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On several occasions, it looks like they have deliberately held transactions from going through until I do not have enough money to cover it and then subsequently charging me an overdraft charge. The last one that has not cleared yet (they must be waiting until I do not have enough money), I called both the toll free customer service and also contacted my local branch. Local branch just said that the transaction had not gone through (this was for a transaction done 2 days earlier and cleared according to the local electric company) and said it was more than likely the electric company holding it up.

I explained that on their website, it was reading as cleared. I contacted the electric company and they assured me that they even had an authorization number for that transaction going through. So, I need to find out how to report this to whatever agency is responsible for overseeing banks in the state of NC. Clearly, at least in my opinion, this is deliberate. I am now keeping records of this. It's insane.

I have been with First Citizens for 11 years! My first problem was when they issued the card with a chip in Feb 2016 but I didn't get it, but called customer service for help with another issue in July and that's when they told me and that they needed to deactivate my current debit card and they were issuing a new card with a chip. Three weeks later, I still didn't have the card. I called several times and was told it was mailed. About a week before leaving one state to move to another I called again and expressed my frustration, everyone at customer service has a different answer. I ended up hanging up on the first lady because I wasn't getting anywhere. Called back and was able to get it resolved by them issuing another card and having it delivered by FedEx. This issue seemed to set off a trickling effect with this bank.

At the end of August my family relocated from GA to CA. I called the bank the day before we left GA to tell them we were moving and would be driving across country that I needed to set up a travel alert. Answered all the security questions and the travel alert was placed on my account. In Arizona, I stopped for gas and my card was declined, I knew the money was there! I call and wasted over 30 minutes of travel time to resolve the issue. The travel alert had been lifted that's why it was declined. I had to go back through all the security questions again to put the travel alert back on my account so we could finish the drive. This was the second issue. A few days after arriving in CA, I received a call from someone who works at First Citizens to confirm all the charges from the gas stations in the different states we drove through.

Here I am thinking everything is fine now. I go to check my account balance before paying a bill and my balance that was well over $600 had only .82 in it. I start looking through the charges and see over the past two days someone in Arkansas withdrew all money out of an ATM in Arkansas. I called my dad first and he told me when we stopped in Arkansas for the night and got gas there, that people set up the gas pumps to steal your card and pin #. I call First Citizens right after. I'm told they are deactivating my card, issuing a new one and in 7-10 business days the money would be back in my account and that I can go and file police reports. She didn't explain that they were doing an investigation or made it seem like they were interested that someone compromised my info and fraudulently took my money.

After venting to friends and hearing how their banks dealt with similar situations, I was irritated and felt their handling was unacceptable. I called back, I went off and expressed my frustration. The rep got with supervisor, they explained they were doing an investigation. I advised the time frame on getting my money back was not acceptable and I needed it asap. She said she would send a message to the fraud dept and it was at their discretion if they would approve the expedited credit. She told me they would see it in the morning and she would call TBD next day with an update. I never heard from her again.

I called back the next morning to get the times of the transactions and to confirm the notes from the day before and also to confirm that because a tip I left a few days prior for a business didn't hit until after this person took all my money and now my account is negative that I would not get a overdraft charge. I called back later that day because I still had no call with info on my expedited credit. I'm told they couldn't do anything until after the charges posted and they didn't post until that day so everything I was told the day before was wrong. I explained there was no possible way I made a transaction in CA and 40 minutes later was in Arkansas withdrawing all my money, this was clear that it was fraud and I needed my money immediately back in my account. I was put on hold while the rep spoke with the fraud dept to explain and she if I could get my credit expedited.

After a lengthy hold she came and advised they were expediting my refund. I asked how long does that take. She had to put me back on hold to find out. She comes back and tells me 24-72 business hours the money would be in my account. I checked later that day and it showed a credit pending. I went to the bank the next day to withdrawal my money since I had no other way to access my money. I left .57 in the account. I should have withdrew it all that day and closed the account but I was an idiot. I got my new debit card about three days ago, haven't activated it yet.

