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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Delaware Title Loans?
    • 4,479,812 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 12, 2014

    We received MANY phone calls repeatedly from this company 2 days prior to the payment date, AND calls on the payment date from a worker named Emmanuelle, DEMANDING that I drive there and deliver a payment on the due date AFTER he was told we were 2 states away at the time and it was physically impossible to drive there in time. I informed him that I would be there the following day and he said and I quote "NO YOU WILL BE HERE TODAY." So I got upset and he hung up on me. I later called his supervisor who also got nasty so I hung up on her. After arriving there 12 hours past the due date the Supervisor Kristen and I had words. She then proceeded to follow my daughter in law and I with my 4 yr old in tow out to the parking lot and THREATENED TO KNOCK MY DAUGHTER IN LAW'S TEETH DOWN HER THROAT!!!!! She left the store with NO employees in to accost us in the parking lot with only HER 4 year old in the store!!!!! This is unacceptable and I nor any of my friends will EVER use this agency again.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 23, 2014

    So a year ago I ran into financial difficulty and went to one of these snake oil salesmen. Overall I got a loan for a measly 400 bucks (which they now claim is 620) and defaulted on the payments. Next thing I know, the car is repossessed and I think okay that's done. No sir. Got a phone call from a woman saying I now owe over 1000 bucks a year later saying they don't have the car and I owe them! Well I figure wtf and say, "Okay, what kind of payment plan can I do", and the woman laughs and got really rude and condescending to me. I am livid. How are people supposed to try and dig themselves out if this company is only trying to get your money and your car AND still harass you unmercifully. ** this company. I am officially disgusted with their fine print thieving and horrible customer service reps.

    Contract & Terms

    Reviewed June 9, 2014

    Please don't get one of these loan. They prey on people who need the loan in a bad way but make it impossible to pay off!!!!!!! I borrowed $1000 dollars, they want back over $3000 or more at the end of six months. They want you to give them a lump sum of close to $1900 like they know you can't, then you have to make a new agreement and start all over again so they get more and more money out of you!!!!!!

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsPriceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 5, 2013

    I have been fighting these people for 3 years now. I know I owe a balance, but I have since moved to Florida and I have been wanting to pay off the vehicle with a lower payment, because here in Florida the title loan companies cannot get any more than 30% of the loan for interest. I offered them the payment, but I refused to send the payment without a written agreement that I would get the title back when I made this payment. I am not sending them money without something in writing that the loan was paid in full. I got a call from them the other day and I was not home. When I called them back, they have an answering machine that states the mailbox is full!

    They lured me in with a 2-hour drive to their place and told me that they would give me a loan for double of what I took out. I was using all I had for money to get there, so I went. When I got there, they dropped the bomb that I would get half of the money and then they told me the interest after I accepted the loan. I would have never had made the trip had they told me in the first place that the interest was at 300%. This has been a constant struggle with this company. I have a good vehicle, but it has been sitting in the driveway for the last 2 years, because I can't register it without the title. Of course, they refuse to give me the title. The vehicle needs a new power steering pump and gear box put in it, but I refuse to fix it if they are not giving me the title.

    This is not what I signed up for and they refuse to work with you! I think all they want is to repossess the cars, and I know they sell them for the first price they can get for them instead of going for a higher price they settle for anything. Then they say they take that off your principal, but that is not the truth either, because you will find that it still shows you owe the entire amount on their bill. I have faxed them paperwork and I have tried several times to get in touch with them to no avail.

