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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Lenscrafters?
    • 4,461,376 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Reviewed May 8, 2024

    LensCrafters Sherman Oaks Van Nuys Blvd is the worst place to purchase prescription eyeglasses. They are incompetent and have no idea what they’re talking about. Their prices are outrageous and quality very, very poor. Don’t be fooled.

    Reviewed April 27, 2024

    I went to try and get my eyes exam because I had lost my glasses, I asked how much did my coverage covered. They said cover for 450. When I got there, I wanted the less expensive frame because I know I could add up when I did choose one that was 119 and the lens came out to 280 minus the $450 deduction. It didn’t make sense to me so I call my union and LensCrafters try to make me pay more money so for that don’t go there. They’re a rip off!!! That’s in Staten Island.


    Reviewed April 26, 2024

    I purchased a pair of progressive glasses from LensCrafters. I chose a large frame pair. I tried for 2 weeks to get adjusted to them and it gave me headaches plus I had to raise my head and look down each time I had to read something. I went back and explained the situation to the optometrist. She told me to keep trying. Soon my 30 days was up with no change and I couldn't return them. Later, I discussed this with my ophthalmologist and he said with large lenses the progression is more spread out than with smaller lenses. I asked him why I wasn't told this at LensCrafters and he said it's a matter of education. Now I've paid $400. for glasses I can't use.


    The opposite happened to me at another retailer. I got progressive lenses for the first time, but a frame that was too small and it made it difficult for me. I felt like I could barely move my eyes without it changing. Made it difficult to see and made me dizzy as well. I just got some medium size and I hope it’s better.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 26, 2024

    Terrible experience at every step of dealing with LensCrafters. Hard to navigate website, broken links, inconvenient times, customer service agents with heavy foreign accents and contradictory statements ... Horrible.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 25, 2024

    I had an unhappy shopping experience with the salesman. There were two different brand of frames I needed to choose from and he just didn't care to give me any information about the material, measurement, discount info etc. Nothing and when I asked him about those info and he was rolling his eyes and squeeze as few words as he can. He was not handed back my prescription paper, he threw it back at me and refused to clean my old glass which I also bought at this store one year ago. I felt really humiliated not gonna lie! They really needs some training before servicing the customer. I know I must not be the only one who has been treated like this. Their store manager was even worse. I called her many times and she promised to call me back (she said she is busy) and after 1 hour I called her again and her coworker said she was gone back home. What a toxic customer service culture. They don't have any sense of service.

    Reviewed April 20, 2024

    I went to Lenscrafters 2 months ago. After, a week, I decided the lenses would not for me so returned them within the return policies. Supposedly, they sent a check to arrive in 7-10s. I am now on day 28. No check. Horrible.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed April 12, 2024

    100% avoid. Make sure you don't make a purchase with them. After 15 days, they were clueless about my order. They were neither able to cancel my order, nor provide an ETA, nor process the order. I have a block of $2,100 on CC for days that I am not able to use because of them. Horrible customer service.


    Reviewed April 10, 2024

    After 20+ years I'm done with this company. The staff are terrible. The inventory is low. The last time I was there, they made so many mistake from mismeasuring my lenses to cutting them wrong, and even the doctor wrote a wrong prescription for my new glasses. The location I went to was in Jenkintown, PA. Do not go there people. They should close that store.

    Reviewed March 27, 2024

    Got a pair of Costa and for some reason they keep breaking..I went through 3 pair in a year and even though I pay for the insurance the guy at LensCrafters still gave me a attitude to replace them...I will take my business somewhere else...Don't need to deal with them

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPricePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Feb. 29, 2024

    Had the worse experience with this company. They kept ordering the wrong size for my glasses, so I didn't receive them until about a year later. I was promised that the warranty wouldn't start until the purchase date. I was understanding, even though they were in the wrong. When I went to pick them up a few times, they couldn't find them. They said they called me WHICH ISN'T TRUE! Now I am being told they never told me that and the mistake was on my end. They are such a scam. Even with the warranty, you still have to pay for the new lenses.. They kept making mistakes and now don't want to give me my well deserved warranty. The glasses are overpriced. The customer service and management are TERRIBLE. NEVER SHOP THERE!

    Sales & MarketingReliability

    Reviewed Feb. 20, 2024

    Lenscrafters.com is a scam, they sell you defective products and then offers no compensation or fix. The lenses on my 6 months old RayBan frames just popped out and when I took them to the store, they told me that those lenses do not fit the frames. That whoever put it together made a mistake and they were bound to fall out eventually. Unfortunately for me that happened past the warranty period and LensCrafters.com would not own up to their craftsmanship defect.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 27, 2024

    I had the worst experience with LensCrafters. They got this new machine to check your eyes last year supposedly better more accurate.. But they want you to pay $35 more to use it.. Ok I am 61 years old. I been wearing glasses for 20 years and the old machine was fine. So of course I declined.. Well then she said ”Oh you didn’t check this box”, I told her I knew, I had it last year and my glasses was so bad I never could wear them. She said, "Well, we don’t do exams unless you check the box and pay the $35.."

