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ThermoSpas Swim Spas

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ThermoSpas Swim Spas offers a variety of swim spas in order to help you choose the one that works best for you. With ThermoSpas you have the ability to design your own spa or select by seating capacity or model. ThermoSpas Swim Spas are not only designed for entertainment, but cardio and strength training as well as post-workout massages. Contact us today to learn more about our products available!

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Last updated: April 20, 2018

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 20, 2018

I'm an old man, broke down and I can hardly do nothing. I can't walk much and we figured that the swim spa would get me to move around a little bit. We got the Swim Spa Trainer. It has swim jets on one end of it and the massage chairs on the other end where we got the jets on them. I like it. It’s good. We get in there and it helps. Now, we're moving a little better. We've only missed two days being in it since we got it. The guy who set it up told me what to expect and how often we need to clean and take care of it. He showed me how everything worked. I've already recommended ThermoSpas Swim Spas.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2018

We got the ThermoSpas Swim Spa Trainer to get more guests for our vacation rental. The installation involved having the spa taken over a two-story house and wires so that was exciting. I had to have access big enough from the front yard to the backyard and they did that very professionally. They also took my old tub, put it back on the flatbed truck and delivered that to my personal home from the vacation rental. That was very nice.

I really appreciated that when they set up the instructions, I was able to videotape with my phone how to make it work. It’s a complicated machine and it was really nice that the guy suggested that. That has also worked out really well for me in passing that information on to the other people that maintain the tub for me. But it would be really nice if they had a laminated copy of how to turn it on and clean it, a piece of paper that I can keep near the spa and not worry about getting wet because Xerox copies have a tendency to run. Once, I made a call to double check what to do when the water was slightly cloudy and the person I talked to assured me that doing shock would probably clean that out and we didn’t have to change the water.

The tub is pretty idiot-proof too. You just keep pushing buttons and certain things happen. The tub has been a good way for us to rent the property. We got several bookings in the last three weeks and I’ve got to give the spa credit. Also, it's quality is excellent. It's higher than the quality of the tub I had before. If you can afford it, go for it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 11, 2018

My wife loves to swim and we used to have a rectangular pool that was good for swimming laps. But for the last eight years, we’ve been in our third home and the pool here is a smaller, more decorative-shaped pool. My wife doesn’t get the exercise she once did. We talked about it and I asked her if she thought she would use a pool. She said she didn’t even know if she would like it. They’re pretty expensive and it was a good-sized gamble. We looked at several brands but after the gentleman from ThermoSpas came and talked to us, we felt that ThermoSpas was the route to go. We got the one that’s got all the bells and whistles.

They didn’t deliver the week that we thought they would though. It was two weeks late but the team has been very cooperative and I have but one regret. My wife is always taking care of the tools, like the testing. But she wasn’t there when they delivered it and the guy was very detailed. So I told him that I would like him to come back when I knew my wife would be there and do it over again. But I never heard from him again. I called the gentleman who sold it to us and he said it’s expensive to do that. He said that they’ve got great and professional people on the line who can answer the phone and walk us through that very well. But it’s not the same as having somebody out there to show her how to get that filter out like he did to me. It worked a lot and that’s the only thing that I wish we could still do.

We’ve enjoyed the pool a dozen times in the last five weeks, but there’s no swimming to speak of yet. We were hoping that we, or at least she, would get in some kind of repetition, to go out and swim at 6 o’clock every evening for 30 minutes. That hasn’t happened yet but our hopes are still up. The quality of the pool is good so far. It is steel all the way around and it’s a very strong structure. ThermoSpas has a great product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 30, 2017

I wanted a pool but I didn’t want the maintenance. We're only two people and I like that I can use the swim spa year-round. The Swim Spa Trainer was the biggest and we've used all of its features such as the swim portion and the lap portion. Also, I and other women sat around and we've done the therapy part. They have two seats in this particular model that are massaging jets. I really like the blower that provides resistance so that you can swim into it and stay stationary. The Swim Spa Trainer is also a little lap pool and I do a lot of physical therapy stuff in there too by the vacuum frame. It's good for me physically as it's medicative. I've had a rough few years and my current physical stance is the best.

