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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2020

I got this safe last year, now I'm getting around to installing it. I could not find a owners manual in the box which has some code I need to activate the safe. I called customer service to get the activation code and they want me to pay $35 for the code. Seems like a rip off. Now I have to pack it up and haul it back to Costco and return it. Seems like a lot of work for me and Costco because they have poor service. I would not recommend this SentrySafe after this experience.

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Reviewed Jan. 10, 2020

Updated on 04/26/2020: Long story short my combination changed itself. I couldn’t get into the safe. The customer service confirmed this happens occasionally. But no worries, in about 10 minutes I cut through the side of the “safe” like Butter with a hack saw. I was robbed the day I bought this piece of excrement

Original Review: I realized that if you can bolt the safe by drilling through it you can also cut the safe walls with a saw. So I cemented the box in my crawl space so only the solid door is accessible. It worked until one day the combination changed itself. I called the company who admitted “maybe the tumblers fell“. I should try about a thousand different combinations and if that doesn’t work call a locksmith. WHAAAAAT.? Omg???? I will spend a day chiseling the safe out then cut it like butter to get inside.

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Reviewed Jan. 1, 2020

Bought a Sentry Safe for my valuables. Always kept inside in my closet. The door fell off after I opening after being away for a couple of weeks. Sentry Safe offered 20% off of another safe comparable to the one I purchased. Why would I buy another safe that would fail in this way? It seems to be a common problem. I will replace this safe but from another manufacturer.

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Reviewed Nov. 15, 2019

This safe malfunctioned from the moment it arrived at my home. I have fought with it for 2 years and am finally giving up. I STRONGLY urge you purchase a safe with a "tumbler" locking mechanism rather than a "battery powered" locking mechanism. I must say that the customer service team was very helpful but I had to speak with them way too many times. Let's face it, there are 2 important features of a safe: 1) Security 2) Reliability. This safe has been anything but reliable. You have been warned.

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Robert increased rating by 4 stars.
After a positive interaction with SentrySafe, Robert increased their star rating on Oct. 23, 2019.

Updated review: Oct. 23, 2019

Sentry Safe stood behind there safe. The customer Service l received was outstanding. Employee Jenifer ** was outstanding to work with and resolved my issue with this safe. Returning and replacing safe at no cost. My interaction with Sentry Safe customer service was outstanding and we have settled this issue. Would recommend Sentry Safe as there stand behind there product. :)

Original Review: Oct. 19, 2019

My safe arrived yesterday, as it was unloaded inspected the box that it came in. All looked good. Signed and driver was on his way. I pulled the 2.05 cu ft safe out of shipping box which had no damage. But the safe itself was damaged in four places. Two corners were dented in, top of safe has a lump on it, and hinges are scratched and dented on front, combo dial will not turn. Very disappointed. Tried to call SentrySafe first but was closed, as it was after 5pm on Friday. Called Lowe's online as this is the website l used to purchase the safe, CR was very nice and understood my issues and said Lowe's will follow up with SentrySafe. He noted all the damage to the safe and said Lowe's will stand by the sale and return it for me and get me a new one that is not damaged. Not sure how the shipping box had no damage, but safe looked like it had been dropped from a 10 story window. (Shipping box had no damage)?

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Reviewed Oct. 15, 2019

I bought this, put the unopened box in office but didn't open it for a while and l didn't keep the receipt. Stupid me. I trusted this company. BIG mistake. I just called SafeSentry and told them it didn't include a key and so was useless to me. They didn't care or do a thing except to say it should have come with a key. WHICH IT DIDN'T AND THEY'RE DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT! BUYER BEWARE, NON EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! DO NOT BUY!!!!

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2019

We purchased a SentrySafe about 2 years ago. We rarely open and close it. The plastic bar that you push in to actually open it was always kind of strange. You had to really push in hard to open. Well today it fell apart (kind of fell inside) to where you could not open the safe even when it was not locked. There was a slight gap and I had to pry it open then the cheap plastic plus metal lock/catch just fell apart. At least I was able to get important papers out. But the safe is garbage now.

