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SquareTrade opened its doors in 1999 at the beginning of the technology revolution. As cell phones, electronics and various new gadgets emerged on the market, the need to protect those expensive items in the event of an accident became more prevalent.

SquareTrade changed the game of the warranty industry by actually offering warranties that covered accidents that happen in everyday life, rather than covering the bare minimum like so many warranty companies had done in the past.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 12, 2019

I have a DVD tablet which wasn't working. That time, I could see black lines and I couldn't cut it off. Initially, I called HSN but they said that I should call SquareTrade. I called SquareTrade to put in a claim for my DVD tablet but then their reps gave me a bunch of runaround talking about how I don't have a warranty. I buy a warranty for anything that's over $100. I called HSN back and they called SquareTrade. What I got was a return label so I sent out my DVD tablet thinking it was going to SquareTrade. However, the whole package came back to me because there was a lithium battery in it that couldn't be sent. Furthermore, the package was going to the wrong place, HSN.

So I called SquareTrade again and again their reps told me that I don't have a warranty. Thereafter, I talked to HSN again and their reps said that my warranty was canceled. I told the rep with whom I was speaking that I didn't cancel the warranty. She then said that it got canceled and that they put my money back in my account. I went to my back account and my records show where I paid for the insurance and that HSN and/or SquareTrade didn't give me my money back. When I called them again, another rep said that it was a mistake on their end and that my warranty was cancelled from there.

The first rep tried to ask me if I wanted her to give me my $27 back. I told her no because I bought the warranty. It's now way over a year later and she wanted to give my warranty money back. I called HSN again and they got other people. I bought the warranty and there's proof in my bank account. I also have my warranty paper. I purchased a three-year warranty for my DVD tablet for $23.07. Somebody would have to pay for it.

Even though I have a problem going on, I'd recommend SquareTrade and I love them. When stuff is in the right, I have no problem with them. They get my stuff sent. If they can’t fix it, they send my money back. I bought a Motorola phone and it was horrible. I can't text on it because it would stop. I couldn't talk on it either. It just goes crazy but then the next minute, it would work. SquareTrade handled that quickly. I got a new phone coming. So, I know that they're not the problem.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 15, 2019

I bought a TV at Costco and they suggested that I get a SquareTrade warranty on it. It was two and a half years old, and all of a sudden, one-quarter of the screen started going dark. I called SquareTrade to file a claim. I went through a voice menu which was very confusing. Especially when I had a recall, they would say, “To do an existing claim,” and then I’d hit that and then they would go through this whole thing and give me this list of stuff I didn’t want. Then they'd ask what kind of appliance it was and when I did that, it was just like a voicemail jail. And the last one, instead of just “Stay on the line and get a representative,” it was “Go back to the main menu,” so I had to go through it again. But once I got to talk to people, they were all very nice.

I explained everything to them and then they switched me to the TV department when I was saying it was TV and what the problem was. And then I had to explain everything over again. They didn’t transfer all that knowledge somehow and so they could do better at that. Then they did a lot of diagnostics over the telephone which was fine but I didn’t realize how involved I was gonna be at that time. I’m almost 80 but I’m actually pretty tech savvy for my age. They asked for the serial number, and the serial number is on the back of the TV and it is so tiny. I had to get my glasses and a flashlight in order to get it. I had to move the TV but I have a stand that has sliders so that wasn’t too bad.

I had unplugged everything and then later on, replugged it in. I had four things to unplug in the back of the set, and there were about nine different plugs. I managed to get them all in the same place where they were. Then SquareTrade said that the TV couldn't be repaired and they would send me a new one but they wanted three pictures taken of the screen under certain circumstances and email those pictures to them. I got my grandson to do that and SquareTrade got back to me within a day saying they would do it immediately.

We ordered another TV and SquareTrade said that it would be delivered on such date and that I would hear from Best Buy. They gave me choices between the three and I picked one and they verified that in the email that it would be coming on the 16th. On the 14th, somebody from Best Buy called me and left a message. I called the lady back and she verified the TV that I had chosen, as well as it would be delivered on the 16th, between seven and one. I asked her if they would really come at 7 AM as I don’t really wanna get up that early. She said they would call me the next day and give me a smaller window. They called and said they were gonna be here between 10:30 and 12:30 on Saturday, the 16th.

