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Reviewed April 2, 2020

Just applied to brand new apartment complex and approved except for (1) item-landlord rental debt. Complex gave us phone # to CoreLogics and # of transaction. Called them, read full report and NO RENTAL DEBT, but they refuse to call the complex. This is during COVID-19 when we need to apply & get a place soon. In the meantime, we have lost money and will lose more to have this straighten out. Everything has to be done online. CoreLogics needs to be gone. They ruin lifes.

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Reviewed Feb. 12, 2020

Updated 04/15/2020: After I submitted a previous review of this ridiculous and harmful company to the American People and their livelihoods, I contacted the FTC, U.S. Consumer Finance Dept., Dr. Phil, both Houses of the U.S. Congress, my local NBC news affiliate on your side personnel TB, DFS, and more. I am continuing, time permitting, now that I FINALLY became employed again for the first time in over 3000 days at a job that could bring income that I was making when wrongfully terminated from misinformation listed multiple times by this company about me that stated I was a convicted child molester, convicted second degree sexual assaulter of children, & a lifetime registered sex offender. This nearly led to my death numerous times over the years, and the girls working there are new and are "TERRIBLY sorry" and to get with an attorney.

I asked to speak with someone who's been there for 6 or 5 years so that they can remember being fired by ADP, but they send me to some guy who's only been there 2 years. My new report is 28 pages long from the CIRCULATION OF THE FRAUDULENT REPORT WHICH VIOLATED THE FCRA. At least they do know that providing false information on background reports that are defamatory, carry a two year prison sentence for those responsible. I guess that should mean their company President who has not responded to my call. Instead, I keep getting letters to dispute something that was disputedly wrong causing multiple subsequent adverse events, thus creating the new 28 page report of ridiculousness that I don't care for or about if it doesn't go to ANY EMPLOYERS.

This company should be banned for life from ruining anyone else's career like mine was. I'm supposed to be semi retired now, instead, I'm starting all over at age 51 in a totally different field which I hope works out. It's a shame since I knew so much about the field I was in before. Imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on classes, shelter, food, utilities, and cable for five year (not to mention 8 hours of studying per day/night or more outside of class) plus another $30k in state approved courses, exams, fingerprinting, losing four separate licenses and designations (5 months of night/weekend schooling) while working during the week, with 320 hours of continuing education requirements completed between 1994-2019.

Gradually, over the past 6 years, my career was taken away piece by piece until when on March 12th, it was completely revoked meaning that I have to retake every course, every exam, and go through the 9 month long processes or longer to receive licensure MAYBE, meaning I could go take the courses again, pay the hundreds of dollars and hundreds of dollars again to take the exams, pay for fingerprints AGAIN, IN TWO YEARS. THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE LICENSURE EITHER SO I COULD BE WASTING MORE MONEY IF DENIED AGAIN.

I've written my attorney from 2013 whom was not aware of what was going on with me (and neither did I) along with the judge for an illegal search and seizure of myself since the police believed that I was a child sex offender. I was bullied, lied about, lied to, captured and tackled by 10 officers while kissing my girlfriend goodnight on my parent's property just 45 days after being surrounded while pumping gas. The police reports are all false as well. ONE THING IS FOR SURE.... I wish that this happens to nobody else ever. Libel, unfortunately, is word I know too well and didn't know at all beforehand. It's almost a death sentence. I am so lucky to be alive and healthy as one could be after going through adversities too explicit to discuss here. I got to live in a world that I consider "Hell on earth".

Just 3 weeks ago, events that occurred directly from the release of CoreLogic's false disgusting background report without doing any research on who I truly am, where I came from, whom I related to, where I attended college, how many different companies I worked with in my life, how few complaints (0) were made about me in 30 years while dealing with over 10,000 serviced clients and customers without a complaint, and how hard I worked to get to the point of financial success which was taken away in an instant from someone reading the disgusting, false, & horrifying background report that I can't believe of all the people on this earth, that I would even be considered a child sex offender and even horribly worse; multiple, multiple times over.

