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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2023

This month, Feb 2023 I changed from survivor benefits to my own benefits due to waiting to let them build value and now at age 68 and still working part time. What a hassle. Multiple phone calls demanding I can only do this with a phone interview 3 weeks out at which time they they entered the wrong bank account number which I gave in interview which has been the same for 23 years. Time to talk to anyone is over an hour and on the 9th 2 hours. This is so unacceptable. If these people worked in the real world they would be fired. When I called I was hung up on 4 times so had to redial calls.

Our local office is still closed due to Covid, I am an RN for 33 years and worked the front line of Covid. What are they hiding from? Get back in the real world like nurses still are. But I finally did get benefits switched after also being asked what my deceased exhusband's SS number. What does that have to do after excessive screening and they screwing up my bank account??? I didn’t provide as at work and would have to pull old tax records. I worked hard to earn this money. It is not the government's money!!!

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2023

After submitting all necessary paperwork, documents, and being evaluated by SSA doctors, being poked, prodded, tested, etc… These so-called doctors are in a place to either say one is disabled or not. Now, none of the doctors know one iota about a person but they are supposed to be specialists and by one visit they know everything about the individual and thus make a decision based on a piece of paper(s) from other doctors that no longer treat a person. Real doctors treat patients with 75 percent of what the patient tells them and the other 25 percent is based on the physician's book knowledge. The Supreme Court states the following: Negligence per se (1996) 4 SCC 322, the Supreme Court held that a person who does not have knowledge of a particular system of medicine but practices in that system is a quack. Where a person is guilty of negligence per se, no further proof is needed.

So the real negligence is the people they pay to create a decision based on one meeting. Where is the justice? Then you have the ALJ that if one does not address them as Your Honor they don't like it? Well, they are Sir or Ma’am to me. The title does not make the person. So the real gang members and criminals are sitting in the offices. Individuals should not have to suffer at the hand of any government, private, or secular entity.

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2023

Our bank information for deposits was changed. It's no surprise our retirement check was kicked back to SS. What is surprising is the online mountains one must climb to simply change a routing and account number. We do online transactions routinely with all types of vendors all over the universe. But Social Security is about the worst yet. Very sad. We do recall the government royally screwed up the online Affordable Health Act a few years ago. It's not only sad but pathetic Washington cannot get it right.

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2022

It is not really known since when Social Security persecutes people... fundamentally if they are ** or ** or both... if it was before the existence of the SSA as such... when it belonged to its former matrix, better known as Welfare... Or maybe it was already bad and it has gotten worse since its old trumpeter director... Andrew **. (Grandson of the very famous ex-president delinquent Trump... "trumpeter" or something like that). The certain fact is that the SSA has become a center for thieves or who act as such... since they do not show their true face and move behind the scenes to do their tricks.

Who writes Manuel ** has been and is a current victim of a system that we could call like other organizations in this country "a well-organized disorganization"... I have been the victim of a robbery of my retirement money plus theft of SSI benefits for over a year and a half. The SSA has now dedicated itself to removing the money from my ephemeral retirement up to $542… and I have nothing else… after taking away my SSI benefits. The SSA Administration does not give answers to any claim I have made.

I went to the SSA office in Macon. They denied my claim still unknown why. They promised they would send me an “appeal letter” which never came. I went after the famous Atlanta Court of Appeals for justice and nothing. I went there hoping that a violation of the legal system of this country where the judge was blatantly complicit in a conflict of interest would be resolved fairly. Judge Kim ** (Administrative Law Judge) is part of the SSA (which is who pays his check) and is a judge at the same time in the conflicts against the SSA... No one answers anything... No one knows anything. Most likely they are waiting for me to die so they can keep my money. I have knocked on all the doors and no one. Not even the SSA shows its face. They act like thieves that move in the dark.

