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Reviewed Sept. 14, 2020

I would seriously rate negative stars if I could; I've used Acuvue Oasys for YEARS and love them, my opt recommended these so against better judgement purchased a year's worth.. BIG MISTAKE. Not only are the contacts literal garbage but the rebate is fake too. Yay! (shocking I know) I purchased the monthlies and after 3/4 days they're already blurring and I constantly need to refocus them, they're extremely straining, drying and irritating after an hour of wear and I have worn my glasses more than ever after purchasing these. That's how annoying they are on your eye.

You will 100% lose brain cells trying to deal with the stupidity that occurs within the customer service department, it's clear you don't even need a G.E.D or IQ higher than 1 to work for them being the only two line I think these reps can process and understand are 1) invalid/missing information, 2) 4-6 weeks/still being processed, the ultimate run around. I really wish I read everyone's reviews on this product prior to purchasing because I would have never switched from my regular brand.

This is absolutely a pyramid scheme between ophthalmologist and the company, all our rebate money is going to the doctors pushing these contacts to people who don't know any better and a trusting the word/advice of the trained "professionals" because any licensed/ethical professional would know these are by far low quality garbage contacts from a company that is not highly recommended by users (as you can see below) & not going to stick to the "rebate" that the provider is throwing in as a form of persuasion (almost positive they still get their cut for making the sales though... PYRAMID SCHEME). Stick to your normal brand & do not be roped in by the rebate speech, you will not actually get it and if you do it will only take a minimum of 10 years to actually get it & won't be for the dollar amount you're promised.

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Reviewed Sept. 9, 2020

I was browsing for these lenses as I need to re-order them and I can’t believe all the negative reviews. So I decided to leave my experience. I have worn contacts for over 20 years. I have tried practically most brands including dailies and RGP. I’ve used B&L soft lenses (first contacts), Acuvue oasys (biweekly and daily moist), AirOptix, Biofinity, Clariti, Proclear, Optimum, and Fluoroperm. Now the Ultras. RGP were the ones with the best vision, crystal clear. However, comfort was always a challenge, specially when working out. Even with the plasma coating. With the Ultra lenses I can see as clear as with the Fluoroperm (with plasma coating) but better comfort. I highly recommend the B&L Ultra for Astigmatism. I’m not sure about the rebates or customer service as I got an instant rebate at costco and haven’t reach out to B&L, but these contacts are the best for my eyes!

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Reviewed Aug. 22, 2020

My eye dr. prescribed these B&L Ultra contacts because of an astigmatism, so she said. I am over 50 and have been using contacts for at least 30 years. I have NEVER experienced the absolute frustration these Ultra contacts provide. The material they are made of seems purposely designed to stop holding its form after literally one use. It takes me at least 15 to 20 mins to get the dang things to stay in my eye without either popping right out or folding over. I have NEVER experienced this with ANY other lenses I have used. Ever.

I literally have nothing good to say about these. They are by far the absolute worst experience I have ever had in lenses. By the time I finally do get them in each morning, it takes an hour for the redness and irritation of 50 attempts to get them on to finally alleviate. These lenses are a perfect marketing tool for getting Lasik surgery. It is far less invasive and less painful than dealing with THESE every morning. I would welcome the opportunity to sit down with the team that came up with the design for these lenses....and poke each team member in the eye. Worst lenses ever. They get one star because giving 0 is not an option.

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Reviewed July 21, 2020

When I agreed to order a years worth of contacts I was told at my doctors office that if I went Bausch Rewards when I received the contacts. And followed the instructions I received at the office that I was eligible for a $100.00 refund against the cost of the contacts. A coupon is how it was described to me. I went to the site - had to create a account- and then found out it was false. No place for the refund just to get points to purchase more of their products and be on their mailing list. I will not buy any of their products after this experience with them. And am alerting my doctors office about the bait and switch tactic.

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Reviewed July 17, 2020

My purchase was quick and easy, and it was cheaper for me to order online than from my Eye doctor. They had everything I ordered in stock and I received it in a few days. I will order from them again for all my future needs.

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Reviewed July 11, 2020

I have been using contact lenses for 20 years. My eye doctor recently prescribed me AcuVue contacts from Bausch and Lomb. I had to purchase a year's worth. These are by far the worst contacts I have ever experienced. Every morning is a 25-30 minute nightmare trying to get them to stay in my eyes. Again, I have been wearing contacts for 20 years, and have NEVER experienced anything like this. It is as if they are not made to be worn. I have used hard contacts, soft contacts, daily disposable....every type there is, and NEVER experienced such frustration and difficulty getting them to stay in. I wish there was a way I could get a refund. I feel that B&L has robbed me of so much time over the last 9 months dealing with this every morning that I at a minimum deserve my money back. These are the WORST contact product ever made.

