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Reviewed April 22, 2021

Our family has been working with Comfort Keepers for the past few years. When we first started receiving services from them the contact person was knowledgeable and communicated well if there were changes in staffing, concerns, etc. She addressed concerns we had with staff and wanted to know how they worked with my mother. However, after she left we have had to deal with so much incompetence in both the management and staff. They clearly have no idea of how to address concerns with staff and are not knowledgeable about people with dementia and what is in their best interest.

Their on call staff also are extremely irresponsible (I.e., not alerting the consumer/consumer’s family when a staff has called out or finding coverage for the person, leaving the possibility of the person in need being left alone.). Some staff consistently call out and instead of talking with the staff about the issue, they just move the staff person to another person in need. That doesn’t solve the problem. It just moves it from one place to another place. Clearly the upper management does not address the incompetence in their subordinates.

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Reviewed April 11, 2021

We've been dealing with Comfort Keepers for over 3 yrs now. There's been many times an agent has not shown up and they are often late. My relative is now in his end of life and the care level has increased. They need to send in help 4 times a day including one bedtime shift to assist my senior to bed. They've given us nothing but problems since the new shifts. Just last night they were over 2 hours late, only arriving at 10 pm for a very frail and elderly man who simply wanted to go to bed. It took over a dozen phone calls to their hotline and 2 hours to get them to do their jobs. The agent answering the phone was rude, and eventually stopped taking the calls without giving us any information as to what was happening and why they were not sending someone to help. I felt ready to explode with frustration at their lack of help and compassion. I would not recommend them at all and I truly think our seniors deserve better than this company.

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Reviewed March 20, 2021

Our household has immunocompromised residents and we clearly post this on our window. We dismissed our first caregiver as she did not consistently remained masked. When our adult daughter asked the second caregiver why she wasn't masked, she said that she was insulted and left. This woman's behavior was particularly unprofessional. This does not leave us with a positive impression of Comfort Keepers.

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Reviewed March 17, 2021

I contacted Comfort Keepers in my area after my 88-year-old mother fell and injured her back. She needed assistance with cooking, housekeeping, and bathing. The caretakers they sent were all awesome: hardworking, kind, persuasive (very important for my mother!), and professional. My mother has had Alzheimer's disease for at least 10 years now. She is very stubborn and can be very difficult. The patience and professionalism they exhibited was outstanding!

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Comfort Keepers
Response from Comfort Keepers

Thank you for the kind words and feedback, Kelley.

Reviewed Oct. 15, 2020

My grandmother is 84 years old and has Alzheimer's. She lives at home, my dad lives with her as well. She has stopped bathing herself and doesn't want family giving her a shower. She definitely won't let my dad help her with showers. Our family's main goal in using comfort keepers was to get her showered on a regular basis. My cousin was in charge of setting this up and told them we prefer a more mature nurse who will come in and announce that she is there to give her a shower. We used these services for 2 weeks and at the end of the two weeks my grandmother had not been given a shower. We have cameras in her house to keep an eye on her. On the last visit a young nurse was there and within minutes of entering my grandmother's house, got a phone call and stepped outside to take it.

She didn't come back in the house for 15 minutes. She then asked my grandmother if there was anything she wanted her to do for her. My grandmother said no. She has never been the type to ask for help which is what was communicated to Comfort Keepers and we asked them to just say "I am going to give you a shower". She doesn't argue...but if you ask her if she wants it that gives her the chance to say no. At that point the nurse sat down on the couch and started playing with her phone. About 15 minutes later my grandmother asked her how long she had to be there and told her it was okay for her to leave, which she did. 30 minutes of that hour we paid for were spent with the nurse on her phone, and then she left.

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Reviewed Sept. 15, 2020

Caregivers hired in Kingsport office to do nothing but be good companions and care for my 89-year-old mom with dementia. They didn't put her brace on needed to walk and let her go down in the floor and 911 had to be called, no family members was notified and they lied about the incident ever occurring till threatened with investigation. They never feed her meals only snacks and were incompetent care providers. Never would I recommend this company.