After all this happened I set up the alert that I get notified any time a debit occurs over $20. On 10/5, I wake up. I see I have emails so I check them. I see one is the alert of a debit transaction over $20 occurred. I was confused, one the account has NO active debit card and two the account had only .57 in it. I login to the app to see a negative 382.95. I call the bank, frustrated and confused and explain to the rep that it doesn't seem logical that someone could successfully withdraw $380 (assuming the 2.95 was a fee to use the ATM) from an account with only .57 in it while using a debit card # that hasn't been active since 9/27 and also explained the recent fraud. She doesn't understand either and asks me to hold. This was also a lengthy hold but she checked in a few times to let me know they were trying to figure it out.

Around 30 minutes later the answer I get is the person tried to get the money out but it was declined and they had a system glitch that's why it appears they did get the money out. She advised the fraud team would resolve it and put the .57 back in my account and get my account out of the negative. At this point I am overly done with this bank and I was ready to close the account so I asked the lady could I go to the local branch (about 25 minutes away) to close it and she confirmed I could.

I go and open a new account with another bank. I then drive to First Citizens to close the account. The lady at the bank informs they can't close it because the charge is still pending and my account is still negative. Extremely annoyed I tell her what the lady at customer service told me and that she advised they could call to confirm. She said they still couldn't close it. I said "Well I'm not driving back here to close the account" and asked how else could I close it and she rudely just stated they couldn't do it at that time. I told her again that's fine that I wasn't coming back to close it and said I would just not use the account anymore and leave the .57 in there and just forget about it and she said well if it goes negative again and it's not resolved it'll be a charge off after 45 days and would be reported to my credit.

I said right before I came I called again to see if I could close the account over the phone and I was told no, either in person or by sending a letter. So I ask about sending the letter, she confirms I can mail a letter to the branch that opened my account. Now I'm fuming because I wasted time and gas. I just want to close the account and be done with this bank.

I angrily leave and get in the car and call customer service again and immediately start going off. She asks me to hold advising she was getting a supervisor. The supervisor gets on after like a 5 minute hold. She's rude of course. She's not listening. I recap everything with her. She confirms that yes the charge was pending and no I can't close the account while it's negative. I express how frustrated I am by all the different answers I'm getting. She just apologizes and confirms that yes I keep getting wrong information. She also told me since this as fraud that it would not get reported to my credit. She also advised me that this person was able to successfully withdrawal $380 from the ATM, that it wasn't denied. I asked her how that was possible when the card # they are using was deactivated on 9/27 and the account only had .57 in it. She of course said she didn't have an answer.

I confirm with her I can send a letter to close the account once it is out of the negative and she said yes and gave me a fax # so apparently the lady at the branch I left wasn't right either because I could fax it to the main office and didn't have to send it to the branch where I opened the account. After getting the fax #, I hung up on the rep because she was rude just like they all are and had different answers just like they all do. Hopefully tomorrow my account will be out of the negative so I can fax this letter and get the account closed before someone else fraudulently takes money that doesn't exist in the account with a debit card # that has been deactivated days prior.

After 11 years, I can't believe this is how I'm treated. I want everyone to know how they do business, how they aren't secure at all, how no one that works for this bank has the same answer as their co-worker, they have no common sense, they are unprofessional, they aren't helpful. Their procedures are unacceptable. They are unethical. This bank is horrible! I can't believe they are still in business. Please, get accounts with a real bank, your money is not safe with First Citizens.

I've been trying to get a lien release for a boat from this bank for MONTHS. I keep getting the runaround. NOBODY EVER has any explanation as to WHY I cannot seem to get this lien release. CAN YOU HELP!!!!???

I have both a personal and business account with First Citizens. They have stolen thousands of dollars out of my account by "rearranging" debits to go through on a different day to reflect a negative balance, thus charging me $35. Many many times this has happened. Too many infractions to remember them all! I am furious and fed up with this bank! A temporary hold was placed on funds for an item I sent to Apple and Apple released the hold, but First Citizens never returned my previous balance to reflect it. It just disappeared and they won't answer me about it. That was another $750. DONE with this bank! Don't waste your time people!

