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Vivint offers integrated systems with outdoor and indoor cameras, doorbell cameras, security sensors, smart locks and smart devices for lighting, temperature, locks and garage doors. Systems require professional installation and come with 24/7 professional monitoring.

    Pros & Cons


    • Fully customizable
    • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
    • Good mobile app


    • No DIY option
    • No trial period
    • A little pricey

    Bottom Line

    Vivint’s proprietary equipment integrates well with various smart-home devices and platforms. The equipment is expensive, but you can finance it if you sign a contract. The company’s 24/7 pro monitoring is good for prompt responses to security incidents and emergencies.

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    Reviewed July 9, 2012

    Beware of these scammers and their lying tactics. They will not do anything to accommodate you. All started last year. The sales rep at my door at nearly 10PM, who does sales then! I was so tired and told the guy I was not feeling well and to come back. He said it would not take much of my time. He proceeded to tell me about the system and that it was free and that I would not to be tied to a contract. I already had an alarm system that I was content with and had no contract. He indicated this was better because it was wireless and yada yada. Today, I tried to cancel the contract as I haven't even used the system. The alarm has gone off on me as soon as I entered the house? I was on the phone for nearly an hour, even asked to reduce my rate. Rachel put me on hold. I don't even think she spoke to any manager. When I ranted some more, saying she did nothing for me, she put me on hold again longer and came back with the same excuse that "You signed a contract, nothing we can do."

    If there is nothing they can do, why are they putting me on hold. Hoping I would hang up? Then, I explained how the thermostat system does not work on my house as I am on boiler system. She asked how I cool my house. I said I have a window A/C. Then, she indicated that the system needs to be hooked up to my A/C. I indicated again that I was on a boiler system and that I do not have an A/C connected to my furnace. Then, Rachel indicated that I would have to get an A/C for their system to work properly in my home! Yes, that was my reaction. I said, "You want me to convert my whole house so that it accommodates your system, but you will do nothing to accommodate me?" She just kept saying "I am trying to help you." You can tell she was running out of options and finally said she would fax my certificate to my insurance company. I just laughed and said go ahead, I've been receiving a discount since I bought the house as I had alarm systems all along.

    They think they are so special that you would actually get a further discount on your insurance. Vivint has put a real thorn in my side!

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    Reviewed July 2, 2012

    I had a five-year contract with Vivint. When the five years were up, I called to cancel and the company said, "So sorry. It auto-renewed for 1 year." When I called to cancel after I had fulfilled my five-year contract, they said that I did not send written notification 30 days in advance. So, the contract auto-renewed for an additional year. My contract states "Vivint will provide you with written notice of the renewal not less than 60 days and no more than 120 days prior to the end of the original term or any renewal term." Vivint did not provide me with written notice. They now say I cannot get out of the auto 1-year renewal without buying out the whole year.

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    Reviewed June 27, 2012

    I switched to VoIP and of course, after that, the alarm wouldn't work so I paid off my contract and asked them to cancel. This was a year before my contract was up. Suddenly, they started debiting my account again. When I called to get my money back for a service I can't use, I was told I was lucky that I live in a state where they can only bill me month to month and not a whole year! People need to be made aware of how poor this company is.

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    Reviewed June 22, 2012

    Beware, this company is a ripoff. I signed a 5-year contract. I called after year 3 to inform them I was moving. I was told to avoid early termination, I should keep for the following 2 years, which I did. I was told to call back in June 2012 (in April 2010) to have it cancelled. I called today and was informed they could not accept phone request for cancellation and that additionally, letter had to be received in the first half of June versus the latter half of June?! There's no information on the internet regarding cancellation policy nor address for sending said cancellation. The only way to know is to have the original contract in hand (from five years ago, mind you) or call and run risk of being provided vague misleading information as I was.

    So now, I'm in automatic renewal for 12 months at an address I no longer live at, and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. I'm a single mother of 4 children with other uses of $600 for the next year. This is not right.

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    Reviewed June 21, 2012

    My alarm was unplugged for 2 weeks and I never received a call from Vivint. I didn't really realize that it was a 24-month contract when the young man had us sign up. Now, the 24 months is nearly up and the company says I have a 48-month contract. Bad service.

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    Reviewed June 19, 2012

    I signed up for alarm services with Vivint alarm services on 5/12/12. I wanted basic services for my home. I signed a contract stating that all the equipment was free. On 6/7/12, I was charged $720 for window sensors that I did not order. This caused my bank account to be overdrawn. I called to cancel the account because it was stated that I had 30 days to cancel the contract. I have not gotten my installation fee or any money back from this company. Now, my credit may be damaged because I need this money to pay my bills.

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    Reviewed April 26, 2012

    The company starts out by sending people to your house. They claim it’s a two-year contract and if something breaks and needs repair (like batteries, etc.), they would come out and take care of it free of charge. Well, to get to the point, my front door sensor broke. They left an old sensor on the door from the previous alarm. It would keep setting off an alarm. They kept trying to have me fix it unsuccessfully, so I assume they would send somebody out after skipping sensor. Months go by and I can't use the service. Why should I? They can walk in my front door and take everything.

    So after a month, I called and she claimed I have to pay to have somebody come out. I refused. I made a complaint at the Better Business Bureau to report the company. Then they said they would send somebody out. I requested to have my refund for all the months I didn't use the system or I'm not paying anymore. They would then offer one month free. What a joke. I went, I think, almost one year without using it, so I changed my bank account so they could not take anymore money from me. Now, I have creditors calling me and it's on my credit report.

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    Reviewed April 15, 2012

    We signed an agreement with APX Alarm System on 11/8/88. It was our understanding that our agreement would end within 3 years. It was never explained to us that we would have to submit in writing 30 days prior to our contract ending that we would automatically be locked into another contract. Here is my story: First, I have argued with Vivent on numerous occasions that even though it is in their contract, why it was never explained to their customers. I believe that this is extremely deceptive and should not be tolerated. They are taking advantage of people everyday and that tells me that this is a company that needs to be put out of business.

    Actually, when Chris ** signed our agreement, he was not even a supervisor, he wasn't even from this area. Mr. ** explained to us that they were so busy that he was called from a totally different area to help install APX systems. Another argument is that, had I known then what I know now, I would have never signed up with them. We have completed our obligation to them for the 3-year period of time, why didn't the company send a complimentary letter explaining that our time period was about up and give us an option to re-sign? The huge problem - We have just sold our home, I had no idea about this whole mess until I called to cancel our agreement.

    Each time I call, I get nowhere when I ask to speak to someone higher than a supervisor. I even asked to speak with the CEO of the company and I was told, "You will never talk to him." Oh, really!? Wrong answer! They have just opened a new reason for me to do more extensive research on this company. We have no need for an alarm system due to the fact that we are having our dream home built. I even went as far to tell them that if they let us out of our contract, we would be willing to consider using them for our new home. Not now! Not ever!

    I am curious about why the contract is still binding when they were bought out. Isn't there supposed to be a letter sent to existing customers informing us about the change and give us the opportunity to accept the new contract? Is it legal for them to transfer contracts without giving the customer the opportunity to sign a new contract? I am looking forward to hearing from someone very soon.

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    Reviewed March 27, 2012

    I didn't really realize that it was a 24-month contract when the young man had us sign up. Now, the 24 months are nearly up and the company says I have a 48-month contract. I've them to send me a copy of the original contract, but nothing from them yet! I’m still waiting for a response from them!

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    Reviewed March 25, 2012

    I am trying to cancel my alarm system so I can turn off my home phone. I am getting too many soliciting phone calls early and late in the morning.

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    Reviewed March 20, 2012

    I normally don’t get into these type discussions. However, I am a victim of the Vivint’s lies and misleading sales tactics. I had that so called door knocker come to my house to my misfortune. I was in process of changing out my current security provider (Brinks) to ADT for their security/DVR ability. The salesman for APX/Vivint proceeded to tell me they would have all that available within a month.

    Guess what, it was free! What a lie. Now it has been about 1 year now, guess what! I don’t have anything but the basic system! This unethical company rushed to my house removed my old system installed their basic system and locked me into the contract. Great ethics! I spoke to a so-called manager with the so-called company and basically wasted my time. They like to act concerned but they all are a bunch of scum! Now in order for me to get the system I need, I will have to purchase and install myself.

    I’m glad I read this blog. I will have my cancellation notice in before the 12 month period that this so-called company has once again found the way to screw the customer. I’m so mad right now and I promise I will cost them more than the $1,400.00 it would cost to cancel my contract. And believe me this town of 100K people will listen. I know I’ve got 4 to 5 people go to ADT vs. Scum Security Company or Vivint in short. Looks to me I’m ahead already, 5 people = $7,000.00 and counting.

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    Reviewed March 7, 2012

    I signed up for a three-year contract with Vivint. After fulfilling the contract, I called to cancel and was advised that I had to submit cancellation in writing 30 days before the contract ended. Since I wasn't aware of this, they automatically renewed my contract for another year and I wasn't allowed to cancel until the year was finished. The cancellation fee would be the amount that they would have charged for that additional year of service (about $540).

    Here's how I was able to cancel: It took a solid two hours of arguing with different workers at Vivint. On our first contract, it stipulated under term for services that Vivint will "provide you with written notice of the renewal not less than 60 days no more than 120 days prior to the end of the original term or any renewal term." If you have this in your contract and they didn't send you the letter, they are in breach of contract and you should be allowed to cancel. My renewal offer conveniently had this part removed. I had to renew my contract when we moved because I hadn't fulfilled the first one therefore giving me two separate contracts.

    On my second contract, each paragraph states 60 months of service. We signed up for a three year contract (36 months) and the salesman crossed out the 60 months on the contract which I'm sure is part of the sales pitch but forgot to cross it out under the terms of service paragraph therefore making that entire paragraph no longer legitimate since we were signed up for 36 months. Because of this, the written notice of 30 days before cancellation clause was no longer in effect for us and we were able to cancel by phone at any time. This is how we got out of our contract and I hope it works for you too. It is a shame that customers fulfill their three-year contract and are then bullied into another year. I think this business is questionable to say the least in its dealings with customers.

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    Reviewed Jan. 25, 2012

    Two weeks prior to my end of 36-month contract with APX (now VIVINT), I called to cancel the contract. They stated I had not given them a 30-day written notice, so I would automatically be put into another one-year contract. The best they could do would be to lower the price by $6 per month and to notify them in December of 2012 that I wanted to cancel. I will definitely be canceling their service at that time. Their equipment malfunctions ever few months, and after several hours on hold I will eventually get a support rep online to help resolve the problem. Should I want to upgrade and buy a new system, they can take care of that immediately, though. Seems like a shoddy business practice with renewal policy and support.

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    Resolved outside ConsumerAffairs

    Reviewed Dec. 14, 2011

    I was entrapped into a door-to-door salesman from APX Alarm. He pretty much scared me into purchasing a system by telling me how many of my neighbor's homes were burglarized in the area. I decided to get a system but before signing anything, I asked the sales representative if I could cancel the contract if I could no longer afford to pay it. He told me all I had to do was call and I could cancel at any time. My husband is a witness.

    I called after several months and told APX that I could no longer afford to keep paying it and the representative told me I was locked into a 2-year contract. I told her that the representative that signed me up told me that I could cancel any time. She told me she had no record of that communication. How typical.

    Nonetheless, she told me that if I stopped paying it, the remainder of the balance would be reported on my credit report. She did not seem to care that I had lost my job and had no means of paying it.

    A few months later, I got a letter in the mail saying APX was bought by Vivint and when I walked outside a week later, I had a new Vivint sign in my yard and the APX sign was gone.

    If APX was bought by Vivint, does this not require a new contract to be signed by the consumer? Something seems wrong about what they're doing!

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    Reviewed Nov. 22, 2011

    I contacted Vivint on August 8 to close the account as we would be relying solely on my husband's teaching salary and we no longer had room in the now very restrictive budget (nor did we have any disposable monthly income) for their $43.29 monitoring service fee. I spoke with Daniel, but Daniel's only options are to pay $500 (we already didn't have $43.29, so $500 was out of the question) or ask someone else to take over the account for the remainder of the account, and we didn't know anyone able to do that. Since Daniel wasn't able to work with us to close the account, I called our bank to stop payment so that they would no longer be able to automatically withdraw funds that would no longer be available.

    Apparently, Vivint continued to "monitor" us and charge us a monitoring fee without our consent. We received a notice on October 6 seeking a balance forward of $86.58 and another month's monitoring service fee. I notified them via support at that we attempted to close the account on August 8, that we would not be able to pay for any additional charges, and that we still considered the account closed. Vivint ignored this communication, and, on November 8, we received yet another notice, this time seeking a balance forward of $129.87 and yet another month's monitoring service fee.

    This notice was followed by another notice on November 9; only this time, the notice instructed us that we "must remit the total balance due or contact Vivint immediately at 888-346-9292 to set up acceptable payment arrangements. If we fail to comply, Vivint will take legal action at its disposal including full acceleration of our contract for the entire term to be paid immediately."

    I again contacted Vivint via support at and I informed them that, “unfortunately, our financial status had not changed since I first contacted you on August 8 (to close the account due to a lack of disposable income). I am still unemployed and our total monthly income has not increased. We still do not have disposable income; therefore, we cannot help you at this time. If you decide to take legal action, I cannot assure you that we would have any more money at that time than we do now to pay you."

    Salvador ** replied on 11/10/2011, "We understand the situation that you are currently in. Our billing department would be more than willing to work with us and get this situation resolved and avoid the account being sent to an outside collection." He attached a copy of our cancellation options that replied were unacceptable: $613.05 to pay off the remaining balance (which we still do not have--nor are we likely to in the near future) or someone to take over the account for the remainder of the "contract" (again, we don't know anyone who could or would be able to do this).

    Ten days later, Manuel, with Account Resolutions, called and left both an answering machine message on the home phone and a voicemail message on my cell phone with an “Account Forgiveness” option. I wonder what that really means.

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    Factual basis uncertain

    Reviewed Nov. 1, 2011

    A roommate and I purchased a Vivint alarm system. Now my roommate has moved out but the alarm is in her and her father’s name (Markel and Roger **) but the $49.99 comes out of my account every month. I have called to get them to put a stop on my account due to the fact that I never use the alarm system and I can’t afford it by myself.

