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    shower chair

    With so many slick surfaces and fall risks, the bathroom can be a tricky area to navigate. Shower chairs provide stability and support to make the bathing experience easier for older adults, people with disabilities and those recovering from surgery. Below, compare our top picks for shower chairs, stools and seats.

    Our top picks for shower chairs

    To select our favorite shower chairs, we looked for pieces made from sturdy materials that are easy to assemble and install. We chose models with overall positive customer reviews and gave preference to those with standout features like premium foam padding on the seat, back or armrest, innovative hygienic designs and adjustable heights.

    Medline Shower Chair

    The Medline shower chair is one of our top picks because it has great reviews on Amazon, padded armrests and back support — all for less than $50. The aluminum frame is adjustable and features nonslip feet. It’s made with rust-resistant and latex-free materials.

    medline shower chair
    • Padded armrests and adjustable seat
    • Durable aluminum frame
    • Supports up to 350 pounds

    $41.90 on Amazon*
    *As of publishing date

    ComfortAble Deluxe Shower Chair

    The ComfortAble Deluxe Shower Chair is one of the most expensive on our list, but we think it’s worth it for the extra comfort. Polyurethane padding on the seat and armrests is designed to minimize the risk of skin tears and discomfort, plus it’s easy to clean. The seat is sturdy, adjustable in height and outfitted in a bright blue for ultimate visibility.

    This could be an especially good pick for those with visual impairment or dementia. The brighter color helps prevent trips and falls caused by limited eyesight. The blue padding also helps prevent staining and discoloration, which is a common issue with white and gray plastic shower chairs.

    comfortable deluxe shower chair
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Aluminum frame with polyurethane foam
    • Supports up to 310 pounds

    $147.11 on Amazon*
    *As of publishing date

    Drive Medical RTL12505

    The Drive Medical RTL12505 is made from durable and easy-to-clean plastic. This Premium series model doesn’t come with padding like some of the other chairs on our list, but it still provides back and arm support. The height is adjustable in half-inch increments without the use of tools. According to reviews on Amazon, it’s also well made and simple to assemble.

    • Built-in holes for drainage
    • Plastic frame construction
    • Supports up to 350 pounds

    $39.99 on Amazon*
    *As of publishing date

    Carex Swivel Shower Stool

    This rotating bath seat makes it easier to maneuver in and around the shower. The seat is cushioned for comfort and swivels 360 degrees, helping you to enter and exit the tub easily. The adjustable stool can be raised to nearly 21 inches tall. It's made from lightweight aluminum (resistant to rust) and the legs have nonslip tips for added safety. You can also keep small items — soap, loofah, shampoo, etc. — within reach in the storage tray below.

    carex swivel shower stool
    • Convenient storage tray
    • Aluminum legs, molded plastic seat
    • Supports up to 300 pounds

    $47.87 on Amazon*
    *As of publishing date

    NOVA Hygienic Shower Chair

    This shower chair has a hygienic design with a backrest and armrests to make getting in and out of the tub easier and safer. The seat has a U-shaped cutout for more comfortable and cleaner bathing, and its height is adjustable from 16 to 21 inches.

    The chair also has padded arms so you can bolster yourself as you sit down and lift yourself up. Its frame is constructed from a combination of plastic and aluminum, which makes it durable and simple to clean, according to some reviews on Amazon.

    nova hygienic shower chair
    • Padded armrests
    • Blow-molded plastic and aluminum frame
    • Supports up to 300 pounds

    $59.02 on Amazon*
    *As of publishing date

    Health Line Shower Stool

    Health Line’s shower stool is designed to reduce shaking and improve sturdiness. Its built-in handle provides more stability and support while you bathe. The height can be adjusted from 16 to 19 inches, which makes it ideal for smaller tubs. We also like that the seat features a detachable cushion for padding and drainage holes to prevent slippage. This shower stool could be a good choice for bariatric patients — it has the highest weight limit of all our top picks.

    health line shower stool
    • Includes support handle
    • Molded aluminum frame
    • Supports up to 550 pounds

    $49.99 on Amazon*
    *As of publishing date

    Dr. Kay’s Adjustable Shower Bench

    Dr. Kay's Adjustable Height Bath and Shower Bench is a lightweight and stable aluminum shower seat. It’s one of our top picks because it's relatively affordable and has great reviews on Amazon. We also like that it comes with a wide base and anti-slip platform grips. It isn’t padded, but it’s designed for easy by-hand assembly without confusing tools or instructions.

    dr kays adjustable shower bench
    • Lightweight and stable
    • Made with anodized aluminum
    • Supports up to 250 pounds