    I am not so sure what to do next, but I surely hope that they would take me to court because I have copies of all letters. I even sent them to the Attorney General here in Florida. I would like to let everyone know that they have had several cases in the courts, because they have been doing shotty business. I have been looking into these cases being a law student and I will continue to look further into their faulty processes.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 1, 2012

    I'm a single mom who was losing her home and was in dire need of help in trying to keep it. I called the Title Loan to get help. I was instantly accepted. I drove an hour and forty-five minutes to reach my destination. When I arrived, they were very nice and considerate. That is until I ran into trouble paying them back on time. I was harassed and so was my references. I even lost my job because of the constant calls.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 20, 2012

    I got an original loan for $4,000.00. A couple of months later, I was called and asked if I wanted more money. I accepted and got an additional $4,000.00. At the time, I was employed full-time and could make the $1,400.00 a month payments and even was going to pay extra towards my principal. I became ill and ended up on disability, therefore losing 40% of my income. I asked Delaware Title Loans if they could extend the loan and let me make half the payment (which would be the same amount paid back to them), and they refused. The amount of interest accrued on my vehicle now makes it impossible for me to sell it elsewhere, so it looks as though I'm going to have to let it be repossessed. I have been a customer in the past and have always paid them on time. They did not consider extending any type of courtesy towards me. I will never deal with these people again, and I hope they are outlawed in Delaware.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2012

    I went to this place because it was the first place I found. Do your research if you can! Yes, they give you fast cash, but, trust me, it is not worth it. They charge 300% interest! Then, you pay monthly interest only payments. Nothing comes off your principal. At the end of the loan, you are required to come up with the lump sum balance. They call you before the payment is even due. They say it's a courtesy call. Then on the day the payment was due, if they couldn't reach me on the first try by phone, they called my references. I contacted them to let them know I was paying two days late. I can't even begin to describe how unprofessional the person who called me was. She was completely rude and ignorant. I understand that if you are late, there are consequences, but there is a professional way to act. She basically said, "We can't worry about what day you get paid. Your payment is due and we can come and take the car."

    I had to send someone there for me to take care of the payment. No cash or checks. If you would like to pay with Moneygram or Western Union, it costs roughly $160 because they do it person to person. They do not take payments over the phone. It is just a horrible place to deal with. I read a previous review and took the person's advice.

    There is a place called Auto Equity Loans not far from there on 1812 Marsh Road. I only recently went to them, but for starters, their interest is 120%. They give you an amortized loan. I have a 12-month term and after one year, I will be paid off. Your monthly payments go to principal and interest. They have a grace period. All pluses! I have saved a ton of money by making the switch. They are a smaller place with only a few people there. Nice to work with. Just give a call. That's all I did. I got all the info I needed over the phone, so it made it very simple when I got there. It won't hurt just to make the phone call and see what they can do for you. Ask for Brian. He was very helpful.

    Contract & TermsPriceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 25, 2012

    This company doesn’t explain the loan correctly and preys on us. I was harassed and my references harassed just on my due date for my first payment after I had told them I mailed my money order. They are in the business to repossess cars. So instead of staying trapped in this vicious cycle, I researched other lenders. I found auto equity loans down the street on Marsh Road. They refinanced my loan and gave me the privacy I needed plus better repayment terms, and such lower interest! I went from an interest only plan to an amortized with lower payments! I love working with these guys; they treat me well. Call them if you need help. I highly recommend them!

    Reviewed Jan. 1, 2009

    I needed some cash and received a title loan. However I believe the 300% APR is illegal. Cannot pay off loan and now they are trying to take vehicle. Also they refuse to give me my title back.They claimed they would put a lien on the title but are now saying I sold them the vehicle.

    Reviewed Oct. 17, 2008

    I went to delaware title loans to get some financial assistance due to unemployment hardship. Once nj ui withheld benefits, i fell even further behind. Ultimately delaware title reposessed my vehicle as it was used as collateral. I got a letter stating that i could get the car back within a certain time limit, however when I got the letter the time limit had just about expired.

    When I did call to inform them that i had the money to get the car, i was told that the car was taken to auction. I requested information on the sale to verify that sale of the car covered the balance and that i would not owe anything further, and also that to sell the car for far less than the value would not make sense if it would leave a balance, just give it back to me. Yet I was told that there was no information because the car had not been sold yet. I informed them again that i had the balance of the loan and wanted the car back. I have not heard anything further.

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