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About Regions Bank

Regions Bank serves 16 states across the Southern and Midwestern regions of the U.S. It caters to a wide range of customers, including individuals, small businesses and commercial clients. The bank says it is focused on serving the needs of local communities and supporting economic growth and development in its service areas.

Pros & Cons


  • Specialized checking accounts for students and seniors
  • Promotional CDs have competitive yields
  • Several ways to waive monthly fees


  • Below-average APYs
  • Savings accounts have strict withdrawal requirements
  • Promotional CDs have high minimum deposits

Bottom Line

Regions Bank is a U.S.-based bank that provides a range of financial services to customers across 16 states. It offers high-yield promotional CDs but low-interest rates on savings accounts.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Sept. 8, 2023

Since I've opened this bank account with Regions Bank myself and my husband have had to call multiple times begging them to unblock our debit credit cards through simple transactions or international transactions. Athough we have put in calls to them to let them know that we travel internationally and this was a great importance to us. However we have found ourselves in situations to where we cannot access any of our funds at any given time either during an emergency or just within leisure. This bank continually blocks his card and my card at any given moment. It is frustrating. Absolutely absurd and we are getting out of this bank as soon as possible!!

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2023

On August 10th my wife and I went into Regions Bank to add her own to my checking account and to open a joint savings account. We will deny the service to put my wife into the checking account because she did not have a United States identification card. Mind you the law states that all my wife needs is a current passport and a current driver's license which we produced and we were still denied. So I attempted to deposit a $13,000 check into my checking account and open a savings account. I was denied service because I was told I did not have matching funds in my account. After some disagreement I got my check and my identification back before things got out of control we drove about 15 minutes away to another location off of Beltway 8 East and all services that we were denied at the Valley Ranch location which is in New Caney we received at the Beltway 8 location. Truly discriminated against at your Valley Ranch location.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Aug. 1, 2023

PEOPLE OF COLOR, that are citizens, or new immigrants of color married, or not to a U.S. citizen DO NOT USE THIS BANK IF YOU WANT A HONEST ONE. They highly discriminate. I am a ** man with a top secret clearance and married a year to a Jamaican woman who I have been with for over 3 years that she was living here and going to college for her master's degree. The bank never seen or met me. I was smart enough to use Bank America in Saint Louis where I work. My wife working her first job in Highland Illinois wanted her bank in the town where she works as a nurse and also to have her bi-weekly checks deposited.

Every since she opened the account checking and savings, the bank kept suspending her card for unknown activities, and never explained why. She was not sending or receiving any money overseas. She only used it to receive, and save some of her salary. Every time she only called them and they would quickly unsuspend it. No reason given ever. Then after 4-6 weeks they finally completely closed her checking account only. Again with no reason. She called and asked everyone in person also several times, only including the bank manager and a assistant. They both could give any answers and after several complaints, they kept promising her answers quickly but never had any after each time she talked to them.

The funny thing is after her 4th time talking to them, I went in with her and they promised me the same. Originally when the account was closed she called the number on her card and they said only the bank could tell her why it was closed, yet for 2 weeks even the bank manager claimed that no one higher than him could tell him why, yet he could not reopen it either. The only thing we know is in common is that everyone we talked to so far is completely ** I. This bank, and claim that can't get any answers.

Part of my secret clearance also means my wife and her family had to be vetted by the government homeland security and FBI. Also her father was a life long police Sargent and retired now in Jamaica. So again what reason this corrupt discriminative bank have for closing a bank account with over $500.00 from a honest woman married to a government employed American man who both have no record, other than she is a ** woman from Jamaica??? Her job is even employed as a nurse a hard working honorable job not drug dealing.

It took her 2 weeks to even get her money back from the bank and because she continues until now to get it reopened or a reason why closed, she never received her last check last week either since it was closed and could not receive a direct deposit, which now will take 2 weeks linger for her next check if she has to open another bank account somewhere else.