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Reviewed June 24, 2020

My brother and I had an in home consultation with a representative from Rochester Hills. She seemed professional and eager to set our mother up with some part time care. But once all the paperwork was signed and sent in, she dropped us. She never answered our phone calls or emails even after I contacted headquarters and inquired about the situation. I guess our business was not important to her or the company. I'm only glad that we never went any further with them. I would hate to leave my 88 year old mother in the hands of such an apathetic company.

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Reviewed Feb. 23, 2020

My brother and sister and I hired Comfort Keepers Tampa to provide a CNA to sit with my father 24/7 to assist the rehab center with his care. He was confused, suffered from dementia, and was very weak. On 2/7/2020 at 2am, 7 hours into her shift, (12 hour shift), the CNA from Comfort Keepers got frustrated with his care and left the premises and did not return. Comfort Keepers was aware that my father had no one at his bedside from the hours of 2am - 8am (when the next CNA arrived for her shift). At no time were we notified by Comfort Keepers that this had occurred, we learned of this from the rehab center at 8am the next morning. We have subsequently filed a complaint with Florida Dept. of Health against the CNA who abandoned my father during a very difficult and dangerous time. In NO way would I recommend Comfort Keepers to anyone!

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Comfort Keepers
Response from Comfort Keepers

We were very disturbed to learn about the situation with your father. The safety and well-being of our clients is our highest priority and we always strive to provide our clients with high quality care. We are sorry that we did not deliver on our promise. Please know that we are taking your concerns seriously and are looking into the details of the situation. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Reviewed Jan. 27, 2020

Overall, I am very disappointed with Comfort Keepers. Of course, round-the clock care is expensive, but the bill is over $27,000/month for what pretty much amounts to glorified babysitting. In this situation, perhaps the demands from the patient aren't as much as they are in some cases (he is mobile and can shower and use the bathroom by himself), but he still cannot be alone because he cannot prepare food, use his oxygen tanks or take his medication without someone pretty much doing it for him. Since the demands are pretty low, it would seem like the caregivers would offer to pitch in and do a few things around the house or with him, but, in general, they don't. There are a few caregivers that are industrious, but the great majority of them sit and play on their phones for their entire shifts. It's hard to watch that minimal level of effort knowing what the monthly bill is.

The Comfort Keepers website talks about how they work to help dementia patients, but the caregivers don't engage and stimulate his brain at all. They don't really seem like they are concerned with his condition and how they can help him improve...they just want to get through their shift doing as little as possible and go home. Another thing I have trouble with is the fact that although we were told that all caregivers are background checked, in conversations two of them have revealed that they are recovering drug addicts. I'm glad they have been able to turn their lives around, and I would certainly want someone in recovery to be able to find gainful employment, but it doesn't seem like a job where the primary responsibility is distributing medications would be the best fit for recovering addicts.

In general, I feel that the caregivers could do a lot more and be a little proactive instead of spending their entire shifts on their phones when there are plenty of things that could be done both around the house and with their client to improve his quality of life. I really expected more. Very disappointed with this Vancouver, Wa one owned by Kelly Leveque.

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Comfort Keepers
Response from Comfort Keepers

I was very surprised and saddened to read this review.

We listen to our clients and their families, and I want to address the reviewer’s opinions openly and clearly. We DO thorough background checks on every single one of our employees, as well as drug testing; without exception. Also, our caregivers are trained and take workshops and continuing education in all aspects of caregiving.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss further. Please contact our Vancouver, WA office and ask for Kelly.

Reviewed Sept. 12, 2019

I don't often write reviews but Comfort Keepers is such an outstanding company and I must give credit where credit is due. They provided excellent care for me for several months when I was first released from the hospital and bed-ridden last year, and again this summer to give my sons a break for the summer. They also previously cared for my elderly Mom before she passed away. Comfort Keepers is a people oriented company, which are few and far between these days. All of their employees are cheerful, skilled, and conscientious accommodating. Hilary and Jordan have been so very helpful and accommodating to both my sons and myself this summer.

