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Founded in 1892, Strayer University is a private, higher education institution which specializes in degree programs for working adults. The university is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees at over 90 campuses in more than 20 U.S. states and online. If you are a student seeking assistance, please contact us at

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Consumer Complaints and Reviews

I was in constant contact with the office in reference to my financial aid and registering for classes. Left at least 8 to 10 messages for two different individuals and sent emails but somehow when it came time for them to contact me back, they had the wrong phone number and email address on file. Even when I spoke with someone they never bothered to verify my contact information until I asked what information they had on file for me. Again, every time that I left a voicemail I made sure to leave a contact number and my signature on my emails have my phone number under it. Now it's too late to sign up for the fall semester and now I have to wait until January. Also, when I signed up for financial aid, I was told that there was no further information needed but somehow I'm not getting a refund because something is "needed" but no one has been in contact with me to tell me what is needed. I'm so disappointed!

I worked as an Admissions Officer for one of Strayer's local campuses in the early 2000's. At that time, my job was to explain the school, gain transcripts from the students for verification of past education, and to help them understand the process. That may have also included passing the students on to the Financial Aid process.

For some students, employers were helping to pay the bills, as were some government benefits earned by the student. Strayer tried to recognize past educational work history to give credit... where fewer other schools may have done so. That may have included basic subjects like Math and English. If some IT classes were outdated, we would make that determination upfront, prior to admitting the student. We also explained CLEP, and how to achieve credits, once those goals were achieved by the student.

The professors and staff I knew at our local campus, basically cared about those students at that time. I cared about trying to explain our admissions process, to the best of my abilities. Our FA staff was very knowledgeable. Some folks may not have realized the cost, but they should have with our FA staff at my local campus at that time. What I can tell you is this is a business! It is a for-profit school. It was set up primarily for working adults, and many have succeeded to gain BS and Master Degrees. The professors I knew at our local campus worked hard to help several, where many would have failed, otherwise.

Please consider your various options to see if this school is the right fit for you. It can be expensive, and you may want to consider our community colleges first. Strayer will try to transfer as many of your former credits as possible. At least they did back in the early 2000's. Outdated IT classes may not transfer credit since the field changes so quickly. Obtain that determination upfront. As a former Admissions Counselor (I think they may now them Life Coaches), our job was to try to admit as many students as possible, as long as their transcripts passed and so they had a way to pay for the classes. I was paid a salary, no commissions. I left because I felt it was a racket, even though I enjoyed many of the students and our faculty.

Stayer can work well for some, I knew several great Professors, but if you apply... you need to work hard to gain the degree and read the details in everything you have signed. I was amazed at a couple students I enrolled! When they came in my office with some of the issues they had been dealing with in their personal lives... a couple years later... they obtained their degree! It made a difference in their lives, I felt proud to have been part of it... just do your homework!

Funny you have success coaches, but they never call. Only time I got a quick response was when I decided to withdraw. Financial aid counselors who instead of counseling, blow their steam off on innocent students, and student complaints that get routed back to the person you initially filed it on. No one's on the same page at the columbia sc campus and their only interest is to get you excited to start school on a partially legit basis then have you find out later in the quarter you're not eligible for FA. After busting you butt in a class already. And now I have a balance because I was administratively dropped by a teacher who didn't keep adequate roll. Which I think was a set up to have me pay since I wanted to leave. Terrible experience!!

There's no one to complain to because everyone keeps you in a loop. I still have yet to understand why the financial aid counselor I went back and forth with, is the same person telling me my admission couldn't be satisfied, answered a complaint I filed on her, and is the one processing my withdrawal now that I've decided to leave because she works in the business office as well! What kind of internal conspiracy is that!!! Sad that I had to mention I was a disabled veteran in order to get talked to in a respectful manner. Maybe the experiences vary from campus to campus, but this one should be avoided.

Strayer University is awful. DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL! If you have a problem, you will be given the runaround. Your instructor will not call you back or respond to your emails. Do not take a class with **. He basically said, "I am the instructor. You are the student. Do it my way or flunk the course." The Dean, the Vice President of Student Affairs, and the President of the Institution were no help. The "success" coach you are assigned is a joke. Do not go into debt trying to get a degree from this joint. The institution is laughable, at best.

