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At Beachside Rehab, we pride ourselves on providing superior patient care, while still offering some of the most affordable treatment plans in Florida. Situated on the serene Hutchison Island, our facilities offer the seclusion and peaceful environment necessary to begin the journey of recovery.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed June 20, 2023

I was a mental health patient at Beachside Rehab last month (May 2023). At the end of my first week, after they had abruptly cut my antidepressant dosage in half, I experienced an episode of what can best be described as “mania”. Understandably, emergency services were called. By the time Police and EMS showed up, my meds had kicked in and I was calm and coherent. EMS left because they recognized that their services were not needed. The officer I was speaking with said it didn’t make sense to him to take me from one mental health facility to another and his lieutenant agreed. However, the staff at beachside stated I needed to go so I could “be cleared by a psychiatrist”. Unfortunately for me, this happened after business hours on a Friday, and Beachside had no psychiatrist available. The staff promised me I would just be gone for the night and be back the next morning. I voluntarily left with the police officers.

During intake at the facility I was brought to I was informed that I was being “Baker Acted”. I was then locked up with much higher acuity psychiatric patients for the weekend. During this time I was afraid for my life. A tech was assaulted as well as another patient. I was sexually assaulted. My husband was desperately contacting anyone he could to try to get me out. Beachside directors told him there was nothing they could do. When I was released and returned to beachside I had to go through a 4.5 hour intake process as I had been discharged. Apparently this happened because I was gone for more than 24 hours. I made the choice to stay in hopes of being able to treat the recent trauma immediately.

After a few days and multiple failures on beachside’s part to make me feel safe, I ultimately left AMA after being yelled at by a director. “We’ve done everything to make you feel safe!” was her response to me having an emotional breakdown. Crying, but calm and controlled for fear of being sent away again. They assured me that what happened to me had never happened before and that major changes were being implemented to prevent such a horrific failure from happening to another patient.

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Reviewed Oct. 29, 2019

I was looking for a place away from home. I was Googling different rehabs in Florida to do something different and I found Beachside. When I got here, they sent me to a place that was not at Beachside, where I was there for a few weeks. Then, when I got to Beachside, they said my insurance didn't cover it, and they were gonna send me somewhere else. Then, they waited for a while. They talked to me over the phone and they said they would take me there, but they would just accept it and offer some type of write-off.

They took me in and I got something out of it but it was pretty much terrible. Most of my information wasn’t confidential. Most of the clients knew that I was HIV positive. Beachside didn't do things in a respectable manner. They were pretty biased. They didn't take people for who they were. They were looking at how you looked, instead of listening to what you had to say. And they had their favorite people who had been there two or three times. It was helpful and I was away from my situation. I learned some new tools too but I was very dissatisfied. I went home with more baggage.

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    Reviewed Oct. 19, 2019

    They were recommended by the detox I was at. My counselor worked with me and sent a lot of people over to Beachside. It looks like the nicest one in the area. When I first got there, I was stuck in the detox portion for a majority of the time. It was terrible. I already detoxed, but my insurance wanted me to stay extra long on the detox before I moved to the residential part. I wanted to leave, but they said if I left, I couldn’t come back and I couldn’t get my stuff. But I found out that if you pay $350, you can get your valuables back and leave at any time. They don’t tell you that ‘cause people get impulsive and wanna leave.

    Overall, the experience was great. The staff was wonderful and made it very enjoyable. I like the fact that they have usually experienced addiction and it shows where they were at now. They were very helpful with their advice. The chaperone people and the people that work in the detox helped me out a lot. There is a doctor that works there who does psychodramas. He re-enacts people with PTSD or bad experiences that they don’t wanna relive. It has helped a lot of people there.

    When I don’t have anything to do, I always play card games, but we were not allowed to play cards. People have to make Uno cards on the cards. Also, no one is gambling, but you could play other games you could gamble on, which made no sense. Also, I was told on the phone that I could have access to my laptop to finish my college credits. But I was never able to and failed the last bit of my class due to that. Otherwise, the activities were great, like horseback riding and going to the beach.

