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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Vector Marketing?
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    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Sept. 28, 2017

    I sent 2 carving knives and a pair of shears to the Oakville, Ontario location for sharpening. Only 2 carving knives were returned. One had been sharpened and one had been replaced because of a broken tip. The shears were not returned. I immediately called the company and reported the loss. No response. I called a week later and was told that I had probably forgotten to include the shears in my package. I am out C$157, the cost to replace these wonderful scissors.


    Reviewed Feb. 25, 2017

    If you already bought these knives, be very careful using them because they can be extremely dangerous. If you haven't bought them yet, I advise you not to. They can cost you a lot more than the dollar amount of the knives. You can cut yourself and not realize it until you see your blood flowing. Additionally, if you have the bad luck of having the knife slip from your hand, it can cost you major injuries like cut tendons and nerves. These injuries require surgery and a lot recuperation time. The paring knife, although small is (upon coming out of the factory) as sharp as a scalpel. That sharpness is unnecessary for cutting small fruits and veggies as it is intended for. My adult daughter suffered an injury that cut three tendons and her nerve because of that knife.

    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed March 2, 2016

    One of the great selling features of Cutco knives is that they will sharpen them free of charge. Good luck with that! I called the 1-800 number and was given the name of a representative near me. I left him numerous messages to no avail. He never returned any of my calls. Then at a local flea market, two Cutco representatives had a booth. I told them about my experience and they apologized profusely for their co-worker. One of the representatives promised that he would come out personally and sharpen my knives. We set up an appointment and he gave me his phone number. The day of the appointment I called him 2x to confirm that he was coming. He never answered my calls nor did he show up for the appointment. What a hassle! I do not recommend buying their products, especially if you are buying them for the free knife sharpening.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 6, 2016

    I placed an order through Vector to buy my wife a Cutco knife for Christmas. I did speak with one rep last week who was great, but that has been the only positive experience with these guys. But my guess is that Vector processed my original order to Cutco incorrectly (forgot to list I wanted it engraved). And now, instead of just admitting their likely mistake (which happens and I would have totally understood, especially around the Holidays), are instead trying to make me feel as if I am somehow to blame. Or at least I feel I am being guilt tripped for not being more appreciative of their efforts outlined below. Whoever is to blame (Vector or Cutco), their approach is a poor way to run a customer oriented business.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Nov. 17, 2015

    Bought 10 sets of knives to give to customers as closing gifts after being pitched that these knives came with annual sharpening of not just Cutco products but all knives in my customer's homes. Wow, sounds fantastic and what a great way to stay in front of our customers, right? Wrong. What I ended up with was happy clients up front and disappointed ones a year later. Figure out who your sales rep is, there's the first step. Good luck, got the complete run around and very unprofessional responses from the so called "reps". See if you can get a representative to actually show up and sharpen knives, there's the second step. Constantly left my clients hanging, didn't return calls or emails. Awful customer service. Won't be buying any more Cutco. Good product but your local customer service isn't worth the frustration.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 14, 2015

    Well, a friend of mine had referred me to this company. And when I was trying to apply for another job, I had no idea I was signing up for Vector. But every time they had called me and I told them I wasn't interested, they were so quick to hang up on my face. I just wasn't interested in working with them. Same for my fiance. When he got a call from them, he simply told the woman he wasn't looking for a job and without saying a word, she hung up on him. To me, that's truly disrespectful. If they're upset because no one works with them as much, then maybe they should think about their display of attitude.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 2, 2015

    I had been looking for a job for about 8 mos. and had tried different places online and in the mall, etc. One day as me, my sister and my mom were driving down the street, my sister was stopped at a red light and on the side of the road she saw a sign that said student work and told me to take down the number. I did and called them the next day. Nobody answered and so I left a message and they didn't return my call so I called them again and got someone finally and told them that me and my sister had seen their sign on the side of the road.

    They immediately set me for an interview in that same week! Well when I get there, first of all it's like in the back of all these other buildings and was kind of difficult to find. I finally get in and a woman who looks very young comes out. First of all it was deserted in there and when the woman came out she looked so young that I thought she was at least in her early twenties. Anyway she told me to fill out an application and then that she would see me soon. I got into the interview and she hired me on the spot and said training was that same day which was weird. Anyway I didn't think much about it so I stayed for training which I found out when I got the brochure that it would be unpaid.

    Now that should have been the first red flag but no I was excited and everything because in training they made it seem like selling would be so easy. Then I found out that we had to start doing demos which was working with the knives by cutting up food and pennies and such and we had to do it that first weekend only after 3 days of unpaid training. They called this a fast start and I thought I could do it but I only know mostly church people and they were usually busy. They wanted us to get MAC customers first (Acronym for Married age 30+ and casa meaning home), MACK - Married, age (30+), casa (home) with kids would be a bonus.

    Anyhow they wanted us to get the couples together at the same time which was hard because they had different work schedules. Plus by me not having a car, I couldn't do in home presentations because I couldn't get to people's houses so I had to do what you call virtual demos. This is when you have the couples sit down and watch a 13 min video on Cutco knives and they're success stories and they told them prices on 3 different sets.

    Well most of the people said that they were too expensive and could not afford them and I agreed. They were too expensive, so expensive that they had to have 5, 3, 2 month payment plans. Now I've never heard payment plans on knives. That should have been another red flag but I kept on trying to sell the knives but nobody wanted them so I talked to my manager and she told me that I should be selling something. I told her that my people said they were too expensive and she had nothing to say to that.