After reading the many reviews from the last couple of years; I was APPALLED to see such unsatisfied ratings. As an alumni student for both my Bachelor's and Master's degree in 2006 and 2011, Strayer University provided me with good services! From my financial aid to knowledgeable instructors, there were very minimal issues that I experienced. Is there any official monitoring these reviews to work towards improving these complaints generally by students who are paying their money (loan money is student money because it must be paid back)? I am preparing my young adult daughter who recently graduated from High School to attend Strayer and certainly WOULD NOT want her first experience to be a BAD one!

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I have met some great people and great professors while completing my Masters degree with Strayer. Unfortunately, I had an instructor. Charles ** that completely disregarded any communication or attempts to assist with my classwork. I included the Dean and my Campus and several other students. Created tickets explaining the lack of correct grading and communication or lack thereof with this professor. I implore you to steer clear of this instructor and UNDERSTAND that Strayer will NOT help if an instructor gives you an erroneous grade. You can have as much evidence and show that you did the right thing, and no one, not even the Dean can help. This is coming from a career 4.0 student with a tremendously hard work ethic. Steer clear of his class and attend this university at your own risk. But keep in mind they sure did not say anything about getting paid for the same class twice. Smh.

I have attend Strayer for three years. My experience have been great and the people at the NRC was super. Erica ** my success coach has guided me and I can truly say the plan she put in place worked. She informed at end of the last quarter that I have satisfied the requirement for my associate degree and if I want to get it what I have to do even I am still pursuing my Bachelor's degree. I went paid the fee and was told it take four to six weeks for my degree to arrive at my home. This was done on July 6, 2016 and on yesterday July 23, 2016 my degree arrive at my home. She also told me I have a right to attend a Graduation and I should to celebrate the hard work that been put to obtain my Associate degree.

I am happy to report I will attend the graduation ceremony in December. Here is the real happy part of the story, July 16,2016 I celebrated my sixty birthday and on July 23, 2016 I celebrate my first degree. Thanks to Erica, Kim, Star and others at the NRC for encouraging me, motivating me, and helping me to keep believing in myself. It just prove you are never too old to accomplish what you set your mind on.

Strayer University is the worse school in america!!! I highly recommend anyone who is looking into different schools to further your education please do not attend Strayer... The faculty is very unprofessional & can be very rude & it's a crying shame how unorganized they are & when it comes to your financial aid they will put a hold on you... I had this problem & still in the process now of everything being cleared because 2 months prior to me starting school the documents they claim I need now were needed 2 months ago!!! Why wait until I get in my 3rd week of school to tell me this & now I have a hold on my account because the faculty not doing their job properly? After this semester I will be transferring to a better school!!!

I am suppose to graduate in the Fall of this year 2016. I was approved by the Department of Education for the full amount of my loans. Well needless to say I received an email of the disbursements that I was approved for, but I logged into my account and seen that Strayer's Financial Department had 'Prorated' my amount. They didn't notify me on this situation so I called the Department of ED and they told me "This is not our policy." It was the school who I would need to notify, so I did spoke with at least five people regarding this dilemma. When I asked, 'What will happened to the money that was prorated?' They stated, 'It will be as if you didn't use it.' HUH? I will pursue my Bachelor's and hopefully my Master's. This will not stop me, but I will not pursue at Strayer. That is a fact. THANK YOU STRAYER FOR THIS. LESSON LEARNED.

I registered for class. After finding out that I didn't have enough FA to go to school and that I had to pay out of pocket I asked to be withdrawn from the school and the class. Needless to say they never withdrew me and someone logged into the class under me for a whole 8 days. I went back in to review my tickets that I created way last summer in order to prove that I asked for my funding to be sent back and showing that I asked them to explain how I could get charged for a class that I never attended and the tickets have all been deleted by Strayer. I contacted the Campus Director Jean and she informed me that I went to class for at least 8 days and that made me go pass the quarter of withdrawn so they are charging my $920 and they are holding my transcripts and is causing me not to be able to attend another school. I have yet to hear back from her and like I told her I don't know who went to class under my name but it was not me.

