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    Aaron's, Inc. (NYSE: AAN), a national leader in the sales and lease ownership and specialty retailing of residential and office furniture, consumer electronics, home appliances and accessories, has more than 1,800 Company-operated and franchised stores in 48 states and Canada.

    Founded in 1955 by entrepreneur R. Charles Loudermilk Sr. and headquartered in Atlanta, Aaron's has been publicly traded since 1982.

    In 2009, Aaron Rents re-branded to Aaron's, Inc to bring the company in line with the same name that all stores now operate under. Over 55 million households across North America know and trust the Aaron's name.

    If you need further assistance with your customer service complaints in reference to your local Aaron's store please contact our customer service team Monday - Saturday between 9AM and 10PM EST at 1-800-950-7368 or email for the opportunity to resolve your concerns prior to posting a review.

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    Last updated: Jan. 11, 2018

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

    Paid off an item back in February 2017. The exact amount of money that we (wife and I) were told to. 8 months later in the month of October I start getting phone calls from Aaron telling me that we owe $483.00 still. I say “that can’t be, we paid off in February.” Phone calls continue daily. To the point that I get agitated and say “I will be contacting an attorney.” Women on the phone starts arguing with me and tells me that Aaron will come to my house with the police and take back the purchased item.

    A few more words are said and I eventually get perturbed enough to hang up and contact the regional manager, the Aaron customer service center and a few review websites. 3 hours later I get a phone call from the store manager saying it was an error on their part by an employee that is no longer there. So after a week of phone calls and some women telling me Aaron would come in my house with cops and take my belongs... I had paid 8 months ago and was harassed because of their mistake. Debating on contacting a lawyer still about the harassment. Saved all the phone calls.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

    Not happy with Aarons in Crossville, T.N. Last month we got a laptop for our son for college and we had a problem with it and they kept it overnight and put it back to factory settings and still wasn't able to fix it. So one of the people there told me to take down to Staples to see if their Tec guru could fix it and he couldn't and he said to take it back to Aarons and have them put it in the shop. And the manager said that nothing is wrong with it and they were not going to fix it.

    So I was told to take it home and I said I could just turn it back in since we only had it only a week and it was used and it really bad scratches on it and it had a big chip missing in one corner. I didn't even see when we first got and I asked for some of my money back and the manager said if I hadn't paid the day before he would have given me some money back but since I did he couldn't do it. I paid $65.84 to use a laptop for a week that my son had trouble using in college. And we have been loyal customers in that store and have spent a lot of money over the years and had planned on doing more in the future too.

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    Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

    On August we place an order for the 8 pieces living room set! 10 minutes later we receive a call to collect the first payment. Today after 4 weeks on waiting (items will be delivered by next week they said) and about 5 hours on the phone trying to see where and what is going on and after receiving so many non-customer service... After they told me to call the store and the store told me to call them and so on, after they give me the best 1000 excuses I have told that again they don't have any info and they will resubmit the order again and I have to wait another week. The manager for the customer service does not know nothing and tried to play me with nice round words that said nothing but I don't know and we don't know and you wait and very polite hang on me without give me any information again?

    It is frustrating and discouraging and the entire process has been ugly... At the end the same people from store said they don't have any information about our order (after 3 times being able to find it when we called) and after the store telling us they can see in their system that the online team did not send any items by mistake and after telling me that the online store is really ugly on service now they don't have any info? Is very frustrating to listen how they are lying to you every time and they don't care about customer anymore that is why you see a lot of business owners losing business because that kind of careless employees... Who cares but me right? They don't care how I feel how many times I have lost waiting for them and not even a courtesy call to let me know they won't come!!! Aarons you are a really one of the worst customer service I have experienced!!! DISAPPOINTED??? I won't ever recommend you to anyone.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

    I needed to rent furniture so I ordered online from Aaron. My money was accepted, references were spoken to, I was told to bring ID to store to make delivery date. I get there and the manager Ava had a lieu of other things she needed before I get the furniture which wasnt disclosed online. I gave all the proof that was needed. She needed to speak to my boss. I went to work and he kindly stopped his work to call Aaron to verify my employment although I gave check stubs. So when he called from company phone she accused the 80 plus-year-old man of lying about me working there even after previous proof given.