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Comfort Keepers
Response from Comfort Keepers

Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are so pleased to hear about your positive experience and honored to have the privilege to provide care for you and your mother. At Comfort Keepers our mission is to provide compassionate, quality in-home care that elevates the human spirit.

Reviewed Aug. 27, 2019

I applied for job and the team members were friendly and caring during orientation. I loved how professional they were. Big up team! I was greeted with a smile, the environment was very clean. During orientation I got a clear understanding of how the company operates. I had a great day today. Thanks again team.

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Comfort Keepers
Response from Comfort Keepers

Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are so pleased to hear about your positive experience! Our Caregivers are the heart of who we are and we strive to make Comfort Keepers a rewarding and positive place to work.

Reviewed Aug. 22, 2019

This is my second time using Comfort Keepers and I am fairly pleased with the service. Our current caregiver has been with us for approximately one year and has not missed a day of work. In the beginning, I felt that he was only doing the bare minimum to help my husband who has Alzheimer's in his daily routine. However, once I spoke with the office manager and she addressed this with our CG, things seemed to smooth out. I would use Comfort Keepers again should the need arise.

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Comfort Keepers
Response from Comfort Keepers

Thank you for taking the time to review our services. We are grateful to have the opportunity to provide care for your husband. At Comfort Keepers, we are committed to employing staff who prioritize the needs of our clients and provide the best possible care.

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Reviewed July 3, 2019

I went into care with my WWII Veteran, 94 year old dad naive. Their marketing is very strong. However, not all workers sent out are qualified. Some didn't even have oxygen precaution safety. Some fell asleep. One guy didn't know how to change sheets!! Suggestions: Install cameras and post video is running and notify health agency to disclose to workers. We have three people in our family that go in and check how things are going. Watch your billing. They ran workers overtime and charged us for that. They keep taking on new clients and they do not always have enough qualified employees. You will pay double for holidays, but, I agreed to that. Don't make the same mistake I did; Put everything in writing. Do not depend on verbal communication. I have excellent workers now. Unfortunately, they still are paid low.

To make a living wage some work 70-80 hours. This leads to high turnover. And, that kind of practice does not encourage high standards of patient safety. This is a highly unregulated business in SC. Don't forget that this is a for profit organization. Plus, the administration may not even have a healthcare background! Locally, they employed one nurse. Sometimes she was available, sometimes not. See if your loved one qualifies for home health, palliative care or hospice services, so you will have access to nursing support. However, out of 4 companies that we tried, they were the best. Elite was the worse. But, you have to stay on top of things. Lock anything important up. We removed jewelry. Med box, important papers are in a room with heavy combination lock. Know your state law.

In SC, even CNA's are not regulated by Nursing or LLR. Healthcare workers are not fingerprinted, as in some states. There isn't a National DataBase. Unless a felony was committed with conviction, it will not turn up on SLED. I started doing my own background research. You pay a small fee, but you learn a lot. One cna had to appear before local magistrate 2 times for debt problems, another was autistic that affected his critical thinking. Remember, the infirmed or elderly are a vulnerable patient population. You are their advocate!

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Reviewed July 1, 2019

This company required an automatic payment to provide CNA services for my aunt. Upon cancellation of the service after a few short months for inadequate and inconsistent care, they billed us for the use of a Grand Pad AFTER they picked it up for 2 consecutive weeks. This resulted in my Aunt's account being overdrawn $1,250. When we called them to fix the error the first time, they apologized and stated a refund would be issued. Not only did they NOT refund her, they took out an additional amount the following week as well for the Grand Pad once again. When we called them on Friday mid-day we were informed the billing department and managers went home early as they always do on Fridays.

On Monday they said a refund check would be issued and sent. Then, a check shows up the same day that was dated THURSDAY the week before. Yes, they overdrew her account, knew they did it 2x, lied about refunding her the first time, and sent a check when they discovered the error on their own. Any company with any level of common sense or customer care would have picked up the phone to inform their client what happened. They didn't because they obviously don't care. You would be better off taking your business elsewhere.

