ServicePlus Home Warranty vs. Liberty Home Guard

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What is the difference between ServicePlus Home Warranty and Liberty Home Guard?

Liberty Home Guard and ServicePlus Home Warranty are two leading home warranty providers. With coverage options for appliances and home systems, these plans can help you cut the costs of major home repairs or replacements. This guide compares key features from each company, such as their annual premiums, coverages and reputations. Keep reading for a side-by-side comparison of these two brands.


serviceplus home warranty logoliberty home guard logo
Monthly premium cost$53.67 to $60.33$64.99 to $74.99
Average cost for combo plan$56.17 (Platinum)$74.99 (Total Home Guard)
Annual premium cost$569 to $649$624.99 to $749.99
Service call fee$75$125
Discounts available2 months free and limited roof coverage with annual paymentOne month free for each year of contract if paid upfront (up to 5 months free for 5-year contract)
serviceplus home warranty logo$53.67 to $60.33$56.17 (Platinum)$569 to $649$752 months free and limited roof coverage with annual payment
liberty home guard logo$64.99 to $74.99$74.99 (Total Home Guard)$624.99 to $749.99$125One month free for each year of contract if paid upfront (up to 5 months free for 5-year contract)


serviceplus home warranty logoliberty home guard logo
Plans availableGold, PlatinumAppliance Guard, Systems Guard, Total Home Guard
Covered systems98
Covered appliances77
Combo plan covered items1615
Service recall period30 days60-day workmanship warranty
Availability43 states45 states
serviceplus home warranty logoGold, Platinum971630 days43 states
liberty home guard logoAppliance Guard, Systems Guard, Total Home Guard871560-day workmanship warranty45 states

Appliances coverage

serviceplus home warranty logoliberty home guard logo
Built-in food centers
Built-in microwaves
Clothes dryers
Clothes washers
Ice makerAdd-onAdd-on
Instant hot/cold water dispensersAdd-on
Ranges, ovens and cooktops
Trash compactorsAdd-on
Water sensors
Whirlpool bathtub
serviceplus home warranty logoAdd-on
liberty home guard logoAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on

Systems coverage

serviceplus home warranty logoliberty home guard logo
Air conditioning
Ceiling fans
Central vacuumsAdd-onAdd-on
Garage door openers
Garbage disposals
Smoke detectors
Water heaters
serviceplus home warranty logoAdd-on
liberty home guard logoAdd-on

Other coverage

serviceplus home warranty logoliberty home guard logo
Guest unit
Roof leak repairsAdd-onAdd-on
Second refrigeratorAdd-onAdd-on
Septic pumpAdd-onAdd-on
Stand-alone freezerAdd-onAdd-on
Well pumpAdd-on
serviceplus home warranty logoAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
liberty home guard logoAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on

Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

serviceplus home warranty logoliberty home guard logo
Overall star rating3.34.4
Verified customer reviewsRead reviewsRead reviews
serviceplus home warranty logo3.3Read reviews
liberty home guard logo4.4Read reviews

All prices are based on a quote for a house of less than 5,000 square feet in Austin, Texas. All information is accurate as of publishing.

Quick and easy. Find a home warranty partner now.

    ServicePlus Home Warranty

    ServicePlus Home Warranty offers two levels of home warranty coverage, plus optional add-ons. You can get a free quote to see your costs and available discounts.

    When service is needed, you can submit a claim over the phone 24/7 or request an appointment online to tap into ServicePlus Home Warranty's large network of contractors. The service call fee is $75.

    ServicePlus Home Warranty plans

    • Gold: The Gold warranty covers most major home systems and appliances — but not all. Gold covers your:
      • Plumbing system and stoppages
      • Water heater
      • Whirlpool bathtub
      • Electrical system
      • Range, oven and cooktop
      • Permanent sump pump
      • Built-in microwave
      • Dishwasher
      • Garbage disposal
      • Trash compactor
      • Ductwork
      • Garage door opener
      • Ceiling and exhaust fans
    • Platinum: The Platinum warranty covers everything included in the Gold plan, plus some extra systems and appliances. This warranty adds coverage for your home's:
      • HVAC system
      • Refrigerator
      • Washer
      • Dryer
    • Optional coverage: ServicePlus Home Warranty also offers optional coverages for other parts of your home. Add-ons include coverage for your:
      • Pool and spa
      • Limited roof leaks
      • Central vacuum
      • Sump pump
      • Well pump
      • Septic system
      • Septic pumping
      • Additional refrigerators or freezers
      • Water softener
      • Ice makers
      • Additional air conditioning system
      • Additional heating system
      • Additional water heater
      • Additional garage door opener

    What ServicePlus Home Warranty customers say

    ServicePlus Home Warranty’s reviews are generally positive, with customers frequently praising the company’s representatives for their knowledge and demeanor. Many reviews also mentioned ServicePlus Home Warranty’s low prices as a draw. Negative reviews cite difficulty getting repairs done and long wait times when contacting the company directly.