If anyone of color reads this please think twice before you use this bank as it clearly does not honor or respect any of you as outstanding people like they do all other *8 people. If anyone knows a good bank that respects people of color in the Highland or Greenville, Illinois location, please text me the info at **. If anyone of color also had similar issues please also text me this info. I am currently going to send this and post this with every ** lives matter, and discrimination groups in the Southern Illinois and St. Louis area. Remember think twice before using any Regions bank.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 28, 2023

The customer service has no knowledge. No solutions. It's like they read it from a book and repeat it. The simplest things they turn in to a nightmare. If your acc has a 0 bal for a few days it has a soft close. Then when your direct deposit posts you can't get your $. My Ss check was held..for 2 days. The same deposit I've had for over a year with Regions. I. 62 year old widower. I am alone with little finances. In a world like we have now $ is needed to help keep me safe. Keeping me at a atm for over 1 hour and still no funds.. It's a joke.

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Reviewed July 25, 2023

I just got my income tax back. I am homeless. With 2 heart attacks. They kept my checks saying, it has to clear in about 10 days. I begged to have my monies. They said, "Have a nice day." I'm back in the hospital, because the heat stroke I endured from sleeping outside. All I wanted to do was pay my rent. I called everyone affiliated with them. No one heard my cries. All because I owed them 5$. They've kept my refunds check for 3400$.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 25, 2023

Do not do business with Regions!! They LIE!!! I made a deposit and received a hold notice from the teller, signed and dated, stating that funds would be available the next day. The next day I received an email from Regions stating that all of the funds are now on hold for 7 days. Relationships are built on trust, if I cannot trust the word of the bank, in writing and signed by an employee, then there is no trust. I won't do business with a bank that I cannot trust. The branch would do nothing, the 800 customer service would do nothing. I have been a customer for over 20 years and my sons have all opened accounts with Regions but we will be moving our business now.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed May 8, 2023

I write this out of boredom and frustration while sitting in the commercial banking drive-through line for going on 30 minutes now… there is absolutely no sense in something taken this long. Why is this bank Always so slow?!? If this were my personal account, I would pull out every penny and go somewhere with better customer service but as previously stated, this is a commercial account so you would expect to be treated as a priority, but I guess not at Regions.

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Reviewed March 23, 2023

I have a checking account with Regions Bank, because they give a loan and they required me to open an account so they can automatically debit the payment every month, but happens that is a commercial account and I only use it for that purposes, so I used to transfer money from my primary account in Chase Bank, but now they don’t accept Zelle transfers for commercial accounts, you can’t see your online account if you don’t have paperless statements, I have to keep $2,500 to avoid monthly fees, I don’t know about other banks, but compare to chase bank is a lot of difference, it works like a small community bank, so trying to send money thru Zelle, they block my online account and I have to go to the branch to fix it, I am very disappointed with regions bank, too many stupid rules and restrictions, I hope this help somebody to avoid it

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Online & AppStaff

Reviewed March 7, 2023

I have figured out that they have set up their computer system to keep transactions in a pending state for days. This causes an illusion that you have money available to spend, and they do indeed let you spend money even though they claim the money is in pending status. One thing this does is stop you from closing an account because transactions stay pending for many many days. Another thing this does is cause accounts to go Into NSF and negative amounts.

So let's say you have 1000$ ready to spend. You spend 999$ of it. You have 1$ left and you deposit another 1000$ before you spend any more money. You think that you now have 1001$ so you go spend more money on things like rent. Wrong!

The second deposit is pending for days but you can't tell this at all and they even let you spend the money you deposited as if it's there in the account. You go spending more than 1000$ and now the bank claims you're in NSF status because that 1000$ you deposited is not yet available and stuck in pending even though they let you send it! So I'll help you picture it better. At 5pm you had 1000$. At 6pm you paid for something and you have 1 $ left. You deposit another 1000$ at 630pm. You think you now have 1001$ by 7pm and can spend it. In fact it shows up in your account as if it's ready to spend! At 730pm you spend 100$ thinking everything is fine because you have 1001$ but NO, you do not. That REGIONS BANK computer they are using calculates the deposit of 1000$ you made at 630pm as a pending transaction.

This pending state can last for days! Yes that's correct, the bank will show you in the app and the website that the deposited money is available but it really is not available because the computer system does is SLOW on purpose to make YOU go into NSF. So now you are overdrawn. At no point does the app or website ever show your deposits as pending. IN fact, it will allow you to spend that money they claim was "pending." THIS IS WHAT THEY DID TO ME 2 TIMES IN LESS THAN 5 DAYS. As of this moment my account is negative 465$ because the bank claims I spent money that wasn't yet available in my account even though they allowed me to have access to that money and that money was deposited by me in cash...