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Reviewed Dec. 2, 2022

I was diagnosed with cancer and a broken back in 2019. Was to be out of work 1-2 years. My daughter is disabled and fearful of my passing. She went to work to help with medical. However, a lady stopped her payments, was very rude and disrespectful. I've been in bed 85% of the time. The whole pandemic. They stopped my daughter's checks. No discussion. Nothing. My daughter being disabled struggled working but was trying only to save my life. After 18 she was to begin receiving my benefits and be able to work part time. But this office is so rude, lazy and disrespectful: they resent people with disabilities and resent working at all during the pandemic.

Well my daughter forced to work now because they stopped her checks. Tore her ACL and her knee and hasn't been able to walk well since October 2021 and goes to therapy 8 hrs a day. Her checks restarted early this year because they screwed up to begin with.... I thought it was being fixed as a supervisor called and said it was. Lol no review, no Drs, no letters. Nothing and they now stopped her checks again. The main line I've spoken to several times said the local office screwed up, they've left messages everything for a call back and to restart my daughter's checks. Nothing. No call back. No fixing. Nothing. These people play God because they are immune from being sued. Well after 3.5 years and more damages to my health because of delays from them I finally will begin getting my own disability; but now my disabilities are permanent vs 1-2 years recovery.

Now because they stopped my daughter's and 6 months waiting on my 1st check. We are facing homelessness due to this office blatant negligence and disregard to people and their disabilities. This office hurts people more than it helps them. In my opinion it's time that SSI is held accountable just like law enforcement is now. They were immune just the same and because of that officers tarnished the badge and created a bad name over all ruining the reputation of the good ones. The same is happening in these SSI offices. They need to be able to be sued, to be removed from office and audited based on behavior. We need a check system, customer feedback, a separate monitor and PR department or internal affairs.

TOO MANY **, are suffering the consequences for these people's actions and delays, people are getting worse health wise, losing homes, cars and medical treatment due to their delays and gross negligence! I'm on the phone for the 8th time time month now as I'm writing this and they said on the national line there's nothing they can do. It's the local office's responsibility. I've got a documented timeline of my calls but they say that they can only see the most recent call and nothing before that. I'm wondering if someone is deleting information in order to cover their mistakes. They are above the law and immune to legal repercussions.

I'm requesting to speak to a supervisor of the national line now as I write this. They called local office and allegedly someone will call me today. Let's see, fingers crossed!!! America needs to stand up to this nightmare people are facing, SSI needs reforms, I pray everyone begins seeing this and starts writing their congressional and legislative representatives! Fight for your rights, your taxpaying rights that you earned....

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Reviewed Nov. 4, 2022

Trying to get my LEGAL son's copy of social security card. This office has me running in circles. My son has a ss number and just needs his permit. Why are you giving me a hard time! Why do you make it SO easy for ILLEGAL citizens. You people are backwards.

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Reviewed Nov. 3, 2022

Calling the main number entails at least an hour wait time, and be prepared to get disconnected when you finally get through. I have made three attempts to report the death of my husband, waiting on hold over an hour each time. Each time, the same scenario. They ask you 20 questions, then put you on hold and the call drops. The website is no better. Been trying for weeks to sign in but the site freezes up immediately. This is so unacceptable, and so frustrating. And the folks working there could care less. They ask you for a phone number in case of being disconnected but all three times, no one made an attempt to call me back.

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Reviewed Oct. 15, 2022

I live in another country, so I filed my application through the Niagara Falls office. They are professional, courteous and CAN BE REACHED BY PHONE. This is a much better experience than the one I had at the Maryland office, where they lost my birth certificate (sent with tracked mail) and then claimed they never got it and ALSO never told me that the application wasn't complete. Mr. ** at the Niagara Falls office was sympathetic, professional, and actually called me when the replacement birth certificate arrived at their office to tell me that the stalled account would be activated, albeit late. Use regional offices whenever possible, NOT the national one. You will have better results. I have the highest praise for the staff in the Niagara Falls office.

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Reviewed Oct. 6, 2022

The Social Security field offices commit document abuse. They are refusing to accept my US passport as proof of identity. Simple as that. They refuse to get my name right as based on my current US passport.