    So another thing I was getting stressed out somewhat because we had to have a minimum of 6 appointments in that first weekend and all I had was 4 set up which all four did not go well. So in the end her manager told her that if I was not using the kit and not selling anything then I should return the kit and then they were going to fire me. My manager claimed she stood up for me and told him no. I told her I appreciated her for standing up for me and having faith that I could do it but that I agreed with her manager. I didn't think the job was for me and that I could not do it with the people that I knew. Now I turned in the kit that next day and told her to keep in touch with whether I will get paid or not. She said ok but never called me or answered my calls when I called her.

    She claimed she been at a conference all of that time but I think she was avoiding me. So it all came down to that they was not going to pay me the base pay because they said that only 2 on my list of appointments verified and one in house demo didn't last for 45 min like it was suppose to. I told them I did all virtual demos and only showed the knives to a customer but didn't cut anything because I felt I was going to hurt myself with the knives, they were so sharp. I had already hurt myself with the shears trying to practice cutting that darn penny. Well I had 5 appointments and couldn't get paid for none of them. They are scamming people and they don't wanna pay people, they look up excuses not to pay people which is unfair. I would not recommend anybody to work for them.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceStaffProcess

    Reviewed Aug. 30, 2015

    I seem to be yet another who has dealt with Vector Marketing, and Cutco in general. I will admit this was about 5 years ago, so my exact memory of the events is a bit sketchy, but what I do remember is disturbingly close to the other negative reviews. First, I will preface I am not a salesman, I do not have the personality for it, and in general, I'm relatively withdrawn and not particularly forceful, so this would never have been a job for me. I freed admit that, and want to be completely honest. However, I think in the end, this will be irrelevant to the overall story.

    Like others, it was during Summer, I had just recently moved to a larger area close to St. Louis to attend a School there, and naturally was looking for a job to help deal with the outrageous tuition rates that particular school had, which was DeVry, which is a complaint for another time. Not having held a job before, particular in a time when the purse strings of businesses were a bit tight, finding a job, even menial Fast Food was not particular easy. I would apply to everything, as well as setting up some online resumes for additional job searching, being a recent graduate from a junior college. After setting up a Monster, or similar type Resume, I remember getting a call from this Vector Marketing, which I hadn't applied for, apparently just putting up my resume put me on their radar.

    They wanted me to come in for an interview, and frankly, this was basically the first time anyone had called me in for an interview, so I jumped at it. I also thought I recognized the name, and realized that I had gotten a letter from this place a few years back when I lived back at home right after high school, only this location coming from Evansville, Indiana. This didn't really register me as being anything wrong, and I did ask a few people about it, and none of them knew much about it.

    Thankfully, this place was pretty close to where I lived, so I didn't have to drive too far, which was good. When I did get there, it was in a nondescript building, as usual, no markings, maybe a Vector Marketing in the overhead Sign by the road, where a bunch of small businesses were bunched together, but I can't really remember, and honestly, at the time, I didn't particularly care. Going in, there was a receptionist, who had me wait in a large room, essentially, where some music was playing, and a whole bunch of chairs. It didn't strike me as being super trashy or anything, in fact there were a good number of windows, so it was well lit. I was also about the only one there, maybe one other guy, but I don't particularly remember there being any other people for the interview.

    When I did go in for it, I don't really know where the average 19-year old age rating for the manager comes from. Maybe mine was an anomaly, but he definitely looked older than me, and I was 20 at the time. I would have guessed at the least 27 or so, though maybe it was deceiving. All I do know is that whatever passed for an interview occurred, there wasn't anything particularly hard about it, and he actually offered the job right then and there, no having to sit out, just if I wanted it, shook my hand, and there you go. I've had interviews since then. Seriously, this overall process was rather suspect, but I honestly couldn't have truly known it at the time. And frankly, I also didn't really know what the job really was. As I never filled out an application, but was contacted due to my online resume, I was probably told there was selling of some kind going on, but nothing specific.

    Then there was the training. I am pretty sure I didn't think much of it that the training was unpaid, because, as before, I didn't have a real job before this time. I couldn't have really known what it was all like, though when I mentioned it to my Cousin, who I was renting a place with. As we were both attending school, he thought it was weird, and would later confide in me what I found out myself. As for the 'training' itself, the room was completely full, all of us sitting around as they went over a presentation, having videos play, which were projected on the wall, and there was some back and forth with a nearby person about testing out the whole demo process. They also paraded around success stories of people having worked there, all the money they made, get you really excited. Though, for me, having also never decided to check out anything in the meantime, this was all starting to be a giant red flag.

    As, at this place, the manager was nice, it was a nice enough, if strangely basic location, nothing seemed 'wrong.' But, and I swear this is true, one of the success stories... I don't remember the specifics, but there were... words said about her that suggested that she had some kind of handicap of some kind. And then it was said along the lines of "And if she can do it, YOU can do it!" Which... This is all kinds of offensive. And uncomfortable. The fact it became clear it was a full on sales job was also becoming something that was making me heavily unsure, as I knew at the time I probably wouldn't be good at that in the first place, though the big bomb hadn't been dropped yet. The next day, there was more demoing going on, and showing us the kits. And yeah, that's when it was revealed you would have to buy, or at the least "rent" a sales kit. What?

    No, seriously. Come on. That is a giant red flag. I may not have had a job before, but let's put this in perspective, as talking with my cousin later, became all too clear. You are being trained for a job, but you are not being paid for this. I've held several jobs since this point. And guess what. ALL of them have had paid training. Because, you know, you are learning how to do your job, and you are paid for your time. Because it is a function of the job. This is basic, this is 101. And then, to get the job, you basically have to pay in order to work there. What. Logic. Is that?