Again. This is all because they specifically set up their computer system to recognize every transaction including deposits, days after it's actually made. And to add to it they grant you access to the money they claim doesn't yet exist in your account. So depending on when you spend the money they claim doesn't yet exist vs the money to used to pay for items that stay in pending, you could end up in astronomically negative values of money missing in your account.

Now I gotta go to the bank first thing in the morning and speak to low iq low waged people that have zero clue what the bank computer is actually doing to people. It's all a plan. They set it up so YOU get zero help from un knowledgable employees and you end up giving up and just paying for Fees upon fees that stack up very fast. Not me.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Feb. 13, 2023

This is the worst Credit Card Bank. The service dept is absolutely impossible to deal with. Is a constant run-around of misled information. First they submit my credit card for payment on a service that I never authorized. After disputing and complaining, they totally ignore me and begin adding late fees and finance charges. Three times contacting for waiving the fees after being confirmed by an associate over the phone that they would do that. I paid my disputed amount in full because my husband said he didn't want to mess up with them anymore and they were going to create issues with my credit. This is still ongoing until I get a response, which I can assure it will never come. Worst customer service. I will happily just stay with my Chase and American Express!!

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Reviewed Jan. 7, 2023 has completely lied and misled me on a financial transaction. They told me they were putting my total life savings in a money market account. They kept telling me I would make 1.33% every month. It was the furthest thing from the truth. We are down $50,000 few months. I would never use Regions Bank for anything. We have contacted the BBB, the Attorney General, & Regions Bank. Nobody will do anything. Please help me get the word out. 1 ⭐️ all the way.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Jan. 7, 2023

This bank must have the worst customer service of any bank in the Southeast for sure. They will literally shut the door in your face and tell you that they are closed and cannot open the door and then open the door and let customers out after you walk away. Waited this morning thinking the drive-through opens at 8:30 as my other banks do although that was my mistake. Rushed back after work and driving 1 hour back into town to literally walk to the door at 5:00 according to my iPhone to be told that he cannot open the door for me. I watched him close the door as I was approaching. He did not care. This is only 1 example of several that I have to reflect the customer service that they provide of the same careless attitude toward their customers. Do NOT use this bank as you will be disappointed in customer service and you can see the numerous other 1-star reviews besides mine so I am not the only one.

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Reviewed Nov. 29, 2022

On 11/27/22, I did a mobile deposit. The mobile deposit went through, and the app said it would be available the next day. So, I was ok with that. But what do I see when I wake up... nothing. I called and the rep stated that it would be the next morning due to the holiday. OK, no problem. Welp, it happened again, but this time there are now 2 mobile deposits on my account. One that says available tonight and another that says on hold until Dec 7th. Now what bothers me the most is, my father just died in Dec of 2021 now I am planning his mother's funeral. Trying to get prepared for a funeral with a 7-10 hold on a check is ridiculous. Nobody can tell my why. I deposited a check from the same company in Dec, just different amounts and there was NO ISSUES. They will not stop the check nor stop the hold. They do not care about their customers nor what we have going on.

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Verified purchase
PricePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Nov. 1, 2022

In late August, my Visa credit card was scammed; but, I did not know where it happened. The next few days, there were fraudulent charges appearing on my account. I reported them and Regions canceled the Visa card and removed the charges. I received my new card a few weeks later and the first time I used it was at a POS device at a grocery store. The very next day, a $106 unauthorized charge appeared on my Visa account. This happened on the 3rd of Sept and I reported it on the 4th. Again, Regions cancelled the card; but, they although they accepted my dispute report, they did not put a hold on the fraudulent charge.

Late in the evening on the 4th, two more charges appeared ($658.72 & $305.38) on the cancelled account. Immediately, on the 5th of Sept, I again reported and disputed those two fraudulent charges. Regions accepted the dispute and said they would "investigate" and send me a letter within 30 days of the results of their investigations... I just received their summation where they deny my dispute and say that I had either "authorized or participated in the charges". They do not provide their findings... such as how they determined their conclusions... were there signatures??? I have been a responsible Regions customer for more than twenty years; however, this has cost me $1070 and makes me want to find another bank.

