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Reviewed Dec. 11, 2020

My daughter is a senior in high school. Before the pandemic she was an honor student. She's actually already taking online college classes while still in high school and doing well. Our school chose K12 for us during the pandemic as a provider for virtual school. This has been the most anxiety producing experience of my daughter's school career. Numerous times her online math teacher has been missing or has changed in one semester. We wait 6 to 8 weeks for work to be graded and entered by K12 teachers.

She has no idea for months what her grades are. She doesn't know if she is prepared for the final exam because she doesn't know what errors she made during earlier tests. It has jeopardized her grade point average and chance for scholarships and jeopardized her graduation. This is a student who was on track to graduate with honors.

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Reviewed Dec. 2, 2020

I actually enjoy the online school so far and I really like it because it is easy access and you can log in and get your assignments done right away. I joined in August with corona going on and The only thing I didn't like was one of the tech support numbers I was speaking to get help on something yelled at me and I thought that was very unprofessional of her. And asking me odd questions that had nothing to do with anything I needed help on. And she didn't even help me with anything! She basically would waste your time yelling at you the whole time. So it's like a waste of time because she didn't even help me with anything. If I could get her name that would be nice so I could report her. I just needed help with I had my account in my learning coaches account instead of mine. But then I talked to someone else who could help me with that so that was nice of her.

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Reviewed Oct. 26, 2020

My daughter is 6 years old and is in 1st grade. To complete the K12 program, our schooling time is already at 7 hours on average not counting breaks. Counting breaks (which our daughter needs because she is only 6 years old) we are at about 9 hours on average a day. This is more than she would be doing at public school, and is too much workload. We are at her (and our) limit. We have a toddler also and jobs and hobbies, family time, and other common tasks to do each day and this is ridiculous.

Bouncing between Stride, Google Classroom, IXL, my daughter's emails, her K12 login and my K12 login to complete her daily attendance, taking photos, sending photos to computer, downloading to computer, uploading to google classroom, completing exit tickets, and all of this in addition to her several daily classes - all of which have both online and offline work, and now requiring her to read 2 books a week (recorded for her teacher to review) has maximized our schedule and we cannot complete more than this. All of these things and more is what K12 expects from a student IN 1st GRADE! I can't imagine what they expect from higher grade levels.

The sheer amount of books our daughter is required to use for her classes would appear as though she is in high school or college. If our daughter's teacher or K12 adds any more time to our schedule we will NEED to change to a different curriculum. I give this curriculum 1 star for burdening my 1st year old (and our family) with far too much work. I have had many emotional breakdowns because the workload keeps getting heavier and heavier, and I've dealt with a lot of stress in my life so I'm far from a snowflake. Also, there is little instruction regarding math (the parent is basically required to come up with math problem explanations) so it is no wonder K12 students keep failing important math exams.

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Reviewed Oct. 23, 2020

We live in USA for more than 5 years, my son is in online private academy now and I never had such a bad experience with any schools in my life. Be prepared for tons of useless calls from random people with same questions when you already submitted all papers (which satisfies all other online schools except this one). Looks like this school does everything to not accept your child..

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Reviewed Oct. 7, 2020

Teachers are great, enrollment is a nightmare. We are three months into school and they now need MORE documentation or my kids are unenrolled. They were approved in July, now they do not accept our papers we sent in. My kids have their fathers last name, not mine, we have not been married yet but they are requiring a marriage license or divorce decree stating why my last name is different from my children's. They keep asking for proof of income verification, but will not send me the paperwork for both children to fill out.

They keep threatening to drop my kids and lock them out of their accounts, so I send the documents asked for, but keep getting rejected. I try to call, and no one answers. I get no calls back. No email. No communication other than an email saying I can not respond. I try to change our address, because we bought a house and moved, no one knows who I contact for that. The enrollment people are a joke. I wish I would've seen reviews before putting my babies in this crap. It is way more stressful than we need at a time like this. If our documents were not approved three months ago, they should have said that then, not when we are this far in to lessons. Highly do not recommend K12.

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Reviewed Sept. 24, 2020

We are only 3 weeks in... and my kids are miserable. I have to figure out another solution stat. The teachers are horrible. They won't respond back, they end class whenever they feel like it, and assign you homework from Khan Academy. We can go to that site ourselves. We don't need them. We feel like they are doing nothing for us except sending us a computer to use. But the catch is... they can watch your kids and control the computer. It is really creepy! They blocked my daughter's computer when she wrote an email asking her teachers & Administration for help. Glad we have other computers in our home. We don't need them. They are not doing their jobs!! I hope this helps someone else. I wish I would have looked at reviews before we enrolled our children in their school.

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Reviewed Sept. 16, 2020

This school has some serious administration issues. I have four children that I am enrolling into school via k12 in SC. We moved from IL where we did homeschool for 4 years. Three of my four were accepted easily and pretty quickly. My 8th grader has had a completely different experience. They have given us the hardest time for her. Mind you, all their documents are the same other than their personal info changed. Same forms, same history, documents etc. They have accepted three but not the 4th which is exactly the same. School started weeks ago and they continue to put us through the ringer asking for documents for her that do not even exist. I am told by customer service that different processors do things differently which is CRAZY. There should be a set of guidelines they are required to follow, not go at their own discretion. I would look at all other options before deciding to put yourself through this stressful situation.

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Reviewed Sept. 15, 2020

This is the WORST experience EVER. I still am waiting for classes, teachers, and books. On top of that I have to go on a scavenger hunt to find my homework, which by the way it takes longer to find my homework than it does to do it!!! The website is EXTREMELY hard to navigate and find almost any useful information. When it is time to for a meet I have multiple stacked on top of each other. When they send my emails EVERYONE has a copy of itself. This is the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

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Reviewed Sept. 14, 2020

Getting my sons into this program was simple and easy. But that’s where the ease stops. We’ve encountered so many technical problems on the school part this year that it cost us our spot. My 3rd grade student was attending the OLS classes everyday and working very hard in the online classes and his book work. Now I have two students in this program and things got really bad this year. Only half the time the school was messaging me about my students did I ever know which one it was actually for which lead to a lot of misconceptions. They’ve had a massive amount of technical difficulties in the OLS and class connect sessions. Because of those issue it would register my children as either not doing the work or simply not there at all.

I received two emails about my student missing days, but the emails didn’t specify which student it was for, and since I’d gotten an email for my youngest student from his math teacher about a missed class, I assumed the others were for him too. Him being in kindergarten, it’s been a hard start, so I had thought it was for him. My third grader had been working everyday and attending the live sessions. Unfortunately it turned out that the issue was for my 3rd grader. They claimed he’d missed days, was behind in work and he was being removed from the programs completely. When I tried to email or call I kept getting put off, lead around, or told to talk to administration. Which I had been vigorously.

To keep from getting truancy charges pressed against me by the school I had to run and put my 3rd grader in a traditional brick and mortar school, because the other online programs were no longer accepting students. After informing the school of my sons transfer to a new school and gave them all the information they need to contact them, they still sent me letters about Truancy. This program has beyond stressed me and my family out and cause unnecessary frustration. It seems like no matter how hard we tried or what we did to try and do the work, keep up with class, try and stay in contact with everyone it was useless.

I tried to contact everybody possible that had given me their emails including head of school, homeroom teachers, Live session teacher, advisors and advocates but it was all in vain as the school had made up their mind and wouldn’t work with us any further. It has been very disappointing with how the school has handled the situation. Especially after we went to another school and they still are emailing me about Truancy.

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Reviewed March 31, 2020

Prompt Delivery of Materials
Easy enrollment

Teachers have been nice

Materials were incomplete
Books do not match what the website says.
Confusing to navigate the multiple websites and accounts they make you use.
Instructions are vague.
Very frustrating to figure out what your child needs to do every day.
Having to make MULTIPLE calls EVERY DAY to the school/teacher to decipher the lesson instructions.

Having to leave messages and wait for a call/email back. Lots of sitting around and waiting to hear back, not able to continue due to lack of clear instructions.

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Reviewed March 30, 2020

Guy actually hung up on me after he explained I couldn't use my electricity bill as proof of residency since my utility company put a shut off notice at the top of the bill. Guess poor kids don't get an education.

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Reviewed March 25, 2020

The enrollment process was seamlessly easy. We enrolled our youngest two boys in the program last year and they have accepted and excelled at it! VAVA is a great program in Virginia that has done more for my boys in 6 months then the brick and mortar schools ever did. We have one adhd/autism child and he got more from this school then his brick and mortar ever offered. Not only has he excelled but his grades are better, his support is better, and he is happier than he ever had been!

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2020

We took our child out of public school for many reasons, but the final straw was the bad crowd she started hanging around scared us for her future. K12 was the obvious choice. Enrollment was a piece of cake and the supplies and equipment they sent was VERY impressive and surprising and for those two aspects I give 5 out of 5, but that's where the good news ends.

At first we were unable to provide as much time as she required due to our busy schedule and she was failing every class, eventually I got to dedicate a few weeks to be with her and assist in all aspects and I was VERY disappointed in what I saw! In about half the classes 90% of class time is wasted as the teacher spends it getting on to other students who are being disruptive, there is a chat box where students flood it with foolishness and topics unrelated to the class subject matter so when a student does ask a question it gets buried in comments about video games or complaints, or multiple students just chatting with one another and so my daughter never could get clarification so was stuck and struggled to learn anything further.

About 1/4 the time either the teacher showed up late to his or her own class, didn't show at all, or claimed to be having technical issues with their mic or software so they either had to end class early or skip that material temporarily which made things difficult in the learning process as you can imagine. The grades displayed in the app are rarely accurate and I found myself disciplining my daughter for things that were not even her fault like taking away her phone because she failed a test when she didn't, and there would be notices of missed or late assignments showing but after speaking with her teacher I discovered that the information was incorrect and that she hadn't missed anything and not even the teacher knew why it kept showing up or how to correct it.

The textbooks are full of information regarding the subject matter but contain no practice examples for the student to do in order to really learn. What happened to the old math textbooks that gave you a few worked out examples and on the next page provided you with 20 or more blank examples that you could do for practice and then check the back of the book for the answers to see how well you did? BRING THOSE BACK PLEASE!

One of the most concerning things was the frequency of classes, right in the middle of a semester with no holidays or schedule breaks of any kind there would be periods where she would only have math once a week and multiple days she would only have 1 or two classes a day...unacceptable! I think perhaps the most disturbing thing of all is that they allow the students to take and retake quizzes and assignments 3 or more times regardless of the grade or when it is due. I'm all for learning the material more so than consequences for not learning it, however when you give a young student that much power then they have no reason to even study, they can just guess at the answers until they get them all correct and have an "A", I do not think this is a very wise signal that we are sending them, in the real world you get one chance, if you are EXTREMELY lucky you might get two, but never 3, 4, and 5 chances at the same thing.

I think this just gives the student a false sense of security regarding their knowledge because this method focuses more on the grade than learning the material and I strongly disagree. I received an email several weeks ago from a woman who claimed to be the one to go to for any questions or concerns, she even provided me with a number that I could text her so I sent most of this to her and did not get a response, then replied to her email still nothing.

After sitting with my daughter for almost a month straight attending every class she had, going through the motions 100% as if I was back in school myself I was able to help set her on some better habits and teach her how to take notes and study, instill in her the importance of listening and reading, she is now making A's in every class and on the surface you'd think that is great, unfortunately I've come to a sad realization that she has only learned how to better manipulate K12's system because now she goes in and takes tests and assignments over and over just to get the A and all the benefits that come with a straight A student. I fear that she will end up an honor student all the way through high school and when she gets into college will be completely unprepared for anything that is thrown at her. If you truly care about your child's education and not just their safety or your convenience, do not send them to K12, you have been warned.

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Reviewed Dec. 5, 2019

My daughter is currently in enrolled in VaVa and has been for 2 years and really enjoyed Kindergarten because she had a great teacher that didn't play favorite or put the child on the spot. But since she's in 1st grade it seems like her teacher plays favorite and only points out certain students are doing well instead of the whole class which isn't right. The main reason I placed her in K12 was because of the nonsense that goes on in public schools but now I'm seeing some of the same things. My daughter enjoyed the class connects before but now she doesn't. Dont get me wrong. I the classes only last for 30 mins but her teacher teaches for maybe 5 mins and then sends them breakout rooms instead of her teaching a lesson. So I'm seriously thinking about now enrolling her next year if this same teacher is going to be a 2nd grade teacher as well.

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Reviewed Oct. 29, 2019

Our daughter has attended k12 online school for 5 years now. This will be the last! K12 Florida section for Hogg school children is careless and terrible. Administration does not care about failing test scores or failing grades. Perfectly happy that only 30 percent of student get passing grades in core subject areas. This is Absurd and appalling! When your student is struggling in a class they do not care and shown no concern.

One math teacher for all 9th grade students and she is too busy to be bothered to help a child struggling. Principal is careless and does not promptly if ever return emails or calls about concerns you have with your child. Some of the teachers are terrific-but a carefree administration combined with teachers who are too busy to help your child if they struggle is wrong. No such thing as resources or tutors to help students who struggle in on area or another is ignorant. They simply just seem to care about a check on payday and not really concerned on educating youth.