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Reviewed July 1, 2019

The good: The Comfort Keepers caregivers assigned to our elderly mother were excellent - compassionate and hard working. The not so good: Comfort Keepers insisted on access to our credit card before they would proceed. It wasn't long before our card was charged for a service not provided. When we refused to pay this charge, and would not permit them further access to our card, they declined to provide any more service. Very poor business practice in my opinion.

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Reviewed March 29, 2019

My mother hired Comfort Keepers for some help around the house. The first aide insisted that all laundry needed hot water and bleach even after being told no. She ruined two loads of laundry before being replaced. The second told my mother that the utensils in the kitchen were not stored in the correct order and that she had fixed it. The third stole credit cards and went on a shopping spree. She was arrested and I found out she had a record and outstanding warrants. The fourth quit because I wouldn't let her put pizza boxes in the recycle bin. The town specifically forbids them. Why my mother put up with more than one is a mystery. I would recommend not using this service.

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Reviewed March 21, 2019

I received a letter from the IRS stating I didn't supply them with a W2 they received on my behalf. I had no idea what they were talking about until I finally tracked down, through info the IRS gave me, a business name of SDX f.n.a Comfort Keepers. I called the number and was told there was a class action lawsuit that had been settled and payments were made to employees whom had worked for Comfort Keepers during a specified time. That was the first I had heard of any lawsuit and had no idea as to what it was about.

The person I spoke with said checks had been issued to everyone as far as she knew. I told her I never received a check from them but the IRS said they received a W2 saying I did. I said if I'm going to pay tax on something, I would at least like to receive the money! She passed me on to "Stacy" in payroll and Stacy said she could not find any record that I had been paid anything last year from SDX. She said she would research it and get back to me. That was a month ago and now her voicemail is full and cannot accept any more calls. If they are not going to pay me they need to amend/withdraw the W2 to reflect any money they claim I received from them. I'm curious if anyone else is aware of this problem and/or advice as to how to proceed.

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Reviewed March 11, 2019

Short version: Some of the caregivers were great, but many others were unprofessional, late or did not show up for their shift, unsafe for both my father and themselves, unable to provide the needed and promised care, one caregiver told me unless I wanted to pay him privately he would leave and then quit two days later without giving Comfort Keepers notice ahead of time, and after I ended the service with Comfort Keepers and moved my dad into a nursing home I noticed that some of the hospice drugs (**) were missing from the fridge and when I notified the RN case manager she never replied.

Longer version: My elderly father who has dementia was placed on hospice and brought home from the hospital with Comfort Keepers during the spring/summer of 2018. Prior to his discharge I met with the RN case manager and she assured me that Comfort Keepers would be able to provide the necessary care.

The first night he was home the caregiver had a physical disability that meant she could not change my dad's diaper leaving me to do it. The next weekend the caregiver that was there had to be prompted to everything. When left alone she simply wanted TV and talked on her phone. I noticed that neither this caregiver nor the one at night time was writing anything down in their report binder and notified the RN case manager RN, shortly after this everything was back charted. I did not feel safe leaving my dad alone for more than a couple hours at a time. There were other times when I was at work and a caregiver called asking me where the next shift's caregiver was. I would then have to call the RN case manager myself.

Eventually we decided to try the 24 live in caregiver and interviewed a few people. We decided on a man who preferred to work 6 out of 7 days and another man who would work the 7th. Things went well for a couple of weeks until I randomly received a call from the main caregiver asking me to pay him privately at a slightly cheaper (but uninsured) rate because he had found a job that paid him better/had benefits and was going to take that unless we could pay him privately. Two days later I received a call from Comfort Keepers saying he quit and they were working on finding a new caregiver.

Immediately after this I decided to move my dad into an assisted living memory care unit at a nearby nursing home because the situation with Comfort Keepers was unsafe and very inconsistent. After I moved my dad I noticed that his ** from hospice was missing from the fridge. I notified the RN case manager and she never responded. A few weeks later I also noticed that my mom's KitchenAid mixer was missing from a cabinet.