    When I called Vivint alarm I was told that since the alarm is in my ex-roommate and her father’s name, there is nothing they can do about it and that my roommate, Markel or her father would have to call and cancel. Well Markel did not leave on good terms and just left me stuck with this bill and he will not do anything about it. I have asked for someone to come out and get the alarm system and nobody will do that until Roger or Markel calls and cancels it. I have had to go negative in my account twice now because of this and I believe that if this is my bank account I should be able to stop payment at anytime and they should be responsible for payment.

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    Factual basis uncertain

    Reviewed Oct. 29, 2011

    Misleading information, failure to respond to requests, poor service, above market pricing, etc. A sales person came to my house (Forest? ) later in the evening and claimed to be with the original home alarm system that was installed in my home (not true). They told me that there had been burglaries in the area (which I also now believe to be untrue). They told me that I would get free equipment if I agree to be a model home for other homeowners, and that if I didn't like the service that it wouldn't be a problem to cancel (adding that rarely does anyone cancel due to satisfaction). The sales person added pressure by stating that the install team was in the area an can do the installation within 30 minutes. I was not charged for the installation, but neither was used as a model home.

    My alarm went off one early morning and I was forced to decide whether the alarm was a false alarm or if it was a real threat. I didn't have time to make that determination since the dispatcher impatiently made me choose . So I told her it was false. The next day, I called to complain about the service and to cancel the contract. They would not cancel the contract unless I had someone to take over the contract or I could buy it out. They gave me two months free service, instead. Later my alarm continued to go off from time to time and I got frustrated with all the false alarms so I called to complain again and wanted to cancel my service. They would not cancel, but they did give me two more months of free service. At that time, I stopped using the alarm service and haven't been using it since.

    When my credit card expired, I didn't renew it with them hoping that they would cancel the service. I told them again that I wanted to cancel but they refused and said that they will be sending my account to Collections if I don't start paying again. I still do not use the service and the $40/month is not only a burden to me, it is well-above the standard rate for such monitoring. I do not want this service. On numerous occasions I wrote to cancel contract on my check and payment stubs but they would not honor it. I was supposed to get a call back from a rep last weekend but they didn't call. I'm still frustrated and want to cancel my services altogether. I am still paying for services I do not use.

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    Reviewed Oct. 24, 2011

    I signed a 3-year contract with them and had to move 2 years in. When I moved, they stated that I needed to retain the service as I signed a 3-year deal. They would not take back the system, they just wanted their money for the rest of the contract. Okay, I'm very mad but I did sign a 3-year contract. So after a very heated conversation with them, I decided it was not worth the argument anymore and paid the balance for the remaining year roughly $600 and told them to cancel. Now, almost a year and a half later, I got a bill at my new address saying they are going to send my outstanding balance to collections. The bill was for $200 (4 months). They stated that since they did not receive a written cancellation notice, they renewed my contract for one year.

    Okay, it got even better when I contacted them stating that I canceled this service, they said okay so I would just need to pay for the remaining term of the one year extension ($600). They were unwilling to do anything about this. After threatening a lawsuit, reporting them to BBB, talking with almost all of their management staff, they finally credited me for the one year extension. But this took hours and action before they would do anything.

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    Reviewed Oct. 24, 2011

    Recently, I have become my mother's caregiver and discovered some disturbing findings. My mother is currently 88 years old. Several years ago, my mother co-signed an auto loan for my nephew's ex-girlfriend, Niema ***, ***. The ex girl friend evidently stop making payments on the loan and also accumulated numerous parking tickets. As a result, the loan company and the parking authority came after my mother, whose never driven a car in her life.

    My mother feeling very overwhelmed, consequently did a reverse mortgage on her house to cover the debt. When she was hospitalized recently, I discovered the paperwork on some of this debt when I was looking for bills that needed to be paid (electric, telephone bills, etc.). I can not understand how a car company would permit a senior in her 80's to sign for an auto loan. Why didn't some kind of flag go up? When I confronted Niema ***, the ex-friend, about the loan, she didn't care one iota about the outstanding debt to my mother. To date, she has given my mother a total of $1500. The loan, which my mother paid off, was close to thirty thousand dollars ($30,000). What options do I have on recovering any of my mother's money?

    Secondly, a salesman from APX Alarm Security Solutions persuaded my 88 year old mother in to signing up for a five-year contract for house alarm system with APX Alarm Security Solutions, now VIVINT. Over the last year, her health has greatly deteriorated. Living in her two storey home, my mother suffers from Congestive Heart Failure, Kidney Failure, and Aplastic anemia. She is now living with me and my husband in a rancher and transitioning to Caring Way Palliative Home Care. I recently contacted VIVINT and asked that my mother's account be closed because she was no longer living in the home.

    I was told by a representative named Curtis (employee #***) that her contract would not end until July 2012 and the only exception was if she was living in an assistant living facility or found another person to transfer the remaining time left on the contract. VIVINT receives a monthly charge of $39.99 which is automatically deducted from her checking account. Is there any options that I have to discontinue this bill that my mother cannot afford or keep? In both of these situations, I think they preyed on my mother's age and bad health. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your vote! Report

    Reviewed Oct. 12, 2011

    I would give them a zero rating because I have dealt with so many of their representatives in so many different departments. I signed the contract in May 2011. In June, the energy management thermostat continued to run. This in turn, caused the air conditioning unit outside of the house to burn out and almost caught the house a fire. I immediately called in. No one came out. I called in to Vivint and someone tried to tell me how to set it but I didn't want that. The representative said that someone would be coming out. None showed up. My husband and I called several times in July and was told that someone would be out. Nobody came.

    So when I called back in August and again in September, I told the representative that they would not get any money until my central unit is fixed. So in September, I called several times and each time they would send someone out but I needed to pay the account before it went to collections. I told them that I wasn't paying anything until my unit was fixed. Still, none showed up.

    I called on October 12, trying to find out about sending someone and was told by the customer service representative that my account has been sent to a collection agency and charged off because of nonpayment. I told her that I wasn't paying anything until someone came out to fix my unit. The representative stated that I needed to pay a reinstatement fee of $200 for this account before they would send someone out to look at it. So I told her that they would be hearing from my attorney.

    Now, we can not run the central unit for heat or air because it burned out.

    Thanks for your vote! Report

    Reviewed Sept. 22, 2011

    I got the service a few months ago and called and canceled on the 8th of August, which they say is way over the time to cancel. But the gentleman that came to my door said I had 30 days to cancel. They have now taken 373 out of my checking account and are telling me they can't do anything and neither can I but pay it.

    I'm disputing this with my bank because I did not authorize them to take the money out of my account!

    Thanks for your vote! Report

    Reviewed June 2, 2011

    On May 30, 2008, I contracted with APX Alarms (now Vivint Alarms) to install an alarm system in my residence and provide monitoring services for burglary and fire alarms. The contract was for 36 months, and I paid $47.69 per month for this monitoring.

    On May 30, 2011, I called Vivint and informed them that since my contract was up, I no longer wanted monitoring services. I was told that since I didn't write in at least 30 days prior to the end of my contract date, it automatically renewed for one year. I asked if there was some way I could take care of the contract. I was told I could find someone to "take over payments on my account" or pay the total fee for one year. This has got to be the most underhanded trick I have ever heard of.

    Why should I pay to have this company monitor my home? I could have just hired them outright to steal money from me with their cheating contract. I am a retiree and living on a fixed income and can ill afford to be cheated by unprofessional companies. In order to get out of this contract, I had to pay $492.19 (the monthly fee for the rest of the year).

    If you wish to discontinue their services, they require you to write them no later than 30 days prior to the end of their contract and no sooner than 6 months prior to the end of the contract. I had been out of the country (in China) for the previous 6 months. I told the account representative this and asked if there was some way I could take care of this. I was told I could find someone to take over my account and payments or pay the entire amount for the year. They wouldn't work with me at all.

    I had $492.19 remaining on my contract, so I told them to take it from my American Express charge card and to cancel all services immediately. I believe this company is cheating homeowners by this "contract" they use. They charge on a monthly basis for their services, but they use a yearly contract to cheat the homeowners out of almost $600.00 a year. If the homeowner wants to cancel any time before the end of the contract, they have to pay the full contract off or find someone to take over payments.

    And if you are out of the country and didn't write in, they don't even try to work with the client, so the client doesn't have to pay the full year. Even if their contract is legal by Utah State law, I believe it is underhanded and unprofessional--aimed at tricking unsuspecting homeowners out of their cash.

    Vivint doesn't notify their clients of upcoming end of contracts. But they sure made it a point to call me trying to sell additional items or "new and upgraded" monitoring systems! Why couldn't they tell me that my contract was due to expire and what I should do if I wished to discontinue services? Of course, they wouldn't do that; that would be the honorable thing to do.

    I feel Vivint Alarms should refund my $492.19 to me and cancel all services. I also believe this company should be investigated for their business practices

    Thanks for your vote! Report

    Reviewed April 19, 2011

    Vivint (Provo, Utah), formerly APX Alarm Vivint, Inc. Security Services, gives a peace of mind or nightmare. They have awful customer service. I was coerced in trying to pin a family member or friend with the bad service in order to honor contract and avoid paying supposedly penalty due to malfunction. Lies, lies, lies. I left with above $2,000 outstanding debt and others.

    Our nightmare began after on or about 20 months within our 39-month contract with the new Vivint. The company changed name without even notifying us of the matter and coincidentally enough with the municipal changes within our state associated with false alarms. The rate increased due to these, from $75.00 to $125.00 to $150.00 and likewise without a customer service notification about the matter.

    We suddenly started to experience false alarms due to motion detection. I continually left work to come home to check on the status of my home, and each time, things were in perfect condition. Initially, I noticed that the volume from the panel each time was altered or lower from how we left it. We usually raise the volume, but there had been no signs of activity in the home. I began communication with the company with the purpose of resolving the issue or getting to the bottom of it.

    I was advised the following: 1. that we needed to pay somewhere around $800.00 approx. to get out of the contract, 2. or refer the company to a friend or family member who could retain the contract until the end of the period of agreement during the outstanding months to avoid the liability of the penalty. I advised the company that, at this point, I was unsatisfied with the service, because no one could explain the root of the problem. So I would not be able to recommend them.

    To prevent any allegations of the company that they were not successful in communicating with us or having inability to provide optimum service due to problem with the telephone line, we proceeded to acquire a new and additional telephone line (somewhere in mid-January 2011) the same night when we were first notified about the false alarms (late that night) in order to honor the 39-month contract.

    We then later learned that there was apparently false alarm prior to that date, when we had a celebration at home, and we had no recollection of the alarm and neither of the company contacting us about the matter. In communications with the company, they advised that in order to get a repairman to our home, we needed to pay an approx. $40.00 amount that differ from the signed contract.

    We refused to have to pay anything as we did not make any changes to our lifestyle, our personal life, secured space, or home prior to the malfunction or receiving false alarms. The false alarms continued a few more days into the month, and suddenly, it then somehow stop. A police officer who visited our home advised that we insist with the company that they sent a technician to fix the problem at their expense, as he advised having the same system and been able to obtain that kind of service from the company. Base on the records provided by the police department, the false alarms were on average on or about one or two a day with few changes.

    The company accepted sending someone to our home on or about two or four days after the alarms ceased in the month of January 2011. The technician came to the home, but when I inquired about checking the motion detector, he indicated that he had not been instructed to check for this one. I shared that this was weird, because this was the root of the problem. We had another technician sent out to our home to whom we agreed to, and this person added another unit to our home and verified the functioning of the equipment.

    On or about mid-February 2011, again, the nightmare began. I was contacted by an employee of the company, and we proceeded to verify the emergency contact and others and who appeared to be willing to help us and been very concerned about the matter. This person requested that I forward the municipality / police fees/bills to her in order to assist us with getting reimbursed. Also, we scheduled another technician to visit our home per company's request, and this happenned the day after my conversation with the company employee.

    The next day or two days after my communication with this person, the false alarms commenced again; only this time, they intensified supposedly on or about 10 or up to 15 or more in a day. I had requested that they sent someone other than the employees who had already visited our home, and they proceeded to send the first employee who visited our home. I expressed my discontent, and he contacted the company. Another person for the day or the fourth person was sent out.

    At this point, I was expecting to see a supervisor or someone who had the title and expertise in my home, but this was not the case. The company continued to insist that we shall set the alarm but not activate the "away" function, when in the first place this is the reason why we acquired an alarm system to know that there is protection while we are absent from home, to give us a peace of mind.

    Long behold, my mom got sick, and the false alarms affected her at her job. The employer requested that she removed them as an emergency number in case of false alarms. Likewise, in my case, there had been pre-existing issues in my workplace, and the false alarms issue surfaced in one of my management and HR Predetermination meetings, as this had been an excuse on my part for perhaps wanting to be absent from work.

    Over the course of our relationship and the last two months, there were many inconsistencies, such as false alarms when we were at home and the panel had not gone off or been set on, activations of the panel even when we were at home sick and we could clearly see that nothing was occurring in the home (sometimes in intervals of every 20 minutes), or inconsistencies in contacting the different point of contacts and emergency contacts. I continually requested the name of the owner or to be connected with the legal department in order to reach to a compromise to avoid the stress and the increase of expenses.

    Further, continually, the police visits, giving our neighbors the impression that on our residence or home, there are illegal activities or others even at times abruptly. There were interruptions at work due to false alarm, increase in gasoline expense due to excessive trips to the home to verify the situation, increase in false alarms fees, and transportation expenses due to the fact that we needed to contact customer service in order to even try to activate my system or change my password or whatever was delaying or preventing me from arriving to my work on time no matter if I called the company an hour before my departure time from home.

    We even experience inability to make changes of my code, even though this should be possible. Each time we needed to contact the company, I have requested on three separate occasions an alarm history, and until this date, this have not been provided to me. On one occasion, I was advised by one of the employees that in order to get the report, they needed to call in the panel. We received somewhere on or about 6 to 8 calls to the panel, until I had to communicate with the company again to stop it because it was past midnight. And even then, we still have not been provided with a copy of the history. Dealing with the alarm company and system became my job after work pretty much on a daily basis.

    I filed a complaint with BBB in the end of March, and April 7, 2011 was my deadline to submit additional update. That day, I contacted the company prior to providing update to the BBB as the Bureau encourage you to solve the issue with the company prior to filing a complaint. On 4/7/2011, I contacted the company to follow up on the outstanding invoices submitted mid-March 2011. I talked to Mr. Nick ** who advised that he were going to help me and that at the end of the day, we were going to be fully paid. He contacted me on my cell phone each time, all the way up to 4/10/2011 to advise that all was set. There had been issued a waiver to get us paid up. And Mrs. ** was going to contact us on Monday, 4/11/2011.

