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Last updated: April 24, 2018

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 24, 2018

I took a leave of absence due to my dad's health. I sent in the form as I have done before. Apparently no one processed it and they got me dropped and over $5,000 sent to collections because they wanted me to make payments I could not afford. I sent in 2 complaints and no one is doing anything about it. No response at all. I'm getting slapped in the face for the school's mistake. I was in my 3rd year and did nothing wrong on my part. I want help and I want answers but no one will help me except I have to pay off a balance of over $5000 before I can come back. First it started over $2000 and now went over $5000. This place is stopping me from getting my degree because people don't do their jobs and put it on the student.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 9, 2018

This school is a scam and it is all about money. I recently disenrolled from the university due to the cost. Out of nowhere, they raised the cost of my courses, tech fee, and material cost. 475 per credit and each course are 3 credits not including fees. Go somewhere else and save yourself time and money. The materials you pay for are a joke and a complete ripoff. If you fail a course be prepared to pay out of pocket because your loans will not cover it. If you are looking for a online school try Southern New Hampshire a nonprofit school.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 11, 2018

I am writing in regards to the recent communication that I had with Ashford University concerning how I would be able to obtain my degree and at that time I was told that a balance of $758.50 was due before I would be able to receive my degree and that a refund $ 1431.00 was also to be issued. So, as instructed I paid the balance in full (758.00). However, Months after graduating and getting my degree in the mail I received a call and a letter most recently from the school and was told by a financial advisor that I had to pay $2861.00 and that my expected refund would not be given and there was not a valid reason given to support that decision. I have tried endlessly to obtain my degree from the institution and have had no success whatsoever.

At this point I feel things are completely out of order and with the numerous of calls that I am receiving it is beginning to become harassment and a very stressful situation for me. I will no longer be responding to the school until some form of action has taken place. I have requested to have my call returned by a person of higher authority several times but no one has followed through with that request either. Moreover, the overall conduct is unacceptable and I refuse to deal with the constant issues.

As a recent graduate of Ashford University class of 2013 I am highly disappointed in the way things have been handled because when I enrolled in the school years ago I had high expectations for my education as well as my school. And as I look back I remember making the decision to enter this school because of the mission statement and how it exhibits everything I expected from my educational experience. I really enjoyed my time there along with meeting great teachers that helped to mold the person I am today.

I have worked extremely hard to exceed the standards of what my degree represents and all I'm asking is that my request be acknowledged and corrected. I did my part and now I just want the institution to do theirs. As a resolution to this situation I am requesting that my original balance of $2861.00 is honored and my account is cleared. I appreciate your time and consideration in the manner and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2018

My experience at Ashford has been positive. You have to work hard at online schools compared to brick and mortar colleges. The only concern is the cost of tuition is a bit high. Unfortunately in an online society, people generally will take to a website like this to complain because those that are satisfied do not take the time to discuss their experience. Each resin should judge their experience individual. Ashford may not be for everyone. It has an extremely quick pace. That is difficult for work life balance. However my experience after two years has been good.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 4, 2018

In 2010 I was one class away from graduating. I was taking a math class. In the second week of class my work started getting low grades. I complain then it got worst. My advisor said speak to my instructor and I failed. I was registered for the class again but was not informed I was dropped from the class but charged half fee. My advisor signed me up a third time. I used the exact same work used in the previous time and passed with a B. Finally I was a graduate. Then I was slapped with a bill for 2400 and my official and unofficial transcripts were put on hold. Could not further my education and could not appeal. I found out that Ashford has been doing this to other students. I cannot attend another school without a transcript. How. Can they hold your unofficial transcript without allowing you to get a copy?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 21, 2018

I am a former student of Ashford University -Bridgepoint Education. I attended online classes 2009-2012. I was deceived and lied to as well as taken advantage of financially. Ashford University obtained student loans for me while I was unemployed and could not afford them. I contacted the University the very first week of class and told them that I wanted to dis-enroll, I explained to them that this is just not a good time for me to be going to school. The student adviser that was assigned to me said even if I dis-enroll from school I am still going to be responsible for the entire student loan debt that was obtained for the Bachelor's degree program, this left me with no option but to continue on with School.