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Reviewed July 1, 2020

I take the contacts out every night. However, I can't even get a week in before they break down and become blurry. I have never had a problem with my old brand but the doctor suggested these for my stigmatism. A fresh pair is great and I see in HD but not for long. This brand of contact is expensive and now is making me think Lasik, so I don't have to waste money on contacts anymore. Shame on you Bausch and Lomb for making an inferior product.

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Reviewed June 19, 2020

I've used this brand's contact lens solution for a really long time, and feel that it is great - too bad because I do not want to give this company any more of my money. Last time I went to get my eye exam my doctor suggested I switch and order through this company. He stated that it was a great deal because they offered a 200 dollar rebate.

I submitted the rebate, and noticed that the rebate card could take up to 90 days to be sent to me. At the 90 day mark since I still had not received this card I reached out to them. At this point I was told that my card had been mailed out over 2 months earlier, and that my balance was only 15 dollars. They stated I had already been using the card. I reported this as fraud, they stated there would be an investigation, and sent me another card. I used this card, and about 2 months later they contacted me through the mail with a letter stating that the investigation found that there was no fraud, and I owe them 200 dollars. This letter was also only dated 1 week prior to when they stated they would attempt to take money from my rebate card. I didn't even receive this letter until after this day.

Also, I have no idea how I would've even uploaded money onto this card if I wanted to. I have no idea what kind of investigation was actually carried out. I was not asked to supply them with any information, and no one asked me any questions. The charges on this card that I never received were about 50 miles east of where I live in a town I've never been to. The letter stated that if I would like any more information on how the decision was arrived at I could contact customer service.

Upon contacting customer service I spent probably 30-40 minutes on hold, and spoke to two individuals that could not help at all. They told me they could not supply me with any information, contradictory to what the letter stated. They said that all I could do was fax an appeal letter to the fraud department. They were unable to provide me with a phone number or email, where I could speak to someone in the department directly. I faxed a letter two weeks ago, asking someone to please email me or call me to discuss this further, or at least let me know that it was received. I have yet to receive any call or email.

I also have tried to reach out to customer service to verify that they will not attempt to send me to collections while I am in the appeal process, with no response. To me this seemed like a scam from the start. I've never had such a ridiculous experience or dealt with such incompetent people, when I am trying to gain more clarity and receive support in a frustrating situation. Also, I have never thrown so many contacts away right out of the package. Many of them seemed to be distorted in shape. If you are considering switching contact lens brands because of a great rebate deal, I wouldn't bother, this company seems to be heavily bordering on being fraudulent.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed April 12, 2020

I purchased year supply of contact lens for $240. My doctor told me I will get $100 rebate for the purchase. I got a code and instructions to claim my rewards with my purchase. It looked simple enough and straight forward. So I go through the whole process (taking pictures of the invoice, contact lens, input doctors info etc). It said reward pts will be given after they review my purchase. It has been couple weeks. I got no response at all from them and no pts in my acct. I should have known this would happen. They have ad and website making it look really easy and fast to claim the rewards. But it's not and probably got no one monitoring this department. So my advice is just buy the lower price contacts because this whole rebate thing is a joke. Just got ripped off. Contact lens works fine just like any other brands. It's so sketchy business ethics.

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Reviewed Jan. 20, 2020

I just spent 22 minutes (mostly on hold) with B & L Customer Service. This past weekend, I opened the plastic pack containing one Optima 38 lens, put the lens in my eye, and immediately removed it. Upon inspection, it looked and felt like either two lenses were stuck together or something was doubled up in production. In any event, obviously a manufacturing error. I always like to have back-up lenses, and I am fortunate (?) that the lenses last a while. So, the new lens that I put in this weekend had an expiration date of 2019-06-23. Once the rep heard that it was expired, she contacted her supervisory team, and informed me that they would not refund or replace and do not investigate.

Obviously this defect had nothing to do with when the product expired. And, they would like to see the lens anyway. I would not send it back unless they send me a postage-paid return carton/envelope, but that doesn't account for the trip to the post office. I believe that once they look at the lens and see that it was (1) their manufacturing defect and (2) unrelated to the expiration date, that they should compensate the consumer. This experience is enough to make me want to change contact lens brands, but B & L is the only brand my eye doctor recommends.