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Reviewed Oct. 4, 2019

I needed a simple email or document stating that my son is a full time student (this is his second year). I called five numbers, spoke to several agents and didn't get any information. I was advised to contact the homeroom teacher who proceeded to tell me that I would need to call the school admissions. I was then sent a form from admissions to fill out to get enrollment proof. I filled it out and returned it. The homeroom teacher the next day sent the same form and asked for it to be completed, so I did and returned it. Then he sent me a message stating that they do not provide enrollment letters. I got in touch with a higher office and they told me that one of the managers would be contacting me back. It has been a week and nothing is resolved. All I need is proof that my son is a student. No one can assist me with this and I keep getting sent in circles with no resolution.

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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2019

I enrolled my 6th and 8th grader into K12 as an alternative to brick and mortar because we were coming off of a homeschooling season and we wanted to transition our children back into a more traditional school without the culture shock of a new school in a new city. Upon the enrollment process I made this clear to the admissions counselor and enrollment advisors and provided documentation to support our circumstances. I also voiced my concern for the kids beginning their curriculum as the enrollment process has left them 1 month late to the 2019-2020 school year. They began school and worked dutifully to be prepared to start next week with their new classes and on course where the other students should already be in the school year.

During a Help Desk session we were logged out, my account was deactivated and after numerous attempts to reach someone, I received a phone call from someone whom I have never spoken with! She informs me that based on Tx state law, my kids cannot be enrolled in an online public school bc they did not attend public school last year?!?! I explained the same things I had explained 3 times prior (during admissions) my kids were homeschooled through an accredited homeschool academy and provided all transcripts and documentation from their prior public school and their current homeschool, and was told there was nothing they could do to help me. So within one hour we went from, "We are here to help and support your kids in attaining their future potential," to withdrawn.

Like some of the other reviewers, I strongly believe this was a solicitation and attempt to sell us a private online academy. I also do not understand why some refer to this as a healthy homeschool opportunity for students but maybe that's state specific. Texas, specifically, seems to be biased against homeschool families. Document, document, document....I will be filing a complaint with the Texas Education Agency, as well. Good luck parents.

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2019

I am really surprised by some of these reviews, especially the ones about enrollment difficulties. I literally enrolled my child at Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy (OVCA) in ONE DAY. I thought I was starting the enrollment early (because I was given erroneous enrollment info). I called 9/5 to ask about some documents and the representative said, "As it's the last day to enroll, I suggest you do document X instead of document Y." I was surprised but apparently, the first rep with whom I spoke the week before had misunderstood that the high school fall enrollment ended a week before the K-8 enrollment.

No problem. Easy peasy. All essential documents (about 4 including student application, proof of residency, guardian driver's license) uploaded that day. "Provisionally" approved the same day. Got enrollment notification the next day. Then the day after that assigned classes. So the enrollment was a breeze. And it should be because K12 is a private company and they want students to enroll so they can get tuition payments.

Our experience after about three weeks of school has been pretty good. But I will first state the negatives. First, the platform is horribly slow. It is also needlessly confusing. It took me and my son three weeks to figure out how to consistently access previous class recordings. Part of the problem is that each teacher uses her class page differently. So one link might contain some info that other teachers might not include. There needs to be a more uniform info presentation across the school.

Second, my son is a sort-of high achieving student. He excels in things that interest him. He really sucks at things that don't. So going in as a 9th grader, he had already mastered algebra and geometry. The great thing about OVCA is that the school allowed him to test out of those two classes. The bad thing is that I then learned that the school does not offer calculus, physics, Spanish IV and AP courses as I had been led to believe according to the school's course catalog. The catalog does note that classes may not be offered but I was disappointed.

So depending on your state, the K12 online public school might or might not offer the full selection of classes that you might think a large high school would. That has been the largest drawback so far. But the school has told me that he might be able to take some of these classes at the local college as a concurrently enrolled student. I am not sure how that'll work and I am not sure he'll be able to take non-core classes at a local college (e.g. computer programming, advanced Spanish). So that's the less-than-great stuff.

Now the advantages. If your child is a lackadaisical student and indifferent to his grades, K12 is a good option for the involved parent. You have total access to all his grades so you can spot right away if he's slipping up somewhere. Last night, for example, I noticed that his 100% in English had slipped to 98%. Not a big deal. But I wanted to know what happened. It turned out he did not grasp the parts of a sentence. The live class connect session didn't address the subject adequately for him and the online lesson (which is given before quizzes) was also too brief. And my son is too lazy to dig around the web himself. So then I sat down with him (before he made his third and final attempt at the quiz) and explained it. Then he aced it. So if you have the time and the resources, you can really help to ensure that your kid is learning what he is supposed to know when he is supposed to be learning it.

I can't understand the complaints about the live class connect sessions. My son has four honors classes and two regular classes and he has maybe two 45-minute class connects per day and usually none on Friday. He has other recorded lessons he has to watch at his leisure but the demand on his time to be somewhere specific is quite low.

That brings me to his assignments, quizzes and tests. It varies somewhat by teacher but he knows all his assignments at least a week in advance (usually the entire semester) and they are due by midnight on Sunday of the week that they are assigned. Some of his teachers allow him to turn in anything up to the last day of the semester. So that is a lot of flexibility. He also gets to retake the quizzes three times (though the questions usually change each time) so that he can go back and figure out what he didn't learn thoroughly. The tests, however, are one-shot. So if you or your child cares, you can really try to ensure that he learns his material.

Now, I am not yet 100% on remote learning. First, I just don't think the class discussions are quite as good as when you're physically present in class. If nothing else because it is just faster for most people to speak their mind than to type it out. And it's difficult for the teacher to gauge whether students really understand when they're not there to talk back and forth. And for our school in particular, I feel that there are just too few honors students to really develop a thorough advanced curriculum. But a large state, say Texas, might be different. And quite a few of the students, at least at OVCA, are off-the-beaten-path learners who are coming back to finish high school as young adults. So that is a different dynamic from that of traditional brick-and-mortar schools. But it isn't necessarily a negative dynamic.

There are some very good teachers at OVCA and I do think they try hard to accommodate your unique child. And I do always believe that school is what you put into it. So for the right family and the right student who are willing to put some elbow grease into it, K12 could be a very positive experience. I certainly wouldn't be afraid to give it a go for one semester or year.

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Reviewed Sept. 19, 2019

Absolutely horrible, I have never seen anything that was a bigger joke than their enrollment process. Started the process 3 months ago (July 11th 2019) and my son still got waitlisted 'cause they were 6 weeks on approving one document and that was after approving them first then rejecting them then approving the exact same document later. But honestly I think that was just an excuse because on one of my MANY MANY phone calls to them I was suppose to be on hold but wasn't and I heard a little bit of a conversation between the person I was working with and a supervisor where she was told "no" and was shut down from even talking to him about whatever she was trying to do to help me at the time, they just used the paperwork as a stall so he wouldn't get enrolled which is exactly what happened, so now waitlisted 6 weeks after all other schools have started for the year and he's enrolled nowhere.

I find it funny that the same day that the grades are full and people are getting waitlisted is magically the same day my paperwork goes through, I mean I got an email that his paperwork is good then literally an hour and a half later I get another email saying he's waitlisted. Imagine that!!! So yea they are just a joke and a waste of time! And believe me when I say I will be telling anyone and everyone that will listen about this and I will be putting it online every chance I get so people know how this school really works or doesn't work I guess I should say and if I can save one parent from this ** I have been through then I will be happy!

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Reviewed Sept. 17, 2019

I am homeschooling my two children and this came up as an online option for free public school we could do at home. I started an application but was interrupted. Within a few hours I was called. I explained I needed some more time. The phone calls increased to at least 3 a day, including weekends, plus multiple emails per day. I felt like I had ended up on a telemarketer list. I withdrew my daughter's unfinished application and attempted to delete my private information, only to discover there is no way to do that. The operators say they cannot remove me from email or phone lists, and the emails themselves have no unsubscribe. It felt like harassment, there was no consistency between people I talked to. I am so grateful I did not go all the way through the enrollment process, just imagine what a nightmare it must be to deal with them long term!

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2019

I just started attending about a week ago and I thought perhaps I should wait it out and see if things get better but they continue to get worse within the matter of a day. I go to Texas E-school Prep, and my parents and I should have been alarmed when I started enrolling. We sent them my transcripts multiple times but they kept saying it was still needed to be fully accepted, until then I was temporarily accepted which is nothing because I still could not attend school. I did not start school until September 4th and the orientations were little to no help and more of a "get to know me" for the administrators seeing as how they rarely provide any help in what they insist they're there for.

The main issue I have already developed in only the span of ONE WEEK, is the class connects. The class connects are pointless and hold us back from completing the abundant amount of courses that are given but that's a whole different issue. In my class connects my teachers will be talking about something entirely different from what the courses themselves are teaching. For example, my chemistry teacher is currently talking about scientific notation in her class connects, but the courses are talking about mixtures and pure substances. I only have one teacher that teaches along with the course and that is my Algebra teacher. The class connects are a conflict because they are overall useless, and a waste of time.

That brings me to the courses. Of course throughout school years you will revisit subjects you have already learned about, with being said with some of these courses I can identify if I have already learned them before and I can compare my notes from old schools and see that the courses are giving unnecessary information and not directly teaching what needs to be known.

The entire operation of this school system is almost slapdash. There is logically no way for this system to be helpful for someone who join for the sole purpose of "you can work it around your schedule." No, no you can't. Class connects are useless and take up the time necessary to complete the overbearing amount of work given just in a day; for one class I had 44 topics to go through, each topic had about 5-10 slides of information I needed to take notes on or complete practices on. Say we divide those 44 topics and say there's 5 slides for 22 and 10 for 22. Multiplying 5 and 22 as well as 10 and 22 that's 308 problems to solve or pages of unnecessary information of notes, for one class.

This is not even an exaggeration and of course numbers vary but for the sake of quick demonstration I just divided the possible numbers. The courses are set up like Russian dolls, we just see one but open it and there's another within another within another, almost endless. This is just the beginning of my school year at K12 and I don't think there will be any ending.

Do not consider this if you don't want your children to be stressed within just the first week, the school has got a lot of negatives that need to be fixed on their end. Now if you will excuse me, I have to attend my useless class connect for my English class where the teacher boringly rambles on about religion and politics and takes away time from me completing my infinite amount of courses....

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Reviewed Sept. 11, 2019

My daughter was a senior this past year. Had more credits than needed to graduate, high GPA. Was told she was on track to graduate from a phone call and email from ORVA. But, ORVA held her diploma & refused to give it to her because she needed a 77% to pass the Oregon math state test, she received 74%.

The Oregon State math test is a prerequisite to graduate (however we were told her junior year the test was OPTIONAL & not graded that’s why she hadn’t taken it her junior year, it was OPTIONAL). She got hounded about their state test from the first day of her senior year, the following year. Took the test multiple times (4, I believe) so she risked an even lower grade every time she went, even though she didn’t pass by 3%, and it didn’t include all her other classes and job. She given no guidance counselor, no science, no social studies, no chemistry, no biology, only classes to pass the state test, her whole senior year.

My daughter wrote a letter to the Oregon Department of Education to see if they’d sign off on it, so she could receive her diploma because of her other high achievements AND had more credits than she needed to graduate. Although they sympathized with her, regrettably they said, they had to deny it. The Oregon Dept of Education told her they felt bad for her. But, the vice principal & I had exchanged words, I said..."What are you going to do? Deny her, her diploma?" The vice principal said, "As a matter of fact we do, do that." Wow. So they’ve obviously done this before. Talk about lack of integrity. But the “principal” or vice principal wouldn’t sign off on it or whomever the principal was, we hadn’t heard one word from their principal all year! Didn’t even know her name! We guess it wasn’t signed off on because of nothing but spite & the exchange I had with their vice principal.

Vice principal suggested she comes back to be a super senior....for a math state test. 3% differential. Even though she had the credits, grades & 2 ACT Awards. Unbelievable. My daughter said no. We were offered help from their math teacher, who was absolutely horrid. I actually HEARD him talking bad about other students. I heard him say he’s not there to teach students, they should already know these things. told the vice principal my daughter didn’t feel comfortable with him. My daughter told the vice principal herself too! But she kept offering the saaaame teacher. The one that suffered was the student. So my daughter with good grades, worked HARD, extra credits, 2 ACT Awards, didn’t get her diploma. Now can’t go to college. Cries every night (truth).

Beware of this school if you have a high schooler. STAAAAY FAR, FAR AWAY. Would give it less than one star if that was possible. The school actually used to be very good, but the administration of that school (which has changed frequently) is horrid. Please read reviews from other sites. I did try to put her in another online school her junior year....The other school told me her math credits wouldn’t count. When I told the vice principal about that at ORVA, I was basically told that was not true.

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Reviewed Sept. 11, 2019

In Aug 2019 I enrolled my child in the K12 online school in FL. School started in our state on Aug 12, 2019. My child was not approved until Sept 2019, this school does not have a waiting list but the time it took to process his application you would think it does. I spent about 3 hours each day on the phone just in the enrollment/application phase with customer service. So at least 60 hours of phone calls. I was threatened by K12 admissions rep that if I did not send my child to a brick and mortar school while his application was pending that I would be reported to the State of Fl for not sending my child to school (as truant). School registration/admissions changed my child's race/ethnicity without my knowledge or consent on his application and disregarded his IEP during application process. Systematically rejected his compliance documents for admission even though it was docs provided by the State and local district.