Ashford University took advantage of me during a time in my life when I was very vulnerable, unemployed, living off of unemployment and going through a divorce. I am now left with over 73,000 in student loan debt which I am unable to pay and no career to support the degree which I obtained. Since graduating and completing my bachelor's program, I have never been offered any assistance with trying to find a job in the field for the career path that I am suppose to have through obtaining a bachelor's degree, Instead shortly after completing my degree I was harassed by salespeople from Ashford that were interested in how much more money they could make off me by enrolling me into another program. For those seeking to get an education online do not use Ashford University!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 21, 2018

I enrolled with Ashford in 2012 and have been consistent with keeping my GPA at 3 points. Now with 2/12 classes left before graduating they are claiming I owe 7K... Every years the amount is different. I contacted FA in October of last year and asked for my balance because I planned to start paying the balance down by graduation. It was 3K in October now it's over 7K how am I supposed to pay that in 3 months with my grad date is in April.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 11, 2018

When I decided to go to this school, I thought that this school was more credible than this. I received 96 credits from another school and I was told by the person who recruited me to this school that they will transfer 90 of those credits. They transferred them alright, they transferred them and made sure that I only got credit for 58 credits. When I asked why were the classes worth 2.67 and 1.87 when they were worth 3.00 credits in the other school they told me some bull about it being a difference between semester credits and quarter credits. Credits are credits. I am not paying for classes that I have already taken and past so that this school can receive more money from me. Now they have the nerve to push my graduation date back for the third time with no explanation and nothing had changed. If you are looking at the commercials and thinking this school is on the up and up run fast.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2017

The admissions department will advise you that certain degrees will help you or fit to the career you're wanting. I received my Associates and Bachelors degree at Ashford and decided to advance and work towards my Master's. I must say, these admission people will persuade you to advance to the next degree not caring how it will affect you financially. I stop my Master's program after talking with someone outside of the school and realized that degree they talked me into wouldn't actually benefit me at all. So I quit right then and there not thinking it would affect me, this is until the school tells me I have to pay back the school for the class I took previously. Are you kidding me? I used financial aid and I'm once more being screwed over by them. I haven't been able to find a job that either of my degrees are in nor does having these degrees help me in any way get a job.

So here I am having to pay back this school monthly until I pay them back and they're holding my Transcripts hostage preventing me to switch schools even though they told me if I start a monthly payment they wouldn't do this (but again LIED). I've advised everyone I know personally not to pursue going to school at Ashford University especially MILITARY. I am in financial aid debt for absolutely nothing. We're a military family with children and I just wanted to go to school and find a decent job to help my husband with the finances since we don't get paid a lot and all I did was add more financial stress on us by going to Ashford. Save your family the financial stress and do not attend Ashford.

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Javares Mayo of Tampa, FL

Original review: November 27, 2017 Concorde Career College had a dental assistant program that I wanted to do. There were about 20 people in my classes. I like their staffs and instructors' level of professionalism and knowledge about their job. Concorde is an amazing school to go to. You just need to stay focused to succeed.

AdConsumer recommended
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2017

In 2012, I began looking into getting a degree in relation to substance abuse counseling through online courses. Before completion of my application to Ashford University I asked my financial aid representative if my felony would affect my ability to become certified in the state of Georgia. The lady informed me that "That shouldn't be a problem." Since my graduation I have found out that this is not the case. The degree I received is not one recommended for substance abuse treatment.

And now I am saddled with sixty thousand dollars in student loan debt. With no prospects of working in my chosen field. In fact, it is impossible for me, a felon in the state of Georgia, to receive the necessary license required to become a counselor in my state. I will be looking into further actions regarding the refund of my student loan debt. As it is federal loans, this cannot be done through bankruptcy. I believe that I have been lied to by Bridgepoint, and representatives of Ashford University.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

I attended Ashford for 4 years and finished! However, I have not received my bachelor's degree, because I owe them 2,060 dollars for financial aid that my loans did not cover. Then, they tell me to take out a personal loan to take care of the bill. I have now tried to take out a personal loans from various banks, loan agencies which is willing to give me the loan, but guess what? Ashford University does not accept loans from them, wow, where do I get the money from!!! Now, they have turned me over to a collection agency... Thanks Ashford.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

I feel like I have learned nothing that will help with Organizational Management. I spent 41000.00 on how to write papers. And then to finally graduate I get charged 150.00 separate for my Degree only for them to put me into collections because it's not paid within a month of graduation as I was off work on Medical. I work in a college that is also for profit. We cannot charge for Degrees. I find this absolutely crazy. Please realize if you pay 40K for a degree and it takes 30 yrs to pay off you will be paying almost 100K and then to get no help from the school.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

As with the other reviews on Ashford, all I can say is RUN. The IT fee you pay is a joke as their IT dept has no clue how to help. The "classrooms" are ridiculous. All you learn is paper writing. And those are graded differently from class to class. Instructors don't teach, they just grade, and don't even tell you why they marked things off. And when you call the offices, people you want are always in a meeting. Too many meetings, not enough work getting done. If you want an education other than paper writing, go somewhere else.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2017

I wish I would have done my research on ASHFORD want to be a university. I have been taking online courses for 14 months now and let me tell you, I wished I had enrolled in a reputable college other than this place. The courses are crash courses and the only thing I have learned is how to write freaking essays. The instructors are biased and some are plain rude and ugly. I would not classify them as instructors as they do not teach crap, much less help their students.