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Reviewed Dec. 10, 2019

A year ago I got Bausch + Lomb ultra for astigmatism. I noticed then how dry and irritated my eyes would get. I went to my eye doctor and got another trial pair. Not even 6 hrs later they were dry and my eyes had stress veins in them. I put in some lubricating eye drops in and felt such searing pain. I went to my bf's house to meet his sister and she legit thought I was stoned. I was like no these contacts just suck. I went to Walmart prior to this and when I was getting my eyebrows waxed my eyes began to water bad. I got a tissue and wiped my right eye and the contacts folded in half and went under my top eyelid. Such pain omg the esthetician was afraid to continue because of this incident. It was bad.

So let's rewind a couple years. Same eye and my contact had torn. I almost couldn't fish it out!!! So fast forward back to now. After my dog ate them (i know terrible hes fine just pooped a bunch) i called budget optical and told them i cannot use them. I told them my first ever contacts was Air Optix. So today on December 9th, 2019 I got these air optix for astigmatism and they have yet to dry my eyes or irritate them at all. Do yourself a favor DO NOT BUY THESE BAUSCH AND LOMB!!! They are just terrible.

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Reviewed Sept. 21, 2019

Bausch & Lomb has several coupons out there. The first one I tried was strictly for use at Walgreens or a few local pharmacies for the product ** eye drops. Walgreens would not honor it, and they said they could not get it to work through their system. I called the 800 number and was told that it should have worked. The next coupon was called Bausch & Lomb Instant Savings Offer expiring 12-31-2019. I was given this coupon at the eye doctor's office, and it was supposed to work at any pharmacy.

To qualify, you have to answer 2 questions. The first question say, "Are you eligible for REIMBURSEMENT of prescriptions, in whole or in part, by any federal, state, or any other governmental programs???" It lists Medicaid, Tricare, VA, etc. The second questions asks, "Do you have commercial insurance, etc.??" The first question was answered, "NO", because we do Medicare for medical/hospitalization, but we do not have Medicare D prescription or any Medicare that REIMBURSES any part of our prescriptions. The second question was answered, "YES", because we do have prescription coverage through AETNA and Express Scripts. I activated the code on the offer and talked to someone at Bausch & Lomb who assured me that this coupons would work anywhere. I took the form to CVS, and it did not work.

I called the Bausch & Lomb help line again and let the pharmacy clerk talk to the rep. After talking for a while, I was told that I did NOT quality because I had Medicare. OK, I explained that I did NOT have Medicare D, and I did NOT get any reimbursement from Medicare. I insisted that Medicare paid NOTHING on my prescriptions. However, the rep put me on hold and asked someone else. Then, I was told again that I did NOT qualify because I had Medicare. I read the eligibility requirements, and I met them.

Medicare does NOT reimburse any thing $000 on my prescriptions. It was like they didn't understand, but finally I talked with a lady who told me that I did NOT quality simply because I had regular Medicare. This is false advertising and plain out lying. These eligibility requirements are printed in black and white on the back of this coupon, but they are false. I will be telling our eye doctors to tell the Bausch & Lomb salesmen who come to their office that they have false and misleading statements on their coupons. I will ask the eye doctors to prescribe medicine from another drug company, because Bausch & Lomb are liars.

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Reviewed July 29, 2019

When I purchase contacts at my eye doctor, we get charged high prices for Bausch & Lomb. Then Bausch & Lomb offers rebates. You have to jump through hoops to get the rebates. First you have to photograph your receipts and UPC codes on the boxes of contacts. Then you have to set up a debit card. Now if you have something like $2.84 left on this card, they are telling me I have to purchase something of greater value. Then I have to tell the cashier that I am paying for all but $2.84. Then I have to use my card so it will charge exactly $2.84. I get it that Bausch & Lomb is trying to make money from banks on transaction fees on these cards, but why do they have to make it so difficult for their customers to use? I will be looking for a way to not buy these contacts in the future.

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Reviewed July 14, 2019

I purchased their daily contacts. I was given a choice for the amount of contacts I want to buy. I bought the year's worth and was given a rebate slip. When trying to get my rebate they said I only bought 6 months worth. I only use contacts in one eye so for me 4 boxes of 90 are a year's worth. I don't know if they can't add or just don't want to give the rebate. Think about your purchase. Doesn't seem like a good company for consumers.

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Reviewed April 22, 2019

These contacts were suggested to me at my latest optometrist appointment. Likely they were getting commission off of selling this brand? Because I have no idea how any type of doctor would ever RECOMMEND this piece of garbage. These contacts have given me more issues than all the contacts I have ever had over the past 10 years of usage. I have never had to throw away brand new contacts because of a new lens causing my eyeball so much pain. It is not uncommon to throw away these lenses even after one day of usage.