I never logged into the class because I knew I couldn't afford to pay out of pocket. I asked her what was done in the class, was there any work done or anything, was there any questions answered by me which I know could not have been possible because I never logged into the class when the class started. Strayer is nothing but a rip off. Stay far far away.

Attending the MBA program online and it's been nothing but trouble since the very beginning. Now that I have less than 3 classes to graduation, the financial aid department informs me that my funds are on hold for review. Fine, no problem. I waited the full week as instructed and still saw no change. I call the office and was informed that the funds were still being "worked out." Long story short, my funds had been cut substantially compared to the past semesters. I was lied to several times before I got a straight answer.

Now I'm at the end of my studies and probably won't graduate. 40k down the drain with nothing to show for it. I'm 28 years old with so much student debt and nowhere near the income to pay it back. Just got laid off from an 18/hr job. Times are tough and I hate Strayer, administrators and anyone else affiliated with that crooked school. Like, my life is ruined. Don't be surprised if you see me begging on the streets for money because that's clearly where my life is headed...

I had some family trouble and wasn't able to continue with school. My intentions were to withdraw and preserve my GPA and get back into classes as soon as possible, needless to say life had other plans. I had to leave school, being a single mother all while working and helping to support a father who had just suffered a stroke. It goes without saying, not on purpose, but my loans went into default. So I call them and say "hey what do I do to get back in good standing so I can complete my education??" The customer service lady says "set up a small payment plan is all you got to do." Just nine consecutive payments and bam you can go for funding!! Liar, liar, pants on fire. Now I owe more money (wth!!!) to financial AID. Now someone tell me what to do!!

I have been attempting to obtain my transcripts from Strayer to attend another University for my Masters. Much to my surprise, Strayer is holding my transcripts claiming that I still owe them money. I have been out of school for six years!!! If I owed you money, why am I now only hearing something about it??? Strayer received over $60000 from me and financial aid...hmmm. I'm warning all to stay away from this school. They are nothing but a bunch of scammers and want nothing but your money! I am so very disappointed in Strayer for this and they should be ashamed of themselves!

If you have the Post 9/11 GI Bill Run for your life! I attended school for about 3 weeks and applied 2 months before I started. Strayer would not send my information to the certifying official at the VA, no matter that I sent the necessary paperwork in advance to the VA. They wanted me to send them my paperwork and THEN they would contact the VA. That's not how it works. I don't think they even have a certifying official. I dropped out via email (the local campus shut down that was when I started catching on to this school). I dropped before the last day and they still charged me around $2500. It hit my credit report. I've saved my emails to the school and they haven't really helped me get out of this situation. If there is a class action lawsuit I need to get in on it. This school is super shady.

I enrolled in this university. Before classes started I requested to be dropped. They refused to drop me and told me I needed to contact my instructor. I contacted my instructors via Blackboard. After I got no response in a timely manner through email they told me that since I entered into Blackboard I was not drop from the classes and they are holding my transcript for nonpayment on an account but I have financial aid. Why do I always Strayer?

I thought about enrolling here but throughout the enrollment process something very fishy. I was transferring from a top tier University which was too expensive to continue attending. After getting through the "application" process something seemed very strange to me that they needed me to test into English and Math curriculum despite my already taking and passing these classes at another University. I made mention of this and then was told to fax over a copy of my high school diploma; I did but asked, "Did you review my college transcripts?" The response, "No we do not need them yet. You're accepted. Congratulations."

I found this odd since normally, when applying as a transfer student the intended University generally wants to see how you have been performing elsewhere and if up to standards, then they would need to evaluate your previous coursework so they know how many credits are being transferred, how many you need to graduate and then plan your academic plan around this.

I decided not to enroll and communicated all of this by way of email which I have printed and saved. A few days later, miraculously, my transcripts were received and all of my credits were going to transfer! Yay! Again, I found this quite sketchy. I took a lot of architecture and construction management classes since that was my previous major and when applying to Strayer I was simply going to get a basic business degree. I questioned how architecture translates into business and I was told, "It is coursework, it just counts." Again, feeling quite uneasy, I declined to enroll, thanked the admissions counselor for her assistance and to close out my file.

A few days go by and someone else starts calling me and badgering me about enrolling. I maintained by stance until I was passed over for a promotion. I decided to call this new guy back and said "Let's complete the enrollment process." He sent me directions and I was to complete the process. Now this is where things get interesting!!!