    The detox portion is in a really dangerous area and should be moved. Before I got there, a bullet went through the window and through the living room. Also, when you get in the van and the bus, you see a lot of shady stuff. If someone decided to leave that area, it would be easy for them to relapse. They don’t tell you this. They keep things hidden and you sign a bunch of paperwork. I wish I had more time at the house with the classes. I’ve been through so many treatments, so I needed more time there to stay clean. It’s pretty intense with classes every day. It’s not a vacation, but I’d recommend Beachside Rehab to anyone that wants to go.

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    Reviewed May 6, 2019

    Checking in at Beachside Rehab was a long deal. It seemed like it went on and on but it had to be done and I was accommodated and communicated with. It was cold though and the beds were horrible but it was treatment, so I couldn’t expect everything to be perfect. Other than that, they have an outstanding staff. Although there was not enough of them and they were overworked, they were very accommodating. Beachside exposed me to a lot of things like meditation, yoga and binaural sounds. These were very revealing and helpful. I had never experienced these before and I still do them to this day. It was a good treatment and I’ve been clean since I left there.

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    Reviewed Feb. 21, 2019

    Beachside has a good website and their name made it seem like they're a top of the line place. When I first went there, I wasn't satisfied because of the type of place that it is. But I wasn't in my right mindset at that time as well. Then ever since I've been sober, I'm satisfied. The techs were really great. Beachside is a good place to get one to start rehab.

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    Reviewed Sept. 30, 2018

    When I googled luxury rehab, Beachside was the first one that came up. I checked it out and compared the other ones as well. I had been speaking with Derek regarding admissions five months before I decided to make that jump and that change. Beachside has a service that picks people up, but I don’t know if I wasn’t offered that so I ended up taking an Uber. The check-in process was fine, except they’ve lost a few of my things in the midst. I needed a few days to rest and get my mind together before I could attend group sessions, and they allowed me to have that so I appreciate that. I had been at one other similar place before and that place was a dump compared to Beachside.

    The interaction I had with their staff was great, except for my therapist. He couldn’t put himself in my shoes and my current situation. I made the mistake of giving him access to speak with my family and my attorney, and I just felt like he was trying to persuade people to persuade me which I didn’t appreciate. I have respect for the guy because I know he just wants the best for me, but it felt that gave him the power to just go and do those sort of things.

    I’m back using a bit and I didn't get too much strength going forward to stay to clean here at Beachside compared to the other state-based program that I was at. But as far as the education and their curriculum, I learned a lot more. But at the same time, I stayed sober longer after the last program I was at and that has to do with my spiritual beliefs and my faith. But their food was great. I also enjoyed my time at Beachside and I was happy overall. Everyone was really nice and helpful. The experience was educational and I wish I had stayed longer. I had a court case that I needed to get back up here for but I wish I had made arrangements to come back and do the outpatient aftercare program because I like Beachside, including the place and the way that they operated.

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    Reviewed March 17, 2018

    My experience in Beachside Rehab was more of a personal journey. It gave me the tools I needed to understand that I was heading down the wrong path and what I could do to change it. I’m pretty young so I foresaw what could happen to me in the future if I didn’t change my ways. However, there could have been more information given upon arrival that could have helped me get oriented even faster. The main things and the educational stuff were well-described, but there were things that weren’t laid out and you would only learn as you go from the other clients. One example would be the dress code. I have brought a bunch of things with me that were kept with me and I would have worn them the next day had I not taken upon myself to read the handbook.

    There were also a couple of things that we, as clients, felt unhappy about and it seemed like not a lot was done to change them. I understood when they took away morning meditation. It was a matter of staff availability. But we had tried to come up with different ways of how to change the schedule or things that we would enjoy more and they were shut down. If we went out of our way to formally present documentation and signatures, seeing that about 99% of people at Beachside believe that we should do this or would really like if this thing was done, it didn’t seem that that was taken into consideration as well. Then we were told that we can file a complaint to get our needs met, but my needs were not met a lot of the time even when I voiced them personally to my therapist. I love Beachside’s staff though. They, together with the other clients, were the ones who helped me settle in more than the ones from the executive level.

