the high end is to run new joists in between the current ones, maybe even 2 between the current ones for an 8ft spacing between them).

    I have read on here that the 10-year warranty will only cover structural defects and that the guidelines for that are 3 items, all of which we are covered by - Major Structural Defects (MSD). MSD is the ONLY thing warranted in the 10-year warranty after the first 2-year period. All of the following conditions must be met to constitute a major structural defect:

    Actual physical damage
    Causing the failure of the specific major structural components and

    It materially affects the physical safety of the occupants of the home.

    I found a great review of the 10-yr warranty - it is pretty much crap!!! Nothing is actually covered..lol. Lots of loopholes and exclusions. Check it out if your are interested.

    My concern is this - I have seen on this site that some of these other Centex home owners are being told that the warranty on the home does not transfer???? Is that true and how in the heck is that possible?? The house is NOT SAFE!!! If the joists are failing and the load bearing wall in the center of the home is not properly supported - shouldn't the warranty cover that regardless of who actually owns the home? It is within the 10-year timeframe..I understand basic settling issues, which I just assumed was the case with the cracks around the door frames upstairs, but that is not the case. I understand that there is maintenance on a home..but this to me is NOT acceptable maintenance on a home that is only 8 years old. Centex is on my radar now...someone should be held accountable for this.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2014

    Let me preface with our home was built in 1995 before Centex was bought by Pulte. But all in all our home has been very good. With any house, especially a budget home, whether it's a Centex or not you have to be switched on and be paying attention to everything. But a detailed visual inspection plus a lot of questions from both the builder's rep and next door neighbors is usually all the due diligence you need. We did that. We weighed the pros to the cons and decided to buy.

    One recommendation though is not to be in a hurry or feel pressured to close, even at the title company. You see even the most minute flaw, tell them to fix it first. Never expect them to fix it afterwards. Pay strict attention to the initial "bumper to bumper" warranty and get as much fixed as possible that you missed during the pre-occupancy inspection. Now about new construction in general. Everybody uses the cheapest labor possible. So if you're buying while it's being built, stay on top of it. Visit all the time. Address any and all concerns to your contractor/builder's rep. Plus, by being there all the time, the carpenters and such will do a better job knowing you're picky.

    Finally about Centex homes. They're probably the best bang for the buck out there. We got a lot of square footage for a terrifically good price. But it's a box. Built to code and everything but still a highly engineered box designed to be built as cheaply as possible. For instance, our home has 8' ceilings not 9' or 10'. The windows are metal framed not wood. The walls' corners are squared not rounded. The roof has a low pitch and is definitely not "volume". Practically all finishings are "builders grade" from cabinets to flooring to heating and cooling. But it's tight and has stood up to almost 10 harsh years of South Texas weather and wind.

    Every home will need maintenance. Every home will leak and rot around door frames where water back splashes. Every home will need a new air conditioner before it's 10 years old and a new roof before it's 20. I recommend any prospective buyer for any budget, entry level home keep in mind that maintenance never stops and never ever waits for you to have spare $$ to spend on it.

    Last suggestion. Buy a private insurance, appliance and systems warranty, if you're on a budget. They run around $50 per month and require a $60 co-pay whenever you need a service call. But if they can't fix your washer or even your air conditioner, that $60 is all you pay and they buy you a new comparable item. The bottom line is our Centex was a 3,000 sq feet, stone on 3 sides, 4 beds, 2.5 baths and a two car garage house for $178K on a corner lot in the best school district in San Antonio. While I'd have liked higher ceilings and could have used a bigger garage and maybe something nicer than a postage stamp lot, it has turned out to be a pretty fair value and has served us well.

    Installation & SetupContract & TermsCoveragePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 15, 2014

    YOU COULDN'T PAY ME TO BUILD ANOTHER HOUSE BUILT BY CENTEX OR ANY OTHER COMPANY OWNED BY PULTE. They lack the amount of integrity that I would expect out of a company building homes for families to live in. We have had nothing but problems with them since we signed our contract to live in Spence Creek in Lebanon, TN on March 1, 2013, and we were told the house would be built in 4-6 months; however it "rarely goes to the six months". We met with the field manager the month after we signed, and he went over the plan. The basement got poured not long after that, but then it just sat there... and sat there... and sat there. Nothing happened for over a month.