    On top of that I went in today for my refund and all I could hear was the other female associates made jokes about me as I walked in. They are very messy and they should be fired. They are very unprofessional. I feel like I dodged a bullet by deciding not to go any further to prove anything to Ava. I told a coworker about the incident and she said, "OH NO DON'T GO WITH THEM ON ELVIS BECAUSE THEY ARE TERRIBLE AND RUDE." All I'm saying is those women are the reasons why people don't want to do business at Aaron because people are going to feel like everyone that works for an Aaron store is going to be this way.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

    The store manager Andy is very unprofessional. First experience he delivered a dirty and broken bedroom set. I should've known by that experience to not continue business however I did. Then a contract was created for a couple TVs and he took the payment and next day canceled the signed agreement, the only reason I found out was by calling and his employee was scared to tell me about her boss’s unethical tactic. I'm curious to know if he pocketed the money. Andy is a terrible manager and he should take a few classes in customer service and I believe it’s considered fraud when you take a person’s money and cancel a contract without communicating it prior.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 15, 2017

    I have purchased many things from Aaron's Sales and Lease. The last thing I purchased was a side-by-side refrigerator freezer. I got the protection plan after the 2 year warranty was up. Now my ice maker broke down and the freezer is not working properly. Aaron's told me they will not replace the unit. I will have to wait more than six weeks for them to fix the freezer unit. They do not stand by their warranty.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

    Hi. I've been a customer of Aaron's for ten years. I have paid out numerous accounts never missed a payment. I recently had paid my TV out as of February, it was a 65 " flat screen RCA television which is a legit well known brand of electronics. Anyways when it all of a sudden broke without warning I was pissed off that my beautiful huge TV was no longer working. I got so many compliments and it was my baby.

    When it broke one day I had thought it was the cable box not working. I had my cable technician come and she said she knew was broke by a similar experience. I was devastated and called them in a rage. I talked to the manager Chad. He said he would have it taken in to see if he could fix it. Like he was doing me a favor. It took three weeks before I got back into contact with him and let it be clear I called him first. He told me my TV was broken and couldn't be fix. I got no paperwork indicating he did such a thing. I just went by his word.

    So he tried to sell me another TV, a flat screen used for 12 months like that was a deal. I told him I wanted a new TV not used. So he came up with a new TV same size for 24 months like I was going to be gracious. And to top it off he took my TV and said they disposed off it and the company took it since it was no longer working. He had no right to do that or paid that TV off and have paperwork to validate my paperwork of being paid out. Chad told me since the TV was broken I didn't need it. But I was mad as hell because he took the TV I paid for and choose to make a decision without me knowing that I wasn't go get it back. I know he fixed my TV and sold it to make more money for Aaron's. I did take his offer for a new TV with no good deal Because I needed to have a TV to watch.

    I hated being taken advantage of and paying money out of my pocket for a new TV that was going to extra money in my pocket. I was so happy to own my TV. Excited like a child knowing that beautiful TV was now mine. So I'm in the process of called cooperate to complain on him and how the employees are protecting this scam artist.

    I will no longer be a customer of theirs. Never. We been a customer for ten years, paid out 13 items for 24 long months, never missed a payment or was called to make a payment because we was late. I mean we paid all over our items out in full with consistent on time payments. How could they do a loyal customer like this. I could see if we were trying to get over on them and missed payments and had to be called to make payments or to pick up products but no one should be done like this.

    I know he took my TV to sell to another customer. No paperwork on if my TV was fixed. No proof. Just his word which I went by. Now I woke up and said no one will take advantage of me. No one. He had to be called out of his unprofessionalism and if I can help another out to warn them about Aaron's on Cobb parkway so be it. Don't fool with this company. Old management was cool but this new manager Chad is a con artist whose only objective is to make Aaron's rich. Not value loyal customers.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 9, 2017

    Worst customer service I have ever experienced. I called the store several times and it went unanswered... During their open hours... Then I went online to their chat which said that I should just go into the location. I didn't do that since I used them twice before at the location and I thought they would pull up my customer record and save some time in ordering. So when I called I spoke to someone who was helpful and quoted me a price for a new bedroom set for my guest room. He suggested that I come in right away to make sure that the items would be there for delivery on Tuesday. So I left work with a co-worker in tow and came into their store.

    When I walked in a guy who looked like he was mad at the world greeted me. I told him what I was doing, that I am a repeat customer and I spoke to someone already who said they would put my order in and for me to just come in to sign everything. He told me to come to the counter with him. I did. When we got to the counter a contractor came in front of me and he told me to wait. HOW RUDE! The guy he was talking to just wanted to see if his location was having a plumbing problem because the neighbor was. So THAT is why I was bumped while being helped... But that is petty so let's move on... Just saying that at this point he is mad at the world AND not helping customers... ME!