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2024

    I placed an order for lens fitting service at LensCrafters in South Coast Plaza on 11/17/2023 and handed over my Cartier frame to the store. The staff assured me they would call me once the glasses were ready. However, I never received any notification. On 12/28/2023, I called to inquire about the status and was informed that my order was canceled due to the high prescription strength of the lenses. They mentioned they were waiting for a response from the lab, but the details were unclear.

    I requested prompt updates and wanted to retrieve my frame to get glasses elsewhere. Despite contacting them again on 1/3/2024, I received no notification. The staff's responses remained vague, failing to clarify the cancellation reasons or the status of my frame. They insisted on waiting for further information. On 1/5/2024, I called again, and Rita, the person in charge, processed a refund. I emphasized the two-month wait without being informed of the order cancellation and requested the swift return of my frame to avoid further delays. Rita assured me she would contact her manager and the lab for an update.

    As of 1/17/2024, LensCrafters had not provided any proactive notifications. Upon my inquiry, I learned that Rita was on vacation, and my frame's whereabouts were unknown, with the staff lacking the authority to assist. My only option was to wait. I requested to speak with higher management, but they claimed not to know. The entire experience has been extremely unsatisfactory, with the staff displaying a lack of professionalism and a failure to address and resolve customer issues. This behavior appears to be a blatant disregard for customers, and I feel deceived as a consumer.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Jan. 10, 2024

    Lenscrafters Murray Utah is the worst eye care facility in America. They discriminate against military veterans, never honor their warranty and are always late with product deliver. If you a veteran or first responder you should never buy from this place. All veterans organizations pass the word.


    Reviewed Jan. 10, 2024

    1/8/2024: After doing further research, LensCrafters prices are extremely high. Even with insurance discounts I got charged a lot. I always do my research before buying something, I didn't with this so it's on me. I do not recommend them. Do a wide search, you will find cheaper places out there that provide good service and are less expensive.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 5, 2024

    I ordered my prescription eyeglasses online on December 14th, 2023. Today is January 4, 2024, and I still don’t have my order. I have tried tracking the order and it says it’s in Spokane, Washington, which is about 40 miles from where I live. I’ve gotten on LensCrafters’s chat, and ask about my order, but they couldn’t say except if they haven’t been delivered within 5 days of being shipped they would be considered lost. I have sent two emails explains everything, but I haven’t heard from them. I said I just needed to cancel the order and receive a refund. I couldn’t talk to a live person when I called their customer service, but I left a message. I would strongly suggest no one use LensCrafters for their glasses. I really need to get this order cancelled and receive a refund.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 30, 2023

    If I could give a 0-star review I would. I never had an eyeglass company that was so pitiful. The store manager admitted on the phone with me that she has had a lot of issues with people with prescription issues but instead of solving the issue and taking the recommendation, she hung up because I think with better training, they would not have as many issues like with my glasses, since April until November they could not get the prescription right and refuse to listen to what I am recommending to make it work. Then they will only refund, not even all the way my eyeglasses and not the two sunglasses that I still cannot see out of. I hope that my insurance company can let others know that this is the worst location to try to get glasses for those who have prescriptions with astigmatism and progressives. They are not equipped to handle that very well.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Dec. 29, 2023

    Ordered a pair of Ray Ban prescription glasses through LensCraftrers. They arrived on day X, I was never notified until I called customer service 10 days later to find out they were at the store. Now remember, they said they were at the store. I arrived to pick them up, and no one could find them. Because they were on-line ordered, they get thrown into a bin in the back. And I literally saw them dump the bin on the floor and start to look through the boxes and toss them back into the bin when they were found to be not mine. Eventually they were not found, despite UPS showing the tracking number was delivered and signed for by the store manager.


    Reviewed Nov. 14, 2023

    Terrible glasses and expensive. The frame broke so easily. They replaced one that broke. They broke again. I paid for it that time. The frame was so incredibly cheap at almost 200 dollar. My contact lenses I paid 100s for cannot wear them. I cannot see up close. Only very far away so a waste of money. They poo pooed oh try this or that replaced them still the same. My regular eyeglasses are fish bowl effect. It’s horrible. My spare pair same lense is worse than my regular pair. Something really weird is going on with LensCrafters. Save up your money and go to a real place. Not a cheap mall one.

    Reviewed Oct. 26, 2023

    Take your money elsewhere, first off my exam was off and I had to get my script reduced, made at least 10 or more visits trying to get my glasses comfortable. Here I am $700 dollars later just to be told I’m stuck with the frame because it’s been over 30 days as if I haven’t been back more than enough times for the experts to figure out the frame is just too heavy instead they just keep trying to adjust them. I’m for the most part fairly new to the eyeglass world and feel like I should have been told the frame is too heavy but of course I had to figure that out myself. Don’t shop here. It’s a rip off.