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Reviewed July 5, 2022

Can’t service the public due to broken system. You can forget making a phone call because you will never get a human, you will be thrown into the endless automated loop. Used the online option, and after filling everything out was told the online system was not working and that my information was wrong, they failed to identify what specifically was wrong, turns out I put my middle name in so they kicked the whole thing out. We are being made to do the work the employees were hired to do. Why are we paying them? This agency is broken, full of excuses, outdated and sluggish. Everyone should be fired! If you have the documents and information necessary to apply for services, get a card, replace a card or anything else, It should be fast, effective and efficient. This is the 21st century.

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Reviewed April 27, 2022

I was working in the USA between the years of 1997 to 2001 paying all my taxes, pension and medicare during that time. My surprise was that since I haven't completed 10 years working in the USA, my pension or aid cannot be granted and all the money I pay goes to the USA. USA do not return the money paid for the pension or medicare. Now my question is how much is the total number of workers who are in my situation and how much are the millions of dollars that the USA pockets. The other surprise is that the agreement that supposedly has with Canada does not influence anything so that the pension is calculated based on the existing agreement. In other words, it's all political straw. If you read this review take your precautions because none of the money paid by you will be returned if you work legally in the USA.

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Reviewed April 20, 2022

I went there for a replacement card. The lines were long, however once being called for service you get in & out in a responding time frame. Office staff are very professional, courteous. Security is onsite & very alert & attentive, also helpful. The parking area was clean of debris. The inside was sanitized with wipes & sanitizer on every station. The ladies restroom was clean and stocked.

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Reviewed March 10, 2022

I walked all the way down to the office and arrived promptly before 3:00 and it was closed due to Covid 19 I presume. RUDE. I need my SSI $2,442. in my JP Morgan chase account as I' am struggling. I have negative $72 in my JP Morgan chase and zero dollars in my credit union. I faxed in the documents Feb 4th and the 18th. Along with a letter of appeal.

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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2022

My wife applied Medicare on Jan 4th. She is still waiting. I don’t know why it takes so long for the Medicare. This kind of process should be computerized and automatic already. We really wastes our tax money for the bureaucracy。

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Reviewed Jan. 24, 2022

Original documents are being sent through regular mail without any form of tracking them. My originals are lost and they are refusing to replace or take accountability. They are blaming the post office and I was told I should have requested my documents be sent through secure mail and paid for it (I sent it through certified mail, but they don’t even have a tracking code). This is completely unacceptable.

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Reviewed Jan. 12, 2022

It literally says on the faq page on the SSA page if calling to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment to call that number.... A girl named Felicia answered and said that they don't handle scheduling appointments. I pointed that out to her and I asked "what are you guys used for then?" And she hanged up on me... The incompetence and unprofessionalism in the place is unreal! Nightmare to deal with these people within our own government.

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Reviewed Oct. 31, 2021

Rejected my elderly mother's benefits case because they could not find the raised stamp on her certified marriage license. Nightmare-level incompetence, utter morons. They don't return calls. Cost hundreds of dollars and hours of time and failed attempts at contacting to fix.

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Reviewed Oct. 19, 2021

Robots are fine but cannot respond personally besides having ghoulish voices in providing security codes. My problem: no social security card, long gone. Replacement cannot be done online. Go to your office. My offices (Phoenix AZ) are all closed due to the pandemic. Catch 22 is do this but you cannot do it. And the process obfuscating, confusing, annoying. Is this our government in action? I fear it is. It's not even worth one star.

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Reviewed Sept. 29, 2021

My husband was diagnosed with an advanced melanoma of the skin. Las Vegas, Nevada-Social Security worked very fast to approve him, but he died 13 days ago. There was some pay given that he was entitled to. They are an absolutely compassionate group! If you are truly unable to work due to a disability, Social Security will work hard to take care of your needs. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for the speedy way my husband's case was handled.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2021

After a really bad stroke the hospital filed on my behalf. Judge approved me Nov. 2020. The review board picked up my case, months later another hearing, with judge approved again and I still can't get no help from these people.