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    Reviewed March 3, 2018

    I did some research with my wife and we came across a Beachside facility and talked about it. We spoke with the intake person there and it seemed like we fit. It was a nice, beautiful facility. The intake took a long time but the staff was knowledgeable and helpful. I met some great therapists as well and my primary therapist was awesome. I learned a lot there. We have a lot of respect for everybody who worked at that facility.

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    Reviewed Jan. 23, 2018

    I went to a detox facility in Orlando and they recommended me to go to Beachside. Upon getting there, I was very uncomfortable and I didn’t want to be there, but 48 hours after I was there, I felt very comfortable. Beachside's people were nothing short of amazing. And they were very accommodating with anything I needed. Beachside was a very well-run establishment. They held strong on their way of doing things in my situation going in there. The facility was wonderful and the housing was amazing. They also were really good working with me as far as my aftercare plan. I always had access to a therapist if I needed it, other than the regular meetings.

    They were also very accredited. I was very impressed by the top therapist and my therapist, Tim. They were all really good and they were working with a difficult situation as far as questionable marriage if it was going to last and preparing me for that. It all worked out since then. The food was good and it was a big damn deal. It was a good balance of sitting through groups but then we also had quite a bit of time from 3:00 to do activities such as working out, go kayaking, or paddle boarding. They have a very needed set-up as far as their location and the separation between housing and the facility. It was like being a young kid going to school and then after school, you got to play.

    The treatment was great. Some people went into IOP but I had a full-blown business that I was running. And one of the great things they did for me was they would give me an hour and a half to two hours a day, three times a week to be able to catch up on emails, make phone calls and supervise. I also went back and did the alumni activity at the center after a year. Beachside was great.

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    Reviewed Dec. 4, 2017

    My son wanted to go back to Beachside in Fort Pierce earlier this year as he was there in 2016. It was no longer in my plan and Derek helped me negotiate a price for my son's admission. I paid $7500 on a credit card to get him off the street but they never sent me a contract like they had the year prior. Within a day my son wanted to leave and I didn't know that if he left before 48 hours I would get my money back. I actually had staff texting me on a Saturday to tell me to convince my son to stay. When he couldn't take any more on Monday they wouldn't refund me any money and now I had to pay an attorney because our rights were violated.

    Imelda ** refused to take my call or call me back. Mind you he was in the area when he went there and there were plenty of open beds so it's not like he took a bed from someone or they bought food for him. I was on a unpaid family leave at this time to care for my dying mom. This place turned out to be very deceitful. My son was under the influence of new meds which were switched a few times leading up to this and intoxicated and they had him sign a financial consent with my money! Criminal!

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    Beachside Rehab author review by Erica Spiegelman

    Beachside Rehab is a private rehabilitation facility that is located on the tropical Hutchinson Island in south Florida. They provide treatment services for drug and alcohol abuse, and their location, surrounded by state parks and preserves, helps patients feel at ease during their treatment period.

    • Location: Beachside Rehab is located in a serene environment, with an abundance of natural beauty for patients to enjoy as they work through their treatment program. Patients can also enjoy the soothing surf of the beach. The discreet location allows patients to focus on recovery without the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

    • Community: Patients at Beachside Rehab find in each other like-minded individuals who are working toward the same goal of living a healthy life, free from addiction. There are many activities that allow patients to form a community, which can aid in the recovery process.

    • Renovated living quarters: Beachside Rehab’s living quarters have been recently renovated to give patients all the comforts of home while they work through their treatment plan. Accommodations include bedroom, living area and kitchen.

    • Activities: Beachside Rehab offers a variety of activities that help patients feel their best, including deep sea fishing, yoga, kayaking, ocean meditation, bonfires, beach walks, horseback riding and more.

    • Nutrition: Beachside Rehab is committed to educating their patients to live life to the fullest during treatment and after they leave, including nutrition education. They have a licensed nutritionist on hand to counsel patients with specific dietary needs.

    by Erica Spiegelman Drug and Alcohol Treatment Advisor

    Erica Spiegelman is an author, motivational speaker, and addiction and wellness specialist who works with individuals on personal growth and overall wellness. She’s a California State Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CADAC)-II from UCLA.

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