    So when I got to the counter he proceeded to tell me the items were not all in stock. I explained I spoke to a person here and he said he didn't care... They were not in stock. I told him MAYBE the reason why they are not in stock is because the I guy I spoke with is holding them for me. He said he didn't care. I saw only one other guy there and I asked him if he could ask that guy and he said no. Every interaction was met with more and more uncaring and pretentious tone. I explained maybe he could pull up my last transactions and he said no. He didn't care about that. WOW. I said maybe the guy at this store I spoke with put a note in my file because while on the phone that guy said he would AND he pulled up my accurate account. Again he said literally that he didn't care and then turned his computer screen to me and said, "See it's not in stock."

    Now at this point this jerk upset me sooo much with his total lack of caring and customer service I was raising my voice. I told him that I want to speak to someone, ANYONE else other than him and then he told me to get out. GET OUT? So if you think being a repeat customer means anything think again. If you think being a current customer means anything, think again. I will NEVER EVER use these guys again.

    Oh by the way I went, after leaving there, to American Home Furnishings and got the bedroom group including a few more things. Sure I spent $2600 which to me was cheap AND they are going to deliver the furniture in 2 days... On Sunday... And gave me EXCEPTIONAL service. So please, do NOT use Aaron. Not because of my experience. Because it is clear... The owner's passion is gone. They hire people who should be perpetually unemployed and they really don't want your money. VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS!!!! The rep who needs to be fired is "Ramone" and guess what... This guy is the MANAGER!

    Oh yeah the post under mine... Rebecca... She had the same experience so it looks like they really don't care and want you to jump thru hoops until they LISTEN TO THEIR CUSTOMERS and fix it. You guys at Aaron think we are lying? You think we should send you emails? No... Wait... I have a better solution... I'll shop elsewhere and enjoy watching you close your doors. That's much more satisfying.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 7, 2017

    This review is long overdue. I have rented my refrigerator from Aaron's for a little over a year now. I started my contract out in Long Beach and recently moved to Riverside... I didn't always have the best relationship with this office (those employees are no longer there). Needless to say, I am still renting from them. This review is to actually send my appreciation and thanks to Dan and his Santa Ana office!

    Like I stated earlier, I recently moved to Riverside. Our apartment didn't come with a fridge. We lived in an upstairs unit and there was no way my partner and I could or had time to move our fridge. We spoke with Dan and he was actually the mastermind behind us keeping our fridge (since I made a couple months payment in advance) and he'd check with his moving team's schedule to see when they'd be available to move our refrigerator from Long Beach to Riverside. It's was probably the easiest transition during our move. Especially with it being over 100 degrees outside. We couldn't have been more thankful for Dan (The Man) and his team! Thank you guys!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

    Look I have been with Aaron for many years I honestly can't even begin explaining all the lies, rudeness and problems I've had with them. I had to turn in my smart tv and dining room set for two months which they said I could get. My original items back. Lies fought for month and I only got back my table and chairs all scratched. They sold both my original things. My smart tv I finally had to settle for another one. I had gotten a beat computer. It stop working. Turned it in for repair. They kept it over four months and I was constantly calling and complaining and I use the keyboard. I have to use my popup keyboard. I am so afraid to take it back.

    I have already paid off a complete bedroom set, a queen size bed, dining room set and I beautiful wall to wall entertainment center so you would think that when I need to skip or make a partial payment they would allow it. Nope. They make me feel like a thief, that is when I finally get a callback. I have spoken with manager John and associates James, Ruben and Hollis. Look when I finished paying my dining room last month they all gathered around me to see if I wanted to take something else home. What can I do next? I cannot pay this month I don't want to lose my things? Any advice???

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

    I have dealt with Aaron's Rent of Sanford for going on three years now. I have purchased a TV, computer, tablet and a riding lawn mower and a dryer. I have dealt with Skip for most of those purchases. I Love Him!! He is very knowledgeable and extremely professional and nice. Never had a problem with anything or anyone at this location. I give them a thumbs up and will continue to do business with them as long as they keep doing me right!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 21, 2017

    I have been a loyal customer of Aaron's. I've been dealing with this company since 1995 and have always had good service, which is why I continued to use them. This year I've had nothing but problems. I called my Aarons location to have my payments set up on a different day. School has just started back for my girls and my pay days at work have changed. I had talked to the previous manager James and had everything set up perfectly. I called today to pay and the new manager JR was incredibly rude and told me I couldn't pay my partial payment today and asked me "why didn't you bring all your stuff in by the 1st of the month if you knew you couldn't afford the payments." I can afford my payments just fine, that's not the problem. The problem is that my pay day has completely changed and I just needed 1 payment period to work around the new schedule.