I was never able to log in. I called tech support and they kept resetting my account and kept sending me passwords and none of them ever worked. I believed the universe was trying to tell me something so after a week if attempting to log in, calling their support center and never being able to log in, I decided to stick with my original plan and NOT to enroll. I emailed the guy and told him as much and he instantly followed up with a phone call. He started calling people, conferencing in others and voila I was in my student account where I was to complete the enrollment forms. I then asked to speak with someone in Financial Aid. He transferred me and I talked to this nice woman who worked up a plan and in less than one year I would have my BA in Business.

I was to say the least very excited. I then thought, how is this possible? I am only a Sophomore at my current school, how in less than one year and I going to graduate with a four-year degree? The woman realized her mistake, repopulated her program and it would take me about three years. We then discussed numbers and we realized, I was maxed out with financial aid. Since two years at my previous school cost me about 55K and the final three at Strayer was going to cost the same, I would need to come up with alternative means to fund my education.

I told her that simply was not an option and that I was not going to spend the same amount to attend this "university" as I was attending a top rated university. I then thanked her and hung up. I immediately followed up this with an email to the admissions counselor. I explained everything to him and that I could not fund my education therefore I would not be attending. He responds that I should take out personal loans, apply for grants and ask my company to reimburse me. I explained that I made too much to qualify for any grants, I was NOT going to take out any personal loans to fund my education and my company does not offer tuition reimbursement. He kept reply that it was imperative that I find alternative funding sources and classes were starting and I needed to finish my enrollment if I hoped to attend.

I wrote a final email and copied every person who I had ever talked to on the phone or emailed. I told them all that I was not enrolling and to please never contact me again. Within 30 minutes, I started receiving emails alerting me to sign my enrollment forms to complete the process. Now these little emails have an accept and reject button; accept to open and sign the documents and reject to refuse them. I clicked reject to every single form that was emailed to me. I heard nothing, but kept receiving emails from a professor with work coursework assignments. I emailed her and stated that I never enrolled into her class, I never logged onto her class and I never completed the enrollment process to attend classes. She did not respond but the emails finally stopped.

Then Monday, February 22, 2016, I get an email stating that my account is past due and I need to make payment immediately. I called, spoke to someone and they stated that I attended classes for one week and I owed $309.00. I told her that I never enrolled in class, I never logged onto the class and I have emails backing up all of this. The woman stated that I would need to speak with my local campus. I also asked why I never received a bill in the mail or any other notification that I had a past due balance on my account. She stated that bills are sent to my student account and since I do not have a home address this is the only way they could communicate with me. You may recall, I never logged onto anything and once again, how does a university accept someone who does not have an address? You cannot even get financial aid without some sort of mailing address.

I called and I have left five messages for someone to call me back. Today, Thursday, February 25th, I called the toll free number and spoke to someone in the call center who stated that there were notes in my account that claimed they advised me of fees for dropping classes after attending. I explained the representative I never enrolled, logged on to any class, never signed any enrollment forms and I have all of this in email to back this up. He was shocked and advised me to call the director of the campus to discuss since this was a dispute.

I left a message for the director who was conveniently on a conference call. I briefly explained the nature of my call and asked that someone please call me back today. The response, "I will give him the message but I do not control who he calls back." Seriously??? So, as I write this, I am patiently waiting for my callback. I am going to give until 2:00 PM and then call back again. Lesson learned, if you read nothing but bad reviews about a business; listen!! This "university" is absolutely despicable and if it is truly accredited, it should lose its accreditation.

I am homeless and I don't have any financial aid to make it to school. I overdraft on my account several times just to catch the train to attend class. I slept outside for many nights after attending classes from 6pm to 10pm. I am a 4.0 student, and I refuse to allow my academic transcripts to reflect a bad grade due to the inability of Strayer University to disburse my financial aid payments and refunds and a timely and reasonable manner. You have already received my grant funding but the Department of Education has already informed me that Strayer University would need to fill out the deferment letter showing that I am attending classes there. Your staff representatives have already informed me via voicemail message that they have made a departmental error with respect to my 2014 transcripts, Independent verification form, Entrance Counseling, and Master Promissory Note.