    In that conversation, I also learned that the company decided to cancel the monitoring of my alarm system on 3/28/2011 without giving us a notification of the effective day for this to take place or that they were planning to do so. I proceeded to verify as usual by activating the system and walking in the house. And indeed, I got no response from the panel and likewise in opening the doors.

    We were under the impression that they were still monitoring our home. Other than an officer coming to my home to advise that the cops were going to request for the system to be turned off due to over on or about 40 false alarms calls, I was never notified of a date or a time. I had an attorney with whom I maintained communication about the matter but who never advised me on how to solve the issue or what my rights are and never reviewed my paperwork.

    As a matter of fact, I have been billed by him with no idea of what I am billed for, as I have never received an invoice. Also, he has advised me that he will not provide me with a breakdown of the expenses until May, but I have a total of $1,600.00 outstanding with him as well.

    The company has indicated that they contacted our home in order to offer a free upgrade, but the employee had actually contacted my work on a day off. and on another occasion, she contacted my mom who advised her that she was stepping out for a doctor appointment, and mom told her to talked to me. Also, the company employee Mrs. Chelsea ** hang up.

    I proceeded to email the company contacts to request that this person call her back, but I never received a call from this person. Mrs. ** called mom's cell phone number on 4/11/2011, even though the company had been advised due to a doctor's notice that they shall limit conversation with mom, because of her health. The medical bills are all associated with mom's medical expenses as consequence to the false alarms. Mrs. ** only advised that they were going to pay only for the false alarms fees of about $575.00, leaving over $,2000.00 in expenses associated to false alarms outstanding. I also contacted the company on 4/12/2011 to talk to Mr. **, and the customer service employee after he verified all my data proceeded to hang up on me.

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    Reviewed March 30, 2011

    I see many complaints about APX Alarm like mine; 60-month contract listed in fine print. An ethical company would have required my initial next to that bit of information, but we all know they wouldn't sign anyone up for their service if they made that practice.

    I only found this information out because I was looking to change services and called to complain. I was told that I signed the agreement and prior to installing my system, I was given a telephone survey and this is where they told me. The manager on call, Abigale, kindly offered to get their legal department to email me the recording of that conversation. I'll be real curious how clear they made that statement. When a nice group of guys comes to you neighborhood offering to sell you an APX system, say, "Oops, now it's Vivint," and slam the door on them. Now, I'm financially responsible up to mid-2013 for their services that costs more than others I was looking into.

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    Reviewed March 23, 2011

    Signed for a 3 year agreement with APX alarm in July 2008. At that time my phone service was provided by AT&T. On Jan. 22, 2011, I switched to Comcast phone service. Feb. 13, 2011, alarm started beeping. I called to get it to stop and was told that my alarm system was not compatible with my new phone service. I was told that I should have checked with them prior to changing phone service. I was never made aware of that. They would not allow me to cancel my contract but would upgrade it if I signed another 2 year contract. I feel that was very deceptive and just a way of getting me to sign up again. They told me their system would be hooked up to my phone line, never specifying a particular company.

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    Reviewed Feb. 24, 2011

    I have had APX Alarm System for about a year and a half to two years. Today, I received a notice in the mail that they have turned my account over to collections. Like many people, I had my account set on auto pay. It appears that my card they had on file expired and they did not contact me to correct this issue. Upon calling them today to correct the issue, they told me that they called me numerous times and yet I received no voice mails or calls from them. The customer service representative told me that for a $200.00 reinstatement fee along with the past due, which is less than the $200.00 reinstatement fee, she can fix the problem. Really? What a gimmick! She said there was nothing she can do about it, but it was policy. I am beyond irritated. I have perfect credit and because of their lack of communication, they are attempting to strong arm an additional $200.00 from me. Shame on you APX! I will be sure to discourage all people I know from acquiring your services. Deceitful and dishonest practices do not make good business.

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    Reviewed Nov. 1, 2010

    I got this alarm system 2 years ago and I wanted to cancel because I could no longer afford the $44.99 a month. They told me it was a 5-year contract and that I had to use their services for 3 more years. I was told I had to find someone to take over my contract or it will go into collections. I now have collections calling me wanting me to pay for 3 years of service on an alarm system I don't use.

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    Reviewed Oct. 27, 2010

    Add me to the APX Alarm victim list. Got the same routine malarkey about the sign. I've lost my job, under threat of losing the house. I'm taking up the sign, disconnecting their equipment and returning it with my Notarized dual-signature (maybe blessed, prayed over, and mailed according to an Auspicious Hindu day) cancellation notice to them, signature required on delivery.

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    Reviewed Oct. 4, 2010

    An APX Salesman approached us in 2008 as they were "making the rounds" and unfortunately my husband let him in and decided it would be good to have an alarm system. I was skeptical, but agreed. I did not take the time to read the contract and did not see the part about it being a 5-yr. contract -- I now read all the fine print before signing anything! My husband was laid off in March 2009 and explained to APX that we had a financial hardship. He sent them a letter explaining the situation, but they said our only options were to pay off the contract or have someone else have the alarm system installed in their home and take over the contract.

    Since we were so unhappy with their tactics, we would never do that to anyone we know. We sent approximately $1,000 at that time and told them we were removing the equipment. We had to have the phone company come in to rewire our phone to remove the monitor and ensure that our phone would still work. While removing the monitor it triggered an alert and APX called. When I explained that we were removing the equipment they set the account in the system so that it would not trigger an alert.

    In March 2009 I received a letter from APX stating that we needed to contact the town to inspect the equipment because there was an open permit. I called the Code Enforcement Division in my town and explained that we no longer had the system and sent them a letter with the information they needed to cancel the permit. Fast forward to October 2010, I just received a statement from APX. This is the first communication from them since I spoke with them when removing the equipment. I called and it seems that the $1,000 that was sent was not considered full payment and now they are going to start billing me again. I divorced this past year and lost my job in May, but as everyone knows they have no hardship clause or compassion for anyone undergoing difficult circumstances. I said that I find issue with the fact that they want me to pay for service on a system that does not exist and is not considered legal in my town since there was never an approval on the permit. They are going to get back to me, but I feel that it's probably to make it seem like they are trying to help.

    The woman on the phone stated that the account showed as canceled but then reopened. She tried to use the tactic that after getting the letter from my husband he agreed during a phone conversation to keep it, to which I said no, he never did or he would not have sent them $1,000 for what he thought was a payment to close out the contract. I am probably going to have to pay the additional $1,052 to get the contract cancelled and get APX out of my life. I can't really afford to give them the money but it will be worth it if I never have to hear from them again. Warn everyone you know that if they decide to get an alarm system to make sure they know how long the contract is for. If they do decide to get one, they need to check for hardship clauses in the contract because APX doesn't care how dire your circumstances are. They still expect you to pay a monthly monitoring fee even when they aren't monitoring anything!

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    Reviewed Sept. 30, 2010

    APX rep cane through our area offering the systems on a free trial basis. We were told if installed, our home would be used as a model for the product. We were also told by the rep there would just be a one time installation fee for equipment and we were assured this was the only charge. Transaction processed with credit card. We were told by this rep that we could cancel at anytime.

    After system was installed and in place for a little while, I called APX to have the system removed. APX informed me we were in a contract with them until 2012. We did not sign up for this. APX cannot produce the paperwork that we filled out nor the rep who hustled us. Meanwhile extorting a monthly payment from us. We were told we had the right to cancel in the beginning.

    APX told us in order to get out of the contract, we would have to buy the equipment for $1000 plus or find someone to take the contract over ourselves. We were never asked after this so called model period did we want the system permanently. We would have declined. APX automatically initiated the contract. We are still fighting. Beware of APX business and reps.

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    Reviewed Sept. 16, 2010

    If you are interested in beekeeping, you might want to know a little bit about the cycle of a bee's life through the seasons of the year. Especially since the rhythms of their lives will greatly impact your activities and duties as a beekeeper! During winter, the insects are largely inactive, at least in very cold climates. They tend to cluster inside the hive on honeycombs, sometimes with their heads buried inside the cells of the comb. Many times, there will be a new brood that hatches towards the end of winter. As the weather improves, the adults will also perform what is called a cleansing flight, where they fly outside in order to defecate - a rare occurrence during extremely cold winters. In spring, the bees start back to the business of preparing for the next winter. In fact, that's their main goal: to store up enough food to survive another year, and to enable the offspring of their queen to survive. Bees form a collective and are dedicated to the survival of the whole, not the survival of individuals.

    As spring begins, the workers begin foraging for nectar and pollen. At the beginning of the season, there are usually no drones. Drones are raised later in spring and since they are needed in order to fertilize the queen, bees' reproductive season has not begun until the drones are born. As spring becomes summer, the workers continue their foraging activities. By now, the number of members in the hive has increased, which means that production of honey has ramped up as well. If the insects' numbers are getting out of hand, the bees will build queen cells in order to create more queens in the future. If they do this, they are basically preparing for the entire hive to swarm, which is where the old queen will leave with a majority of the workers in order to start a new hive. Any newly hatched queen will lead the remaining bees to repopulate the old hive all over again.

    One of the main tasks that a beekeeper wants to do is to avoid swarming. There are several ways, but one of the most effective is simply to remove queen cells as soon as they are detected. As long as queen cells are not present, the chances of a swarm are very small. As fall approaches, the bees begin to prepare for the cold months ahead. Brood (non-adult bees, from eggs through the various stages of larvae) decrease in number. Bees that hatched the latest in the season have been less worn down by the demands of the hive, so they are usually the fattest and most able to survive the winter.

    Because drones are only necessary for fertilizing the queen and no more fertilization takes place as winter approaches, a vast majority of the drones are kicked out of the hive and left to starve rather than to consume the resources of the hive without contributing to its survival. A few lucky males are kept around in case they are needed for any queens that emerge early. If winter is not too harsh, bees may still be active throughout these months, although less so than ordinary. If the months are very cold, they will cluster close together in order to wait for the beginning of spring, when they can emerge and repeat the entire process over again.

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    Reviewed Sept. 8, 2010

    This is a disaster. On 18 March 2010, a salesman came to the door and we know better than to buy that way. That was the 1st mistake. My companion and I are senior citizens and had been talking about getting security system since we are also both disabled. We signed up for their service, our 2nd mistake, with monthly payments of $49.99 and an activation fee of $99.00. Payments to be taken out of our banking account automatically, which is our 3rd mistake. On 15 April, they tried to debit our account for the sum of $206.00. Thank goodness our account did not have that amount. On 22 April, I sent them an email canceling the service. I feel they broke the contract by trying to debit more than what was agreed on the contract. I never heard from them. I got a demand letter for the wrong debit amount. I sent them a copy of their demand letter and my email and by a certified mail. Again, I never heard from them.

    Next month, I got a bill for the debited amount plus the monthly fee. I sent them again a copy of everything. Do not hear from them. This goes on until I started getting phone calls from Audit Systems, their collection agency. Of course they are not interested in the facts but just the money. I finally agreed to a buyout amount but that turns out to be just shy of $600.00. We cannot afford that so I cancelled that. Now on 9 September I am still dealing with both companies. To re-instate, the contract, in the meantime we have removed their equipment, there is a $200.00 fee plus of course, the past due. These people used to operate under a different name, with the same business practices. These people know they have you over a barrel and just plain flat do not care. They are all about the money and not human understanding.

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    Reviewed Sept. 2, 2010

    I purchased an alarm system. A discount in my homeowner’s insurance was supposed to pay for a substantial amount of the monthly fee. My insurance company State Farm in Cory Pack, Kyle, TX needs documentation. I have asked APX to the fax document three times and they have not. I would like to cancel my contract. Thank you.

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    Reviewed Aug. 17, 2010

    They come around a couple of times a year doing the same old thing. They are better than the others guys, hard sell type, and only going to be in the neighborhood for one day. My deceased wife got suckered into an agreement with APX (Pinnacle bought them out) and then, we couldn't get out of the 3-year contract. I kept telling them that I didn't want it any longer than the contract period but they auto rolled it over for one year or more. It wasn't until after my wife passed was I able to get out of the contract because she had signed the paperwork. When I refused to pay, they turned it over to a collection agency and the city was on my behind for over a year because of a fee for just having an alarm system. Finally, after threatening to sue them, they agreed to let me out of the contract.

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    Reviewed Aug. 17, 2010

    APX has been unable to repair the alarm system that was installed 1yr and 1 month ago. The cell phone back up has gone out three times and now it has been four days and no one has arrived to repair it. Their contract says they will repair it as soon as possible between 8AM & 6PM Mon through Friday. The contract fails to say how many times they need to repair the same problem. I want out of the contract.

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    Reviewed Aug. 14, 2010

    Apx alarm system is a scam. It started from being a free system so they could advertise in our area to a 60 month contract that was hidden till the last possible moment. They auto debit your bank account for 60 months, which by the way they don't tell you till after you sign the contract. The salesman obscures this from your vision until the deal is done. I sent the cancellation in the 3 day time period they required. I also called and verbally cancelled. I need to back up now with this story.

    As the salesman was doing his pitch for the product, he told me that he needed a monthly monitoring fee plus first month fee. I told him to come back the following day as this was my weekly payday. He assured me to lock this price in, I had to do it today. I don't have a checking account. My girlfriend and I live together and she pays bills with her checking account. He persuaded me to give him her checking account info. I did this thinking this would move things along with the understanding that I still had to talk this agreement over with her.

    Also I didn't know at the time I gave him her info that they were gonna auto debit her account for 60 months. I thought they were going to bill us thru the mail. He told me they could hold onto the check for one or two weeks if I needed them too. But I decided after they installed, that this was wrong of what I just did. So I cancelled. 8 weeks later they debited her account for 198.00. and has tarnished my relationship with my girlfriend. Never ever make these decisions without talking this kinda thing over with your loved one.

    What makes this even worse is Apx (after reading all the complaints against this company ) is not a reputable company in my opinion. The end of this story is the salesman came back that night at 9:30 pm and begged my girlfriend for a fully written out check which at that time she flat out told the guy she didn't want the alarm system and to take it out. We haven't seen him since. Apx also debited her account without even having her signature on anything which was my fault. She didn't consent or sign anything.

