Kohler vs. Hydro Dimensions

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    Hydro Dimensions and Kohler Walk-In Bath

    What is the difference between Kohler and Hydro Dimensions?

    Kohler and Hydro Dimensions are two walk-in tub manufacturers available in the contiguous United States. Both companies offer a variety of walk-in tub customizations and features. Because they both work with local authorized contractors, their walk-in tubs and installation costs range widely. Kohler offers one walk-in tub model with several color, and faucet and feature options, and Hydro Dimensions makes multiple tub models with different weights, capacities, colors and faucet types to choose from.

    • Kohler is best for those who value simplicity and customization through an easy-to-use website and network of authorized contractors.
    • Hydro Dimensions is best for those who want a variety of models and a multitude of features and add-on options to select from.

    Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

    kohler walk-in bath logohydro dimensions logo
    Overall star rating4.94.5
    Verified customer reviewsRead reviewsRead reviews
    kohler walk-in bath logo4.9Read reviews
    hydro dimensions logo4.5Read reviews


    kohler walk-in bath logohydro dimensions logo
    Basic tub starting priceOnly available with quoteOnly available with quote
    InstallationIncludedNot included
    Financing offered
    Discounts offered
    In-home quotes required
    Warranty - LaborLifetimeOne year
    Warranty - PartsLifetimeLifetime
    Warranty - TubLifetimeLifetime
    kohler walk-in bath logoOnly available with quoteIncludedLifetimeLifetimeLifetime
    hydro dimensions logoOnly available with quoteNot includedOne yearLifetimeLifetime

    Available walk-in tub types

    kohler walk-in bath logohydro dimensions logo
    Soaker tub
    Wheelchair-accessible tub
    Bariatric tub
    Tub/shower combo
    Two-seat tubs
    kohler walk-in bath logo
    hydro dimensions logo

    Tub features

    kohler walk-in bath logohydro dimensions logo
    Step-in height3 inches5 inches
    Fast drain
    Quick filling
    Grab bars included
    Number of hydro jets1010
    Number of air jets1720
    Chromotherapy offered
    Heated seats option
    Heated backrest option
    Remote control option
    Showerhead options
    kohler walk-in bath logo3 inches1017
    hydro dimensions logo5 inches1020

    Services included with installation

    kohler walk-in bath logohydro dimensions logo
    Bathroom door resizing
    Old tub removal
    Wall repair and repaint
    Electrical wiring
    Flooring touch-up
    kohler walk-in bath logo
    hydro dimensions logo

    All information accurate as of publishing date.

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      Kohler manufactures a variety of plumbing and household products, including walk-in tubs. The company offers various walk-in tub features and options, such as Whirlpool jets and lights. Its walk-in tubs are made in the U.S., and it services all 50 states. You can contact Kohler over the phone to receive an estimate from a local dealer; the company doesn’t provide pricing information online for its walk-in tubs or installation costs, as these vary from dealer to dealer and depending on your situation. It does provide a lifetime warranty for all its walk-in tubs. Financing options are also available.

      Kohler offers one model in various colors and textures, and the tub can be customized with different features, including chromotherapy, a variety of showerhead options and heated backrests. Tubs come with a 3-inch step and fast fill and drain technology.

      What Kohler customers say

      On ConsumerAffairs.com, Kohler walk-in tub customers rate the company well on professionalism, informative staff and tub comfort. Many customers say the tub helps with their chronic pain. Additionally, customers say sales and installation representatives are knowledgeable and not pushy. There are mentions of leaking issues and customers needing to install new water tanks to accommodate a Kohler walk-in tub.

      The sales representative was excellent and had good follow-up calls. The installer did very professional work. My husband is a perfectionist and he tipped them a good tip. ... I like that I can take a bath by myself there without a shower chair so that's good. … We're liking our Kohler very much.”

      Monica P. of Forest City, IA

      Hydro Dimensions

      Hydro Dimensions is a walk-in tub manufacturer that offers 16 gelcoat fiberglass walk-in tub models. The tub models are customizable and come with multiple features to choose from, such as hydrotherapy, faucet designs and heating options. It works with authorized local contractors for installation to offer walk-in tubs in all 50 states. The walk-in tub options from Hydro Dimensions are extensive, but here’s some information about some of its popular models:

      • HD Series 2645: 45-gallon capacity with left- or right-hand doors, secondary drain and other features. Customizations include electronic control panel, water or air jets and more.
      • HD Series 3055: 75-gallon capacity with left- or right-swinging doors, grab bar, removable access panels and other features. Customizations include air massage, dual water and air massage and skin therapy.
      • HD Specialty Series 3555 Plus Size: 90-gallon capacity with left- or right-hand doors, grab bar, removable access panels and 35 inches in width for those who prefer a larger bathtub. Optional features include air massage, dual water and air massage and skin therapy.

      What Hydro Dimensions customers say

      Hydro Dimension has plenty of satisfied customers, particularly those looking to relieve pain and enjoy a jet massage in a safety-focused tub. Negative reviews frequently mention problems with the tub's installation and difficulty draining the tub or operating the door's handle.

      We had a great experience with the guys. They were very nice and polite. They came back the next day 'cause it started raining but I don't have any complaints. Everything went real well. We're loving the tub. ... We also have the jets.”

      Berlean of Oak Ridge, LA

      Bottom line: Kohler or Hydro Dimensions?

      Kohler and Hydro Dimensions are both established, trusted manufacturers of walk-in tubs. Due to their networks of authorized contractors in all 50 states, chances are you can find both manufacturers are in your area.

      You can look at Kohler’s different color options, faucet styles and other customizations on its website; in some areas, Kohler’s contractors can give virtual consultations and estimates. Hydro Dimensions has more in the way of customization options, with 16 walk-in tub models with varying capacities and add-on features. Both companies offer warranties, but only Kohler offers lifetime warranties on parts, labor and the tub itself.

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