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Reviewed Jan. 25, 2021

I had previously sent in app to get a new s.s. card so I could get new i.d. After not receiving a response I called and was told to send my birth certificate in and proof of address. When I called about it I was told that it was sent back to me already. After about at least 4 more calls in which I was told something different every time. I never received my certificate back so I called again I I was hung up on by one lady just because I told her it doesn't take two weeks to get regular mail in the same city.

So I had to call back where I encountered a lady by the name of Mrs ** who wouldn't even let me explain what was going on and who was also very rude to me and cut me off every time I tried to talk. I went through all of this just to find out that I had been lied to about my birth certificate being sent back to me. I was then asked for my address which I had provided with two other documents that I had mailed in with my certificate and I also had provided it 3 other times. My wife was with me the last two times and witnessed how rude they were because I had them in speaker. Something needs to be done about these rude workers. They are working from home and I understand that. But the job consist of some kinda customer service and respect for ppl. I still haven't got my certificate back yet. It taken almost two months to get something I could have gotten the same day. This is not acceptable!!!!

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2021

I called SSA to resolve the non-receipt of my first social security check but didn't have some information readily available. After waiting online for 25 minutes, Tessa G stated that she would disconnect me if I didn't have the information in another minute. My point is that my time is important also. I have called SSA, no less than 6 times in three days and waited no less than 20 minutes on each call. Prior to Tessa, everyone was patient and supportive. I don't know if it because I am ** or if she treats all clients with this attitude but regardless it's not the expectation or experience I've had with SSA this week. I disconnected the call because I didn't need any added frustration. SSA should collect feedback from clients to use in their annual staff reviews and provide training or termination if necessary.

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2021

I moved to the Reno area. The first time I attempted to send a letter to this office they completely ignored it. I called them and it auto holder me do I got to listen to a tv show of a worker from home. Then I kept writing letters and managed to get my disability file moved but they set up a fraudulent date for my move! Two months in advance were listed as my having lived there! Then they sent me a poorly designed letter setting up to get info from me but never called, after no explanation of what info they wanted at all? I am asking for a federal level advocate or management of my case!

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Reviewed Dec. 23, 2020

I needed help with my social security account, I couldn't sign in and the temporary password wasn't working and every associate was rude to me over the phone! Either being rude for no reason or hanging up on me! Especially Donna at social security in Columbia, Mo, she told me to stop rambling when I was explaining my situation! It's their job to help people with disabilities and not treat them horribly!

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Reviewed Sept. 22, 2020

I’ve had to call a number of times to get my marriage license returned to me. I get the same employee every time who mumbles, does not respond to your questions and talks with other around him while on the phone. This office clearly doesn’t think they are required to treat callers as fellow humans and finds it acceptable to give demeaning answers to those looking for service.

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Reviewed June 26, 2020

I called my local Social Security Administration about becoming my own payee and the agent who I talked to was very non caring. Did not ask for my SSA number and said I would need a doctors note. I asked if possible can my payee come with me to the office once they reopen. The agent said, "No you will still need a doctors note." The agent seemed very non caring and rude after the second question. So I hung up. Also they said to my relative they will be opening within 30 days a few days ago over the phone and today my relative called SSA. They said they don’t know when SSA will open for in person.

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Reviewed April 30, 2020

I filed for disability, it took me 8 years. I had HS. Hidradenitis Suppurativa. 4 prostrate surgeries. The HS disease is compared to Lupus. I worked hard every day as a welder fabricator for 23 yrs. I supported my family very well. We lost everything, home, cars. No clothes for our children. It was so bad, I tried to go steal my kids some school clothes. I was caught. I never stole in my life. After 8 years of getting denied. For made up reasons. I received SSI, $780 a month. I was making $1200 a week working..

I tried to go back to a job at least 8 times, I couldnt. My HS disease, and prostrate plus a bad back. Stopped me from working every time. I pray to God someone sees what ssi is doing. I want my disability, I earned it. They made time run out on me. They done my family and I very wrong. I wish every night and everyday. They couldnt do this to folks. It has really hurt us. Now my wife has Copd, has had open heart surgery. She has been denied 3 times. She's on oxygen. It makes me furious. They do whatever they want. The rich hurting the sick and the poor. **. Thank You!

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Reviewed April 24, 2020

The Millennial-sounding man who answered my phone call was rude, sarcastic and totally useless when I asked a question regarding how to have my Earnings Record corrected. I wish I could give 0 stars for this review.

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Reviewed April 21, 2020

My spouse comes from a damage past. She wanted me to help her share her anger. She is also intersex and extremely unchecked mentally. She has been baked acted few times, shot herself and even put many people in the hospital. She has been to many doctors for treatment throughout her life. She has been turn down 4 times for disability. She sees things and hears the craziness things I believe from life experiences. But she isn't all there and seems to have a hard time understanding how things work.

Now here is the other part. She has a broke back. 4 herniated discs in back and 2 in neck. She was in a car crash. Disability said in the hearing let's pretend her back isn't broke and her mental state is able to process normal information (whatever that meant). Then she can work the ALJ said. I'm truthfully at my end with this. It's hard to help her and we are lost. The government is not here for the people. So whoever reads this just know you're not alone. This is the world we live in. People do not care for each other. You have to forget the government and take life in your own hands.

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Reviewed April 11, 2020

Mrs ** went out her way to help my disability get reinstated. She cared enough about my family to reach out to her supervisor to help me fast track my case. I hadn't had a check since last year and was generous and kind enough to help me. Thank you again Mrs **. I appreciate everything.

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Reviewed March 24, 2020

I am blown away by the Social Security process. Stage 4 cancer that spread in lymphatic system, liver and bones. I am on my 3rd appeal and my attorney said this one takes over a year! People die while awaiting approval. I have no income now to pay bills and have to rely on friends and family to get me by.... and even feed me. How can this be? The little bit of time I have left in this world, fighting for benefits when I contributed in the system for over 30 years? Yes, screen out those abusing the system, but don't punish those with true illnesses. This is not a time in my life that I should have to stress over finances. SHAME on our government for allowing this important agency to fall behind the curve of what it was meant for, and SHAME on the citizens of our country who abuse it.

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Reviewed March 13, 2020

When my husband passed October 4th 2019 I applied for widow's pension and was denied. I already was receiving SSI for being disabled before we got married. Just wondering how disabled I have to be. It's just not fair. I'm now more stressed out than before. Bills piling up and relatives and others are getting tired of helping me with bills. My husband worked and paid into Social Security and I know am eligible and I just don't understand why they denied me and my illness is getting worse. Don't care to discuss all my illnesses. It would take up too much time and also haven't received the 255.00 dollars that social security suppose to give after someone passes. I have appealed it and hopefully I'll be approved. He had no kids for it to go to and it's just ridiculous.

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Reviewed March 10, 2020

Visited SSA Reno, NV office in November 2019, then phone conversations in December 2019, January- March 7th 2020. Thanks to Jessica for the great customer service she provided, She is very patiently, kindly, professional and knowledgeable.

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Reviewed Feb. 14, 2020

If I could give negative zero stars I would. Social Security is a crooked agency! My brother died ten days ago on February 4, 2020. His adult daughter is not eligible for a cent of the years of social security he paid. Our parents aren’t eligible unless they are disabled. He wasn’t married so no one collects. When I called the customer service rep was extremely rude. He was annoyed by my questions and even laughed! Not once did he extend his condolences. So people, if you are an adult who is not married and doesn’t have disabled children or parents Social Security gets to keep your money! Crooked as hell.

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Reviewed Jan. 30, 2020

???? | Social Security Administration review from Parkersburg, West Virginia. After 16 years on total disability 13 of which I was receiving ongoing SSI and SSDI (non-work related) injuries also receiving Medicare part A and B - were unlawfully stopped. I disabled myself was not injured on the job. I requested medical records from 2005 disability case - I received form (SSA-454-BK). I have never seen this form before - looking up the form found that SSA-454-BK is when you file a Workers Compensation SSD Claim. Refused to fill out the form - contacted SSA. They refused to correct the mistake. Looking over SSA Laws not only was I being blatantly robbed from back pay - Robbed of $200 - $300 a month on top of being robbed on Compassionate allowance.

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Reviewed Jan. 24, 2020

I called regarding end of year benefits statement for my husband. Was told they were being mailed out. Here it is the 24th of Jan and still no statement. Can not file taxes without info. Needs to post them online.

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Reviewed Jan. 10, 2020

In January 2019, I applied for retirement benefits. It is now January 2020 and I still am not receiving benefits. I paid in for over 50 years and have nothing to show for it! This Department should be privatized, the laws should be rewritten and 1/2 of the employees should be fired! Paying benefits is NOT rocket science!

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Reviewed Jan. 9, 2020

From Brooklyn, NY. My daughter's SSI and Medicare were cancelled on December 2019 while she was in the hospital. Apparently, the Medical Review papers were mailed to her, but she never received them. NOT HER FAULT. Since then, we've both been trying to get a decent live person to speak with, to help get this processed and her services reactivated. On the phone, we've had hangups, wrong transfers, and outright rude behavior from clerks and general personnel. My daughter's disability impedes her from going physically to the offices. She wears an adult diaper, She has severe Crohn's disease. She can't sit nor stand for long periods without massive pain and frequent runs to a bathroom, or an accident ensues.

She asks for a home visit, which is no longer a provided service. She can't make doctors' appts or get prescriptions without insurance. She's caught in a medically dangerous situation created by a broken and lazy system. These are not public servants, when they behave like illiterate hillbillies. An utter tragedy for the consumer who's physically disabled. I hope one of those cave dwellers read my complaint here. My daughter's suffering is on you, and don't think I won't act on it.

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Reviewed Dec. 30, 2019

SSA is one of the biggest scams... They are understaffed and hired more often than not to be heartless psychopaths. I called to update my address... And am guided to the web site, which won't work, though when I went in last month, they said it should. So I called this morning at 8am and told SSA is closed. It is Mon Dec 30. On the official web site this is a workday. I kept calling getting the message SSA is closed. I called at 11:30 and get the outgoing message "there is no one available to take your call, goodbye." The govt makes it extremely EXTREMELY difficult for the disabled to jump through the insane cruel hoops to do what is easy in other dimensions, in the private world. Almighty God will have His vengeance on satan and his minions.

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Reviewed Dec. 20, 2019

I just visited the Quincy Massachusetts office and was very surprised at how smoothly everything went. I was helped by a woman named Zenaida (I didn't think a last name was necessary) who was very knowledgeable. Since I came during lunchtime and she was the only one working I had a chance to watch others interact with her. While I couldn't hear what was happening I could tell from their demeanor while leaving that they were also satisfied customers. I have also worked in customer service and know for a fact that the phrase "The customer is always right" is a fallacy. It is good to know that my tax dollars are going to someone like Zenaida and hope the other customer service professionals I come into contact with at Social Security rise to her level.

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2019

I received a letter stating that my daughter wasn't getting her SSI benefits for December due to an underpayment paid to her that's from my social security record that was paid in October. I have not received an underpayment in October. When I call don't nobody know anything? When I go to the local office nobody knows nothing. All they can tell me is give the payment processing center 60 days. What! The local office never want you to speak with a supervisor. All I'm saying is you took money that she was entitled to because of money you say you sent her but didn't.

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Reviewed Dec. 10, 2019

I originally contacted the 18007721213 at 10:45am. After waiting for 52 min. to talk to someone got a seemingly nice guy on the line to answer the questions I had about my son's account. After about 10 min or less the line went blank in the middle of him talking. I stay on the line thinking he hit mute but no. Seconds later the call was lost. I call back. This time waiting 102 min on hold. Already frustrated but still being polite. I got a very rude lady on the line who asked me questions about my information then had me repeat the same questions on my son. Then she went on to let me know that I was not to contact the help line! Is the help line not for the online service help! This lady had enraged me after being in line waiting on hold for 2 hours! I have wasted hours and got nothing accomplished. Thank you very much lady who needs to be trained better in what customer service should be like.

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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2019

I have a had an increasingly nightmarish experience with Social Security. Over a year ago my wife was diagnosed with a grade 3 breast cancer tumor (very aggressive tumor). She had to have a double mastectomy, chemotherapy for over a year, radiation and now hormone therapy; otherwise she would already be dead! She still can't return to work. Her disability insurance company requires that we keep on applying with SS. So we have tried twice and been turned down by SS (they want someone who will be getting benefits for more than a year and we don't know how long she will need to be off work) and the latest rejection one was mailed to us but we didn't get it, so by the time we found out, it was too late to appeal.

So had to start over. Yes, start over! Not easy since my wife is quite weak from 14 months of chemo, so we tried online. Oh dear, No luck. So we called and after waiting 45 minutes got someone who could not help us do the online application. So we went to the local office and waited 2 1/2 hours for basically nothing. The woman at the window got rid of us ASAP, telling us we would get the rejection letter, which we did. We have a contact there at the office but wasn't able to see him, but later called him after we got home empty-handed. He said we would have to come in and wait to see someone and get the papers and set up an appointment. Really? (I feel like we are being given the run-around.)