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Reviewed Aug. 23, 2019

Sadly, I purchased a Fireproof Sentry Safe about 3 years ago... Recently I went to unlock safe with key and the entire Plastic Locking Panel came out of safe into my hands... exposing the white cement-like material it was once secured to. JUST spoke with Sentry Safe CS Rep and was "politely" assured that since the one year product warranty is expired, Sentry Safe will not reimburse me at all, no credit towards replacement, no standing behind their product, no replacement, no honor.

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Reviewed July 28, 2019

We purchased our safe about 8.5 years ago. It was very dependable until it wasn’t. First call to Customer Service, they advised we purchase new batteries of a certain brand. When called back to say that didn’t work, they then said the batch of batteries/brand purchased did not work in their safe. Back to the store, replaced batteries with specific brand and year; still not working. Back to the store upon their recommendation for 9V battery to open the door (which we were able to do and get the goods out). Placing the specified batteries back in, safe now, again, not working. Very disappointing.

I purchased this safe with the understanding that it had a lifetime warranty. Yet each call seems to shirk responsibility by giving us a new reason to (a) return the store or (b) purchase a new part from them (new AA battery housing for $10) or (c) end up right back where we began. I would appreciate the company making good on this purchase by honoring the lifetime warranty.

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Reviewed July 9, 2019

I am SO DISAPPOINTED in Sentry Safe. My husband passed away and I don't know where the key is to the safe. I have been using the combination. The battery ran down and to replace the battery, I have to get into the safe. After speaking to the Customer Service Support Team, they no longer have replacement keys to this model. WHAT!!!! I am SHOCKED! Seriously, I don't know what else to say. They said to contact a locksmith. I would think I would have been able to get a key forever. Just venting.... and so disappointed.

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Reviewed July 9, 2019

Do not under any circumstances buy a Sentry. Quality is a total joke! Has two 3/4" bolts on one side of door to impress you as secure but has only four small rivets holding door on the side you can't see. Supposed to be "a lifetime safe" but door just fell off in our hand. We contacted Sentry and rude, arrogant customer service would do nothing to repair or replace it. Do not buy Sentry/Masterlock.

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Reviewed May 10, 2019

This is my third safe. New to Sentry I am sorry to say. Took delivery on a 6+ cu ft and when I opened it the odor nearly knocked me out. It was such a toxic odor. I have never experienced anything like this with a safe. Customer Service took the whole thing quite lightly. They safes are made out of the country (so that excuses the toxic odor?), I should leave it open for some time, put baking soda in it and scrub it with a bleach mixture. Why should a customer be required to do all of this for a new safe that was $600. It is absurd. Never buy Sentry.

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Reviewed Jan. 25, 2019

I lost the key to my safe back in December. I call the CS department. After waiting on hold for 30 min, I got a hold of someone. What should have been a 10 min conversation turned into an hour. After getting put on hold 4 times for 10=15 min each time, the guy then put in my order telling me it would take 10-15 business days to get a replacement key. Fast forward 20 days later, I call to see what's up. The second person I've now talked to about this now tells me that they have been out of the key for 3 years now and the order should have never been placed. She said she would contact me the next day after discussing alternatives with their key manufacturing department.

Fast forward to today; no follow up. I call, ask for the refund and then ask for a manager. The new guy says that he will process the refund and then puts me on hold for 10 min so he can find his manager. Comes back and says that he can't find the manager, so he will pass along the information and I will hear from someone at the end of the day. Its the end of the day, and I'll give you three guesses as to who never called or emailed. Don't buy from them, because if you ever need help, you're ** out of luck.

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Reviewed Jan. 19, 2019

These safes are garbage, no matter what model you buy. Customer service is a joke. They will never respond to e-mail or phone calls. Don't waste your time or money. I tried contacting them several times and never heard from them. The gun safe is unreliable for even the simplest entry.