    I am trying to get a job because I don't have money, and you know, I need money. So, to get a job, to get money, you already have to have money, and pay them. This is even worse than the conundrum of needing experience to get a job, because at least there are still entry level jobs out there, if tough to get. Oh, just borrow the money from someone else, get a credit card, blah blah, No. You shouldn't have to borrow money to get a job you already seeming have. That is dumb. It only works because you have promises of money from all the demos and knife selling you will do, but for me, this was already something that, I couldn't do this because I couldn't front the entry cost. But, the actual business practice was revealed shortly after that sealed it.

    Because, I knew it was a sales job at that point, but you'd think there is something to kind of get your foot in the door, references, places to go to sell. But here we are, supposed to provide our own clients, people we know, and try and get them to buy knives, not to mention the criteria of being 30+, Female, which is oddly specific, and owning a home. I don't know almost anyone who fits that criteria, particularly the last one.

    Seriously, everyone who is super successful at this, how do you know that many people? Because that was going to make it impossible, I generally have been mostly a recluse, so I mostly had family and little else. And they were wanting at least 15 people or so to call, and that simply was not an option. And out of the people I did know who could fit it, I only had one Aunt who was both Close enough to where this was to even visit, and also maybe even buy something. I knew my parents didn't have the money for this crap, and I sure as hell wasn't going to drive 2 and a half hours for that. On top of that, I had just moved, so I didn't know anyone in the area, and meeting people has never been my strongest point, so basically, this job was impossible.

    You could say maybe I wasn't driven enough, I am unmotivated and lazy, but 1. I didn't have the money to even start the job because I didn't have any money from not having a job. What money I did have, as kind of a starter, was for essentials until I could get a job, so dropping 200 of it on this is stupid. And 2. I don't know how you simply just meet people, not to mention in this stupidly specific criteria. This insanely, moronic specific criteria. Just ask people if they own a house and are over 30? Call them at random? And there was never any indication this would be helped with. It was pushed you had to build references from people you knew, and guess what, they were mostly in the same boat. My family doesn't have a huge wide social network. Never has. That's not something you can just fix in a few days, that is not worth it.

    After I left that day, I knew I wasn't going to do this. I couldn't, I didn't have even 15 names to even use for this list, let alone that actually fit their criteria, not to mention all the other misgivings. I called and told them I wasn't coming to the next training day, which prompted them to try and reschedule it, but then I made it clear I wasn't coming back and was 'quitting' which seemed to confuse them, and then they promptly hung up. Never heard another thing from them.

    Either way, I will admit, this was a good learning experience. Taught me how to recognize a sketchy situation first hand, and at the least, how to conduct myself in an interview, which I have never really had before, even if it was probably a canned interview. My aforementioned Cousin later said he had done some reading during these few days, and had caught wind of the less than glorious things floating around about this place, though he didn't just want to tell me it was a scam, or at least, scam-like, because I might have reacted badly to it, as this was the first job opportunity I ever had.

    Admittedly, using Scam might be too strong a word for me... But I would probably use it anyways. They don't pay you for your initial time, whatsoever, even though you are technically "hired" and "training" and then expect you to pay money to start. I've seen others claim they lend those out now, and maybe they do, or maybe it's a case by case basis. Which frankly is still crap, because that implies there is a whole lot of these people being left to their own devices for their rules, which probably isn't a great rule for a big business.

    At the least, I think I would have been "okay" with it not being paid for training if they at least gave out the knives as compensation. But they didn't do that. In fact, it might be a way of weeding out those not willing or unable to pay that out, as they probably wouldn't be able to make them money in the first place. Fair enough, and I couldn't. But, that also saved me wasting money and time on a job that was going to go nowhere, because my personal life and connections probably really shouldn't have anything to do with my ability to do a job. And guess what. It hasn't since, every job I've had since, I do everything there, everything I have to do is there, I got paid for my time, my training, and I went home.

    The fact I didn't know 50 30 year old housewives, or 10 who knew 10 more each doesn't factor in whatsoever. I suppose if you do, you could probably make a good deal of money, but that is such a narrow window, it is not even worth entertaining. Also worth noting writing this, I double checked that location to see if that particular branch was still there. Nope, no sign of anything about them Google maps, only a few locations over in St. Louis, so it is completely gone at 5 years, and who knows how long it was even there? Just saying.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 28, 2015

    My name is Devon **. So I heard about Vector Marketing through recommendations and friends who thought the company they were working for was legitimate. So I spoke to a representative about what I had heard through my friend Cavan, who will talk more about his experience in a bit. I go into the interview, and the first thing the Assistant Manager says is "You are not here because we want to get money". This was a little scary because I knew after hearing that, this company was going to be the opposite. Sure enough, I was correct. During my first day in training, the manager, Mike **, says that we (as employees) are going to be working as hard as we can to make all the money we can get, and goes on talking about how he got his BMW for free for working with this company.

    First of all, nothing in the business world is free, and that's what my business friends tell me all the time. Second business day, he asks for me to come in to his office to have me give him my contacts for people that are under the age of 30, but never said why. Eventually, after four hours of leaving training, I am getting calls and texts from my friends, saying that Vector Marketing had contacted them about me personally recommending them for the job. Keep in mind that I don't have a clue about what's going on because they never told me what they were going to do with the numbers... And I contact Vector right away, asking to delete my contacts that I had given them. They said they would, thankfully.