The courses are grueling, time-consuming and my family time suffers greatly as there are no reprieves. But the worse part is the shoddy courses cost over a 1000.00 dollars and for what? Makes you wonder if the credits are legitimate. Let's get to the student advisors - they do not fashion an individual schedule to a student's preferences and when you have problems do not expect a timely response.

I am currently having some hardships as far as moving to a city over 100 miles away and cannot keep up with the stupid assignments they throw at you and my advisor tells me to finish the course, how genius? I do not have time to sit for hours in front of a computer to do so, no fairies packing items, moving items, finding a home or any of the things needed to relocate because my husband's job moved. I am told I will owe 1500 for this course and I am taking a medical leave for back surgery as I will not be able to tolerate the sitting in front of a computer in pain.

They request my medical records, sorry but I draw the line on that one. Now, let's start on the financial aid, I have been fighting with the financial aid department about documents and have submitted every one requested. They continue to harass and threaten me about paying back the funds I have used thus far and they held a course I started.

I am in good standing and I think I am getting out while I am ahead. I have noticed that prospective students are not given an option for an Associate degree and are spoon fed a Bachelor degree. I have recently found out that the degree I am pursuing is not accredited from this college in my state. SO MY ADVISE. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN and go to a better college, this one ought to be shut down. Do the research. They were sued in 2012 for these types of practices and when you inquire about to your student advisor, they change the subject.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

This school should be shut down. These people will lie. They say I owe them money when in fact I don't. I called FAFSA directly and they said I don't owe the school any money. The school would not send any of the paperwork I requested. They tried to put $2600 on my credit report saying I was past due, but luckily FAFSA took care of that for me. I withdrew from 2 classes within a couple of days, and they still charged for 1 even after saying I wouldn't owe. The classes were just a joke, just reading and open book tests, which I can do in a library.

And on top of it they tried making me retake classes I have already taken and got credit for. They refused to give me paperwork I asked for, and gave me the runaround, and talked with 3 different people. I'm not even sure if the instructors were real, the whole thing seemed funny since it was the same exact outline for all the classes. I emailed one instructor and finally got a response after 3 days, but it was too late for the assignment. What are the instructors getting paid for since everything is automated? They didn't teach me anything, it was just reading then a test like I said. Do not go to this school, they are double dipping...

Updated on 3/12/2018: I wrote a review almost a year ago about this school... But I’m writing another one since I am getting harassing phone calls from them. Just an FYI, what I owed to FAFSA which was hardly anything since I dropped my last class, which in fact when speaking to FAFSA they said I owed nothing to Ashford since they paid them before I started each class, they are still harassing me to pay them. I’m tired of those stinking people. Ashford is the most horrible criminals, and frauds, and the funny thing is that the third counselor they sent me to wanted me to write good reviews about them, and almost bullied me into doing so. Please shut this school down... Not only do I get harassing phone calls, but they attacked my credit. Which now it doesn’t matter so much, but still, they harass you to no end.

The creditor that called me today was so rude... I hung up. I read some of the nice reviews that were said, just wait till your near your graduation, and see what happens then. Even after a year still getting harassed by them is awful, and thought that was illegal anyway. Those courses are a joke, and for the person who wrote that we are just not disciplined enough for the courses, heck, you don’t need to be, just follow your last course, it was the same thing over and over again. Please shut this school down, I’m begging you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

When I first started this school in 2006 I absolutely loved it. The enrollment counselor was absolutely amazing. That being said she in face was the only one that was every great to me. I qualified for a full Pell Grant and they told me I was approved for an institutional scholarship as well. The rest would be covered by loans. I made it a point to talk to my financial aid advisor at least once a month, as well as my academic advisor because I'd didn't ever want mess anything up with my aid, loans or classes. I was enrolled in the school for a Bachelor degree in Psychology. I was good to go with my first set of 7 classes. My financial aid advisor told me everything looked great and I still had plenty to spare. I never ran out of funding, which is great after reading the other reviews.