    I am a full-time working single mother with two teenage girls and I take care of business. I never in my life have had a manager talk to me the way JR did. JR was making fun of the fact that I needed to split my payment just for 1 month. Needless to say on Wednesday I am having them come and pick everything up. I will never do business with Aaron's again. It is insulting to have management tell me what I can and can't afford. As I was trying to explain my situation he laughed at me, he then started yelling at me, and he also threatened me. I've had a 22 year relationship with this company, have always paid my bills on time, and I can't believe this is how our business relationship is ending.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

    I wish I had never gotten involved with this place. I leased a couch, love seat, and different tables. First they tear the corner of the love seat when delivering. They brought the wrong tables and had to call me over a week later to exchange them. The manager calls me every day. I pay every 2 weeks on my payday but according to him that is not right. It needs paid always on the first and 30th. He calls my references multiple times a day harassing them. He leaves me threatening voicemails multiple times a day. BEWARE DON'T EVER GO THERE.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

    Aaron's has A RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL employee by the name of Jacob, he stated that he is the general manager! He stated to me I haven't made a payment since Feb. and then in the same sentence state that I made a payment in June??? I tried telling him I was aware that I was late and I would be in to pay within 3 days! He proceeded to tell me I needed to pay for 4 months and waiting 3 days is unacceptable. Then when I began to correct him he stated that he was training an employee and information was put in wrong! This man literally argued with me on the phone like we were friends. I could not get 5 words in without him interrupting me so I finally got fed up and hung up the phone.

    This man calls the next day leaves me a message stating give him a call so that something could be worked out. Ok so I call because maybe he was having a bad day the day before and he realized it, I returned the call and told him I would like to talk to someone else because he OBVIOUSLY just wants to argue, he stated to me there was no one else to talk to and waiting 3 days for payment was unacceptable and I needed to find a way to make a payment. I explained to him I am looking at my account online while talking to him and it does not say I need to pay 4 months. This man continues to argue! Finally I hung up once again and called corporate office to report him! 1 day late and these people are calling at least 5x daily! Why I went to this place I have no clue but I will NOT EVER in life deal with this company again and I advise anyone reading these comments BEWARE AND DON'T BUY FROM THEM!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

    While using my Gold status on 08/01/2017, at your 8 Mile Redford location, the manager didn't issue my Gold status correctly. The manager charge me about eight dollars when according to the letter the cost is free for first payment. My delivery date on app. is 08/01/2019 between 3pm to 7pm, however the Manager said it couldn't get delivered until the following Friday. I felt like I was mistreated by this manager and would to be made whole. The female clerk is a wonderful person, very kind and friendly. I've never had a problem with her. She knows how to treat people, unlike the manager.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 23, 2017

    I purchased a refrigerator from the Newport News, VA location on J. Clyde Morris Blvd. I made sure to purchase the extended warranty. Eight months later my fridge dies. I call the store and I am told that they have to contact a third party and have them contact us to set up an appointment to attempt to fix the fridge. Three phone calls later I am given the phone number to file a claim with regional. I call them and I am told that it will take between 24 to 48 business hours to hear anything regarding my claim. I emphasized that I have three children and that my food is going to spoil (Keep in mind that this is occurring on the hottest day of the year and I have no cold drinks for my family).

    I called the store back and I am told that I cannot even get a loaner fridge while waiting for this to be fixed. Instead they offer to sell me a new fridge at a really good rate. What the heck. You don't want to honor your warranty but you want me to buy a new appliance from your company. I don't think so. I wound up going to another company and purchasing a brand new fridge. As soon as I can find a replacement sofa for my living room, I intend to return the sofa that I have on lease with them, which I might add is also faulty. If I could give less than 1 star for the review I would.

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    Original review: July 18, 2017

    I rented a DJ stereo from Aaron's and when I hooked it up one speaker was not playing so I had the delivery guy call the manager. He put the phone on speaker and me and my husband were told by him he would replace it so we waited and three days later we call and he claims he didn't speak to us and that he couldn't replace it. He's a liar and I bet if my money was due he would remember that. I should have known better.