Courses schedule and layout is confusing. Not much information is contained in course description and basically no syllabus no reference as to which text books are used in which course and where the student should be. This seems to be a volume focused school meaning more focus on the amount of students they can enroll vs the quality of program offered to students. Some courses are live and some are not, if you missed the live sessions there may not be a recorded version. There is no live video of teacher for class. The platform used does not appear suitable (user friendly) for grades k-8.

Teachers should be qualified in the subject that they teach and course materials provided in a timely manner to both teachers and students. School should start on time with the assigned district. The deadline must be met by K12. It is not appropriate that the student shall fall behind on school work or that the teachers face an overload of students while still having to wait on their course materials. Students with disabilities should be taken into consideration and their IEP should be implemented per the 504 plan. I personally did not see any accommodation being given. I think parents that have experienced issues with K12 should file a complaint with the Department of Education not just on Consumer Affairs platform. K12 must do better for our kids, after all they are using our tax dollars. There must be a level of public accountability with this school for both public and private education.

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Reviewed Sept. 10, 2019

My daughter has been having problems socially at school. We decided to try to take her out of school and do online school this year. From start to finish the enrollment process was horrible and frustrating. The communication is terrible. I was passed around from person to person and no operator knew what was happening. They either spoke before reading the notes in the history or didn't know what was going on at all! We complied with all the papers needed and spent hours on collecting and submitting compliancy items only to be told that her application was withdrawn due to not submitting them in time. But We were actually told that we had all items initially! It was later when someone told us we were not compliant with documents and therefore not accepted into the school.

I tried to talk to someone in customer service only to be passed around and then put on hold again. It is obvious that this is a juvenile tactic so that people cannot file a complaint. At the end of the day, I really feel that if it is this difficult and ill managed now at the beginning, it is probably better that we don't have to deal with them in the long run. Maybe we have dodged a bullet and this is actually a blessing. I feel like this is their way of pushing the private tuition based program they offer as it was repeatedly offered to me.

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Reviewed Sept. 9, 2019

Best Education Around. Your child will need lots of help from Mom and Dad because K12 is challenging. If you want the absolute highest quality learning materials, K12 is the way to go. If you want your kid to be ready for college, K12 is the way to go. If you are not willing to bust your rear end helping your kid, then forget about it. Your child will need to attend the classes and do the readings. There is no easy way around it. Should you decide to send your child to K12, make sure that his/her reading skills are top notch. Turn off the television and visit the library constantly to get your child up to speed for K12. I had my son read 4 hours a day during summer vacation.

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Reviewed Sept. 3, 2019

Where to begin... Absolutely no support for disabled parents or students, teachers (and I use the word VERY VERY LOOSELY) play favorites, are lazy, only do class connects which parents are supposed to schedule their life around while you see and hear the teacher's kids running around and interrupting class time. In NO WAY is this program set up for people with unconventional schedules.

Everything revolves around what time is good for the teacher not the student and God forbid you have a Dr appt or something. They start trying to kick you out from day 1! They have no compassion or understanding for kids and/or adults. They constantly threaten to expel your kid after the 2nd EXCUSED absence!! Dont put your child or yourself thru the hell called K12!! MY DOG IS A BETTER TEACHER!! DONT FALL FOR THEIR BS!!! WORST "SCHOOL" EVER and I use the term "school" lightly because I dont want to insult a "school" of fish as they would be much better teachers.

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2019

I removed my daughter from her brick and mortar school. She is autistic and has anxiety. The school setting was worsening her anxiety. K12 was recommended to me so, I signed her up. This has been the best decision. My daughter had a phobia with math that no longer exists. The teachers are fantastic and I haven't had any problems with communication. I will say there is a lot of work involved. I get satisfaction knowing my child is absorbing what she is learning and if she doesn't get something, I can work with her until she gets it. I have sat in on many classes when she went to a brick and mortar and witnessed kids not getting it and they were left puzzled. This was due to the teacher/child volume. The teacher just cannot cater to each student. I'm glad we chose K-12-AZVA, My daughter is getting a quality education.

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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2019

Customer service is trash. There is maybe one or two decent people I talked to. The rest treat you like an idiot or like they have so many more important things they could be doing. Enrollment process sucks and I’ve called everyday almost for a month and nobody has helped me. Hope you try every option before K12!

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2019

I was put into K12 in 8th grade after 7 years of public schooling. It completely ruined me. I became very lonely and depressed which also led me to gaining anger issues. I barely passed my algebra STAAR Test (Texas test). I didn’t learn anything and was bored all the time. I hate K12 with every atom in my body. If your child needs social interaction a lot do not put them into K12.

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Reviewed July 22, 2019

My son use this schooling program because he was sick and could not attend school. He did everything K12 told him to do and nearly lost entire year of couldn't agree credit because these idiots lost all of this information and did not report it correctly to North East Independent School District. Try another program. These people are ridiculous and they will not own up to what they did. My son has since graduated high school an honor student and a junior at his university and they still have not fix this issue and lost all his credits and had to make them up. Do not use these people.

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Reviewed July 12, 2019

A child in public school, will likely spends 80% of their time attempting to fit in and be accepted. At home with an online program like K12, they can spend 80% of the time learning. In my opinion, it's likely that the negative reviews are those not willing or are unable to invest the time. Being a parent is the hardest job you will have. But, it will also be the most rewarding. Invest in your children, that means you spend quality time with them and on their education. K12 is challenging and sometime repetitive. But, I have seen the results. For a child with Autism to be in the top 1% in all area (STAR 360) is remarkable. I promise, I am a real dad and speaking from my heart. I love my son and K12. If you are reading this, then I am sure we are on the same page.

Once you understand how it works and following it. You will see results and you and your child will be excited. Let's face it, their education is YOUR most important task. Practicing discipline with schooling is far better than later in life learning it from some part of the judicial system. Here is how it works. There are a set of books for the "learning coach." These guides will help you understand, what will be covered and tested online (with answers to the practice material). There is a companion set for the child. Generally, only a quick review is needed for you and there is always helpful hints. The student has an online account to track their work and test their understanding of the material. All lessons are an interactive learning experience before a quiz.

Progress is tracked for you and the teacher to see. There are daily "class connects" an online electronic chalkboard that the teachers use to teach a topic and interact with the students. There is audio but the camera is only of the teacher and the material being covered. They are generally 30 minutes in length. They are made available to view later as a video file (providing the ultimate in flexibility). There are supplemental readings and science experiences. However, these are key element in education. I will admit, you will need a few minutes to track down the right book, page etc. But, it is totally worth it. It breaks up the monotony or mechanics of teaching and provides zest to the experience.

K12 curriculum can be the core subjects (Math, Writing, Literature, Spelling, Vocabulary, History and Science) or you can customize to meet the needs of more advanced students. Furthermore, it's flexible. If there is something that is challenging you or the student. Step away, seek someone else's point of view and return to it at a later time. The teachers are amazing, helpful and available to you. These are the kind of teachers you will remember the rest of your life. These are the Ms. Sweet, Ms. Smith and Mrs. Johnson that you remember from your school days.

Look, I am writing this because schools are not safe (weapons, bullies, etc), teachers in "brick and mortar" schools are overwhelmed and your kids are distracted. They don't stand a chance at the education they deserve. But, mostly because, in my experience, K12 deserve far better reviews, recognition and accolades then what I have seen here.

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Reviewed June 29, 2019

Please do not attend K12 schooling. My daughter went for a year & she was constantly swamped with work. The teachers barely teach anything. There are always problem with it. The teachers never answer direct questions as well as threatening to kick my daughter out because of missing 1 day. Please do your child a favor & don't attend this school!!!!

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Reviewed June 18, 2019

I'm reading all these reviews and though some are great some of these reviews are ridiculous. My 8 year old just finished 2nd grade here (kindergarten and 1st in another cyber school that I decided wasn't challenging enough, so we went with K12) and my boy passed with flying colors! How, why?! Because we worked hard and when you put hard work out you'll get great results which is something you need to learn early on in life if you want to be successful at anything you do. We do asynchronous classes, at our own pace, and it can be a lot but if we can get straight A's there is no reason that you can't either, or you are doing something wrong. Tutoring is available if your child is failing and yes, you may be on the computer longer than you want to if you don't understand the work but if you want to understand it then you need to study or of course you'll fail. It's simple to understand.

No, this isn't a social platform so don't expect to make friends that easily. There are groups online outside of K12 for homeschoolers alike to meet and make friends. There is also Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Complaining about the lack of social interaction in a cyber school is useless, what do you really expect them to do to help you make friends via their online school? Really, suggest things to them and I'm sure they'll listen. K12 has been one of the best decisions we ever made for our child. He is shining like the bright star that he is and we couldn't be happier or more grateful for what K12 has made possible for us. It's honestly not possible for him to get a better education than he's getting right now and this is free of cost, that's amazing!

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Reviewed May 28, 2019

I was a student at this school and I when I first signed up for it. I was looking forward to it being a great and exciting school, but it turned out to be really bad. First off, there was no social interactions at all. My mom received an email telling that there was a student meeting near my area, but as we drove there, we found literally no one. The clubs were very bad as well and there was a low variety to choose from and everything in this school is all online. Teachers are also very bad with directions and communication, especially with email. Ever since I took the STAAR test, I was waiting for the longest time for my results and never received it until I emailed my advisor, in which she told me that I can look at it myself. If your child is considering doing K12 or any online school, my advice from my experience is that you're either really going to like it or really going to hate it depending on if online school is best for them.

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Reviewed May 22, 2019

I started this school around the end of last year, leading into this year (2019) and I'm afraid this school has just not been for me. I am a very visual person, so when learning it's difficult to really understand the lessons in this. There are slides of few words around up to ten slides a lesson with a checkpoint quiz at the end. The setup works for some, but like me I need visual and more to learn instead of a quick little reading and then a quiz.

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Reviewed May 20, 2019

Hi. My name is Doordell and this school is a waste of time. My son been here for 6 years and stayed back twice. And he was a excellent student and we had to pay 483 dollars every year. I would not go to this school.

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Reviewed May 20, 2019

In home school (K12) isn't the best one to put a child in. It's stressful. The outings are once in a blue moon. My teachers are nice but they get mad quickly if you don't participate. Also you have to be sitting or they will put you in a "zzz" room or they will kick you out. LOTS OF EMAILS. Homework is a lot.

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Reviewed May 20, 2019

It's my first year in (Georgia Cyber Academy). I thought I would like it but I don't. Even When they give work out, it's always a lot to do. I understand that you have to do it, but at least give us a break. The teachers are okay. The biggest problems is that they don't even help you as much as they say they are.

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Reviewed April 28, 2019

My son graduated from K-12 in 2018, and his overall experience from this so called “school” was absolutely terrible. First of all, the teachers assigned an overwhelming amount of assignments in each class and they wouldn't really care why he failed or fell behind. Also the class connect sessions were practically useless as they were very bad teaching the material so he would always have to stay on the computer for almost the whole day just to catch up with the coursework. Whoever is reading this don’t make the same mistake. I advise other parents to stay away from this place and take your kids to a different school or at least to a different online school.

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Reviewed April 26, 2019

I have been searching and researching online schooling for my son to start in the fall of this year. I contacted 4 other virtual academies and K12 was the first one. I started the application process online at the end of March 2019, spoke with three representatives and completed a phone interview. During the phone interview (and via email) I had informed K12 that I will complete the process, give access to his school records and finish everything by May 23, 2019 (his last day of school). His school district will not let me withdraw him nor release his records until he completes the year. We were also waiting for his AIR state exams at the end of April. The representatives I spoke with knew all of this and stated that we are all good to go.

Well, I have been receiving 4-6 calls daily from them and most I do not answer but they're not leaving a message. When an actual message was left it was just a courtesy call if we needed any help to contact them. Not even 30 days later his application was cancelled because they claim they cannot reach us, which is a lie. We went with Connections Academy instead. K12 wouldn't even let us complete everything as we discussed, very unprofessional and unorganized.

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Reviewed April 3, 2019

I've been attending K12 for a few years now. I thought it was absolutely great. All these negative reviews really took me by surprise. My teachers are all absolutely amazing and extremely supportive. And we actually do not get a lot of homework. We have an average, if not little load of work in total. If you need help with anything, you contact a teacher and they help you out with it.

They organize help sessions, even one on ones to fit your schedule. If you get behind in school and need help managing your school work and person life, they will help you. I usually understand everything but if I don't, I ask a teacher and they are more than willing to spend long amounts of time to help you understand. It's a wonderful school, honestly. They let you correct assignments as many times over as you want to and the tests are extremely easy if you've attended classes. They go over a lot of the question IN THE TEST so it's easy and not stressful for us. We also aren't stressed with due dates. Sure, we have due dates for assignments, but even if we turn it in weeks late, they'll accept it with no questions. They don't deduct points for late submissions.