I got really sick in 2007 and I called my academic and financial aid advisor because I was going to have to have major surgery. They informed me that I still had time to drop my following class and that if I finished that class which I did with an A that all my financial aid would stay intact and that I wouldn't have to pay anything out of pocket because I was dropping the class before it had begun. I left the school and I didn't worry about it because as they said everything was handled.

After several weeks I got an email about needing to turn in assignments for the class I had dropped from the teacher. WHAT??? I emailed the teacher back right away and let them know this class had been dropped before it started due to my health situation and I was put temporary academic leave due to a health emergency. The instructor replied and said as long as I didn't log in that I'd be administratively dropped from the class and that I wouldn't have an financial responsibility to the class. I checked the attendance policy in the Student Rights and Responsibilities catalog and it pretty much said the same thing. Well they not only billed me for the class in full, they withdrew me from the school, and gave me an F in the class. Mind you I'd already talked to my advisors.

After the teacher emailed me I forwarded it all to each of them and asked what was going on? I even sent all the forms they'd had me fill out prior to that with the dates and all on them. I never heard another word from either of them. I thought well I guess they're working on it. I called a few weeks later (mind you I couldn't be all over it I was healing from major surgery that had me off my feet for at least 8 weeks) they never returned my calls or emails. I kept trying, NOTHING. I did get a bill finally and so I called them, they didn't care anything about investigating all of this and proving that I was telling the truth.

I reached out to my enrollment advisor who was so nice, she was upset as well, she referred me to a few different people and they basically would always send me to a different collection advisor to get it taken care of, well they always sent me to one guy that would never look into anything. He would just tell me how I could pay and that was my only choice. REALLY, now 10 years later they still won't help me. Now they're holding my transcripts. After talking to several agencies we've found several discrepancies, including the fact that they never even used any of my Pell Grant, I confirmed that with FAFSA and ED.Gov.

So here I am someone that actually did what they were supposed to do and I'm still no further to an actual solution other than paying the over $1000 bucks that I don't have from something that actually wasn't my fault. So the takeaway is, now they won't email me (they know I'm keeping them for proof) they will only talk on the phone and they won't let me record it nor will they launch an investigation.

They didn't use my 5,000+ in Pell Grant, they put it all on loans I'm still paying back, they won't let me have my transcripts and I'm still trying to find a way to go back to school after all of this. You'll see the F for a class I dropped and even if I hadn't should have been academically dropped from, the fact that they didn't use a single dime of my $5000 grant money and that I was not only billed for the class I had SUPPOSEDLY been dropped from I was also billed for the class before it in which I made an A in and qualified to be covered from the loans and grant. They sent money back to the federal loan company (Yes I do understand disbursements and the class I got an A in qualified for it.)

Needless to say, I will push this forward via complaints. I don't care about getting any funds from them, I simply want the F removed and the transcripts off of hold status. After all I did what I was instructed to do and I followed up immediately, for ONCE this isn't my fault. I was an adult here, but they are acting very deceitful by not wanting to do emails or look into it all. Thanks for the vent session. I'm done being silent after 10 years of trying to resolve this. Way to keep an adult from gaining an education Ashford the very thing you swore was one of your ideals.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2017

I started this college in 2014 and am set to graduate in two months. In all that time I was never told that my loans would be maxed out, in fact, I am the one that had to call the financial department about it, 2 months from graduation!!!! Great, thanks for giving me time to get other funding!! Then when I posted a complaint to the Board of Education and the Attorney General they had their attorney contact me back stating that the school was unaware I was a disabled student! Really? Funny, since their Access and Wellness department has me currently under accommodation for said unknown disability.

If I had known how horrible this school was, I would never have signed up with them in 2014. Don't get me wrong, I've learned a lot, but in the real world higher education doesn't get you as much as experience, so if you do decide to go back to school, utilize a university you have researched. As they say, buyer beware!!!! This buyer is now aware and won't recommend them to anyone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 30, 2017

Ashford is a great school. A coworker of mine was three years in when she told me that she was attending Ashford. At that time, I was looking to go back to school and was excited to know that Ashford was an online school. I had long determined that "long distance" classes as my local college named them, was the right fit for me. I had literally attended all three local colleges in my area, and I had either withdrawn from too many classes or failed. Therefore, I was not eligible for financial aid until I passed a probationary period and paid out of pocket for them. I did not want to attend the Universities in my area because I did not want to pay high tuition rates, I could not attend traditional classes because I work full time and have small children, and I felt that I was too old to be among a younger crowd. Thus, I read everything about Ashford and their processes on their website.