It is standard procedure within your university policies to disburse financial aid in 30 days for new students. However, you have failed to uphold your own policies and still have me on a conditional enrollment hold. Therefore, I do not owe your school any money because you never informed the Department of Education that I was even a student at your school. I used to process FAFSA documents for students, so I am well aware about how the system works. This University has attempted to steal my federal financial aid money and I am putting you on notice pursuant to the federal administrative laws and other applicable laws, that a commencement action and lawsuit will be initiated. My major is criminal justice, but I would have never thought that I would be a victim of injustice at the hands of university professionals that I trusted with my financial aid and education for a better, more secure future.

I have been attending Strayer for about 2 years now and when it comes to my grades, I am still maintaining a 4.0. The issues come into play when it come to Financial Aid. I have never dealt with people who can't tell you what is going on with your finances. It has even at one point taken me 2 1/2 to receive my refund and I was already into another term. I don't understand how a school can do this and then feel like they don't have to give you an explanation. In all reality the students are the ones that have to pay this money back but yet they treat it like they have to pay it back. Had I know this was going to be a continuing issue when I am always told it will never happen again I would have been left. I will be transferring to a better university when this term is over. This school seems to bring the student down instead of helping them. When it comes to my academic counselor I have not heard from her since my first week. (Not surprising!)

Strayer has been giving me the same runaround with my financial aid. I have given them everything they needed for 3 semesters. Yet, now they are saying I owe money. Wow. If anyone on here have advice for me and how to get this resolve please let me know. This school is no good. Someone keeps sending messages on the message box on my iCampus, I keep asking their information and they fail to give it to me but they keep giving me a difficult time with getting my Pell Grant. Seems mighty weird to me. I need help with getting this school in trouble.

I would highly recommend Strayer University. The registration process was very easy, and I worked with one of the entrance counselors to make sure I had everything I needed. I'm currently attending the San Antonio, TX campus and everyone who helped me get enrolled and on the right path was great! I have had no issues with financial aid or the Strayer billing department. In fact, it went so smoothly that I sent an email just to make sure everything was in place because of all the negative comments I read about the financial department.

I am maintaining a 4.0 GPA, and I enjoy the classes. Unfortunately, I can see how people can fail the classes even when they think they are doing all the required work. The instructors are very clear on how they want the discussion questions and assignments to be answered. If you need more help understanding the grading system, the assignment Rubrics are CLEARLY posted in the student center of each course. So if the professor posts a discussion/assignment and you don't use proper grammar, punctuation, or structure the assignment in the way they have asked you lose points. Duh!

The point is not to simply "show up", but to attend class, thoroughly read, and follow the instructions. If you post something like "I ain't got no..." vs "I don't have any..." you are going to be graded accordingly. You would think that would be a given, but I can't tell you how many times I see this in the weekly discussions, and then that person gets upset when they don't receive the grade they expected. At any rate, so far I've had a WONDERFUL experience with Strayer, and I recently met someone who earned her degree through Strayer and had nothing but good experiences as well.

Strayer University has become a racket and scam. They just put in a loan to the federal government and had money distributed to them under my name. I never authorized them to do this and never attended this so called school.

Simple... You get out of it = What you put into it!!! If you want to learn the subject matter, you are supported by knowledgeable instructors that have extremely impressive resumes. (PERSONAL IMPRESSION) It is almost like the instructors are working with the pretense that all students should pass (Good customer service, right?) but, every instructor was more than willing to instill the subject matter to the students that wanted to walk away with the information that they needed.

I did feel and had confirmed, more than once that most of the instructors were not prepared for the first class of the quarter... Some didn't even know the classes they would teach until they arrived on campus that very evening. I did prefer the 5 papers of 6-8 pages each as the course grade rather than tests. Online classes can be tricky for the first week or two but if you remain calm and expect to be a bit lost you will be ok. The professors give you their phone numbers and are always willing to explain. I could go on and on but just read my first sentence.