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Reviewed March 26, 2019

My son started this program and it was 10 days AFTER school started that he received his loaner computer, so I helped him catch up as he was already 10 days behind in class work. Then we had a plan to catch up all of his homework by its Sunday midnight deadline. I tell my son on Friday to do as much of his homework as he can, and when I get off of work I will help him BUT the computer won’t turn on because the old POS is broken, so I call the school and report it. AND am told that we must have broken it and it will be at least 10 more days before we can get a new one!!! At this point, I withdraw my student from this ridiculous place!

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2019

Okay, so I started this school because I'm a professional actor. I thought it was flexible with my schedule. That was furthest from the truth. If I could rate this a zero TRUST ME, I would! The teachers are so boring and un-energetic. The work-load is so ridiculous that I have emotional breakdowns during my tests. The class connects are a waste of your time and useless crap. PLEASE don't send your kids here if you want them to be emotionally stable. The teacher will tell your kids the rudest things and will be unapologetic. They LITERALLY give 30 assignments each day! If you like being ridiculed, stressed, emotionally depressed, sleep deprived, FAILING, pulverized by the useless work, and deal with suckface teachers, then FINE! Be my my guest and enroll in this mentally ill "Learning" trap. Be smart and stay away!!!

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2019

We enrolled my son into the Tennessee Virtual Academy, one of the K12 Inc. schools for 7th grade. My son has ADHD and was on an IEP. I thought I was doing the right thing. Let me also say that at the time I had just start working for K12 as an Enrollment Consultant I was initially impressed. Then the decline. My son was not receiving any special education services and the SPED director for the school told us that he didn't need an IEP. We disagreed adamantly but she reassured us that he would do better with a 504 plan with similar accommodations. This was false. He struggled terribly. More and more responsibility was put on my wife and myself to become a sort of "teacher" in the home full time to support him. We both work (she from home). In a few of my conversations in my work with other parents where I very delicately tried to give them the benefit of my experience, I was given a warning.

I was instructed that I was to enroll every student I could without regard for my personal knowledge of what would make things worse for their student. This went on in my job for a full 4 1/2 years while my son was only with the Tennessee Virtual Academy for 2 years. Bottom line is that K12 and whichever school they are selling is mostly not for the common student. And these schools are largely sold as "free", "tuition-free", or "public". They cost the parent in time and resources that are usually handled by a traditional public school. Online school should only develop from existing public schools as an earned option for some students. As for these K12 schools? Remember that it is "free" because you're not the customer. Your child is the PRODUCT. The buyer is taxpayer and K12...they're just a storefront.

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Reviewed Feb. 16, 2019

I've been in K12 (Georgia Cyber Academy) for 5 years and it's been the worst 5 years of my life. The only reason why I starting doing online school is because I have anxiety and agoraphobia. My middle school was ok but when I got into high school it was a nightmare. There are so many class connects that I hardly ever had time to do my class work. Whenever I skipped the class connects to do my work my teacher would email and call saying that I need to attend all live classes and that they are mandatory.

The class connects are a total waste of time to even attend. All the teacher does is go on and on about stuff you're not even learning. I could have used all that time spent in the useless class connects on my school work but I couldn't 'cause they're mandatory. In one of my math classes I took every single test and got A's and B's on all of them and my grade was 10% and there is no way for that to be possible. So I emailed my teacher to see why that was and she told me that I needed to do unit 7. How am I supposed to do unit 7 if there isn't even a unit 7 in the OHS to do? They have cheated me out of so many of my credits and now I'm so far behind and there is no way for me to catch up in time so that I would be able to graduate this year.

My teachers say that I'm not doing my work when I clearly am. This school has caused me so much stress and is the reason why I'm dropping out of school and getting my GED instead 'cause that's really all I can do at this point. If you're thinking about putting your child in K12 please don't, it'll be the biggest mistake you'll ever make for them. You'll only cause them stress and they'll get behind just like I did. If I could I'd give this school a -5.

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Reviewed Feb. 6, 2019

My daughter needed to slow down and have classes that would allow her to retain without the additional stress, worry, distractions and pressure that comes with being in a classroom setting (4th Grade). I know my child. LAVA (Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy) has been more than a dream come true!! You get out what you put in and we put in hard work and time into this program. (Nothing is perfect people) However the convenience, affordability and education enrichment here at LAVA is worth planting the quality seed and watch it grow. Do your part and not leave it all up to others to do the all the work. We as parents are responsible for our part in educating our kids along with this program.

The teachers are absolutely fantastic at LAVA! I have no trouble emailing them and getting a RAPID response, support and notification of changes in any subject, changes and updates (teachers only). My daughter is fully engaged and happy and does not want to go to a hard site school at this time (maybe in 2 years). We will see, but for now we will take it one grade at a time. I have read the other comments, and I am sorry to hear others do not have the experience I do. LAVA rocks!!!

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2019

Awful, what a waste of a lot of money and to boot the curriculum is so all over the place. It's confusing. For example you study a topic for several days and then switch to another totally unrelated topic and then two months later they want to quiz on the first topic you studied.

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Reviewed Feb. 1, 2019

Teachers left on an island. New teachers are not given enough guidance on what is expected and how to complete the many tasks that should be completed by the administration. Administrators are less than approachable and far from helpful.

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Reviewed Jan. 24, 2019

Okay first the teachers are great and they are good at teaching but in the lessons? They ramble forever and by the time I get to the test for that lesson I completely forgot the main subject. There are test and quizzes EVERY SINGLE LESSON. Sometimes I even start having an emotional breakdown in the middle of one. It's crazy they say you can make friend in the class connect sessions.

That's true if you can make friend with someone on the computer in 6 seconds because the chat is NEVER open and you could private chat to someone but you're not allowed to do that cause it's "distracting". All they do is repeat the same thing. That's so boring that you forget it at the end of the year not to mention half the time nothing works. You can't join classes. Randomly kicks you out. Can't go into lessons etc. The only good things are the teacher are very positive and nice (most of the time) and the clubs are actually amazing and you can make friends there (I'm talking about you Mckayla). It's just so stressful though I would not recommend unless you want the best clubs.

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2019

This is for Highpoint in Michigan. I don't recommend K12 unless you want to see your student struggle and fail. It's caused our daughter a lot of stress and I feel so bad for the choice we made. We chose to try this out because she was having a little trouble in school and needed to work at a slower pace. Now she is swamped with work and can't catch up. They have set up parent/student meetings and it just makes her and us look bad when it's them not doing their jobs. It hurts her feelings. The class connects are useless and a waste of time. The teachers don't teach a thing. They just ramble on and it's pointless.

My daughter has no idea what is going on and ends up not knowing what to do. Her grades have never been this bad. She is failing almost everything and we get multiple emails basically putting her down. How can she achieve anything when the school doesn't care or care at all about their students. She doesn't even get enough time to eat lunch because of all the class connects and work. You would have to have your child work 7 days a week just to stay on track and put in your own time to teach what the teachers don't. This has been a horrible experience.

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Reviewed Jan. 13, 2019

We had so much trouble running this program. We had a new laptop for this purpose that was well equipped for the program. My daughter was continually re-doing assignments because the program would either not allow her to submit, or quit in the middle of an assignments. Typical school response for everything in Newport News Virginia for middle school is, "No one else has ever had a problem with it". How can you have absolutely No other problems with a computer based system. I find that impossible to believe. If your child doesn't mind useless repeats, then this may be for you, but mine absolutely hated it, raised her stress level, then felt helpless because we had no technical support that was worth anything. They never solved the problems. On top of this they continually threatened to kick her out. I did like her teacher though, she was wonderful.

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Reviewed Jan. 9, 2019

K-12 gave our child the chance to shine like she was meant to. It wasn't too long after regular public school that we realized how much personal bias was going to be a variable in our daughter's education. Our response was to put her into a private school and the teachers were not any more capable of teaching different learning styles than any other. By the sixth grade, we found K-12 by another parent who had grown tired of watching their very bright student fail. Their success story, lead us to make the change. Within a few weeks involvement with K-12, we saw a significant difference. In the beginning our daughter attended a weekly K-12 "Community Day" where she got to know other students and enjoy a day of teacher lead classes. Honestly, learning was fun for her and for me. I got to meet parents on a personal level at school picnics and outings and we all got to be a part of an all student talent show.

Unfortunately, at the end of seventh grade, she wanted to return to private school and make more friends. She did make friends but the school was having difficulty keeping good teachers and some of the teachers were not qualified to teach the subjects. After nearly 13 teachers resigned, we left. Unfortunately, my daughter suffered a huge loss in her education. During the summer of her Sophomore year, she returned to K-12 Uplift to repair her grades. In the summer alone she was able to repair her credits and improve her grades by 3 letter grades in 2 classes.

I have always encountered teachers from K-12 that are not only pleasant but happy people. That is a big change from both the public and private school experiences. With K-12 online my daughter is happy to learn. And at the end of the day we know exactly what has been learned and what needs attention. That is a huge plus. No more waiting for the teacher to hand back homework, quizzes, and tests. With K-12 our daughter was on the honor roll for several semesters in a row. As a mother-daughter team we get the time to discuss current events and proactively seek a more unbiased inquiry. And since she is not going through any procedural motions that is in all school settings, there is ample time to pursue her career in singing and Judo.

She is in her last semester of high school with K-12 and will finish proudly. We gave her ample opportunity to be social and she has gained many lifelong friends in her extra-curricular activities. We are very proud of her educational successes. I would recommend this program to all parents that are seeking an alternative to public and private primary and secondary education. I wish you the best in your search. (My graduate school education is in Educational Psychology.) Jan 2019.

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Reviewed Jan. 7, 2019

I have been reading comments about money. I've never been charged so I know nothing about it. I have a problem with teachers not getting back to us when we have questions or problems. There is a high teacher turn over rate. My 9th grader has no homeroom or science teacher, just homework. Not all the teachers put up the homework, nor accept it the same. This leaves the child playing catch up at the end of the 9 weeks. So now we have marathons on classwork we didnt know existed.

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2018

I'm going to a K12 cyber school this year in South Carolina. My experience with them has been worse than any school I've gone to (I just moved from PA and went to cyber there too but not at a K12 school). I can't learn anything in my school work because they repeat themselves on useless information so much that it's impossible to know where the information we should be learning is, as it is spread randomly throughout the lesson. One minute they are talking about one topic and then in the same lesson switch to another, and later on back to the original topic all in the same lesson. Also, they don't use charts, tables, videos or anything at all to help you understand, just tons of useless words.

They think the more words they add the better it is, that's so not true. I can't learn anything so I have to search up videos to teach myself, which also takes tons of time. Not only that but the electives are completely useless and you are only allowed to have 2 (at least in 9th grade). If you enjoy being bored and not learning a single thing no matter how hard you try, then go to a K12 school. Those are only a few of the troubles I have encountered with K12. If you have a choice, DON'T GO TO A K12 SCHOOL!

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Reviewed Dec. 11, 2018

Ok so I went to K12 last year, I didn't go to live classes so I just did my work normally. My mom told me they said if I go there this year and I miss even one class or leave class I'm going to jail. So I decided to go to a different school. I've been waiting all year for K12 to transfer my papers so I can go to a different school! It's December 11th and school started in August (so about 5 months and there are around 9). So because of K12 I will be either getting held back or I have to take summer school! Does anyone know If suing is possible or getting something out of it? I'm in 11th grade and wanted to graduate but now I have to wait another year.

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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2018

I would never recommend a child to go to Georgia Cyber Academy for K12. If you don't pass and you are trying your best to bring your grades up they give you a 2 week probation and after that they then want to withdraw you in the middle of school year first semester. They also give kids at least 8 classes and then when you are in one class the other is going on too. So you get in trouble for not being in the class but you watch the recording have you have finished with all the classes and to me that means she attended the class and to them no she didn't.

I have looked up the grading system for the state of Georgia and it does not comply with Georgia Cyber Academy. They have their own grading system. I am trying to appeal their decision on withdrawing my child 'cause I'm on disability and I see my daughter do her schoolwork every day and I see she is in class. So I don't know what they are doing. I personally don't think they need to be funded anymore 'cause I heard they are withdrawing at least 27 students this semester.

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Reviewed Dec. 7, 2018

I enrolled my daughter after ECOT closed. When we switched my daughter has an IEP which included assistive technology. OHVA/K-12 removed the assistive technology without my knowing after our meeting closed. The start of this year it's IEP time again. This time they continued to argue against assistive technology and said they will make a note of it. I did not sign the IEP paper so they have to bring it back to me in another meeting. In my daughter's live session they want to kick out students who are not answering math questions fast enough! They are put in a time out room then they have to ask to rejoin the main room. Then if they don't answer again before the timer goes off usually 1 minute they are kicked out of class counted as absent and they can't rejoin. They have to watch a video. When this happens they become truant and then parents are sent to court etc.

My daughter has a learning disability and she can't process information at a regular pace. Then during the IEP meeting yesterday the staff was so disrespectful rude yelling at me then they cut me off and closed the meeting. They are denying my daughter the necessary items to succeed in class and the chance to be the best of her ability. She also needs to switch to a simpler math class we were not even able to talk about it. For enrollment it takes a week and they don't call to say you're accepted - you have to keep checking on you own. They suck at communication, professionalism, and overall support. I think I will look elsewhere for my kiddo! They even bash other schools!