I feel lucky to be alive yet remorseful that this company believes it has done nothing, I mean nothing wrong. For Christ's sake, they were in federal court for fraudulent misinformation/disinformation in 2016 in Virginia for libeling 1.7 million professionals. I will continue to seek justice against this disgustingly cloaking itself always company which doesn't make it known when it libels anyone by putting their name, corelogic, anywhere next to its compiled falsehoods meant to cause detrimental harm.. Nothing other.

I hope that Mr. ** gets the maximum punishment: 2 years in Federal Prison.. hopefully State prison. I will stop at no ends to make sure the laws are followed with regard to this. I want to give them a taste of what I went through but it was 8 years and continues to this day. Amazing how the police stopped HARRASSING me after they realized it was a different person with my name and d.o.b. since my name is so common that there's probably 500 to 5000 people with my name and date of birth. One of them is a very bad person and deserves the treatment I got. Not the person I am.

I've cried way too many times over losing everything that I worked for because of the report's information CIRCULATED without my knowledge for several years. Even then, after it was amended, I was unable to recoup my position at my old job where I had $50k stolen from me in commissions over the next 3 months. Instead, my mental health and physical health dove 3 months after being wrongfully terminated and punished for succeeding. To top it off, attorneys have had no idea as to whom was the responsible party. Not until 2019 was I notified of those accountable worthy of PRISON TIME. YES. PRISON TIME.

Printing, publishing, and circulating libelous information is punishable from laws enacted by congress in 1970, amended several times since. I have received "Dummy" letters from corelogic which have no particular person to contact back since it's just some lame generic letter with no meaning since the people argue with me stating today that "They never worked with ADP ever". CSR is named steve and he's a royal ** Full of more lies and deceptive jargoning making no sense whatsoever contradicting himself regularly.

Original review: CoreLogic has ruined my 20 year career as a licensed health, life, annuity, property & casualty insurance agent/adjuster. Because of its erroneous, libelous, and horrifying Crimlink sex offender section of an ADP background report, I went from making six figures to homeless, jailed, unemployed, physically and mentally ill, and lucky to be alive surviving wrongful termination, police harassments, family division, estate will removal, Dept. Of Financial Services licensure recantations, and approximately $3 million in damages or more.

I have wasted my time by working my way through the the Univ of TX at Austin in 5 years while working full time; $5000 in insurance school costs I started taking State courses in 1994; and am reduced to nothing but a minimum wage laborer with an IQ of 130. Thanks, Corelogic for ruining everything. I've worked my rear end off for. I doubt I'll ever have the opportunity to make $150k-$200k per year again when their report disgustingly stated in bold print that I was a convicted child sex offender multiple times. They have not done anything to make up for this and somehow hid behind the scenes and attorneys are afraid of them. Why would they be? 100 or more are or believe this scumbag of a company.

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2020

Ever since moving to Texas I've had problems with housing and employment. I've been terminated from every employer when my background has been checked. I've been denied housing unless I've provided a background check that I've had to dip into my own pocket for. The unifying condition? Core Logic background checks and services. I've not been arrested or convicted since 1996 in the state of Illinois. I haven't even been given so much as a traffic ticket.

So when I applied at Colonial Grand at Onion Creek parkway in Austin Texas? What do I happen to find? I'm accused of being a pedophile in 2017 in Virginia and that I've jumped bail in that same year in Kentucky. Never mind that I've never lived in or visited Virginia or Kentucky. I've been going toe to toe with Core Logic and have even dealt with them over the phone ensuing in a 4 hour phone battle with a representative that told me that "I needed to take it up with the federal government" only to then admit that they only check first name, last name and date of birth. I now have to move to another state that core logic does not have as much of a foothold in to be able to move on with my life.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2019

My student daughter applied for rent in Chicago, IL, and I submitted my info for credit check as co-signer. Next day, I found HARD INQUIRY in my credit history. I have excellent 800+ credit history, no any criminal records, good stable income, etc. I highly recommend to avoid having any business with CoreLogic Rent, never apply with them for credit/background check.