    I contacted the sales guy, Derek, and he said that there's a shortage of framing crews. So we waited. Well, the house got framed, and we met the field manager for the pre-drywall walk through. Oh, but it was a different field manager, Dylan. The original guy quit, and no one thought to tell us that. During the pre-drywall walk through we found a number of things such as rotted wood that they had put in the framing. We ripped it out so that they would not just drywall over it. We also noticed that the electrician put holes in a load bearing wall in the garage. They said it met codes so they wouldn't do anything about it. The HVAC company also put vents in the incorrect places for circulation and pulled the duct work too tight. These are all things that Dylan, if he knew what he was doing and/or was doing his job, should have seen.

    On to drywall, counters, doors, etc. This is a huge lack of integrity and pride. We checked on our house weekly and we told Dylan, who was supposedly also checking on our house weekly, about problems as they came up. So we noticed before the countertops were put on that there was a crack in them. We didn't say anything on purpose because we wanted to see if they would install them. They did. They also installed window sills so crooked that I didn't need a level to confirm they were. They installed dented doorknobs and the drywall is terrible. I'm pretty sure they get day laborers to do the drywall work because it definitely doesn't look like a professional did it. If they are professional, they don't take much pride in their work. We have obvious seams showing, cracking (which I'm acknowledging could be due to settling which is normal), and build up of plaster in our corners that they just didn't bother to sand.

    When I brought some of this to Dylan's attention I was told that those things are things that need to be brought up in the pre-closing walk through. No, they're things you don't want to fix so that I am distracted by them at the pre-closing walk through so that I don't notice so many things. On to closing walk through - our realtor found a number of things that needed to be fixed that, again, should have been very obvious and should have been caught by Centex if they had a little pride and integrity. There was a loose railing on our second story deck, loose siding, a missing downspout, gaps in the siding exposing wood, the electrical sockets didn't work in several of the rooms, a chandelier was missing and the wrong fixture in the bathroom was installed, obvious scratches on the columns that were installed that way, and cracked crown molding in the master bedroom. That's just to name a few.

    Fast forward to closing day - you do your final walk through an hour before your closing. So if you do find something, you either wait for it to be fixed or you close with things that you will have to schedule warranty appointments for. In our case, our closing had been pushed back at least twice, and we were already a month later than we were originally told. So we were desperate to close. After closing we had to file a warranty claim for numbers on our mailbox because we didn't even have a mailbox when we closed. We have had a flood in our ceiling because either someone stepped on our HVAC drain pipe in the attic or it was not installed correctly and the water was leaking all in our attic and on to our ceiling. We also had a closet shelf that barely had any clothes on it, fall down TWICE. It was put in with anchors but not into studs as it should be. The first time it fell, they fixed it. The most recent time, they said they wouldn't because it's not covered under warranty, and they did it the first time as a courtesy. They said I could use my 11 month drywall touch up to fix it.

    When I spoke to the warranty guy, Alex, he was not empathetic to the fact that it shouldn't fall down at all and kept telling me that the house was built to codes. I've told several of their employees that we wish we would have NEVER bought a Centex home, and they say, "I'm sorry you feel that way." Their lack of empathy tells me they're not. Centex will build your house according to codes and do no more. They are a horrible, heartless company and care nothing about the families they're building it for.

    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPrice

    Reviewed Aug. 3, 2014

    We purchased our home in December 2012, it was a foreclosure type sale. We purchased in a neighborhood that was supposed built in 2006. We did get our home for a great price and the home was built in 2006. The first night in our new home our roof started leaking. It was coming through the ceiling on our second floor hallway, right around the air filter vent. Turns out that CENTEX did not install end caps on the roof vent that runs the length of our home. We had to call out a roofer that evening, while it was pouring outside so he could put a tarp on the roof to keep the leak as under control as possible till the next day. We had trash cans and pots and pans the length of our attic to catch the rain.