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Reviewed Oct. 11, 2022

Every time you want to log in you have to have a text sent to your phone and twice validate, every time! I tried to contact someone from the company about it to potentially change the settings but the website literally bounces you from page to page looking for a "message me" button that doesn't seem to exist. The feedback button does not open the page which could be blocked by cookies but all of that time spent looking and trying to get a message to customer service is time wasted. Companies make it so hard to get in touch with someone when you have an issue and that needs to be a thing of the past.

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Customer ServiceProcess

Reviewed Oct. 8, 2022

Replacement card was requested 8/11/22. On 9/11/22, since it had not been received, that account was closed and a new card requested. It was again not received, so a replacement was requested on 10/5/22. In the meantime, the temporary card has expired. It cannot be extended. It cannot be reordered via phone. The closest office with Saturday hours is 65 miles away and only open until noon. All offices are closed until Tuesday due to a Monday Holiday. I have no access to my own funds and the newest card has a 7 - 10 BUSINESS DAY lead time to arrive, so I can expect it around 10/19.

The ONLY suggestion is to visit my branch, close the current Now Card and begin this completely absurd process again. No one felt that having to issue the card for the third time indicated that perhaps it won't be good customer service to overnight it! Yes, I am researching other banking options. I cannot begin to express my disdain for this lack of customer service.

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Customer ServicePriceStaff

Reviewed Oct. 4, 2022

I the account holder deposited a check on September 25th through the mobile banking. I knew that I needed the funds to be available before I was to travel to Hermosillo, MX. I called on Monday to confirm the check would be release and Chavon explain the with the night transaction the funds would be available. I arrive in Mexico on Wednesday and there is a hold on the check for 8 days. I call the fraud department because the account was placed on restriction while in Mexico. It's a good thing that I don't have all my eggs in the same bank(basket). There was no urgency to get this corrected.

I returned to the States on October 3rd and I reached out to the bank in person to Tracy A. ** the bank Financial Relationship Sr. Consultant Assistant Vice President., such a big title for someone that didn't provide any help and didn't give me a call back as promised. The funds was due to be released on the 4th and the account is still lock and restricted.

I received a call from the teller Vicki (Vicky) and she wanted the check issuer's information because Wells Fargo would not confirm the check for processing. I was told that I would get a call back from her as well and nothing. I called the bank and was placed on HOLD until the bank closed at 5pm and I held thinking someone was going to answer. I was on hold for 30 minutes.

This bank is the worst... No matter how much patience you have these banks are the worst. I have EFT that are due to drop on Wednesday for rent and the Duke Energy and phone bill. I hope they don't charge me for the NSF that they have been stealing from all their consumers. There is a $191 million lawsuit that was just rewarded.

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Reviewed Sept. 21, 2022

I opened an account to receive a promotional bonus. I asked multiple times about fees and was assured if I met their criteria, I would not get any fees. But, surprise! I still got a fee. Honestly, I expected it based on some of the other reviews, but they offered $400 to open a new account, so I thought it was still worth it. I got the bonus and naturally wanted to close the account due to the high fees. At first, I thought I couldn't figure it out online because it is a very poorly designed online banking experience, which it is, but it turns out my account was locked! They would not allow me to withdraw the money unless I visited a branch or sent them a notarized letter. I read a review below, and it looks like they'll charge me a fee to close the account. There are plenty of better banking options out there. Avoid Regions.

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Sales & Marketing

Reviewed Sept. 12, 2022

Be very wary of opening any kind of account with Regions Bank. They play bait and switch with their customers and do not honor their bonus offers. Regions makes their customers jump through hoops to earn their bonus offer as an incentive on to open a new account however when it’s time for Regions to honor the incentive the customers will be denied the bonus offer despite meeting all requirements. I have contacted my district attorney’s office as well as the BBB. I have posted many reviews on Google and Yelp about my experience with Regions Bank as well as telling my story to friends, co-workers and neighbors.

I am putting the word out and have halted over 8 potential Regions customers from opening an account and 4 others to close their current account with Regions and bank with another institution. I encourage all other Regions Bank customers who have been denied their bonus offer to do the same. This fraudulent practice by Regions Bank is not only unethical, in the eyes of the law this is completely illegal. Regions Bank does not value their customers.

