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SquareTrade opened its doors in 1999 at the beginning of the technology revolution. As cell phones, electronics and various new gadgets emerged on the market, the need to protect those expensive items in the event of an accident became more prevalent.

SquareTrade changed the game of the warranty industry by actually offering warranties that covered accidents that happen in everyday life, rather than covering the bare minimum like so many warranty companies had done in the past.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 27, 2019

We purchased a SquareTrade protection plan for my Note 9 phone. At the time, it was at Sam’s Club and I had gotten a good deal with getting 300 on a visa card to get the Note 9. When they told me that it was $99-protection, which is cheaper than AT&T would be if I were to do their monthly plan, I took it. However, I was misinformed on the aspect that the phone can get broken twice for two years, once every year. I didn't realize that I had to pay $139 on top of my $99, which still is cheaper. It was originally explained that it was $99 for two years. I was told that if your phone has any issues or breaks in those 2 years two times, you can get it replaced for free. Their rep were very nice though. It was a Sam’s Club associate who deals with the phones and the SquareTrade with it.

My phone fell on the rocks in the winter and cracked. I let it go but as I was listening to music on my phone, my screen just went blank. If somebody was Facebooking me, it’d still beep, but it was a black screen, so that was why I had to get it replaced right away. My husband filed a claim online and the process was very easy. I wasn’t waiting for a new phone because all my information was on this phone ,even my calendar, and I didn’t iCloud any of it. I was very upset. I have doctor’s appointments and I don’t even know when they are. But I took the SIM out and put it in my old S7 phone. So, I just brought back my calendar, which was good. But in the meantime, my husband found a location that does SquareTrade out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. And then, once they got the screen in, we went down and had it replaced.

It wasn’t SquareTrade's fault, but my S Pens wouldn’t fit in the screen because that’s where it clicks in. And my phone, I don’t know whatever screen they sent me. Supposedly, it was new from Samsung, but it did not work. My internet was in and out and I was getting dropped phone calls. I didn’t have service where I always have service. Thank god I was getting another screen in because of the S Pen. So, that whole situation was ridiculous. I wasn't too happy. I had called SquareTrade to say I had to make another three-hour trip to Harrisburg and I wanted it reimbursed because it wasn’t my fault that SquareTrade and Samsung gave me a bad screen. And the lady I spoke with laughed when I said, “Of course, you're not gonna do nothing.” So, I hung up on her. I was so mad. But I just chalked it up as people are ignorant. Of course, any company’s gonna try to get out of doing any more than they have to. That’s how it is.

I even dealt with the people that did the screen replacing and the manager in the background was a jerk. I told the employee on the phone that I heard the manager on the background. He’s supposed to be professional. It ain’t my fault that I brought my phone to them. It now needs to be replaced, and now, they're not telling me when I’m getting my screen. One minute they're saying, ‘He ordered it Saturday,’ but now, they don’t know if it was ordered.

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 17, 2019

    The process to start the claim was fairly easy, though in my case I could not start the claim online, I had to call and speak with a rep. The reps were polite and professional every time I called, assuring me they would take care of it. The 2nd to last time I spoke with a rep was to be sent the instructions to troubleshoot, before sending in for repair (I had a bad charging port and the phone would not charge using a cable), was to factory reset the phone. I did so, but still would not charge. On the last call, explaining that factory reset made no difference, the phone claim was approved. Arrangements were made to send the phone using a label provided by SquareTrade - easy.

    Looks like my digitizer was replaced along with the charging port, though it was not broken when sent to them. Also something was mentioned about the case back, but not sure what, it was same as the one sent. The phone has been in an Otterbox case since the moment it arrived to me new, so nothing should have been wrong with phone cosmetics. In any event, another complaint I had was that the phone did not hold a proper charge, as it had, and I felt the battery should have been replaced. I indicated this throughout the complaint process, but the phone came back with the old battery.

    Overall, I was pretty satisfied at the repair and process, with one exception and it's not a huge deal. While on the phone with the rep the final time, I was told that I would be shipped a new device overnight, which was great, then let down several minutes after that to find out that was not the case, and the phone would have to be repaired. Thanks SquareTrade, I would use you again.