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    Original review: July 6, 2017

    I have been dealing with the Aaron's in Fresno. I do monthly leases and this is my second month. I requested to swap out the furniture and placed an order almost 2 weeks ago. I scheduled a delivery date. 4 days prior to my delivery date, I called the store and asked if my furniture could be delivered before 3pm on the delivery date. I was assured that my request would be handled. I was making plans to go out of town so I called and confirmed the next day and the day after. On the day of my delivery, the employee I was dealing with had an off and the manager took a 5 hour lunch break. Another employee said that my furniture would be delivered between 1-6pm and they could do nothing to change that.

    After 6pm, I tried calling the store since I didn't get my delivery and the employee, Evan, kept putting me on hold. While he kept putting me on hold, I reached the store. There was no manager there and only one employee. Said employee, Steven, said it was his first day in this branch yet he had no login information or phone numbers for his manager or driver. Since it was closing time, he hoaxed a call to himself telling me it’s the driver and he is at my residence. I leave the store and reach my apartment to see NO Aaron's truck. I confirmed with my neighbors and they said that no Aaron's truck had entered the complex.

    Currently, it is 730pm on the delivery date that was set 2 weeks ago and I still have not get the stuff that I am paying for. I would recommend people to go to another company and pay an extra buck rather than deal with this incompetence, unprofessionalism, and customer harassment. I have complained to the corporate office and hope that they will look into it. I tried calling the regional district manager but he's on holiday too.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 27, 2017

    Please don't buy anything at display. This place is very very unprofessional. They harass you, called while you at work and keep calling and calling and calling. I purchase a TV and stand and I paid $100 on it. They call and call, and for $35, on my job call. All my friends that I gave reference to they blocked them. So please do not purchase anything at this store. I'll be so glad when I'm finished with them.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 27, 2017

    Renting to own refrigerator freezer black with two door on top and roll drawer freezer on bottom. Since I have had it I have lost hundreds in groceries because it doesn't keep consistent temperature. I get over an inch of ice in the produce drawers ruining everything in them. The freezer temps are irregular so one day everything is thawing and the next it is freezer burned from getting too cold. The unit resets itself. No matter where you try to set the temps it reverts and does its own temp thing. I told them month after I had it that there was a problem with the temps of the unit. They told me to do this and that - I did, but still not working right. Now it's so bad that I had to remove everything from it. It is not usable. Went to the store to talk to them and was treated rather rudely. But told that they would have someone out by Monday to fix it. It is now 2 weeks later and NO ONE HAS BEEN OUT TO LOOK AT IT.

    I called the store and was told "Oh {manager-not mentioning names} didn't tell you or call you before she left." I said no. And she went on to tell me that the manager was on vacation and wouldn't be back until around the 7th of July... Then she said hold on a minute. Almost 16 mins. later a guy picks up and says he can come out this Friday and pick it up. Mind you this is Monday and I was supposed to have in home repair service. He got ruder and ruder not caring that I had already lost my whole month's groceries and was paying for a unit that did not work!! He stated they were working short handed and that was the soonest they could get someone out but they would bring one for us to use meanwhile and when the manager got back we would probably get a new unit.

    Meanwhile, we have lost all our food and cannot afford to replace it... And have no way to store food even if we could. I am disabled with MS, Fibro, Diabetes. I take meds that have to be kept refrigerated. They just don't care. I am done with this store. I used to think the manager at this store was caring and actually looking out for me, but I was wrong and fooled. They don't care about anyone!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 24, 2017

    I was renting to own a computer from Aaron's and was 60 days late paying. They showed up with the police to "keep the peace" and collect their computer. These people are bullies. I do not think they should be in business!

    Resolution In Progress
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 20, 2017

    Aaron's kept telling me how they report on time & late payments to all of the major credit bureaus but not one of my on time monthly payments has been reported to the credit bureaus. So I called Aaron's & the customer service representative I spoke to at their 800 number quickly, while laughing, asked me: "you actually checked your credit reports?" What was that all about??? She never helped me out, from that point on, I was just put on hold & transferred several times without even being told I was going to be transferred anywhere or to someone else. This continued until the call was disconnected by them & now any time I go to log into my account, I get a denied access error message.

