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About Home Warranty of America

Home Warranty of America offers warranty plans that protect you from the high cost of unexpected repair bills. The company provides repairs from its network of qualified service technicians. You can choose from one of Home Warranty of America’s two plans that cover more than 20 systems and appliances to find a solution that works best for you.

    Pros & Cons

    • High coverage limits
    • Nationwide coverage
    • Energy Star appliance upgrades
    • Wait times for scheduling
    • Some reviewers were unhappy with customer service

    Home Warranty of America Reviews

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about Home Warranty of America?
      • 4,462,919 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Reviewed Sept. 15, 2023

      Hello. This is concerning my air conditioner that gave out. I bought my house, a new house, back about 10 months ago, and everything was working fine. The inspection on the house, everything was working as is, working good, and what have you. But 10 months later, I start having problems with the central AC. I called the home warranty because it was given to me as part of the sale of the house. So, I called them up and set up a claim. They sent a technician out to my house to check the unit and they found that because I had not kept up with the maintenance on this unit, that they could not cover the compressor that burned out. So, my claim was denied. And like I say, this people don't claim [sic – practice] what they preach. They claim that the units are covered a hundred percent, but yet, when I filed a claim, I found out pretty fast that they denied my claim. So, I would be weary with this company, the Home Warranty of America. They're just not worth the money that you're gonna spend monthly. At the end, they won't cover anything. I'm now stuck with the bill of replacing the whole system out of pocket and believe me, they have just lost a customer. I will make an effort for everyone else to know what this company does. Thank you.
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      Reviewed Sept. 14, 2023

      Save your money for repairs! HWA will do everything to get out of paying--even covered items! They make every process difficult and their staff is inept. This last time they waited to tell me they couldn't find anyone and I could get my own technician/plumber. I followed their procedure but they made every hoop to jump difficult. WITHOUT HOT WATER FOR 10 DAYS! I HATE THIS COMPANY AND YOU WILL TOO IF BUY THEIR WARRANTY!

      Customer ServiceCoverage

      Reviewed Sept. 7, 2023

      Probably the worst warranty company you can imagine. They are shady, will refuse to cover cost, refuse to answer any question, will not provide receipts, and further more they messed with the language on their agreement to avoid paying any repair. Simply stay away from them.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingTech

      Reviewed Aug. 25, 2023

      Hi, I have a refrigerator that stopped working for more than 45 days now. I have gone back and forth with Home Warranty of America to get it repaired, however they do not help us at all. They said they scheduled at least 5 technicians to repair my fridge but none of them showed up. They partially approved 1 claim, which means I have to pay more than $500 to repair the fridge. In spite of the technician and me sending them the invoice they choose to ignore it and keep asking for more information.

      They do not transfer the phone to their supervisor to talk. They hang up on us each time we call. If we add our number in the call back list, no one ever calls back. It is a waste of money with them. No customer service person, if by chance you get connected come connect you to the a cancellation team to cancel the policy. I wasted more than $800 on them and still nothing is being done to repair my fridge. I paid at least $650 + taxes for this home warranty and have already spent more than $150 on just having the technicians look at my fridge and nothing. Please do not waste your money and time with them.

      Reviewed Aug. 14, 2023

      We have been with Home Warranty of America for 7 years and have had 5 or 6 different issues that needed fixing... We have never had one bad experience with this Company, it gives us peace of mind to have HWA.

      CoverageSales & Marketing

      Reviewed Aug. 7, 2023

      HWA can and will willingly pick and choose what it chooses to cover, regardless of the terms of the contract you sign. If you want to be mislead and given the run around by a business that uses deplorable business practices, and does not act in or protect the best interests of its customers, this is the home warranty company for you. If not, DO NOT waste your money, energy and time on HWA. It's a complete scam.

      Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

      Reviewed July 27, 2023

      I received a letter in the mail that looked like it was an urgent message from my mortgage company with what looks like a check enclosed. It's not actually a check (it says this in the fine print on the back of the document where it's supposed to be endorsed). My home already has a warranty. When I called, I was surprised to find out that this was Home Warranty of America trying to sell me a home warranty. I had to confirm they were not affiliated with my mortgage company. The customer service agent was very rude when I told her I had a home warranty that was included with my seller's offer. This is predatory marketing and there's no way I'd do business with a company that tries to get customers this way.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed July 18, 2023

      This company is awful and I don't know how they are still in business. I've been without Air Conditioning for a week and filed a claim as soon as it went out. I still don't have an assigned company or appointment to get it looked at - and temperatures are in the high 90's! Every time I call I get routed to a call center outside of the country and the reps don't fully understand when I try to explain the situation to them. All I get is "I'm sorry" and "we'll reach out within 24 hours with an appointment". I've been getting the same line for the last 3 days. However, they don't mind taking my money every month and giving me nothing in return. Once I figure out where they are headquartered I'm going to report them to the state Attorney General.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingPunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed July 5, 2023

      Claim made 6/25/2023 about Central A/C not cooling. The heat has been well over 100 degrees for several days. 1st tech did nothing so I called and claim was reassigned & 2nd tech was a no show. No expediting the 3rd claim and still waiting for an appointment. Called again today and still no appointment and was told this is normal. I am very dissatisfied with this company especially since since no resolution and it is so hot. I would not even given one star honestly. Very sad that they do not honor their claims and take care of this customer timely!

      Customer ServiceTech

      Reviewed June 22, 2023

      I made a claim on June 2nd for someone to come out on June 10th. No one called nor showed up. I called Home Warranty of America to let them know that their vendor is incompetent. They scheduled another vendor to come out on June 14, 2023 no one showed up nor called. Now I am very frustrated because I wasted two days from work to sit at home for my washer machine to be service. I called HWA back and they was trying to get me to wait 48 hours so they could find another vendor. Keep in mind I have been paying this company every month to have a warranty on my appliance. I get an email saying to look for my own tech and they will reimburse me. I did that and I am still trying to get approved for reimbursement. This company is not doing their job. I will be looking for a new home warranty company today. American Shield I will be reaching out to you all. Don't waste your time with this company.

      Claims HandlingTech

      Reviewed June 7, 2023

      Home Warranty of America claim to provide service to homeowners when their main concern is collecting money from people and when the time comes to provide service they refuse. The tech that they send to check on my AC unit showed up, stayed few minutes, collected $100, did not provide me with answers. Told them that the unit needs to be replaced but did not take any pictures. And then he provided them with pictures of someone else unit so the claim would be refused. I reached out to home warranty of America and requested another tech because I did not agree with the tech finding and they refused to even consider it. Simply because if they do send another tech then they have to resolve that claim. Those so called home warranty companies should be held responsible because they collect their dues down to the penny, but when it's time to provide the service they will invent an reason not to.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingPrice

      Reviewed June 6, 2023

      Submitted a claim and after 2 weeks no one called or showed up to address the repair but the warranty company sent a survey asking how the technician did. HWA isn’t a good deal. HWA is not worth the money you pay for it.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingTech

      Reviewed May 20, 2023

      We have had this warranty for two years with only 1 claim on April 20th. They sent a technician out who diagnosed the water heater as needed to be replaced. HWA did not approve the repair and told their chosen plumber to perform a repair. He refused, so they "reassigned" the claim. 48 hours later they could not find another plumber to come out so they turned it over to me to find the plumber; I bought the warranty so I did not need to do this. I found a plumber who recommended a replacement. They kept telling me that the plumber did not provided details they needed. For several days I received emails saying they needed more details from the plumber. On a phone call, the HWA rep told me the plumber was not being honest and had not provided details.