Ultimately if your loved one is with it and able to advocate for themselves or you can be there almost the whole time and just need some extra help this service may work. There were some caregivers who were great and others that would have been good companions for more able bodied clients. But after my experience I would never recommend Comfort Keepers to a friend.

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Reviewed Jan. 23, 2019

Hired them to take care of mother - employees were clueless as to provide adequate care, did not show up on time, went outside many times to smoke (this on Google Maps camera) cigs, stole money from home and watch my TV all day. When we disputed bill they sent court papers to wrong address so we never received them and could not defend in court. This is an awful company - do not use them - stay clear!

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Reviewed Dec. 12, 2018

When my mother was in a rehab facility Comfort Keepers told me that they would work with me for the hours necessary to cover my wife and my work schedule for my mother's care. Upon release they changed the days to Mon to Fri then they also changed the hours leaving us in limbo for work. After showing up for three days they could not cover the following week except for Wed. They called in Wed morning and said their girl was sick again. I called six other companies and all told me they could or could not cover the hours upfront. One of the companies could not cover one of the days and another could cover all of the days. That is honesty. Comfort Keepers will gamble with your family's lives. I would not recommend this company and in order to protect my community will be posting and talking to others in the area. When I owned a small business and an employee did not show I made sure the hours were covered and or did the hours personally.

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Reviewed Nov. 24, 2018

My husband has Alzheimer's, is very contracted, unable to stand or feed himself, and at times prone to anger and name calling, especially when in pain. He is a prisoner of his wheelchair and hospital bed here at home. The caregivers at CK have been patient and extremely competent with his care. They take all the time needed to provide his care. One of the caregivers recommended an Alternating Pressure Mattress for his bed, to help prevent and cure pressure sores. They (especially Autumn and Beverly) have been very diligent about inspecting his skin every time we change his diapers, settle him in bed, and get him up in the morning. All the caregivers have been competent in using the Hoyer Lift (a sling-like contraption) to get him into the wheelchair and back to bed.

Beverly takes time every night to bathe his hands and feet. He has to wear palm protector mitts to keep his fingers from digging into his hands, and without her loving care he would likely have injuries and sores. Beverly is a born nurturer, always greets my husband with a big smile, and elicits a big smile in return. Autumn also very competent and has had many suggestions which we have followed for his care. As a result, after many months he still has intact skin and no pressure sores. He is very responsive to music and I often hear Autumn singing to and with him as she performs his care. All the caregivers do extra chores, like making my bed and his, preparing his breakfast and feeding him, doing laundry etc.

His previous care company said he was too difficult and wanted to send two caregivers at a time. Comfort Keepers of Vancouver has provided kind and competent caregivers, one at a time, without any problems. When we "fired" the previous company, CK stepped in that very day and have not missed a day since. They are flexible about working with our schedule. In fact, we plan on going to the beach for a week and they are sending a caregiver for a week to help us. We wouldn't be able to go without their help.

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Reviewed Oct. 28, 2018

I have been with Comfort Keepers for almost a year. My current caregiver is helpful, caring, and pleasant to be around. She will do anything we ask her to do and is like having a good friend around. I have had a few caregivers that were not trained and not very good, but the office quickly replaced them, and in one case terminated her employment with the company. They also have tried to meet my schedule with the caregivers that I requested for my care. Since I have had my current caregiver, they are quick to call me if she can not make it due to illness or family matters and always are ready to send someone to replace her if I request. I have read other reviews and I think that in many cases the negative reviews are due to the location and management of that location. I believe that the Vancouver, WA office is run by good, caring management.

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Reviewed July 31, 2018

Very expensive for very little care. Have used their services (Robbinsville, NJ franchise of COMFORT KEEPERS) for several months now, there is nothing positive I can say about this organization. There was no training visible in their caretakers; they basically spent the day looking at their cell phones. Complained my mother wanted to wash her hair on a Monday when she had just washed it on a Saturday. Excuse me? So my mom had to do it without help. Didn't like the food that was in the house so sent out for a shrimp dinner to be delivered at my mother's expense. They nickeled and dimed you with their fees. But, they have you over a barrel as in most cases there are no other options.