    Total Home Protection is exactly what I was looking for. Agent was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. A pleasure to talk to. I will definitely recommend Total Home Protection to all of my friends.”

    Ronald of Huntsville, AL

    Liberty Home Guard

    Liberty Home Guard is a home warranty company with multiple plans and coverage add-ons to choose from. Coverage is available within minutes, and claims can be submitted online or over the phone 24/7/365. Policy terms are flexible, with the option of paying month-to-month or annually.

    While the prices listed below are based on the normal annual rate, significant discounts are frequently available. For filing a claim, Liberty Home Guard's service fee is only $125.

    Liberty Home Guard plans

    • Appliance Guard: The Appliance Guard warranty exclusively covers your home's appliances. This plan normally starts at $624.99 per year, but the company typically offers discounts on its website. The Appliance Guard warranty covers your home's:
      • Washer
      • Dryer
      • Refrigerator
      • Built-in microwaves
      • Dishwashers
      • Garbage disposals
      • Ranges, ovens and cooktops
      • Ceiling and exhaust fans
      • Garage door openers
    • Systems Guard: This warranty covers your home's major systems and normally costs $699 per year, though discounts may be available online. Systems Guard adds coverage for your:
      • Air conditioning
      • Heating
      • Ductwork
      • Plumbing
      • Electrical
      • Water heaters
    • Total Home Guard: Total Home Guard combines the coverage of both the Systems Guard and Appliance Guard plans to create a full home warranty. This warranty starts at $749.99 per year, not including any discounts.
    • Optional coverage: Extra coverage is available for an additional cost, typically $45 to $275 per year for each add-on. Liberty Home Guard offers add-ons for:
      • Pools and spas
      • Roof leaks
      • Central vacuums
      • Sump pumps
      • Well pumps
      • Ejector pumps
      • Grinder pumps
      • Septic pumping
      • Additional refrigerators or freezers
      • Water softeners and dispensers
      • Ice makers
      • Lighting fixtures
      • Re-keying
      • Gutter cleaning
      • Pest control
      • Carpet cleaning
      • Lawn sprinkler systems
      • Electronics protection
      • Swamp coolers
      • Trash compactors
      • Generators
      • Plumbing fixtures

    What Liberty Home Guard customers say

    When it comes to service calls and repairs, customers of Liberty Home Guard are overwhelmingly pleased with their warranty coverage. Reviewers frequently compliment the professionalism and efficiency of the technicians, and they have just as many positive things to say about the phone support representatives. Many customers expressed surprise that their issues were resolved so quickly. In terms of negative reviews, most were centered around slow service times and claims that were denied over small-parts coverage.

    Their customer service reps really care. I was on the phone with Fernando for a long time to explain the issue and unique circumstances in my home. This happened on a Sunday afternoon, and on Monday morning their technician was at my place inspecting our AC system. He was actually able to fix the issue during that visit. I was actually so surprised he was able to do so, so quickly that I intentionally waited a few weeks before writing this review to see if the repair stuck and thankfully it has."

    Jasper of Brooklyn, NY

    Bottom line: ServicePlus Home Warranty or Liberty Home Guard?

    ServicePlus Home Warranty and Liberty Home Guard offer similar warranty coverage with a few key differences. ServicePlus Home Warranty has slightly cheaper premiums, but Liberty Home Guard has more add-ons available. Still, each company offers significant discounts that may tilt the balance. Either of these two options would be a good fit for homeowners.

    • ServicePlus Home Warranty is best for homeowners who want the basics covered. Policies are affordable, and most common add-ons are available.
    • Liberty Home Guard is best for customers who need extensive coverage. With a long list of optional add-ons, this company has coverage options for almost every aspect of your home.
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