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    Reviewed Aug. 5, 2010

    We had an APX Alarm system for two years. I was trying to cancel the service and was told that we have a 60-month contract with APX Alarm. I told them I signed a one-year contract. I was informed that if I wanted to stop service with APX Alarm, I would have to pay off the contract which would be $1,367.00.

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    Reviewed July 23, 2010

    This clean cut young man rang my doorbell and as soon as I opened the door, he started talking a mile a minute, repeating himself dozens of times. First he noted that we had Brinks signs out, although Broadview took them over quite awhile ago. I just haven't put the new signs out. Now, Broadview is ADP (a company, I intentionally did not want to do business with because the salesman we dealt with was "skeevy" at the very best. "I'm not a sales man," he said, "I'm just in your neighborhood looking good properties where we can get the attention of your neighbors with our 'ministry'.

    You're on a corner, and if you let us put our sign in your yard, we can make some money. We will give you a free alarm system if you do three things: 1) keep the sign up for three years, 2) let us know if it ever is stolen or a storm blows it away, and 3) never tell your neighbors you got your system for free.

    "He repeated this spiel several times and then went on trying to scare us by talking about lock bumping and how if someone cut our phone line, our system would not work (which is not true). I told him we don't have a land line and it works just fine. Then he asked about the system, making me very uncomfortable. He kept talking about how they were associated with Honeywell and that all the individual pieces of all systems were manufactured by Honeywell--a comment I have not yet vetted. The mosquitoes were so bad that I finally let him into the foyer, where my husband was listening in.

    The man then told us that we would get the system for free. It would work with our existing equipment except we would have to change the pads to cellular pads. As we got further into the conversation, he said that as long as we had the sign in the yard, we would get the system for free. Then I asked, "If we had it out there for 20 years, we would never have to pay a dime? "

    He said, "Yes." Then he said we would just have to pay the cell phone fee to keep a connection with all the towers in the area, so if one is down, the others still work. That would be just $11 a week. Oh, and there was a $99 activation fee, but we would get extra points for that. We would get 7 points just for having the sign and then 8 more when we paid the activation fee.

    We could trade these points for parts of the system like control pads, smoke detectors, glass break detectors, motion sensors (rated up to 80 lbs--so you could leave the motion sensor on even if you had cats, which we do), and so on. And if we asked for this kind of equipment from our current provider, it would cost $397or was it $365? He said both prices.

    I handed the papers he had given me to look at to my husband and moved over to my computer where I typed in APX Alarm Security Systems and found complaints here and at other sites. Really too many, to get into here. He claimed they were Better Business Approved, so I went to the BBB site and found they were not accredited.

    He kept wanting me to go to the APX site, but I told him "No, just as you said people could write whatever they wanted on the internet good or bad, it isn't hard to make up a website and put anything you want on it "including a fraudulent BBB symbol. " He started stuttering and stammering and going over his list of things to say, to which I told him "As a matter of fact, *inserted his name here*. If we were to have any break-ins now--I think we could quickly conclude who our first suspect might be."

    He then started talking about how he had a solicitor's license with the city and how he was just trying to save us money and I told him I think I was done with our conversation. That really got to him and my husband ushered him out. He started down the street to harass our neighbors and I called the police telling this guy was soliciting a fraudulent product and how they were a scam and how I knew they were a scam and they sent out a car to talk to him.

    He saw the police cruiser and waited before going up to another house. After it passed, he proceeded back on his journey. My husband talked to the officer and he turned around and stopped the man and talked with him. We did not sign with APX because my husband and I understand that any oral agreement goes out the window once you sign that contract and we checked before we even looked at the contract to see if this company was legit.

    No BBB Accreditation, plenty of consumer complaints, and he simply wanted me to look at their website because everyone else was lying. This guy was asking all kinds of questions regarding our system and was touching our control panel next to the front door, looking for info, I assume. Don't trust these guys!

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    Reviewed July 23, 2010

    I keep receiving calls on my cell phone from the number 801- and no one leaves a voicemail. The first time I received, I did a google search of the number and APEX Alarms came up. I am registered with "Do Not Call". I keep receiving these calls which is extremely aggravating. How can these calls be stopped?

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    Reviewed July 12, 2010

    Late evening on May 25, 2010, my husband was sitting in his recliner and saw out our front window a young lady on the edge of the road talking on her cell phone between our house and my neighbor's house. After about 30 minutes, she came and knocked on our door. She stated who she was and told us about a house being broken into.

    I said my husband used to work with him, and we've not heard anything about that. She said it happened and she had talked to the couple across the street from them and sold them an alarm system. The husband worked nights, they had two little girls, and the lady was pregnant. Also, she was afraid to be there by her self.

    I continued to talk to her, and she called her office and got a man on the phone. Then we agreed to buy the system. At the time, our neighbor was over here and she stated she would like to see about one also. Miranda called whomever she talked to at her home office, and she stated they could not pull her up at that address. I asked, "Why not?"

    She has lived there over ten years, and we had only lived here for little over three years. She couldn't answer my question. And then she asked, "Can I give them your name?" I said why. To verify she lives there, she said yes. Miranda and the man I spoke with on the phone told me to write a voided check in the amount of $86.49. That was for the draft from the bank for the first three months for our system. And they said after that it would be for $53.49.

    Miranda was talking with Carrie here at my house and said she would bring her $50.00 the next day, which was something like a rebate. Miranda then called the tech, and he must have been waiting around the corner, for he was here in about ten minutes. Then Miranda left and went to Carrie's house. After they were through with the paperwork and installing the systems, it was around 10:00pm or after at both our houses.

    Well, the next day, Miranda didn't come to bring Carrie her $50.00 she had promised. It went that way for over two weeks. I called Miranda and told her about it. I usually call my bank's automated service to make sure that my drafts have all cleared and they were. But there was one I didn't have in my check book in the amount of $88.80 in June 2010, and the automated teller didn't give me the amount that APX was to draft for $86.49. So when I hung up and called the bank to have it checked and talked to a live agent, they said the $88.80 was from APX.

    I got so upset and called the APX customer service, and they said it was due to Florida taxes, not knowing what they were. I told them that they did and they were added into the amount to be taken out after the three-month period. Then I told them to come take this thing out of my house, that I did not want it, and that it was an unauthorized amount.

    My husband and I had to sign the cancellation slip and fax it to them. A guy named Matthew came from Jacksonville, Florida in two days and removed it. Then in about three days, Carrie was not home; she was at her doctor's. Miranda went by her house and left two envelopes. When Carrie came back, she came over and gave me the envelopes. In one, there was three $20.00 bills (totaling $60.00) and in the other one, it had my name on it and a letter written to me.

    The letter stated, "I'm sorry for any financial hardships I have caused you, but there were problems with your paperwork, because Mrs. ** didn't pass credit. I have filled out the same paperwork and just need your signature." I have kept everything from those people. I have called these people and talked to so many customer service people and also supposedly three supervisors. I went so far as to tell them Carrie is on disability and her cousin is her representative who gets her disability check.

    Then they wanted a letter from Social Security to that effect; we got that. They wanted the new contract and letter faxed to them, and that was done. Now they said there were two problems stated; now they want a doctor's letter. This woman has medical papers years back. She had her first brain tumor when she was six years old. She has papers dating back to 1992. But that should not be the problem. That thing should come out of her house. It was done with my credit check. They didn't have my permission to do that.

    First of all, it should have not been put in her house; she failed the credit check. This is stress I don't need. What is wrong with these people? Do they not know what this can do to some people? Or do they not care? This all was done by scamming us. Isn't there a law against it? I have signed nothing. And these people need to learn. This is a big bunch of lies.

    My husband and I take care of a disabled grandson, who has a lot of medical problems, and I have enough to deal with on a daily basis, and we are not getting any younger. It is now 4:30, and I have not been to bed yet. By the way, there was no break-in, and I had Mrs. ** call her bank and stop payment on the draft from APX. By the way, I got on the computer and printed out my credit; they did the quick check on May 2010.

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    Reviewed July 5, 2010

    The salesman said that he was sent by our security alarm company to schedule an upgrade to our system which was not true. He was rude, mumbled and was still talking when I closed and locked the door. Our next-door neighbor had an even more disagreeable experience with him.

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    Reviewed July 3, 2010

    On May 13, 2010, a sales rep named Colvin came by and offered to make my home a showcase home. I was to get free equipment as long as I put their sign in front of my house to help them advertise. A few hours after the installation, the tech came and installed the system. In doing, so he accidently stepped through the ceiling of my garage and left two holes. He took pictures and had me sign a paper where he stated what happened. Days went by and I had not heard from anyone. I faxed in the paperwork to cancel the service. I began calling and talking to the customer service department, trying to get someone to work towards getting my house fixed.

    Eric from the home damages department emailed me a release statement so they could go forward with getting the damage repaired. I signed it and faxed it back within probably two hours of him sending that. Another week or so went by. I had to call Eric over and over, trying to get them to do something about the damages he kept saying he was looking for a repair man in my area. The first week of June, I went on a cruise for a week. When I got back, I had six voice mails from the APX scheduling department trying to setup a day for them to come pick up their equipment. I had no messages from the home damage department about fixing my house. I found my own repair man had him come by my house and see the damage and he and Eric spoke. From what I was told, the repair man sent Eric his W-9 so APX could pay him. I never saw the repairman again and never heard back from Eric either.

    Every week, about 4 times a week, I get calls from their scheduling department wanting to come pick up their equipment. I never get calls from the home damage department trying to get my house fixed. I have told the APX scheduling department numerous times to put in my file not to call me to pick up equipment until my home is fixed. Yet they keep calling. Today July 2, 2010, I received a certified letter from Valerie ** from APX's customer service department. The letter states that APX has made numerous attempts to contact me so they could remove the equipment from my home. Since I haven't responded, they intend to charge me for the amount of the equipment, $1,475.00. The letter states I have ten days to contact APX and let them remove the equipment or I have to pay the above listed amount.

    So I called the customer service number and asked to speak to Valerie **. They wouldn't connect me to her. The lady I spoke to looked up my information and assured me APX would get the problem resolved in a reasonable amount of time. So I asked her if it were her home, would almost two months be a reasonable amount of time? She agreed it was unacceptable. Shortly after that, we got disconnected. Eric then called and said he thought my home was fixed. I asked him if they call their customers and checked to see if everything was done and he said yes, they do, but it takes a little time. Then he said, "Well, that’s just an excuse.” We agreed to look for a different repairman because the first guy didn't work out. He told me he was looking for repairmen in my area and would call me back in 20 minutes. That was 7 1/2 hours ago and I still haven't heard back from him. Two holes in a roof. Never use APX Alarm. Tell everyone: do not do business with APX Alarm.

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    Reviewed June 25, 2010

    Beware of strong sales tactics. A salesman came to our door and badgered my wife. Although we had an existing alarm system, he said APX was better because of its wireless phone connection. He wanted her to try it for 3 days to see how she likes it. She told him she had to wait for me to get home to make a decision. In the meantime, two installers came in and began work. They removed the old system and installed their own. They promised to put the old system back if we didn't like theirs. When I got home I got to the facts. If we signed a 42 month contract for monitoring, the equipment was free. In Missouri, you have three days to void the contract if you have buyer's remorse or change your mind.

    If you have an existing alarm system, you probably have an existing contract. They automatically renew unless you cancel them before the end of the current term. Being in the business, the APX salesman should have known we would have penalties if we switched services in the middle of the term. When we found out, we cancelled the APX contract in the first three days. APX came and took their equipment but said it was against policy to hook our old system back up. Despite calls to their home office, we got no relief. We are now going to have to pay a $150 service charge to get our old system hooked up. If you have an existing system doesn’t make the same mistake my wife made.

    Although the product is a good one, the fact the company wouldn't do the right thing when their salesman lied to us is all you need to know. Do business with someone else. Regardless of which company you use, be aware that your contract automatically renews. After your initial term expires, your equipment is paid for. Cancel your contract in advance of its expiration and find a lower cost monitoring service.

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    Reviewed June 21, 2010

    We had an alarm system with ADT. An APX representative came to our door last July informing us that ADT was changing companies and in order to maintain service, our system needed to be upgraded at no charge. We found out that this representative was lying. He changed our box completely, and signed us up with APX alarm. And so, since July, we had been paying ADT and APX a monthly payment that was automatically being deducted from our checking account. This representative did this to our neighbors also, so they can be a witness to this--that the representative clearly was scamming us.

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    Reviewed June 12, 2010

    At 9pm on a Friday evening, this man came to my door. He had an ID badge but was not driving a vehicle. He was trying to get me to put an APX system in my house for free in exchange for the company being able to put a sign in my yard. He gave a web address to verify his ID. Then proceeded to tell me what I would get, with a 36 month agreement, at 45 to 49 dollars per month. He asked for all my info. I refused to give a social, supposedly he was able to run my credit without it and said I didn't qualify. If I wanted to go with a regular system, fine but not the free system. I said we're done here and escorted him out. After his visit, I have been very jumpy and worried that it was just a way to see what was inside my home. I can't sleep and worry almost constantly what the outcome of this nighttime visit will ultimately be.

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    Reviewed June 1, 2010

    I don't have his card with me at this time but Tyler and his crew showed up at my parent's home yesterday, Memorial Day and talked them into purchasing this system. My parents are 90 years and 85 years old. There is a “No Soliciting” sign right there on the front door and my dad was sitting on the porch right next to the door.

    They were late coming to my house for a family picnic and I called and they were installing it right there and then. I went there as soon as I could and asked Tyler if he didn't see the sign on the door and he said yes he did! But he continued to pressure my parents knowing that they were late for a family event and he knew if he kept pressuring them they would buy it. My mother gave them her checking account number to debit her account.

    I am on my way today to close her account out and call the company to come take it out. These people should be shut down for pressuring older people into this stuff. On a holiday they showed up and their license plates say “UTAH” and we live in St. Joseph Missouri. What would you think?

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    Reviewed May 27, 2010

    Simply put, I do not understand how a company can get us to sign a contract for their specific service and then at a whim sell my account to Monitronics. I was not warned or even offered to be released of said contract. If I wanted Monitronics, I would have signed a contract with them. This is just wrong. I would think it would be borderline illegal.

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    Reviewed May 26, 2010

    I signed up originally with APX Security on a two-year term. After one and a half years, I moved out of my house and understood I would have to pay for the remaining six months and I did. Sometime in the past six months, APX Alarm sold my contract to Castle Rock Security who is now telling me when they received the contract. It automatically renewed for two more years! Total scam artists. Do not do business with these people. They are dishonest!