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Reviewed April 30, 2019

My husband and I applied for a rental home, all of our finances are correct as well as our credit history, but we were denied because this company reported my husband's criminal history incorrectly. Someone else with his name and last name, different age however, showed up under his report with a criminal past. We are working on this dispute right now but they are not being very helpful. He recently adjusted his immigration status and went through a thorough background check including fingerprint and FBI databases and came back as clean. I am not sure how this company works or how they can link 2 completely different people to provide a bogus report. Very frustrated with them!

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Reviewed April 17, 2019

My college aged daughter and her roommate have decided to rent an apartment for their last 2 years. They need co-signers in order to rent. I was sent an online co-signer application from CoreLogic by the landlord. I filled out the first page and hit the next button and was kicked off the app. I tried to sign back in but was not able to. The very next day, I was alerted that someone was trying to hack into my email addresses. Then I get an email that says the landlord has terminated my app. Then my daughter gets a text from the landlord that says the company will do my credit check. I got a bad feeling so I went online to check reviews. Needless to say, the girls rented a different apartment that doesn't use CoreLogic.

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Reviewed Dec. 26, 2018

They pay property taxes for my mortgage out of the escrow. They paid my property taxes then billed me for the same amount. Repeated calls got nowhere. I asked why they are billing me and was told it's to pay property taxes. I ask what they did with the money they took out of my escrow. They said they paid my property taxes with it and this is to pay them back. The pretty much just steal money.

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Reviewed Dec. 12, 2018

To keep it brief, this agency wrongfully reported a criminal record on my consumer report. Thus, causing a recent rental application (for a new apartment) to get denied/rejected. With that said, I had to file a dispute and request for an investigation to have error fixed and cleared off of my record. Despite having to deal with their terrible customer service, unethical operations, and elongated investigation process (which took an entire month) — I finally was able to get my problem resolved and deleted off my report. Thank God!

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Reviewed Nov. 24, 2018

Same as many others on here, they did a name (and supposedly dob) search and found someone in another state that we have never lived in, had drug charges. I find a more sensible explanation is that they make stuff up if someone has too many kids, are a minority, etc. For those of you asking, find your Fair Housing agency within your area. Sometimes it is at legal aid. Atlanta, GA area has Metro Fair Housing. They are investigating as this is causing us great financial harm (we had our house sold and now can't sell and are unable to move as most rental companies here use CoreLogic). They should be shut down and closed. It's a scam at best to get the money. They do NOT do real background reports. Also see and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and your local Attorney General's office. I will not stop, as this has cost me $42,000... for NO REASON!!

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Reviewed July 1, 2018

Reporting inaccurate information - Firstly, I applied for an apartment with Conifer LLC and there was a judgment which was vacated due to an amicable decision. I have the final judge's ruling which is not reported on my credit report. I am willing to provide the judge's ruling but they are saying that, "We only report public information."

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Reviewed June 22, 2018

My husband, mother, and myself applied for an apartment lease this week through the same rental company we currently live in NRP but for another complex. My disabled mother needs a place to live and we need to upsize to a larger unit so she can move in with us. One was not available at our current complex we have lived at for 3 years so we decided to apply at another with a 4 bedroom unit.

To our SHOCK we were denied based on criminal background. We were stunned because none of us have a criminal background. So we came home and PAID to have my husband's criminal background check done through the department of public safety and another individual with my husbands same first, middle and last name came up but with a different spelling of the first name. Coincidentally this other man ALSO shares my husband's birthday of May 5th. HOWEVER, this man is **. My husband is **. This man has a long list of charges and arrests, and time in jail. Drug charges, weapons charges. We called CoreLogic to explain to them that this was not us, and asked them what information they had that came back; they told us drug and weapons charges.