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Reviewed Jan. 3, 2019

We bought 2 fireproof file cabinets at 2800.00 a piece a few yrs ago. We need a part so we called the company and first the representative didn't even know they had file cabinets then after the run around she told me, "We do not carry parts" so I asked to speak to a manager and put me on hold for twenty minutes after she told me a manager will call me back. Still waiting... I wish I did my research on this company so I would have bought from another manufacturer... I'm not done with them yet. I will call back weekly till I get the part that I need...

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Reviewed Dec. 9, 2018

We just bought the safe today. It was a different safe than the one on the box. It didn’t open, didn’t turn on, no instructions and Customer service was closed so they couldn’t help returning it to where we bought it. Never buying this brand again.

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Reviewed Oct. 18, 2018

My home was broken into, the safe was literally pried open. When I called SentrySafe about getting my money back, they tell me they don't cover thief. They say security protection. False statement. Please do not waste your hard earned money, because you will be very disappointed. This company does not stand by their products. This site will not submit my review without rating this company, so I have to give them a ???. They don't even deserve that. Now for the Better Business Bureau.

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Reviewed May 26, 2018

Contacted SentrySafe for a repair and they told me that they do not ever carry spare parts for any safe they sell. I pointed out that the safe that I have can be opened with only 2 of the 3 numbers in the combination being used. They could of cares less about that. They said to call a locksmith to have them fix it. I contacted a Locksmith and they said they would have to contact sentry for parts. Well Sentry has no spare parts for any safe that they make or sell. So upon telling Sentry this they said we will give you 20% off a new safe. I just spent $200 on the broken one 2 years ago.

Now they want to sell me one. What gets me is that they claim my unit is only covered for a warranty of 1 year. The manual that came with the safe said it was a 3 year coverage. I have asked for someone from the corporate office to contact me to have this issue addressed and they will not have anyone contact me. All I keep getting is, "Buy a new safe from us and your issue will be solved." If I have to replace my safe I will not be buying a SentrySafe.

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Reviewed March 9, 2018

I received by Sentry Safe T8-331 a couple of days ago. The cardboard box it came in was damaged and the manual missing (not Sentry Safe's fault). However I needed the factory combination code to change to a new code and that only appears on the back of the manual. I phoned support and got someone called Noel **. He was rude from the moment he answered and continued to be rude and unhelpful while I explained what happened - not what I expected after spending so much on their product!

He sent me a form by email that had to be notarized before they could release the code. No problem with that - I realise they can't release the code to anyone. What he didn't say was that if you unscrew the inside cover, the factory code is written there. Would have thought any kind of helpdesk should know that and not make you go through the faff of going to a notary and then waiting 10 days. Anyway wholly unsatisfactory service and I recommend anyone thinking of buying a Sentry Safe to check out other manufacturers first.

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Reviewed March 5, 2018

How in the hell can a company stay in business and not carry replacement parts? The safe is only a few years old, and will only open with the emergency key!!! Really? No replacement keypads and they will not make any more. Stay away from this company!!

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2018

Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe - Please do not buy this product. It rarely opens via the biometric fingerprint. I have to try over and over if I want to use the very poor quality scanner. Support blames the battery born on date not being young enough. It simply does not work unless I use the key.

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Reviewed Jan. 13, 2018

Is there any way to permanently disable the vacuum seal on my safe? I have a fireproof, very simple key operated, file size safe. I couldn't get it open and was really alarmed as all important papers are inside. The vacuum seal locked up. Called customer service, their answer was "turn upside down and spray with WD40". Being a senior woman, this was not an option. "Out of warranty. Call a locksmith" was what I was told. Safe is rarely used and is in my climate controlled home. Finally after a few weeks of periodically beating it with a rubber mallet, it opened. Piece of crap!!!

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Reviewed Jan. 11, 2018

Bought this safe brand new - misplaced the manual - so can't even get in it to start with, so I called Sentry directly- they want to charge me $25-$35 for a new manual to get the first code. I laughed. I told him it's going back to the store I bought it from for a return! He said "well as long as you can lift it," and sort of laughed. I bought it. I carried. I'll return it. Haven't even used it & already Sentry lost a customer. Good start Sentry! I'll go to the bank & use a safety deposit box. It's less hassle.