Today I had to take out my contacts that have only been worn 2 days after I had them in for 5 hours. My eyes were literally bloodshot red and blurring out. One thing I can rely on with these lenses is that I can have no doubt in my mind that I will look stoned out of my mind by wearing these contacts. They turn me into this red eyed monster and it is actually super uncomfortable and painful. DO NOT BUY THESE CONTACTS UNLESS YOU HAVE A DESIRE TO HURT YOUR EYES AND WASTE YOUR MONEY...

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Reviewed Dec. 3, 2018

I have worn contacts for well over a decade, and these are even more uncomfortable than the first pair I got back in 2004. Furthermore, I have always worn makeup with my contact lenses, yet I have never had such an issue with staining as with these. These contacts stain far too easily with any use of cosmetics. I initially thought this was a "user issue" until I realized that I have been wearing makeup for as long as I've worn contacts and have never had such an issue. These are quite uncomfortable and dry after eight hours of wear, unlike two newer versions (and brands) of contacts that I've tried out. Unfortunately, I do not ever want these particular contacts again.

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Reviewed Sept. 20, 2018

I purchased the new eye drops by Bausch & Lomb, LUMIFY, which cost much more than the regular Bausch & Lomb eye drops which I usually buy and have been buying for years. After using the eyedrops for two (2) weeks (1 drop a day in each eye), to my surprise, the bottle was empty. I paid almost $10 and I ran out of the eyedrop within 2 weeks. I am very disappointed and will not be buying that product again. Aside from the bottle being smaller than the usual Bausch & Lomb products, Bausch & Lomb, showed a greediness to rip off their customers. They rip the customer off by putting less than a 2 week supply worth of eyedrops in the bottle. VERY DISAPPOINTED with Bausch & Lomb.

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Reviewed Sept. 17, 2018

I'm new to using Bausch & Lomb products and I'm very disappointed. They are expensive and are ripping within days of using them. In 2 instances they have torn right inside my eye as I was wearing them. I called the place where I bought them and was told to contact Bausch & Lomb directly. I have yet to hear back from them. I'm not financially able to keep replacing them. I hope they do the right thing and either replace them or return my money.

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Reviewed Sept. 7, 2018

Horrible brand of contacts. I switched from Alcon to this one because of a recommendation from my doctor - who was probably paid off by this company. I got a huge allergic reaction and HAD TO BUY BAUSCH AND LOMB "SPECIAL GEL" THING TO GET IT FIXED. ORIGINAL PRICE WAS 230$ BUT if you sign up for their "rewards program," it's 20$. COMPLETE SELLOUT. DON'T TOUCH THIS BRAND. YOU WILL REGRET IT. Do yourself a favor and get a different brand. I personally use Alcon Hydraglydes.

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2018

Luckily, the only issues I had with the rebate were my own. I uploaded the original receipt. Their feedback via email pointed me in the right direction. Unfortunately, no amount of rebate will make up for how terrible their contacts are. Each is supposed to last 30 days. I bought a 1-year supply, and I will be extremely lucky if I make it to 8 months. Most lenses have issues with lasting 2 weeks. I wouldn't wear these contacts again if they were given to me free.

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Reviewed June 25, 2018

$250 Rebate if you prepay for year supply of Contacts! DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS REWARDS PROGRAM. I entered everything correctly for both of my children's contacts. It takes about an hour to upload all the paperwork and the codes on all contact boxes. You have to pay attention each day to all of the separate emails that come in each week and save "secret passcodes", Card #'s etc. I tried several times to contact someone by telephone to help with questions but they are not helpful. You have to email your requests in and wait for a response. Not worth the prepay. Plus the rebate is only $210 and it is a virtual code not a physical card.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed April 13, 2018

I recently purchased 2 boxes of Bausch and Lomb contact lenses and was persuaded to purchase 4 boxes due to what was an alleged rebate and discount available to me on the site for BOGO. I spent a significant amount of time submitting the claim, photocopying and uploading receipts, and while waiting for word of my refund, I read every document and watched every video about eye care. Those I thought were informative and a decent customer service and I earned "tokens".