We explained that that man is not my husband, and they asked to have us email a copy of my husband's ID over to them. WELL they gave us a bogus non working email address. So I cant even send them over that information to dispute this. I am beyond livid. My lease it up in 9 days, and we now have nowhere to move to. The other apartment doesnt even seem to care that the company they use screwed up and reported another person's criminal history as ours. They tell us we have to wait 120 days to reapply. WHY? Is that even legal? I have 3 kids and we will now be facing homelessness. This is not fair.

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Reviewed June 16, 2018

I have been trying over a year to get CoreLogic to remove an inaccurate report placed under my name by a mortgage company. I sent them the letter from the attorney of the mortgage company stating I am not the person listed on the judgment. CoreLogic did an investigation and stated they are not removing the information because the 3 credit Bureaus are showing it on their reports. I checked with Transunion, Equifax and Experian, none of them show this inaccurate information. I have been trying to see how I can file a complaint with a federal agency or start a civil suit against this company. After reading the reviews I see that I am not alone. If there is anyone with information on how to report this company and their practices, please email me at **!

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Reviewed May 29, 2018

I do not recommend using by CoreLogic. I recently used this service to screen a tenant and had some trouble understanding their report because compared to other screening websites I have used in the past, theirs is completely not user friendly. Let me rephrase that, it is user friendly through them getting your money. The actual reports are not reader friendly and offer no summary or interpretation of the information provided. I could not chat with a rep on the day that the report was authorized by my prospective tenant because it was a Holiday (totally understandable), so I waited until the next day to initiate a chat. The representative was so rude!

When asked for help understanding some of the numbers on the report, she said, "It is not possible for me to know every character on every report." Really? I'm sorry, isn't that your job? How user and reader friendly is a site if their own employees do not understand the reports? She kept telling me to look at the "guide", but the numbers I was asking about were not on the guide so I have NO clue what they meant. I told her that the numbers I was referring to were not on the guide, or if they were, I didn't see them. She could have easily looked at the guide and interpreted the report for me if in fact they were on there, but she literally told me she could not tell me what the report meant, but could only refer me to the guide. To make matters worse, there were several minutes that passed between each unhelpful reply of hers so it was just a complete waste of time and money.

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Reviewed April 14, 2018

I applied for an apartment but CoreLogic reported that I had an eviction case filed and I was evicted. Which was not true. I was threatened by their representatives if I contacted an attorney they would make it hard for this issue to be resolved. I asked where did they get that information from. They claimed public records. Had another check by another company and there was no public record of case or eviction. Then they claimed they don't know where it came from but it will take 30 days for them to investigate. They are toxic destroying people lives with false inaccurate information.

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Reviewed March 13, 2018

Corelogic listed my husband as a felon because someone with the same first and last name is a felon. Social security numbers, middle name, and birthdate do not match up. We are moving in 10 days and they do not care to file a dispute, therefore leaving us homeless because we cannot find a rental, even though we've been renters for 8+ years with no bad marks. This has completely thrown a wrench in our lives, especially since isn't even our fault. Yet here we are fighting to get a name cleared when we have no convictions.

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Reviewed March 13, 2018

My fiance and I applied for an apartment that uses SafeRent to conduct background checks. We both have excellent credit, no unpaid rent or evictions, and a squeaky clean criminal background -- neither of us has gotten as much as a speeding ticket. We were shocked to find out that we had been denied with the apartment complex as a result of criminal findings against my fiance. SafeRent pulled a laundry list of criminal records from a different person and attached them to my fiance's file. We are now having to go through an appeals process just to get them to do the job right! We are at risk of losing the apartment and our application fee due to this company's idiocy. It seems that the company does not use a SSN to conduct background checks. I would stay FAR away from any apartment complex that uses CoreLogic SafeRent to conduct background checks!