The Swim Spa Trainer is a great entertainment. My 10-year-old daughter and I jump in it at night and have fun. It's 30-degrees out and it's fabulous. On Thanksgiving Day, I had my family in it and we had a blast, and on Christmas evening, I had some blocked time to have a spa. The Swim Spa Trainer is more expensive but I have people I can call at a moment's notice. The service has been fantastic whenever I have any difficulty or question. I live in Rhode Island and ThermoSpas is a Connecticut company, so I'm going to support them the best I can. I'm thrilled with the product, but I wish they could make a bigger one and add some features, and come up with a motorized cover. The pool has a cover, so the heat stays in and I don't have to worry about debris getting in the pool. The cover is very heavy and that's fine. But I can see myself if I’m swimming in it from my injury, I'd have a hell of a time using it.

The Swim Spa Trainer is self-cleaning, which is its best feature. I have other friends and family who've had different types of hot tubs and spas and maintenance is always a pain, but not for me. All I have to do is maintain the right chemical and weigh things down every now and again. When you have somebody paying $40,000 for something, more than likely he or she won’t mind paying another $5,000 to do an add-on feature that many people would take advantage of. There are people who would be willing to pay for it, like me. I had the money to put in an in-ground pool and I opted not to because of the maintenance. If somebody wants to deal with the joys of a pool, and not the size of a pool or the tech plan applications of a pool, ThermoSpas Swim Spas is the way to go. It's phenomenal.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 27, 2017

In October of 2009, we purchased the Aquacisor, the exercise hot tub from ThermoSpas. And since the day we purchased it, my son says we should have spent $10,000 more and get the swim spa. So, eight years have gone past, the kids have graduated from college, and have taken their masters, and then graduated from their masters. And now, I have some extra money. That's the reason we purchased the swim spa. Good thing, we know the product. My son understood the chemicals that go with it so we just felt it was a good purchase. And so I easily gave the hot tub to a friend of mine. Hopefully, one day he would install it.

So far, the tub works fine. I would highly recommend it to anybody who would get a hot tub. Additionally, while their technical staff is fine, I didn't like the attitude of some of the other people. But there's nothing you could do. Still, I like the product. It's not that hard to run and my electricity bill hasn't gone up so much. Thank God, I don’t have to watch every cent. So I will buy another swim spa and then take it to Maryland. As for the hot tub we had previously, we had to replace three out of the four pumps because they were overused. So, it's like my friend is getting almost a brand new hot tub.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2017

I thought the swim spa would be a good exercise for my husband and the rest of our family could enjoy it too as it had a lot of seating. It was big enough without being a pool. We had looked at two other companies but one didn't have the seating. They didn't have a lot of the options such as the accessories like the lights and the Ozonator. Some of them were really just a big hot tub that didn’t even have the handles to hold on to. Also, ThermoSpas seemed to offer a better quality.

Their reps were very helpful in explaining everything when we purchased the swim spa but the installation had been a month later than I expected. That was my only disappointment. The people who installed it were great and everything was good. But the swim spa came with a cracked piece of fabricated wood on the trimming on the outside. The customer service reps handled it well but they sent me a replacement that also came cracked. So I called the company up and they sent me three more pieces. Aside from that, the cover on the swim spa was electric and self-opening so it would be easier if we didn’t have to open it. Plus, I thought it was going to open the other way and when you’re sitting, the two ends block your view.