Let's see, my wife and I both pay our taxes and our Social Security, but we feel like aliens. She is a cancer patient fighting for her life. Something is really wrong with this picture!!! She won't go to the Social Security office again and who can blame her? She's trying to overcome cancer and sitting in that office for hours on uncomfortable chairs or standing outside is taxing to say the least. I have to get off work each time so I can be with her because I don't want her to try to face that mess alone.

My only option seems to be to call again and see if I can find someone who has the common sense and decency to mail us a disability application so the dear sweet disability insurance company (The Hartford) won't go ballistic. (Oh yeah, the last time we called SS the next day we got 12 spam calls from supposedly the Social Security people. My word!) I am very very frustrated with how this has played out so far. Can someone help us? Please. By the way, your online service is really pathetic! For heaven sake, put more space in your address space for starters.

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Reviewed Dec. 3, 2019

Abuse of the disabled. 6 problems. They sent me a letter telling me to call them, but the number on the letter is the wrong number. The extension on the letter is the wrong number. The appointment time was for before they even open the office, someone from there had called me, but they hung up on me, and finally, they turned off my benefits for a month just because my landlord hadn't taken my rent payment, and finally, they say I owe them $2,570 because of donations my parents made to a non-profit organization. I am told that I'm due for a re-evaluation, but seems like they can't get the job done. I will have my SSI taken away and it will be their fault, 4 fold. I will try a 3rd time tomorrow, but they told me to my face that they don't care if I end up homeless because of this.

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Reviewed Nov. 23, 2019

I got letter aug 15th and it nov 23 and I haven't got my excess premiums refund where I canceled part b yet. Letter said soon, the Social Security Administration said they sent payment center messages but no answer and their boss sent a email. They said the boss there. Why is it taking so long to get the Social Security Administration? Said they cant release the money. Payment center has to send it cms the money was release back to them. So why haven't I got it? They get upset if you call check on it. They told me to just wait on it. They're rude, they dont want to help. Get runaround. They need people who care help.

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2019

After a multi year battle with this corrupt agency I finally got approved. Now that I’m approved they are delaying payment of my retroactive benefits. There is zero accountability. Managers don’t answer phones yet bring in 6 figure salaries. It also doesn’t appear there is any kind of education requirement to work at the SSA. All of the people I’ve spoken with don’t speak proper English. The entire agency needs to be disbanded and privatized. Our government is not good at holding its employees accountable.

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Reviewed Nov. 5, 2019

My mom called to report an address change and asked we the previous address, the rep rudely said no one was allowed to help her and I told her she's an almost 80yr woman and she asked me a question. The rep was furious and went back and forth we me stating no one can help my mom. After she got to a different question my mom told her if I could her help and the rep said yes if you allow her. Seriously?? These people need better training on how to handle customers, after all they do get paid for this service.

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Reviewed Oct. 9, 2019

If you are a fan of unprofessionalism, ** and shiftless service.... then this is your office. No one knows what they are doing and after the 4th or 5th call you can clearly see why. The bum supervisor, Mr. ** NEVER returns calls, even if messages are placed directly on his desk. So sad that this piece of excrement is in charge of services that affect people's livelihood. What a sorry example of leadership he is.

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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2019

I called social security and spoke to a representative a few months ago to get a Direct Benefit card because I closed my bank account. They issued me a new card that I received and funds never placed on card. Call the representative and they did not understand and hung the phone up being upset at me because I question them on why would I go to a bank that’s close account to ask for my benefits. I go to our local branch which cater to all of West Michigan, remind you just one branch, so you are literally waiting for over 3 to 4 hours just to talk to a in person representative. That’s so insane, then they close for lunch leaving upset customers who been waiting since Social Security Administration open. That’s just really insane, immoral, and darn right not right. You would think all the money government control that they will hire more people to service the people. Greedy government. It’s a shame.

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Reviewed Sept. 26, 2019

The worst administration to ever have to deal with. No one knows anything, lost paperwork, never a confirmation, status update, NOTHING. It is so disgusting with all of the technology we have today to have to deal with terrible customer service & lack of knowledge from this administration. To say they should be ashamed of themselves is an understatement. Hopefully everything you put people through, especially grieving families, will one day come back to haunt you. Multiple, timely phone calls, submitted “3” 1724 forms, no one knows anything, lost original documents, SSA is a total disgrace!

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Reviewed Sept. 26, 2019

In Orange County, California, in most, if not all government agencies, if you are a Vietnamese, regardless how old and/or what kind of language you are more influence, your case will be assigned to a Vietnamese worker. WHY? The truth is, in Orange County, California, the Vietnamese were disliked and/or discriminated against the Vietnamese. As a Vietnamese, when I came to the local SSA to apply for the benefits, after my case was wrongly handled by 2 Vietnamese workers. I then asked that my case be handled by a non Vietnamese, my case is still handled by the Vietnamese workers, even in the hearing. This is my first time to deal with the Orange County SSA, but I had been hearing about this kind of problems for a long time. What is going on? I hope this review is posted and hope all Vietnamese, whose had this problem be voicing your opinion, so hope they will change their rules.

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Reviewed Sept. 11, 2019

I had to contact Social Security today to speak with them about a Medicare issue and frankly I am just fed up with their representatives! I work in an industry where I have routine contact with Medicare on behalf of clients and I have come across some very rude reps so I knew what I might encounter. Today I was calling on a personal matter and simply needed a form sent to me. After being on hold for over a half an hour the woman picks up and I identify myself. I let her know I had spoken with a rep on Monday (assuming she might see this in their notes in their system) and I was calling back as instructed. I was told to call back after following up with another entity regarding the issue I was calling about. Before I finished explaining exactly what I needed, she went down a rabbit trail and began talking about something having nothing to do with why I was calling.

When I tried to correct her she raised her voice and spoke very disrespectfully with me telling me "that is NOT what you said." When I attempted to correct the conversation she terminated the call with no warning by transferring me to the online survey regarding her service. ALL I NEED IS A FORM! It should not be that hard. Unless I have missed something, our taxes pay for their positions. While they should not have to be subjected to rude and abusive consumers, we certainly should not have to be subjected to their rudeness, condescending tone and them simply hanging up on us. What happened to problem solving? What happened to trying to resolve an issue? What happened to Kindness? To respect? Excuse me, but I work hard to pay your salary!

I called back in the hopes of getting another rep and the wait is now over an hour long! The saddest part about this is because of the work I do I know this to be the rule and not the exception... WHY Social Security workers and Medicare workers are so ugly, mean and obnoxiously rude is beyond me! The worst part is, they have the power to control everything and that to me is dangerous. So disappointed in what we have become.

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Reviewed Aug. 22, 2019

The staff member couldn’t handle her responsibility and instead chose to side with not wanting to complete the request and instead of getting help from another staff, she waved a security guard to do her bidding. So I left unhelped myself but awarded this staff with my energy.

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Reviewed Aug. 22, 2019

My mother passed away on April 1, 2019. I immediately notified SSI and was told we are due a check and should get it on the previously set up pay date. I then received a form which I filled out and faxed back with ALL REQUIRED documentation. Still nothing! I called the local office where I work and was YELLED at by a very disgruntled worker! She was so rude that I finally told her so and hung up. There has been no explanation of why this payment is being withheld. It is now end of August 2019.

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Reviewed Aug. 15, 2019

After reading some reviews it seems like everyone has the same issue of encountering a rude customer service representative over the phone. They must really hate their jobs. I called to ask why my account was blocked since I entered the correct information about my identity. They asked for the last 8 digits of my credit card, or my w2 AGI from the last 5 years. She kept insisting that they don’t ask for a credit card and I was on the wrong website. I told her I’m on and it is asking to verify my identity with 3 choices. She kept cutting me off and saying “let me talk, listen to me, you are not on the right website.” I asked for the correct website and she told me the same thing. I told her that’s the same website that’s asking me for my last 8 digits.

She kept screaming and saying, "We don’t ask for your credit card number" and said “ma’am I am going to hang up on you and move on.” I felt like cursing her out and I just said, "You are soo rude" and hanged up on her. I wish I would have stayed on and have her a bad review. Her name was Gail. Then I called again and spoke to someone else who was less rude but did tell me that the website does ask for your last 8 digits to confirm and they have no control. When I ask for the closest SS office by my house, I asked her to repeat the building number and she said, "There’s no building number. It’s on the 2nd floor." "Ok but 2nd floor to what building number" then she said, "2501.." I said, "That is a building number..." Terrible terrible terrible people...

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Reviewed Aug. 13, 2019

Started receiving my SS benefit 3 months ago and I am still getting paper checks in the mail! Received and activated my Direct Express card 2 months prior to start of SS and every month have called Social Security and told either my info wasn't updated or put in the system! They keep saying there should be no paper checks being disbursed but I keep getting them. What are those employed at Social Security doing over there? Nothing? What does it take for these incompetent employees to do their jobs and put information in? I wanted to speak to a supervisor but they wouldn't put me through. I WANT MY SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY PUT ON MY DIRECT EXPRESS CARD! Someone needs to check on those employed there and make sure they're doing their jobs!

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2019

I went to the SSA Office to check status of my SSDI after going to the Health & Human Services office & learning SSA is preventing me from receiving my EMERGENCY SNAP AKA Food Stamps. I was approved in the Health & Human Services Office for same day funding on my new SNAP card, only to find out SSA is holding my money to disburse with my SSDI that's in "Pay Status".

First of all, Health & Human Services has nothing to do with SSA according to the representative. I went to the SSA Office the following day to receive information about this, and I waited from 10am to 3pm only to find out some hoe at the SSA office marked my case completed. I left the office because I wasn't about to be hoe'd by the US GOVERNMENT where I am a born ** citizen. I expect my SSDI & Snap AKA Food Stamps separately as they are two different Organizations. Anyone in a hard place, should have homies to back them up, because otherwise the US GOVERNMENT will make you starve & sleep on the streets & work your ** off waiting for them to disburse what is already yours.

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2019

This lady was just plain rude. She was short from the beginning of the conversation when asking her name "set her off!!" She acted like she could never be fired for this type of behavior. This was after I waited over 40 minutes to speak with her. Then, she could not provide an answer to my question, "what is the criteria for receiving an emergency advance?" She stated, "what you talking 'bout."

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Reviewed July 31, 2019

Thanks Bonita ** for the great customer service (SSA office Mesa, AZ). She patiently and kindly provided me with the answers to all my questions. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks again for the great customer service I received on the 30 st of July 2019.

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Reviewed July 24, 2019

After being on hold for over 20 minutes, I decided to accept the offer of a call back from Social security. I just had a question about my future benefits and the girl on the phone was beyond rude, so short with me and acted like she was totally annoyed having to answer one simple question! I was so infuriated that I hung up on her and I wish I had stayed on the line long enough to give my feedback about my experience.

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Reviewed July 12, 2019

I staying on hold for sometime 45 minutes to 2 hours and dealing with most rude and hateful workers. Is like battling with Satan. Very rare do you get someone decent. And going office same effect. Screwed either way.

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Reviewed July 11, 2019

I first applied because "toxic" (Dr and drug manufacturer term) blood level I must maintain of medicine to avoid having a seizure caused by former brain injury gave me problems in my work. I was denied. Since then pain in my back has become constant and extreme. Back pain is from sciatic nerve because I was born with leg length discrepancy and a partial foot (3 toes). I had surgery as a child to stop the growth of the longer leg but there still is 1 inch difference causing me to limp all of my life. I've tried to be normal, worked full-time from age 16-50 but now the pain is too big of a problem to work/get hired at age 57. Since I have been unable to work/get hired for more than 5 years SSA tells me I do not qualify for disability anymore, even though I have been applying for disability during those years. I was taught it was a good system I could depend on, but it turns out to be a scam.

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Reviewed July 10, 2019

Today on 7/9/2019 I went to Social Ssecurity office to get a verification letter. This lady totally talks so loud so everyone else can hear what we were talking about?? She was so rude - unbelievable. Don't know how she got that job at all.. They need training on being professional at the window. Every time you go up to the window these people never smiling - bad bad attitude. But if it's their family watch their faces turn and their attitude towards their family member really nice. The only person in the Maui Social Security office is friendly is the Security officer. So friendly and professional always.

Until you get up to the window then you need to deal with grumps. These workers at the Maui Social Security office treats people like they are racist. And show attitude like another loser at their window. Every worker in this office need to keep in mind when these people walk into this office. You are there to assist them with trying to get their benefits they work hard for all those years. And not give attitude at all??? You don't like your job get the hell out and find another job.

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Reviewed July 3, 2019

In March 2019 I received my Medicare Part A and B card in the mail since I will be turning 65 in July. The card was accompanied by a form that instructed me if in the event I didn’t want Medicare Part B I was to fill it out and return the form and my Medicare card to Social Security before July 1st 2019. I returned the form and the card immediately because I have health insurance through my employer and I explained to SSA that I DID NOT want Medicare Part B. My health insurance through my employer costs $50/mo and Medicare Part B costs $135/mo. This is a no brainer that I would refuse Medicare B at this time.