      When I contacted the plumber, he sent me screenshots of what he had submitted to their online claims website several days before. I sent these to HWA an all of a sudden the claim is now "under review." I don't know what their decision will be, but we are 1 month since the problem started. The water heater is now leaking so bad we needed to turn it off. I suspect the fight will continue. The HWA rep lied to me about the process. It seems they intentionally try and delay the process so the customer will just deal with it on their own. Seeing this process play out, it is no wonder they can't find service providers that want to work with them. I can't be more disappointed in a company or their employees.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverage

      Reviewed May 12, 2023

      Our AC went out the very first time we used it this season. I filed a claim, and after waiting for them to find someone to come out they sent an email saying that I could find a tech myself. I had them come out, covered the diagnosis cost and had the tech write a detailed report for them. Our claim was almost immediately denied, and they offered a scheduled call with a claims person that wasn't available for five days. We had to stay in a hotel during that time since our 9 year old couldn't stay in a hot house.

      I reached out to try to see if they could expedite the call, but couldn't get anyone to answer. The email signature of the person they assigned to me didn't even have the correct phone number for their direct line, and there is no place to leave a voicemail. They have no Facebook, Twitter, or any other means to reach them. They say they air conditioning is covered, but when I asked why they denied the claim they said it was because of a part that is not covered. Not helpful, impossible to get any kind of help other than just a brief no, after we have been paying them a monthly fee since we bought the house 12 years ago. Do not use this company.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed April 2, 2023

      I specifically said DO NOT SHARE MY INFO. Before I could even read into the 3 providers in my area I had 3 calls. Within 5 minutes. This is WHY WE DON’T do “help”. The do not call list is. I didn’t even get a chance to read the 3 options I had. I didn’t even click on an option. This is totally ridiculous! It was also via Comsumer Reports ads! So I don’t know how to do this but I’m not going to be nice to ANYONE who calls my number, thanks a lot for nothing. I usually do not write horrible reviews but this is like a virus and the marketing world has been infected. I love marketing. I get it. But for God’s sake respect the fact that I did NOT click the box that said you could share my info. Please stop the madness. It doesn’t work. Not on me. Have a lovely day blocking people. I will. Amy

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverageTech

      Reviewed Feb. 27, 2023

      Their coverages are very limited and when you do have a claim it is impossible to get anyone to actually help you. The reimbursement process is ridiculous, you have to wait two days for one of their technicians to respond before you can hire your own person. Even after they allow you to find a technician, they may re-assign it to one of their own. In my case, their technician actually refused it but they assigned it to him anyways, which removed the option for reimbursement. When that error was fixed I had to wait another two days for the whole process to start over. The customer service reps were absolutely worthless at solving any problems and refused to transfer to anyone who could do anything to fix the errors. RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

      Customer ServiceCoverageTech

      Reviewed Feb. 5, 2023

      Do not give HWA your money. Do not allow your realtor to put a home warranty into your home purchase--it is not worth the money. Here's why: HWA doesn't cover ANYTHING, the contractors are garbage and you have to pay them $100 per house call, the HWA call center workers are combative, and the coverage denial appeal process is a joke.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceCoverageTech

      Reviewed Feb. 2, 2023

      The previous owners of my house had this warranty, so I’m stuck with it until it expires next month. They send out third party contractors to look at problems and will charge you $100 to just LOOK at the situation. Our bathroom had moisture issues & water leaking, we put in a work order (which got APPROVED) then contractors came out (7 DAYS LATER— so much for the 48 hour promise), we paid the $100 service fee, then HWA called us saying this is something not covered in their contract. Why approve our work order? They’re just money hungry and they don’t care about helping. Customer service is definitely outsourced as well, judging by their accent and lack of understand my questions when I try to get answers. Frustrating experience. Now that my warranty is about to expire they call every week to remind me. If only they were this persistent about my work orders!!!!

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Jan. 30, 2023

      Worst experience ever. Long time customer with multiple contracts, after the acquisition by Choice Warranty - TERRIBLE. I just purchased a new home, immediately put under HWA Diamond plan. Sure enough, the Range pukes out and so does the dishware. I called in the range, never to be heard from again. When I called in the dishwasher, a couple of days later, they told me to find my own appliance repair. NOT part of the deal. I am new to the area and could not find anyone. When I did, per HWA's instruction, they WILL NOT PAY FOR SERVICE CALL. I have filed multiple claims and asked for Management review NEVER TO BE HEARD FROM. Totally terrible and not the treatment I have had for many years. One star is way too many for their service - I DO NOT RECOMMEND.