I was eager to go back to school and with their online classes catering to the working adult, Ashford was a good fit. I was not fond of their high tuition rates, but I felt that I was paying for the convenience of them being able to tailor around my busy work and family life. Later, I learned that the school offers so much support and today I feel that school offers value for their rates and their rates are comparable to other Universities. The writing center has everything you need to become a good writer. You can freely access writing editor websites like Grammarly. During the first few classes, I was babysat and was regularly emailed reminders with deadlines. Later that changed, but the routine is set in which you quickly learn that discussions are due Thursdays and responses, quizzes, or assignments are due by Monday. It never changes. The class structure is designed to help you achieve an eight to ten paper of what was taught.

Each week you are assigned work that will contribute to the final paper that will be due in week five. It is never just thrown on you to ultimately figure out. The course guides are available for any class that the school offers, so you will know what the assignments will be if you plan, but I have always like how they break up the work even if you just take it week by week. When I first enrolled, financial aid took about five months to complete. I had to submit verifications forms and a couple of tax returns. I sent them wrong or incomplete documents at times, so I delayed the process too. Between working full time and not being able to fax or email at work, I did find it frustrating, but I never blamed the school. I viewed it as part of the process, and I did not want to quit or have a tuition bill owed that I knew I would not be able to afford so I worked with them and so did they until we got it completed.

The following years, Ashford did not require anything of me. I just had to complete my yearly FAFSA. I had a grade appeal that I submitted. The teacher had given us a template to fill out and apparently, I had turned in a blank assignment. The teacher gave me a zero and commented that I could redo it and turn in again for credit. I had already completed the work, so I simply turned in the completed assignment again. This time ensuring that it was the correct document. I emailed the professor to remind him to regrade, and he never did. I was a new student, and I trusted that the teacher would hold up his end. Plus, five weeks go by so fast, and I was not worried about it.

In the end, my grade was unchanged, and I asked my advisor what could be done, and I was advised to turn in a grade appeal. I told the school that I had inadvertently turned in a blank template but was able to show that the last time I worked on the completed template was before the due date. To prove it, I submitted the track changes that Word provides to show that I was not lying (which also catches plagiarism). The school spoke to the professor on my behalf and concluded that the assignment should be graded and updated my grade. I believe that my internet connection was weak and caused a glitch when I saved my completed document using the same name as the original template. On other occasions, I was required to work overtime at work, and I could not keep up my job, family, and school. I was getting burned out. I reached out to my advisor again and learned that I could submit an academic leave request.

I learned that they are also cooperative with you if you should get sick, endure an economic hardship, or a natural disaster. On many national holidays, all Ashford students are given one or two-day extensions by the President and notified via email. They keep up with national news and are aware of natural disasters that affect different areas regionally or disasters such as the Orlando nightclub shooting. I find the school is considerate of student's feelings and well-being by doing those things. For anyone that has ever taken an online class especially in Texas as I have, the work always requires comprehension of a lot of reading and strong writing skills which I find Ashford to support.

Online learning requires a degree of confidence in self-learning, although Ashford equips you with tools and encourages the student to know that you are not supposed to know everything to be successful but teach you how to be a learner (student) to learn the information. The learning quest is not a destination but indeed a journey.

Recently, I fell behind on school work and was ready to fail a class (again going through a personal burnout). My professor emailed me to check on me. I had never slacked off completely as I did in this class, and I hate emailing the instructor to make excuses for my shortcomings, so I found it so encouraging that this professor cared that he motivated to do two week’s worth of assignments, plus a final paper all within a week. I passed the class, and this event is what lead me to give Ashford the best rating they deserve for all the good I have experienced at this school. I would recommend Ashford to any working parent that needs to go back to school and needs someone to hold their hand until they are ready to fly. Stay in school!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 11, 2017

I have been taking my Project Management degree at AU for 3 years and I will be finished my bachelor's in a month! This school has been awesome from the start and has never given me an issue from day 1. It's weird to read all the negative reviews as I've never had a bad experience. It's not for everyone but those that want to learn quick and get done quick, this school is great!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 9, 2017

I started online schooling at Ashford University in 2015, I successfully completed a year and a half worth of schooling and credits when staff members contacted me stating that my personal information was inaccurate and I needed to provide more information. I was in constant contact with my student adviser and the people who are in charge to try to fix the matter. I was told by Ashford University that I could not continue to go to school there because I did not provide the proper information. I was extremely confused because I've already been enrolled and I already gave them my information so all of this made no sense to me at all. As a result of them disqualifying me from continuing my education, I am now forced to pay student loans back much earlier than anticipated because I thought I was going to go to school for at least 4 years.