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2021

I called this place so many time because it is where I drop off my document for a name correction. I called and verify the right document. Send it in and got a mail from them saying that they got the document and will verify it. And will take up to 4 weeks. It's been a month and a half and still nothing so I called and the man I was talking to his name is Carl or Carlos said the only document he sees is the one from April. I had to send in my document twice because they made a mistake the first time. For real...Carl or Carlos said he will call me back the next day and he will look for my file but nope never did.

I called again and I know for sure same old Carl or Carlos was the person again. Same voice people I know. He asked me the same questions. I ask me if I send in the right document and I said I did and I also verify with someone in the office by phone. Than he told me he works at the Madera office and he doesn't know. I ask if him is there someone there or a supervisor I can talk to and then he hang up. Super unprofessional and I hope he get fired! I called again and the machine said the all representive are busy at this time and to call again later. I cannot afford to keep having to send in my documents again and agin because of their laziness and bad workers. Those are important documents not copies but original and I need them!

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Reviewed Aug. 25, 2021

I've been on social security for a few years now and haven't had a problem until I was speaking till one of the representatives I have a change of address which is in Rancho now. So I called the Ontario branch and he asked for my information which I had to given to him place of birth and everything else needed. He said my information was incorrect. May I remind you this is the same information I have always used because it is my information so I know where I've been born at. I know my social security number. I know my mother's name and every other information that is needed and no one else has had a problem with it but this one specific representative he was rude and continue to be rude over the phone and kept calling me a liar.

I asked to speak for his supervisor and he just kept avoiding what I was asking for and just continue to say, "Go ask your family" and may I remind you I had no problem with this before. So I asked again, "May I speak to your supervisor so I could talk to someone who is more professional and have this little conflict resolved." He just gave me a really bad attitude and repeated, "Go ask your family" and then hung up on me.

I have no idea what the Ontario Branch does and dealing with their customers or how they treat their customers behind their supervisors' backs but this is very uncalled for so I would like to speak to somebody that is a higher authority than a representative or a supervisor to find out what it is that's going on because that type of customer service this should not be happening at all and that type of Representatives should be fired immediately. And if there is someone that is a lot higher than those two types of qualifications then please email me so things could get figured out.

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Reviewed July 30, 2021

Although I am collecting social security I am still working. In 2019 I made over the amount of money I was allowed to make and had to pay them back $2800. I set up a payment plan with them paying $87/mo, but in May 2021, I decided to just pay off the balance of $1700. This is now August, and this is the first month that the $87 has not come out of my benefit. As of right now Social Security owes me $261 since they continued taking the money from me in spite of the fact that I had paid it off. What will happen to the money??? I have spoken to four different representatives and all four have given me a different answer, but none of them could give me a definite answer. I have no choice but to believe that either the money is gone or perhaps, it will go to the illegals.

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Reviewed July 12, 2021

I was re-declared disabled on the 5th of May, 2021 after waiting over a year, going through a redetermination process. I never should have even been cut off; I never STOPPED being disabled. Anyway, I still haven't even received an award letter almost 3 MONTHS after being re-declared. I keep calling and asking to speak to supervisors... I get passed from voice-mail to voice-mail and no one returns my calls. I have called every number I have been given, to no avail. Everybody points the finger to someone else.

Meanwhile... I'm diabetic. Blood sugar levels in the high 500s. Dr giving me SAMPLES from her office to try to lower my blood sugar, because I can't afford my medicine and the Ssa office is dragging their feet on my disability benefits. I'm going to die waiting for them to get my check and insurance straightened out. I even sent correspondence to VP Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden. Haven't even gotten one of the fake form letters they usually send people in response. Worked ALL MY LIFE to be treated like this. This country has gone all the way to hell. Thanks for NOTHING, SSA. BY THE TIME YOU GET ME SOME HELP, THE ONLY THING YOU'LL HAVE TO APPROVE ARE MY DEATH BENEFITS.