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 6, 2019

    I would recommend SquareTrade because they take care of their business and they respond fast. They appropriately accommodate me as they should. Nowadays, any electronic or electrical device that you purchase really doesn't last that long. Having an extended warranty is valuable. It appears that when they manufacture stuff now, it's not well-made. I purchased a tablet and the retailer offered SquareTrade. My tablet stopped working. It wouldn't boot up. So I sent it to SquareTrade for the repair, but they couldn't repair it.

    I phoned the claim in and it wasn't difficult at all. And my interactions with the customer service team was good. They sent me a mailing label, and then I sent it in. In a couple days, they let me know what was going on. In the case of the tablet, they sent it back, and still, it wasn't repaired, so I sent it back to them. And then they let me know that they couldn't repair it. And so, they paid the cost of the device.

    The only thingis when I sent it to them the first time, the device they sent back to me wasn't my device. It looked like part of it wasn't my device. It was a tablet and it had a keyboard. So the keyboard detached. But then when I got it back, the keyboard would not attach to the tablet. It didn't fit. I had no problem before because it's magnetic. When you put it in there, it just finds it right away. Also, the tablet didn't look like my device. It was the same product but it wasn't mine. That was confusing to me and was a problem. They weren't telling me they were sending something else. The communication was it was mine. Then when I sent it back, then they told me they could not repair it. Then I would have to be satisfied because they paid me for it.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 12, 2019

    I have a DVD tablet which wasn't working. That time, I could see black lines and I couldn't cut it off. Initially, I called HSN but they said that I should call SquareTrade. I called SquareTrade to put in a claim for my DVD tablet but then their reps gave me a bunch of runaround talking about how I don't have a warranty. I buy a warranty for anything that's over $100. I called HSN back and they called SquareTrade. What I got was a return label so I sent out my DVD tablet thinking it was going to SquareTrade. However, the whole package came back to me because there was a lithium battery in it that couldn't be sent. Furthermore, the package was going to the wrong place, HSN.

    So I called SquareTrade again and again their reps told me that I don't have a warranty. Thereafter, I talked to HSN again and their reps said that my warranty was canceled. I told the rep with whom I was speaking that I didn't cancel the warranty. She then said that it got canceled and that they put my money back in my account. I went to my back account and my records show where I paid for the insurance and that HSN and/or SquareTrade didn't give me my money back. When I called them again, another rep said that it was a mistake on their end and that my warranty was cancelled from there.

    The first rep tried to ask me if I wanted her to give me my $27 back. I told her no because I bought the warranty. It's now way over a year later and she wanted to give my warranty money back. I called HSN again and they got other people. I bought the warranty and there's proof in my bank account. I also have my warranty paper. I purchased a three-year warranty for my DVD tablet for $23.07. Somebody would have to pay for it.

    Even though I have a problem going on, I'd recommend SquareTrade and I love them. When stuff is in the right, I have no problem with them. They get my stuff sent. If they can’t fix it, they send my money back. I bought a Motorola phone and it was horrible. I can't text on it because it would stop. I couldn't talk on it either. It just goes crazy but then the next minute, it would work. SquareTrade handled that quickly. I got a new phone coming. So, I know that they're not the problem.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 27, 2019

    We've used SquareTrade twice now (quite a while back), and both experiences were fantastic! I bought a Sceptre 49" 4K TV, and one day, it just shut off. I tried everything to get it back on, but ended up having to call SquareTrade to claim it. The rep had me run thru some steps, until it was determined it just failed (some internal power failure more than likely). Within a day or two, I had an email that contained my choice of THREE different TVs, and after researching, it was very clear every one of them were as good or better than the Sceptre. I made my choice, it was delivered promptly and we're using it to this day. Didn't even have to hassle with packing up and sending the old/broken one back.

    Another time, after a canoe accident where our iPhones took a nice swim, we made at last one (maybe two?) iPhone water damage claims. No hassle, and SquareTrade promptly sent us a new phone(s). They do replace with refurbished phones, but we looked at the replacements and thought there was no way it was refurbished; it look and worked like brand new. I just had an insane experience with 2-10 Home Warranty who could learn a lot from SquareTrade. Using 2-10 is the worst decision you could make, and I mean even if you have a paid warranty with them.