I made arrangements for my grandson to be here to put it together once they came and set it up. I stayed home the entire time, didn’t go any place. By 1:15, I thought it was kinda goofy so I called Best Buy and got somebody on Geek Squad. He looked at all kinds of screens and then he said that the TV was not available anymore. When they went to load the truck on Friday night, and I had gotten a call at 7 that they weren’t gonna be here the next day so sometime after that, they found out that they didn’t even have that set. He asked if anyone called me and I said no one. It took them two weeks to figure out they didn’t have that one, and he said this was from Best Buy, that he couldn’t do anything about it. I have to deal with SquareTrade again.

I started all over. I called SquareTrade on a Saturday and got someone. He told me that the TV guys weren’t there and so he couldn't do a lot that da but he'd put me on high priority for Monday morning. They contacted me on Monday morning and I explained what happened. They redid it and said that they would take care of it. On Tuesday, they said that they couldn't find the TV we picked out originally but they got such and such a one and asked me if I could authorize that, which I did, and then I got a confirmation on that. They would be getting this TV from Costco. It was more reliable ‘cause that was where I bought it to begin with, so that’s where it is now.

I wrote a letter back to SquareTrade saying I was upset about what happened. I told them to tell Best Buy that computers today do a very good job with inventory control. As soon as SquareTrade said I picked this TV, that should have gone into Best Buy's inventory control. If they had one, it would go out of inventory, or it would come back in a day or two saying that they don’t have it, but nothing at all. This woman from Best Buy that I talked to that verified with me should have at least got two days to figure out if they have one. If they would have known anytime in those two weeks, they could have let SquareTrade know and I could have picked out a new one a week ago. But overall, I'm satisfied with SquareTrade.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 4, 2019

I had bought a Tenda brand AC18 router from eBay in March, 2018. It worked great for 2 months, and then suddenly bricked. I tried everything to revive it, but nothing would work. I called Tenda for an RMA since SquareTrade suggests dealing with the manufacturer in the first year instead of filing a claim. Tenda denied my RMA on the grounds that it was sold to me on eBay, and they're not an 'authorized distributor'. Despite it was brand new and I have returned new items bought from eBay to other manufacturers with no problem. They also took a couple of weeks to respond to emails. But they suggested going trying SquareTrade again so I did just that.

After using the live chat to talk to a rep and submitting the requested emails I exchanged with Tenda, SquareTrade had no problem honoring my claim and sending me the full amount. However, at first they will try to send you some lesser amount than what your purchase price was, saying "this value is determined by the system dependent upon the time when the item was purchased and the issue that is being faced with the item."

I told them I didn't understand and after asking how it all works since I thought the coverage was for what I paid on the item. They said they'll talk to their supervisor and thankfully they decided to give me the full purchase price back in the form of 2 checks (one for lesser amount offered and the other for the remaining amount to purchase price, which don't come on the same day, I had to wait a week for the second). I guess I can understand from a general business perspective, they will try to hold onto as much money as they can. You just don't want to be a pushover for their initial offer if it is less than what you paid.

The only other problem I have with SquareTrade is that their site is needlessly simplistic, and otherwise not very intuitive. There was no process to file a claim within 1 year of manufacturer warranty except through the live chat which only shows up on certain pages. Other than that, I got covered without issue. Tenda on the other hand, not so much.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 28, 2018

I sent SquareTrade an iPad which had a cracked screen but it was still working. I was very hesitant on mailing it out because I haven’t sent in something but my warranty was getting ready to expire and so, I sent it to them. When it came back, the screen was fixed but when I powered it on, it was black and blue 5 inches from the top of the screen. I had to make another phone call. Inside the packaging, it was checked off by two people that this was in great, working order and it was packaged with a lot of bubble tape. I sent it back to them and when I got it back, it was worse. The screen might have been replaced but when I powered it on, there was nothing coming on and it was glitching on the screen.