I recently graduated Oct 2015 from Strayer U. I used my GI Bill for Strayer U which paid for my diploma fee on October 1st. I was informed that it normally takes about 6 weeks to receive. I really did not have any issues with Strayer U and I had a good experience there in most cases and expressed the good deeds as well. This situation with the diploma is ridiculous and as I contacted SU the first time was told that "Yes, I see your diploma was order/submitted (whichever term you want to use) on October 1st and it'll take 4 to 6 weeks from October 1st. Fine. I waited until the day before the last day of that 6-week process and called back and the service center at SU stated that I have one day until my 6 weeks is up which was a Thursday and was told if I do not get it the following day (Friday) to call back.

I called the following week, the following Tuesday because it still have not came. I spoke with another service center rep at SU and she actually emailed Academic Records on my behalf and CC me on that email, but no response so I called back 2 days later and another service center rep, after updating him on what I'd already encountered and states that it normally takes 6 to 8 weeks... I was already in my 7th week and was told it takes 4 to 6 weeks and now it's 6 to 8 weeks (wow). Of course, I did not get off the phone as swiftly and just accept that answer so I asked if he can provide a update for me... (Shout out to Jason - the service center rep at SU because he found out more details than the others.) After being on hold for a while he came back stating that there was a "Hiccup" with my account which was on Strayer, stating that I had a balance on my account (which I did not) and that's why my diploma was not sent out.

Confusing because I only have one record that Strayer can access that should be the same for everyone who has access to it. How is it that one person is telling me it was sent and another is showing that it was processed and now academic records and stating there's a hiccup (whatever that mean)? Rep told me that Academics has fix the so-called Hiccup and will email a tracking number. I guess I have to wait another 4 to 6 weeks or is it 6 to 8 weeks... I'm confused. (shout-out to Roswell, GA campus) I don't even want to go into my Transcript issue (smh). I give 1 star for this Diploma issue but 4 stars to Roswell Campus Staff.

After my experience with Strayer I should have gone to a school locally, but because of my work schedule and other circumstances I stayed. Financial aid is totally messed up. I received a refund of 7,665.00, that is right. And I inquired about this refund twice and was told by Strayer financial aid office that I had funding left for two more class which is what I need to graduate. Now I am told that I owe Strayer 3,457 dollars from the Spring semester, which the refund came from. Question, why would you not take out what was owed out of the refund, and wait until the winter semester to say I owe so much money, really? And the sad part is it is blamed on the board of education. HA! That is a good one. Students beware and when you call to talk to someone they are so negative.

I am a student who recently obtained my Associates working towards a Bachelors in Business. This last semester after twice speaking to staff to be ready for upcoming classes, was told I was ready to go/enrolled. I went to start classes and was told I was not enrolled, called staff at Strayer back to see why I wasn't enrolled and was told because I never enrolled. I had to go through the enrollment process all over again for the third time, putting me a week behind in my classes. They are really good about throwing wrenches in your career goals. Is it purposefully? I don't think so, but these kinds of mistakes cannot be tolerated when it can mean the difference between an A or a B in your classes/education.

I think they test/try your patience to the maximum, I have been in tears many times due to them stressing me out and throwing wrenches into my studies. I shopped around, but found many of the schools are having the same problems. Get off your asses and do your jobs. And you wonder why you're not getting that promotion and crying? You deserve it. Well, I am a business owner and it is sickening to see and hear how many of their employees cry "more money" but don't want to work for that money. Really? No, really, this is their perspective in their jobs. Learn your jobs and do them, and that is what will get you that promotion.

Playing is tearing down any business and to expect or wait for a raise that never comes and then cry, "this place sucks," when you actually suck as an employee. I never get a returned phone call from my success coach and have asked for a new one and this one is no better, if not worse, and the I am sorries is already old when they know full well this was an intentional mistake not an honest one due to not following through and doing their jobs. And where is upper management who is supposed to be catching these idiot who passively think when they caused you so much stress and hurt your education, should be patted on the back for it.

They make you look like an idiot, pretending they know what they are doing and yet do nothing but wait for you to call someone else who will do it. That may take four or five phone calls back to get different people in hopes you caught that one who actually feels like doing their job that day. No exaggeration. A friend told me this was a set-up-to-fail system when I let him take a look at my classes and see what he thought about it. I went into my education excited and now am stressed to the max and in tears but am plunging on.