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2018

I have been renting apartments for over 10 years. I have a great rental history. My credit score isn't super and I told this new apartment building I've been waiting to get in that my credit wasn't perfect and they said, "That's okay. Just come in anyways," so I did. I filled out the application. I also gave them a $500 deposit. CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions denied me for an incident that was dismissed through the courts. I am now fighting it because I am a victim of domestic violence and I am stuck now in this apartment afraid to leave.

I've been denied by three places and I believe it's because of this dismissed incident. I sent in paperwork showing it was dismissed. They never received it. Then

I faxed it in. They did not receive that. I eventually had to email it and finally two days later they said they did receive it and I should call back once a week to see what the results are. I don't understand what happened to calling landlords and this company seems to be notoriously wrong... What is going on?

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Reviewed Jan. 26, 2018

CoreLogic/Credco released FALSE information about my credit to BlueChip Financial which then released same false information to other Credit Report Agencies. I file a complaint against CoreLogic and their customer services representatives that wanted to speak with me in Spanish a language I don't speak. This credit report company should not be permitted to do this type of business that cause customers to suffer the bad consequences of their poor services.

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2017

This company CREDCO pulled my credit unauthorized 2 times in 10 days and counting. I looked them up and am amazed to see what everyone else has experienced also. This cannot be legal. If an attorney or the FTC sees this please contact us to file a CLL. Also heard Wells Fargo is affiliated to this group which explains a lot. Thank you!

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Reviewed Aug. 17, 2017

THIS COMPANY SUCKS!!! I was denied an apartment two days ago because of the idiots at CoreLogic. I have a good credit score and have committed ZERO crimes - the same goes for my guarantor. When the leasing office ran the background check through CoreLogic for my guarantor (someone who will not even be living in the apartment) a totally different person came up with a criminal record. A different person with a different spelling of their first name, different middle name, different last name, different gender, and different race came up with a criminal record.

This is completely and totally CoreLogic's fault and not mine. So I have wasted 110$ to apply for an apartment thinking there would be no problem since my guarantor and I both have good credit and no criminal record. BUT NO. The stupid leasing office will not do anything further and CoreLogic is of no help. How is a company like this even in business? All I have read about them is how much they suck and I see 60 reviews just like my own where they are ruining innocent people's lives.

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Reviewed July 31, 2017

Was denied an apartment because of my criminal background check. I had a speeding ticket about 10 years ago but I paid it. I live a mild-mannered life, so there isn't anything really to blip out on my criminal background. I'm going to try and see what the deal is with these guys. I'll dispute it, and see if I can get a second opinion with a more reputable company.

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Reviewed June 23, 2017

CORELOGIC denied my apartment application because of a case that was DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE back in 2015. CORELOGIC blames the courts for not giving them updated information (such a professional excuse). So now I'm on day 17 of a possible 30 day "dispute investigation" just so a person sitting in a cubicle can eventually open a thin manila folder and verify that I paid my November rent in 2015. Can you please streamline your operations? I see your stock price is doing well but it's certainly not based on applicant satisfaction.

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Reviewed June 13, 2017

I've been renting in apartments for 6 years now, without issue. To my surprise, I was denied when I applied for a different apartment recently (which is significantly less rent than any of my other apartments, despite my income increasing year over year). I was absolutely shocked. When I contacted CoreLogic, they tried to explain how their "risk-rating" differs from a traditional credit score and that's why my score was over 150 points different than any other score anyone has ever run.

I asked the lady on the phone to explain in detail what on my report contributed to pegging me as high risk and all she could say was "actually your report looks really good, other than opening a few accounts within the last 3 years." The report shows everything paid on time, my usage of revolving credit is low, no loans or any debt, etc. etc. I asked if it was typical whether having recent accounts could have such a drastic impact on the report and she said not usually, but that's just the way it came back. However they run reports on people is a complete SCAM. I have no problem getting approved for a lease elsewhere.