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Reviewed July 21, 2018

I hired this service. I asked them to help with light house cleaning. Instead the CG was paid for a full day work & did absolutely nothing. She took pictures of the inside of the house without my consent. Went in unrestricted areas of the house to take photos. Gossiped with the next door neighbors about the mental health of my elderly aunt & called FCFS. I regret hiring this services. I paid over $2000 for this service to ruin our life. They hire unprofessional rachet untrained caregivers. Purses & money have gone missing. They want help cook or clean. The absolute worst service ever in Florida.

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Reviewed May 17, 2018

I am the patient of two companies, one being Comfort Keepers of Brentwood, TN. I am unhappy with the company's lack of communication for tardies, changes, and call outs concerning my 24 hours care. However I am happy with my experience with Carolynn, who works as an advocate for the company, she has provided information and direction regarding the status updates of the employees for my care. I appreciate this, but I do not appreciate the leniency towards unnotified call outs and tardiness from this company.

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Reviewed May 10, 2018

Mother has stage 4 cancer. Hired Comfort Keepers to help cook meals, clean home and bath and care for mother as we her children live in Ohio. They did not cook or do much of anything but play cards and games with visiting family. Their policy required a deposit of $1586.00. When you give your 2 week notice they refund any due back except $200. I gave a 2 week notice to end on April 3. Friday March 30 we flew Mom home to Ohio and from airplane went directly into a hospital as she was dehydrated and malnourished, weak and very close to death. I have tried for approximately 6 weeks to get a refund of overpayment. Was told I did not fulfill my 2 week notice so they get to keep the monies. I had deducted the hours scheduled and even paying that they still owe me at least $ 418.00. I will never recommend or use Comfort Keepers.

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Reviewed Dec. 7, 2017

When my husband was very sick and in hospice at home. I called Comfort Keepers in Keene. When Julie, the client care coordinator came, she saw how sick my husband was, she put down her paperwork and helped me get him ready for nighttime. Then we filled out paperwork! She said I shouldn't be alone and she stayed. My husband died that night. COMFORT KEEPERS AT THAT OFFICE CARES ABOUT PEOPLE. I don't know about other offices but if you need help in Keene they are the ones to call. I understand they also are the same people in Concord and Manchester and I know she had to go to Brattleboro VT when she left me after being up all night!

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2017

You know this is a horrible company when the OWNER of Comfort Keepers Plymouth, NH tells you that if you want guaranteed care, you should put your loved one in a home. In a moment where Martha, said owner, is under some stress at being called out for that comment, she chose to tell us that she was calling adult protective services on us for leaving our bedridden loved one home alone for an hour to take the kids to soccer practice. If we were home 24/7, we would not need Comfort Keepers to come help care for our loved one. Hospice knows our situation and is in this home 5 days per week. Adult Protective Services has already told us she is getting better care than any home they have been in. The local police department is aware that our loved one is in the home for an hour here or there alone. None of those agencies take issue with it. But Martha, hypocritical Martha, does.

She has other immobile clients who require many hours of care per day. She has no problem leaving those clients without caregivers when people call out. Those poor clients sit for 24 hours + in their own excrement starving because Martha cannot be bothered to send anyone. It took us 7 tries and 6 months for Martha to get our care plan right for our loved one in their system. After sending multiple emails with it written out step by step, all she had to do was copy and paste, but that was far too much for her to handle. We have had nothing but problems with this company. There is always some excuse why things cannot get done. There are often times where they cannot send anyone with less than 2 hours notice. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I would like nothing more than to see them fold.

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Reviewed April 1, 2017

Horrible horrible horrible. My father hired them to watch my mother while he went to Columbus to see his grandkids performing in a competition for the first time. They were supposed to be there from 8 am till 10 pm as he had to travel back and forth to Columbus over 70 miles away. The company called my father at 4:42 and tells him they have no one to stay past 6 pm. He is over an hour away and can't even get home in time to be with my mother who needs care and someone with her 24-7. This is unacceptable. We relied on them and they forced him to come home early and miss half of the competition. Even worse they called him with less than 1 and 20 minutes telling him they were leaving at 6.