    I call the Jamaica, NY store, they quickly direct me to call the customer service 800 number. I call the customer service 800 number, they quickly direct me to call the Jamaica, NY store & ask them to call their regional help/Assistance center & through the Jamaica, NY store, the center will address my credit reporting & login issues. The Jamaica, NY store put me on an endless hold just to call back on the line & tell me they would have to call me back because the store was too busy for them to place a call to anyone right now. Yup, I never received a call back but that's ok because we're a NYC based news organization & I'M a highly respected & known, NYC based consumer reporter & our Aaron's investigative report is now totally on!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 19, 2017

    After doing business with Aaron's the last year has been awful. I was set up for auto withdrawal but this didn't stop them from calling my job and cellphone asking for payment and for me to come into the store. The purpose of autopay was to avoid a long trip from work so with each call I reminded them it was an auto withdrawal process. Finally after the manager broke his word I terminated my account. The gentlemen who picked up my appliance where very courteous and respectful. The ??? of my day and making my experience a little more manageable.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 10, 2017

    Got a call from Aaron Rents to call them back. I called them back and they gotten very rude with me. So I hung up. I went to the store and pay my dryer off and I asked him for a apology. Cause he was very unprofessional. He said no and then got smart with me in the store. He stated, "I been here 11 years no matter what you do. It won't matter." And got very rude until I left. I will not ever do business with this company again thanks to this guy. Now I getting harassment phone calls to me and my references. It not right that he can treat people this way and nothing done about it.

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 30, 2017

    As things happen to people times get hard. I was a little late on my payment. I was robbed and now the hospital so I wasn't able to keep my commitment. They sent an employee over to my residence to compensate the TVs I was leasing until I make 18 and then employee that they sent over while he was in my bedroom stole my cell phone. Yes. He took my phone my personal property out of my residence. Spoke to management. Management treated me like **. They also made up lies saying that the TVs that they confiscated were now broken which they were not.

    I confronted the employee who came to my house and you said there was a ** eating grin saying "now why would I do that to you." Spoke to Regional management. He told me I'm nothing but a case of bad luck and maybe I shouldn't be dealing with them and he also said other rude things to me. So with that being said Aaron's is not the place to rent. Poor management, poor people skills and they are vindictive and conniving.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 23, 2017

    I bought a bed in Nov 2016. Today May 23, 2017 I let Aaron's know that I could no longer afford the bed and asked for them to come pick it up. The salesman told me that he could not do that per California Law. I asked if I do not make the payments will it go against me on my credit and he stated yes! I have purchased from Aaron's before and have always had a great experience, I just feel this is not right and want to know if there really is a law that states they cannot pick up their merchandise.

    Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: July 26, 2017

    No longer receiving repetitious phone calls but getting actual mail bill. New manager is awesome. Deferred a payment for us & OFFERS updated acct info each time we make payments. Hope very much that he remains a long time as manager. 408A ** City FL.

    Original review: May 20, 2017

    We've been customers at Aaron's since 2010. We're appalled at the harassing calls. The same afternoon or a couple days after making payments, we get the same call: "This is (Jimmy, Chance or whoever's turn it is to call) at Aaron's. Please remind Mr. ** to get his payment in today before 6pm. Then, we get calls from our son who is active duty military, "Please tell Aaron's to stop calling me about your bill!" Our son was listed as a reference on an old agreement. When he joined the military, we asked that his number be removed. They continually promise to never call him again but they LIE. I asked for a payment schedule every month since December. It's now May & have yet to receive it. They called stating they were modifying our agreements & we were sick when we saw they'd started our balance completely over from 0! This after having paid since Oct.2016...

    They used to send a letter on occasion about payment due dates but we haven't received anything except phone call after phone call since around August 2016. We're refusing to return our items because we've been paying on them for so long. I ordered a brand new mattress but when I investigated the paperwork, it says "used". I complained & was told, "It's all good, we bake them at 175 for 4 hours to kill any bedbugs." BEDBUGS??? Then I get on the laptop we also leased and Aaron's ads pop up on every single screen. I completely reset the laptop & wiped all preset applications and started over from scratch. Finally, not being stalked by Aaron's via internet. My husband leased a tv (advertised as 2 for 1 ) on Black Friday. Yep... You guessed it, we're being charged $106 a month for EACH tv.