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Reviewed May 20, 2017

Like many of the other reviews I too have had an experience with CoreLogic's background checks. My family and I decided to sell our home to downsize. So in this transition we decided to rent an apartment for year until we find the area we want to live in. My family and I have not lived in an apartment in over 10-11 years and we were denied because of criminal background history. This threw me totally off-guard because my husband is ex-military and a stand up citizen. We were in total shock.

When I asked the apartment complex to rerun the background check because I know that was not accurate I said if I have to go get a police report to prove that this is wrong I will. They refused to discuss the situation or even revisit the conversation. How horrible is that we sold our home thinking we will be able to move in by the first of June only to find out we have no place to go. This is enough to ruin someone's life. How in the world could this be even possible that they are promoting false information. This is really bad and that's not even the worst part. The worst part is they CoreLogic are so nonchalant like it's no big deal. I can imagine how often this happen on daily basis to someone with a common name. This is horrible and very unprofessional.

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Reviewed April 12, 2017

We (myself, my husband and daughter) have owned 2 homes over the past 25 years and decided to rent an apartment while in transition. We were denied an apartment due to an erroneous negative criminal background check against my husband from CoreLogic Rental Property Solution, LLC A.K.A. CoreLogic SafeRent. Despite providing SSNs, driver's license numbers, and other identifying information the background check that was provided by CoreLogic was for a person with a different first name, different middle name, and different birth year. My husband shares one of the most common names in the US, therefore, it is extremely likely that he will share the same name as thousands of other men including criminals.

Apparently CoreLogic does not put forth much of an effort to validate the data they collect and report. We were told SSN and driver's license are often not used by CoreLogic to conduct their background checks; only name and birth dates. It is obvious that CoreLogic does not distinguish between Christopher or Chis, William, Will, Billy or Bill, Samuel, Sam or Sammy, Johnny or John, Michael or Mike, etc. CoreLogic also does not consider birth years when linking data because apparently information from common names such as Ed ** 01/01/1980 and Eddie ** 01/01/1995 is often reported in the same CoreLogic report.

When I called CoreLogic asking why this information with very little exact matches was on his report, two different representative (Salina and Tiffany) simply said that is what came back when they used his name and date of birth. We were told to file a dispute but it could take up to 30 days to be corrected even after providing additional identifying documents to CoreLogic. After nearly 2 weeks and $1,200 ($600 per week) staying at an extended stay the erroneous information is still not corrected. We have lost the apartment we preferred and reluctant to spend another $250-$400 nonrefundable application fee for another apartment only to get the same report from CoreLogic. CoreLogic should be held liable for carelessly reporting erroneous information that negatively impact families' lives and being slow to validate and correct their data.

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Reviewed April 4, 2017

In 2013 I applied for a rental townhome and CoreLogic did the background check. I was denied. After insisting for a reason why I was denied the rental agent informed me I was a convicted sex felon from Texas. I was devastated, confounded. I never in my life been to Texas. Well after checking the rental agent discovered it was not me. But still was not comfortable with renting to me. I have never been in prison for anything. I prided myself in keeping my nose clean. Now I find myself afraid to apply for anything that requires a background. Things like this affect your life and had my wife not known I was with her at that time could have caused serious marriage problems. They removed the incorrect information. That was it. No apologies.

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Reviewed March 5, 2017

One month ago I got denied to rent a house. Didn't get an explanation. This is the first time I've ever gotten denied housing so I decided to rent an apartment instead. I applied online, and got approved. When I got to place, I noticed that my daughter's name was on the application as a primary tenant. I informed the place that I'm the only person renting. The leasing agent verified my ss#, DOB, all of the information was mine on the application, just the name for some reason was incorrect. I asked her to re-run it with my name because my daughter would not be staying in the apartment. After she re-ran it, using the correct name I got denied. Some reason, my NAME HAS BEEN BLACKLISTED, but my credit is good enough to rent. I make 5 times the amount of rent for the place I was applying for. What is that about??? She told me to contact the company CoreLogic.