      Customer ServiceCoverageSales & Marketing

      Reviewed Jan. 25, 2023

      BUYERS BEWARE. This company does not cover anything as they have stated in their advertisement. I have been 2 months without a stove. I have been with them since 2016 never filed a claim until now. They ignore phone calls and emails. They are frauds.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingPrice

      Reviewed Dec. 21, 2022

      This company is a nightmare! Stay away. It’s saddens me be I I have been a customer for 5 years. In these 5 years I have not had issues. Until this claim. They changed their claims management team. There is no manager or supervisor you can talk to, they put a request and they have 24/48 hours to call you back. I reported a claim for a washer not functioning, they gave me the 1 appointment available Wednesday. The tech advised the part was on back order. I patiently waited 1.5 and no news on the part. I called HWA and they said, "Oh you need to wait another week, once that week is completed we will look at what options there are ."

      Per the tech the manufacturer advised there is no eta on the part, that it can take an excess of 4-6 wks. Tech provided this information to HWA and they are now stating that I will need to wait for the part even though there is no eta. I asked, what happens if it takes 6 months and they said They reserve the right to wait those 6 months. This is unbelievable! Who can hold off on washing for a total of 9 weeks! I was convinced that HWA was a resource homeowners could count on on actually repairing the issues, but on the contrary, it’s going to cost me more to have my clothes washed than it is to buy a new washer. What a loss, they used to be good.

      Claims HandlingTech

      Reviewed Dec. 3, 2022

      Long story short - we had a plumbing leak. Scheduled 3 technicians, each a no show. HWA offered us their Reimbursement Option since they were having trouble finding a tech. Fine, we called Roto-Rooter and they replaced the faucet. When the claim for reimbursement was filed, it was denied! Saying they'd have to pre-approve the repair. THIS WAS NOT STATED PREVIOUSLY. So I'm out nearly $400. But it gets better, air conditioning had a clog. They sent a tech out, tech wanted $75 cash. It's better to spend more on a premium with a reputable company than deal with this fly-by-night sham of a business! Renew my policy? KMA!

      Customer ServicePrice

      Reviewed Nov. 12, 2022

      It was a very great experience, that I had with them. It was explain well and the service was not bad for the price. The Home Warranty was a great choice and I’m glad that I got it. The customer service was good.

      Customer ServiceTech

      Reviewed Nov. 10, 2022

      I used Home Warranty of America. My freezer stopped working. First time a tech came out and took my money. He lied and said he couldn't contact the company over the weekend. Not true. After repeated calls and promises of multiple techs, nothing. I then asked the company to resend me the form for me to hire my own tech and they refused. They also refused to let me speak to a supervisor. My last conversation, I was told that after already waiting 2 weeks, that they would try another tech but not for 2 weeks. He told me that they don't do emergency work and they can do what they want because it says so in their contract. PS, this is an abbreviated experience.


      Reviewed Oct. 28, 2022

      I purchased a dishwasher in 2017 for $449.00 and it no longer works, on internet today, same dishwasher is $449.00, but HWA only wants to cover a dishwasher that costs $246.00 -- I cannot find even the basic strip-down model for $246.00. DO NOT contract with HWA - they DO NOT cover replacements like the my contract says. I have the highest cost/coverage contract.

      Customer ServiceTech

      Reviewed Oct. 25, 2022

      I have made a few claims and every one has had an issue with the contractor assigned to my house. I am currently in my 3rd week without working AC system because the contractor ghosted us. They reassigned to another contractor who has now canceled on us twice. I called the warranty company and asked to speak to a manager and they refused and I was told I cannot speak to a manager there is no transferring or email or phone number. I assume I have to hire an attorney at this point. I will have to just call out a reputable company to fix the problem and sue the warranty company. I do not recommend this company. I will look for another company when the policy is up. I am glad the person who sold us our house paid for this one.