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Reviewed Dec. 15, 2017

I ordered this safe and waited a very long time to receive any confirmation. They debited my card but did not hear from them. After quite a while, I received an email that this product had been discontinued and they would refund my money. I have tried calling but can't get through. I have waited a very long time to have the 89.99 put back on my card. Nothing has happened, can you please assist me. My email is ** and my phone number is **. Thank you very much.

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Joseph increased rating by 4 stars.
After a positive interaction with SentrySafe, Joseph increased their star rating on Dec. 18, 2017.

Updated review: Dec. 18, 2017

Sentry reached out and offered to fix everything. Currently would change my review completed after how helpful they were.

Original Review: Dec. 15, 2017

My problems all started when my batteries in my SentrySafe were low. After changing the batteries the safe would no longer open and using the factory reset code would just give me a blinking error message in red that blinked 5 times. After speaking with David we actually managed to get the safe open. NOW it is having the problem again. They are saying there is nothing they can do, this is a mildly used safe that is only 2 years old. Very disappointing, their only solution was to have me buy a $25 keypad with no guarantee that it would work and if it did not work no refund on the part available. I am now without a safe completely. All of this occurred after I waited 2 weeks with no reply on Twitter or my email I sent. Very bad customer service and cheap made in China product (at least the components that open the safe). I would recommend you go another direction if you are safe shopping. Thank you and have a great day to all reading this.

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Reviewed Aug. 22, 2017

Ever since I bought my safe two years ago, I have never had any issues. My safe stays in my closet and I make sure to keep my valuables in there. It keeps my jewelry away from my child so she cannot touch them. Would highly recommend to a friend. Good price for the money.

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Reviewed Aug. 11, 2017

Avoid at all cost buying an electronic keypad safe from SentrySafe. Purchased the product (model sfw123ftc) from Costco Canada just over 5 years and the electronic keypad failed to respond without any power. Called customer service to trouble shoot and was advised to get the freshest brand name battery (eg. Duracell, Energizer). Still no power to the keypad after the battery change. Called customer support again and we tried trouble shooting by removing the plastic keypad and connections. No luck again. Then they had the nerve to charge me $50 USD for replacement parts and cannot guarantee it will work. At this point, I am stuck with an unopen safe and a horrible product. SentrySafe does not seem to care and I am stuck with a lemon. On top of this, I searched youtube and found this safe can be cracked in under a minute with a powerful magnet. I will contact Costco to see if I can obtain a refund and update the review.

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Reviewed July 28, 2017

Bought my home safe back in 2006. I might go into my safe 4 times a year. In 2011 it would show that it is unlocked but the tumblers never did open. Was told to hit with mallet and it opened. 07/28/2017 it wont open again. Called and the CS lady was so rude! All she wanted was to argue with me and then said if I hit it with a mallet in 2011, then I need a new solenoid. It is $50. Was told this is normal wear and tear that the door wont unlock.

After taking the cover off the inside door, a plastic piece which should have a spring attached to it is broken off. Was told that shouldnt matter and you should buy this solenoid for $50. If the spring was there I am sure it was for a reason! I will junk the safe and buy another brand. This company's products and their customer NO service needs to go out of business or correct their bad products or tell the customer that it has bad wear and tear issues and not to open the safe once you close the door because that is wear and tear that we don't cover!!!

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Reviewed May 9, 2017

I requested a set of spare keys. Sent my information. They sent me the wrong keys. I email them. No response. I emailed them again. No response. I call them today. They tell me that is has been over six months since they sent wrong keys and that I would have to pay for correct set. Take your business elsewhere.

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Reviewed April 29, 2017

Do not buy this product. Incredibly cheap and shoddy construction. I bought the safe at Costco and made the mistake of putting my passport and green card in the safe. When it locked it would not open again. The handle turned with a very large click but the bolts would not engage. Ended up having to call locksmith to get the items out of the safe. I am shocked Costco sells such a poor quality item.

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