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    Reviewed May 6, 2010

    I moved from a house to a condo. I am living off social security and my wife's disability checks. We sold our house with the APX alarm system installed. We moved to the condo in Nov, 2009. APX told us they could just leave the system in the old house, with the new owners, that don't want it! APX told me this is the reason I would be charged if I didn't hook it up in the new condo. The new condo is compatible with there system and it could not be hooked up unless I paid an additional fee, which I declined. Thinking they would go retrieve the old system, and just let it be done/over with!

    They have been charging me for 6 months now for a service I didn't get and they still have left the old system lying dormant in the house I sold. Why do I have to pay for this. I didn't know the system could not be installed in my new house. The have sent my bills to collections, in which I was never questioned or notified of this being done. I don't think I should pay for something that could not be installed and for the equipment they have left in my old house!

    They sent my bill to a collection agency, which damages your credit without my knowing of the situation. I thought they would just go retrieve the old system in the house I sold? This is causing me great stress because my wife has been terminally ill and I had to move to downsize our living space from 3200 sq.ft. to 1300 sq.ft. With that said, what do I do. The association of the Condo's I live at has full time security, which I didn't know when I moved in?

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    Reviewed April 30, 2010

    It was a door to door sales of home security system. Beth ** and assistant, Tony, began to describe the product and I interrupted by saying I was not interested. She states, "are not interested in securing the safety of your family?" I responded by telling her, "none of you business, and to please leave my property." She refuses saying she will leave when good and ready. Sales people are very aggressive, and very rude. The situation escalated and I considered calling police.

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    Reviewed April 28, 2010

    I E-mailed [them] February 15th concerning this complaint against this Company. The company refused to except my complaint which is I haven't gotten any service from the alarm because of the problem I had with it even as I said in my previous letters. The police report that I sent to [them] stated that the alarm was defected yet they still want to send technician out to fix it. Since they have sent technicians out several times before as I stated in my previous letter also.

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    Reviewed April 16, 2010

    I was approached by a door-to-door salesperson in July 2007 about APX Alarms. Being a single parent, the deal sounded pretty good and I agreed to a 3-year contract with the option to "cancel anytime", said my salesman. I had an issue about 30 days later with one of the sensors at one of my doors; it kept falling off. When I called for service, I was told to fix it myself.

    I reminded the service desk that I paid them for service and if I have a problem with my car, the dealership doesn't tell me to fix it myself. After a little arguing, they agreed to send a technician to reapply the sensor. When the technician came, he appeared to be about 22, talked on his cell phone the whole time and was basically not what I would call professional.

    I attempted to take advantage of the "cancel anytime" deal shortly thereafter and was informed that I would have to either buy out my contract or transfer it to someone else. After a lengthy conversation, in which I learned that my salesman had flat out lied to me, I hung up in frustration with no resolution. I rarely activate the alarm system, turned out my dog and children would inadvertently set it off pretty frequently and it was more trouble than it was worth. I resigned myself to the fact of throwing money out the window every month.

    In January of this year, I emailed a letter to APX requesting an early termination of my contract due to tough economical times. Again, I was informed I could buy it out or transfer it. I responded that if I had the money in the first place, I wouldn't be attempting to terminate early and also that I would never recommend them to anyone. At this point, I am counting the days until the end of my contract (July 24). I have mailed them a letter stating that at the end of the contract term, I do not want it to auto renew. We'll see how well that's followed.

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    Reviewed April 15, 2010

    APX Alarm installed the security panel without asking me if I use DSL as my internet service provider and without providing any information that the APX alarm system can interfere with DSL system. I work from home and it's very frustrating and annoying that I lose connection with my wireless modem frequently. My modem has been tested and passed. The DSL provider technician came and figured out that it was because of the APX Alarm system installation.

    In the last three months, two APX technicians have tried to fix the problem but failed. Now they are suggesting me to have the system installed through the cell phone and not through land line. The equipment costs around $200.00 plus my monthly payment would go $5.00 more. I wish I could come out of this contract but the only option for me is to pay them upfront for the duration of my contract. This problem is affecting my daily work because I work from home and need to remain connected to my Company's intranet all the time.

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    Reviewed March 11, 2010

    I had some problems with APX initially but those were resolved within a short period of time. Also, I had problems with the zone numbers (which caused 2 false alarms) but again they were corrected.

    Now my issue, someone showed up at my door and since my contract with ADT Alarm had expired and they offered to add to my system for $99, I agreed. I signed the 5 year contract not realizing that in a couple of years, I would lose my part time job and eventually have to sell my home. I lived with my kids for a few months and now live in rental duplex. I am a senior citizen and am retired so live on a very limited income. The part time job was keeping me going financially.

    After selling my home, I contacted APX to inform them and stupidly believed that they would agree to cancel my contract under the circumstances. But they gave me choices, continue to pay monthly until end of contract or pay them $2,000+ still owing. I realized that I had signed the contract but did not know I would no longer have a home to put one in.

    I even tried to make a settlement of $500 to $1,000 but they would not accept this. They wanted all their money. They are threatening to put a lien against me for which I told them to go ahead. At my age, I will never own a home again and have nothing they can take. After a few months, I agreed to pay them $50 a month just to keep it off my credit. I was able to pay for a couple of months but now no longer have the money to pay.

    With the economy the way it is, so many losing their homes and jobs you would think they could be sympathetic but it has not been the case.

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    Reviewed March 4, 2010

    In August of 2008, a very "clean cut" young man came to the house I rent and spoke to me about what APX can provide in keeping a house secure. I had a couple of "uh oh" moments but didn't react in time. First was after our discussion about a three-year contract, how easy it is to cancel, etc. He called a number (supposedly back to the company) and coached me verbatim on what to say to the customer service rep. Instead of a three-year contract, it's actually five, and they made a big giant hole in the wall--and it wasn't my house. Stupid me didn't catch on until one month when we set the alarm off accidentally, and four days later, a rep called stating that she noticed the alarm went off!

    I called to cancel and they told me I couldn't. So I continued paying, and then was forced to leave my house. I called them to tell them that I no longer would reside there, and Adam told me that I was still responsible for paying. Needless to say, my landlord didn't want the equipment, so we removed all, and I offered to mail it back to them. Adam's response was, "We are not in the habit of leasing equipment." Now, I get a collection notice from them for over $1,800.00 and I am on a fixed income (which the sales rep knew at the time). To boot, I didn't even own the place! If there is some sort of class action being planned against APX, please count me in!

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    Reviewed Feb. 24, 2010

    I'm an active duty soldier stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. I have been with APX for 19 months but I received PCS orders (basically change of duty station). Soldiers receive these orders 3-6 months in advance in order to prepare for the move (sell house, cancel services, etc). I cancelled all other services but APX Alarms wouldn't cancel my service until the date of my reporting date. I sold the house four months in advance. They, by any chance, wouldn't cancel the service. I have to pay for a service I'm not using even with military orders. I don't recommend this system to any soldier. We move all the time. They won't cancel the system even with PCS orders until your new reporting date. Be careful!

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    Reviewed Feb. 15, 2010

    I have sent all the written records concerning the "facts" of the dispute I am having with this company. They were sent to the "Consumer Affairs" the first week in October 2009. I have sent two letters since to report any contact I had gotten from that company. I have not received any reply concerning this dispute from "Consumer Affairs." The "APX Alarm" Company sold me a faulty alarm in the month of May 2008. I have had problems with the alarm ever since I had it installed. The technician was very nice to come out and fix the problem, but it continues. I had problems with it going off in the afternoon when no one was home, which was upsetting to the neighbors. The neighborhood here is very quiet and the houses aren’t very close together. I sent in the police report concerning them coming here because of the alarm going off. I have explained to the managers over and over again that there is nothing "more" that his technicians can do to this alarm and that I will trust it on even to go to bed at night. I have asked them to take it out because I haven't had it turned on since "September" 2008. He refuses to do so unless I get someone to take the alarm. I know I signed the contract, but I didn’t get the "service” that I signed for and I have the police report for evidence.

    Please help me get this dispute solved. I told the managers that I was willing to pay from "May" 2008 to September 2008, even though I didn’t get the service. The technicians were very nice and came out and tried their best to get it working and checked in to report the work they had done before they left the house, but it still occurred over and over again. I won’t trust this alarm ever again. Thank you for your help. I am a retired senior citizen and needed that "alert" which goes around the neck they were offering for free with the alarm. I haven't been able to use that either.

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    Reviewed Feb. 8, 2010

    April 2008, I received a call from APX alarm system in Provo, Utah wanting to install an alarm system in our house for a monthly fee. Because we were one of the last people in our community to do this, I signed a 3 year contract to pay $39.99 per month. Because our health conditions grew worse, we sold our house where the alarm system was. I called the company to see how we should handle transferring the alarm system over to the new owners. The man I talked to said to call when we turned the house over to the new owners and transfer the system over to their name.

    December 13th, I talked to a young man named Aaron at the alarm system, he said the new owners should call and transfer the account to their name, and that should write a letter to the company stating what had happened. I gave the message to Teresa and told her what the man said. Her husband Jeffery heard the conversation. I wrote and mailed the letter to the APX alarm system, relinquishing my plan to new owners. The Swans never called the company. I called and talked to Teresa once about three weeks ago and she said they would call the company right away, but that has not happened. The company calls every day and are now threatening legal action.

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    Reviewed Dec. 26, 2009

    We had an alarm installed. They said we had 3 days to cancel. We faxed a cancellation, but they continued to take monthly charges of over $40 from our bank. I lost my job due to a lung mass and still not back at work. They have called demanding thousands of dollars in full for a contract payoff. They are so crooked. They said if anything happens to me (death, job loss, etc.), they would drop. But we decided to drop before the time was up and told them to pick the equipment up. They did nothing except keep charging us. It has been and still is a nightmare. Anyone who has any ideas in helping would be deeply appreciated.

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    Reviewed Nov. 7, 2009

    My son decided to get an alarm system for his new home and was suckered in by this great deal - buy it now and you get the system free! Well now 2 years later, he's strapped. I'm trying to help him get back on his feet, but APX will not budge. Well they will if my son finds another sucker who will take it and start paying the payments. Is there anything we can do to get out of this situation immediately? Take back the system and call it good!

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    Reviewed Nov. 5, 2009

    In July 2008, I signed up for alarm service with Soldier Alarm System on 1835 High Pointe Drive, Bountiful, Utah 84010 (1-801-397-2300). It was a three-year contract and cost $34.99 a month. In July 2009, I received a letter from Tammy Badger, Vice-President of Operations that APX Alarm would absorb Soldier Alarm. Thus, began my drama with APX in August 2009. First, telephone calls thanking me saying I had selected APX for my alarm services, I told them I did not select them and that they had absorbed my contract. They let me know I would not have service if I didn't use them. I had no choice but to accept if I wanted alarm service. However, although they were supposed to have absorbed the company which to me means to keep the contract that was originally signed. They would not do that.

    Consequently, they raise my monitoring rate up by $7.69 and my contract went from three years to five years. I have talked to so many people at APX about this situation. Now they tell me that I contacted them for alarm service and I signed the contract which I did because I was more or less bullied into it if I wanted to maintain an alarm system. When I said I had a letter showing they were to absorb my contract, everyone acted like they knew nothing about it and I was a new customer seeking service. I told them I had never heard of them before I got the letter. I feel like I was set up because I know people who still have Soldier Alarm.

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    Reviewed Oct. 16, 2009

    While I want to start by saying that this is not a complaint about service and I really don't know if you can help, still I'm trying all my options.

    I purchased an alarm system on July 24, 2008 from a representative who went from door to door, offering the product with free installation and for a monthly charge of $44.99. At that time, I was in good financial standing and decided to have the alarm installed and signed their contract for a 5 year plan.

    Well since the alarm has been installed, I have not used it once and while I knew that it was not their problem, a lot has changed over the last year and I am now having financial difficulties and falling behind in my bills. I am trying to see where I can cut back and since I have never used the alarm, I called the company to see if there were any options for me.

    I knew I signed the contract, so I explained my situation to the representative and asked if I could just suspend the service for a year. By that time, hopefully I will be in a better position and start up the payments again. But the representative advised that it was not possible and could only suspend it for 2 months which would really not help. I asked what my other options were and he advised that I would have to pay off the remainder of the five years in full, for them to cancel the service which is also not an option for me. So I don't know what else I can do.

    I don't want to just stop paying and then end up in collections but there are more important bills that I have to pay to keep a roof over my head. Are there any options for me to take or because I signed the contract I am stuck? Please help.

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    Reviewed Oct. 14, 2009

    APX Alarm, following a written cancellation, obtained oral consent to try and fix whatever problems we were having. Subsequent visits and equipment did not provide a workable system for our particular situation. It has to do with a 1st floor mother-in-law apartment with both exterior and interior access, as well as 3rd floor bedrooms. APX later asserted that the oral consent to let try and fix things created, in effect, a five-year contract that must be paid in full. As noted in earlier posts, we dispute the use of an oral statement alone to justify their claim.

    I hope resolutions can be posted, this is my 2nd attempt to try. The complaint against APX Alarm posted on 09/23 with follow-up of 10/11 has been resolved to our satisfaction. A representative from APX's consumer advocacy department contacted us. After listening patiently to our issue, he agreed to have our circumstances reviewed. APX telephoned us the next day and offered us a fully satisfactory resolution.

    If the use of a genuine consumer advocacy department (we did not know they had one) is indicative of improved response to consumers, expect APX BBB rating to climb. Although our issues with APX are resolved, I will continue to actively seek MO and FTC statutory clarification of the issues raised in our dispute related to rights and legal impact of written cancellation in home solicitation sales. If addressed (I realize how slim my chances are of achieving this), these would protect consumers (and businesses) from misunderstandings.

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    Reviewed Oct. 13, 2009

    A follow-up of my earlier complaint (that I hope is also posted) - A representative from APX Consumer Advocacy (a part of APX) contacted us. He was understanding and helpful. Upon reviewing our situation, APX has released us from any further contractual obligations. We are more than satisfied with this decision. This is a large company with many positives. I regret our situation, but I am thankful for their willingness to review and reconsider. APX has provided a fully satisfactory resolution of our situation.