Additionally, my monthly SS benefit is only $870/mo so you deduct $135 from that and I’m left with only $735/mo. My monthly benefit pays my rent and with the $135 taken out I will not be able to pay my rent. Since March I have tried endlessly to get someone at SSA to help me. I have sent certified letters, made countless phone calls to both SSA and Medicare, and visited the local office all to no avail. The only answer I keep getting is, “It’s being worked on.”

It’s been four months and on July 28th they will be taking the $135 out of my check and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Or at least that’s what Social Security thinks. I have come up with a plan that I WILL implement if this situation isn’t rectified by the end of July. I WILL quit my job and go back to bartending where I made $1000 a week CASH and SSA can keep the $135/mo because that $735 benefit will become pocket change! It is so sad that the American people pay into a system that is controlled by lazy, incompetent, and downright inferior human beings (I use that term very lightly).

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Reviewed July 1, 2019

I received a transcript of my phone interview and I found an error and one comment I didn't understand (it says I am receiving spousal support, but I am not). Since they add that threatening statement about any false information needs to be corrected IMMEDIATELY or you will be hung by your toenails, I called asap. The first call I was on hold for 20 minutes and then advised to call the 800# by a recording that then told me goodbye. I call the 800# - recording tells me they are too busy to answer the phone and to call back at another time.

I call the local office again and finally I get a person, Ms. Pathanode or Ms. Pat Annoyed. I really don't know her name because I didn't understand it and based on how annoyed she sounded at the very sound of my voice, I didn't dare ask her to spell it. Bottom line, I called to correct the error and she told me it didn't matter, but she would note it and never asked me for the correct information. Then I told her I don't receive SS. She flippantly asked me how would I live if I lost my job and I said, "My husband of course" - she said, "Well that is SS." Then I told her I was my son's legal guardian, but they had him listed as his own legal guardian she quickly told me that is how they do it. Oh in the beginning, when I was trying to explain why I was calling she rushed me and said, "What do you need?" Really????

I am livid, this woman acted like she was about to pay my son's SSI out of her own pocket. I was nice to her so she wouldn't sabotage his case, but I was very disgusted with her poor customer service skills like I interrupted her knitting a blankie! She needs to be off the phone and filing paperwork only or better yet FIRED!

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Reviewed July 1, 2019

I had a phone interview with Kelly for my disabled son's survivor's benefits because he just lost his Dad. She was very kind and caring and I couldn't have asked for a better interview. She along with Mrs. ** need to teach a customer service class for the SSA. I am not saying they are all bad, but I had one today who needs to get a better occupation - that review is next. Again, thank God for the ones who are amazing and Kelly is just that - AMAZING!

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Reviewed June 17, 2019

I can't understand, it's easier for a criminal to get my social security card than it is for me. How in the hell can I enter all my info correctly and some dillweed that doesn't even know me decides that my information on myself is incorrect, CAN I PLEASE JUST GET MY SOCIAL SECURITY CARD SO I CAN GET A DAMN JOB.

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Reviewed June 17, 2019

After 13 years of being on Permanent Disability Local SSA Office stopped my SSDI this month benefits and next month they are cutting my SSI. When I requested for my Local SSA Office to release 2006 Records from my SSD Case - I was sent (Form SSA-454-BK) - My SSD Case has been closed since 2006 - I won my case and a full favorable decision.

Form (SSA-454-Bk) is for claims and appeals - CDR continuing disability Reviews are strictly Workers Compensation related. I never filed Workers Compensation Claim. Since I didn't fill out (Form SSA-454-BK) benefits are cut for non-compliance. Letter said I could file an Appeal? MY CASE IS CLOSED. CAN’T FILE AN APPEAL - YOU IDIOTS!!!

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Reviewed May 29, 2019

Those people are horrible! They interview my mother every 2 or 3 years to see if she is still eligible for SSI, even after my mother told the agent that her rent increased a lot, she said, "Ok send me proof of the increase" which my mom did, a few days later she got a letter from SSA stating that they were going to reduced her SSI for more than $150. Ok but this was before she sent them the proof they asked for and today the letter they sent indicated that she was only going to get $26.61 of SSI, what the hell is wrong with this people? They claim my mother has extra income, that is NOT true! What extra income? They know exactly how much money she has in the bank, this whole thing upsets my mother so much, she is almost 90 yrs old, she doesn't need the stress, I do hate them!

If we appeal won't do any good, they always win, once i contacted my senator here in California, she contacted them and SSA gave her some stupid explanation that didn't make any sense, it is so unfair that this country has the worst employees working there, they think they're doing you a favor by giving you the money, they act as if the money comes out of their pocket! Well maybe by reducing people's pensions they pay those agents their salaries! But you know they will be retiring one day too and I hope they get treated the same way they're treating our elderly loved ones and maybe even worse, karma will catch up with them eventually.

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Reviewed May 9, 2019

Social Security at Charleston SC lost my paper work 3 times. Went in person, stood in line over 90 minutes in hot sun and was told I was signed up. I was not. Was referred to a supervisor Mrs. ** who was supposed to call back by end of the day. Did not happen. Going again tomorrow to stand in hot line. Gov. workers are not accountable to anyone and even their supervisors. They all stick together and protect each other.

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Reviewed April 29, 2019

I finally won my case after 3.5 years! I had to call on two occasions to find out what the hold up is as I received a letter stating they were holding all my backpay. The associate both times was horrible and downright rude. I have never in my life been treated like this by a so called professional. SSA should be ashamed of employees like this. They straight out argued with me about things they had no idea about such as my disability and the fact that I raise my 5 year old grandson who has Down syndrome. I’m not stopping at this review. I am about to make all kinds of noise and going as high as I can to make sure these two women don’t treat anyone else this way. So disappointed.

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Reviewed April 23, 2019

Updated on 07/22/2019: This is a follow-up to my review of a few months ago. If I could give minus stars, I would. I did finally receive a decision letter on my retirement benefits claim, despite Rice Lake's best efforts to fu things bar. I received the letter one day (from the Chicago office) AND THE VERY NEXT DAY I received a letter from the Rice Lake office advising me I may want to consider applying for social security retirement benefits. Does the Rice Lake office not have a record of my application, which has been approved? It took three in-person visits to the RL office and several more phone calls with staff and the district manager just to get the application processed, yet the RL office appears clueless as to its existence and determination. What a waste of taxpayer monies is this office.

Original review: The SSA is a disaster, even at handling a simple retirement benefits claim. They recommend filing 3 - 4 months in advance just because they mess everything up so many times, it takes that long to straighten things out and get the claim processed. Employees pass off their responsibilities onto other employees, delaying the handling of claims, and increasing the number of mistakes. Their customer service is worse than that of your cell phone provider, who farms theirs out to India.

I filed a simple retirement benefits claim Feb 1 which I was told was processed and approved, but I never received the written award. I did receive a written statement claiming SSA had spoken with me on Feb 4, which was patently false, and I sent a letter with corrections asking them to refrain from putting false information in my file. Then I was told SSA processed my claim wrong, and I would have to withdraw it and file a new claim. I filed a request for withdrawal, was told it was approved, but have not received written confirmation of that either. On April 10 I met with an SSA employee who took my second application in person. She tried to print the withdrawal approval, but for some reason she did not understand, she was unable to print it.

During that meeting, she said my first application no longer exists, which also is patently false, because I have the right to change my mind about withdrawing my first application within 60 days of the date I receive written notice of the approval. This is a simple retirement benefits claim, which I calculated by hand in less than an hour. Using a computer, it would take about 5 minutes. The gubmint needs another 60 days to process the claim, in addition to the 69 days they've already had to "work" on it. And the sad part is these people really believe they are understaffed.

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Reviewed April 17, 2019

I am completely ashamed of our administration and what they put people through in this disability process. It is a total nightmare. First of all, we are required to pay into SS and if we don't....well, everyone knows what happens. So our $ is literally taken from us to be put into a so called fund to help us in the event we become unable to work but it's impossible to get. I have lost my home, I am going to have to sell my vehicle and still have to wait another 10-12 months to get on a docket because they are so backed up from all the denials. Here's some food for thought for the Social Security Administration....stop denying everyone and stealing our money that we worked hard for. This is absolutely criminal what you are doing. Shame on you!

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Reviewed March 29, 2019

My husband was lied to for 11 years and told a child belonged to him that didn't. He believed this lied as any man would having married the the ** 2 years PRIOR to her giving birth. I never thought that was his child and after the ex wife tried to take him for even more money than he was already paying (he already covered her rent and all clothing while DSS covered the rest) he finally agreed with me that he needed a paternity test. The kid wasnt his and a judge removed him from the child's birth certificate.

We thought that was that but boy were we wrong. He reinstated his SSDI he got a few years back and they mailed 9 months worth of payments to his ex although he provided a judges order of removal for his name on the birth certificate and he also submitted the DNA test excluding him as the father by 99.9%. To this very day they mail a check to this woman for HER daughter off HIS benefits because despite all the proof in the world they will not remove this girl from under him. So all of you out there worried about how this system will substain just know it won't with fraudulent practices such as this.

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Reviewed March 27, 2019

I was rejected by the military in high school because of a flat foot deformity. I went to a specialist who said I would become crippled because of it in my thirties. I went to work after high school and aging out of foster care and paid into the system until I became crippled in my early thirties. I have always had pain in it, but it had gotten to the point I had to be very medicated to be able to walk to the bathroom, much less work much over 15 hrs a week. Less if I had my period. I have extreme PMS issues. Sorry for the details but I would need so many bathroom breaks and require clothing changes two or three times a day sometimes on heavy days.

I cannot sleep through the night for three to five nights before the bleeding starts. I have severe cramps that make me double over, and all I can do is take ** and lay down with a hot pack on my stomach. I also had unresolved mental health issues, so I met with a therapist and after only an intake, got severely misdiagnosed as Schizoaffective Bipolar and medicated heavily with antipsychotics that made me suicidal for the first time since I was seven and being bullied in school. I used to have severe chest pain and actually had gone to the hospital thinking I was having some sort of cardiac event. I actually had Borderline traits and an anxiety disorder, which I found out after I had gotten rejected for SSDI at the hearing level. I have insomnia, but it was much worse back then because of the medications. It is occasional now, and frequent during the week before my period.

I have an issue with my eyes that causes blood to hemorrhage into my retina unless I get expensive injections. I lose the very center of my vision in my left eye and the lower right peripheral in the right eye. At the time of my case, I also had a sleep disorder that would make me nod off in the middle of a conversation, without having known I was even tired. I filed, gathered medical information and mental health information, submitted it to a law firm who filed it, and of course got denied the first go. That took over two years, if I remember correctly. I also have fused vertebrae from a car wreck, but I never had surgery on my spine. I get stenosis in my right shoulder because the way it fused was just a little crooked, which narrowed the tunnel for the spinal cord or the nerves to the arm.

My appeal was scheduled for a high-rise office building in the middle of the city, Kansas City, during rush hour traffic, and I of course drove myself because I had no one to drive me, so by the time I arrived my foot pain was unbearable and I had tears and a red face and angina because I was in the midst of a panic attack. I couldn't sleep the night before, so I was extremely tired and edgy. I could barely contain my emotions during the hearing, with a judge from Arizona. My lawyer was late. At the end of the hearing, they could not find ONE job for someone with my limitations, and the lawyer said the appeal hearing with the judge went well.

When I finally got the denial letter, it actually said that my mental stuff was being handled because of the (horribly wrong!) medication and that my foot pain was because of plantar fasciitis (the foot required 8 hours of surgery and several bone grafts, when I finally convinced an orthopedic surgeon to get me an MRI after the denial) and also that my back surgery had fixed the pain in my spine. I NEVER EVEN HAD BACK SURGERY!!! So, I sent my lawyer the denial letter and they sent me a letter back after a month or so, stating that they filed a request for appeal with the Social Security Administration, and that the request had been DENIED. So, here is my theory.

I worked in pain all those years and paid into the system twice the amount of benefits that someone on SSI who has never worked would get each month. So they take our money, those of us who paid in, and deny us our benefits so they can use it to pay people who have never paid in. Then, they prolong the denial process for such a long time that your benefits go down because you aren't paying into the system anymore. People are living in tent cities and sleeping in greenways year after year and begging on street corners, and they worked all they could to pay their share into the coffers for when they needed it. Maybe their appeal judge didn't read their file or listen to them during their hearing, either. I think my denials were deliberate, and I have no legal recourse. It is egregious. I wouldn't even give them one star.

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Reviewed March 14, 2019

I have been calling SSA for months staying on hold 3-4 hours at a time until my phone dies on me. They never answered, they also reported me to the credit bureau and my credit score dropped I have been making my payments on time and we have a payment arrangements. They state I’m a 90 days behind on my payments but this is not true.