I called again and Lonnie, the guy I spoke to, was helpful. He told me to mail it back to a particular place and they will send me back what I paid for that iPad. I mailed it and they said that once they see that it has been checked off by Federal Express, they will send me a check immediately which they did. That was great and I could get a brand-new one but it should not have happened in the first place. The guy took a wrong and he made it right. So, I’m giving him credit as far as what they did to compensate me on that. My wife had a little bit of a crack on the screen. I was out of warranty now, and it was the same thing. My wife really uses the iPad and I use it periodically so, I told her to let me send mine first and we would see how they do it. Even though it was out of warranty, the guy allowed me to send my wife’s iPad and they would repair it. They did a good job on resolving it, so I have to give them props on that.

I purchased the SquareTrade insurance a few days after I purchased my iPad from ABT. I like ABT and I ordered it from them. I have a guy who I personally deal with which was where I heard about SquareTrade. I searched it and the prices were a little bit different. It was a little bit cheaper for me to buy it outside of SquareTrade but I bought the three years and I paid for my iPad Apple Air $579. It was what they gave back to me. I used it for three years, and they gave me back my money. It was a good deal.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 4, 2018

I purchased a protection plan for a Samsung 60-inch TV from Costco. SquareTrade was the one that they were offering and they told me I had to deal with SquareTrade. When I was watching TV, it turned black all of a sudden. Nothing was showing on the screen, so I thought the timer had shut down the TV. I pressed the power button on the remote, but nothing came on. I went to the TV and when I pressed the power button there, it didn’t come on. I checked the plug and I changed the connection to a different socket. I tried everything, but nothing worked. I called Costco, and I told them that my TV just died on me.

I checked and noticed that my extended warranty was still valid until some time in December. They connected me to SquareTrade and I explained the same thing to the SquareTrade agent. He went to the same process again. He told me to try and do a reset on the TV, and it was gonna come on. He also told me some steps I had to follow on my TV. I did the reset, but it still didn’t come on.

He then said that I would have to get someone to fix it and when they fix it, I should get them to issue me a computerized receipt with a paid stamp on it. I would pay for that myself and when I send in the receipt online, once they receive it, they would process it and issue me a refund. They gave me a couple of referrals around my area. I called those once, but nobody answered, so I went online myself and I got one of them. I called and the man said that he was gonna come and look at it the next day.

The guy came and looked at the power. He opened up the TV and noticed that something was bad. He said he had to take it back to his shop and see if he could get a replacement. He eventually did that and came back with the replacement part after a day or two and installed the back on the TV. It has been working since then. I emailed the receipt to SquareTrade through their website and after they received it, they processed and told me that they will be issuing me a refund check in the mail. I’m still waiting for the check to arrive.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2019

I bought a Vizio TV and am outside of the normal guarantee for the 1 year that comes standard. I realized I had purchased a SquareTrade extra guarantee to cover me for the next three years. I am within my time frame, everyone agrees, Vizio has opened a file for us that states they would have covered this failing screen under their warranty if it was within the 1st year. The SquareTrade people were polite while telling me this type of experience is because someone has damaged the screen. This is not true and a Vizio tech asked us all the necessary questions to diagnose what is going on. One of the SquareTrade reps said because the part is $1200 they don't want to cover it, they also offered to give me the $99 back for the guarantee.

I just want what they agree on their website and all materials to be true. I bought the guarantee now honor the guarantee. Either send someone to fix it or replace it. Millions of people are buying these policies and this has been 3 days of back and forth between parties to only get to the point where a supervisor is supposed to call me back. Don't buy this guarantee. They will not honor it. At least that is my experience.

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SquareTrade response

Hi Dalton,

We apologize for the experience you have has thus far.

Per your account, we see you were able to speak to a manager as requested. As discussed, please give us a call once you are with your TV to ensure we are able to make this situation right.



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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2019

Impossible to verify my warranty or so they say. I have the documents from HSN and warranty. Supposedly they can’t find them. Never again will I purchase a warranty with SquareTrade. Won’t refund or fix the tablet.

SquareTrade response

Hi Carol,

We truly apologize for any trouble you've had thus far.

We'd like the opportunity to further review the case and see if additional assistance can be provided. If you'll allow us, please email and include "Consumer Affairs Review" in the subject line, as well as any useful information such as your warranty ID or contact information. One of our specialists will review the claim and follow up with you directly.