    Next problem was every Tuesday, they asked me to come in to some late night meeting. I told them I couldn't make it, but they kept insisting over and over again. I was now worried they were going to come to my house and bag me if I said no, so I went. Second worst thing I have ever done, besides committing to this company. Second to last thing was the fact that they aren't supposed to contact me during my vacation hours. So what happens during the three days of my 7? You probably guessed this while reading... They contacted me, asking me to compete in this weird contest. Right there and then, I blocked all their numbers.

    Last complaint was that I had meetings set up within days, yet they start to contact me, asking to return the kit or else I have to pay some fine otherwise. So I waited for my friend to get his situation straight before returning my CUTCO kit. They had a fast start for me and raised over $100, yet couldn't have the courage to tell me how to get my free CUTCO... What a joke of a Company.

    And That's not all people. Let's get a round 2. -Cavan **. Ok so I started the company and was recommend by a friend and he told me the company was light and was good business. Well let's skip past the BS of the company and get down to what matters. So when got my first pay the check was for 30 dollars and I was super pissed off. They told they took 75 dollars out of my pay and I could get it back until I sold a certain product.

    So then it took complaining and emails to the office to force them to finally pay me which took 3 weeks keep in mind. once I got that check they still didn't pay me the full amount so I sent in my tracker which showed how much money they truly owed me and finally after a month I got my full pay. The company is a job - they are super slimy. Don't join them. For people looking to join, Don't. It is a waste of time and money. I could have bought a car by now if I worked at Safeway. And Devon could have bought a PS4 yet we got screwed over by the lying company. #RIPVector #DONZO

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 24, 2015

    Let me tell you my experience with Vector marketing. When I got hired, I was excited to start this new job, our branch manager, made the job sound so exciting and promising. I had so many goals I wanted to reach. Now, you get paid two ways, base pay and commission. I always made more on base pay because most, if not all, the people I made appointments with could not afford to spend over a grand on some knives. One week, I didn't get paid even after I made the calls, I was told that my base pay was not turned in. So I talk to one of the assistant managers, he tells me to cancel all my appointments and to come see him in the office. I come see him in the office, and he completely ignored me that really pissed me off. I have to chase after him, then he basically dismisses me.

    So at this point I'm at my wit's end. I'm told by him that everybody else in the office is making over a grand a week, which is complete bs. I don't know anybody that is going to spend over a thousand dollars on some knives, so those people must know wealthy people. Bottom line, the assistant manager's fake, liar, and wolf in sheep's clothing. The branch manager is full of **. They still have not paid me for that week (!!!) even though I worked hard that week. Anyway I really wanted to get this out because they are wrong for what they did.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 24, 2015

    I answered an ad on CL for a sales job making 15.20 per hour (lie) and received a call the next day about an interview a couple of days later. When I got there there were about 10 other people and was informed to fill out an application and it would be a group interview. I was not thrown off by it because my interview for Kohl's was a group interview, although they told me on the phone that it would be. There were motivational posters all over the wall and pictures of sales people and numbers of how much they sold underneath. I noticed how young they were and almost all of them had college shirts on so I thought I was perfect for it. The guy had us all pull our chairs to his desk and watch a video presentation for like 30 minutes then he asked us questions and did a presentation. He had us cut a rope and a penny with scissors. LOL.

    After all of that fun came the suspicious stuff that made me feel uncomfortable. The first thing was the "base pay". He said it was not a base pay at all. It's not $15 per hour, it's $15 per interview. So if you only do 5 interviews a week you only get paid for 5 hours. Also the commission doesn't add to that "base pay" - it accumulates. So if you sell a $20 product (which isn't possible but for example's sake) you don't make $35, you make $20. So you only get 5 dollars more. The three day 8 hour training is unpaid because "colleges pay Cutco to use their training in school and you can even put it on interviews". I wouldn't even do that because everyone I talk to knows about it and would probably laugh that I was scammed. Also, he said "You get a few breaks and need to bring your own food because you can't leave and won't have enough time to leave and get food." (So no 30 minute lunch?)

    He also said that the starter kit cost $250 and it's not a loan, but they will let you use one until you make enough sales to pay it off. Okay, sort of like a loan, right? Also, one of the guys was an older gentleman who worked in restaurants for years and asked why they didn't sell to them and the guy was like, "They're too expensive and people would steal them." So the guy asked about chefs and he got upset and basically said it was for residential use only. Then he started explaining the pyramid. You have to find five people to interview. After that they will refer you to five more people and so on and so forth. At that point, I started realizing that Cutco was the Mary Kay of cutlery except that I know many people who would pay for skin care or makeup, but not a lot of people would pay 70 for a pair of penny cutting scissors. Plus he kept insisting that it wasn't a door to door sales job, but they will not pay for travel.

    Red Flag, if there hadn't been so many already. He interviews us separately and then said he would call us back to the office to tell us if we got the job. The older guy and an older woman and I started addressing our concerns and how it sounded like a pyramid scam. This girl who I went to high school with was about two years under me and was so excited and tried to explain how we were wrong and I just felt so bad for her because she had graduated that year and was naive. When my interview came up, I lied and told him I didn't have a car (it was in the shop) and that I couldn't get a babysitter for the inconsistent schedule so we agreed that the job wasn't me. I got out of that place so quick.