    SquareTrade stands by their warranties, and provides no hassle, no headache service, and the replacement policy is great beyond words. I do and will continue to use SquareTrade to warranty individual items, until when and if something happens to change my mind. You can buy a warranty with them, and actually know that you'll be hooked up quickly, easily and more than fairly if something ever happens.

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    2 people found this review helpful
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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 19, 2020

    I purchased an extended warranty for a laptop. Both times I sent it in for repairs, it took multiple phone calls and several weeks for SquareTrade to process my claims. Took 3 weeks just to send the box for the second claim, and when the computer was finally returned to me it was not functional. Because I assumed they had fixed the problem (silly me?) and had some personal business in the way, the computer stayed in the shipping box quite a while before I found this out; the warranty expired in the meantime and SquareTrade refused to do anything about it, leaving me with a broken computer they'd failed to fix while it was under warranty. I can understand that I left it in the box quite a while, but in light of how long they had taken in the past due to repairs, and that the computer had no reason not to work when I got around to trying it. Your typical heartless 'insurance' company.

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    Rated with 1 star
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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 19, 2020

    Bought a TV at Sams Club and as usual, a SquareTrade warranty. I figured with TV’s being so ‘computerized,’ it's a necessity.. and why not? A 10% cost for another TV if it breaks... never had to use one before, fist time and holy moly, what a nightmare. The short version (spent over 3 hrs on the phone (on hold, being trf’d, on hold etc and a vacation day). First.. warranty says 5 days in home repair. Day 14, repairman scheduled to show up between 10 and 2 (I took a day off work; not happy with 14 days when I was told 5, but hey, they are on the way to fix). Shows up and can't repair (there was a “blue LED” issue also, thank you repair man from ACS!!) so they chose to not repair at all, OK; I understand, and then was told I may have to ship it (A 65” TV?).

    Called Squaretrade... answer was; "We will have a TV specialist contact you within 2 days by email;" no explanation or answer on the shipping question. Just a diversion to amuse me I guess. Got an email with a link to my new Hisense $399 TV to replace my $999 TV. Another call to SquareTrade.. was told “keep clicking the link in the email, it updates daily, so you can keep checking every day and when a TV comes up you like select it”; Whaaaaaaaat!?!? Supervisor time. Got supervisor.. explained my concern, told him I wish to select my TV as I buy them based on features etc... “So sorry, I will send you a list with comparable TV’s." Who know when or what I will get. Bottom line... Not a good first experience. Will never buy a warranty again unless it states “same exact TV or purchase price.” \Wonder if my iphone dies if I will get offered a flip phone?!?

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 18, 2020

    Alright so, my Rockford Fosgate 600 watt P3 12in loaded enclosure, (subwoofer) had begun sounding very distorted. I then went on to dismount the 12 inch speaker from its box and found that the adhering from the cone to the spider had became dislodged and therefore creating the distortion. So the speaker worked just fine but was releasing distortion as well due to this factor. So I then filed a claim on the insurance I had purchased through Amazon from a company called SquareTrade.

    About a week later I have an e-mail sent to me stating that “Your item was received and has failed the audit inspection for the following reasons”- “Speaker shows signs of being over driven by extreme outside wattage. The speaker cone/coil is stuck in a locked state, which happens when it’s blown”. First off, how in the world is it in a locked state, when the driver has and still is fully functional and not even slightly stuck? Furthermore how has this speaker being driven by "extreme outside wattage" when I'm running the speaker with the same amp as the factory itself suggests (Rockford Fosgate p500x1bd Punch 500 watt class bd mono amplifier, at 35%)? And this was purchased at the same date from Amazon.

    Now think about this. A 600 watt speaker being over driven by a 500 watt amp being used at 35%... So I give them a call and they say their audit is high experienced and know what they’re doing. Again..?? At the end they state I might, be able to get the amount of the initial warranty. I can’t believe that they really push people to the side with false information like this. I read reviews of this nature about this company from other people and know I’m not alone. I was reading this morning that a lot of people are actually having to through law suits with this company over foul practices. I just want my Speaker or equivalent reimbursement.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 14, 2020

    I purchased a Mandolin on Dec 18, 2019 and paid $ 59.98 and also paid for a warranty with Square Trade to cover my purchase. About 1 month after purchase the Mandolin caved in while attempting to tune it. The coverage was to start on 1/17/2020 about 3 weeks or more after the purchase. I attempted to return it but the seller says I should have made a return within 2 weeks and I needed to contact Square Trade about the warranty. I contacted Square Trade and was told that even though my policy was in force I should make claim against the Mfg. Why should I have to make claim with the Mfg, whom I have no idea who the Mfg is as this item came to me from China. I paid for a warranty for two years starting 1/17/2020 but Square Trade says I would need to contact the Mfg about the problem within the 1st year.