    The roof was leaking in through the end cap opening and also dripping from nails. We had to replace the entire vent cap for the entire length of the roof with a metal one, not the CHEAP PLASTIC that CENTEX used and had to have a whole section of plywood on the roof replaced. Because the one that was there was leaking so badly it was so badly damaged. The roofer said that if anyone had actually stepped on it they would have gone through the roof into the attic. FINAL COST $1200 for our first night in our new home. The roofer said he has replaced 8 of them at other homes in our little block alone. There are over 400 homes in our neighborhood that CENTEX build. Each of our neighbors has had SIMILAR problems in their homes.

    We have doors that won't shut all the way, cracks around the door frames, cracks in the corners, leaky bathroom sinks, that have damaged the floor in our downstairs hallway and are in process of ripping the sub flooring out and replacing, the entire living room floor is popping, cracking and warping in areas, it feels like soft spots, nail heads popping out all over the home. One exterior wall in our living room is freezing cold in the winter (I suspect no insulation was place between the joints). Bowing walls in our second floor bathroom. The kitchen door will not open or close properly. The kitchen floor is starting to warp and has soft spots, electrical wiring is very weird.

    We recently replaced the dining room light fixture and basically had to shut off the kitchen power to get the wiring for the dining room light fixture to not be hot, the ac unit is entirely too small for our 2200 sq ft home (should have 2 units) windows will not shut properly and some of the windows look like they are twisted in the frames. The columns on the front porch are not installed correctly. The front porch concrete is warped somehow, it shakes when you step on it, like a see-saw motion. The bathtub shower creaks and pops loudly when you are standing in it. Garage floor has cracks in it and seams in the upstairs walls are starting to crack and bubble.

    Had we known all the awful things that I have seen on this website about the same problems everyone else is having, we NEVER would have bought this money pit. We are working hard to update some things and we are planning on selling our home within the next year. So, sad that our first home, that we thought was such a great deal, isn't.

    Reviewed July 8, 2014

    We purchased our Centex home in 2006, and since then have had very few problems; a roof leak (due to faulty construction around a roof vent) resulted in damage to the ceiling corners in three rooms (essentially along the drip line from the leak) - we had that fixed at our expense. I came to this site because I wanted to report a possible, ongoing situation relative to electrical switches. This morning my wife heard a pop in the bathroom, so turned off the overhead light, shower light and the fan... the fan kept running. I replaced the switch, which corrected the problem. I have never, ever heard of an electrical switch failing. I wanted to notify Centex of a potential widespread problem, however, none of their supposed e-mail addresses worked. I also tried to send an e-mail to the manufacturer of the switch, to wit: Cooper (switch #712T), but was unable to do so.

    I do not think the malfunction represents a potential fire hazard, but it may be impossible for some homeowners to repair the problem, therefore, they will have to pay big bucks to repair a $1.29 switch. I see from entries on this site that others have had switch-related problems also. I can only hope that the switch malfunction is an isolated incident.

    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed July 5, 2014

    Lack of quality for Centex Homes seems pervasive. We had roof problems; pictures revealed shingles were installed crooked. The house has several construction flaws. Centex doesn't "honor" their 10 year structural warranty. Never again!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 16, 2014

    So we and my husband are first time home buyers so we are new to the whole home buying process. Our experience started by them losing our building documents about a month into the home process. We were told that it takes about 2 months to get a building permit now here it is 3 months into the loan process and we get a phone call from our Realtor stating that the lot we picked don't fit the house we designed. Another disappointment, last but not least we haven't even heard back from the company themselves to let us know that we have to pick a new floor plan or what even fits.. We are pissed to the max with this company.

    Reviewed June 3, 2014

    Centex claims and uses the 10 year warranty as a selling point... until you need it. Then the excuses begin when you need repairs that are clearly within the warranty. "It's not our problem" "We will not send someone to inspect your problem." After two attempts to have someone just come look at it, we were told "we have previously answered your concern and will do nothing as it's out of warranty." We, too, will never buy another Centex home. The company is now Pulte, who seem to treat the Centex customers like ugly stepchildren. Our subdivision was marketed as their PREMIER COMMUNITY. However, they left before finishing the streets with the top layer when the sub was completed. After only 10 years, patches are everywhere. Looks like shanty town.