      Customer ServiceTech

      Reviewed Oct. 17, 2022

      They will not help you, they do not care, they are not a good company. They are under no obligation to provide the service you pay for. They will give you the run around and all they will say is “sorry for the inconvenience”. They are not affiliated with any plumbers. They use Lowe’s but do not send the orders to Lowe’s you have to call and stay on top of it. They do not understand when you talk about what’s going on. They don’t know the difference between hvac system and dryer vents. You will spend a lot of money for very little satisfaction.

      Customer ServiceCoverageSales & Marketing

      Reviewed Oct. 15, 2022

      I have been paying them for over 5 years, I have the gold plan, which supposed to cover washer/dryer/ AC etc, pretty much the major appliance, which in their advertisement states “help you with thousands of dollars.” Lies!!! Every time I’ve called them they sent someone out paid 100, to get denied.. Same story “we don’t cover that part”. This company just takes your money and don’t deliver! Might as well save that money in a jar because these people will not help you! Honestly they are scammers in my opinion.


      Reviewed Oct. 11, 2022

      We had the Diamond Plan with HWA. Our dishwasher malfunctioned and caught fire, immediately knew it would be a write off. It took 2 weeks to get a service tech out to confirm this. It cost $100 for them to come out. HWA does not replace kitchen appliances anymore apparently? In lieu of replacement they send you money for the appliance, of which they don't send out anymore. They offered us $246 on a Lowe's gift card, the cheapest dishwasher Lowe's offered at the time of writing this is $410. Also us having to spend the $100 for the service it's really only worth $146.

      You can escalate and speak with case managers, but they just tell you they don't send appliances out but yet give you money based on what THEY could get the appliance for. Even though No one out there sells a comparable dishwasher for $246. "An HWA Home Warranty protects you from the expenses of repairs or replacements of major mechanical systems and appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear during the coverage term." - A lie from the HWA website.

      Customer ServiceClaims Handling

      Reviewed Oct. 7, 2022

      I've held a policy with this company for over ten years and they were very responsive and had good customer service. They were purchased this year by Choice Home Warranty and the services has become dismal. I filed a claimed and the claim was approved over a month ago to replace a water heater. The water heater has not been replaced yet and when I inquire all they say is, "We're sorry but we're waiting on the water heater order to come in." Water heaters are sold at the local Home Depot and Menards. There is no excuse for taking over a month to resolve this issue. Just terrible where this company is going.

      Profile pic of the author.
      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingTech

      Reviewed Sept. 23, 2022

      Have a claim open for my AC. The technician came out and said I had a bad compressor. Apparently that part can't be replaced so they have to replace the whole condenser unit. Every time I call they tell me they are waiting for information from the technician or the vendor or that the part has already been ordered. It's very hard to get a consistent answer from them and their reps have no sense of urgency to resolve my claim that has been open for awhile.

      I've been weeks without AC in the Florida heat and every time I call they say give it 24 hours for the next response. I call back 24 hours later and they have made little to no movement on my claim. They say are waiting for information from the techs or some other ** answer they read that sounds scripted. You will call them and you will feel like you are just going in circles. This experience has been very stressful and I will be cancelling service. My advice is stay far away from this company if you want to keep your sanity and have your appliances fixed in a timely manner! They don't care about you and this is just a money grab.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverageRefunds & Payouts

      Reviewed Sept. 20, 2022

      This is our first time buying a pre owned home. We had been in our home 15 days and an issue started with the septic. I got approved to get our contracted septic company out to fix and I would get reimbursed. After sending in all info for the reimbursement including the inspection that states the system was in working order they denied us and will not reimburse us. Stating it was pre existing. ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN A PRE OWED HOME IS PRE EXISTING!!! That is the purpose of the warranty. I paid EXTRA to cover our septic and they just don't want to pay for it. This company doesn't care about their customers. Their goal is to not spend money by denying claims.