    I was upset when my boyfriend's friend who was with him when he picked me up said he almost got scammed by them. Turns out my sister and my best friend had both went to one of those meeting and opted out. I wish the woman would have told me Cutco because everyone remember that name. I was so embarrassed I didn't do more research on the company first.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 19, 2015

    I filled out an application online through a job site to work there. Within 10 minutes they have called 3 times. They just keep calling. The fourth time they actually left a message to set up interview. By the time I got a chance to call them back they called again. They are very pushy. I Google them and realized what they were doing and decided I didn't want to get involved. Contacted them that I was no longer interested, unsubscribed to their email, stop the texts and blocked their phone number. They still continue emailing even though I unsubscribed and today they have called 3 times to find out why I didn't go to interview. Yesterday they called and left a message to remind of interview. I mean obviously if I don't show at interview I am no longer interested. You don't need to keep harassing me to find out what happened. I don't need to explain myself.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 11, 2015

    You get a call from this lady who is pretty nice and she tells you that they are hiring and tells you to get an interview. Then after you accept to go to the interview she says to dress professionally like I didn't know that before, I'ma go ** naked. So when you get there it look alike motel. It's so dirty and they tell you to fill out an application and then you get like a 5-minute interview. Tbh I did pretty bad in the interview but he tells me to wait, that we are going to do a group interview, and it's like 60 minutes and after you take another interview and everybody gets hired. It's a scam. Don't go. You're starting at 14.50 every appointment you make with zero job experience. ** them.

    Sales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 11, 2015

    I read most of these complaints and stories. The facts are, yes, Vector Marketing misleads people into becoming Cutco sales representatives. Vector also does not provide compensation as promised for direct pay of hours worked. The company lacks integrity in this department. That being said, this is NOT a scam. Money can be made at a clip far greater than other positions available for high school grads. From June to July 2002, I earned over $10,000 plus Cutco knives and assets valued over $2,000. And I was only in the top 10%; other reps doubled my sales. It's a similar concept to any business venture, where there is capital required to promote a service or business.

    To fail this company is a reflection of one's work ethic, salesmanship, or combined effects of outside variables that hindered success. I have been a military officer for ten years and own several properties and business ventures within my holdings company. I learned much during my two months and earned significantly more than my peers before starting college as a wide eyed freshman.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 5, 2015

    2 weeks after graduating high school in 2014 I received a phone call stating about setting up a job interview in Edinburg, TX saying a friend of mine had recommended me. That same friend was recommended by other people and recommended me and other friends. I was desperate for a job and decided to set up the interview. The lady was 18 years old saying she would show us a video and see how we behave while watching it of what we might be doing. One friend was there and he was not behaving professional while watching it and putting his head down and yawning. I stayed up and acted interested in it. Afterwards I met with the 18 year old which was the "manager" and she hired me. After my friend went in, he was hired too even though earlier he didn't look professional but I did. Everyone is hired no matter what.

    We later met at a different location nearby to talk with the main boss named Nick saying his BMW was paid by working with Vector. He kept saying that selling knives isn't sexy, but it works for selling. He made us write down names and numbers to call people to sell. I didn't write down all the numbers I knew because I know people hate these kinds of phone calls. Later on Nick told us to download their app on our phones and open it up. Then he said to delete it after 1 minute of using it and we did. I got messages on Facebook and text from friends who numbers I didn't give to this company and I hadn't talked to in years and saying that I recommended them for this.

    This company basically got into our contacts with that app and called our contacts without our concerns. Friends and I only lasted less than 2 weeks at this "job". They kept saying $12 per hour and commission on items sold. I did the math of how much I should get in my paycheck and it was at around $90. I get my check and it's $21.39. I was so mad but might as well cash it. I went to a few places to cash it but they weren't able to. It was a check not many stores have cashed. I ended up going to HEB and they did cash it for me but charged me $3 so at the end all the money I wasted on gas driving around which was $70, no joke, I only made $18 from working there and not even enough to repay the money from my gas tank.

    Don't fall for this scam!!! I went back this past summer 2015 to stores nearby and noticed the place they were at is no longer there and no one has received their phone calls lately. They probably moved to a different location and trying to scam others. Please be careful and don't go to them and block their numbers on your phone because they won't stop calling. I kept getting calls meanwhile I was working with them already. Good luck to everyone and don't fall for this please! Vector or Cutco are not the words you wanna hear in a phone call.

    Contract & Terms

    Reviewed Aug. 3, 2015

    I had worked for this company a few months ago thinking that I could make money but I was wrong. It stared off with me going to an interview then 3 days of unpaid training and on the third day I had purchased 2 peelers from my boss and was not given a receipt nor change back and was told in my training that I could do as I wanted with the product that I purchased. Little did I know she was lying and the company tried to come after me for selling product that I had purchased and terminated my contract with the company and said that if I posted another ad with their product, that they would press charges on me when they can't do that after I purchased it. So therefore I will never never never refer anyone to work for them nor to buy anything from them.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed July 28, 2015

    About a year ago I randomly got a phone call from a woman who seemed nice enough wanting to set up and interview. She never said her name or the name of the company or what I would be selling. She kept on telling me that I was a perfect fit for their company and the only information about the company she would tell me was that "it's not your typical door to door selling." I desperately needed a job so I set up an interview. Over the next couple of days different people continued to call me to set up and interview even though I had already done so. None of them ever introducing themselves or telling me the name of the company. The only reason I ever found out the company name was because I finally got an email reminding me of my interview time. The email was very unprofessional and seemed kind of sketchy so I researched the name of the company.