I opened an auto loan with First Citizens Bank when I bought my Ford Explorer in December 2015 from Chestatee Ford in GA. I normally like to make payments well in advance and to pay some additional principal so the loan is paid off quickly. I sent my second payment 30 days early for 3 monthly payments in advance plus $2000.00 towards principal with a note on how to apply the check. I received a "past due" notice about 45 days later saying my account is past due. They did not apply the amount correctly, so after a phone call they told me NOT to ever send in additional principal amounts because they could not apply it correct. So after getting that straightened out, I sent in another check for (4) months payments with the payments dates on the bottom left on the check, payment coupons and a letter on how to apply the check.

Of course, First Citizens Bank didn't not apply the months correctly to my account and told me never to send in more than one months payment at a time. I'm thinking First Citizens Bank might have the lowest IQ ever in the banking industry at this point. Today I get a new coupon book since it looks like they've moved payment processing centers from Raleigh to Charlotte, with payment coupons for a year that have already been paid. Now I know this bank has the lowest IQ in the industry. I normally wouldn't bother to write a review but if you're worried about your credit score, money and don't have time to burn, stay FAR away from this bank. Yes, I'm going to pay off this account in full and never have to deal with these hillbillies again!

UPDATED ON 09/03/2016: I paid off my Ford Explorer 22 days and still received a past due notice today for my August 10, 2016 payment that I paid on March 22, 2016. This bank cannot apply funds correctly; even with the account number and payment date to be applied written on the check. Stay as far away as possible to First Citizens Bank - they're horrible business people.

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On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, my bank account was compromised by phishers from Scammers stole my identity and were trying to steal my money from my First Citizens account. I called my local branch at 301 Broad Street, Elizabethtown, NC 28337, (910) 862 - 4027. My first point of contact was teller **. She stated that she would cancel my debit card and send the new one to my working PO box out of state since I verified my identity through the questions asked. She also told me to call Fraud Central at 866-567-7760. I did and spoke with Lamar. He closed my old account and opened a new one. He sent me an email with the procedure to open a new acct with the new number. Problem was, it requested my current 16 digit debit card number. I had no access to it since it was just mailed to me, so he told me to call customer service.

I did and spoke with Alisha and Shanequa. They both told me that they could not give me that information and I would have to speak with someone at the local branch. I called the ET local branch. They also told me that the local branch COULD NOT MAIL MY DEBIT CARD TO THE ADDRESS I REQUESTED, but to the address on the system. Problem was I was not there at the time and had a house sitter there while I worked out of town. Not the kind of mail you want a house sitter to get a hold of. Had customer service not told me, I would STILL be waiting for the card to arrive.

I called the local branch and spoke with **. The worst of anyone I spoke with. I explained the situation. She bluntly stated that customer service was correct and MY CARD WAS BEING SENT TO THE WRONG ADDRESS. I had them cancel it and requested to speak with **. ** stated ** had left on a break. She lied. Because I had a mortgage payment due that was time sensitive, I requested to get the new account number so that I could pay my bill over the phone with my mortgage company. She said she couldn't because she couldn't confirm who I was over the phone. I told her that ** opened my account in that brick and mortar branch and had recently been my referral for Hope ** and Kristy ** of Camp Clearwater in order to purchase a trailer at their privately owned campground. I have the text from ** stating she'd be glad to be my referral on February 22, 2016. ** bluntly CALLED ME A LIAR and stated verbatim, "You did not open your account here." The nerve.

They lost or ** put in the wrong information and do not have me listed. I will be calling ** on Monday to get it cleared up since one of the security questions is "where did you open your account." When I told them at the fraud and customer service departments, they said the records show me opening the account somewhere else but could not tell me where since they do not know me in person. That I understand, but THE BRANCH SHOULD HAVE ME IN THEIR SYSTEM and I want to know what the records state as to where it was opened.

During this process, ** stated that she would cancel the debit card, cancel the new account, and reinstate the old one and that everything was fine if I moved the money before the scammers steal it. She lied. I called the fraud company back and they had already closed the old account and in process of closing the new one if I could not get to a local branch to verify who I was. I was OUT OF TOWN and could not do that. All I needed was the full acct number to my new account that had over $2000 in it. If the local brand did their job correctly, they would have me in their system, could have called ** on her cell phone (which I have since relocated myself on my old phone...wish I had thought to get it during this horrific time) to verify. ** lied and said she tried to call **, but in reality did not.