I feel very vulnerable because I do not know how to file a lawsuit against an online university especially because I do not live in the state that the university is at which is California. Now I owe thousands of dollars that the student loan folks are trying to get from me immediately and I didn't receive the education that I was pursuing leaving me at square one and in debt. I am devastated, confused, and extremely upset with Ashford University for their involvement, or lack thereof. Let me be clear, I was disqualified and told I could not continue to go to Ashford University even though I've never failed a class and I've completed a year and a half worth of schooling and credits. I'm forced to pay student loans without actually completing my education.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 4, 2017

Clearly, the most negative reviews are centered on the financial department. To those, welcome to the world of self-accountability. Business is as the saying goes, "business". Education is a business, whether or not a non-profit or a for-profit learning institution. I earned my degree at AU and never had any financial issue that I was not able to correct promptly. It sometimes happens in life as well as during one's college experience. Yup, even in the top schools. The key is to stay on top of your finances in every facet of your life.

My experience was pretty solid. Let's be candid, Ashford cannot compare to Ivy league schools, but it is by far not the worst. Not the best, because some students need hand-holding, face to face interaction with peers and instructors, and lots of guidance. You will not get a monumental level of either, unless you correspond electronically with other students (I did) or prove to your instructor that you have a decent grasp on the subject to care to really learn about the matter. AU is an online platform. It means a hell of a lot of focus, research, and dedication to do well. For those who choose to simply scrape by and get a degree, good luck on that. Sure, you may pass courses by the skin of your teeth. You can do so at any school, can you not? The truth is I have been to a number of brick and mortar schools and met motivated students and those who just wanted to get the paper.

For those with the mindset, "getting it over with" to just get that paper, cool. Sure, it can be done that way at AU. Conversely, those who plan to apply their focus and energy to learn about writing and other skills, Ashford can be very demanding, depends on the instructor. However, to truly benefit from the Ashford experience, study hard and learn to research. I am a better person for the experience and a much better professional. In the end, if a student sacrifices time and effort, what does that person have to lose? On the other hand, pay attention to details. Track your financial packages. After all, sacrifices and wasted energy amount to nothing if you drop the ball on the financial side of the field.

Be smart, attentive, and proactive concerning your financial well being and you will do well, at Ashford and in other areas of your life. Many who are contemplating enrolling at Ashford, understandably question its legitimacy, because of negative reviews. Believe me, AU is legit! The question is: Are you ready to challenge yourself and become a better person?

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Original review: June 27, 2017

I contacted Ashford University in March to obtain information concerning their Bachelor's Degree Program. The first counselor I spoke with " Vincent" was trying to push me into signing up for classes, even after I mentioned I was looking into my options. I requested no call back due to his aggressive attitude but received one anyways. I have received other calls from them and I told them I've found a program to attend. Just yesterday, I got another phone call from Amy, who was just as rude and pushy as the previous counselor. I'm blocking the number in my phone.

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Original review: June 14, 2017

There is no equity in dispersing course assignments across the university. Faculty Schedulers nor Human Resource Manager are considerate enough to contact you directly in regards to dismissal due to course shortages. This is a really poor way to operate an institution and is reflective in the disgruntlement from learners.

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Original review: June 2, 2017

A few months ago, I started receiving suspicious calls from 800-798-0584 that I let go to voicemail just to be safe. A woman identifying herself as "Ashley" from "Ashford University" started each message with, "Hey Brooke, this is Ashley. I've been sending you many emails and am trying to reach you to help you understand what you need to be doing next for class..." First of all, my name isn't Brooke. Second, I had never heard of, contacted, or enrolled at Ashford University in my life. I thought maybe it was an honest mistake - like a wrong number call - and so I let it go.

Almost immediately I started getting calls from another suspicious number ** in New Baltimore, MI that I, again, let go to voicemail to be on the safe side. This time it was a gruff sounding man who proceeded to berate me and said things like, "Brooke! This is your father! I don't know what the ** you think you're doing but you better get your ** home..." He also left threatening messages with many expletives about how Ashley is trying to reach me to help me and urged me to call her back.