    I paid for warranty coverage to start on 1/17/2022 so my first year that I paid for is not covered under the warranty I purchased until after the 1st year. This is a complete rip off. If I was told the warranty would not start until after the 1st year I would not have purchased the warranty and then have to wait a year to make any claims. This is BS. I paid for warranty starting 2 weeks after purchase and should be covered. I paid for nothing the first year. The warranty says it is a 2 year warranty but this not what Square Trade tells you when you buy. Based on Square Trade claim dept I am not covered the 1st year as my warranty date shows. If this is the case I paid for 2 years and only get the benefit for the second year. Do not purchase a Square Trade warranty unless you don't mind not being covered for the first year you paid for. They will tell you to complain to the Mfg.

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    SquareTrade response

    We apologize for any issues experienced with the consumer's device.

    During the first year, customers are directed to the manufacturer for assistance as most issues that occur during that time are manufacturer defects. This allows for the customer to preserve their extended warranty for later. Also, if the manufacturer is unable to assist, SquareTrade will step in and help with mechanical and electrical failures.

    At this time, we have been able to provide the customer with a satisfactory resolution.

    Thank you,


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    Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 12, 2020

    Thy have no phone # published and it takes 30 minutes to reach a person who leaves you on an endless hold. They do everything they can to not honor a valid plan. It takes repeatedly doing the same steps over and over .... I have still not had my computer looked at after 3 days of attempts at sending. First airbill, Fed Ex sent back to me, Second they will not issue ...Find another company. Only company worse than this one is AIG.

    SquareTrade response

    Hello Stacey,

    We apologize for any dissatisfaction you have with your claim process.

    While we do provide the customer with a pre-paid shipping label, shipping is handled by a third party company such as FedEx. Anytime a package is sent back before it has arrived at the repair center, there is an issue with the item within the container. In this case, FedEx has deemed the contents of the package hazardous and undeliverable. We cannot issue a new shipping label for anything considered as undeliverable by the shipping company.

    Though specific shipping issues are not within our scope of control, we do understand this has caused a delay in your claim. We have recently changed your resolution to an alternate solution to address this problem.

    We thank you for voicing your concerns and allowing us the opportunity to address them. We look forward to assisting you again in the future.

    Thank you,


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    SquareTrade expert review by Rosemary Avance, Ph.D.

    SquareTrade began offering electronics extended warranties in 1999, and is now one of the leading providers. The company has millions of customers and has won numerous awards for its plans and customer service.

    • Products covered: SquareTrade offers protection plans for smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, portable audio players, home entertainment systems, appliances, cameras and wearable electronic devices.

    • Plan options: Plans vary by product, but most cover 100 percent of parts and labor for accidental damage from drops or spills along with malfunctions. You can get one- to five-year plans at a variety of price points depending on the value of your device.

    • Perks: Enjoy 24/7 online claims and free two-way shipping if you have to send your device for repairs. Some plans also have a five-day service guarantee.

    • Plan comparisons: SquareTrade’s helpful charts compare their protection plans to other leading providers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and AppleCare. You can see the average prices of each plan, how long they last, whether or not you have to pay a deductible and more.

    • Breakability testing: SquareTrade has its own YouTube channel where it shares product breakability tests. You can see what happens to a Samsung Galaxy S8 when it's dropped from a building, submerged in water or tumbled in a dryer.

    • Best for: Those who want accidental damage protection for their personal electronic devices.

    by Rosemary Avance, Ph.D. ConsumerAffairs Research Team

    Rosemary Avance, Ph.D., uses her social science research background as a member of the ConsumerAffairs research team to help people make smart choices. She researches products, businesses and industries thoroughly, then passes on the most relevant and essential information for consumers looking to make important purchasing decisions.

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