    Reviewed Oct. 23, 2023

    Only used as they accepted my insurance, but I highly recommend you go elsewhere for glasses if don’t want to wait forever to receive them. Tracking order I just received is bogus, was told to wait a week to contact them again.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 19, 2023

    The prescription I was given didn't work for reading because it didn't take into account the distance for me to see up close. One pair was going to cost $1,100. Asked for a refund. Answer, NO REFUND..

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 17, 2023

    I purchased new glasses at Lenscrafters 16 months ago. I bent the frame and went in to see if they could adjust them. Five minutes later they came out and said nothing they could do. 16 months and my frames cannot be adjusted or the “scratch resistant lenses” which were terribly scratched and foggy… No option other than pay $615 to replace. The salesperson was rude, dismissive and not helpful at all. When I asked if there was anything they could do she smirked and said…”Go elsewhere next time”!!!! I couldn’t believe it. Thank you LensCrafters… No wonder your ratings are low. Palm Beach Gardens LC… Buyer Beware!

    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 14, 2023

    I spent so much money and time at LensCrafters between my husband and me each getting prescription glasses and sunglasses. I got a pair of RayBan sunglasses, and since they were prescription lenses, new lenses had to be put in the glasses when they arrived at my local LensCrafters. It took about a week for our glasses to be ready, which was great. Everything seemed fine when I picked them up, but I realized when I went to wear my sunglasses for the first time, a week or so after pickup, that the frame had been completely warped when the technician installed the lenses. So I went back to a LensCrafters closer to my house and the customer service agent took my sunglasses and said it would be a week for my new sunglasses to be returned. She said they would call.

    A week came and went, no call. So I called them at about the ten day mark, no one knew what was going on with my glasses. Then I called again at the two week mark, and again, no information. Finally in the third week I got a phone call saying they had my sunglasses, they’d been there for a while but no one knew who they belonged to or what they were for. I went in, inspected them, tried them on, all seemed good. Then I realized next day when I was wearing them for driving that there was no prescription in them. I’m nearsighted, and need my glasses for distance, so it wasn’t apparent in the store that there was no prescription. So I had to go back in again and they had to order my prescription lenses, once again taking away my sunglasses (did I mention I live in Sunny AZ?).

    About a week later I got a call that my glasses were done. I went back in to pick them up, was in a hurry, tried them on and they fit ok but I was in a rush so I didn’t make sure they fit perfectly. They’re too big, so I can’t wear them. I need to go back in to have them adjusted, because for some reason these once got huge. But I haven’t had time, because my husband recently had open heart surgery and we are busy.

    Also, upon looking at my sunglasses more closely, I can see that when the technician installed the lenses, he or she bent the frame again so it bends in where the bridge of the nose is and the rest of the frame bends outwards. This is why they fit so large. The arms of the glasses bend outwards, so I’m not even sure how they will make them fit me without bending the ends of the arms inwards which will create pressure points behind my ears and cause headaches for me. So I have $400 prescription sunglasses that I have been unable to wear as of yet, and by the time I find time to get this fixed, it’ll be time for a new prescription. I am not happy.

    I had intended to keep my frames next year and just have new lenses put in, but they’re already damaged. Between my husband and me, we spent $1200 at LensCrafters. For that kind of money, I shouldn’t have damaged frames. I am never going to shop at LensCrafters again. The only reason they get two stars is that the employees at the original LensCrafters I ordered the glasses from were very nice. I can’t say the same about the second location.

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    Customer ServiceCoveragePrice

    Reviewed Oct. 5, 2023

    Do not go here. Do not go to Lenscrafters. First, they DO NOT take your insurance. They say they do but it is probably out of network and thus a higher charge. Second, they can't fix their error. They billed under my husband's insurance and not mine. Then I got another bill for $120 because my insurance was denied. I pointed out their error and they couldn't fix it. Corporate won't respond and while the manager ultimately gave me the money to pay them back, I lost out on what my insurance would have provided which is better insurance.

    They also offer all these deals and then you are not eligible for any or they add services and don't tell you. For example, eye exams are supposed to be $10 on my insurance. They charged $30 because they took pictures. Um... shouldn't that be my choice? If you do go here, and I don't know why you would, ask about EVERYTHING BEFORE you settle. They will throw things in, lie to you and try to cheat you out of your money.