In total, "Brooke" received 4 voicemails from "her father" and 5 from "Ashley." I saved them all because of how scary and urgent the content from both callers was. I figured Ashford University wasn't real and that these two individuals were just running a scam that I'd eventually need to alert the police about. Ashley said in her messages that she "received my emails" and that we had set up specific times to talk to each other that I kept blowing off... and I kept thinking, there is no way a real University would operate this way and employ such brazen, immature, seemingly uneducated staff lacking all self-awareness. Why would a credible college adviser repeatedly call and leave messages like this if the individual they were attempting to reach obviously wasn't returning any calls?

It would have been blatantly obvious to any legit adviser that my number isn't "Brooke's" number because I state my name in my recorded prompt to leave me a voicemail.... and my name isn't Brooke! I can see an adviser making the mistake one time, but wouldn't the second message of a smart individual go something like, "hello, this is Ashley from Ashford. this message is intended for Brooke... if you are not Brooke, I apologize and you will not hear from me again... *click*?? But then, I googled Ashford University. And I stumbled upon these reviews and was blown away. That place is real and people have obviously been lied to, bullied, and had their money stolen. What happened to a lot of other people sounds eerily similar to what Ashley was trying to do to me... er, Brooke??

Maybe "Brooke" is a real person who got herself involved in this school and then got sick of them harassing her so she gave them a random fake number (Mine. Thanks Brookie.) I can't even blame her though. And maybe that really was her dad, screaming and calling her names, yelling at her to "get her ** life together," in which case... I'm sorry Brooke. That's not how you deserve to be spoken to by anyone. Any man. Particularly, a father. Good call on giving him the fake number too. (Mine. Ugh.)

It may still all have been a scam that has nothing to do with Ashford; Brooke may not be real; Ashley and dad may be creepy con artists headquartered in someone's basement; who knows. But I wrote this review in case it wasn't. In case these people really are University representatives and this is how things truly operate at Ashford. After reading about the tactics the school employed against its students, It doesn't sound that far-fetched anymore. Buyer beware.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 2, 2017

I am now starting my third year at Ashford University and I truly wish I had attended a different university. You're on your own when it comes to technical issues. I waited two weeks for a response when I couldn't log in via a laptop, a tablet or their app. I hired a tech to troubleshoot and it was a problem on their end, not mine. Fixed after 3 weeks of inconveniences and countless phone calls to their Tech Dept.(which kept passing the buck elsewhere). Also, I had to drop a class after having emergency GI surgery, 7 transfusions and a 6-night hospital stay. I'm still fighting to receive my credit back to my account for dropping the class. That was 8 months ago...

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Original review: April 27, 2017

I have been attending for 5 years. Suffered a great deal but still kept going to school. Not once did they tell me that if I continued through to graduation that I would run out of money. I think it's unfair because I would have gladly agree to release a percentage of my stipend to pay for it... They never said anything!!! For 5 years nothing... Now, I am suddenly out of funding??? How am I supposed to know that I got all my money... I was told by an advisor when I enrolled that my loans and grants would cover my education and that I would only owe the government not Ashford. That's why I signed up... I was burned before by AIU... They did the same thing so I was being cautious but after he told me that I was glad and grateful that I would be getting my degree at 50 years. Now this!!

Very disappointed in this schools who take advantage of people who of ignorant to all the facts. They should be fined by the Department of Education... and forced to close their doors. I understand making a profit for at whose expense. Me just trying to make it by earning a degree so I can acquire a better job to take care of myself and not be homeless and living with my parents at 50! Yes 50!

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Original review: March 29, 2017

I inquired about their Master's degree program and let them know very clearly I was only calling to get information about how their program works and that I was just beginning to look at schools. I was put through to an advisor who sent me the information and asked if I would like to put my free application through to see if I would qualify. I thought it couldn't hurt. As I was filling the application out and the advisor was spacing out when I asked questions and at one point was even laughing at herself because she "thought of something that would be funny"'. After that she said she would call me the next day at 6:15pm. No call. At 9:45pm she asked if she could call. I said I had to get up early so just email me from now on.

She called 4 times in one hour the next day, and another 4 times the next day and sent several emails that I needed to get stuff done. If that wasn't harassing enough, she emailed me with the subject line "how come I can't reach you". That doesn't sound like a master's educated person first off. I then explained myself again that I was just starting to look at schools and that I would contact her with my decision. She then claimed I signed some agreement that I would start classes the next day. I said there was no way I was doing that and I was no longer interested in attending Ashford if they bully people into signing up.