They are closed on the weekend. I pulled a copy of my rental history report (www.rentalhistoryreport) and pulled my credit from all major 3 credit bureaus since I could not get in contact with anyone from CoreLogic. Nothing negative about rental history is any of the reports! I don't have a criminal background. I've worked in the same field for over 25 years. My debt to income ratio is not outrageous. I am asking everyone to file a complaint with your local attorney general under consumer protection on CoreLogic. Also report them to the Federal Trade Commission for under consumer protection. They have an F RATING with BBB.

We may have a class action lawsuit against this CoreLogic if they are getting working people unfairly denied for housing because the company is not abiding by the fair credit reporting act and negligently misrepresenting information to rental companies. Budget in Suites and other extended stay hotels are filled up with working people that are being displaced because they are being denied for housing unfairly. Families with working parents and children are becoming homeless due to these unfair practices. This must stop!!!

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Reviewed May 19, 2016

I applied to an apartment complex in Greensboro, NC. After countless visits to apartments I finally get to the one I liked and could really see myself living in for many years. I was denied by this company after a background check. The source of my denial you might ask? A debt owed to a landlord that was mistakenly put on a report from YEARS ago! Not only has the debt collector removed this but also the apartment complex but lo and behold Corelogic's outdated and incorrect computer systems still has it listed and was the reason I was denied.

Calling them is a complete waste of time. I was told to speak to one representative at the time by the name of Eliel. For some reason he is always away from his "desk" and never returns phone calls. Sounds as if there are only two people answering the phones in the whole place. This place is a JOKE! Tried to just give verification to the landlord of the prospective apartment complex and they can't accept that for whatever reason. How many days does it take to remove this mistake on THEIR behalf off of your account? 30 days!!! I cannot be more pissed off! We have to be out of our apartment soon and this poor excuse of a "safe rent" place isn't allowing good, respectable tenants to even be able to move into the home of their dreams because of their foolishness.

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Reviewed May 4, 2016

I recently applied for a few apartments here in Indianapolis, IN and was approved for one but not the other BECAUSE of this HORRIBLE company CoreLogic. What I am figuring out is that once there is ANYTHING negative on your report, CoreLogic holds it against you REGARDLESS of whether it's paid or not. Seems to be tone of a lot of these reports. I had a small balance that was owed to a previous complex (received the letter from a collection agency because I didn't know about it and I PAID IT IMMEDIATELY!) and it shows paid on all THREE of my reports.

Well... that wasn't good enough for these fraudsters. They claim I was denied because this was showing unpaid on my Experian report but when I pulled my credit, all 3 bureaus have been updated. Then they tell me they will "fix" THEIR mistake if I provide proof (which I did) but it takes 30-60 days and I can then reapply. Are you kidding me? Our lease is up in less than a month! WTF!!! To make matters worse, the complex will not accept ANY documentation showing it was paid... They have to go by whatever report they receive from CoreLogic. You suck CoreLogic. Thanks for screwing hardworking people such as myself. Why pay something off if it's just going to come back and bite you in the butt regardless?!?

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Reviewed April 19, 2016

I applied for some apartments called Meadowood townhomes in Canton, MI. I was told that my application was denied due to a landlord-tenant eviction on my credit report. I informed them that it couldn't be true and they gave me a number to call. I called CoreLogic SafeRent and sent them in the documents stating that it was incorrect. They removed it and I was informed that they will take it off. Jay the supervisor told me to have the company rerun my application and that it would come back approved because that was the only thing holding me up. I also have the paperwork and email to prove that. My application was submitted again and still denied. I called CoreLogic SafeRent and they stated there was nothing on my report that should of had me denied. I asked the apartment why I was denied and they stated they do not know. There was NO reason.

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CoreLogic SafeRent
Year Founded:
40 Pacifica, Suite 900
Postal Code:
United States