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Reviewed Dec. 3, 2018

They have set the children up to fail. Had problems with IT. Threatened to kick my son out of school multiple times for bad attendance. I was there while he did his school work and he didn't miss any live classes. It didn't matter how often we would call to figure out why his attendance was not being counted, they still held it against him. I would never send another kid to this school. Now I have to figure out how to make up for the semester that he lost being at this school.

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Reviewed Dec. 3, 2018

I've been a student for over 3 months and I have to tell you, It's the worst experience of my life! It was good at first, but it went downhill, fast. The teachers gives me pointless work, the classes are very short and boring. I've been bombarded with so many assignments and quizzes to the point I get stressed and couldn't keep up. I missed some school-days because I've gotten very sick and then they called my parents saying, if I don't come back they'd kick me out. I don't think 6TH graders should be this worried over school. I used to have good grades, but when I started going online I've gotten worse at each subject. This school is definitely not for me.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2018

I'm a 7th grade student at GCA. I'd like to start off with how many problems K12's has with... the system, attendance, assignments, class connects, and etc. In the beginning of the school year, the GCA admins messaged me, saying I've missed 5 class connects. Don't know how that's possible, but I let it slide. Then they sent me messages, telling me I've missed 10 class connects. How did I miss 10? I doubt I've even missed more than 7. This was a month ago! Now it's November, and they're telling me I've missed 20! K12 is nothing but errors, I thought it'd help my anxiety... But I can't even sleep at night because I automatically think of all the assignments I need done by the end of the week!

Half the stuff that are in the constructed responses, we never even learned in class! There are, by far, technical issues every day! This is just 6th grade all over again, because last year was awful! Everyone in class, and in other classes, had the same problems! Nobody could finish their exams or MAP tests. Because of all the errors and class connect issues. I've never gotten a bad grade in my life, until I moved to Georgia and started GCA, (Georgia Cyber Academy). I don't know what to do next, I'm so confused...

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Reviewed Nov. 27, 2018

K12 claims to be flexible with the curriculum. They claim you can work at your own pace. All that is bull. My two boys, grades 6 and 7, were working hard for 6-8 hours a day with only 5 minute breaks in between to try and push through this very rigorous curriculum. We thought homeschooling would be less stressful and thus reduce or eliminate their anxiety they've experienced in public school. We couldn't have been more incorrect, this brought on a whole new anxiety experience that was not fun at all.

There are too many class connect sessions that are about as useless as work meetings. There was way too much reading work every day, and there was just way more work to do than what my boys had in public school. How is that flexible? Too many unnecessary emails from teachers every day. I can only imagine the hell these teachers are going through. Don't get me started on registration and the terrible loaner laptops. I'm just still shaking my head. I pulled both of my boys out this week and we couldn't be happier. Good riddance K12!

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Reviewed Nov. 20, 2018

Our child has been enrolled in CAVA K12 since 9th grade. Overall the teachers are very good. The freedom for a child to set up an independent study program is very good. My son has done well. He even challenged himself in 11th grade by taking a Calculus course and several other Honors courses. He did shoot the moon only to be punished in 12th grade. Something went wrong with CAVA K12. The school started demanding that my son go to sessions based on state testing and the i-Ready testing. Very mixed up too. Although he is an English honors student with a good GPA and all his math credits met, they put his in low level sessions based on low level English and Math. He got a B+ in pre-Calculus the summer of 10th grade. (UCLA extension) and they want him taking basic math and English sessions. It does not make sense to us at all.

I have tried to talk to his principal, home room teacher and head of the CAVA K12 California. They act deaf, dumb and blind? We cannot figure out what they are doing? Then my son’s counselor messed up his transcripts for college. Forgetting to put his pre-calculus and 11th grade English on his transcripts which messed up him getting into a college? We are in the process of leaving the school as of now. A real disloyalty to my son because he is a very good student. The i-Ready testing is a third-party testing used my CAVA K12. It is an abusive evaluation tool that is terrible. The last one took my son 11 hours to complete. It included math and English. The math included anywhere from basic math to advanced Calculus problems. God forbid any student who must take those i-Ready tests.

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Reviewed Nov. 14, 2018

Our experience has been sub par. The school will sell you with a lot of words and information up front. They tell you it takes roughly a week to have your child enrolled, at the end of that week you will receive a phone call that lets you know your child has been accepted. This is the furthest from the truth, once the forms are accepted by the school they begin to pull money from you. A down payment of $1200 is taken and then they charge you for first months tuition prior to knowing if your child is "accepted." God forbid they accept you into the program after its start date, which is allowable and they will make happen. You are, however, strapped to the actual start date and it applies to your refund of money. Be very clear to note that as soon as your child is accepted and the "start date" occurs they will no longer guarantee a 100% refund.

If they do you like us, they will send you materials for courses that you have asked to not be sent, therefore, your refund drops to 75% of what you paid and you're stuck with shipping materials back at your own expense. Our child was accepted and withdrawn the same day and they cannot guarantee that we will receive any refund of money. Essentially, we were charged $1800+ for a bunch of emails and phone calls. They make sure that you are not capable of receiving money back if you decide that this program does not fit your child's needs. It is also an incredibly expensive tuition at over $7,000 for a year. Be sure not to give your money to this school, that's all they seem to want from their families.

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Reviewed Oct. 29, 2018

I just joined about a month ago, it started out fine the first few weeks, but when I got my materials from them, it when down hill. I had 4 classes, most of them were short, I went to my class connects everything was fine until this month, but then I found out I had to do my own attendance and when I didn't do it they'd phone my parents. October comes along, I had less work to do, they kept calling my parents again and saying if I don't do 5 hours of work, they'd kick me out! For what? Spending 1 and a half for 3 little subjects, that were short, I'd have to be a slow reader to finish in 5 hours. I thought doing online school would help with my anxiety, but it honestly made it worse. I regret doing this.

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Reviewed Oct. 21, 2018

My daughter was enrolled in the K12 program to finish high school which seemed like a great idea as she wanted to live with her dad in WA for a year, plus she has a very detailed individual learning plan due to her cognitive behavioral issues. Schooling was free as promised but she was never given or even reassessed for her ILP as promised. Upon her return to TX I called the program to transfer her here and was told that since she did not attend a TX public school last year that I would have to put her in the private school they offer, by the way that's $900 a course for the year not including the additional materials, shipping and other hidden fees they add. I have worked long and hard with my daughter on her school work and being able to understand and learn, her teachers in her old traditional school were great and didnt mind me always being in contact with them.

My child never had to rely on the NDLB act, she passed all her classes with a C or greater, unfortunately kids in traditional school these days lack any kind of empathy or understanding for individuals with learning obstacles, these little monster's sole purpose was to hurt and emotionally damage my child was just one of those unnecessary problems I COULD remove for her. Online school here we come, so even though she attended K12 last year it means nothing, if you enrol your child plan to stay in the same area till they graduate. The teachers she has do not help with lessons and at this point I'm trying to figure out what exactly IS their purpose, have fun trying to request their credentials, a high school teacher has to have a bachelor's degree in which you can request proof but not this school, I doubt if any of their teachers hold any degrees.

Although my daughter has not missed any classes and completed her work, thank you Youtube for your how to videos since these teachers wont actually teach. She somehow failed several classes but was still pushed through to 12th grade in which she is also failing classes due to the lack of additional resources promised to her and highly advertised I might add on their website, leaving my girl and I a mess to clean up when she gets home, this absolutely horrendous school.

Took my child from a 3.0 GPA to a 0.58 GPA, in still trying to wrap that around my brain, let's not forget for my daughter to even think about getting her high school diploma I have to keep her enrolled in K12 but now have to pay for their ** show as they so lovingly/threatened she us now too old to attend traditional school where we could possibly clean up this mess they left her in. This horrible, horrible company robbed my daughter of her high school diploma and then tried to scam me out of money. If I have to pay for her diploma it will be through an accredited college. Parents dont set your children up for failure. Stay far far away from this horrible company.

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2018

I enrolled my daughter in the K12 "public" school program with a school out of Grand Rapids MI. Initially before the school year started, it all seemed good to go, but once the school year kicked off, not so much. The expectations of what they want from parents makes more sense for me to just do it all myself, they also never hooked her up with all the correct links and school supplies until just this past week. NO one even noticed or asked "hey, why are we missing this girl?". We thought everything was ok until a week ago when I tried to get answers from the homeroom teacher and had to find some other teacher for answers. I will give her credit, she figured it all out, fixed it, and also had the time absent waved. I'm giving this program til mid-October to work the kinks out or we will be done with it all. Last thing, watch out, once you contact K12 for info, they will call nonstop.

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2018

Hi, I was a student at K12. Now, you may ask, why did you join K12? I joined K12 because I am in recovery from surgery and I was told that it was not advisable for me to be in a stressful environment or just experience stress at all. Yet, I wanted to continue my education. I went into K12 based on only assumptions my family and I made. That was a mistake. We thought: online school should be flexible. We applied way before school began (August 13 I believe). I was not accepted and told that if "they have a spot open" they'll let me know September 3rd. Still not accepted. Then came a couple days later and I was told I was accepted so we went to orientation (a requirement where you visit the state's base before you begin your classes) and discussed how to navigate the school and the rules.

For this school, you had to download this thing called Blackboard (where you video chat the teacher, although they can't hear or see you unless given permission), Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc. (optional and free), and a few other things the teacher(s) may want you to download. Now, this school works kind of like a bricks and mortar school where you are given a schedule. These schedules are basically class calls (where Blackboard comes into play) and you must attend unless it says optional. If you do not attend, you will be marked absent. If you are absent ten times you will be reported to your district for truancy. You will also be marked absent if you do not complete assignments for that day.

Now, at the orientation we were all told that we may have to visit a doctor or family emergency. For my district (CCSD), they do not allow excuses at all (they told us that if your wifi, electricity, or even computer has problems, you better have a back up plan). Therefore, you will be marked absent for that class. If you are falling behind, you will be required to attend blended, which is where you visit the base every week for 3 hours to do your work. You can be assigned to blended at any point and cannot get off of it until the end of the semester.

Now, I entered late, and they said we didn't have to worry about overdue assignments (I had 38 at the time and a few students had over 70). But by the time we left, they said we will be excused from it, only if the teachers allow us. And you can't simply read lessons or assignments in a couple minutes, you will be recorded on how long you take and if you do not spend a reasonable time you will get an F (reasonable for a school imo).

Another thing is that communication is key to this school. If teachers send you an email and you do not respond in 24 hours you will be reported. I had my second thoughts about it but decided to give it a try. First 2 days and I had a load of assignments. Only 8 of my assignments were excused. 26 overdue from English. 4 from Creative Writing. I spent all day trying to catch up on lessons and work because not only did I have to do old work and read lessons in 2 weeks, but I had to do the current assignments too.

As I was reading lessons, my Creative Writing class required that I have a plug-in (cool and all but literally never mentioned what I needed) so I emailed the teacher and said that the plug-in only shows on Chrome... Which I was already using. On the second day before 2 pm I attempted to download Blackboard (which took so long that I missed the my first class call and I tried on 2 computers). By the end of the second night, my back hurt from stress. Wednesday morning and I woke up at 8 am for my first class call of the day with my Pre-calc teacher. It went rather smoothly, but my second class call of the day made me nervous. Not sure why but I knew I was not going to enjoy my English lesson (and I actually love English). Class started and the teacher had us do screen sharing so he could check our grades.

He had steps on how to do it and I followed them exactly (for there were pictures shown on how) and I thought I did it correctly because a room popped up (mine was room 7 (rooms are a private chat between the teacher and student)) and it said I was screen sharing. The teacher went to room 7 and said "what are you doing? I don't have time for this," and left to another room. I was confused and thought he meant how I wasn't at the class yet. I went to the class where at the top it shows my grade (which was an F. I had an F in every class which has never happened before).

I waited for him and he quickly came back and said "why isn't your screen showing?" I replied by typing that I didn't know how to navigate. He told me to just follow the directions and I'd be fine. So I repeated them and he could finally see my screen and he said "why arent you at your grades?" So I scanned my screen and saw another tab for grades and he checked it.

He told me to only do the last 3 assessments and then he left. So I started to do read the requirements for the assessments. I left to use the bathroom and my sister was in the room. Now, there is this button that you can push to say that you are away from the computer and the teacher can see it. I had pressed it and the teacher still had the audacity to go to the room and talk to me when I was away. I rushed myself and he was saying in an irritated and somewhat sassy tone "what are you doing? This isn't what we discussed? You're supposed to be doing the new student assignments. Don't get creative with me." And so I quickly found my way to the new student assignments and he explained what I had to do. He left and I was hoping he would not come back in the next 30 minutes. Thankfully, he never came back to check on me and by the time class was over I let out a breath of tension I didn't know I had.

I'm not sure if I'm just sensitive, but I went over to my dad and explained what happened and broke into a fit of anxious tears and heavy, fast-paced breathing. In any normal case, I'd be fine, but I'm in recovery and so when I was done my family was furious and the next day I was no longer a part of the program. In conclusion, this school is not flexible, not at your pace, and I don't recommend it for those recovering from illness. This is just in Nevada, and the rules may be different in each state. If you think it is reasonable for you, or your child, go ahead and give them a call. They're a public, free school afterall.