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Reviewed Feb. 23, 2019

My experience with San Luis Obispo. Ca. helping my 62 year old brother who is also disabled and a vet, he applied for his dad and was granted but because he was born in Germany they wanted proof he was a citizen. OK. His father was in the military stationed in Germany so my brother had automatic dual citizenship but not good enough. Went through two attorney and a immigration, attorney who did a pro-bono, and got all my brother info. Not good enough for them. My brother is in a wheelchair, homeless and we have been fighting this for 2 years. We are very upset at the way he got treated. End story - nothing - no money still. We need help.

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Reviewed Feb. 20, 2019

My review to keep getting benefits was in August but they wanted me to go to some audiologist 30 miles out of my way which I have no license nor gas money to pay anyone and I told them, the disability examiner's office, the Farmington Hills office and the main Pontiac office that I have no way of going to any interviews they need me to go to unless they help with transportation which they stated on one of the papers that if you need help with transportation let them know, which I did, 3 different buildings, 3 different voices I told through my Sprint relay for the deaf.

Now, I am lucky enough to record it all and via text through the relay, having said all that they told me they don't help with transportation, and they had to keep rescheduling the interviews because of their lack of communications with each other, they waited until the week of Thanksgiving, one week before my final appointment attempt to tell me they will help with transportation, which when I tried to call back, their office was closed the day after Thanksgiving. That pissed me off. The interview was set for Monday, and finally when I reached them, they said, "Ok we will reschedule it again and we will make sure you get a ride there too so you don't lose your benefits." My heart calm, my stress dropped, finally things are going right.

Now I wait for their paper on when the next appointment is and confirmation for a ride there. 3 weeks pass, I call them back and they told me they canceled my benefits and shut my case. What the **?! Imagine a man getting very silently angry that you do not want to be around them. Now because of this ** they didn't tell me anything by mail for a whole month until I called back demanding my payments to keep continuing and demanded an appeal, they sent me that and I filled it out which they got in January. It's February now, no closer to getting my benefits back on track, and I keep waiting for them to send me paperwork on what's going on because I am in the dark.

So far today I called them 4 times since 8 am and was forced to wait 45 minutes each time just to get to the bottom of things, I demanded to know where my appeal is and why my payments aren't back on for March like I was instructed to fill out a blank statement within the appeal, to keep getting my benefits. Yet they are too incompetent to read and sit on their hands all day collecting free money. I went to a hearing place nearby yesterday and got a hearing test done that they needed for free and it was right down the street from me, had I known I would have gone sooner, but that paper wasn't what they needed. Get this, they knew I am trying to keep my benefits, yet they tell me TODAY that I needed to turn in a 795 form already like months ago to not lose my benefits. Well had they told me about it already, I would have, even after the fact I already did something similar to the form on my appeal!

Pissed off, I printed out a 795 form, faxed both that and the disability proof paper from Miracle-Ear and I told them, "Call my relay number back asap once received." Now I wait, then I had to call them to find out why they didn't call back, and the damn rep kept giving me runarounds avoiding connecting me with the people I need to talk to, refused to give me her supervisor and refused to transfer me to a different rep and hung up on me, and when I called back, I spoke to a different rep and told them I need supervisor. I got him and told him what that rep did and apparently he said reps are not supposed to be like that to callers. And told me he will call me tomorrow once the Pontiac office opens, which I can't count on, because they say whatever they can to convince you all will be well just to end a call and go back to being lazy incompetent workers that they are.

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Reviewed Feb. 18, 2019

They don't care. Plain and simple. They will delay your checks and leave you in the dark. These people are cold and show no mercy. They will put you through hell just to appeal your rejection. May God have mercy on their so. Because I am NOT showing them any.

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Reviewed Feb. 14, 2019

Called the customer service line for assistance with an SSA online account problem. Wait time was 29 minutes so I opted to have a return call which the system stated was a 15 minute call back time. Finally received a call back after 45 minutes which was answered by my assistant and needed to be transferred to my phone. The operator got extremely rude and upset because she needed to be transferred to my phone then she hung up. Update: Just called back and decided to wait on hold for an operator (wait time 40 minutes). After about 20 minutes on hold, the system automatically took me off hold and forwarded me to the survey you're supposed to take after you have spoken with a representative. Couldn't even answer the questions properly such as how respectful was the operator etc., because I never spoke with anyone? Major problems with SSA!

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Reviewed Feb. 13, 2019

Seems like every few years, they send me review papers that look like freakish homework to do, not right, leave disabled and handicapped people alone. You can't expect miracles overnight be a regular person, it will always be forever disabled and handicapped for life. Please stop sending nonsense review papers, you crooks trying to lose our social security payments. Count on Social Security=Bullcrap and Lies, you don't care about us, shame on you! We need a caring, decent positive friendly people take over and do a better outstanding jobs.

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Reviewed Feb. 9, 2019

I called one hour and 9 minutes before 7pm which is the time they stop receiving calls. I have been on hold for 1 hour and 34 minutes. It is past 7 pm by 27 minutes. Why won't they answer? Please have someone answer so I can conduct my business. I was not given the opportunity to enter my number in order for a callback. Thank you very much.

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Reviewed Jan. 23, 2019

Damn morons. The Social Security site has been broken for close to four years with no one doing anything about it. It doesn't remember passwords and after two times clicking "Next" it locks up the account forcing you to call their disastrous phone center. I have called in the past and had an agent on the phone and reset my account in front of her - only to log out and re-log back in with her present AND STILL IT LOCKS UP. "Gee - I don't know what it could be" was her response. This was years ago. NOW when you call the number, it blurbs rhetoric for five minutes and then just says, "CALL BACK AT ANOTHER TIME. ALL AGENTS ARE BUSY." No nothing. That's it. Disgusting how this is allowed and continues and continues and continues.

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Reviewed Jan. 18, 2019

I realize SSA staff is a overpaid under educated, but where does "rude" fit into their job qualifications? The Torrance, CA office is filled with the rudest people I have dealt with in my entire life. The security guard is polite, he's funny, he converses with the public. But the minute you meet a worker, your day will end with nothing but bitterness.

I am not going to go into my experiences in detail because there are too many. I am a Professional Licensed Conservator and have many clients that I deal with SSA on their behalf. After reading all the reviews on this website, I can relate to every one of them. My question is what can be done about this? These people are taking other lives to do what they want. Write our congressman? Complain to the SSA? What a joke. The true answer, I believe is nothing. There is nothing that can be done.

We as American citizens who pay this entity by law in good faith all of our working lives, all we get back is headache, ripped off, lied to, treated like dirt, and resulting in where we started at walking into this place. In this review, I stated I was not going into detail, however, I just want to mention 1 of my cases out of many, is a disabled man who has been waiting for his benefits since 2010. He just received his 1st check of 500.00 with no back pay. A ridiculous joke.

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Reviewed Jan. 16, 2019

I had requested a callback as I received a bill for my first 3 months Medicare payments in advance. Last month I called about it (when I started Medicare) and was told I could pay as I go, not to worry about that letter. Then, a week ago I get a letter stating that I'm behind one payment, that my Medicare is going to be canceled and I need to pay thru APRIL in advance, plus the amount now due for January. ALL IN CAPS. ALL IN RED. And partial payment doesn't preclude cancellation. Pretty scary stuff.

So, I called on Friday to see what I could do about getting on monthly payments (I'm not taking SS yet, just Medicare). "The escalation team" called today, the "call back" that was promised last Friday. I'm glad I just happened to be able to answer the call. It started off okay, all the usual nonsense required (yet no ID from the CSR). When we got into the particulars, "I wasn't listening", "stop interrupting", "if you would just listen" in a sing-song voice like I was a child. I get annoyed, I get "If you raise your voice I will end this call"... "Hey, I'm not your husband...or your elderly grandfather." "We bill in advance," she stresses, "and you," she stresses, "owe blah blah blah..." Again the same information. No solution.

I finally yelled, "give me some respect for the sake of argument that I have sent in a past due payment, it's processing now..." I was put on the silent hold (you know where they just shut you out and you hear a "diss") then came back, speaking slowly like I'm a moron, and says "if you do [this] and if you do [this] by [this] then the amount is [this]." I hung up. I will call later this evening when it's quieter and there isn't a "your wait time is 1 hour 45 minutes" then horrific hold music...but, man. Give someone a little power and they just decide they're going to be demeaning.

I have NEVER had an experience like that at the Soc Sec office. Always pleasant, helpful, courteous, even the wait has not been terrible... Is it because they are being required to work for free since the government is shut down? After reading many of these comments, I'm not sure. I've saved these notes should I have any other issues... To her, I'm sure I was just another old man who "didn't listen" to her condescending manner. You know, this is a phrase that is actually appropriate though she wasn't a man... "Mansplaining".

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Reviewed Jan. 11, 2019

So I went over a month ago to the SSI office in Rapid City and was treated terribly after being given incomplete info on the phone about what I would need. Then after being told my mom(my payee) would need to call to officially change address after moving out of state, she did. Multiple times. To verify, we both had left messages and after a week neither of our calls was returned. I called today and no information has been changed. I have a doctor's appointment in 4 days with no Medicaid. Why after doing all that is required multiple times should I be hung out to dry? Why after talking to someone and giving them the info is it not being put into their system? This is ridiculous. It makes no sense. None.

I know they are overworked but that doesn’t explain why our information is not being logged at all. This affects my well being and is unacceptable. Not a single experience in my years on SSI with their employees has been positive. I am given either incomplete info or wrong info nearly every time. They never seem to get my address changed! This is not the first time I have had this problem! Yet, now moving out of state this is affecting my ability to get the help I need! There is no excuse for this inefficiency.

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Reviewed Jan. 4, 2019

SSI put my three checks in my old bank acct. I told SSI that the old bank acct was closed and I told one of the rep to mail my checks which he didn't. Then I told all three reps my new bank account when they did not put it in the system. Now that my old bank won't send my money back even if I kept asking. And SSI won't do nothing about it. Until me and my son will be out on the streets. I can't even buy food without that money.

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Reviewed Dec. 28, 2018

I see - according to Google - the social security office in Mesa, AZ opens at 9:00am. I am on the phone - in need of confirmation of paperwork - and the automated system told me the "estimated wait time is 1 hour and 30 minutes". It is of my opinion that this is an inappropriate amount of time to wait, in order for the "hope" of speaking with someone. I called at the beginning of December 2018 and had a 45 minute wait. What happened when my call was connected? The person on the other end someone disconnected the line. Do mistakes happen? Of course they do but it is easy to reason that I am not the first person this has happened to. How many others have had this issue? At what point does a person start making formal complaints and where do they go to make them? Is there any place to go to advocate about this?

Dear Social Security Administration in Mesa, AZ... For whatever reasons you use to justify these long wait times please consider us who are waiting on the phone - please help us out! You know what companies I like calling? The ones who have a call back system - when my number is up - so we don't get disconnected or sit by the phone hoping it connects, at some point. I think the wait time should be reasonable - even 30 minutes is way too long in today's modern society - but that is just my personal opinion.

Does SSA in Mesa, AZ have an advocate person to talk to about this? Automated system just said, "We are sorry you are waiting so long." I don't feel that an automated voice can be sincere in saying "sorry" so, no - SSA in Mesa, AZ - that apology is not accepted. I am also a 100% permanent and totally disabled veteran and because the Phoenix VA system is what it is, I need access to outside healthcare - like the Medicare option - so I can get the services I need for getting injured in combat while serving the interests of the United States of America. Does anyone in SSA in Mesa, AZ ever read any of these reviews? Feel free to email me, ** or - better yet! - call my cell phone at **. My name is Jacob **. Thank you for helping us!

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Reviewed Dec. 20, 2018

I'm a working class citizen with a disabled child and yet feel punished, and scrutinized for my child being disable. No one cares that you have to work to keep up with basic bills and cost of living. No one cares that my child is almost out of medication and can potentially die without it. The cost of her medication is outrageously expensive. Yet you're expected to call these ridiculous 800 telephone numbers that have you hold for hours on end or don't even answer at all. I'm very frustrated and disappointed with this system!!!

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2018

Tried to change address online but it would never recognize me as a current user. Tried several times and also tried my wife's data. Could not verify either of us. This was all going on while I waited in vain for a response to my telephone call. I was told that someone would be with me in 90 minutes. 90 Minutes! The recorded message was very polite as it apologized for keeping me waiting. I have no option but to go to the very busy local office -- just to change my address! They are making more work for themselves.

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2018

This women answer the 800-772-1213 number at the SS office. She was rude, nasty and I guess she don't like her job. I ask well. I beg her to let me please talk to anybody else and she hung up. She said her name was Sharia. Shame on SS for having a person like that answering their phone lines.

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Reviewed Dec. 16, 2018

I am a SSA male beneficiary. SSA sent recorded call to me one night saying they would call me the next day. The next day, a very rude gentleman called my house, never identified himself and asked for my wife. I asked, "Who is calling please?" He would not identify himself. He asked where my wife was and I said at work. Then he did the exasperation and I hung up. We get tons of calls from scammers acting and asking in this same manner. In any case, we do the appointment. The gentleman at the office was very nice and completed his part. Later, we needed to delete the premium for part 2 of Medicare part because I still have insurance left. So the SSA site says, "Just go online. No problem."