    As soon as I typed in Vector on Google all that came up was scam stuff. Whenever I tried to call to cancel my interview I had to call several different numbers and each one no one answered and the number had been disconnected. When I finally got in touch with someone she argued with me forever and eventually hung up the phone on me. Then the night after my interview had passed I got an email basically saying in other words that I had made the wrong choice and I would regret not joining the company. It seemed so odd and unprofessional. I had never and still to this day have never experienced anything like that from any other companies I've applied at. I still to this day get letters in the mail from Vector wanting me to set up an interview but I'm not interested in a pyramid scheme that preys on young people.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 22, 2015

    After a month of graduating high school, I received a phone call from this Vector Company. They called about how my friend had ranted about me and said that I should work for this job. I was a little confused because I haven't talked to this friend in months. The person on the phone went on and told me about herself and giving her name, which was Jenna. I told her I didn't think I was interested because I already had two jobs, a retail job and a job at a kids camp. She persisted that I still come in an interview. We scheduled my interview for the next day. Due to a family emergency that happened overnight, I could not make the interview. I tried calling the number back the next day to tell them that I couldn't make it, but no one answered.

    Later, that same week I got a call from a different number, but similar. It was the same voice but now her name was Ashley. She basically went on about how my friend talked about me. I was very confused at this point, and wanted to see what this was about. This time I told them that was interested and got an interview that day. I brought a friend to the interview, because reading the reviews on here and other sites, I thought it was sketch.

    When I arrived, the place looked rented out. No sign, and sort of trashy on the outside. (When I arrived home, I figured out it was, but not to this company) I walked in not expecting much. There was some chairs so my friend and I sat down. About 30 minutes later, 20 minutes after the time the interview was scheduled, a young man around 19 walked out. As I followed him back to "his office", I noticed all the other rooms were empty. His office had a simple desk and two chairs. No laptop, pictures or anything. He interviewed me with simple questions, like what my goals were and stuff. At the end of the very short interview, I asked him if he knew my friend who worked there. He looked puzzled and said "No I have no idea what you are talking about." I quickly told him I wasn't interested and left the building.

    Since then I talked to my friend who "works" there and told him what happened. He said they did the same thing to him and he quickly denied. I have also received many calls, around 10 am everyday for the past 2 weeks about this job, all calls made from different numbers. This company is a joke and scams you. There might actually be people who love this job and such, but with the treatment that I experienced, I could not do it. They lied and if they have to lie to get people for interviews, they don't deserve a company.

    Sales & MarketingPriceStaff

    Reviewed July 18, 2015

    I agreed to a Cutco presentation by a young person, a recent high school graduate that I am very fond of. She had been recently hired by Vector and needed to do 5 presentations over the first weekend. She told me that I did not have to buy anything and that she got $18.50/hr for the presentation. Because she was new, she needed to read the script, it was very high-pressured. She asked me eight times to buy something (8 times being the magic psychological breaking point for a sales pitch). The prices were not revealed until the end-- and they were outrageous! I did not buy anything and at the end, she asked me to write down 20 of my friends and their contact information. I told her that I was not comfortable giving out contact information without first checking with my friends. She was very hurt.

    Vector trains these young naive people to play heavily on their potential customer's sympathy and affection for them. Vector's new minions have to fork out money to buy their demo products, do not get paid for training and the $18.50 for a presentation sounds good until you add up all the unpaid hours. I am against this type of exploitation of young people and I hope this company is investigated and shut down.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed July 17, 2015

    Hi, I recently got a job with Vector. I received a letter in the mail and noticed the 17 dollar base pay, which is what got me interested. I gave them a call and had a relatively entertaining conversation with an assistant manager. They told me to come in for an interview that day, and I later got the job. I was not informed that I would have mandatory meetings at the office two times a week, along with the unpaid training. However, I stuck through it and was off to my first weekend on the job. I had a good experience selling the knives my first day going 3 for 3. It is difficult to keep that kind of momentum, but you learn a lot about yourself in the process.

    This may sound cheesy but as a current Vector marketing sales rep, it's safe to say that there is opportunity to make a lot of money but in reality this job will set you up for your future. You get lot of life skills and real world job experiences through this job. I highly recommend this job to someone looking for a chance to build their resume. Don't throw this opportunity out the window based off of others reviews, try it out for yourself and then make that decision!

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 17, 2015

    I arrived at the Windy Hill office desperate for an opportunity. With a wife, two children and countless bills, after you lose your job, any opportunity immediately boosts your confidence. They hired me very quickly and after spending basically a whole day there, I left just as quickly. Three 10 hour days of unpaid training and being asked to name potential employees as well as being asked to name 15 family or friends willing to purchase their products. That's like doing all their work for them with minimal spending on their part.

    I called the manager to let him know that I was unable to further commit to the company. On the other end of that phone was the nastiest person I had ever heard from a professional standpoint. W/o repeating what he said, I can tell you my anger prompted me to write him, which is something I had never done before. Now my young son has experienced the same up and down feeling I felt 10 years ago. Even if it's family, how do you get 15 family members to make purchases out of the blue.


    Reviewed July 14, 2015

    If you are approached by a Cutco rep or get a letter or a call take the opportunity. You will grow personally and along with the company. It's a very friendly environment and they give extraordinary opportunities to young men and women. It has changed my life and I highly recommend any and everyone to work for this company. I won't waste time trying to defend this company because anyone talking bad about the company has never worked for vector or worked there and didn't put in any effort. The product sells itself so it doesn't take much effort. I love this job.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 12, 2015

    On July 6, 2015, I received a call from Vector saying that they wanted me to come in for an interview around 3 pm. So I went due to needing a job. Of course me and my husband were excited. And like everybody else, I was in a rental office apparently! Greeted by two other college students who were looking for a job and music going as if we were at home! We all got hired together and like everyone else was told that there was no paid training. There were no lunch breaks and ungodly speak while I'm older, one younger child apparently not even 17 good talking about ** as if I wasn't there. It's now the weekend and my manager has called what, maybe 4 times. I decided to do some research and lo and behold, scams everywhere about this company. What have I done?