She suddenly turned apologetic and said "go ahead and research other schools and let me know. Do you see any you like more?" I did not respond and got another phone call the next day! Very unprofessional! They bully you into taking classes by making you believe you've signed up for classes you did not and that you will get in "trouble" if you don't. Never give them a second look!

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Original review: March 22, 2017

I am currently a student at Ashford University and have been attending this school since January 17th of 2017. This is the very first time that I have attended school for as long as I have and have yet to receive any financial aid. According to them my financial aid was disbursed on March 21st two months prior to my enrollment, and yet to receive my stipend. When I called and asked about the information prior to the disbursement date I was giving a total of what I could expect today. When I called back they tell me they can't give me that information due to it may change or not be approved for it. I'm just confused with the whole deal as to how they are handling things with my financial aid at this point.

I feel like I've signed up and giving them information. They've taken out the loans subsidized and unsubsidized and received my pell and hung me out dry being forced to continue on as the classes have been paid for. What's the review for? The classes have been paid for yet the excess funds has to be approved. It's a bunch of BS. The representative asked my name and birthday twice and read over notes. I know that's what she had to be doing as she gasp and paused for 2 or minutes never putting me on hold. She started out bluntly giving me information "okay this is what I have" then said "how may I help you". I know all online schools can't be like this yet this school has put a really bitter taste in my mouth.

I hate now that I've tied my aid up with them as I plan to attend a traditional campus. My enrollment advisor Maggie was outstanding and my student advisor Nadia was very helpful but financial aid has been a runaround from day one. Please take heed to the warning anybody that is reading this. This school is a headache when it comes to your financial aid. They are going to give you a runaround. It has been 3 months and I have yet to receive anything. I have never in my life experienced such unprofessionalism. I was told the amount as I stated earlier of what I could expect when it comes to my refund. Now that my funds have been accepted and their fees have been paid they can't even give me a balance as it was due to me. Really?

Something is not right about this school guys. The class is a great. I've had a great time with my instructors and I really want to proceed forward and I will with the classes that have been paid for. But anything that they feel that's going to impact my 2017-2018 will not happen because I am unsatisfied with how they do things. At a traditional school you go to school 30 days after you receive your funds and that's only if you are new student. If you are recurrent student and you would send it this semester. Before 2 weeks after classes are in session you have your money. I just don't understand how they do things here. I just don't. I've asked questions on top of questions and get everything gets an answer or it's half-** answered or is something to satisfy me for the moment.

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Original review: March 21, 2017

This school is completely ridiculous. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR TIME OR MONEY! I completely agree with all the other negative reviews. It's impossible to get a straight answer out of anyone there. You can call five times and get 100 different answers to the same questions. They lie about tuition, it costs a lot more than what the lady originally told me when I enrolled. They keep putting holds on my account stating I owe them thousands of dollars, which is continually pushing back my graduation date. I'm to the point that I'm done with this school and don't care how much inconvenience it causes because I'm planning to transfer! Not only have they taken out thousands in a Parent PLUS loan I'll have to pay back, they keep taking more and more out of my personal financial aide and still telling me I owe them 7k!

I'm still enrolled in this slop fest and I have nothing but negative things to say about all the staff, the financial aid department, and the lack of training they provide. They clearly need to get it together or BE SHUT DOWN!!! Because holy cow this is the worst school I have ever ever ever had to deal with!!! The amount of stress they have caused me and I'm sure most everyone that attends this dump, is ridiculous. Never in my life have I worked with such a disgraceful facility. I am embarrassed to tell people I go to Ashford!!! If you're considering this school, do yourself a favor and move on!!!

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Original review: Feb. 21, 2017

I submitted a paper in week three of my next to the last class for my degree and received a B+ on it. During week 6 I questioned the instructor about a grade he gave me. When he responded, he stated he corrected his mistake. However due to the fact that I questioned him on it, he was turning in the paper I received a B+ on in week 3 for plagiarism. I questioned him as to why and he claimed that while I reported a 5% likeness from Turn it in, he received a 30% because I failed to put quotations around a paraphrase. I asked why he decided to wait until then to do it and retracted the B+ he awarded me. He did this out of spite.

I was immediately withdrawn from the course and given a F in the course when I initially had a high A. I disputed this, however was told it would not be reversed even though I proved I was in the right and had not plagiarized. I now have to retake the course and it cost me money I do not have. Once I am done with the degree, I will have my attorney pursue a lawsuit.

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