    Reviewed May 14, 2014

    My wife and I purchased a new home several years ago from Centex. At the time it seemed all the project manager supervising cared about was getting me to give the company a high rating. The building of the home was poor to say the least. Lowest quality materials were used. Workmanship was very shady. Most of the doors don't stay closed. Drywall seams are very poor. Electrician pounded large holes in the side of the house. All wires coming into the house had mismatched covers. The air conditioner is not sized properly for the home. Water heater blew up in 1 year. I could go on and on. I will never buy another home from Centex or recommend to anyone.

    Customer ServiceInstallation & Setup

    Reviewed May 12, 2014

    Built our home in 2007 but went on assignments to Japan in 2008 and Hawaii from January to June 2013. Our home was being rented while we're gone, but the property management was not effectively monitoring the upkeep of our home. When we moved back into our home in November 2013 we found cracks around the foundation, cracks in the ceiling, and the foundation had moved slightly. We also recently found out that the drywall wasn't properly installed (it was installed backwards).

    Centex's response hasn't been adequate and they always had an answer to everything that seemed reasonable until we hired impartial inspectors and other contractors to look at the problems we were observing who offered their opinions about these problems. I should have suspected there would be problems because while our home was under construction, we noticed protesters from other Centex-built neighborhoods camped outside the road leading to our neighborhood who were unhappy with the home that had been built for them.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed April 16, 2014

    I inherited my childhood home I lived in for 30 plus years and placed a small mortgage on it for renovations. Shortly after, Centex mortgage rep called me and asked if I wanted to refinance since I had equity built up to pay for improvements. The rep lied and tricked me into getting an ARM rather than a fixed rate, stating I could get back in my fixed rate after six months of making payments on time. I believed what the lying rep said and refinanced from a fixed rate mortgage to an adjustable rate.

    Six months later, I called Centex back to get "in the program" that would put me back into my fixed rate and the customer service rep said she has never heard of any such program and that they do not offer any such program. Long story short, my ARM went up and I couldn't afford the payment. Then I lost my job and Centex. After that Centex sold the mortgage to Nationsbank who didn't want to lower my monthly payment and approve me since I was on unemployment. Needless to say, Nationsbank asked me to leave the property stating there was a program that could help me with moving expenses, which they agreed to do.

    When I moved out, they never gave me the money as promised and lied stating the property was abandoned. After trying to contact them several times before I moved and several times afterwards, Nationsbank never returned my call. Months later, I went to my childhood home to move some of my personal belongings. They sold the house from under me and when I got there people were moving my personal belongings out of the house and had the keys to my property. That is what I got in return for REFINANCING WITH CENTEX mortgage. Don't ever trust them.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 19, 2014

    Our house was built in 2008. 3 years after moving in the bathroom window area started to leak whenever it rained. They sent three different contractors here and neither of them could solve the problem. This started in March of 2012 and still continues to date. The last contractor came out and looked. All they did was put sealant around the balcony and told me that should solve the problem. He even told me to put sandbags on the roof to slow down the leak. I called in November 2014 and told them the same window with the same problem had started to leak very bad. They said it was no longer under warranty and it was my responsibility to repair it. I call a repair person. He came and saw the damage to the room and told me I had a serious problem, that black mold was growing in the area.

    The area is damaged badly and I spoke to someone on 2-18 -2014. The lady said I was no longer under warranty and it was my responsibility to get it repaired even after I explained the problem was never solved. They never fixed it so how was I responsible for a mistake that was on their part in building this house? It only happens when it rains and he told me it was the way the house was built the reason the water came through. I told them I was concerned about the black mold. My grandson lives with me and has asthma and still they say I am responsible for getting this repaired. And the area where it is leaking also looks horrible from the water damage. They sent people out and they removed the drywall and replaced it twice because of this. All I want to know is am I responsible for repairing something they never fixed in over 3 years?

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 4, 2014

    We just closed on our new house this Friday and it was the wipe overall experience I've ever had in my life. We are getting married in June and decided to have our dream home built before the wedding due to great programs and interest rates. I wish I would've seen more of these negative reports before we decided to go with Centex because I would've built with someone else. Yes I'm aware that every company has issues and nothing is done prefect these days but some of the crap we went through was uncalled for.