So we begin to fill out the retirement application before we discover it is a disability application. We try to delete the application and there is no delete - just save and exit. OK, so we exit without saving and try again. Same thing disability application. We would learn later that disability means you can't work anymore. So that's out. Now we are very afraid to use this site. I tried the walk in because they might let you in if not busy. Don't do this, the counter person only hears reschedule. Now the only reason for one star is the last counter lady was so unbelievably rude and cantankerous, deliberately misleading and confusing and changed my appointment date and type that I had to go back and get her to fix it. Then I was on the phone for two hours to confirm it was corrected. I am praying they will eventually privatize SSA and weed the bums out.

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Reviewed Dec. 15, 2018

After calling Social Security Administration in Dallas (it's the Dallas Regional Office at 1301 Young Street in Dallas Texas. I was calling about a problem with my case and I would get a lady named ** and she would say things to me like I will do anything with your case and won't nobody do nothing about it so the next time I called her I was recording her hoping to get help because nobody deserves to be treated or talked to like that) on this day recording her I will submit the recording.

She hung up, call Homeland Security and told them I threatened her submitting a false report. I have a copy of the report which is all lies and I would like for you to listen to the recorded conversation. There is no threat. I was arrested after providing the recording. The charges were dropped but my problem is this lady needs to be fired. I wish she could be sued and she should have been arrested for submitting a false police report. Nobody has done anything about what she done to me and still to this day they continue to take money from my case that I do not owe and do all type of errors on purpose and nobody at Social Security Administration is doing anything.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2018

As I read these horrible reviews of the SSA, I must state, each and every time I go into the SSA Office in Altoona Pennsylvania for ANYTHING, I am treated with dignity and respect. The last time I went in was October 2018, I received what was written on the letter as a "Overpayment" notice. Upon reviewing the letter, this debt was from 1980 when I was 11 years old. Someone had been collecting death benefits in my name at the time of my father's death. I simply notified them I was 11 years of age in 1980 when this debt was incurred and I received nothing, they were kind and courteous, entered a waiver on my behalf and kindly asked me if there was anything else they could do to assist me.

Anytime I deal with anyone, I use sir, ma'am, please and thank you. MUTUAL RESPECT does in fact make any social interaction much easier. I read the Security staff is throwing folks out just for asking a question, I DO NOT believe that for a minute if you are removed from a Federal facility, you are a danger to the facility and the people within.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2018

I overdosed in April and from that Im unable to walk. I was approved for Disability. I went into the Winchester VA office to finalize my claim and start receiving my benefits. Ms. ** is the person who is handling my claim. She made several comments about me overdosing and how I shouldn't get any money. She was rude, yelling at me and talking down to me. I requested to speak with a supervisor and she refused to allow me to. Instead she walked up to the security guard and asked him to make me leave. There were no grounds for this but he said she asked him to do it so he had to. I've called 12 times in 3 months, she wont return my calls and I still havent received my money after 7 months. Avoid this office at ALL cost. They are crooked!

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2018

Yes I had got a back pay. They're only suppose to take out $40-$50 out of your check when you marry someone who is either on SSI or SSDI and you also get SSI. I got one from the local office but 2 in Indianapolis owe it and lied to Congress. Also they tell you to complain to them. They can't do anything about that. Give me what is owed. Do I need to get a lawyer to get it? I don't care how old it is. You still owe. Yes I complained to both offices about those back pays and they are still refusing to pay it and their abuse toward disabled people - that staff needs to get not only fired but a felony on their record for verbal abuse.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2018

I couldn't remember my password for the SSA website. I requested a new one using the form provided. SSA said it would be sent to my email address. This never occurred. I tried several times over the course of a week. Nothing. I then tried to locate a website administrator link to report the problem. None. I then called the SSA phone number as soon as the office opened at 7:00 am. I was told by the recorded line that my wait would be two hours. Why even bother! This is one screwed up system that is obviously INTENTIONALLY designed to fail its customers. No doubt this is because its customers are not billionaires.

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Reviewed Nov. 28, 2018

0 ** stars if I could!!! I went to the location in Islen, NJ and seriously ** THAT PLACE! The woman at the counter, was such a **, nasty, rude and the worst experience of my entire life. Go somewhere else. I went with my 73 year old mother at 9 am and the woman told me she’s not eligible for Medicare Part B. Long story short, she gave me all FALSE information and handed me a book on Medicare saying “go home and read this.” Nasty. I left, called my insurance broker who told me I needed a letter. So I went back where the line was out the door. When I got to the window with same woman, she says, “didn’t I tell you already she’s not eligible.” NASTY and RUDE. She wouldn’t give me the ** letter and I said, "I just need 2 mins of your time." I was telling her what I needed and she cuts me off and says, “your 2 minutes are up. Go to the back of the line.” ** HERRR. Seriously. Never EVER go here.

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Reviewed Nov. 26, 2018

I can no longer log into my social security account because it has been blocked. I need papers for Medicaid. I called the Social Security office in Benton Harbor, MI, to get my account unblocked. They had a message saying they were too busy. Couldn't leave a message or anything. Then I called the main number and I have been on hold for over an hour at this point. The disregard for my time and energy is very disheartening. Everybody knows the government can afford to hire the appropriate help and they are neglecting to do so. It's just another slap in the face to the poor by the government.

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2018

I started reinstating my son's SSI 4.5 months ago. Every week I come to ask the man who handles it the status. Every week he swears to me it'll be coming on a Friday or Monday the latest. This have went on like 14 weeks. We were evicted from our home with 3 children due to a month lying repeatedly to us and not performing his job duties. His name is Aaron **. He works at Litchfield, IL office and lies to peoples faces daily. He takes this job as a joke and gets kicks out of seeing people beg him and yet suffer. So far no one has done 1 thing about it. I've filed many complaints and feel I'm being discriminated against. So me, my fiance, my autistic/ADHD son and my 1.5 month old baby and 16 year old son are homeless today on Nov.13, 2018. All due to lies and games and him not being reprimanded!!!

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Reviewed Nov. 11, 2018

I strongly advise everyone dealing with any public paid servants, to record them and their dealings with all of them as these people aren’t doing there jobs which we already paid them to do in advance!! Also social security benefits disability insurance is not a benefit it's an account. A bank account we each paid in advance into before in case we got injured and disabled before we could retire!! Keeping our benefits from us is frauding us all!! The government is frauding the public and social security is one of the depts being used to funnel our money out of to line their pockets with for wars to extract more land and cash crops for the owners of our countries!

They're frauding and stealing from us people!!! Our govts are owned people!! Central bankers make up United Nations #wakeup. I applied for SSDI in 2008 only to be told in 2015 that it was “lost” so that I had to refile... Reapplied in 01/16. Can take up to 2 years... I am still waiting, and I go on the national average and Boston is the shortest wait of 9 months? What a joke. No other state is longer than 24 months... But my case has taken longer than 3 years already the second time around, I have MS, DDD, DJD, spinal stenosis, etc, more than what social security requires to prove I have permanent disability, I haven't worked since 08... I have lost my children to the state, lost my home, lost relationships, lost supports, and I swear to god this is what they want, because this is all I hear from others also when I go in these offices and read about these online.

Go to an office humble yourselves... Ask yourself why are there people in wheelchairs permanently disabled who are still in those offices daily begging for their benefits?! Veterans that fought and won for us all our freedoms including these judges officers of courts and judges to have our freedoms, and this is how we treat them too? Denying them their right to collect the monies they paid to have these benefits available to them! People need to #unite and #rise against this #frauding of #thepeople from government!! Governement is paid for by we the people!! I ask you, assemble yourselves in your states and communities, I am going to start here in my state, we need to bring these matters to Congress and fight for what is ours people!! Even if that means we rid of govt and hire private accountants to allocate our monies and keep it in safe deposits for whats it is intended for!! Clearly we cannot trust our paid elected officials to handle these tasks!!!

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Reviewed Nov. 10, 2018

My wife and I are both permanently disabled and prior to getting married were collecting our own personal disability benefits, after we got married the Social Security Administration combined our benefits as a "Couples Benefit" then deducted a sum of $400 from our benefits which we were told we would eventually get back in Cost Of Living Adjustments known as C.O.L.A.s which we haven't in the four years that we have been married. Now we are always in debt as every cent of the benefits just barely pays the bills with nothing left over and the financial stress has taken a toll on our marriage. Social Security Disability and Retirement Benefits aren't friendly towards its recipients having a marriage and people who are disabled and retired who are single should just stay that way and avoid marriage unless you want your benefits cut.

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Reviewed Nov. 6, 2018

Absolute worse experience in a public building yet! I went with good spirits, I have breast cancer and the treatments leave me fuzzy, so I thought best to do it in person instead of online. Brought everything online said I would need. Got a number and sat for 45 min. Called to a woman who seemed surprised. I had all my paperwork and wanted to apply for disability rights then. She handed me papers to fill out and sent me again into the waiting room, someone else has to take the application. 45 min later. I left. Honestly how long can a person with cancer wait??

Called them and made an appointment, I explained to them I had a Doctor's appointment and needed to know approx how long it would take, Guy on the phone said, "No problem. Maybe a little over an hour." Wrong again. With an appointment I waited additional 45 min to be called and told they were only checking me in for my appointment, again back to the waiting room. Now I've lost my seat and I'm left standing, thirty min later, now I'm upset, the phone number is on the wall so I decide to call who I made the appointment with, that's when the police officer from out the door across the room SCREAMS at me to get off the phone. Jarred. I go into the hall and continue my call, officer overhears and apologizes, tells me to go in and find someone and to ask my status.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse I find three workers doing nada, so I approach a desk to a gentleman who is on his phone texting and tells me his coworker would be with me momentarily,.. wait, what? Finally I go to desk ten and this woman barely looks up at me. I explain everything to her and I'm totally running late now so how long will this take? Clearly annoyed at the question says "at least two hours"??? "I'm really sick. I can't do this for two more hours." Again not looking at me, say, "What stage is your cancer??" I tried to leave my paperwork with her and she says, "I'm not taking that." Well at this point, I was disgusted. And I told her so, ...and this is what she says to me. "You're only making it harder on yourself, you could have done this online!!"

Naturally I tried to call again someone but for two days the Social Security office is too busy to take calls. So if anyone is listening of power, get off your ** and fix this, so it's human friendly. Wake up!!! People applying for these programs are entitled to them and are in poorer condition than most. Our government, our counties, our politicians and we ourselves should be disgusted and embarrassed that this is the best system that we live by in 2018.

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Reviewed Nov. 5, 2018

The Intake Rep never introduced himself at the Social Security office in Dallas, Oak Cliff, TX. We were there to apply for Benefits. He was unorganized, unprofessional, rude and treated us unfairly. He snared upon us like we were inconveniences to his day. I finally asked for his name. He said, Mr. **. When we left his window and went back to the lobby area, I asked the female officer if I could speak to the Director and was told she didn't have time to hear about my complaint.

Mr. ** and this person are poor excuses for workers anywhere. If they don't like their government jobs and working with a diverse public they should go somewhere else and work behind the scenes. Mr. ** should not have a job dealing with anyone. He treated us in a prejudice manner. This Social Security office is the worst of the worst. Please Government Administrators in charge do something to get the right employees in the jobs where vulnerable people need the most help when they come in.

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Reviewed Nov. 1, 2018

I had contacted my local office to ask some questions regarding my monthly benefits. After waiting on the phone for approximately 59 minutes (I had a screen on the phone that showed the time) the person finally answered the phone and immediately was hateful and seem so irritated that I even called like it was a big inconvenience. Throughout the entire ordeal not only was she rude she actually told me that I was not getting my monthly check for November. Keep in mind that it was November 1st when I called and my check was showing pending deposit at my bank for November.

I panic and became actually sick that she would tell me something like that. I depend on that check and have worked 49 years for it and her acting like she was enjoying making me upset. I do not know the vetting process for the people you hire but I cannot believe that you would hire this insensitive unprofessional person to represent this office. It is not the first time someone was rude to me there and I am sure it will not be the last because no one will do anything about sad.

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Reviewed Oct. 31, 2018

I have been denied my retirement. The social security office stated I have an overpayment. When I tried to get them to look at they evidence. The clerk called security and had me removed from the office. Her statement was, "You veterans get too many benefits so you don't need Social Security." I will never be able to retire and cannot work due to chronic pain. Too bad Emily from the Minneapolis Social Security office never had to walk in the jungle of Vietnam for her country. Simply, a clerk that is anti veteran can cut off your retirement for any reason. You are not allowed to present your case.

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Reviewed Oct. 29, 2018

I went into the Social Security office on Fondulac in Milwaukee, WI the first week in October to change my direct deposit. The wait was 30 min as always but I waited because I needed this information updated for my November payment. I finally seen a worker and provided my new account information and he assured me that my check would go into the new account. To my surprise I get an alert from my bank today stating that a deposit is schedule to come into the old account that was closed out. WOW, how can you screw up the simplest of jobs??? I really dislike these people because they don't show any empathy for people they SCREW OVER. They can actually careless on the who money they mess up as long as they are able to live their lives.