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Reviewed June 8, 2021

Social Security decided after my dad died that they didn't think he qualifies for it. After he passed away my mother was getting $166 from them. Now they demand it goes back to them. Sent a letter to my dad (who is dead) demanding money. When I called them to sort it out after 30 minutes on hold they hung up on me.

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Reviewed May 21, 2021

Called and after listening to several options and them not accepting that I requested to speak with customer representative. I was transferred to representative and line went silent. It did not hang up and no one answered. Just silence. This also happened at local branches which is why I tried to contact main office. Very frustrating to say the least. From experience I decided to set up account online. It would not accept info for setup which I know to be true. So again more frustration. I need assistance or I would not have tried so many avenues. Still will have to contact them which stresses me and totally upsets me to no end! Extremely disappointed!

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Reviewed May 19, 2021

Loss SSI at 18, corrupt worker did something she was wasn't supposed to do. There are bad reviews about what she did by parents. I'm one of the victims, found out she wasn't supposed to speak to a mental ill person by their selves without their parent. And if she have experience with autistic people she wouldn't do something like that. Or she just plain evil. So that why I heard there are workers that doesn't have experience with autistic people in SSI.

Me and my mom went to Volunteers of America and C.B.E.S.T. Told them what happened. These people I met knew what they were talking about because they work with people with autism. And also there a worker who used to work for SSI but he didn't agree with how they do things. He said cases like mine, is the many reasons why he left them. What I like about them they pointed out why would they take my SSI yet you have the same thing like your twin. Good point so that why I was told to get more evidence and don't give up. The way they sounded it like I didn't have mental illness. This case bring bad memories when the food stamps people who was corrupt, and yes they got in trouble with the way they handle the case. I ended up winning the case.

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Reviewed March 16, 2021

This review is for the telephonic customer service for the Social Security Administration (number listed and the one I dialed was 1-800-772-1213). It appears that they may be working from home, thus, the extreme wait time. On March 15, 2021 at about 12:15PM, I called the above number to get some additional information on a replacement social security card I made on the latter part of February of 2021. They show a 7-10 day period before you receive your replacement. Well, it's been almost three weeks and guess what, no replacement card in my possession!

Now here's where things could really get ugly. I have a commercial driver's license that I was not able to renew as a result of not having my social security card in my possession. That's a long story in itself, but since we're already here, here's the story... Presently in California, when you go in for your five year in person renewal, they force you to convert over to the REALID, whether you want to or not. I have a valid passport and had no need for this intrusive REALID, but they require you to upgrade to it to renew your commercial license. It seems unfair to have to go this route to simply renew your commercial license. So, at this moment, I am technically unlicensed.

I have been driving since 17 and now I'm 56. In all these decades of driving, I've never been unlicensed. And here I am, unable to renew my driver's license. To make it clear, in order to get the state's REALID, they require your social security card and numerous other personal documents to prove who you are and where you live. The thought crosses my mind of driving with no license and having some enforcement taken upon me. This is scary. I have never been arrested and haven't had a ticket in over 30 years. You tell me if this is fair or makes any sense.

Anyway, with no social security card in my hands, I called the above number which takes you to the social security administration pre-recorded line with voice prompt. They tell you what the wait is, and on my call, it was an hour and 15 minutes. There is ZERO options to simply talk to an operator to possibly avoid the wait.

I wait my turn, and by now it's an hour and 10 minutes. A social security service agent (a female in her 40's, based on my best guess), is hardly willing to help and is apparently pre-occupied with the TV or something else. I explain my situation and right in the middle of explaining, she is trying to talk over me. She's not listening and I am unable to completely explain the potential dangerous situation I'm in. Amidst all of this, she tells me to hang on and doesn't come back on the line to finish the call.