She slipped up later in the conversation and said is not allowed to call ** while she was on vacation. ** then gave me a number to a different local branch that was closer to where I was working. I called the fraud center first to let them know so that they would know what to expect to see on the records on their end. I called the other branch in VA before going in. Turns out that after asking a lot of questions that only I would know the answer to, they found my records, reinstated the new account opened by the fraud department, and gave me my acct number over the phone so that I could pay my mortgage account. The manager is ** and I also spoke with Teller, **. They were very helpful. Had it not been for them, my money would be electronically and permanently GONE if both accounts were closed. All because of the misinformation given and totally incompetent actions of **, **, and ** of the Elizabethtown Branch.

In regard to **, I am not sure if she is at fault if she did not put my name in their system correctly or that ** and ** had no idea what they were doing and didn't know how to find it. I will be finding that out by phone on Monday, March 14 when I call. I am putting in a complaint to them at their corporate office as well as soon as I can find the contact information. If anyone knows it, please email it to me at **. Thank you! They truly turned two days of my life into an absolute nightmare. No apologies from ANY of them. Not even for sending the debit card to the wrong address.

We tried to withdraw money from our account at an ATM, and we're notified that the account did not exist. We called the local First Citizens where we opened the account and we're told that we had closed the account, and our ID had been checked in order to do so. We were then told that the account had been closed a month ago. A second employee said that she couldn't see anything and we should call a 1800 number. A third employee then said that we had called in by phone to close the account. We were then told by a fourth employee that the account had been closed because of suspicious activity of the card being used internationally. This suspicious activity was relayed to us over a year ago, and we told the concerned employee that we spend time overseas, and we would be using the card overseas.

Despite this, the account was closed over a month ago, and a letter notifying us of this was never sent, nor was the cashier's check containing the balance of the account ($1587). The address on file was verified to be correct, yet we never received any form of communication, or funds. We couldn't check this online either. The account doesn't exist for some reason. Not closed, with a history of events. It just does not exist. Worst customer service I've ever experienced. Instead of researching the situation, false stories were fabricated that led me to believe that my identity had been stolen. Poor decisions were made back to back to back. Unbelievably disappointed.

Run! This bank takes advantage of those who fall on hard times and need a bank account. They WILL NOT POST YOUR MONEY ON TIME - IN FACT DAYS AFTER THE DATE THAT THEY RECEIVE THEM FROM YOUR EMPLOYER! They are awful. Do not bank with these people. Go to Walmart or get a prepaid card! These people will steal your money!

Fraudulent charges on my bank account. Called them about it. They assured me they would be removed. Almost two weeks later, they are still there. When this happened to me with another bank in Florida 15 years ago, I was credited within 2 days. Other problems with them. Their business website is beyond horrible.

This bank is trash!!! I followed their requirement to open a new account on July 10 and sent many times messages to confirm with them if I would receive this bonus. They told me many times I would GET IT soon (about 10 times confirmed). Recently I haven't received the bonus, then went to online to ask them. They told me "This is a promotion for new customers and you have a credit card with us, so you would not be classified as a new customer." Then I called them, they said NO!!! Lie, cheat me. Not responsible. Trash!!!

A month ago I cashed a large check and was shorted $1000. Bank closed after I left and it was Monday before I could get back to the bank to report the shortage. The bank employee told me they did a bank audit and they were not over so I just lost this money. 10-27-15 I went to bank at 2:10 PM and another teller shorted me $100. The teller counted money three times. I wanted to count again because I counted twice and the money was still short. Teller recounted twice and after second count said I was right she had shorted me the $100 and counted for the third and final time. I have lost trust in First Citizens Bank because of constant inaccuracies.

I don't like way how First Citizens bank charges people for getting their own money from their account. Even if you go inside to withdraw they charge you $5 out your own money. $5 at the ATM. $19 for a money order too. Now my grandma had First Citizens Bank for a long time and now they start charging people just to take their own money out. This bank need to be shut down all over South Carolina. First Citizens Bank are scam artists.