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Reviewed Oct. 22, 2018

Well I went in the office and asked my worker in May 2018. I needed an advance so I could pay off my Jeep before they come get it. He told me to come in the office so I went the next day. When I get there he tells me that they don't give out money for that. But if I would bring him an invoice say I was going to buy something like furniture then he would approve it. So I gave him the invoice and he gave me the loan. So I paid off my Jeep.

Now in July I tried to get a loan but it went all bad. On July 10 a check was put into my account and the next day I withdrew some of the money but an hour later my bank account went bad -1200 dollars. So I called social security to inform them and what can I do. They never told me nothing. So when I found out that the bank was going to keep my check in August, I ask SSA could I get 1200 dollars to cover my rent and bills. They told me NO and what happened to the money that they gave me that I got back in May? I told them I paid off my Jeep, and worker told me, "That's not why I approved you." I said "What????" Do they didn't give no help when I asked for money to pay my bills.

So from that time until now my check has be really late plus I had to get a payee because they think I can't manage my money. So I took my moma up there and another person told me that I didn't need a payee. So I asked him before I went home I asked him did he understand why I asked for the money? He gave a paper to fill out to bring back to him. So the next day I brought the paperwork now before I even left the office that same person had the nerve to tell me that I need a payee because it looks like I can't handle my money. Now you can probably know I am pretty upset. So once again my mother and I went down and signed the paperwork, now this is October I am supposed to get my 6 month back pay. My mom's work and we talked about how I will catch up On My bills and rent, which everything is so far behind.

So I called my new worker to ask if was still getting my 6 month payment and these stupid people told me "why am I calling? Where is your payee?" I told them she working and I am just wanted to know if I was getting my 6 month payment and she to me that my payment for next month is on hold because I need a new payee. A week before the 1st of the month. Now I am hella pissed off. Now every since this office has stopped me from taking care myself my life is upside down. I am about to lose my place where I have been for 7 years and lose my car that I had payments Plus everything else. I am so far behind and they don't care. Now they always tell me this... "we are not here to tell me how to spend my money, we just want to help me manage my money". That sounds like the same thing... Now I have to fight again with them before I lose everything.

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Karen increased rating by 3 stars.
After a positive interaction with Social Security Administration, Karen increased their star rating.

Reviewed Oct. 19, 2018

I have a new caseworker. Actually I got this caseworker a little over a year ago. I receive interest on child support which affects my income I receive in my SSI! My caseworker never keeps my income up to date. With my health problems I go out of my way to mail her in what I receive monthly. She tells me she has 2 sick elderly parents! & the supervisor said they are shorthanded. I understand especially over the sick parents. I lost my mom 2007 & my dad has been extremely sick. I've called the social security office. They say they are corporate office & all they can do is send them a letter over the matter. I go through this every month!

I'm exhausted & I stay stressed over this as well! I seriously don't know what to do. I feel brushed off all the time. I wished I was able to get this all straightened out. My other caseworker never put me through this. All I had to do was call in & give my consent for what I receive to be recorded. But this caseworker said she doesn't have time to do that. I take it she has no time to record what I mail in as well. This stuff makes it harder on my health & it's so exhausting! If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate any helpful advice!!

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Reviewed Sept. 29, 2018

I have a brother that have been professional diagnosed as a mental ill person with anxiety, schizophrenic, suicidal, homicidal yet Social Security of Baltimore MD sent him a denial letter saying, "We have demanded that your conditions is not severe enough to be considered disabled. In deciding this, we considered the medical records, your statements, and how your condition affects your ability to work. You said you are disabled because of mental, asthma, HBP, anxiety, schizophrenic, suicidal, and homicidal. Although you have some limitations, your daily activities are not significantly affected. Although you said you have serious limitations caused by your symptoms, the evidence does not show that your ability to perform basic work activities is a limited as you indicated.

"There are no major limitations placed on your ability to work. If your conditions get worse and keep you from working, write, call or visit any Social Security Office about filing another application." Gonzalez Community Health Center, Health Service Archives Dept, Gonzalez Regional Medical Center, Burnet State Jail

Austin State Hospital.

We are unable to obtain additional reports, however, we had enough information to determine this claim... Really this is a lie. I turned in Bluebonnet MHMR records, as well. This is where he receive all his mental treatments because of no health insurance. We receive paperwork from these people stating my brother called and said he didn't want his benefits back in August, we filed in May. Now they don't have the most important documents I personally took to Austin Social Security office. How does Social Security think a employee will hire someone with 20 different personalities and violence all documented by professional mental expects.

This is time wasted and Social Security is making people lives a living hell. No income, homeless, getting talked about. If Social Security think he can work give him a job in your office. No one will hire a person that has to be told over and over again to do something, someone that has to be watched because if he gets upset he might hurt you. I'm very upset. Let you not have a income for 8 months- 2 years and see your state of mind.

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2018

I started working part time and I asked Slushie in Gallatin when do I turn in my paystubs? What did she tell me? "Respond when you hear from us..." Guess what? She knowingly gave me the wrong information and I NEVER heard from them. So, I grab my paystubs and go to the Gallatin office and I tell her that I have not heard from her. Guess what? I lost EVERYTHING because she knowingly gave me wrong information - they came up with a bunch of BS saying that I owe them 20K... where the hell did that nonsense number come from? Thanks to this p.o.s. SS worker, I was homeless for 5 months - I missed my son's wedding, I slept in my vehicle, I lost my home, I lost a job that I loved.

So, now they send me BS statements saying that I owe them money. Tell me, When is the Government going to STOP letting SS Workers hide behind its skirt (because their workers think they are untouchable and can screw people over with no consequences)? Social Security needs to fire crappy employees - Slushie the hag needs to sleep in a can for 5 months, not see her children, not know when she will be able to shower again, be FIRED and NOT rehired. I hate her! I hope she gets her just desserts.

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Reviewed Sept. 24, 2018

I am a SSI representative payee for my brother. My father, who was receiving social security benefits who shared the same name died. The same month my brother's benefits were terminated and for 2 months he didn't receive direct deposit pay so his rent checks bounced. I never received notice from the Sonora office until I was notified by his bank and I inquired. They then sent a retroactive letter telling me the was a problem with an annual report and I had to reply in 15 days... after they cut his pay for 2 months. I was told by this local office to go to ANY office, I sat in an office for 4 hours to be told 2 checks were in Sonora.

They called the Sonora office & told them to mail it to me & direct deposit would restart. A week later Sonora calls to tell me if it should be mailed or do I want to pick it up. I tell them to mail it. I call the next day to make sure it was mailed out. Another week & still no check. I call last Friday and calls get redirected to Madera because they won't answer. They leave no notes about any communication & each time I have to explain the entire story. They tell me today that they cannot remain the checks, they will send it direct deposit, another 5 days.

They refuse to let me speak to a supervisor or provide me with an administrator or administrative office that oversees their operations. It's been 3 months since my brother was paid & able to pay his rent. He's going to be evicted, this coincidentally started when my dad with the same name became deceased. They made up a diversion excuse about his report although I had a 1 hour interview with a representative earlier in the year that settled the reporting, yet they made me sign a paper report to cover their mistake.

Four hours in a field office, 5 phone calls since I became aware that they stopped my brother's direct deposit and they said they would send his 2 checks they held, no formal letter telling me or my brother that they stopped his checks until AFTER I started the inquiry then I received a letter dated the day I went into a field office, no accountability by the staff or supervisor to leave notes or acknowledge the lack of communication and miscommunication, refused to give me contact info or a method for filing a complaint other than to tell me I must send it to the same Sonora office where all the problems are coming from, not allowed to have area office or overseeing administrative office, or public liaison for assistance.

This is why so many elderly and special needs people are homeless and destitute. My brother is so fortunate he has me to navigate this incredibly awful maze of a bureaucracy and help him through this nightmare. These people are so rude, lack any ounce of compassion or civility or courtesy. They are dealing with elderly people and clients with special needs! Again, this kind of public service paid for by taxpayers should never be acceptable. Forwarding my complaint to my government representatives and the top Social Security administrator.

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Reviewed Sept. 19, 2018

These people are the rudest people I think I have ever dealt with. Starting three weeks ago, my husband received a letter in the mail from SSA-Retirement Division-Chicago, IL... Not dated I might add, stating that he should call the number on the letter immediately and speak with a MRS **. Very, very rude, who hung up on me twice, talks over me, and will not listen to what I have to say regarding letter. We have left many voicemails for her. Two weeks we have waited for a callback. This morning we received it, but my husband was not available.

MRS ** talked over me, wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise, and then hung up. The receptionist, PAM at 8008420588, was equally as rude, and told me to put my "happy hat" on. How do you get things resolved when you are dealing with people who do not have any customer service skills? No finesse? I finally reached SHIRLEY 8007721213 who was very kind and courteous, a gem... And helped me get through to someone in higher authority. We'll see what happens... People need to be treated with respect. Period.

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Reviewed Aug. 18, 2018

The Social Security Administration is a mess. Its workers are rude, unhelpful, insulting, threatening, and unprofessional. My wife has been yelled at, I've been yelled at, and I've also been threatened by an employee there, who told me I need an attitude adjustment. All I've ever wanted is specific questions about my case, where my backpay went, why my monthly payments aren't consistent and every time I call I'm given the runaround.

It's hard, since the common citizen has no recourse for dealing with these people. There really is no way for me to file a complaint, even when I ask for a supervisor, I'm hung up on. And considering I'm a disabled veteran, I find the Social Security office actions distasteful. If you're thinking of applying, don't. Seriously, homelessness is easier than dealing with these people. Besides, Social Security is going bankrupt in a matter of years, eluding to its mismanagement from the bottom to the top.

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2018

I am 43 year old. It took 5 years to win my case. The judge awarded me a large sum of back pay money. I was approved almost a year ago and still have not received my back pay. I have contacted my congressman. They opened a file, called an social security advocate they opened a file. This was in the beginning of July 2018. You would think a congressman could light a fire under their **, congressman are above social security. I feel they are violating my rights by keeping my money. I worked straight from the age 13 to 38 and when I need help because of a mental illness these ** just keep taking. They're ** around with my money. Not theirs. Mine.

I called them every month. They kept telling me. "Oh it's being worked on." I found out by my attorney in July of 18 no one has even touched it. My case has just been sitting on a desk. They are so ** lazy, all they have to do is get 3 signatures and release my money. They lied to me for months. I am sick of them abusing their power because they can. They have wasted enough of my time. I don't get my back pay by Friday I am hiring an attorney. They have almost a year to do their job. They are a bunch of **. So are some of those old administration law judges. I was denied 2 by this old **, who looked like he was a 100. Never even read my records. The 3 judge, said from reading your records I have no idea why this has taken 5 years. I found out later the old ** only approves 2 percent of mental ill cases. What a bunch of ** hats.

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Reviewed Aug. 3, 2018

Except for one lady who was nice, everyone else at the 800 number was adversarial and discourteous. All I wanted was a replacement social security card. That's it! The first guy told me that I needed a valid California driver’s license. I asked, "So you are telling me that only California residents can get a replacement card?" He replied, "Sir, either you agree to the terms or you don't!" and he hung up. Only California residents can get replacement cards??? The second lady asked all kinds of questions and I had to answer off the top of my head. Suddenly she said, "That's not what you gave me a second ago! I can consider that fraud and disconnect this call!" I told her, "Wow! Oh my God! You don't have to bother because *I* am disconnecting this call!" Perhaps they have less work to do if they can use any trick to get people off the phone line? I am going to the local office to close my account.

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Reviewed July 30, 2018

I called to help my mom fill out a form as a representative payee. The person I talked to was rude. He had no ability to think for himself. He told me that my mom had to go to the local office, and that he couldn't tell me why. He said she wasn't listed as the representative payee. The local office said that she clearly was and that the guy just couldn't make sense of the fact that her name was overlapping her sister's name. She told me that they don't hire very good people that can figure things out.

I am trying to get out of town for my son's wedding, and this guy was vague and refused to listen to me. I told him that SSA sent a form to my mom, but she lost it and needs another. WHY would anyone ask for a form that wasn't sent? I asked to speak to someone else. He refused, and he said, "Why do we keep having to go over the same thing?" Unbelievable, unacceptable. My mom was worried because she didn't want to let the deadline pass by, and the guy refused to help us or explain why.

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Reviewed July 27, 2018

When I phoned SSA end of the first week in July 2018 to change my direct deposit to a credit union, the SSA rep assured me it was in time to change before the end of the month--a false claim, for SSA deposited my SS payment in my previous bank, which is an unsecured creditor during my bankruptcy proceedings and which gobbled up my SS check for overdrafts and attendant fees, leaving me with virtually nothing to pay my property taxes, internet, phone, etc. Since I live on SS retirement and Army disability, this will play havoc with my monthly budget cause the SSA, like other notorious government agencies, can't seem to move faster than a typical garden slug. Shame on these SSA slugs!

