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American Standard vs. Ella's Bubbles

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by Danni White ConsumerAffairs Research Team
American Standard Walk-in Baths and Ella's Bubbles

What is the difference between American Standard and Ella's Bubbles?

American Standard and Ella's Bubbles are leading walk-in tub manufacturers. Both offer therapeutic features, fast fill and drain times and a variety of tub types. Ella's Bubbles has a few more feature options, but American Standard is more widely available. This guide will walk you through the features of each company.

  • American Standard is best for those who want an all-in-one experience that includes installation and for those who are outside Ella's Bubbles service area.
  • Ella's Bubbles is best for budget-conscious shoppers and those who want to install their tubs themselves.

Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

american standard logoella by ellas bubbles logo
Overall star rating4.54.6
Verified customer reviewsRead reviewsRead reviews
american standard logo4.5Read reviews
ella by ellas bubbles logo4.6Read reviews

Cost and installation

american standard logoella by ellas bubbles logo
Basic tub starting priceOnly available with quote$4,000
InstallationIncludedDIY or local contractors (contractor network provided)
Financing offered
Discounts offered
In-home quotes required
Warranty - LaborLimited lifetimeVaries by installer
Warranty - PartsLimited lifetimeFive years
Warranty - TubLimited lifetimeLimited lifetime
american standard logoOnly available with quoteIncludedLimited lifetimeLimited lifetimeLimited lifetime
ella by ellas bubbles logo$4,000Contractor network providedVaries by installerFive yearsLimited lifetime

Available walk-in tub types

american standard logoella by ellas bubbles logo
Soaker tub
Wheelchair-accessible tub
Bariatric tub
Tub/shower combo
Two-seat tubs
american standard logo
ella by ellas bubbles logo

Tub features

american standard logoella by ellas bubbles logo
Step-in height2 inches6 inches
Fast drain
Quick filling
Grab bars included
Number of hydro jets2211 to 20
Number of air jets2213 to 20
Chromotherapy offered
Heated seats option
Heated backrest option
Remote control option
Showerhead options
american standard logo2 inches2222
ella by ellas bubbles logo6 inches11 to 2013 to 20

Services included with installation

american standard logoella by ellas bubbles logo
Bathroom door resizing
Old tub removal
Wall repair and repaint
Electrical wiring
Flooring touch-up

All information accurate as of publishing date.

american standard logo
ella by ellas bubbles logo

Find a Walk-in Tub partner near you.

    American Standard

    American Standard is a household name when it comes to kitchen and bathroom fixtures. With over 140 years of experience, this company is one of the top walk-in tub providers in the nation. Its tubs come in a variety of sizes and configurations, including wheelchair-accessible models and two-seat walk-in tubs.

    American Standard tubs are available for sale online or through a local dealer network. You can request a free estimate for more information on walk-in tubs or interest-free financing.

    The following types of tubs are offered by American Standard, each with different size and door options:

    • Soaking walk-in tubs: These tubs are designed for enjoying a relaxing soak and don't include hydro or air jets. They're deep and come with quick drains, grab bars and customizable door configuration. An American Standard soaking tub offers a relaxing daily bathing experience with additional safety.
    • Whirlpool massage walk-in tubs: Whirlpool jets create a spa-like experience by combining heaters, massagers and a customizable number of jets. There are dozens of models to choose from, varying in size and door alignment. Most tubs include standard features like grab bars and quick drains with no extra plumbing required.
    • Air massage walk-in tubs: Air jets offer a relaxing, exfoliating massage by creating thousands of tiny air bubbles. Choose a model with the right number of jets for your preferences, and adjust the strength of the air massage jets as you relax. Some models also feature chromotherapy.
    • Combo air and whirlpool walk-in tubs: These combo tubs combine air and hydro jets for a full-body massage. Chromotherapy is available on some models. You can choose models based on size, number of jets, extra features and material.

    What American Standard customers say

    American Standard tubs typically receive positive reviews, and many customers are happy with the sales reps and installation. Reviewers also left positive comments about the tub's quality, safety and easy access. People who weren't satisfied typically reported issues with customer service, installation and operating the tub's door.

    It has a chair to sit down in, a big shower head, and a removable shower wand. I’m glad I got it. It's comfortable, easy to use, and it stays clean.”

    Gary of Cains Store, KY

    Ella’s Bubbles

    Ella's Bubbles is a walk-in tub manufacturer that creates acrylic tubs with custom options, therapeutic features and patented accessories like swivel trays and shower screens. The company's tubs use a dual-drain system to reduce drain time, and the company offers heated seat options to make the wait as comfortable as possible when filling the tub.

    The company is based in Chicago and available in most states. Financing is not available through the manufacturer but may be available through third-party lenders.

    • Walk-in tubs: Tubs are grouped by door shape, with L-shape, U-shape and S-shape doors offering different benefits — talk to an Ella's Bubbles representative to find the right one for you. Each model has different size options and therapeutic air, water or combination jets. You can also customize the faucet, controller and any accessories.
    • Lay-down tubs: Ella's Bubbles offers walk-in laydown tubs for those who can sit and stand but prefer the extra safety of a low-step threshold on their tub. These tubs can be paired with a shower to replicate a traditional bath and shower combo.
    • Companion tubs: These tubs are designed to accommodate two bathers and include a center out-swinging door for easy access. The smallest model can fit two petite bathers, while the larger model is comfortable for those who are taller. Each model includes therapeutic jets and a fast-drain system.

    What Ella’s Bubbles customers say

    Reviewers on ConsumerAffairs.com frequently express satisfaction with Ella's Bubbles' customer service, DIY installation process and the tub's comfort and relaxation features. Customers who weren't happy with their service usually had issues with the installation or delivery, while a couple of others had trouble with the drain or getting around the inward-opening door.

    The quality of the final product is good. I’m pleased with it. Ella’s Bubbles is a good company and my experience was really positive.”

    J. of Wa, WA

    Bottom line: American Standard or Ella’s Bubbles?

    American Standard and Ella's Bubbles are definitely competitive in terms of their product offerings and reputation among customers. Their tubs are of similar quality, with both offering plenty of accessibility and comfort options.

    One of the biggest differences is installation: American Standard includes installation in the cost of the tub, while Ella's Bubbles lets you install the tub yourself or use its contractor network to find someone to install it.

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