And if anyone is dropping out, it is because they cracked under the stress and lack of support of the staff. The classes are repetitive and contradicting to each other, I have had three course that is the same material, just put a different name on the book. I think they do this to make more money and keep you in school longer. The staff is the biggest issue. We all go into this loving learning and the material is not the issue for the most part, it is the staff who once don't do their jobs and pass you to other people until you get someone who actually is having a day that they feel like working.

Once again, the I am sorries are sickening and don't cut it with me, when you are costing me more money and the danger of having to repeat a class due to your laziness. Forget about raises for this staff, it is not justified. So I hope they are reading this because all of you have come across to me as being so incompetent of doing anything without some holding your hands or screaming down your throats, which is justified. I am a business owner and well, better be glad I am not your boss, because there are many people standing in line for your jobs and you would be fired on the spot since you're burning up my wallet and tearing down a business that you want to pay you for doing nothing all day.

Get your heads out of your... If you can fill in the blank, don't tell me I am being too harsh, because what they're doing isn't working so maybe this will, when you're being told straight up instead of being patted on the back and rewarded for your laziness. The tech department is great, but they need to stop changing things in the middle of classes and wait until the break, because that hurts a student grades as well. Why do you not know this? The passing the buck doesn't cut it with me either. It is your job, not theirs. I am furious at the lackadaisical approach to a student's needing to being well prepared for classes and would think they would get that.

I recently learned Strayer University took out over $8,000 in student loans in my name. I inquire about their Criminal Justice program but registered or attended any classes. I have left numerous messages with the financial aid department with no return calls yet. This is outrageous and they need to be stopped. I filed a complaint with the department of education and FSA Ombudsman. Why is this school still in business???

I have attended a couple Community Colleges, Air Force technical school, and UMUC before going to Strayer Univ. and I can tell you that Strayer is the worst place I have gone to. I am currently a few quarters away from finishing up an Undergraduate degree in what is supposed to be a Bachelor's of Science degree in IT Internetworking, when, in fact, the degree is more of a Liberal Arts degree and they know it from the get-go. The academic advisors will lie to you about their IT degrees being a Hands-on training program, when they know they are not. Do Not even bother asking them, as they only want to get paid for doing their job of getting you into the school they work for. Even speaking with a Director of a campus (who is a former Project Manager in IT) admitted that writing is essential in every degree program at this school, where open-book tests are not the main focus of learning.

So, when you hear someone say "We can agree to disagree," give up arguing with them because you will get nowhere with them. Even if they want you to waste your time with their stupid surveys they ask for you to do. If they ask for you to do a survey for the school tell them back in their faces, "We can agree to disagree on doing your waste of time surveys," as they are unwilling to change their degree programs and curriculums. I even went so far by talking to someone at Headquarters Student Affairs office for 3 hours complaining about the curriculum at Strayer Univ. and all I got at the end was to write an E-mail to them about their problems. As a student it is not my job to do their work for them, so I did not bother wasting my time writing an E-mail to them. I am too far, at this point, in completing my degree.

If you are a Technician and want a technical degree DO NOT go to Strayer Univ. There is no Hands-on training whatsoever. In fact, there are only two good things about the curriculums at this school: the underpaid professors who teach on-ground here and they accommodate for those working during the day by having classes only at night 1 day a week for 4 hours and online courses, where you learn mostly nothing. Most of the professors on-ground are good and I have only had a couple bad ones that were new to teaching. Most real Universities DO NOT even have Strayer Univ. listed as a school to transfer from and they DO NOT accept their credits like Strayer wants you to believe. In addition, most recruiters for jobs DO NOT accept this school as a positive on a resume.

When I get done with this Undergraduate degree I plan on moving to Texas and getting 2 MBAs from one of the Texas Universities. I want nothing to do with Strayer Univ. after this degree is completed. The only thing good for me from this experience was that I received only an undergraduate degree and NOT a graduate degree from this joke of a school. For those complaining about the financial loan payback, which Strayer personnel harass you with phone calls after completing a degree, know this, you have a 6-month free loan payback before having to pay. This is for those who have financial difficulties, such as myself.