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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2019

Bought insurance for my Samsung Galaxy S9 and the fast charge feature on the phone stopped working. Began the process of filing a claim. Provided information regarding the problem as required and then get the message that the problem can be fixed by restoring and rebooting the phone. I had tried that multiple times before filing the claim. I then check on the status of the claim and it indicates it is closed, with no resolution of the issue. The coverage is a waste of your money. You would be better off saving your monthly payment and putting it toward the cost of repairing or replacing your phone.

SquareTrade response

We apologize for any difficulty experienced with your claim.

Squaretrade has compiled years of experience to make the claims process as efficient and hassle-free as possible. Some of the ways we've improved this process include some preliminary troubleshooting, as we've found this to be successful with fixing a wide variety of issues.

If the troubleshooting fails to fix your product, this is a confirmation of the problem being rooted in hardware, which also helps our technicians determine the best way to proceed.

We understand that your claim seems as if it is denied; however, SquareTrade did provide you with troubleshooting steps.

If the troubleshooting steps do not fix your phone issues, we would be able to continue with the claim process and assist with the problems that you are having with the fast charger and connectivity.


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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 11, 2019

We purchased a HP Pagewide Pro Printer that retails for $700 online. We got a great deal from Staples for $399! We purchased the protection plan for SquareTrade upon purchase who happened to be partnered with Staples because we have had issues with printers in the past and thought better be covered in case. We recently had an issue with the duplex module on the printer. Square trade told us we needed to send back the printer to them for repair but because we run a business they told us that they can send a repair company to us. After never receiving a response from this repair company I called the number for Square trade and was told they are issuing a check for the cost we paid for the printer. I was confused because to purchase another printer this would cost me an additional $300! Good deals like we received two years ago do not just fall in your lap every day and we shopped around.

Apparently there is a limit to liability clause in their contracts that do not cover beyond what you pay for the product and they will not replace the product if the cost is beyond what you pay. HOW IS THIS OKAY?! Very few people purchase items at full price these days. This should be something the company advertises immediately to the consumer before purchase. This company chooses the easiest way out for them to not pay full price of your purchase. If this was advertised at purchase I would be telling a different story right now. BUYER BEWARE and READ FINE PRINT! Now let me go purchase my new printer in 5-10 business days!

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SquareTrade response

We apologize for any inconvenience.

SquareTrade works to ensure our plans are advertised properly, and we also provide customers access to their warranties at any time via our website or mobile app.
If desired, we can also provide a copy of the warranty contract via email or hard copy upon request, which provides more details regarding your policy coverage.
The warranty covers you for the length of the plan (coverage term) or until the coverage amount is met (limit of liability), whichever comes.
The limit of liability is the amount that you paid for your printer.
We again apologize for any inconvenience.
Thank you,


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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2019

I am very satisfied with my purchase of insurance on my desktop computer from Square Trade. I was having multiple issues with my desktop about 14 months after purchasing. I called Square Trade and their technicians walked me through potential troubleshooting steps. They were very knowledgeable and professional. Square Trade decided that it was better to refund my original purchase and the refund check arrived within the specified timeline. I would highly recommend Square Trade to anyone buying a computer.

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SquareTrade expert review by Rosemary Avance, Ph.D.

SquareTrade began offering electronics extended warranties in 1999, and is now one of the leading providers. The company has millions of customers and has won numerous awards for its plans and customer service.

  • Products covered: SquareTrade offers protection plans for smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, portable audio players, home entertainment systems, appliances, cameras and wearable electronic devices.

  • Plan options: Plans vary by product, but most cover 100 percent of parts and labor for accidental damage from drops or spills along with malfunctions. You can get one- to five-year plans at a variety of price points depending on the value of your device.

  • Perks: Enjoy 24/7 online claims and free two-way shipping if you have to send your device for repairs. Some plans also have a five-day service guarantee.

  • Plan comparisons: SquareTrade’s helpful charts compare their protection plans to other leading providers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and AppleCare. You can see the average prices of each plan, how long they last, whether or not you have to pay a deductible and more.

  • Breakability testing: SquareTrade has its own YouTube channel where it shares product breakability tests. You can see what happens to a Samsung Galaxy S8 when it's dropped from a building, submerged in water or tumbled in a dryer.

  • Best for: Those who want accidental damage protection for their personal electronic devices.

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