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    Reviewed Oct. 13, 2009

    We were confronted by Sebastian selling Honeywell alarm systems. We listened to him, and because he had a Northern accent, we warmed up to him. Just moved to Colorado from Minnesota. We were part of our Neighborhood Watch and knew the reports, but he told us that the levels were high. I didn't believe him, and besides, we have 2 very large and loud Labrador retrievers and security bars on all windows and all doors. He told us that a bullet would stop your dogs and bars can be pulled off. That was it. Sign us up! Then came the trouble. One time the alarm went off, but no one responded or called. The police were not dispatched and so I demanded to be out of the contract.

    On the contract, we left off a signature and were offered a free month of service if we filled it out and submitted the paperwork within 30 days. We did 3 times and were expecting 3 months of service for free. That never happened. Instead, they took the 3 months out of checking account. I went to the bank and closed the account. I got the 3 months back and quit paying the bill. The company started to send me letters and I fought back. I called our Police Officer over our area, and he called the company to find out if they had a license to sell in Aurora. At that time, Sebastian did. At this point, I found that Sebastian was from Alberta, Canada and so I called the Canadian Consulate to see what they could do.

    I was very mad at this point, because I felt I was scammed and the response from APX was demeaning and belittling. I had read multiple complaints to the BBB, and the response that I got from APX was "As such, it is Ms. ** responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds to be withdrawn on the 5th of each month. To resolve this dispute, APX Alarm will waive the insufficient fund and late fees levied by APX Alarm in the amount of $54.00. However, Ms. ** will remain responsible for any overdraft fees her bank may have charged her." I told them I was not accepting their terms and demanded that the contract be voided. How dare they tell me how to manage money? They would give 3 months for free? They charged us for 3 months with no warning.

    Finally, a collection company called me and I explained to them that I was going to pursue a civil suit against the company if I could find a lawyer willing to take the case to a class action. Not yet. I have not given up! The collection agency got a manager on the phone, and he said that his company was not going to pursue us for the contract. They were not getting involved in a litigation. I explained to him that I have not started one yet, but I am going to. I find that APX alarm is a predator. They scared us (me) into buying this system because of my dogs. I know better now. And now, I use my dogs to keep the salespeople away. Both of the dogs bark and I cannot hear a thing the solicitor is saying. So, I waive them off and shut the door.

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    Reviewed Oct. 11, 2009

    This is a follow-up on our complaint of Sept 23, 2009.

    APX Alarm and/or Anderson Crenshaw claim the following:

    1. A faxed cancellation of contract is not valid because it is faxed, rather than mailed or hand delivered.

    2. Oral consent over the telephone after receiving a cancellation legally reverses the cancellation. No later written agreement is needed.

    FYI to anyone facing these assertions:

    1. Utah Code 70C-5-102(4), the notice of cancellation may take any form (as is also true in my state of MO and, I would guess, all other states as well).

    2. In Taran Distributing vs. Ami, the US Court of Appeals (237 F2d 488) upheld a lower court ruling that a (undisputed) telephone conversation (in this case with a company president) cannot reverse a written cancellation of a contract. Such a conversation "lacks substantial manifestations of firm oral undertakings between intelligent business men."

    This high standard for oral statements to carry weight equal to or greater than written contracts US Court of Appeals in Ziolkowski vs. Caterpillar Incorporated (996 F2d 1220) sets out the high standards that would be necessary for any oral statement to have contractual weight. The full terms and obligations must be fully understood (this suggests sufficient levels of contract law understanding that exists with both parties) and it must be the clear intention of both parties to establish an oral contract. In that particular case under review, the court ruled any oral statements that were made must be understood only as an "agreement to make and agreement." This, the court asserts, is not a binding contract.

    Finally, no court decision I can find has specifically addressed the practice of a company (APX Alarm) pursuing a consumer further after receiving a written cancellation. The FTC code is also silent on this, although the intent of code (establishing a legal right of cancellation within three business days; and, protecting consumer's from point of sale decisions made under the influence of a skilled salesperson) seems to be violated.

    I would wish a clarification of this question were addressed in federal court or clear statutory wording: Can a company involved in unsolicited door to door sales, upon receiving a valid, timely written cancellation of a sales contract, directly contact that consumer to pressure/persuade them to change their minds?

    Thanks for your vote! Report

    Reviewed Oct. 7, 2009

    My self and my wife both lost our jobs in November of 2008 in Sparks, Nevada. I immediately called APX Alarm to have my system turned off. (I had never missed a payment.) I believe we had them for around 2 years at this time. I was then told we had a 5-year contract. I said, "Your salespeople told me if things like this happen, your company is a family-oriented place and understands these things." And I never signed anything without them telling me "they will drop contracts for situations like that." I had asked them when they were selling it to me things like "what if death to me or wife? What if we lose house, God forbid." And that is the answer I received.

    Well, APX did give me "3 months" free to figure out what I can do. (It was not free; it's tacked on to the end of contract.) Then another 3 months when I told them I have no reason to keep system, house will be foreclosing, and I will not own a house again for a very long time. Well, I wrote 3 letters explaining my situation and practically begging them to void my contract. I never heard from them again, until yesterday. Collection Agency. $1790.00. We have moved to Oregon, lost our house in Sparks, and are now renting. I am working a temporary job. I am at a loss on this and completely blown away. When we asked the "very nice" sales reps those exact questions, we never thought it would happen to us. And now that it has, we see they bold-faced lied to us.

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    Reviewed Oct. 2, 2009

    We had our suspicions about this company and my husband grilled them before signing a contract with them. We made them scratch out 60 months and gave us 3 years, but after reading all of the horror stories I called them today to find out when our contract expired. This alarm system only covers the doors to our house and not the windows, so how is that protecting us? We asked that question and the rep’s response was that if a break should occur, then the "robbers" would have to leave out of the doors to take our stuff. They got us good. I'm so disappointed that this society has lowered itself to conning the consumer. I came across this company by inquiring about a "free Walmart" card and to submit to process. I didn't submit, but before you submit in the lower right hand corner there is a small print allowing a company (Security Network) to charge $12.95 to your monthly phone bill. And for what?

    I didn't submit, but by my putting in my TP number they somehow processed it anyway. I caught the dickens trying to get that off of my telephone bill and when I called the company to ask what service they were providing for me, the owner, a very nasty man, told me that he was protecting my name and address. What? I let him have it and told him he better take that off my bill. He talked to me very rough and was very angry, but he did it eventually. Then APX called and it was on from that point on. I hope a class action lawsuit will be filed against these guys because this is fraud and we don't need to be taken by these fast talking, lying young men. Now, take into account that, while we are seeking a class action lawsuit, how rich they have become as our expense. How cruel!

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    Reviewed Sept. 24, 2009

    My husband and I were contacted by APX Alarm System via telephone the early part of 2008. We agreed to have an alarm system put in our house because we had infant twins and we wanted to feel safe. When the installer came to put the system up, we were told that we were signing a 1 year contract. Now one year later, when we wanted to cancel our system, we were told we couldn't cancel because we signed for a 3-year contract, which was a total lie. We wanted to have the system removed about 3 months after having it put in because it was totally worthless. Their response time to any alarm is way too slow.

    We were getting our living room painted and our friend took the system down to paint behind it and well, we still have not received a call from APX concerning that our monitor was not connected. We also had to close our checking account out due to some issues with the bank and you know, when APX finally decided to call us, when they realized they weren't getting paid anymore and haven't mentioned that our house is not being monitored anymore. Sounds like to me that it's a total ripoff! I do not recommend anyone putting an APX Alarm System in their home unless they just want to piss money away!

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    Reviewed Sept. 23, 2009

    I hope this is not too wordy. We really need help. On July 23, 2008, my wife naively signed a contract with a nicely dressed young man who told her they were offering special deals on APX Home Alarm Services. We talked it over, and within the 3 business days specified by law (a weekend was included), she faxed a cancellation of contract notification to APX on July 28th at 12:30pm CDT. She used a 3rd party (our college) so the fax is time stamped and a record of the time and length of the call is retained in the college's phone history records.

    About four days later "Chris" from APX called, told her he was sorry she had decided to cancel. He asked Linda if she'd allow APX the chance to come back and make things right. She was in the middle of household stuff, unprepared for a phone call from them. And unfortunately, she was trying to be nice. She finally agreed to allow them to come back, bring some additional stuff, and try again. She barely remembers details of this conversation, but is certain she was never told her telephone consent would unconditionally nullify her rights of cancellation and establish, regardless of her satisfaction with their equipment/service - of an irrevocable five year contract. If anything like that had been said, she certainly would have refused.

    Three additional visits from APX and system still could not be made to work for our house. I can explain why, but won't bother with that here. So, we were never able to use the system and contacted APX that we decided to let our cancellation stand. They insist (with no willingness to settle for one cent less) that a full five year contract is in place and demand full payment: more than $2k. We have returned all equipment to APX via (signature required) UPS. I want to emphasize that we were never presented with or signed any written agreement with APX after her written cancellation was faxed to them and received.

    Central to our complaint: A written contract was signed and then legally canceled (in writing with the time period allowed by FTC and MO law). Their own "fine print" in the original contract document states that no oral changes or amendments can be made by any party: "The entire and only agreement between us is written in this agreement. It replaces any earlier oral or written understanding or agreements. It may only be changed by a written agreement signed by both you (and if married, your spouse) and us." (By the way, although named at the top of the original contract document, I was not home and did not sign it.)

    At no point in the telephone conversation was my wife informed that consenting to an attempt to "make things right" obligated us (even if we remained unsatisfied with the service) to an unbreakable contract. She did understand if she was satisfied with the new setup, she would use and pay for their service. So, we have a written contract between APX and the both of us only signed by Linda. Then a written cancellation of the contract is sent by Linda, received, and (by Chris's phone call) acknowledged. And then APX initiated an unsolicited telephone call during which my wife believed she was giving them another chance. She was just trying to be polite and nice; and now she's emotionally deeply hurt by this company's calloused and unrelenting demands for more than $2,000.

    We were not given anything in writing to consider and sign (or decide not to sign) after that phone call. If a door to door sales company is allowed to telephone consumers after receiving a written cancellation and pressure (they would say "persuade") an oral consent to "try again", and such consent alone is allowed the full weight of a written contract); the right to cancellation becomes nothing more than an invitation for any company to pursue the poor consumer (who is not an attorney) over the telephone and then insist an oral statement made at that moment has the weight of an irrevocable written contract.

    The legal issues raises, in my opinion, are numerous: Where is consumer informed consent in this? Where are consumer rights standards protected in this practice? At what point would this "consent" become an unbreakable contract? (The instant uttered in the conversation? When new equipment is first installed? Three days after one or the other? What if the setup still did not work and a third visit brings some additional equipment? What if it still would not work satisfactorily?) Doesn't this effectively circumvent laws limiting or nullifying the validity of oral statements and agreements in door to door sales?

    What information did the company representative share over the telephone prior to this oral consent? Were the contractual obligations the company asserts a consent would create fully explained (in this case, we promise you they were not)? Since the whole scenario involves an unexpected phone call in the midst of other household distractions, and is inherently impacted by the telephone persuasiveness of the APX salesperson, how can FTC and state consumer protection standards be maintained if such practices are allowed?

    Nothing would have prevented APX Alarm from bringing subsequent written documents that would have provided us opportunity to assess what they now assert Linda’s consent to "let them try again" would obligate. Since the initial written contract was wholly canceled by the communication of cancellation, in my (non-lawyer) opinion, no contract existed as of that time. What else can “I hereby cancel this transaction” mean? As such, a new contract should have been presented from APX to us that could be read, assessed, and either signed or not signed.

    This company has been the subject of numerous state investigations. I cannot begin to count how many (negative) news articles from all over a quick search of Google over just the past 12 months revealed. APX Alarm currently has an "F" rating with the BBB. Even in an industry I’ve now learned is prone to abuses, APX is among the worst, if not the worst.

    We've been married more than 30 years and have never had a financial dispute with a company before. We feel powerless in the face of their tactics, threats, and resources. We want our issues with them settled. It is tremendously stressful. The financial impact of “paying them off” would be significant for us. But in light of their relentless pursuit of our money and my wife’s anguish, it is tempting. But I know they have done this to others and will keep on doing it.

    I believe these practices are predatory. I believe they violate at least the intention of consumer protection laws, particularly those related to home solicitation sales contracts and practices. I think a survey of recent legal issues and news reports (not always exactly like ours) about APX Alarm nationwide demonstrates a pattern of abuse and disregard of consumer rights. I hope some broader action against this company (the only thing big enough to make them stop) is warranted.

    They have repeatedly called us and all efforts at reasonable settlement (we already gave them $300 and told them they could keep it to cover the modest equipment costs) have been a complete failure; whether we want or use the service or not, they demand the entire contract amount. They even called us on our cell phones while we were in Zimbabwe serving in a mission work over the summer months (of course, these calls cost us). They have now turned us over to an aggressive collection agency in Dallas (Anderson, Crenshaw, and Associates) who have called on our cell phones (I don't know how they got the numbers), threatening to ruin our credit and in one conversation, to go after our home.

    They say that they will post "numerous" citations of unpaid debt weekly to our credit reports. And I know it may not be against the law, but they also yelled and shouted at my poor wife until she cried. Shame on them for such bullying. I know this is not earth-shattering stuff. We're not physically injured, thank God. We spent this summer working with AIDS orphans in disease-ridden Zimbabwe. We are still blessed and thankful. This is about a very nice woman in her mid-fifties a little too naive to realize "nice" can be a bad idea with a company like this. $2,000-$2,500 is peanuts for some, but it is not for us. Neither is our credit. By the way, my wife tends to keep detailed and dated notations of telephone conversations. And of course, we have copies of all letters and the original contract and the fax of cancellation, etc.

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    Reviewed Sept. 13, 2009

    I signed a contract with APX alarm systems in 2006 for three years and my contract expired in June 2009. I tried to cancel the service in September 2009 and they told me my contract was auto-renewed for another year automatically. I checked the contract and it was stated in a very small print. My complain goes because whoever sold me the service three years ago never walked me through the contract or told me about the auto renewal for another year.

    I called APX alarm systems about the situation and they bounced me to Security Networks because they sold my contract to them. I called Security Networks and according to Mr. **, "I was not there when you signed your contract. You bought the service from APX and not from us. We just bought your contract and if you want to cancel, you will have to pay $439.89." That is more than 10 months of service! And the exact cancellation amount was not even in the contract. People like this is the one who makes you value customer service, especially in tough economic times.