    We would've known right from the beginning before they started framing that this was going to be a disaster. The subdivision construction manager wouldn't bend on a time to do the preconstruction meeting because he only worked Monday through Friday 8 to 4. Well this doesn't work when both of us work those same times hmm great start. The meeting gets set up and we take off to have it and he camels because he is sick and said he would call over the phone. Guess what? That sure didn't happen.

    Finally got to meet with him right after the framing was done already because they framed for a corner has for once and we put in the plans a wood fire place. They fixed that but wouldn't fix the other window so they were even widths from the corners on the same wall. He told me that's the plans and there are no changing it. Come to find out from the guy that took his spot at the being of the year that we could've moved it but had to pay for it if I said something early enough. Well I flipped a lid because I did and the other guy just didn't care.

    I had the pre-drywall meeting the first week of December with the new manager that was taking over in January. They had just pied the driveway the prior week and I noticed the driveway was allowed right to left and not level at all. I pointed this out and he said he would have the contractor come look it over. As we were leaving the contractor happened to drive by so he flashed him down to stop and look at it. His answer might have been the most ridiculous excuse I've ever heard in my life. "Well the road slopes that way." Are you kidding me? That doesn't mean the whole driveway should and if that's the case why doesn't everyone around us have driveways sloped with the road?

    Well here it was now 3 weeks till closing and I've not heard back about the driveway and everyone I called I was getting the run around. The new manager finally told me that the regional manager was coming that Friday to take a look at it and see what they were gonna do, if anything. I told him if this wasn't fixed we weren't closing. To our surprise and even our agents, who said we were lucky because they never do big things like that, they are gonna fix it. They said they could do it right away or wait till it warms up. No way would I want it done a week before closing and not be able to pull a truck up and unpack my stuff and even be done in this negative degree weather we have been having.

    So they say they are going to do it by May first. But what an inconvenience, no parking on it for over 2 weeks and even walking on it for 3 days. The worst part is we have no hard yet so we will have to walk through mud to get into the house. Well at least it's gonna be fixed I guess but we'll see if they actually do it because they wouldn't let us hold any escrow back till they finished it.

    I had some other issues with some things not closed off or sealed up and you could see outside in corners of the bedrooms at the tops where the roof and wall met. They say they fixed them but after the other things they said they would fix and didn't, that I found when the house was complete like the subfloor joints not sanded and you could feel them in the carpet. I highly doubt they fixed anything. What a joke!

    Then comes the worse issue that almost made her just walk right away. They stayed bricking the outside and after a little bit of it was finished, she went to look at it and called me crying. This brick wasn't the same as we picked out. When we picked out brick she specifically said she didn't want orange brick so we picked a dark red. Well this brick they were putting on the house looked orange. Like many others have said in in posts I've read, we too got the universal answer. It's the same order number as you picked and no two brick look alike. Yes I understand this plus know it still needs cleaned and stuff but you tell me how avoid washing it is going to make orange look red plus 5 houses down had the same brick and that didn't look orange at all. She hates this brick and it was a disaster.

    It's just sad because here we paid way too much extra to add brick down both sides of the house that went half way up and it doesn't look like the sample we picked from one bit. Not to mention that they laid it like crap and put a bunch of black brick clumped together in them big areas with no black brick. When asked what they were going to do over and over again they kept saying they weren't doing anything and to wait till it’s all the way done and cleaned and see what we thought. Nope still looks orange and nothing was done. I just think they could care less about customer satisfaction and more about getting them done as fast as possible so they make more money. Plus if you don't like it they don't care because they will eventually get some sorry sap that has no clue to buy it and then Centex had no worries.

    Here it is almost a week after we closed and we haven't moved in yet because they still have paint and drywall to fix from our final walk through. Needless to say they didn't fix half the things we marked. To pay that much for a new house and you see nail holes in every piece of woodwork and they leave broken trim up and don't even try to fix it is a joke. Plus the front door looks like someone took a hammer to the top corner on the inside and it has 10 massive dings in it and they thought this was acceptable. I don't and won't ever recommend using Centex or Pulte, same company now. If I would've wanted this kind of shoddy craftsmanship I would've hired a bum off the street. All around horrible customer service and horrible work.