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Reviewed July 25, 2018

Was approved for Medi-Cal when I wasn't eligible; this was done by Orange County Social Services Agency; yes they made the error and it was not due to anything I did, said or presented to them. 3 years later, I received a letter telling me that my Medi-Cal benefits were being discontinued at my request... Not true! I never requested them to be stopped, so their language & wording is inaccurate at best. I went through the appeals process for Medi-Cal with some lady from OC Social Services "assisting me". We set up a date for a "Phone Hearing" w/ a judge. The social services woman never bothered to tell me that I'd have to pay back the MediCare monthly insurance premiums which are $135/month.

So months after I lost my case on appeal they send me a letter telling me they're taking out $404 on my next check... That's the ENTIRE $404 from my disability check for the month of August!!! Are you kidding me?!? I'm already deeper into debt every month! Who does this to disabled workers who are already struggling!? What the heck is wrong with these people that they wouldn't tell me that!

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Reviewed July 13, 2018

I have started a Facebook page so people that have been wronged by SSA can come together. I have been discriminated against by the people at my local office. My case was closed just because the caseworker didn't like me. Look me up WRONGED BY SSA on Facebook. RN I am filing a complaint to SSA and writing to my governor to see if this gets resolved but my story from start to now is there. I am looking for a Federal lawyer that got the balls to SUE them for unfair treatment, negligence. So far 7 lawyers turned me down. Maybe with a CLASS action, we can get somewhere and get our local office to do their jobs. Applied in 2009 approved 2018 deny 7x in between.

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Reviewed July 12, 2018

I have had an issue 2 times with 1 person. The 1st time, he asked my 24 yr old how her and her brother have a home and land in their name, That is none of his business. Today, he told me that I did not give him receipts showing I used 1,100 of my backpay to buy 2 ACs and flooring. I said, "Yes, you have it." He shook his head no. I said, "Hand them here," then I handed the receipts showing where I paid for 2 new units and flooring. I went 100 cheaper per ac unit and 150 cheaper on the floor so I could also buy some extra food etc. (500 a month is not much to live on). I get SSI due to my bipolar and my inability to deal with people. I feel he deliberately tries to cause me to lose it so they can ban me from Social Security offices. What do I do? How do I talk to someone else? What are my rights protecting me? I can't lose my income. Along with my other health issues, I cannot work. I would be homeless and starving.

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Reviewed July 11, 2018

I went to Dunn St. in Jacksonville, Florida to take my wife to her Social Security appointment. The place is a puke, you can't even go in front of the building because they are SMOKING AND PUKING PHLEGM and spitting all that green puke with smoke on the sidewalk. Meanwhile, the sign are POSTED "NO SMOKING" BUT NOBODY CARE.

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Reviewed June 26, 2018

Social Security YORK, PA claims they overpaid me. I had a one on one conference with Laura ** she seemed like a nice lady. She determined that I could not pay back the amount with my little Social Security income and confirmed me I would not have to pay back because it would be a financial burden. Then came the letter I have to repay. I called them and they said Laura ** said I agreed to pay $150.00 a month back to paid off. What a LIAR LIAR LIAR. Should not have her job. Now I am strapped with no extra money to even buy clothing.

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Reviewed June 25, 2018

Social Security Rep terminated my husband’s SSI for missed appointment that was scheduled for the day following the death of my brother. I left several messages to both the Doctor and the caseworker trying to reschedule the appointment but never received a return call, then the day his direct deposit should have arrived I didn't report that it was never received because I had no payment scheduled, so when it came time to access the funds I realized it was not there and to be honest I was still mourning the death of my brother. It was very hard because I was with him through his time in hospice up until the end and it was very quick. We had a month, and we were still trying to process the recent passing of our father, it was less than a year I had lost 2 people very close to my heart and became very depressed so when I tried to explain this to the Rep she acted as though I was lying!

I was in tears and begging her to please understand that if they did not continue his payment I was getting evicted. That was not important enough to her, she said I had to file a request and request they pay me during an appeal because they had terminated him for not showing up to his medical evaluation. When I was done she took it and then proceeded to tell me that if the request would have been made by someone other than myself it might have been approved but since it had been me they couldn't! I started crying and begged her several times not to do this because I was honestly going to be evicted and still she said there was nothing she could do and I had to wait for instructions on the process of the appeal.

It was almost a month and a half and nothing so we went back and they updated the system and took the information that we were now living out of our car and said any more changes we can come in and update them, so we did only a week later when we finally got someone who actually knows what she is doing. She went over everything and found out that not only were we given the wrong form but it was never submitted and that it was not even for the right program, and that they should have not even terminated because I had a legitimate reason for the missed appointment. That was great but by this time too late. We were already homeless and in the process of giving our daughters to our son to care for them so they didn't have to suffer, he picked them up and took them back to Nevada and we were left living out of our car.

What I don't understand is how and why someone who works in a place set to help disabled people could so easily be the very person who destroys them and cripples them even more? I can't ever doing anything wrong or saying anything to insult her, but I was being sentenced for something. She was not at all understanding or even showing any care that I had just been through an emotional tragedy, she smiled and waved me off. I walked out of that room telling her that I would be better off dead. She said, “Ok thank you anything else I can help you with?” I honestly considered taking my life!!!

I still at times wish to be spared but that is besides the point. The fact that we are still homeless 2 months after getting evicted because someone was just not having a good day or just plain didn't like me or didn't feel like helping me makes me think that she should be responsible for this and that I should be compensated for the eviction and everything else we have been through. She is ultimately the cause of everything that occurred after her errors on his case and keeping his payments from him and ending up being the main reason for the eviction and us still homeless.

One person's actions have caused our family a domino effect on our current situation and the already experienced pain and suffering. I don't feel that restoring his payments will justify the pain she caused us and the amount of losses we had on account of the sudden eviction. Not having money to pay for storage ended up costing us more than what money can buy and she needs to answer to that.

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Reviewed June 16, 2018

I have been disabled since 1999 awarded 2004. I had many surgeries over the years and was able to sit up for 8 hour. I had my children abducted in 1999 and I was ordered to pay child support out of my disability. I have never seen my children since they were kidnapped. I had one more child and I have raised her every diaper and bottle. As a result I could no longer pay my bills and lost my home that was paid for. As of now my child and myself are homeless. I lost my car, my disability, I get nothing. No food stamps. No money. Nothing. I went to a Dr. who spent all of five minutes deciding I wasn't disabled for Obama to steal my disability money. Then I went to Human Resources and they kept trying to force me to work or I could not get TANF. I just had another ** hit me head on in my 3rd severe car crash. I never had a ticket my whole life. I don't work because I cannot. I have nothing to support me and my child.

I worked all my life. It took me 11/2 years to get it back and child support put a judgment on my license that I don't owe. I could not get to my appointments and lost my disability the same month I got it back. I have not worked since 1999. The lady at SSD said I have a business, I have a business name that I created to please the people at Human Resources. So I could get some money and food for my child. I am so hungry. I hardly get to eat two to three times a week, I never done anything wrong. and I still get nothing. Death would be welcomed for the life of suffering I still endure. I don't know what to do. I called the Sheriff, and the FBI and nothing was done to help me. My Civil rights have been trampled on since 1999, Deprived of being a parent to my children. Having my funds extorted, forced out of my own home. Can't someone help me please..I am so tired of being hungry.

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Reviewed May 21, 2018

I called this morning as they sent my social security benefit to wrong address. I wait 45 MIN. And the lady Angela tells me they get it from IRS. I stated the IRS has my correct address. I never lived at the address they sent it to. She hung up on me. I called IRS. Mr. ** stated they have my correct address. I call the Social Security office and request call back. One hour later Angie calls and I nicely explain and she says, "Hold on" and hangs up on me? Really? They need to be held accountable. This is so wrong to do to elderly and handicapped. I am appalled by the treatment I received and wasted 3 hours only to get no help.

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Reviewed May 20, 2018

Ok where do I start. Some VERY RUDE & RACIST WOMAN was VERY rude to my boyfriend who is **. He had a misunderstanding with his payee and tried to switch me to his payee and said and I quote "There's not going to be any more money issued out to you by us today so you just make sure you contact your payee to make sure you get your money back..." The woman didn't even TRY to help him. She was just right down obnoxious to him and when he wanted to make me his payee the woman rudely asked me & him how long he and I been together which was none of her business. I said 6 years and then she stated quite rudely, "I can't do that because girlfriends will come and girlfriends will go and what will you do if you 2 break up and she takes off with your money?"

The woman actually accused my boyfriend of lying. The woman was just being random because she didn't want to deal with us then the woman SSI RUDELY asked me why I was SSI myself which was none of her business cause she wasn't dealing with me. I said, "I think I have a mental problem. I'm not really sure." Then the woman turned towards my boyfriend and said you're going with someone that has a mental disability and then that's when he tried to keep his cool and tried to reason with this woman to stay on topic. I know you guys get people who are rude all the time but that isn't any reason to take it on him or anyone else. He's a kind hearted gentle individual who would give you the clothes off his back. I don't remember the name of this woman.

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Reviewed May 13, 2018

Social Security Administration (Aliso Viejo Orange County) - Always lose check stubs and/or if you tick off a claims representatives especially (Olivia or Ms.**) they will have your caseworker harass you and tell you that your spouse/case is missing check stubs from three years back. I had all my check stubs stamped by SSI receptionist! But SSI will bully you and tell you it doesn’t matter. SSA employees does this to us every year, I 100% evidence. SSA caseworkers/ representatives always ask us to bring check stubs counting from three years back - in hopes that we’ve lost the documents and or wouldn’t provide them again after we submitted in the past.

I have made several formal complaints to Ms. **, Ms. **, Ms. and Ms. **, Ms. **, Ms. **, the head offices, but not limited to... We filed several complaints with Hon. Barbara Boxer’ Office Of U.S. Senator 70 Washington Street, Sui-203 Oakland, California 94607 Ph: (510) 286-8537 Fax: (202) 228-3864 or Fax (202) 224-0454.

Social Security Administration employees can make one very upset/ill every time one goes there in hopes that you give up or maybe die from stress. Social Security Administration employees, they treat people/clients like slaves, animals, yelling at them, and the security guard really knows employees escalated the hostile situations, and he has no clue as to what’s going on whatsoever. The security guards' job is supposed to keep the peace and observe and report.

(In Take Case-Rep. Olivia) Interrogated me as if was stealing money from her. Asking me the questions to see if I would change my answers and was sarcastic, and I reminded her that the call was recorded and told her how I felt. Olivia retaliated.

The next day my son's caseworker called but left a message requesting check stubs for my 13 year old granddaughter? I knew that Ms. ** harassing me for “Olivia” because she went back three years without cause or notifications or reason. This has caused me and my family more hardships and placed us under duress, but not limited to. Please take notice that “certain” Social Security Administration employees employers are mean, very aggressive, retaliatory, demeaning, bullies, insulting, liars, prejudice against people of other races, harassing, non-diplomatic, negative, nonfriendly, negligent per se, but not limited to.

I am 100% afraid for my safety and others' because of Social Security employers/employees lack proper professional training and or Social Security Administration employees' carelessness, nonchalant attitudes towards clients that are mentally ill, disabled, is very disgusting and place our lives in everyday dangerous situations. Doctors getting kickbacks for savings money for denying benefits to qualified severely disabled individuals, and the mentally ill, and individuals with rare illnesses. Patients dying because Social Security doctors, and judges denying them and or removing SSA/SSI with no remorse.

No doubt Social Security Administration employees employers plays a big part in homelessness, stressed, knowing that disabled, clients needs their SSA/SSI benefits, Medicare, have needs, medical bills, bills, and these Social Security Administration employees act as if it's a BANK or their money. Just like others I have developed all types of medical conditions because of Social Security Administration employees-employers because of their bias personal harassment for years.

To: Hon. Barbara Boxer Office - I’ll be asking for at least - $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, because of Social Security Administration employees continue to tick off clients, mentally ill, or disabled persons and they come to their offices may their aggression out on us, and my heart may not be able to handle the stressful situations. I am terrified of obvious and or possibly mentally ill (suspect, identified as ** Xiong, 52, of Sacramento who was apparently upset over being denied a Social Security claim, said Sacramento police Lt. David **). I have experienced first hand that SSI employees are liars just like Trump and laugh in clients' faces and behind theirs backs about it, once they have security throw them out. The SSA employees thinks it's a joke...

I’ve gave my family members and friends copies of this complaint... This complaint is no way any type of threat, it is to educate the public. This is to inform the public and let everyone know that we’re being bullied by the Social Security Administration and certain employees, our senators, and congresspeople, but not limited to. The government is ignoring any and all our complaints and telephones calls dealing with the Social Security Administration employees et al. Beware - Money that we paid into the system is being given to foreigners whom didn’t pay a penny, but we’re being denied and being racially harassed by foreigners who work at the Social Security Offices (go figure).