    I will continue my campaign in Twitter, Facebook, etc. until my situation gets resolved. I already called Clark Howard and the Hispanic newspaper in Atlanta about this.

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    Reviewed Sept. 10, 2009

    Well, on September 9, 2009, I was informed that APX Alarm sold my contract to ADT which I don't like because they scammed us before. When I called ADT, the person was very rude. I told him what was up with the account. The letter I got in the mail dated September 3 said that ADT was going to honor the remaining contract that I had with APX. So when I called to find out why, they were going to charge me another security deposit when I paid that with APX. They said that APX kept that one, and now, I owed another one.

    They also added 2 more years to my contract with them when my contract was due to end at the end of this year. I told them that I did not sign anything that authorized them to do that. They said they could because I signed one with APX and they also upped the monthly fees from $44 a month to $80 a month. Plus the security deposit payment was to be taken out on the 28th of the month, but ADT was now going to take it out on the 18th. If I wanted to change it, I had to pay another fee for that to be done.

    When I called APX, they were no help. They acted like they did nothing wrong, and they said it is in the contract that they can sell to any company they want. They don't have to notify us they are doing it. Also, they get to keep the security deposit. They said that it is in the contract. I found nothing that said that either.

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    Reviewed Aug. 24, 2009

    The tech told me that my checking account will not be charged until we finish restoring our house. I made sure I asked him twice, and he said my account will not be charged. I went through the motion of speaking to someone on the phone, and I knew that the payment will come out on the 15th. I understood at that time that nothing will take place until we finish with the house.

    Now, this is how the tech got me. He said, "Can I go ahead and install some of the equipment now and we will just monitor the property for now until you guys are finished." Well, I told him we really didn't have room for any of the equipment because we were knocking down walls, floors, windows, and everything. He said, "We will just do this for now and when you finish with the house, we will come back and complete everything at that time." Did you know as soon as the tech left and I went through the survey, they then had started taking the money out of my account on the 19th. I will never get an alarm from another company again.

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    Reviewed Aug. 12, 2009

    I had a young man come to my door and sell us an APX alarm system. Well, after being rushed into it, we reluctantly said yes. Within minutes, two sloppily dressed, body pierced, tattooed men came into our house to install it. They were very unprofessional to say the least and we were uneasy the whole time. They came in two unmarked vehicles and it just seemed suspicious. The equipment was bulky and antiquated and it took a long time to install (it was 9:45 p.m. when they got done). After thinking about it, we decided to cancel. I mailed the cancel notice in the mail the next morning. I didn't put a stop on my check because I assumed the cancel would do the trick, but after I saw that a week later, they charged me for a month, I finally put a stop on it just in case. About a week ago, they sent me a reimbursement check after finally getting it cancelled. I assumed it was for what they charged me. I just found out that they stopped payment on the check they sent me! What a horrible company. Please, do not buy from them. Please.

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    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2009

    I was working offshore when I found out from my wife that a man came by and sold her an alarm system. She said the man claimed she can cancel anytime and the equipment was free. By the time I got home and had a chance to call them, they said the contract was for 60 months and it was over $2000 to cancel! What's really irritating is the salesman didn't even leave my wife with a contract. I am very displeased with the whole situation. I'm thinking of contacting the BBB and possibly a lawyer over the deal.

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    Reviewed Aug. 4, 2009

    Charles came to my home advertising a home security system. I was told it monitored police, medical, and fire. It sounded great, so I signed up. 4 days later, I discovered system did not in fact monitored fire. I then called Mr. ** as he instructed. Mr. ** made an appointment to meet with me the next day. After taking off work and waiting, he never showed up. I then contacted customer service who told me they would investigate Mr. **’s actions and lies and that they would get in touch with me within a few days. A month later, my issue is still unresolved. Customer service refuses to try to be helpful.

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    Reviewed July 28, 2009

    We were at home when a representative came to the door. He told us we had a year contract. When we tried to cancel a year later, we were told we had a 60-month contract. We had a rental we were planning to move in a year or two. Why would I want a 60-month contract? We have 5 children, several with disabilities. This is very inconvenient and they were very rude & disrespectful when we tried to work out a compromise. They refused.

    We don't need the system and can no longer afford it as my husband was laid off. And now, we are forced to pay for something we were lied to about in the first place. Now, we have moved and they want to charge me for the transfer of a service we do not want or need anymore.

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    Reviewed July 24, 2009

    A young man knocked at my door and I was on a phone talking to my friend at that time. I told him "Yes, how may I help you?" and said I was actually on the phone. Well, he said he was selling security systems and asked me my current provider. He was giving me the story about if your existing one is hooked up on a telephone line and if that is cut off, my security systems would not function. I told him I was not interested on getting a new one and I am still on the phone with my friend. He said well, he could come back in two minutes, and I repeated again that I am not interested until I am so mad that I told him to please leave and told him for 10 times, if does he not understand that I wanted him to leave.

    He stood there looking at me daring me and I said, "I will have to call the cops." He said that I cannot do anything about that because they are licensed to sell in our area. I closed the door and locked it and left him outside. I looked up the company's website and found a number and made a complaint about the incident. I spoke to the customer relation person and told him the details and they said they will investigate. I also said that these sales reps need to be more trained to have courtesy and not walk door to door at 8:45 pm in neighborhoods and make people mad. If anyone needs info about this company, there are some complaints and legal actions against this company at the Better Business Bureau website if you look up the company information.

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    Reviewed July 21, 2009

    I was eating dinner with my family when a man knocked at my door. He introduced himself with ID badge and uniform. He told us that he was advertising for a company called APX Alarm. He showed us what the company would pay for a basic system including a cellular unit, due to the fact that we do not have a home phone. He was really professional and when I asked him if there was a commitment, he told me I would have to keep it for 3 years. I was impressed at the way he handled himself and represented the company he works for. I am very happy with the system and the peace of mind it gives me and my family. The economic damage to all the other alarm companies out there is staggering. APX puts all the other alarm companies to shame by their superiority in quality of personal and customer support. The other companies are losing out on all the people signing up, or switching to APX.

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    Reviewed June 25, 2009

    On 6/21/08, in the mid afternoon, this young salesman, John , working for APX Alarms came to my house selling alarm systems and security monitoring. We were just ending our contract term with ADT, and were willing to change services. The salesman verbally gave the terms of service as being $39.99 for a one-year term, which was similar to what we had with ADT, the prior company. However, unbeknownst to me, the contract was written to reflect a five-year term.

    I did not notice the 60-month term as written on the contract at the time, as this gentleman was very talkative and time was of essence to have our new system installed. The young man looked and acted like a clean, honest, Christian, hardworking individual. Usually a good judge of character, I entered into the contract. I did not feel the need to go through the contract, as I truly trusted him. As soon as the contract was signed I noted that the installation guy must have been waiting around the corner, because he showed up very quickly after the contract was signed. The salesman made a call to his home office, and a pre-survey took place to confirm that we were happy with the salesman and the terms of service at 8:58PM.

    I wondered why John was adamant that the survey be completed by my husband, rather than myself. I had been the person with whom he was negotiating. He said that because the contract was being placed under my husband's name and credit, that he be the one to answer the questions. The installation took a horribly long time, from early evening until well after midnight. A post-satisfaction survey took place at 12:35AM (6/22). We were obviously pretty sleepy at the time of the survey! The installation kept my children from falling asleep on time, as the unit was being worked on in their bedroom. I contribute the long time it took to install the unit to the installer's lack of knowledge and skill. The installation began at 8:38PM and ended at 12:35AM the next morning!

    Even though the tech thought everything was installed right, after I double checked the system a week later, I found that the unit was not sending a signal to the company, and my telephone service was not working intermittently. On 6/26/08, I was forced to schedule a service call. The installer came over and finally fixed the problem. I was apparently without security monitoring for a whole week prior to that, for which they were paid. All of this happened so quickly, due to all the problems faced with the installation, didn't have a chance to reflect on the paperwork and what the contract revealed. I was still having monitoring problems within the three day period for cancellation.

    What is especially disheartening, is that I even let this deceitful person use my restroom on several occasions throughout the week, while he was working on selling to the rest of my neighborhood. Thanks to this experience, I will never trust another salesman again, from any company. Now, as my husband and I reflect, without jobs through no fault of our own, we wonder why we should be held liable to pay for services we really never intended on lasting for five years The tactic used at which to get the sale was dishonest and was a bait and switch. The installation and service was poor.

    This man, to me was the devil in disguise. He even felt so comfortable, that days after the sale he brought back his co-worker, who was also selling in the area to use my restroom. All the while, I had no idea that he was scamming my family and I. After noticing the discrepancy, it was already too late according to their company customer service representative, Janet, to cancel. The three days that were allotted to me at which to cancel had since passed. I would like to end my contract, and am looking for any assistance you can give me; $1,919.52 - this amount reflects the four extra years that I never intended on agreeing to.

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    Reviewed June 22, 2009

    I called in to cancel the alarm system at one of my locations. I was then told that it was a 60-month contract, of which this was never stated to me at any time by the representative. I also obtained a second location for the house my son is renting while he is going to college in Tennessee. Does that make any sense to establish a 60-month contract on a rental? Hello? Anyone home? The representative misrepresented their selves and the service.

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    Reviewed June 22, 2009

    A couple of months ago, a man came to my door claiming to work for APX Alarm, he told me how my neighbors had used their company and they were going from house to house to try to get new customers. I felt something was amiss with this so I refused the service but did give them my phone number. Since then, I have been inundated with calls from their company to purchase their system. I am on the Do Not Call Registry and have asked them on numerous occasions not to call me anymore. They still persist. It is then that I looked them up via a search engine and found that they were a fraudulent company.

    I have since contacted the real APEX Alarm and have spoken with the owner. This fraudulent company is not associated with the real APEX Alarm, the real company can be reached at 510-548-0515, the owner's name is Nick, and I can't read what I wrote as his last name. He was very informative about this fraudulent company APX Alarm, they are owned by Todd Peterson, Keith Melifuson, and Sean Breenchley. They are located out of Utah and their investors are Goldman Sachs.

    Unfortunately, I have found that you can only submit a complaint here or if they have called you to the Do Not Call Registry Complaint, local government will not intervene due to the fact that they have a license to sell in your area and they have no way of knowing that this company is fraudulent. My best advice is to not give any information to any door to door salesmen, if you want their product, seek them out yourself.

    The calls do not stop, they call at all hours of the day and evening and trying to have your number removed from their calling list is fruitless. There must be a way that we, as consumers can stop this fraud. Research them, they have terrible business practices and have no problem using trickery or fraud to get your business. They prey on the elderly and anyone else they possibly can.

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    Reviewed June 3, 2009

    I purchased an alarm system from APX in the middle of May. Due to recent newscasts in my area and the growing concern about this company, I want to cancel my contract. I feel that I was bullied into buying the system because the salesman informed me that there was a lot of trouble in my neighborhood and even told a story about one of my neighbors getting broke into. The salesman was very good at his job of finding what scared me the most and what my insecurities were. I was a little taken back by the tactics and the sales service of the company, but felt a security system would be a selling feature for our house when we sold it. I plan on reporting to the Better Business Bureau and will email my story to the local news channel. Our real estate agent even told us about the negative antics of APX. I am sorry, but this not the way to start out a business relationship with a customer. Your company prides its self on the customer service you provide. In my eyes, the customer service is not a service to the home owner. I was very upset about the customer service I received when I was approached about the system. The salesman pressured me into making a rather quick decision prior to allowing me to research companies like I normally do. He told me that I would have to make a decision that day as to whether or not to purchase the system. He told me that it was his last day in the area and that they only had a few spots left. I did not want to make a decision without my husband.

    The salesman agreed to return to the house in 1 hour. He did not return for almost 2-1/2 hours later. The first time we were left waiting. After he gave his speech about the system, and con my husband into the system by talking about how I would be so much safer when he was not home, the decision was made to purchase the system because it seemed to be good. We began the agreement to install the system. We had asked if we could wait a couple of days to install it because we had a lot of plans that evening and the following weekend. The salesman told us that a person was in the area and that he would be there in 10-15 minutes. An installation man arrived almost 1 to 1.5 hours later. My husband and I had plans that we had to get to. My husband spoke to the technician and told him that we needed to get to our prior engagement and it was then rescheduled with the installation person to return the next day. The installation technician again did not show on time. At this point, we were very frustrated. We had contacted the salesman and told him of our issues with the installation. He just said that he was sorry.

    Due to all of this and the negative image that has been reported on TV recently about this company, I am requesting that my service and contract be terminated. When I asked about the certification/licensure of the company during the sales speech, the salesman stated that they were a very reputable company and we need not to worry. I felt a little suspicious about the company from the beginning because of the technicians. If APX is such a large company, you would think that the service technicians and sales people would have company cars. I was a little taken back by the unprofessional way of showing up in personally owned cars and retrieving 5 gallon buckets with equipment in them. As I said before, I will be sending this email to the local news channel as well. I hope this email will be returned promptly unlike the previous service I have received. I also asked the sales person about possibly stopping the service/contract in the future. He told me that the contract could be ended. When I called and spoke to the customer support person, they told me that there was a 3-day cancellation agreement and that the contract cannot be canceled.

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    Reviewed June 1, 2009

    On May 29, 2009, an unexpected and poorly dressed (white shirt, shorts, and flip flops) APX sales representative knocked on my door at dinner time. He barged into my house (almost a tragic mistake on his part) and attempted to sale me an alarm system I didn't want. Using high pressure sales tactics, he mentioned there had been break-ins in the neighborhood (completely untrue) and if I agree to leave an APX sign up in my yard for a year, the equipment, installation, and monitoring fees would be free for that year (another lie). He wanted me to sign a contract on the spot and when I refused, he became angry saying, "if you don't agree to this, then I'll have to give it to one of your neighbors." He left, hopefully feeling crushed at not making a sale. APX, what kind of scum are you hiring?

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    Reviewed June 1, 2009

    A young man came to the door early in the morning, waking me out of my sleep and claiming to be an APX salesman. From the get-go, something didn't seem right. He told me that they would upgrade our current alarm system with their technology and that it would only be $39.95 a month. He had an ID around his neck, but it was turned backwards. He also had a folder in his hand. He was not driving a vehicle. That seemed kinda odd.