Every time I try to make a purchase with my Debit card this bank denies the purchase or calls me to see if I made the purchase. And the other day I checked my account because I hadn't used it for over a month. It said that I had over $200.00 in my account. I made a $169.00 purchase and now they say I have an overdraft from a charge made over a month ago. They are charging me $80 for something they didn't have posted on my internet account. I wish someone could investigate this place. This is NOT the first time that my online account says I have a certain amount of money and as soon as I make a purchase all of a sudden I'm in the hole.

On 07-22-15 I received a call from First Citizens Bank about overdrawn charges on my account. I told the man they were not mine - I do not live in that state. He went through all my charges and told me to go to my local First Citizens Bank and cancel the card and issue me a new card and tell them what happened. He said everything was being taken care of. I found out nothing had been done and called First Citizens account info line because the bank representative told me she is not allowed to help their customers on fraudulent charges anymore! I then called customer service and was told that it could take 10 to 30 days to fix the problem, meanwhile the charges are more than my part time check that I and my husband have to live on nothing. We have animals that need to be feed. Need information on how to correct this!!!

I attempted to make a deposit in the night depository this morning at 8:05. I am a branch manager at another bank and I work 60 hours per week. So I need to make my deposits via ATM or Night Drop. Rarely, am I able to get to the bank during banking hours. So anyway, while at the Night Drop this morning I read a sign that stated at the deposits made after 8:00 am will not be credited until the following business day. So I thought about it for a moment and decided to use the drive-thru - which does not open until 8:30. So I sat in the drive-thru for 25 minutes.

FINALLY, a young lady turned the camera on (their drive-thru system is via camera) and said, "Good Morning". I replied and told her that I did not need a receipt. She did not acknowledge this and replied with a, "Do you have a deposit ticket?" I was very confused by the response but told her I did. She then said, "ok" and then turned the camera off and walked away from the video system. Again, I was thoroughly confused and did not want her to send a receipt through the tube and I not be present to receive it. So, I hung there for 5 minutes. She turned the video system back on and said, "Ma'am, are you sure you don't want a receipt?" I said, "No, I just wasn't sure if you heard my request because you asked me about a deposit ticket and walked away without acknowledging what I had requested". THIS IS WHAT BLOWS MY MIND. Her response to this was, "HAVE A NICE DAY!" She then turned the camera off and walked away.

So, ultimately, there is a 30 minute time frame that you cannot do your banking. Then after waiting 30 minutes the tellers don't hear your request and never acknowledge your need. I will say that most of my interactions with the branch have been poor. Customer Service, however, have always been incredibly helpful and friendly. I have attempted to use the ATM for deposit also, but that day the person that pulls the deposit out of that machine simply forgot.

It may be not be breaking any laws that I am aware of but this is most unethical by good business practices. As they are changing the arranging of checks from which they arrive to the dates posted on the checks to gain an overdraft fee and additional zero balance fee which are $35.00 for each fee. They post a false balance available resulting in addition overdraft fee. A simple check of say $50.00 will now cost you $130.00. You may as well get money from a loan shark. It may be cheaper!! When confronted about this type of practices I was informed that's how they make their money. Feeding off the blood from the poor and unfortunate. I can understand why we have so many laws; because people like First Bank are not fair or ethical.

I notice on several times the bank would change the order of purchase to make it look like I overdraft. At times they would put my direct deposit in late so it looks as though my money had not post. My job makes pay available late Thursday night but the bank will not make it available until Friday afternoon. First Citizens will keep the deposit pending until late Friday so if I use my money they turn around and charge an overdraft fee. There have been times where there is money in the account and I noticed there is an overdraft charge. When I go back later to check it out the purchase order are different and it looks like there wasn't enough money to make the purchase.

The purchase of a Security under the agreement that 200 shares for the corporation that vesting title of 33 years formed Aug 25 1975, Stock Purchase LOI April 2007 and closed May 15, 2008 that the Ownership that no change in Ownership under the name Oakhurst Lodge Inc. A single asset of 4.77 acres in Oakhurst California, 15 miles from the Gate of Yosemite Nation Park. The Property provided 60 room hotel Office and a Home on Highway 41 was condition to Mixed use inconsistent Zoning ** with 44 rooms and R-1 on the rear Parcel with 16 Units and a single Family Home. General Plan Overlay but failed to conform to the zoning due to egress and degress.