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Reviewed April 26, 2018

I was allowed to received my disability after three years of homelessness, became disabled from taking chemo. The social security office refused to assist me during this time causing me to be unable to heal from this barbaric medical requirement. They refuse to give me my back pay. I have appealed and I have been refused that appeal. I have also asked for an accounting of the money that I had paid into the system for 40 years. Yet they have told me that I must account for how I would like to spend the money. I have explained repeatedly that I need a home, and they refuse.

I just spoke to a woman who is on the Fact Team, she told me that some people who were drug addicts used the money to get high and then they died. She then stated that "I just got tired of it so I helped this to stop". I told her that, taking away the rights of others is not the place of our government. I then asked her what her credit score was and she said "I have no idea, I don't understand credit". I explained to her I do understand credit. I explained to her that I have gone to the bank, and made arrangements to build my credit. I explained how that process worked. SS says I must pay for people to give me estimates to fix the RV that I live in. This process is a couple of hundred dollars, why would I do that, when I do not want to stay in my RV. I WANT A HOME and I have a right to that home.

I believe that I am being discriminated against and so are other people who are told by our government that because we are disabled we have NO CIVIL RIGHT OR CIVIL LIBERTIES. When SSA can fully account for what they are doing with our money then they have the right to question those that are disabled. SSA refuses to demonstrate to me and others how they use my and your money. (I cannot save money as long as I receive SSI. They watch my bank account.) I have to save money. I think we need to obtain a civil rights attorney and do a class action suit. THEY ARE DISCRIMINATING AGAINST THOSE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BECOME PRODUCTIVE ADULTS AGAIN.

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Reviewed April 20, 2018

All I want to do is change my mom's address, because she had moved. Only English and Spanish are available when you call, so I asked to get a translator to authorize me as a representative for my mom. Got hung up immediately which ticked me off because I was on hold for 1 hour. I called them back, but this time opted to have to have a callback which was going to take 1.5 hour. I had over an hour to cool down and this 2nd agent put me on hold for 1 minute and then all of a sudden, I was taken to the survey portion of the call. I, of course, gave a very bad rating, but I very much doubt anyone will do anything about it. My mom still receives her benefits, so I guess when they need something from her, they can call.

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Reviewed April 20, 2018

I called in January 2018 to make appointment to file for widow benefits. My birthday was in March and I called well in advance but was told no appointment was available till March 5th. I was not happy hearing this as I had done what was expected to file on time. So received the call on March 5th to start the process. I asked the case worker when I would receive my direct deposit and she stated April 18th - I said, "Are you sure," she said yes.

So I was working at the time and stopped working having been told when I would receive my benefit. Well guess what - now I am not working and my damn application is still being processed - this case worker out and out lied to me - now I have no income and all my bills are piling up - why in the hell did she say, "Oh yes you’ll start receiving April 18th,"- what the heck am I to do??? I went to local SS office and explained my dilemma and was told the application is sitting on someone’s desk. What the hell. You would think I was taking money that I wasn’t eligible for. I am absolutely disgusted.

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Reviewed April 19, 2018

I called SSA on behalf of my daughter in law who is deaf because she wanted to stop receiving SSI. After waiting for almost an hour, a man named something like Frogiz answered. When I told him I was calling for my deaf daughter in law he said she would have to call on the TTY line. And tried to hang up on me, I said “do not hang up on me! I’ve been on hold for an hour”. He started yelling at me “Dude? Dude? I’m not a dude! I’m not your friend!” I said “you are being so rude to me!” And he mimicked me and said “you are being so rude to me”. I told him I was going to let my daughter in law give him permission to talk to me and when he talked to her, he said he didn’t believe it was really her and hung up on us! It was the most unprofessional call I have ever had.

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Reviewed April 17, 2018

I am disabled, received social security benefits and Medicare part A and B after years of fighting prove I am disabled (sadly as my medical issue was well documented and obvious). My husband was active duty military when I started working again, I had been working for a year before his retirement and was no longer receiving benefits. Not paying part B Medicare as Tricare was my insurance and was given no direction or advise to keep it. After he retired we realized I was not covered by Tricare because if I'm eligible for Medicare I must pay it or lose my insurance.

Spent months trying to sort this, nobody knows anything, waiting for calls back from Tricare and trying to call Medicare and social security has been a nightmare. I spoke with a rep at SS yesterday after an hour long hold, she was extremely rude, and her supervisor was useless. They said I should go the office. The website doesn't let me log in, says my username has two E's, but they say it's only one. Tried to change password and locked out. This is very deeply saddening to me, and gross that people having disability or retirement have to deal with this. TOTALLY GROSS AMERICA.

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Reviewed April 13, 2018

I was helping my Dad and we called the SS number for help getting online. The wait time was about an hour and 40 mins. We spoke with Antonio I think was his name. We told him my Dad doesn't know his security question answers and we had already requested the temporary password in the mail twice and never received it. Antonio said there is nothing we can do, he said he can only keep sending him letters and kept arguing that it's not possible to forget the answers because he had put them in.

I explained he must have done it a very long time ago and asked if there is any way he can ever go online. He said there is nothing he can do about that. I told him then he can request a third letter to see if we get it and he hung up right away. Their office is closed so I can't call them back again. So much for customer service, agents like this should be fired. This administration is a complete mess and no wonder why, they can’t hire competent people who are actually willing to help. What a shame and disgrace.

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Reviewed April 10, 2018

I have made several trips to our local Siskiyou co office for benefit information. I have been given the number of the County Welfare Dept where I must register... I did not know this was a prerequisite for receiving social security retirement money. Two months have gone by without pay. My social security is not a lot... My husband gets his which is around a thousand which is low compared to the rest of the world. My feeling is that they discriminate against us as we are old 66 and 68 with husband severely disabled from stroke. It's possible the Siskiyou County Social Service Dept is actually running or influencing affairs of the Siskiyou Social Security office. This may be how things are done... Possibly we have outstanding debt with the Siskiyou Human Services Dept.

We get great medical care outside of Siskiyou County with no cost to county. We do hospice work with our people for no pay and do not want a case opened with Siskiyou Social Services Dept. I realize I am not going to get any social security money so will get care for husband (68) and get a job instead of trying to retire. I am 66. Perhaps several years down the pike the Siskiyou Welfare Social Services will retire their crystallized social workers who want to see retirees abused by holding up their pay. I will go to the state capital to try to get this cleared up. Write your capital and Washington. Communicate with your representatives... We deserve our homes and a decent income... Disabled people are disposable and treated like garbage. This county is run by a bunch of bullies... Perhaps the old ones in the Welfare Dept should retire themselves instead of paying their bills with our social security retirement money?

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Reviewed March 27, 2018

My experience is very disheartening. I served this country and when I became deathly ill I couldn't get my underpayment from SSDI even though I became homeless. My only transportation broke down and I still haven't received my back pay. My case was high priority and still no payment. In dire need living in a hotel after double bypass where I died. Had to be revived. Was awarded disability in Jan 2018 and fell on hard times after I returned home. My lawyer was paid in February and I've received I check and I still haven't received my back pay. I'm so disappointed in this country government that I believed in so much I went in the military at 17 and now I get no respect after working since 15.

I'm a voter and a citizen of this country. Disabled veteran, now homeless, car broke down, finances in terrible state. With a high priority case to receive my back with no response from payment center and when I've showed up twice to the local office in the freezing cold to get help they keep changing what the follow up policy for checking a dire need high priority case. Total shame my body can't take the cold. I was in so much pain. SMH. After centuries of this system being a mess it still is but we pay billions in taxes and we can't fix a system for the working class. It's an absolute shame this country is so heartless to the sick people who served and built this country. One check couldn't pull me out of this situation and I've been out of work since 2014. When they claim they are helping Veterans not True. I haven't received one penny to help me from no agency.

So now I can't stay here because with my condition can't stay here. So on top of this now I can't go get another house cause I don't have the income to qualify. I've been on my own since 17. Had my own. Lived on my own. I made 60,000.00 and more. Now sick. No income for 1 year and have no income. Waiting for my decision from SSDI. Get it in Jan. No check till March 2018 and still haven't received 17 months of my back pay. Can someone help me out.

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Reviewed March 26, 2018

I just called today about a email I got on the weekend. After waiting 25 min I got a rep on the phone and told her after saying good morning to bear with me. I had eye surgery and was having trouble seeing. I explain my call and she looked up my information and when I told her I could not get into my online account she said I had to go to the office to get them to help me because she could not. I didn’t understand because it told me if I need help to call the 1-800-772-1213 number. She kept calling it something other than the ss office so I asked her again.

Once I understood that she was saying the ss office I was unset with myself because I forget my security question. Next thing I know she is talking about me to another co worker and she forgot to hang up the phone saying I got mad at her because I don't know what I am doing. I told her, “Before you start talking about someone you should make sure you hang up and I wasn’t mad at you.” And before I could say I was sorry for making her feel I was mad at her she kept talking and hang up when she saw I was still on the line. I tried to call back to complain only to get a Cris on the phone putting me on hold for a few min coming back saying his supervisor was not in and all he could do is take the phone number down and have them call me back in 24 hour then he started asking me what wrong.

I told him no disrespect to him but I needed to talk with a supervisor not him. I felt like he wanted to warn them that there was a complaint coming through and he wanted to know what it was about so he could go around and find out who took the call. No one should have to her them talking about them period and I feel that they don’t care and I do not believe that there was no one to take my call. I think they all cover for each other and that he knew there was someone for me to talk to but he wanted to find out first so they could get their story together.

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Reviewed March 26, 2018

The reason for this review is because I'm fed up with trying to get my information from the Social Security Admin. Online account... Of which I've had a long standing account with. Recently I lost login info so I requested a "forgot password" to reset my password. I spent a couple hours getting this info and logging on to my account. I was logged into my account and was resetting my password when I kept getting a message that they didn't recognize my information. Now mind you, I was already logged into my account and it wouldn't let me change my password. I have purchased online for over ten years as a buyer and I'm well versed in setting up accounts and resetting passwords. The SSA makes this process impossible and even more so to access my account info.

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Reviewed March 22, 2018

78 y's/o, and a Marine for 6 years, (1961-1967) I became homeless in 1999, which lasted until I was about 66 y/o! 7+ years! I always had SUB-Penny Stocks and despite one time where I sold for 400 dollars, (Purchase Cost not included,) I lost all the time one way or another! With all the losses, I never thought to disclose them... yes a mistake I guess, but I may have had a claim to certain Dollar reductions or added benefits?

SO, I had an audit in February of 2018 where A Mr. **, looked over whatever, and was just in the process of dismissing me when I asked him; "Mr. **, what about Sub-Penny Stocks?" I decided it was a good time to find out one way or another! Yes, I brought the subject up to him, not the other way around, which I always assumed that SSI knew about them? Well, the look of the devil came in his eyes, and I felt it was a mortal sin which terrified me!

Ok, a miracle occurred where one the one in a Million P-Stock began rising, making it (Gers) the only one doing any good, and after many reverse splits, started rising and reached about $6,000 of the $7,191.++ dollar number, excluding purchase costs of course! He immediately (February 22, 2018,) asked for the last month's statement, and that I had 10 days to provide it! So by the time I was to send it in, I decided to take into account February's final amount, which turned out to be $ 4,484.++ Dollars, and sent that in besides January's final amount! I got a letter stating that they (decided,) yes decided, that they would use the $7,191.++ amount which I felt wasn't the last amount, but the previous month's accounting! They want us to be fair, but is that fair? Maybe I guess?

I never even told him that I didn't have a car, or van, and that my intention was to buy one with the proceeds, (If I could sell-out,) which is almost impossible with the low volume accompanying P-Stock buying! They quickly suspended me and am now waiting for the final judgment as to how much I owe them, and under what terms!

I came to the conclusion that SSI helped me buy many of those Sub-Penny Stocks, which I came to realize was a great thing, but selling the stock where only maybe 5-12 people participate every day, does not indicate that stock being anywhere near the $7,000.++ worth! I might be able to sell-out when the price goes down to $3,000 or so, but NO guarantee there either? I want to do the right thing as I now fully realize their standards, but with the euphoria of that stock climbing, SSI was the last thing on my mind! But I sense power being utilized here, and I certainly am not the one with any power at all! Any suggestions? Please, this senior has nothing, and might never have anything? Thanks.

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Reviewed March 21, 2018

The SSA stopped my SSI payments because I have been unemployed. I have cerebral palsy in my right arm and leg since birth and they refuse to pay me because I made some money, but then I got laid off in November of 2017. It is now March of 2018. I have less than $1000 in my bank account and they refuse to pay me $750 a month. I was screamed at by a government agent who told me that I was lying about my money situation and that I was lying about being unemployed. I have told them on several occasions that I do not have a job and that I have a pre existing disability yet, they still deny me SSI.

I have bills, prescription meds and food that I have to pay for with $0 income. How in the world do they expect me to live? I cannot get a job because nobody is hiring! They have even made me cry on the phone while screaming at me! What a joke! I am going to have to write another appeal letter and I will keep fighting them, but this is absolutely ridiculous!