    When the ADT man stopped by, he had ID and was in a vehicle. I mentioned that to him, and he replied that everyone does it differently. He kept pushing the issue of it only being a few dollars more a month. The more I said "That's OK; I'm not interested," the more aggressive he got. Finally, I started cussing and threatened to open fire if he didn't leave my property. He caught a attitude and said, "Fine, then." and turned around and left walking. I decided to do some research on this company, and I have not seen anything good on them yet. Glad I didn't decide to sign up.

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    Reviewed May 27, 2009

    A "representative" from APX Alarm came to the door trying to sell me a home alarm system. Very strange from the get-go, I asked him for "information" about this company and services and received a blank torn off "appointment" card with the info above. I went online and looked up the company, and I called the police who told me they had a "permit" and were "fingerprinted". I was pretty amazed at their blasé attitude towards this whole episode. With all the scams that go on today, I thought they might have given it more consideration that the condescending way I got treated when I told them I read it was a big scam! Live and learn!

    I had no intention of getting APA services. The whole thing seemed pretty bogus and hokey to me. And there is no way someone's going to walk up to my door with no proper ID and sell me something to "protect" my home; but obviously, the town police could care less! Buyer beware I guess!

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    Reviewed May 21, 2009

    We were approached at our front door by a young man who was selling APX Alarm Systems. The first thing he said was, "I am in the neighborhood selling alarm systems." Honesty is the best policy with me. He fully explained the costs, monthly and others, and the different types of security systems they offered. We agreed to their terms in contract form. They installed the system in the next 3 hours. The installation was quick, clean and very efficient. The only thing we had to wait for was the smoke alarm to be installed because in Texas, you have to be licensed especially for smoke/fire alarm system installs.

    About 1 month later, APX called and a technician came and installed the smoke detector. Again, fast, courteous and clean. All systems have worked perfectly for a year now. Terrific service and customer support. I do not know what happened to all that have had problems but may I suggest that they call and speak with a customer service rep and explain (not yell) their specific problem and ask for assistance from APX.

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    Reviewed May 20, 2009

    I went to my door to look outside because my dog was barking. I saw a guy across the street with a white shirt on and a folder on his hand. He was looking around while on a person's porch waiting for the person to answer the door. It just didn't seem right to me. About 5 minutes later, we had the doorbell ring and it was the same man at my door. He asked, "Can I talk with the homeowner?" So I called my father to the door. My father went outside and I stood near the screen door right in front of them. I listened to what he had to say.

    He talked all this trash about Brinks Home Security System and other ones too. He didn't make that much eye contact and also talked about one of the people across the street having a stroke not too long ago. It made me realize, is he the real deal or a scam artist? So my father let him in, but I didn't want the guy in my house. We all sat down and he was very jumpy. He even showed houses that were signed up for the company and the tech people would be coming to all of the houses that night. So as he was talking to us, I got a fresh plastic cup and filled it with water and handed it to him for fingerprints just in case my house gets robbed in the near future. He took a sip and left it.

    We all finished talking and to me it just seemed too good to be true. Plus I watch all these shows about people robbing houses. I learned about systems from it and I would correct this guy and ask him other questions, making him more jumpy. He asked for both of our information, but no social security. Then he called someone with some of my father's info. The guy then left about 3 minutes later, telling us later that night tech people will be at our house putting in a system. We didn't sign any paperwork for a system to be put in. The guy was so jumpy he left his phone and some paperwork in my house. I ran outside to tell him his stuff was in my house.

    Well my father was not going to sign something without reading the paperwork, so he read it once the guy left. It had that we paid nothing for all of the equipment, which seemed good. But down further it said we have to pay $1,949.61 to start the service which will be for 39 months. I came online the next day and read up about the company and saw bad things about them. So I decided to call the police and they told me that they have a permit to go around so they can't do anything about it. If you see them in your town, tell everyone to turn them away. I knew it was a scam, but we wanted to see and hear more about it just in case someone got robbed in our area.

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    Reviewed May 2, 2009

    A man claiming to be representing this company was knocking on doors in my neighborhood and asking residents questions concerning their security systems and security features of their premises. I sent him away and called the police, who told me they had similar complaints about this company before and that they had numerous false alarms from properties using their systems. Giving information about your property to people going door to door is a dangerous practice, even if the company is reputable - which this one apparently is not.

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    Reviewed April 11, 2009

    My 80-year-old father got tricked into signing up for 60 months of security monitoring at $44.95 a month. The sales rep used the scam that they just had to keep the sign up to advertise the business. He thought the monitoring could be canceled. Since he's 80, I guess he believed what the 3 guys in the house told him and the system was installed the same day he signed based on the misleading statements made by the sales rep. The company said to cancel, we need to pay $2,500 or get taken to collections and credit ruined! This company took advantage of the elderly. Disgusting! And they lied about a number of things! My dad lives on a fixed income. He can't afford to pay $44.95 for 5 more years. If he were to die before it's done, does that mean my mom (who will really be struggling) will have to pay? This is awful.

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    Reviewed April 10, 2009

    Well first off, always read what you're signing. I signed up with APX over 6 months ago and it has been horrible. The first week we had it, a lot of bad things went wrong with the system; the system didn't work some days, and then suddenly it works, but the worst is that you can't cancel no matter what. My wife and I had to move to Mexico to fix my Visa, and we called the APX rep. They told me that they can do nothing about it - very, very rude. They told my wife that it was not their fault. The guy who installed it told us that there was no contract needed for this, but it was all a lie. Please don’t sign up with APX for any reason.

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    Reviewed March 12, 2009

    I have a serious problem that I need help with. I signed a contract with APX. I mistakenly misunderstood 60 months for 6 months. Was not explained by the salesman. My husband and I are no longer working, we are both disabled and are unable to pay our bills at this time. I tried many times with APX. They want me to pay the rest of the full term, $2,000 to break the contract, or attach bill to my mortgage.

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    Reviewed March 3, 2009

    Dana **, a door-to-door seller from APX Alarm came to my door assuring that this was the best alarm system I could get, told me that I don't have to worry about signing long term contracts because I can cancel at anytime, no credit record check, no SSN. I noted that she was so pushy, and making frequently eye contact with the technician that came along with her to install the system (June 24, 2008). It was the beginning of a nightmare... This young technician made awful work (of course, it was covered by the phone jacket, so I didn't notice the mess). My internet service was interrupted for 6 weeks. My home phone service did not work for periods of times. We found out until friends and relatives tried to reach us at our cells phones, when we try to make phone calls, phone dead.

    I even argued with my phone company, until they told me it was the alarm system that was messing the service. We set up the alarm and door sensors failed to work. We had a toast slice trapped on the toaster, the whole house on smoke. The smoke detector from APX never got activated. We had to unplug the toaster. A nice technician from APX came to fix the problem, only to work for 5 days, and APX Alarm didn't care. The only thing they said (All representatives) is that you cannot cancel, the only thing you can do is to pay the term of the contract or transfer the service to someone else (WHAT???).

    I will never recommend this company, not even to my worst enemy. One of the representatives made fun of me... terrible customer care (if any). Now they sent this account to a collection agency, telling me they are going to sue me, and damage my good credit record. APX checks your credit records before they knock on your doors. APX Alarm definitely uses shady business practices. How can I pay for a useless service and a toy like equipment? The APX technician told me that the doors sensors failed to work because the rainy weather, they got wet (????). What kind of security Company is APX Alarm System? Dana ** told me that the papers I signed were only my AUTHORIZATION TO INSTALL the equipment, distracting me by making me personal questions and my stupidity for not getting my reading glasses and TRUSTING A LACK OF INTEGRITY PERSON.

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    Reviewed Feb. 14, 2009

    On August 11, 2008, I was approached by a salesman at my home, who was selling an alarm system. I was told that because of the area I live in, APX ALARM had a certain amount of funds set aside for customers to have a free alarm system installed, and all they ask is that you allow them to display their sign in your front yard for advertisement purposes. However, there was a monthly service fee of $44.99. I agreed to accept this alarm service. Although I was not aware of a contract. The salesman never mentioned the 60 month contract or product payment in full of $2,000 dollars if you cancel service, even though I explained to him that I couldn't really afford the system. I was under the impression that I could cancel the service at any time and sign up again, when I could afford it.

    So on 10-19-08, I called APX and talked to Marcello. I told him that I wanted to cancel the service. He said, the only way I could do that is if I sold the alarm system to someone else or pay APX $2,000 and some dollars for it. I could not believe it! If I had known this fact, I would have never accepted the alarm system from APX. Marcello actually chuckled a little when I explained to him of how convincing the salesperson was that day. Although he did offer me a somewhat alternative as to relieving me of payments for 3 months, however the contract would be extended another 3 months. He mailed me an addendum to sign, which I have not yet got around to signing, as I wanted to contact Consumer Affairs before doing so.

    I am a single parent of three and this is a revolving charge on my credit card. I can't afford this at this time let alone $2,000 dollars to pay it off. Is there anything that I can do to send this back somehow? It is in perfect condition, as it has never been used. Is it too late because this was done over 6 months ago? I have been so busy and have not had time to address this issue. I feel like I've been scammed. I would appreciate any advice that you have to offer regarding this.

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    Reviewed Oct. 1, 2008

    APX Alarm was soliciting in my neighborhood about one week after it closed in June (on June 14th) - the interesting part of this is that my father was the buyer, and I, as his daughter, am going to be paying the home off with a contract for deed. We have not yet set up the contract for deed for the purchase as of today, October 1st. When the salesman came to my home I told him right off the bat, in my backyard, before I even looked at the products, that I didn't own the home yet. He said that was fine, and the contract for service follows the person who set up the service, not the homeowner, anyway.

    I went ahead with choosing the most basic, cheap alarm system. Then, after two young men (who arrived out of nowhere and were waiting outside) started drilling the window molding and carving holes in the kitchen, the salesman told me that they need a checking account for payment and they don't accept anything else. I told the man that I have no checking account. I have absolutely nothing but a US Federal Savings account. He said, "I think that will be fine", without looking into it or verifying. I told him again that I was uncomfortable making direct payments that way anyway, but he insisted that everything would be fine. I decided I would go for it.

    However, I get all my statements online, and had no idea what my routing # was. He told me "just to try and think of it". He basically suggested that I enter my account # and then call them and change it when I know the routing #. He would not accept my word that I would call with the right number, insisted that I just enter a baloney, impartial number. I signed the contract with my name, the date, etc. and he left. Then next business day I called APX and told them I needed to update my account #, and I explained that the salesman told me it was okay to give them the wrong # and call it in later.

    The man on the phone was confused about that story and then told me that the payment appeared to have already gone through. I told him that there was no way that was possible, as I never gave them my routing number. He just told me, "Well, it worked, so don't worry! " Again, I was baffled, and he refused to change anything about the account info. The next billing period, I still hadn't seen any payments posted from my account, so I called them again, worried. They said that there was an error processing my account. I gave them the routing # and verified the account #. I also explained that I already called and tried to take care of this and was assured everything was okay. The man assured me that "these things happen" and he saw that I had called before. He entered the routing # I supplied from US Federal and said I had to pay a late fee for the missed payment. That seemed unfair, especially because the error was not on my end!

    Anyway, the next billing cycle came and again, no payment posted. This time, however, a letter from APX Alarm came to my home - not in my name, though, in my DAD'S name!! I called them immediately and told them my dad was my first emergency contact, but NOT on the contract. He put me on hold and looked into it. When he came back, he told me that I didn't qualify for the alarm contract because of my credit. I told him that he cannot simply make my dad, the emergency contact, responsible for the alarm contract because I didn't qualify. No one ever even told me this was subject to a credit pull. The man went on to say it was no big deal, that my dad's name "HAD" to be on there as the primary contract holder because he owned the home.

    I told them that this was exactly what my concern was at the get-go, and that I was told that the contract followed the tenant, not the owner. The man on the phone told me not to worry - but I am worried! Then he said, "Since you and your father both signed the contract..." I stopped DEAD in my tracks. I corrected him. My dad has 100% nothing to do with the contract at all. He said that was not the case, that the contract was signed by both parties. We went back and forth, and I asked him how that was possible if my dad wasn't there at all!

    My dad actually chided me afterwards for being such a sucker, and said he wished he could have been there to kick them off my lawn! The man had no answer for why my dad's name - "AND SIGNATURE" - were on the contract. The only way they got my dad's name was from the emergency contacts I gave them - my dad (Gerald **), my best friend Rose, and my boyfriend's name were all given. I was so angry and I felt ripped off, taken advantage of, and I was scared, too, because this all seemed scary to me.

    I looked at the pink slip that was given to me in my folder of documents the day they left. I was horrified to see that below my name and my signature, the name "Gerald **" was written by the salesman, and below that was a squiggle that was supposed to be my dad's signature. My dad never signed that, and I am 100% certain that the salesman forged my dad's name behind my back after I handed him the form, knowing that his name had to be on there. I don't know what to do - HELP! I don't know if this is a small-court issue, or if I should take this up with the BBB. I am very angry and I feel manipulated and taken advantage of - my dad too!

    My dad had nothing to do with this but they pulled a slippery move on me, pulling my name right off the service contract and replacing it was my dad's name, a person who did not sign any contract with them. HELP! I am missing sleep over this and am helpless! My coworkers think I should taken them to court and my law student friends think I should sue! I just want out of this fraudulent contract with this unethical company! Now I realize the reason my payments won't work is because the contract and the bank info need to be in the same name - my dad's! My dad is being hounded for payment, they absolutely refuse to accept MY payment, and they forged my dad's name on the contract, right below where I signed! I want out! I feel helpless and frankly, screwed!!

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    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2007

    A door to door salesman from APX Alarm came to our house and stated that they are doing a advertising special. They would Replace our existing Alarm for free with a more sophisticated alarm that would be more sensitive and allow us to keep our pet in the house and the alarm on. We were skeptical and did not want to switch, they said all we had to do was display the alarm sign in our front yard, the salesman also assured us if we were not happy with the alarm they would come and take it out. We allowed them to come and install the system, the installer also assured us that if we were not happy they would remove it, he pointed out a few lines in the contract that he thought were important and mentioned nothing about a 3 days trial period, that needed to be canceled via written letter. Then after the three day trial we were locked in for a 5 year contract.

    We called one week later after having a false alarm in our home, they were unresponsive to help us. After 3 false alarms and the Police coming to our house we asked for the alarm to be taken out. They informed us that they would not unless we paid the entire 5 year contract out. I then called a supervisor and they said the same thing that they would not cancel the contract. I demanded to speak to the salesman who lied to us, they said they would have him call us. We have not heard form him. I want to know what legal action I can take against this company.

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