    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed Feb. 1, 2014

    I live in a townhome community built by Centex. I was the President of our Association for a couple of years, so I've heard and seen many of the issues with homes in our community. There are many issues with many of the homes in our community from sinking homes, bowed walls, ac units that barely meet codes requirements, but truly are not appropriate for the size of the home, electrical wiring issues, plumbing issues (which have caused several homes to have busted pipes this winter because they are exposed to the elements), poorly installed windows (casing too large for the window), poorly installed doors (I could see sunlight around my entire door frames), slanting floors on the upstairs floor, tub that constantly creaks, etc. I could go on and on. Centex has operated this way for years and yet, they continue to stay in business. Because people continue to buy their homes, apparently, they never feel the need to improve their quality of build or their consumer satisfaction. It is truly unfortunate because many of the issues are just a matter of have some quality control over their subcontractors. I would never buy another Centex home or recommend a Centex home to anyone.

    Customer ServiceContract & Terms

    Reviewed Dec. 17, 2013

    I signed a contract in June with pre-approval for a home. I applied for an FHA loan and assistance with a first time home buyer's program (due to credit score). I went to three loan processors trying to get paperwork completed. I refused to continue providing the same documents due to staff changes. I was preapproved, conditional approved and then denied at the very end. I was scheduled to close Dec. 26 this year for a new home. I received a text message from the seller that the loan was denied and he will send a cancellation letter. I had to email him more than once to obtain the letter and he refused to refund earnest money. His statement was it was in the contract non-refundable due to a finished home. This was an emotional roller coaster and the worst mistake I could make.

    Contract & Terms

    Reviewed Nov. 11, 2013

    I am in the process of having a home built through Centex. It has been one issue after another. I paid them for Appraisal that I didn't get reimbursement for, then items were not completed in a timely manner. Lastly I am due to close this week and they are now advising they can't have my repairs done before closing as some items take 3-4 weeks, but my contract originated back in May of this year. The home has been sitting empty now since July, due to delays in financing, government shutdown. But it's now November, why couldn't they have repairs done before closing.

    I will not recommend this community or builder to anyone. It just has been one hassle after another with this company. I do have photos of repairs that still need to be done. I am checking into my options now to see if there is anything legally I can do or pursue.

    Reviewed Nov. 5, 2013

    Centex homes and its property management company have been giving me the runaround for 7 years about fixing the drainage issue in my yard. It's flooded for days and then they send me letters telling me my lawn needs to be mowed. It's an inch under water. I can't mow it. Plus, the wiring was shoddy. I thought they were brownouts, turns out my electrical box exploded. Now my roof is leaking and I have water dripping out of the smoke detector in my bedroom and the popcorn ceiling is peeling off. I have even sent letters certified mail and I still get ignored. I will never purchase a Centex home ever again.

    Reviewed July 27, 2013

    I bought a Centex home in 2006. I've had to replace the electric switches because they were so cheaply made they kept popping and then break. TVA just told me that that ductwork was done poorly and I should have it ripped out and re-done and that I don't have the minimum insulation. The drainage in the yard is horrible. The siding is warping. Almost every nail is popping. I've asked for the blueprints and Centex tells me they can't give me a copy due to copyright reasons which is BS. I would never buy from Centex again and I would strongly encourage others to purchase elsewhere if you want quality.

    Reviewed July 2, 2013

    I have owned my home since 2008. Recently, I've being having problems with my light switches. I would turn on a light and it would spark or the light would pop as if a bulb had blown. My light in the laundry room no longer works. I changed the bulbs but nothing works. My baseboards are loose and fall off. The windows fog and ice up in the winter. My HOA is suing Centex for this purpose.

    Reviewed June 26, 2013

    My mother bought a brand new townhouse from MD in 2004. And to this day, Centex has not finished it, even though ownership was transferred to my mom (along with the mortgage, HOAs, etc.). The yard/grading which allows water to flow away from the house and driveway are unfinished, which led to flooding in the basement some time ago. Lawsuits are ongoing. If you are in MD and want to help us, please contact me via email at **.