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Reviewed Sept. 25, 2018

The school will take your money, plus the staff is completely unprofessional, the customer service agent literally yelled at me over the phone and was complaining about her job and then proceeds to read to me an entire 3 pg script without taking a break! They are only interested in your money, the lessons are awful, parents are better off teaching their kids on their own, plenty of colleges take homeschool students! Save you and your child the heartache, you and your children are worth more than their scummy tactics.

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Reviewed Sept. 19, 2018

I enrolled my son in K12 to finish his 7th grade year. I made it very clear it would only be to complete 7th grade. I was told I would be making a monthly $83 payment until he was done and that I would have to pay $400 up front for materials. I did this. He completed what he needed and is now back in public school. I called to cancel my monthly $83 dollar payment and was told I am locked in for an entire year and can't cancel without an early termination fee. I was told I have to pay $170 dollars to cancel today. This is absolutely ridiculous and never explained to me. I will never us K12 again. They are about your money and that is about it.

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Reviewed Sept. 11, 2018

K12 is only interested in your money. I withdrew my daughter before the start of term and they confirmed in writing that I wouldn’t be charged a monthly fee. They continued charging a monthly fee and are now non-responsive. Filing a claim with the BBB and contacting my Credit Card Company.

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Reviewed Aug. 16, 2018

K12 school process in Nevada, Las Vegas. As a single father, I have had several problems with the CCSD school system related to bullying and the redirection of kids into school that are built in good housing areas. Poor kids bully the other kids all day long. So, I have looked into K12, as a way to keep my kid safe and on track to a High School Diploma. So, I enrolled him in 3 schools to see which one would accept him and yes within 2 weeks all the schools did. Each school mailed me the materials. I have to say K12, rate is an A++. Most school are just online without, workbooks and materials. K12 is on point. The school work and test prep. will require about 6 to 7 hours a day of hard work for your kid. But my son was in the GATE program and with the additional work. My son spent more hours than that, per day between school and homework.

Prep. during summer is the key. Every single summer he goes off to prep. for school. I miss him. But, it's about his future. I would suggest, to other parents. Try to find a retired school teacher. Or a summer school prep. program. The computer time is fine, the book time is fine. The reading time is about right for his age. He enjoys reading. So, that is the easy part of my day. As a parent I find that you will need to give your child about 2 to 3 hours of your time. Reviewing material. In the morning and in the evening. Guidance, by a parent is required. That is for sure. But, as time goes by. The time you will spend will be less and less. Also, you will need good internet speed. A mid-range computer. My son's new computer, has the following. Windows 10 pro 64 bit. DDR4 16 Gig. SSD 500. i7 intel 7th generation processor. I had Office installed as well. One LG 24" HD monitor.

This will allow your child to split the screen and to read the work with ease. Cost this year was about $780 for everything. The computer will last for about 3 years or less. If you push that time limit. The computer will run slow. Without you doing a few fix-its. I find it best to have it set up to drop all temp files, zero store days for Office applications. Disk defrag weekly. Not sure if this help anyone else. Also, you will need a good copy machine. I print up material every morning, for school work. I personally like the Canon imageClass. Cost per page is very low. One more note. Here in Las Vegas, there is a physical site. So, if your student fall behind. You can take him in, for help.

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Reviewed Aug. 13, 2018

I decided to enroll my daughter into K12 because of bullying in her public school. I enrolled her on May 29th 2018. I was told that open enrollment was already closed for the 18-19 school year. Months before the 17-18 school year was even over. That I had to wait until July 1st to fill out the alternative enrollment. I did and was told the approval process could take up to 20 days. On July 20th I called the school and was told that I would have an answer shortly. I called again on July 21st, July 23rd, July 27th, July 30th and August 4th. I was told each time that the school had not yet made a determination on her approval/denial. I did several online chats with representatives from the school also.

Today it is August 13th and I still have not heard one way or the other if she was approved. Public school registration is in 8 days. I called K12 and said I NEED an answer. I need to know where my child is going to attend school! I was told once again to wait. Well time is up and I can no longer wait. I had to cancel the enrollment application. In all the times I contacted this school there wasnt 1 single person who had a clue what was going on. No one could answer any of my questions. I was just transferred from department to department being told "I dont know. Let me transfer you."

On July 27th when I called I was hung up on 9 times and finally was able to contact someone on the 10th time. I am almost relieved that my daughter's application wasnt approved because if this is any indication on how this school is run, I really fear for the educational future of the students who were accepted. This is the most highly unorganized and unprofessional establishments I have ever had to deal with. This school is 100% a joke and I will never submit another application and to those of you reading this. Trust me and take this into consideration for your enrollment choices. Go elsewhere!

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Reviewed Aug. 10, 2018

The K12 TV ad campaign features a young woman gushing about getting a Fulbright scholarship to college as a result of her K12 education. The only problem is that the Fulbright program does not offer college scholarships; it only funds graduate and post-graduate education. This young woman's endorsement is an obvious and clumsy fabrication.

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2018

I've been reeeeeally disappointed with my experience in my attempt to register with K12. My son has classic autism, has an I.E.P., but doesn't test well. I was told by the K12 enrollment rep. I dealt with that the minimum s.o.l. score to be accepted is 375- passing is 400. I asked to speak with someone in the special needs division, and I was told I could speak to no one until my child has been accepted. (Had the necessary passing score of 375. Hello!!! YOU CALL YOURSELF A PUBLIC SCHOOL!!!

If it was a true public school, all should be welcome. Needless for saying, my child could not be accepted. I called later to send an email of complaint to the head person, spoke with an enrollment rep again, (because there is no other option in the automated phone list for a supervisor) and I was told there were no names or contact emails for anyone. K12 really needs to examine how it deals with the public, and especially with Special Needs. If your child is high functioning, you've got it made. If they don't look good on paper (score #), they're left out in the cold. K12 - if you call yourself a public school, it's time to start acting like it.

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Reviewed July 11, 2018

Never received a Welcome email with A Registration ID, its been 2 weeks and still nothing! Mind you they had no problem taking my money but failed to send the login for my daughter to begin class. There is no way to email this company except through a questionnaire, so since we are out of the country basically we are screwed. I Should have read reviews prior to choosing this company. Very displeased thus far.

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Reviewed July 3, 2018

Before the last six weeks, I recommended K12 often and as a result have multiple friends who have enrolled children in the program. We are a part of the International School and as of last January, we transitioned from paying for the year, to a month to month contract. I was told to call two days prior to the date I wanted to cancel and it would be no problem. Great, set my alarm for 2am EST on May 14th, no answer and instead of being able to wait for the next sales representative, I was forced to leave a message which no one returned. Same in the 15th and 16th, and then boom, charges cleared my account on the 17th.

Fast forward to early June after a family vacation and I am now in the US, calling, leaving messages that aren't being returned by sales, trying to reach anyone that will answer a phone, always being told they can’t help and redirecting them to sales. Lo and behold, June 17th, my account has been charged again for classes I haven’t logged into and been begging to be unenrolled from. Finally I find a number for International School and reach a rep who confirms no one is answering or returning phone calls in sales, says he can unenroll my son from classes and stop further billing, but NOW an email will be sent to the refunds departments, as he says I am clearly owed one, and I’ll hear back in a couple days.

Two weeks later, no call. No one at any of the numbers can help me and once again, I’ve gotten nowhere. I was provided the main corporate (703) 483-7001 number by a rep who sounds to be frustrated by being yelled at by frustrated customers and wants the people at corporate to now feel their pain. So to sum up, buyer beware. I like the courses very much, but sadly, support sucks and good luck getting a refund if you are owed. Everyone here passes the buck or is unable to help. I will no longer recommend K12.

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Reviewed June 29, 2018

Where do I even begin? We were part of CAVA@LA and well this school has been a nightmare. The only reason I’ve dealt with them this long is because my daughter who is in high school, was severely bullied in the B&M school she was going to. Well this past year my mother suffered a heart attack (several while in the hospital) and I had to leave in the middle of the night to be by her side. I was not thinking of taking school book or our laptop at this time, that was the last thing on my mind. So that resulted in my child missing a month of class connects and days of attendance (they want her to log and stay online for more than 4 hours a day). I at least was able to make the call to notify her homeroom teacher of the unforeseen circumstance. They said it was fine and understandable. Ha! Obviously not, because I just found out she was administratively withdrawn by the principal Shannon.

First of all how can she know first hand anything school related to my daughter? Isn’t that the homeroom teacher's job? And what upsets me the most is that I spoke to our homeroom teacher regularly through email regarding my child’s progress. As well as that quarterly phone calls they make (mandatory) and he never mentioned any of this?!! So when I spoke to this principal Shannon ** on the phone, from the minute she called me and hearing her tone, I knew she’d be an issue and that it was a useless attempt in even trying to keep my daughter in their school. She went off by telling me that if I have a problem to write an appeal and that SHE as well as a colleague of hers will review it. Lol. So basically the person who made the decision handles the appeals as well? Ok lost case for sure (mind you this “principal” was on phone call with me while washing her dishes at the same time, wow very professional).

My daughter was falling behind not only because of the family emergency I went through with my mother, but mostly because these “teachers” don’t really have the degree and experience to teach anything. For instance our homeroom teacher is a Music teacher, smh. And when they have their class connects in session where they are supposed to be teaching our children, the “teacher’s” talk mostly about their “perfect lives” or are doing their chores and talking about nothing that has do with what the class is all about. So the minute they see your child is falling behind over their lack doing their job, they blame you and just boot you out because that is easier than to have to fix their errors. I would not recommend this school to anyone. Now I need to figure out where I can enroll her because she doesn’t want to go to a B&M school ever again. Rant over, ugh!!!

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Reviewed June 15, 2018

I decided to sign my son up for K12 when he and I moved to California in the middle of the school year. We were moving to LA and I was nervous about putting into a school system I knew so little about. Plus, he is an actor and we wanted some flexibility. What a disappointment. First of all, the curriculum we were sent was way too much. Too many workbooks. Not only that, but it was way too easy. Even the "advanced" materials were too easy for my son. His teacher wasn't of any help. He told me I should be the one to supplement the curriculum. Ummmmm... No! That's not my job. I wanted to be his mom -- not his teacher.

Not only that, but there was next to no flexibility. A true homeschool program allows students to work at their own pace on their own time. This wasn't possible with K12. There was no accountability either. There was no "proof" that the work was completed either than what was logged into the system. Do you know how easy it is to fudge that? INCREDIBLY easy. EMBARRASSINGLY easy. Not that I know anything about that or anything. My son HATED it. We moved to a more desirable school system and he attended a traditional school for 2 years. It took me that long to encourage him to try another homeschool program. We finally found one that truly fits the description of homeschooling and we can't wait to begin.

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Reviewed June 4, 2018

I am currently a K12 student and it is absolutely horrible. I will say it's not as bad as regular public school, though, because there isn't the pressure of other students. But, the teachers are complete idiots. I'm positive they are not qualified to be actual teachers. There's way too much work, and none of it makes any sense. The whole point of doing online school was to get away from the stress and long hours of regular school, but they expect me to spend at least an hour per class every day (I have 8 classes). One day I had a doctor appointment and I emailed all of my teachers to let them know I wouldn't be attending my live classes, and then a week later I got an email saying they were going to kick me out of k12 for not being compliant and missing too many classes.

It turns out I was supposed to send them a doctor's note, but no one told me that and we didn't even find that out until months later. My homeroom teacher is real full of herself too. Every time we have ever talked to her, she yells at me for not meeting her expectations and then will talk forever about how great she is. The teachers don't use correct grammar a lot of the time, and they don't correct the students that don't use correct grammar. My best friend is also in K12 and has the same problems. Except her teacher calls her mom every time she doesn't spend an hour or more per class. Altogether, It has been a horrible experience and we have had nothing but problems all year long. Don't even bother with this school.

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Reviewed May 22, 2018

My child never ever signed up for K12. I call 2 times about information and these ** totally call me harassing me about computers not 2 but 8. Mind you I never signed her up. I call 6 six x. Poor customer service. Lack of empathy. They say, "Oh I'M sorry for the confusion." But these ** still calling me about computer. I told them you have the wrong person to be calling and ask for my address. I told them. We so sorry the member in Maryland. What the hell. I swear I sue the hell out of this company. ** scam.

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Reviewed April 24, 2018

HORRIBLE COMMUNICATION AND OTHER IN THE K12 OREGON - THIS K-12 program, is absolutely horrible, they never let you talk to a person, and they always say that nothing is on file, when everything is in their file! I felt very useless and very insecure and this is a bad school! I honestly would've done better at my former school that should've been rated a 0.5/10. This school is a 0.0/10. Don't make the same mistake with this K-12.

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Reviewed April 5, 2018

I have an elementary student who has huge anxiety issues from sensory overload in the regular school environment. K12 allows him to get rid of the chaos that exists with many kids being pent up in the same room. He is very bright and never needs practice or repetition to learn. Once he gets it, he gets it for good. The paid private school option is the only option that allows him to go at his own, much faster, speed without having to move along at the pace of the other kids or the teachers. The teachers were available and gave occasional but totally optional PowerPoint presentations via Blackboard to keep things interesting, but otherwise, they stayed out of sight, which for us was a good thing.