    $31.94 on Amazon*
    *As of publishing date

    NOVA Medical Heavy Duty Shower & Bath Chair

    This NOVA chair features dual-sided handles, skid-resistant rubber tips at the feet and a backrest for added support. We also like that it has a wide base and built-in drainage holes. According to Amazon reviews, the chair is well made and functional. The adjustable seat is simple to assemble and disassemble, making it a smart option for those who travel.

    nova heavy duty shower chair
    • Easy to assemble and adjust
    • Molded plastic and anodized aluminum frame
    • Supports up to 500 pounds

    $64.50 on Amazon*
    *As of publishing date

    Compare our top picks

    When shopping for a shower chair, be sure to consider the features you need and the chair’s weight limit. We compared some of the most important features of our top picks to make your decision easier.

    Frame materialBackrestPaddedWeight limit
    Medline Shower ChairAluminum350 pounds
    ComfortAble DeluxeAluminum310 pounds
    Drive Medical RTL12505Plastic350 pounds
    Carex Easy Swivel StoolAluminum and plastic300 pounds
    NOVA Hygienic Shower ChairAluminum and plastic300 pounds
    Health Line Shower StoolAluminum and plastic550 pounds
    Dr. Kay’s Adjustable Shower BenchAnodized aluminum250 pounds
    Nova Medical Shower ChairAluminum and plastic500 pounds
    Carousel Sliding Shower BenchAluminum and polyurethane330 pounds
    Medline Shower ChairComfortAble DeluxeDrive Medical RTL12505Carex Easy Swivel StoolNOVA Hygienic Shower ChairHealth Line Shower StoolDr. Kay’s Adjustable Shower BenchNova Medical Shower ChairCarousel Sliding Shower Bench
    Frame materialAluminumAluminumPlasticAluminum and plasticAluminum and plasticAluminum and plasticAnodized aluminumAluminum and plasticAluminum and polyurethane
    Weight limit350 pounds310 pounds350 pounds300 pounds300 pounds550 pounds250 pounds500 pounds330 pounds

    What to look for in a shower seat or stool

    There are many types of shower seats and bath stools available on the market today, ranging from the most basic models to high-end luxury designs. You can choose between a standard seat, a stool or an easy-transfer bench.

    Chair sizes can vary quite a bit, so consider the size of the user and the size of their shower. Some might benefit most from a chair with an adjustable seat height. As you compare models, consider the following factors to make sure your pick promotes safety and comfort:

    • Stability: Look for models that are sturdy and include non-slip grips on the feet. Reading reviews will help give you an idea of whether or not you can expect the chair to wobble or break.
    • Support: Not all chairs include a back or armrests. If you or your loved one has balance issues or back problems, look for models with built-in support for the back and sides.
    • Comfort: Many of the most comfortable bath chairs include foam padding or removable cushions. These help reduce skin irritation and minimize contact with cold surfaces.

    Ultimately, the right chair greatly depends on individual needs and the home environment. For example, a lightweight stool could be a better option for those who live with others.  A company representative or your doctor can help you figure out which one makes the most sense for your situation.

    Shower chair FAQ

    What is a shower chair?
    A shower chair is a seat designed specifically for use in the bathtub or shower. Most shower chairs are made out of plastic or aluminum. They often feature armrests, backs and grab bars, and they’re usually portable, lightweight stools or chairs designed to increase comfort and safety for those with mobility issues while they bathe.
    How much do shower chairs cost?
    The average price for a sturdy shower chair averages between $50 and $75. However, they can cost anywhere from $20 to $900.
    Where can I buy a shower chair?
    You can buy shower chairs online (as with the products listed above) and from retailers such as Home Depot and Walgreens.
    Does insurance cover shower chairs?
    It depends. If your doctor deems a shower chair a medical necessity, you could receive Durable Medical Equipment coverage through Medicare Part B. However, shower chairs aren’t automatically considered necessary for medical purposes. If you have a flexible or health savings account (FSA or HSA), though, you can use those funds to pay for a shower chair.
    How do you use a shower chair?
    You can use a shower chair just like any other chair — use your hands for support when getting in and out of the chair to avoid falling. You might also want to put anti-slip mats underneath the chair to keep it in place.

    Bottom line

    Bathrooms are considered a high-risk zone for falls, especially for older adults and those with mobility or balance issues. Luckily, some products, such as shower chairs, grab bars and walk-in tubs, can help make your bathroom a safer environment.

    Buying a shower chair is a fairly simple process for most individuals. While there are a few options in terms of style and features, for the most part, the buying process is pretty straightforward. Knowing what features you want, like seat storage or comfortable armrests, should make finding the right option in your budget fairly easy.

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