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPunctuality & SpeedStaffProcess

    Reviewed July 10, 2015

    Vector Marketing is not by ANY means a scam.... Or at least That's how I felt when I worked with my manager here in Columbia, SC the very first time I was hired by the Company. Back in 2014, I worked from June-August after graduating from High School and I was working with Ray and Amanda! They were amazing, I truly enjoyed working with them and I was sad when I had to leave for school. Then, I came home from my first year of college and got a letter asking me to apply online. So I did and called them as it indicated to do on the letter. I spoke with James (lets call him James for the sake of this review) and he told me that I should come up since I had already worked with the company before.

    I go to the place after taking the day off from my job and I fill out the application they have there and wait to be called back. He interviewed both me and another girl at one time. Very very short, as if he already knew he wasn't going to hire us. At the end, he hands us both a paper saying "If we don't give you a call, that just means we decided to go in a different direction." I knew what that meant! So the next day, I called and wanted to know why I didn't get the job. James would not even be decent enough to get on the phone and speak with me. So, I scheduled another interview with another person named "Ashley". Ashley hired me and in the process, James came and shook my hand, asked my name and smiled in my face as if he never met me 3 days prior!! Myself and the other girl got hired and started training.

    We were only allowed breaks for anything as short as 2 mins - 7 minutes and if you were late coming back, he made you feel like crap. He makes you call before and after every Demo; if you don't call you don't get paid. My very first day working I told him I was going to reschedule my demos because of the really bad rain and flooding and his response was "Because of the rain? Aren't your appointments set for inside the home?" I was late calling in one day and he questioned me like a damn dog! "Well, what time did your phone die?" "Oh, take you a long time to get home, huh? Couple hours?" "You had time to make a stop and not call?" I do not recommend working with the Columbia SC Office! They are rude and nasty. They do NOT Give a crap about their Reps. as they say they do, and the stories James tells are the same stories Ray and Amanda told me!

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed July 10, 2015

    So, on Tuesday I get a call from a lady (never giving me her name of course) telling me there is an open positing as a Sales Rep for a company (not telling me the company name) that pays $15/hr + whatever you sell to customers. I was never told what exactly I would be doing on this so called "job" if I were to get it besides that it wasn't a "door to door" job. She gave me very little information about where I was to be going for an interview. Never mind the fact that I had NEVER sent in an application for the job position and thought it was very odd how they came in contact with my cell phone number.

    I set up an interview anyway at 11:30 the next morning since I'm currently looking for a new job. The lady on the phone had told me that I "needed" to dress professional (as if I wasn't going to in the first place) which seemed very odd. I get an email confirmation about my interview which is then how I found out what the actual damn business was called, looked it up and saw horrible reviews about it and how it was a "scam". I then decided I wasn't going to the interview and then canceled.

    The next day at about 4pm, I get an email and text about how I "missed" the interview and there are serious consequences to a "missed interview" which seems very unprofessional. The little experience I have had with this company seems very sketchy and I would NOT recommend it to anyone. It sounds like a total scam.


    Reviewed July 9, 2015

    I got a call yesterday from a lady and she said a guy that works for Vector already recommended me for this job. That seemed very odd to me because I haven't talked to him in over a year. So thinking it was a prank I just kind of went along with it. She told me I would start at making 15 dollars an hour. She then asked if I was 18 or older and I said no, and she asked if I was at least 17 and I told her yes. She then asked if I was a high school graduate and I told her "No. I'm a senior in high school." She then told me they would call me once I graduate. That seemed pretty weird to wait a year for a job interview.

    Sales & Marketing

    Reviewed July 9, 2015

    I'm writing this review concerning Vector Marketing as a concerned parent and someone who was recently approached by a family friend concerning this product. I frankly cannot believe this company is still in business! Vector was around 30 years ago when I was in college and have continued to scam college students and hungry potential workers ever since apparently. As a professional chef and someone who's been in sales my entire life, I cannot tell you how horrendous this company is.

    First of all their products are cheaply made and sub-standard. Any chef will tell you never to purchase a stamped knife like the ones they sell. All high-quality knives are always made of forged steel. Secondly from a sales point of view, any pyramid marketing scheme like this is a means to an end for its employees. They hope you purchase a set yourself as a demo, make money there, and sell a few of your friends and family, then don't care If continue or not, as they benefit either way. Parents please tell your children not to work for this company!!!

    Installation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 6, 2015

    As a preface, I am currently a student who has had experience with the sales side of Vector as a representative. I'd recommend the position to any student who is willing to sacrifice a bit of time in order to make a fair amount of money during the summer. Personally, I live in Florida and attend school in Texas. Getting the position at Vector was intended to be very part time and for the most part, it was.

    The problem I have with the recruiting strategy is not that they recruited my age group (19-21) because if you really think about it, it is a natural market, and also an opportunistic age, thus, a near flawless business model; but rather the reviews written by people who never gave it a chance. I almost quit on my third day of training. Yeah, 15 hours of unpaid training, and on a WEEKEND during the SUMMER, "oh my goodness, whatever shall I do?" I went through the reviews and the bashing and the negatives and eventually my manager told me to try it for a day. Just give it a day. I picked up my little pity party and headed out the door awaiting my first $15 from the appointment. Man, was I in for a ride.