The public option is VERY different and much more like a public school should be, but unfortunately, that wasn't what we needed. We needed LESS involvement to allow my son to move at his own pace, and the paid option also allowed him to skip the state exams which would have triggered his anxiety too much to manage. This is true homeschooling, but it is not for the faint of heart or wallet. Being so pricey, it actually motivated me to invest more of my time and energy in the program so that he wouldn't waste the opportunity.

He started the year in second grade and I was easily able to move him into third grade before the end of the first month when I saw that was more appropriate. The vocabulary segment seems a year behind the rest of the curriculum, and the critical thinking skill training seems lacking compared to the mid-year expectations, but with a bit of additional teaching outside the curriculum, he was able to meet the goals. If your kid is a fast learner, this is perfect. If they need practice and repetition, I know without a doubt that this option would be hell. Know your kid, know their style, know their needs, then decide what is best for THEM.

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Reviewed April 4, 2018

This is NOT homeschooling. It's not even GOOD public school. If you want information shoved down your kid's throat at a rate that no one could ever retain, then rushed through chapter after chapter of Science with NO teacher help, then yes. Absolutely. This is the school for you. If you want to know anything at all about WWI, Spelling and Reading? That's on you. This school (IDVA) is a joke. The "classroom" is not virtual. It's just a power point presentation. The kids don't get to interact, the teacher just lectures and most of the time, the lesson doesn't even match up with the quiz they have to take at the end. We are pulling our daughter out.

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Reviewed April 2, 2018

Please for the love of God do not send your child to this "school". It is probably the worst online school you could possibly attend with no interaction with the teachers, a poor layout, and all around confusion. My Mother was diagnosed with CANCER. Therefore, it required me to commute a long distance. Moreover, my daughter's grades were negatively impacted by the fact that her grandmother was terminally ill. Nevertheless, my daughter was administratively withdrawn from the K12 Program without any explanation. Although I followed up with a detailed appeal letter that provided insight regarding our unfortunate circumstances; her enrollment was not reinstated. The administrative staff was completely insensitive to my daughter's situation. This school obviously only cares about school ratings and end of grade test scores which they disguise as "compliance". Additionally, their Great Schools Rating was a 4 out of 10.

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Reviewed March 24, 2018

There are multiple problems with the website. My child could not even get passwords to open a her quizzes. We call a hotline to get a voicemail then no reply. We try chatting and email just to fall behind more after begging for help with all these issues. We are told my daughter has been withdrawn. This is a scam! Not a school.

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2018

When the school year started I thought this was a great school (New Mexico K12). I was dearly mistaken. My daughter is in the 8th grade. The math/homeroom teacher Ms ** has lied, changed her story and bullied my daughter. This lady even went as far as to tell my child that she didn't have the intellectual ability to be in her math class. Now to me that is just a fancy way of calling someone stupid... Something NO TEACHER should ever say to a child. Sadly this school won't listen to my daughter about this lady nor me. This lady claimed she tried contacting my daughter and myself several times.

This too is incorrect as she at the point of this review has called me only 3 times and one of those times was before school was even in session. The "teacher" also cancels love lessons constantly then complains to the children that they are failing her class. A child cannot succeed if they aren't taught and taught well. So in closing if you don't mind your child being told her or she is stupid and don't care about your child's education... This school is for you!

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Reviewed Feb. 1, 2018

My son just started K12 and he still hasn't received his computer, therefore he is getting behind on classes already. They keep asking for information that I have already sent in. Saying his registration isn't complete but they have him as an active student. I'm frustrated. Public schools failed my child and now I feel the same about online schooling.

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Reviewed Jan. 26, 2018

K12 is not all it seems. The private side has to been charging the monthly fee of $$ even though I called them and requested to be cancelled when my son got into public side of it. I have been calling them over 3 weeks to get my money back. I get told I have to deal with sales but no one ever returns my phone call.

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Reviewed Jan. 25, 2018

My daughter never got an F before till I put her in this school. The teachers are never helping the kids. My daughter sent them a email for help. They still haven't responded and it's been 2 days now.

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Reviewed Jan. 12, 2018

K12 is a great school! It's not just a curriculum, but it is actually a public school! You can interact with your peers, make friends, and go to the online classes! They do have scheduled times for the classes, but it's still not as long as regular public school, and it's way more flexible. The teachers are SUPER nice and helpful! I love them!

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Reviewed Jan. 11, 2018

Ok where do I start? I am a student at K12. Sadly at first I thought I hit the jackpot with K12 because I thought I would be able to graduate early like they promised. “If you stay on track you will finish early" they said. They are full of **. When their system fails they blame it on the student like in my Spanish class I had turned in two weeks of homework but something happened with their system and somehow removed my work and my grade which was at a B and when I sent an email they said, "It’s you not us so do it again." I ended up dropping 2 of my classes because of that. K12 was such a stressful school trust me. Don’t put your kids here even if they have disability. My friends is disabled and he would agree with me. Don’t send your kids to K12.

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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2018

I enrolled my son in this K12 private school side of it because we were told he didn’t qualify for the free side of it so since he needed to be in school because he was having so much trouble in public school I decided to go ahead and do that route because I want it was best for my son so I decided to pay the tuition! So he got his books he got emails but when it came down to teacher involvement not once did he get any emails or help when he was falling behind I mean and I was told this part of K12 you get all the teachers' involvement. Not once did he get any involvement!

Then in October I found out that I’m going to have major surgery and be out of work for a while. I called them to let them know, "I can’t afford the tuition price which was kinda high anyway. What can I do keep my son in school and can I get a different rate since I won’t be working for awhile." All I got was silent crickets. I also let them know I’m a single parent of three kids but the time of enrollment they were so pushy and I was so desperate to get my son at school I didn’t even question the $500 a month but when it came time to tell them I need to figure out how to get it down they wouldn’t call me back.

They would email me back. They just basically ignored me so I started getting past due ugly emails and emails saying, "We tried run your card but didn’t go through." Umm really??? And then they decided to unenroll my son without even telling us in November. Until this day here we are January 2018 I can’t get anyone to call me back. No one email. I’ve been told, "Someone will call you back" or "I’m sorry to hear about that" or we even got told that they made a mistake that he should’ve got the free schooling not the private, but yet all I get was sorry. Sorry but I can’t get a phone call so my son has not done school in over a month and they’re supposed to be this online school that cares about school children’s education. I think it’s far fetch from that and all they’re wanting is money and if they can’t get your money then they just basically throw you out the door and ignore you! Has any other parents experience it as I have? I don’t know what else to do!

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2017

My son, always did so well in K12, even up until last yr. Then... This year, he started out fine, then Mrs. ** & Heather **, 4th grade teachers, began, making their own decisions to remove my son's attendance, then pushed this issue, and without warning, or any notice, his teachers without proper authority, suddenly removed him from school, appalling.

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Reviewed Dec. 14, 2017

Getting my daughter signed up was pretty easy. Once she started the online school she was having problem understanding the work. We couldn't reach her teachers or her homeroom teachers. She got behind in school online. She lost interest in the program. I withdrawed her...

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2017

I called to express interest and get information. What I got in return was daily calls for a while with human voicemails. Then multiple automated calls per day for WEEKS, well into the school year. I had chosen a different school, but the only way to let them know that to stop them from calling me all day long and every evening was to go through a lengthy phone quiz that only gave me the option to press that I was interested in enrolling. I gave up on the idea of ever talking to someone to tell them to stop calling me and prayed they'd ever realize if a person who had expressed interest hadn't called back well into the school year, I was NOT interested.

You'd think a school with any merit wouldn't spam you for expressing interest over the phone by asking for information twice. This company works very hard to get you to enroll but allows no avenue that I could find to tell them you're not interested without calling them. They need to provide an opt out, or provide a "contact us" page which does not force you to provide all of your information INCLUDING which grade you are in enrolling your child. They need a simple contact form for ONE WAY communication for those who wish to NOT enroll and to be LEFT ALONE BY K12! Something is very wrong with this company, and it pains me to say this. Children should not have this influence. Bad business practice!!!

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2017

I've been trying to cancel my monthly subscription since July. I was told it would automatically end in Aug. so I said ok. Well I'm STILL being charged!! I can't get a real person on any of the numbers provided and they all have the same 2 selections which don't apply to canceling at all. Even if you select one it just continues saying the same thing. I signed up for Algebra 2 help for my son and none of their material was what he was doing. You couldn't find answers to anything. I did a search for different stuff he was doing and nothing.

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Reviewed Oct. 30, 2017

This was the first year my child has been with K12. Not only is the enrollment process horrendous, but once my child started school it got WORSE! Site is horrible; slow, out of date, not user-friendly! Extra help (one on one), isn't true. My child's teacher scheduled 4 other students at the same time, never got his questions answered. USA Test prep glitched the whole time, pushed testing for an additional week. After my child spend 10 hours for three days trying to do it, the staff asked for my child to reduce those days because the system messed up on their end. About a quarter of my child daily work has shown up incorrect. You have to send "feedback" which takes time, they also don't respond, so you have to keep checking on that. If you ask the teachers for help they just send you through more loops. Oh, also they didn't even send the right materials and I wasn't even able to get through K12 to resolve this.

My child's teacher was no help of course and had to go above heads, and still thrown through more loops. It took two months to get the proper material. What everyone fails to realize, THIS IS ONLY GOING AGAINST THE CHILDREN, NOT THE EMPLOYEES WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DOING THEIR JOBS AND PROVIDING PROPER SERVICES. As of now, I'm in the process of withdrawing him! Worst mistake I have made for my child! These children deserve more. One very sad, disappointed parent!

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Reviewed Sept. 29, 2017

My son needs to be at home so I know what he's learning because the private day school he goes to can't seem to be truthful about whatever is going on there. I never see any school work come home or evidence of any kind of school work done. And the fact he seems to be a afraid of somebody that he don't want to be there in the first place which I can't blame him. You got to see it to understand what I'm talking about.

The are troublemaker the. And the fact my son is the only middle schooler in with the high schooler is not right at all and he has ADHD. The process for k12 take a lot out of me getting the papers in. Had to fax because taking a picture on a smartphone doesn't work. It's not that smart to download. Faxing cost $1.50 a sheet and that is a lot of papers. And the person from k12 always say it takes 3 weeks to get a fax. You get that right there when you send it out. Then after the papers were in. I had a message about getting a conference call to go over things but didn't get one. Got not approved to their program with no explaining why. Now trying to get me to purchase the private online schooling which cost me money. With no will intend to educate. Very upsetting to deal with. So I'm going with a different homeschooling a together.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2017

After 3 weeks of trying to enroll my son in school I finally gave up. In the beginning this was worse than being harassed by used car salesmen. Phone calls at 8am for days pushing to enroll. Once I started the process there was no support. The representatives are extremely rude and no one seems to know whats going on. Each time we submitted forms they would email and say they needed something else.

5 days after trying to reach his counselor I finally got a callback only to have to just hang up. The "placement counselor" couldnt explain anything, and her solution was to assign me to another coach with a new start date. They say they responded when they havent, no one is communicating with the other during the enrollment process. 3 weeks and 4 start dates later I'm withdrawing my enrollment and sending my son to a regular public school. Coming from a family of educators these people seem to know nothing about placing students, dealing with parents or just have any common sense. RUN. DONT WALK.

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Reviewed Sept. 16, 2017

This is our second year (not in a row) enrolling our son with K12 and WAVA. This time around the process has been very frustrating. We started the enrollment process on June 15, 2017 and as of today (Sept 16, 2017) my son is still not enrolled. We submitted all needed documents and online forms by June 16th. We were asked for additional documents July 6th (which we submitted that day). I was told we needed a District Release Form, however many, many times I explained that due to him being part time and shared enrolled we needed a District Agreement Form not Release. Even though our son's enrollment forms clearly state he will be part time and shared enrolled, for some reason it was not corrected until early Sept. So we missed the first deadline and now working on the 2nd deadline (Sept 18, 2017). K12 sent my son's documents to WAVA on Sept 13th.

We now have a hold up at WAVA due to my son's IEP, which K12 sent to WAVA back in June. WAVA is saying the special educational director needs to look over his IEP before moving forward. But the director was not given the IEP until Sept 14th, and she was out of the office on the 15th, so she will be looking it over the 18th (deadline date). Thing is, I have stated many times over his IEP has nothing to do with WAVA. That is why we are doing a shared enrollment. Our local school is taking care of his IEP as they indication on the Inter District Agreement Form that they sent over, so this should have been a quick and easy step. Literally it has been 3 months and my son is still not enrolled!

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Reviewed Aug. 23, 2017

I applied for my daughter to be enrolled into Kindergarten through K12 in NC. We went through the lottery process and got accepted. As soon as we were accepted I received an email letting me know. I made an account so I could upload documents. They would need such as shot records. Everything was accepted within 24 hours of submission. They had a live chat option for support, which I loved.