      On top of this every agent I have spoken to was rude and unapologetic and only followed a script and repeated themselves. ZERO customer service skills or care for their customers. I want my over $800 I had to spend on a septic that was WORKING WHEN I BOUGHT THE HOME. The agent today told me I should have waited 30 days to submit it and then I would have gotten approved. WHAT IN THE WORLD?!!! I have all evidence needed showing it was proven to be working prior to us closing. I want a full reimbursement.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingTechPrice

      Reviewed Aug. 29, 2022

      I was forced to give this review one star in order to submit it. If given a choice there would be no stars. Whatever you do under no circumstances spend money on this absolutely horrible product that has no customer service, no willingness to fix anything, and every reason to deny your claim. They will send vendors who try to diagnose the problem and when it will cost too much, cancel the service ticket and send (or most likely not show up) another vendor. The entire business model of this company is to take your money and give you nothing in return except a headache, a lighter wallet, and broken appliances. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverageTechPunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Aug. 20, 2022

      When I first signed up back in 2014, HWA was great! Prompt service, no stupid questions, and happy results. However, a couple of years ago when I was redoing my kitchen, the gate valve on my hot water to the dishwater failed at 2 a.m. I called HWA and I could only leave a message (so much for 24/7 service), but after the third time a very tired voice answered. I tried to file a claim, but even though they could confirm that I was paying my monthly contract fee it was to an expired contract so they couldn't call out a plumber...I would have to wait until the day shift came in to get the contract updated and THEN they could call a plumber. Thankfully, a plumber friend of mine was able to help me out.

      Fast forward to April when I decided to install a water softener in my garage. The previous occupant already had one so the bypass plumbing was already there. When the tech tried to install it, the ball valves on that had also failed so I wanted to fix it before they installed it. The first company that showed up to fix it had to call it in to get approval and they got it. However, they refused to actually perform the work unless they were paid first. Apparently, HWA hadn't paid them yet for some other jobs that they did. So, HWA assigned another contractor...who didn't show at all. I called back again and then they assigned a plumber that lived about 100 miles away. I didn't even get notified in that case.

      An emergency popped up and I was busy for the next couple of months and when I was free, tried to follow up on my claim. HWA decided to close it after 30-days without even consulting me. Now, I had to open the claim again. This time, the technician was on vacation and didn't have a chance to review it before accepting it. Timing between us had been hit or miss as I was out of town all week. HWA decided to set up an appointment anyway for yesterday while I was out in the boondocks of Maine so I know for a FACT that the technician never showed up. Yet, my claim was just denied because they said the technician reported that it was a blocked drain and they don't cover that....EVEN THOUGH MY CLAIM CLEARLY STATES THAT IT WAS A FAILED VALVE AND THAT THEY HAD PREVIOUS APPROVED THE REPAIRS. I would not recommend this company, even to my worst enemy.

      PriceRefunds & Payouts

      Reviewed Aug. 11, 2022

      We have had this warranty for 3 years, a few months ago our oven stopped working they refused to have it repaired. Instead they gave us a check for $400 and claimed that was the national average price for an electric range, you cannot find any electric range even close to $400. Last week our water heater went out. It has been 5 days without hot water. They sent a service person from Total Plumbing out of Mooresville North Carolina. We paid $100 for the man to tell us our water heater needed replaced. We still don't have any idea when they are going to bring a new water heater and install it. Home Warranty of America says they are waiting for Total Plumbing to pick it up, Total Plumbing has told us they're waiting for it to be delivered so which is it? Bottom line is home warranty of America is useless and I do not recommend ever doing business with them. We are searching for a better warranty company that will not give us a run around.

      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverageTech

      Reviewed Aug. 8, 2022

      I've been a customer of HWA for about 4 years now. HWA themselves, as a company, are actually decent. It is easy to submit a claim and their customer service is pretty responsive. I've submitted 2 claims with them over the time I have been with them. This is where the problems start. I'm not going to speculate why (though I can guess) the network of repair techs they send the claims out to is terrible. You're lucky to get a call back from any of them, one had reviews all over the internet that they took service call payment, said they would order the parts, then ghosted the customer.