While I'm waiting for her to come back, she hangs up on me. Let's see, I've been on hold for over an hour, and I get this lukewarm individual that's apparently watching TV or doing whatever that's obviously not job-related. Whatever she's doing, she's not helping me get my social security card so I can renew my drivers license.

I call back at the same toll free number, where I'm on hold for about 30 minutes, As soon as someone picks up the call, the phone immediately goes dead. So this sounds like this is a childish way for social security administration workers to avoid doing their job by hanging up on people who have been waiting on hold for long periods of time. What a shame is my initial thoughts. I'm thinking of the poor seniors or others who might need more urgent help or who might be in need of their services for basic needs like food. Is this what they they'd need to go through?

Anyway, I did call back and the wait was over an hour again. I looked online and submitted a service complaint. I submitted the below complaint along with my cell phone number and email. I stated that I would like to speak to a supervisor. I sent the email at approximately 3;30 PM. I will update this review if I receive a response about my social security card or the conduct of the social security worker who refused to help me.

Here is a copy and paste job of the complaint I forwarded: "Hello, I called social security to inquire about a social security replacement card. I made the call at approximately 12:25 PM to 1-800-772-1213 from my cell phone number **. I was on hold for an hour and 10 minutes. When the person answered (sounded like a female in her 40's), she was very unresponsive, and showed very little enthusiasm, There were very long uncomfortable pauses where she chose to stop talking. And while I was trying to explain my situation, she kept interrupting me before I had finished which was totally disrespectful. This worker's behavior showed she was apparently pre-occupied with some other issue.

What is certain is that my issue was NOT resolved and the government employee did a poor job on this particular call. My issue (and the purpose of the call) was I applied for a replacement social security card and it's been almost three weeks with no response and no card. I have no idea if my replacement card request was submitted to the social security administration.

Back to the worker who handled my call, I got no answer to my concern, and for unknown reason, the worker abruptly told me to hold on. During this time, she didn't state what the reason was to hold on (such as I have another call, or some other issue). She did not return or offer any help to my situation. After trying to encourage her to provide some help, the phone suddenly went dead. This was after being on the phone (at this point) for over an hour and 15 minutes. I have no doubt that the employee intentionally hung up on me. I would like for a supervisor to look into this and get in touch with me. I would also like to see this discourteous employee reprimanded. This is no way to treat people who are relying on these same employees for help. Thank You."

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Reviewed Jan. 25, 2021

I had previously sent in app to get a new s.s. card so I could get new i.d. After not receiving a response I called and was told to send my birth certificate in and proof of address. When I called about it I was told that it was sent back to me already. After about at least 4 more calls in which I was told something different every time. I never received my certificate back so I called again I I was hung up on by one lady just because I told her it doesn't take two weeks to get regular mail in the same city.

So I had to call back where I encountered a lady by the name of Mrs ** who wouldn't even let me explain what was going on and who was also very rude to me and cut me off every time I tried to talk. I went through all of this just to find out that I had been lied to about my birth certificate being sent back to me. I was then asked for my address which I had provided with two other documents that I had mailed in with my certificate and I also had provided it 3 other times. My wife was with me the last two times and witnessed how rude they were because I had them in speaker. Something needs to be done about these rude workers. They are working from home and I understand that. But the job consist of some kinda customer service and respect for ppl. I still haven't got my certificate back yet. It taken almost two months to get something I could have gotten the same day. This is not acceptable!!!!

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2021

I called SSA to resolve the non-receipt of my first social security check but didn't have some information readily available. After waiting online for 25 minutes, Tessa G stated that she would disconnect me if I didn't have the information in another minute. My point is that my time is important also. I have called SSA, no less than 6 times in three days and waited no less than 20 minutes on each call. Prior to Tessa, everyone was patient and supportive. I don't know if it because I am ** or if she treats all clients with this attitude but regardless it's not the expectation or experience I've had with SSA this week. I disconnected the call because I didn't need any added frustration. SSA should collect feedback from clients to use in their annual staff reviews and provide training or termination if necessary.

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