    Our 1st purchase from them was a tv & living room set that we were extremely happy with & I got a laptop and stove in 2015 that was satisfactory all the way around. We purchased a clothes dryer also and when it was paid off in 2016, that's when they began the harassment. Calling & coming to our home to get us to buy more & making promises that have NOT been kept. "I'll get it to you 1/2 price, We'll take $50 off..." None of which happened when I looked at their "modified" agreement! Also, found it infuriating that every time I went to make a payment in cash I was told the printer was out of ink or the system was lagging and my husband could come in the next day for the receipts. The next day, no payment receipts could be produced & the sales associate was "in the field" that handled the transactions.

    They communicate by phone with them when they're out picking up furniture "in the field" but amazingly unable to reach them when we asked for our receipts! We don't have a checking account so my husband demands a hand written receipt. The manager came & took our dinner table & chairs. He said the handwritten receipts were worthless and that employee no longer works at Aaron's. We saw that employee & he said he quit because too many people (including friends) he'd recommended to Aaron's got ripped off, harassed and he caught the blame, lost friends and was sick & tired of getting cursed out. If customers weren't cursing him out, the manager was. I don't believe it's entirely the store manager that has created the chaos. I believe the Corporation itself puts demands on management and that's their way out of being sued. They turn over store managers like hotcakes.

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    Original review: May 15, 2017

    Recently, my 17 yr old dryer caught fire and we had to replace it. My husband and I decided to get a matching set from Aaron's, where we have purchased several item in the past. The manager, Nestor has always been helpful. We decided on a pre-leased set that was in fairly new condition. A week later, my husband went to wash his clothes and notices baby cockroaches in the washer basket. We pull out the washer and noticed that there were several more newly hatched roaches inside and around the machine.

    My husband called Aaron's the next day and the manager, Nestor immediately apologizes and said that even though they have Orkin treat all the repossessed appliances, the roaches may have gotten in from the delivery truck. He sent Orkin out the next day. Orkin gave my house a full treatment but my family still discarded half the items in my kitchen and pantry (pots and Tupperware) rendering the area Spartan. This is how much we do not want to have an infestation. So far, I have seen a couple of babies as well as a full grown roach in my kitchen. Orkin is scheduled to come out again in a week. While I do appreciate Aaron's responding to our problem quickly, I do not appreciate having my home exposed to cockroaches. Spend the extra money and buy elsewhere.

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    Original review: May 12, 2017

    I rent/purchased a "QUEEN" pillow top mattress/Bed from Aaron's Rents in DeLand, Florida. When they delivered it we saw it was small. Like really small in comparison to the bed we had just gotten rid of. We called them to explain our opinion that this bed was definitely not a "QUEEN" Bed. So they sent some guys here and RELUCTANTLY delivered to us a new "QUEEN" pillowtop mattress bed. It sucks. But besides that we ended up paying it off after 12 months nearly $2,000. We went and got new "QUEEN" sheets. They didn't fit. Obviously...

    So we called them. They assured us it is what we ordered. A "QUEEN" bed. Those sheets we returned and got another set. Those didn't fit. So we ended up very discouraged and constantly having to pull the fitted sheet corners over the bed because they would never tuck well and the bed always will have sheet bunched up in the bed. I argued with these bastards. Now that we have paid the damn thing off. I finally found a website that gives standard mattress measurements. The damn bed we have is 54" x 74" which is a full. No damn wonder we could never get comfortable and now sleep in separate damn rooms. A "QUEEN" is 60" x 80".

    I want to know what I can do about this. In addition to filing complaints here and every damn where I can, I also will be contacting the CPA (Consumer Protection Agency) and BBB (Better Business Bureau). I have had it with these people doing this. How many other people has this happened to... I told them back then that the measurements were. They guaranteed me over and over that what I received was a damn QUEEN bed. LIES. DECEPTION. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AARON'S RENTS.

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    Original review: May 11, 2017

    Horrible! Don't buy from them. I was looking at prospective Bedroom Set - they had me fill out application including 4 (Four) personal references! I went back to finish the paperwork - mind you - they First lost my File, then they Never followed up and called my References. I asked them not to call unless absolutely Imperative, which they said they wouldn't do. Then they told me that they would help me in a min. I waited and they went and sat in the office with someone else. After 5 min. of waiting, with no help, I walked out and went elsewhere. THEN, Days later, they called all my references saying they "forgot my number and they wanted to Deliver the Bed!" Without making the Sale, with finalizing a Purchase or Anything! They want to Deliver!! A Bed that I didn't Authorize!

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