      I recently had a dryer repair claim. I finally was assigned to a technician who answered my calls and showed up, only for the dryer to break less than 2 weeks later with the same exact problem. HWA told me to follow up with him to correct the issue and they would waive the service call fee. The issue was he never returned the 4 voicemails I left for him. I ended up spending so much on the laundromat waiting it would have been cheaper to have simply covered the repair myself. In the end I ended up just fixing the dryer on my own after watching some YouTube videos and ordering an 8 dollar part off Amazon. Do yourself a favor and just stick your $50 a month in a savings account for a rainy day fund.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingTech

      Reviewed Aug. 5, 2022

      When my A/C went out during the first hot week in May, I immediately filed a claim with HWA. I had no response all day, so called to check on it. Customer Service told me they would find and assign a technician who would be in touch. If no technician was assigned within 24 hours I would be free to find one on my own. Then, no follow up, no call, no email, nothing. So the next day I got my A/C repaired and submitted the bill against the claim I had opened. They denied the claim because repairs were not pre-approved. The Customer Service never mentioned the pre-approval process when explaining to me how this would work if they couldn't find me a technician. I wrote an appeal and never got an email response. Called to follow up and we told I had been notified of a manager who had been assigned and phone number to reach them. This was not true, again I received no email.

      I know they have the correct email for me, because I did get one trying to get me to renew early. Tried calling the 888 number and extension provided for the manager and got only an non-setup generic voicemail box. I left a message, but doubt I will ever hear from them. Anytime you call it's clearly poorly trained phone bank staff and half the time when they say I will receive or have received an email, I don't. Don't waste your money!

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Aug. 1, 2022

      They are like most warranty companies. They will do all they can NOT to pay for the repair. Customer service is HORRIBLE. Poor people working for a company that can't provide the service that you need. Do NOT buy it, definitely a waste of money and your time.

      Customer ServicePrice

      Reviewed July 19, 2022

      Home Warranty Of America charges ridiculous prices for their services and for their deductible. I was with them for around six years and when I tried to cancel they told me everything was set yet they charge my card again. I had to call them back and tell them that I had canceled, "Why did you charge my card?" They responded, "Sorry something went wrong" so the second time around, they said they would remove the charge but that never happened. DO NOT GIVE HWA YOUR BUSINESS!!!!

      Customer ServiceCoverageTechPunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed July 2, 2022

      I have been with them for two years. 1st year was ok. 2021-current, terrible. The technicians they use are HORRIBLE and don't know what they are doing. I have been without air for TWO months. It's has been 90 degrees and higher. I have had a LOT of no shows, reassignment and those that just simply refuse the job. One company finally came out and every time he fix one thing another "issue" pops up. Very long story short, after waiting days in this heat for each part (4/5 parts), it still does not work. Since they can't figure it out, I'm told it's "probably " the thermostat. HWA would not cover it. Fine. $250 I would need.

      They order the thermostat, he comes to put it in, it's the wrong one. More waiting in the heat. He tells me he can't find the thermostat he needs and they were not coming way out here for something that may not work. Called techs from Xcalibur for a second opinion because I never thought it was the thermostat and turns out it wasn't. The prior techs had gone into my unit, cut wires, misplaced wires and pretty much tore my unit up. Two different techs from two different companies told me this and provided pics and writeups in which I provided to HWA. Said it was the wiring and the control board. Now the boards are some of the parts that were ordered and put in but he said it sure does not look like it. Interesting.

      So they reassigned me to Heveanly comfort, who canceled with them and was a no show. Reassigned AGAIN to Overflow Heating and cooling for today between 7-11 am. 1115, no show. I called and he advised me I was never on the schedule but he will see if he can get someone out here. I called HWA, who called the company, who said the guy did not check the schedule in time, therfore, they will not be working with us. So now guess what, reassigned again.

      I called and left the case manager an nice Vm. I am fed up with this, they do not care about their nor do they pretend to care. I received not an ounce of empathy from CS nor the case manger. So here I am STILL without air. For 2 months and nothing is being done. I work from home and don't have the option of going in to the office and I am a diabetic and this heat is driving me insane. At this point either it needs to be replaced or send a check for/towards it since YOUR techs broke it.