    This brings me to my next point: If you're reading this like I did, during training or before, don't look at the $15 per appointment as a baseline. If you are hardworking, able to commit some of your precious partying time, and willing to put yourself into the business world, while maintaining a professional attitude and holding yourself to the highest of your own expectations and dreams, pursue it. It's a wonderful growth opportunity.

    If you're the type to write your buddy's name on the form. The one who doesn't work and literally does not have money for anything - much less a knife, then complain on here about not getting credit for that appointment. If you don't think people who are married, homeowners, who are 30-60 years old exist, or if you think that the manager, who was in the same position or worse a year or two ago comes off as unprofessional because he's a college-aged kid watching youtube videos or a movie in the office he opened because he has been working his tail off (where's your office by the way?), please feel free to drop a note in the hurt-feelings box on your way out of the door to go apply to a more suitable position.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 5, 2015

    A friend of mine gave this company my phone number and they called me randomly in the middle of the day. The lady on the phone was very nice. She asked me if I was interested in having an appointment with the company. She forgot to mention what it is I'll be selling and completely forgot to mention that the training is unpaid for. After a little bit of thought I decided to say yes. My first day of training was horrible. Walking in the office just seems so empty and unprofessional. There is two desks in the whole office which are filled with cheap chairs which is extremely uninviting. It didn't seem like a real office. I walked in to a room along with 20 other people waiting to be interviewed. While I was waiting I was told by a 19-year-old manager to fill out a middle school worksheet about my goals and why I should be picked to work for the company. It literally took two minutes.

    He took in one person one by one to be interviewed one on one. He finally called my name and I walked in into his so called Office where he pretended to read my application. Don't get me wrong this young man was really nice but he seemed like he was not getting paid enough to be there. He didn't look happy to be working there at all. He asked me some questions about myself and my experience and why wanted to work there. And that was pretty much it. After he pulled in everyone one by one he then started pulling people by two and I got pulled in along with another young man and we basically got told that we have the job and we start training right away. Still no one decided to tell us that the training will be A total of 20 long unpaid hours. Still I showed up for training anyway.

    The guy that was training us was really nice but I'm not going to lie training was the worst experience ever. It seemed like it was so dragged on. And the worst part is I wasn't even getting paid for it. In the middle of the training session they made you call multiple people to set up appointments to sell the product and I tried explaining to him that I'm not interested in working right now I'm interested in working later that week and he looked at me and said that if I don't practice my calls that all this time in training is a waste of time. He told me that I had to call and set up appointments. I tried explaining to him that I have a second job and so this isn't my first priority.

    I was being pressured to set up appointments I didn't feel like sitting up at the moment. So of course I ** some calls to make it seem like I was setting up appointments as he just glared at me. Then he forgets to mention that we have multiple meetings coming up during the week. This trainer knew that I had a second job. So when I asked him for some dates of some future meetings he looked annoyed and said that we're not going to talk about that yet. But he will let me know when it's time. I tried explaining to him that I have a second job and then I need to request days off if needed to. To be very honest with you he didn't give a ** that I had a second job. He didn't give a ** that I had other priorities. He didn't care he just wanted me to sell his product. He made us do weird things like call him at 8:00 PM to check up on us and see how we're selling the product.

    I don't have time to call my manager at 8:00 PM. I have a boyfriend other responsibilities and a second job. This job is a scam. You're working even when you're not working. And it's so hard to just set up appointments when literally No one is interested in buying the product and your boss is harassing you to do so anyway. I was thinking about quitting. But before I did I talk to another manager in the office let's call her Mary. I asked Mary if she liked her job at the company. She was a dated manager really. She said that the people here are very nice. That's it. She didn't say anything about how much she loved her job. You can tell she was lying. That ** hates her job.

    The pay $15 an hour seems awesome at first until you realize that you should be getting paid a lot more for the amount that you are working for. I should've known that the unpaid training is a sign that this company is not something to be trusted. So finally I decided to call him one of the managers and tell them I was quitting. I told him I got a new internship and I would not have enough time to do all three jobs at the same time. She was very nice about it but I knew that if I called my general manager he would be a dick about it so I avoided that. Quitting job was the best thing I've ever decided to do in my life ever. Do not waste your time here.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed July 5, 2015

    To start off, DO NOT let other's negative comments and/or reviews make you think twice or turn away this opportunity. With any opportunity, try it first and make your decision after. I definitely had second thoughts about this job and thought that this was too good to be true. But once I actually started, it was pretty nice. It was a lot of fun giving the demonstrations and watch people marvel over the products compared to their own at home. The paychecks were AWESOME! As I said, you get out what you put in. The first week I worked, my first paycheck was $346.87! I have a friend who made that in one summer! My highest paycheck so far has been $467.45 and my lowest was about $27. By the end of the 2nd week, everything was GREAT!

    Though, after being 4 weeks in...the water eventually runs out. NOTE: Everyone is different! You can be the person who racks up 500 recommendations and will be good to go but, you can be the person like me and gets tired of it. This is a good company to work for, but ** what I DO NOT like about the company is that they push you and force you to set up demos even on holidays. They force you to sell things and it's like they need to know what you're doing every hour of every day. They say you make your own schedule but, don't let that fool you. You're going to be booking demos everyday! Not saying that's a bad thing but, it aggravating.

    And lastly, they LIE! Wait, this is definitely not a terrible thing since we are in the business and sales world but, for me, it just wasn't my thing. They lie to get customers to believe them and I guess I feel some type of way about this lying thing because I feel like when they are talking on the phone with me or talking to me about something, they are using the same technique on me thinking they have me fooled. Ha. But, try it yourself and see what happens. I hope this helped!

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