Another HUGE problem at Strayer Univ. is the political makeup of some of the classes and, for the most part of the school, is Liberal. If you are a Conservative like myself, you are in the minority and are hated by other students and you are looked down upon by some of the professors who are also Liberal. Some of the professors, especially those teaching Political Science and Sociology teach that Marxism is better than Capitalism and that individualism is bad over government control. Well, for you morons teaching this crap in school, I have one question for you: Why is it that every society in the World that were Communist, Socialist, and have Marxist ideologies have failed? If you want to live in North Korea, Russia, Iran, and Communist China go there and live under their leader's rule, leave the western successful societies alone!

I would not even consider this school. I never attended one single class and I am now being charged $535 when I told the lady who I dealt with that I was not going to be able to attend this semester. She told me which I have never heard before, that I would be charged a $20 no show fee. Normally, schools will have you pay upfront, with them this is not the case. I am now being harassed and called non stop by debt collectors saying I owe them money that I don't. I am not paying for classes that I never went to. They are also saying I bought books as well, which I never did. I would not sign up for this school because all they care about is money.

I started Strayer University to pursue a Bachelors degree June 10, 2015. I went to the school at the North Campus located in Concord, NC for registration. While at the school, I completed my enrollment and signed the necessary paperwork so Strayer University could obtain a copy of my high school transcript. The gentleman that did my enrollment gave me a handshake and said, "Welcome to Strayer University," and informed me that everything has been completed.

Four weeks into the course, I received an email from Mary Ann ** on July 9th stating they never received the transcript. She asked me to call the high school (Chesterfield High School). I called the school that afternoon and spoke with the guidance counselor and she explained that the transcript was sent in June. The guidance counselor then faxed the transcript again July 9th and sent a copy in the mail. The school informed me again they still didn't receive the transcript.

I called the high school again and the guidance counselor said, "I've sent this already three times." The guidance counselor also said Mary Ann ** called her. When Mary Ann ** called the high school, she requested a transcript in Tonya **'s name instead of Tonya ** which is my maiden name. The guidance counselor explained they don't have anyone by the name Tonya **. The guidance counselor asked if there's another name that Tonya ** go by. Mary Ann ** said, "I apologize. I gave you the wrong name; it's Tonya **." The guidance counselor then asked for the mailing address and mailed the transcript again to attention Mary Ann **.

All this took place in the month of August. The school claimed they still didn't receive the transcript. I called the high school again September 1st and asked the guidance counselor to please, please send the transcript again. The school claimed they still didn't receive the transcript and this is the sixth time. The guidance counselor then did me a favor and called Mary Ann ** which was on September 23rd. She got Mary Ann **'s email address and emailed the transcript, and didn't get off the phone until Mary Ann ** confirmed she received the transcript.

Now this is where the BIG PROBLEM comes in. The school is now saying I can't continue my education with Strayer University until I pay them $3,000 because I was past my deadline to turn in the transcript. I shouldn't be held accountable for a mistake by Strayer University. I also want to add that I spoke with Christine ** the Director of the school. She said to me that I should just get a loan so I can continue attending the school. NO HELP AT ALL AND VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I spoke with her September 28th and she was supposed to call me back the next day (September 29th) and I haven't heard anything from her.

I also spoke with the dean of the school and he explained that I wasn't the only person this has happened to, and there's nothing he can do. If I'm not the only person this has happened to, this is really a problem and needs to be addressed. I was under the impression that Strayer University help students to grow, build and learn. Dealing with this issue and me having to stop my education has been very disturbing and stressful. I'm hoping that someone helps me out with this issue so I can continue my education and get my degree. Thanks.

We do not recommend anyone to attend Strayer University, at any location. The Financial department complains at the beginning of every quarter that you have ran out of funds and you need to pay them directly. We did not fall for it, so they eventually gave up after a few weeks of harassment. When you ever have a question or concern, don't bother to call, they will never return your calls. If you were lucky enough to get someone on the phone never let them go, because you will never hear from them again.

Strayer at Birmingham AL will also try and succeed in causing you to miss Quarters, by delaying you from registering each Quarter. They use the excuse that you owe them money, when your loans and Pell Grant have taken care of it every Quarter. They want to try and get you to send them money that you do not owe. I only wish we had seen all of the reviews here before we became involved with them. So please for your own protection choose another College. NOT STRAYER IN BIRMINGHAM AL OR ANY OTHER LOCATION!

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