Weeks before school started we received all the books and supplies she would need for the year. Text books, math cubes and shapes, letter tiles, white boards, markers, reading books, printer, laptop, headset literally everything. The laptop did need WiFi adapters downloaded, I just used the ether net cord to do that. Simple.

We are now on day 3 of school. We had orientations and informational sessions we attended online. All her lessons are easily accessed and keep her interested. As a Kindergartner most of the work is offline. I can email her homeroom teacher with any questions and she replies promptly. Logging attendance is simple too. Just keep track of the times you do. I am pleased with K12 so far. I never find good information or reviews online, I scoured the internet before enrolling. So I wanted to leave one and try and help someone.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2017

I signed my son into Texas Online Preparatory with K12 last year, and it has been a great opportunity for my son. The teachers schedule the class connects in advance so you have ample time to plan your days. If you have to miss class connect for any reason all sessions are recorded for a 24 hour period. Visual media from the class connect is usually similar to a power point slide as so all slides can be saved and printed for reference notes. Be prepared you must be a hands on parent to get the best experience from this program. A large portion of your child's success will depend on your guidance. You must make sure the work is completed, and their attendance is entered. Technical support is always available with a simple call, and teachers will always respond to your emails or voicemail's within 24 hours. Working ahead of schedule ensures that if you have questions about anything the teachers will have ample time to reply.

The teachers give lessons, and are available for tutoring as well as study groups. You are responsible for making sure your child completes the assignments, and meets progress expectations. Book work and offline lessons will be graded by the learning coach (usually a parent) and the grades will be entered by you as well. The teachers are always willing to help, but if you want someone else to do all the work educating your child this is not the program for you. The curriculum is set to meet state standards by the teachers, and assignments are scheduled to address the curriculum requirements. Class connects and online lessons teach your child how to do the work. If he or she does poorly on a topic a parent can review the child's work to isolate the misunderstood area then tutor the child on the material needing more attention. If you need assistance tutoring your child teachers and extra learning materials are always available to help.

Once the child has a better understanding the test, and assignments can be retaken for 100% credit without penalty. In this way a child receives grades based on their current understanding rather than their initial understanding. In a conventional school with 25 children on the same schedule it would not be possible to back up and retake a lesson every time one student had difficulty in a specific area. This program ensures that no material is skipped while the rest of the class moves on. For a motivated child this can be a game winner. My child was an A&B honor student before; however, his ambitions to do the best he can do motivate him to retake any assignment he makes below a 90 on. He now holds a 100 average in 9 out of 12 courses, and 90 to 98 average in his other courses. He is a very bright child, but it is the structure of this program that makes it possible for him to be this successful.

The work will not be done for you. Be prepared to spend 5-10 hours a week grading, and directing your child's priorities. (Even more if your child need extra tutoring) Remember it is worth it to see your child understand and accomplish more. The confidence and motivation this program has given my son is priceless!! Learning to prioritize his time, and follow the monthly syllabus assigned are skills need for success in college, and throughout the rest of any individuals life. This school goes beyond meeting state curriculum standards, and is truly preparing him to be a successful adult.

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Reviewed Aug. 17, 2017

After jumping through hoops to turn in all required documents and having them accepted, on the last day they decided not to accept a legal guardianship document for my granddaughter, signed and notarized by her father. Because they did this on the last day of admissions, there was no time to get what they wanted in. I was furious after all we had done to make sure documents were correct. My guardianship form was given to me by our lawyer and approved. They do not have their act together, many calls waiting on hold forever, too many different answers. Very upset!

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2017

We are planning to travel to another country so I looked for an option for my kids. I read reviews about K12 and didn't look too good but I thought it shouldn't too difficult to register her. Well, I was wrong right there! Let me explain why this is not a place for kids to learn and go but it is a perfect place for bureaucrats to create more and more regulations to make you mad. Her immunization records were not accepted so I went to a clinic close to us to make sure it is up. The nurse and the doctor confirmed that she doesn't need another 2 more years. I asked to write a letter for me and they did. I uploaded that letter online. I assumed that is it. She will be registered. Well, I was wrong again. I got a call from K12 bureaucrat that they can't accept the doctor's letter they need it from the public school she attended last year. By the way that school didn't have any problem with her records either since she is still 9 years old.

My conclusion is that a bureaucrat needs a letter from another bureaucrat! I have been in many 3rd world countries but I have never seen that much bureaucracy in my life. It is time to leave this country and educate our kids somewhere else. It is not just education is bad everything else in this country is falling apart. Bureaucracy and the Socialism is in the process of killing America that we love!

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Reviewed Aug. 3, 2017

It can be challenging to decide on a school for your children. We chose CAVA (California Virtual Academy) which is a K12 school, and we stayed with the school from kindergarten-9th grade. We are undecided on high school because my son would like to be around other kids at least part of the week, and our first nine years there was Community Day for the kids to attend class once or twice a week, plus field trips. First of all, the K12 curriculum is excellent, and my son received an excellent education. It is a huge commitment for parents because it requires much time, so the parents play a large part in their child's success.

We were provided with all curriculum, a computer/printer (that lacked wireless, so we bought an extra laptop), a teacher, an individual learning plan with all assignment expectations laid out, local Community Day, and wonderful, caring, excellent teachers to assist at any need. If we had any complaints it would be no Community Day for high schoolers in our area, and the Online Middle School was rocky last year due to an overhaul of the site and procedures that left parent and even teachers a bit confused at time, but half way through the year we were all pretty much dialed in. The new changes did not provide "Learning Coach" manuals, but by 8th grade, the child works mostly independent (instruction was mostly online). The math book was only a minimal reference book that wasn't a huge help when trying to understand the algebra, so he would go to Kahn Academy or wait for his online class, email or Community Day classroom help.

Overall it is a challenging program with GREAT, rich rewards. I should also add that I have a delightful teen that has set high goals and learned to think for himself, and this is true for most of the other kids in the program. Look for a Community Day program in your area because it adds so much to the positive experience. (Many CD families and teachers become like extended family!) To be successful parents and kids must be disciplined, or it's not a good match. Everything was provided for free and even included paid return shipping. Students can keep materials until they no longer need them. Because it was a virtual academy my son has a perfect attendance record because we could always find work he could handle even on the worst sick days.

Recap: Excellent curriculum and support; healthy environment to raise a child into a well-mannered, pleasant young person; excellent, challenging education; FREE prep school; it develops discipline; the parent doesn't have to develop plans or buy curriculum (which saves time and money); provides opportunity for military families or anyone from any walk of life; more flexible than it sounds to work with a child's need.

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Reviewed July 25, 2017

I will start by saying our oldest daughter had a great experience with K12. Don't be fooled by the "free public school option" ads. 99% of the time high school for instance will cost about $8,000 a year. My oldest had Lyme disease and could not attend sophomore year of her Catholic school so we switched her to K12 for the rest. Good experience and she's about to graduate college. However, our youngest daughter considered K12 when my job transferred us away from her wonderful school, but she didn't feel she could thrive in an online environment; she changed her mind before the school year started and decided for stay with friends in our former state and remain at her Catholic school for graduation.

Although we had paid for the semester with K12 just days before and withdrew BEFORE the start of classes, K12 refused to refund the $2500 deposit-saying we missed the deadline by one day. They would not entertain an appeal. We literally threw $2500 away. $ come before the students' interest at this "academy".

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Reviewed July 24, 2017

I have a Bachelorette, Master's & 2 PhDs from Keio in Tokyo; my husband & I recently discovered our 11 year old daughter was much smarter than anybody in her class. We talked to her school & they suggested K12. I ended up leaving work to teach her & take care of our other kids. She isn't learning as fast with this school than she was on her own. I was told to homeschool her; I cannot get any help with emails and I try to tell them that these courses are not for her. The customer support is nonexistent & this is not a good thing for any International Parent. The US Education System is nothing like we are used to. The classes don't teach her much & this is not what I was told about.

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Reviewed July 12, 2017

My daughter has 4 degrees, an associate's, 2 Bachelor's (math, science) and a Master's in English. She wanted to home school my grand-daughter and enrolled her in K12 program. It was a nightmare. They did nothing but push the parent to do all the work. No support whatsoever. They demanded the parent spend at least 20 hrs a week helping the child. Not worth the hassle. They try to bribe you into their program with offers of a free computer to use and support (non existent). The cost to ship back the computer after the horrible experience was extremely expensive. Just go buy a good used laptop and some ED programs on disc. You will be far happier.

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Reviewed July 12, 2017

Myself and two others have applied for work here after hearing about them and seeing commercials of this "great" school. No phone to call for jobs, no return call or acknowledgment, just an email to say “Thanks but no thanks for applying” weeks later. What gives? Who are they employing? Oh maybe young, mind bending ones like on tv that don't question poor practice. The system of schools is getting worse each day.

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Reviewed July 3, 2017

For any customer support be it missing materials or problem with access, I have never been able to get support via email. They insist you must call their "toll-free" number, which isn't toll free for international callers. Couldn't get them to send me the microscope which did not get delivered to me. Luckily got my sis in law to call and ask them to resend. They will not do it online. Now my daughter cannot access her account to do her lessons. Again, to get any support, must call in. But my sis in law won't be able to help because she's not the one using the platform. Will not register for courses with K12 again for the lack of support to international students.

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Reviewed June 28, 2017

I enrolled in the K12 school in September and I gave them all the papers and information. Then I waited and waited and it was half a school and I asked them "When am I gonna start school?" and they replied with the same thing every time "When a spot opens". I lost half a school year of work and I canceled my enrollment and I got in another online school. I was accepted almost right away and caught up. My experience was awful with K12 and I tell friends and family when looking for online schools not to go to K12 because of my bad experience.

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Reviewed May 26, 2017

It is fun for me to be the way it need to be in a school. It is the best for me to know what goes into a school for my child and what is it that she needs to do in order to achieve her goals. It is the best for me to be the best and I instill that in my daughter. I like the fact that you can be at home and do the schooling and my child can stay attentive and go to school very well. It is something I like very much.

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Reviewed May 25, 2017

This program is more than successful for any parent, child or family who is interested in the benefits of homeschooling their child or children. The student login site and virtual teacher make the program very accommodating for both the student and parent of the child. Student acquires the attention and instruction as if they were in an actual classroom setting.

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Reviewed May 24, 2017

It was very easy to enroll and set up. All the materials were delivered to my house and the computer provided was in good working order. And all of it was easy to start up. The materials provided were very extensive and up to date. My child had a lot of leeway of when to complete the work. She was able to get help from a teacher when needed. I thought the assignments were as challenging as those in a typical school. It would be nice though to have more opportunities for outside classroom work and more social interactions with other students. A more direct instruction from an educator would also be a plus.

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Reviewed May 21, 2017

What I liked about the online school was my child was able to work at her pace and was not distracted by other children goofing off and not paying attention. However, there is no one one one interaction and when my child was really stumped she would have to wait for a response or do research online to find her answers. The first thing to do when thinking about any online schools is to read reviews on the school you are really thinking about and make sure you have the time to spend to help your child when they get stuck and having a hard time.

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Reviewed May 20, 2017

This online training school gave me and my child the opportunity to learn at the pace that we had to go out since we had learning disabilities. It was easy to navigate, very easy to understand, not too expensive and we were both very much helped by this process and program. I just truly hope that our new education secretary Mrs. DeVos doesn't screwed up for everybody.

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Reviewed May 19, 2017

I liked the flexibility of the school. I thought it be beneficial for my daughter because she was having trouble in public school. Also, the courses are supposed to be geared towards what the child is capable of. They had placement tests and I liked that idea. I liked the courses that were offered, the variety was good and they seemed great at the time. I liked the fact that my daughter could be taught at home rather than in a public school. The enrollment was fairly easy. We were sent the books and supplies way ahead of time. The computer equipment was sent early enough to set up and the instructions were easy to follow.

Placement tests were done for a reason. But the courses ended up being too advanced. My daughter was very discouraged and struggled. This should be looked into. I didn't feel I got any support from the school when my daughter was having problems. I suspected my daughter may have been Autistic or had a disability and asked for her to be tested. I asked two or three times but they NEVER tested my daughter. The school failed us. I would improve on testing children when an IEP is needed. This was my daughter's right!!! Also, I didn't like the fact that the Spanish course was self-taught. No instructor. Very disappointing.

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Reviewed May 18, 2017

We called and made an appointment to meet with staff. The meeting was on site and we had a tour. Next we went to an orientation with other prospective students. Our daughter already had a laptop, so we just needed the link to the website and it was easy for her to get started. I liked the flexibility of the learning environment, and the additional access to in person learning with teachers in a physical location if needed. My daughter could contact them throughout the day to ask questions. But I feel like they struggled to keep my daughter engaged in learning. The communication between teachers and parents wasn't as good as it could have been. I think if there was a weekly email report of the student's progress it would help.

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Reviewed May 17, 2017

It was pretty easy to enroll. If you are under 18, a parent must make an account to enroll you and this allows the parents to see your progress. The introduction after being enrolled is really long but I find the way they have this school set up is easy and efficient. Teachers are very lovely and helpful. They are usually readily available and always willing to help one on one if need be. Also, website is easily accessible and easy to use. I simply didn't like it because I realized I didn't have the patience to sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. But courses are well organized and it's easy to see what progress you are making from a day to day basis.