    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 27, 2023

    My family of three have purchased tens of thousands of dollars in glasses with Lenscrafters over the years. I typically do not have any issues. The last time I ordered glasses, the Tint started wear off on the edges of the frames. While I typically insure my glasses, this one-time insurance wasn't included. It's only $25. On a $700 pair of glasses, that is not something I would decline. When I take my glasses back to the store (NorthLake Mall, Charlotte - (I have time today), the rep acknowledged that it was a defect and attempted to help me replace them. He informed me I did not get insurance (which was a shock to me). He attempted some other ways to help me replace the glasses since I did not have insurance. He stated since it was outside of the 30 day manufacture warranty then he could not help me.

    I contacted customer service online and informed them of my issue. They referred me back to the store, who contacted me and informed me they could not help and offered a 50% discount on a future pair. I informed them that, just charge me the amount of insurance I'd gladly pay the deductible to put in a claim. All these things are governed by people. What's sad, is that in corporations, all it takes is the right person to reply and say yes, please assist that customer. But they decided, they wouldn't help. I will gladly take my money and spend it with another company. That is a horrible customer service. I will never spend another dime with Lenscrafters.

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    PricePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Aug. 21, 2023

    Both pairs of frames I bought had demo lenses. However, when I went back after cataract surgery to replace my Oakley lenses with non prescription lenses. They just said no this was not a service they provided! This is outrageous since the frames alone were over 200 dollars and the lenses were almost the same amount yet when I went to LensCrafters they immediately said there was nothing they could do to replace the prescription lenses with quality regular lenses. In fact they didn’t even try to make an effort to sell me any lenses to fit their proprietary Oakley frames? Which they never tell you the frames are not standard and can only be used with prescription lenses! Poor poor service since no one knows when their vision might change and with the prices we pay for frames, we should be offered a standard frame so even the Oakley makers as an example would have lenses that fit the same frame that are not prescription!

    Many people seem to have frames and glasses they don’t need anymore and it is just a shame Oakley and LensCrafters sell frames that can only be used for either prescription or for nonprescription but they are not interchangeable! I even went to the Oakley outlet who also does not sell a nonprescription lense for the frames I have so I and anyone in the same boat are out with these now worthless frames and glasses! I seem to have the same issue with Burberry! These frame makers do slightly different frames so you are stuck with either prescription frames or regular frames but not a frame that will fit both. Seems to me the lenses are crafted to fit a certain prescription so you would have thought or I did, the frames were generic to the lense, nope you either spend a lot of money for expensive nonprescription frames or a lot of money for prescription frames.

    When you look at the cost of frames and lenses they almost match so actually it is unclear to me what it buys anyone other than the need to get these types of frames? My suggestion, never buy name brand named sunglasses or prescription frames, buy the cheapest frames you can get for prescription glasses and stick with the middle or less sunglasses. The top names don’t serve anyone since their lenses cannot be swapped if a time comes you want the frames but no longer need the lenses! The industry really keeps this detail a big secret and I would be totally amazed if people have not complained about this same issue! Get your prescriptions from one place by cheap frames online or at throw away prices somewhere else’s. The name brands are not worth the hassle!!!!

    Oh and LensCrafters sold me both Burberry and Oakley prescription frames but will not do anything to help you get no prescription lenses for them! That business alone only sells you frames and lenses! They didn’t even tell me last year I had cataracts! If they had, I wouldn’t have these frames and glasses today that are totally worthless since you can get cataract surgery early nowadays and avoid persecution glasses! I only found out I had cataracts from another provider under my medical plan when I was having major issues with blurry vision! LensCrafters could also see my cataracts last year but never said anything during the exams even when I told them the images were very blurry! They just said the eyewear would clear that up! I went back a couple time they changed the prescription and I just felt with it till this year and got the real issue fixed!

    Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2023

    Called Lens Crafters and was given a quote and told their promotion was 50% off lenses when purchasing a complete pair. Coincidentally, three days after calling them, I received in the mail a card from them stating I could get $50.00 dollars off a complete pair of lenses and frames. Went into store and purchased a complete pair of lenses and frames. Presented the card and was told I couldn't use it because the lenses were already 50% off. Beware of the mailed promotions, they are a scam.

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    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2023

    The first glasses were crooked and the lens never came clean. They replaced them which is true. They solved the problem of them being crooked, but the lens still never come clean. All I use is their cleaner, their rag they provided, or water. And now there's a little mark on the left lens. I've never had these problems with anyone else's glasses and I've been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old from different places. The bottom line is I'll never go back to Lenscrafters Downers Grove or any other location. $500 for a pair of glasses and you can't get them clean? I'll go to the other places that have two pair for $100 or whatever. My insurance made us come here and I think it's terrible that they won't let us use insurance for the other places.

    Profile pic of the author.

    Reviewed July 20, 2023

    I ordered my glasses online, and when I got my glasses, the prescription was wrong. I returned the glasses and decided to get a refund, and it's taking forever to get my insurance released and my refund. I was told 3 to 5 days. It's been a few weeks. I will never use LensCrafters again. I need my insurance to purchase glasses.

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