Vesting title of the Corporation prohibited the conditions that the Recording of a 2nd TD that was interest only Loan for 675,000.00 Chain of Title and Order Number conflicted and the Lender actions for the foreclosure and stripping the asset of a corporation under the Federal Court Order with the confirmed Plan for chapter 11 to prevent the actions taken with "no relief of stay" given the Lender failed to comply and Federal Order and actions under the protection of the Stay confirms.

Due process and the Amendment 4 and 14th of the Stockholders and the Corporation by the facts confirmed by the Evidence Code, Impairment of Contract BY THE TITLE COMPANY. And have been in a legal battle since 2010 and the Lenders displaying declaration that provide a quagmire of Legal Blur that supported by No documented fact "Obstruction of Justice" and requires criminal intervention Bank Fraud and Fraud confirmed unclean hands and Criminal Action filed with the OIG given the 7 a Commercial Guarantee loaned for 2 million has been confirmed by 4 legal attorneys and had tried the Case in Federal Court and the Lender simply has no action and no security that is Notarized that is recorded in the County of Madeira, California. Fraud on the corporation and the federal court.

My 85-year-old mother received a counterfeit 100 dollar bill from First Citizens Bank in Monroe, NC. She has used them for many years checking, CDs, mutual funds, etc. They are not responsible. So the bank doesn't have insurance? Why not place a sign so all can see? If you receive a counterfeit bill from us tough **. First Citizens is just like BOA... Crooked.

First Citizens Bank took three consecutive penalties amounting to seventy five dollars taken from my personal checking account within the last several weeks. I have CD's, IRA's, Roth Accounts totaling almost thirty thousand dollars in First Citizens Bank. They refused to drop any of the penalties. Their business practices are unprofessional, unethical, and irresponsible.

I opened an account with First Citizens. Months later, I made a large deposit and they gave me a sheet that said some funds available after 1 day, more after 2, the rest in 7. I said that's fine. Next day, I called to see why funds were not available; they said "Risk Management" adjusted the hold, citing "unable to verify funds". I contacted the bank that the check was drawn on. They said the check was presented and funds were cleared, even sent a letter to the bank stating this.

After 6 calls to the bank, no relief, I checked FDIC laws. It appeared, the bank violated laws regarding these matters. They are required to send me a letter detailing the change within one business day. But days later, I still had no letter and customer service was rude and would not transfer me to a supervisor saying, "They will tell you the same thing." As soon as the check cleared, my account will be closed.

I think they were hiding something because they could not give a coherent explanation despite my proof that the check had already cleared with the other bank. Stay away from them and pass the word. No wonder banks went under.

First Citizens Bank provided a construction loan for the building of our home on property we owned in Hendersonville, NC. When our original builder was bought out by another, that builder brought a new contract to the bank in the name of RAD Construction. The bank asked him for his license. He provided a friend's brother's license in the name of Boston South Investments. They asked him for insurance and he provided insurance in the name of Double R Windows. The guy, Ronald **, was not licensed at all. The bank didn't question this nor did they alert us. They just started to pay him money from the loan whether we authorized it or not. As you can imagine, the building was substandard and the bank paid for things that remain undone from 2010 to date.

I am unemployed. I opened a bank account with Citizens Bank and put a small amount of money in the account. At the time I thought I had a new job lined up. But it fell through and I didn't get the job. Some of bills were directly tied to this account. I thought I had withdrawn all of them, but I missed two. My account at Citizens became overdrawn. But the amount was only $26.49.

They charged me two different insufficient funds fees which add up to $59 and eight separate service charges of $6.99 which added up to $55.92. These two sums totaled are $114.92. By the time they were done with all of these charges, they said I owed them $124.30. I have recently paid them $74.08. But they say I still owe them $50.22. All of this for two small overdrafts that added up to $26. Their service charges and insufficient funds fees seem blatantly excessive and unfair given the small original amount I owed them. They ended up penalizing me $100 for $26 in overdrafts.

I applied for a business loan and I presented all my required documents. The gentleman in which I was working with refused to send my application in because of speculation. I believe it was because of my race.

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