The following day I was informed with my four box purchase, I had earned 1000 points, with which --7 paragraphs later -- it was extremely complicated and cumbersome discerning how to purchase a $10 gift card with those points that would be mailed in 6 weeks. I donated the points instead and asked that my account be canceled. Seven email exchanges later and that is not completed either! I truly felt scammed and the complicated process was just a barrier to getting much of anything. Please investigate the so-called "rewards" program. Also, points can be transferred to tokens, but not tokens to points. And tokens are pretty much legalized gambling of spins with no readily available odds payout published. Someone should ask for an audit of the token spins: How many spins by how many people actually result in any "reward". Worst ever "rewards" program. It was a huge waste of breath and life. Thanks for all you do.

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Reviewed Feb. 16, 2018

Every time I buy Bausch & Lomb contacts (30 day wear lenses) they tear within a week or two. The lens is so flimsy I can't even get into my eye. Also, they went up $5.00 per box and the quality of the product continues to decline. Guess this will be my last attempt with this company and I will be looking for another brand of contacts. Bausch & Lomb, what happened to you (bet just the usual corporate greed)? Your product used to be quality. Now it is just pure JUNK! Shame on you.

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Reviewed Feb. 6, 2018

I bought PureVision lenses in October 2017. I used them before everything was fine, but lenses what I bought they are really terrible. They tear every second day, I never had such an awful lens before.

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Reviewed Nov. 16, 2017

I think your program sucks. Recently I tried to use the ** coupon but was denied and ask to pay $206 for a vial no bigger than my thumbnail. Because I am over 65, on Medicare and have a limited income I am not eligible. However, if I am rich and paying for commercial insurance, I can get the discount OR if I am uninsured I can get the discount. The people who need it most (on Medicare) are denied. This is totally backwards. SHAME ON YOU!!!

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Reviewed Nov. 1, 2017

I'm seeing so many people complain about their rebates. I'm guessing they were not done as told on the rebate form. I submitted mine exactly as prompted and it only took 8 weeks to get my rebate of the full $200. I will use them again. I got dailies this time around and was concerned because of all the negative reviews. You need to follow the directions exactly or your rebate will be invalid. I will definitely use them again. Thanks Bausch and Lomb!

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Oct. 17, 2017

I submitted a rebate at the end of August for a $200 rebate promised by my eye doctor's office. It took about 3 different tries and contacting B&L several times and talking with different people who had different stories... to find out that I had to wait 4-6 weeks for a rebate to arrive in the mail. I thought 4-6 weeks, no big deal. Well now here I am in week 6 (they processed as if 9/8/17) and still nothing. The rebate tracker still shows it as "pending." Very disappointed. $200 is a lot of money to be promised back. After reading everyone's responses here it sounds like I can say goodbye to seeing any rebate in my mailbox.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Oct. 13, 2017

Walmart was selling AREDS2 with multi-vitamin, 100 count, online. We bought 4 bottles, never suspecting the company would put out a product with known defect, then not replace upon request. But that is what B&L will do. Neither a phone call nor written letter has gotten satisfaction, other than “take the unused bottles back to the vendor”, who, of course should bear no blame. The problem is that the soft gel caps leak! When older people take multiple doses of several medicines each day and sort them by dose into multi-dose pill boxes, a leaking soft gel will melt some kinds of pills and will make all sticky and harder to manage.

Two very polite requests to Bausch and Lomb have gotten no more than a suggestion to take unopened containers back to the seller, then send them the opened container for a refund. With 300 gel caps in unopened containers plus more in the opened one, I think the policy is wrong and the company, acknowledging they know of the problem, is far from being a top-class company like they portray themselves to be. Phooey on Bausch & Lomb. Caveat Emptor - let the buyer beware!

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Oct. 7, 2017

The optometrist glowingly promoted "$200 off" with a year's worth contact lens purchase. This isn't a price reduction as implied but a rebate process. And it does not yield a check back but only a Visa card. I submitted the online forms the same day as my purchase. Aside from scanning the eye exam form, the purchase receipt and rebate form they ask for a UPC picture. No explanation of the UPC is made. So I uploaded a photo of the 2D barcode (a square) on the product. An email came in saying they did not receive the UPC and I had to mail it in. No further explanation. The email address the rebate uses is not valid. No one is there to answer the phone. I see 116 complaints on this. How can this be allowed to go on?

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Sept. 6, 2017

Twice I have submitted all the information for a rebate, starting last year, I received my online confirmation. 8 months later I faxed the information in. I have made multiple phone calls to the 855 806-3231 number and after one such conversation with Juliet, all my information was erased from their system. Then I spoke with Keymer on 8/31/17, and he assured me someone would call within 24 to 47 hours. Never happened. My tracking number is ** but its gone now. I will never buy another product of theirs AND I will be filing a complaint with the BBB. I am not jumping thru any more hoops at this point.

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