It is extremely difficult if not impossible to do business with an unethical banking institution such as Regions Bank that you cannot trust. They do not honor their business dealing and are very unprofessional. Until Regions makes this right this will be my personal mission to get the word out on how dishonest Regions Bank is to their customers. Major red flag to bank with this company that couldn’t care less about doing the right thing and honoring their promotions. Regions is a den of thieves. Bank with them at your own risk.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2022

To begin, I Yasmine ** account holder at Regions Bank deposited a check in the of $4,875.00, on August 9, 2022. The check was endorsed by my attorney for an settlement against a Company. I deposited the check through Mobile Banking. I requested for the funds to become available immediately, such as available next business day. However, a hold was placed on the check for 8 days. The funds had been stated to become available on August 17, 2022. On the other hand, the fund had been cleared on the 15th of August 2022 by the check bank; but the funds were placed for fraud at Regions Bank where I am a account holder, and where the deposit was originally made through Mobile Banking. I was instructed to visit a branch.

I visited my home branch, where my account was opened. I provided my identification. I made statement of true and honest knowledge of my check. The bank

teller informed me that the check, and the funds would be release or available on August 18,2022. On the contrary, the funds are sitting in the account, but the account is locked and blocked from usage; due to unknown reasons as of August 18, 2022. Furthermore, my check is legitimate and cleared by the issuing bank but I am unable to receive my funds. This is really inconvenient to my daily life and the usage of my funds. For unreasonable reasons. It is now August 19, 2022, and Regions Bank have not released funds clearly showing no concern for its customer, as well as a lack of urgency to complete investigation. The company act as if it is collecting collateral off of my funds.

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Reviewed July 14, 2022

I am not a Regions customer and never will be. I used my debit card at the Pearl, MS branch and it was retained by the machine with no explanation. They could not care less. Teller simply said it could be a number of reasons and Regions could do nothing as the ATM is serviced by Loomis. Regions later sent me a letter saying, "Sorry contact your bank," which I had already done, and they had no problems whatsoever with my debit card. A letter to Loomis went unanswered. I am having an attorney contact Regions, but beware if you are traveling and need access to your money!

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Customer ServiceCoverage

Reviewed June 29, 2022

Don't go to Regions. I have been with Regions since 2019 here in Nashville. I have had my debit card block more than 50 times for transaction that is recurring and transaction I do e every week. So they lie to you and all they do on the phone is say, "I understand and I am sorry." No that don't understand unless they are in our shoes. They lie about your account and won't admit their fault but yet use you to cover up their mistakes. Heck if I had to go to bathroom and pay to go they will block it.

I have had purchases that I had almost paid off and not. I have to start all over again paying them off because of Regions blocking the card. Which I could have a job hitting the fraud button. That would be a easy job. Now all they want to do is verify for the third time in two weeks if info is correct. See they don't care because they are sitting in a cool office hitting buttons and me and my family is homeless sleeping in a vehicle. They don't care. They just wanted to get me off of the phone.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed June 24, 2022

I entered the Cedartown, GA branch today, after receiving my long awaited disability and back pay. Only to be treated like my money was not welcome there. I asked to open a checking account and Patricia **, who works there, looked at another lady who works there, and said, "I am not going to do it." To which the other lady responded, "Neither am I." This was not at closing time and there were only three customers in the bank excluding myself. At that point I was embarrassed and humiliated and told them thank you anyway and left. I cannot believe that I was treated with such blatant disrespect. I would advise anyone who does not necessarily "look the part" to think twice before giving them your business. And I intend to communicate this to everyone in every way possible in my hometown.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed May 31, 2022

After ten years of difficult business with Regions, they’ve ruined my credit score over a $5 credit card balance when they stopped my auto pay for reasons they refuse to reveal. This card had been on autopay for several years since they finally began allowing autopay from external bank accounts. In Jan ‘22 I took a $5 Uber ride billed to Regions CC. I work out of town for months at a time, hence the need for autopay. Feb and March statements were missed as I was 1100 miles away. By the time I got home, my first clue there was a problem was a denied credit card application despite a credit score of 842/850. The reason was a current delinquent CC account. Long story short, 1st customer service said many people had their “external autopay” deleted and she didn’t know why. Complaint filed requesting credit correction. 6 weeks later no written letter as promised.