Unreliable does not even begin to describe how I feel right now. How can you run an agency and have someone who is paying you to provide senior care, tell you they can cover you for the time provided, so you hire them, purchase tickets to an event 70 miles away, just to be told halfway through they have to leave and you need to come home. So we lost the money for the tickets purchased, my father had to leave early and his granddaughters, who came to Columbus from New Jersey, do not get to have their grandfather see them perform. They were crushed!

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Reviewed March 7, 2017

A serious criminal incident that occurred with the employees of Comfort Keepers in Euless, TX on May 27th, 2016. In July of 2015, we conducted a search to obtain assistance for our aging parents. We chose to go with a National firm that we believed would provide the security of employee screening, licensing and background checks and chose your company as you are a VA approved provider who understands the challenges of caring for family from a long distance. After a phone interview, we requested that Comfort Keepers in Euless, Texas visit and conduct an evaluation. On August 17th 2015, our parents, Decorated Veteran USAF Master Sgt. (retired) and his wife, signed an agreement with Comfort Keepers.

The initial visits were positive, and our parents agreed to engage Comfort Keepers. I spoke candidly with Kalan ** on the billing process and informed her that my husband and his brother would cover the cost of the service until the VA benefits began and that all conversations related to billing would be handled by me.

Shortly after your service started we began to experience issues with staff members not showing up and no communication to our parents. We would find out that the caregiver did not show up until after a call from our parents. I repeatedly discussed with Ms. ** the critical importance that they communicate with me. We understand that things come up but preemptive calls to me would allow me to make sure things remain positive with our parents.

In March, I called Ms. ** to notify her that our parents requested we terminate Comfort Keepers. A final notification was sent that we would be terminating the contract due to lack of communication and to poor service standards. We were very frustrated as it had taken months to get our parents to allow us to bring in help and that the poor service created a situation making it difficult to bring in another service provider. Ms. ** requested one more chance - she promised that she would personally oversee our parents' case. She also agreed to meet with our parents and make a commitment to them to improve the service. After the meeting our parents agreed to continue. It took two more caregivers before Comfort Keepers got it right, or so we thought. Lizbeth ** aka Belinda ** became the weekly caregiver.

In May we received a distraught phone call from mom informing us that that they had called the Hurst Police because the Comfort Keepers caregiver had robbed them. We are not sure how long Ms. ** had been stealing items from their home. Virginia had not been well and had undergone surgery the week before the theft was discovered. Virginia initially noticed the theft when she was getting ready for a doctor's appointment. I immediately called Ms. **. She advised me that she was ill. I advised her that the police were at our parents home and that someone in Management from Comfort Keepers must immediately be sent to the residence. She then advised me that the franchise owner was on his way to our parents home.

Other than one call to our parents requesting copies of the pictures of the items stolen, we have had not received any communication or follow up from Comfort Keepers, no request to review the situation, no discussion on the credit we still have on file. In addition, the items listed on the police report, which have a value of $53,000, several the items are family heirlooms that were to be passed to the grandchildren, and are irreplaceable. Their only granddaughter was devastated when she learned that the jade earrings that her grandfather, a decorated Vietnam Veteran, had brought back from Vietnam during his service in the 1960s were taken, and currently have not been returned. We have identified other items that were stolen.

Since June, we have had to interact with the Police Department, the Police Detectives, the DA's office, and various attorneys. We have had to incur the expense of multiple trips to Texas to care for our parents. Her physician has documented that the stress of this incident has had a significant negative impact on her health. Our parents are afraid to have another caregiver in their home. While we have received some of the stolen items back, they continue to be afraid that the people close to the Comfort. We continue to incur travel expenses so a family member can be in Texas to care and assist with mom's home care. It appears that we must continue this for at least the next year as mom's health has deteriorated to the point where we cannot move her closer to a family member.

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