I was also rushed to an explanation about how to operate everything. There was a lot of information and it seemed a little too quick for me to absorb the whole idea of how to run it and the chemicals to put in. They showed me how to get the basket out but it was so quick and by the time I had to do it, it had been months and I had forgotten. I called ThermoSpas up about the chemicals and the test for the proper chemicals and the guy I got out on the phone was so helpful. In fact, I kept his number. He walked me through really well for my level.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2017

I've passed on some "great" genes to my children because my grandfather had ankylosing spondylitis just like my son has from which you get totally stiff and rigid, where everything fits together and you can't bend over. Or if you get to bend over you can't stand up. Also we've all got scoliosis really fast which I got from my mom. My daughter and my two sons and my granddaughter inherited it too. I got the big tub that seats 12 from ThermoSpas so we can all get in it. When the installers were putting the walk downs on the tub the wood looking stuff split. But they sent me another piece of that. I just need to get somebody to help me with put it.

I purchased our spa because of the jets in the neck area. Mine is an upgraded version and I've got different features like waves and from what I read we can adjust it better. We've all got arthritis and we can't run so I also like the resistance tool so we can hold on and do some kind of treadmill. All my grandchildren and everybody that's been on the tub loves it.

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ThermoSpas Swim Spas response

Hello Ms. Abernathy, I followed up with our Service Director today and see that we were able to provide service and that your concerns are reported as resolved. If there is anything else we can do, please call our Technical Support Team at 1-800-833-7727 (8 AM - 6 PM EST Monday-Friday, or 8 AM - 1 PM EST on Saturdays). We're here to help! ~ Elle, ThermoSpas

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2017

I need ThermoSpas because my legs hurt so much as well as my whole body. I found out that ThermoSpas can give you a massage. I also need to lose weight. I always have the pool and I miss my pool but keeping a pool heater takes a lot of money and this one is smaller. I did a lot of research and I already knew what I want. I purchased the latest model, the best that they got and I paid $36,000. It has the jets and the resistance feature that allows you to swim in place.

The reps answered a lot of my questions about chemicals. The delivery went fine and they put it the way I wanted it. They didn't show up in time but they told me when they were coming. They had a problem with the address and then the set up took most of the day. The only thing that I'm unsatisfied with was the steps. I have to push an electric lift to get into the pool and that's the only way I can get in. The steps are too high. I'm a handicapped person and I cannot reach the top There's nothing to hold on the side and I cannot walk the steps.

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ThermoSpas Swim Spas response


I hope your new steps we sent are working out well and that you have been enjoying your hot tub. As mentioned on the phone, please feel free to contact me directly if there are any further issues.


Customer Experience Manager

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

We are relocating our home. Our former house got a pool and a hot tub so my wife also wanted a pool and a hot tub in our new house. Since a pool is a waste of money we chose a ThermoSpa swim spa and it enabled us to have the best of both worlds. We can use the tub year-round. The tub is large enough to be considered a small pool and it definitely has all the therapy in jets and controls to be a hot tub. It’s expensive but I've owned and operated a pool and they're a lot more expensive than ThermoSpas. I’ve had others before purchasing ThermoSpas and they didn’t meet the criteria because they did not have the large swim spa feature.

The guy came out and spent a few hours to talk it over oppose to the pluses, minuses and all the questions. It was worth having them come to us versus me since we live in a rural part of the country. I probably wouldn't have purchased it yet if it wasn't for that guy. But one feature in hindsight that I would like to have seen is a control that was to the side, If I wanted to just open it up, check the chemicals on it, check the temperature, it's kind of awkward to be able to lean over the middle of the swim spa to get at the controls. Whereas if there's something a little bit more remote or to one side or the other it doesn't put this way like anytime I'm around it if I'm not going to get in. I take my phone out of my pocket and clear it off the edge and I don't want it to fall out and "Oops, there it goes." That to me would probably the biggest feature I would like to have seen added.." But we’re very happy with the purchase. My wife loves it so I'm a happy guy.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

My wife has a health condition so I bought a swim spa from ThermoSpas. We got the trainer unit because she needed something that's lightweight where she can swim low to keep her activity up. But it took us two months to get the unit after we purchased it. It was said that it would be there probably in four weeks and then it went to six and then eight and then finally it got there. My wife called around four times. We had to do repeated calls to get it delivered. But the installation was easy and it's definitely a quality product. It's doing what we purchased it for.

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