More customer service ineptness, sassy supervisors, and basically without saying it verbatim, Regions investigation does not owe any explanation nor are they accountable to anyone for their actions or decisions. Complete refusal to communicate if explain why my autopay was stopped. They dropped my credit score 75 points because they stopped my autopay without reason, which will take 7+ yrs to come off my a credit report now. Next stop is credit bureau dispute. Small, local credit unions **with a great reputation* are the only way to do banking. Research your financial institution. They come in all shapes and sizes, and customer priority is never guaranteed. There is no consumer protection in the US.

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Reviewed May 23, 2022

My checking account was compromised while I was out of town. I reported it to Regions that same day while I was out of my state. The fraud department reviewed the claim and issued a denial without a proper investigation. I had other cards that were used to prove I was never in the location where my card was used. Regions did absolutely nothing. My advice for you is to run from this bank fast. I will be closing all my account. They are not for the hard working consumer.

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Reviewed May 13, 2022

I been banking with Regions for 15 yrs and I had an overdraft of .98 cents that I paid when I got up before they closed but they STILL charged me 36.00 fee. I have part of my check going there direct deposit. I also have a credit union that I bank with and they give me 250.00 free overdraft coverage long as I pay it back in 24 hrs so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you are not rich DO NOT BANK WITH REGIONS. Go to your local credit union. Regions will not even give you a loan no matter how long you been with them

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Reviewed May 5, 2022

Updated on 05/06/2022: I'm still waiting for MY money to be deposited into my account. Been a week since I put cash into the ATM and the ATM crashed. I've been dealing with robots, rude "chat" people and nothing but a run around. ONE person has been helpful but still can't get my cash deposited into my account. This bank is a joke and should be shut down. After reading reviews from other customers (over 1,000) complaints about the same issue I am going through is a shame. Can't contact an actual person and God forbid corporate do anything to actually help their customers.. Funny but they need to realize they work for US! Without us they wouldn't have a job. I'm hoping people will start reading reviews before trusting their money going to any bank. Hopefully this review and the 1,000+ other reviews posted about this bank will help someone. GO ELSEWHERE. READ REVIEWS.

Original Review: If I could give a negative star I would. I have been with Regions for 4 years (give or take a couple months). Since opening the account money has been "lost". Has been added to my account (that wasn't even mine then disappears the same day) multiple times. ATMs constantly down or eats your deposit and you have to wait weeks to get it credited to your account..Meanwhile they add on overdraft fees. OH and as I am "chatting" with a rep right now I am told "there are other ways to deposit money". I'm sorry. Do you not work for us? If we didn't have accounts here you wouldn't have a job. This place is a joke! With all the times people deposit their cash and the ATM "fails" makes one wonder what is really going on? Find another bank and look for reviews before opening any account. And now they sent me a link to open a savings account...Got to be joking!

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Punctuality & SpeedOnline & App

Reviewed April 26, 2022

Wow. This bank is HORRIBLE. Wish I NEVER came across them. I have perfect credit and a perfect pay history for over 20 years. I signed up with this joke of a bank for one of their credit card promotions - DON'T DO IT!!! Their website was a disaster to get set up. I set up auto-pay but it didn't take. They then (without sending any notice) gave me a late on my credit (first one EVER). I asked them to remove it. They said, "NO". Then, after 3 months, their system screwed up again (how does auto pay work on all my other cards but now with this place?). Again, a 2nd 30 day late - with no notice. And would not remove, although it auto-paid for the other 3 months. This place SUCKS!!!

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Punctuality & Speed

Reviewed March 29, 2022

Do NOT open a business account. They will pull so much money from you for their “fees.” I spent at least an hour a week trying to get resolution to banking issues. Went in person two months ago to close my account as per their instructions. It’s two months later and I still can’t get it closed and yep! They are still collecting fees. It has been the biggest nightmare. Don’t try and speak with someone because their automation will have you going in circles.

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Reviewed March 23, 2022

I'm a retired business owner and dealing with Regions and trying to consider them a real Bank is beyond my ability. Never have I had dealing with any financial institution that was so damn uncaring and sloppy. Four times they stopped purchases for no reason. Brainless people running this bank and for sure their so called fraud department. I'm shopping for a new bank today and will be leaving these clowns very soon.

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