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It started off well, until I took my 1st math course. Because I had taken a college level algebra class they gave me credit for their 1st algebra course, so when I enrolled for the 2nd algebra class they did not program or set that ALEKS math program to the 2nd class and did not explain how it worked. Therefore, I assumed I did not have to take the 1st part of it. Anyway they charged me with the class anyway and I failed it. Now all they had to do was be honest and credit me back my money, let me retake the 2nd part of the math and I would be okay... But no. Even though they can see how confused I was from all the emails I sent to the facilitator and my advisor they still charged me. I'm paying that back now, I only have 22 credits left, and they claim I'm out of money. I wish my experience could have been better.

About 4 or 5 years ago I applied for a course at the Ashford University. A gentleman later called my phone. He asked me to send to him my previous certificates which had three years of University work. He told me that meanwhile he perused my documents I could pay $300 so that when approved I will have less to pay as fees. He went on and promised me that just in case I was not approved my $300 would be refunded. At first I hesitated but after he told me that the school would only hold my money if I signed the promissory note which I would be required to sign after the school evaluated my certificate in order to determine how many credits I was worth, I sent the money.

After a short while the gentleman who I remember vividly as Mr. **, told me that I had no credits from my previous colleges that would be carried forward to Ashford University and I had to enroll for a four year course. I then told him I could not enroll for four years and we parted. After one month I got a bill of $1,200. I called and asked the school how the debt had been arrived at. I was told that it was because I had been enrolled in the school for 4 years. I asked him why and I was not a student at the school.

After another two months the bill went higher to over $2,000 and still I was not at the school. Today the school is still sending bills of $2,106 to me from now and then. The US government should investigate this school. The school is engaged with activities of stealing money from Americans especially those with an accent. This has to be stopped. How can the school charge Americans money for courses they have not attended, even without having signed a promissory note, just because one has sent an application?

I enrolled with Ashford in May of 2011. Since then I have graduated with a BA in Psychology with a Major in Applied Behavior Science. I never had any problems with the instructors or the advisers. After graduating I automatically signed up for their Masters degree program. The only complaint I have is that the courses are really high.

I was currently attending Ashford University online. Started back on September 16, 2014, transfer credits as of June 20th of this year they dropped me saying I ran out of money. When I called up Department of Education Nelnet telling me I owe only 28,413 and look on my student portal for each course that I have taken only 13,400. Something does not add up right. Well I want to sue them for lying to me with only 6 course remaining, social and criminal justices degree. Very confused and upset. 120 credits, only 97.0, my GPA 2.61 - not too bad for a first time college student. Need a lawyer. File a complaint, very unprofessional service reps.

I answered the call from Ashford because I was interested in furthering my education, the advisor got me to the point where she convinced me to sign the e-contract - (it was to obtain transcripts from my other colleges to see what could be credited. I told her I was not sure, she convinced me that is was 100 % no commitment if I decided it was not for me. Later that evening I read up on the complaints of Ashford and was able to print up the e-contract.

I faxed them (according to the contract) not to receive electronic correspondence - informing them that I decided that I would not be attending Ashford so that they could not hit me up with a technology fee. And this was done the very next morning - I even sent the faxed letter with proof of the confirmation of fax, certified return receipt. That was delivered yesterday. Yet I am still receiving e-mails - I have called and left messages as well. I am afraid to open e-mails from Ashford in fear that they would say that by opening e-mails - I was acknowledging their correspondence and I haven't even signed in. I contacted 7 on your side. I don't know what horror to expect from this deceiving recruiting - I have been sent a student ID as if I never contacted them. What did I get into, I just want out! I was only trying to get information! I am not sure if I need to hire an attorney.

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To begin I was a skeptic with online school and I was right. I did 1 month of a class and 2 weeks of another = 6 weeks of school. My bill is over $4,000. Over $3000 is to Ashford and the other $1000 is to financial aid... Why Ashford lost very vital documents and the feds did not get the documents? So now I owe them $1000 too. Ashford never takes responsibility. All the help on the phone is nonchalant and no help. Now I need to file a claim

Oh Ashford. I am on the fence with Ashford. It seems they need to tighten up controls, cross train and adjust their ridiculous requirements. I know 4 people who graduated from this school. I went to UOP initially for 2 1/2 years. Never had a huge issue. My biggest issue here is financial aid which seems to be everyone's issue. I never had an issue getting a stipend and most issues I have read simply takes for the person complaining to handle their business. Know what you're signing and what you have not signed. Ask the right questions. Become e-mail savvy and e-mail 8 people at once, randomly and I guarantee someone will call you.

Threaten to catch hold of the Dean. Threaten to file lawsuits. This WORKS, I did it. No problems since. With that some of the teachers really don't give a ** and some are there for a check and some really care. In other words expecting traditional University quality within a online University that has not been around half as long. Ashford is working out their kinks, for real.

I've been going to Ashford for 8 months. Everything was going fine until my 6th class. I am A B student. My average is 3.68. I've been accused of plagiarism. I did not plagiarize anything. These people after all money. They make you pay a thousand and something a class. If you're Disabled Student they treat you like garbage. Don't attend this sorry excuse for a School. Forbes School of garbage that's what it should be called.

I have two bachelors degrees from Ashford and they will not release the transcripts for either. The first one is in Education Studies and is paid in full. The second is in Criminal Justice and I owe a balance on that one. I can understand them holding the Criminal Justice transcript until fully paid for, but what gives them the right to hold the transcripts of a fully paid degree such as the Education Studies?! I am trying to get a better job to pay off some bills and it would be a great benefit to have my transcripts available to show I do have a degree.

I have been a student at Ashford University for over two years now, and I have nothing but good things to say about this school. The instructors have been fantastic! They have always answered my emails in a prompt manner and have been very professional each time. When calling into the school, I have had to leave messages, which were returned within 24 hours. My student loans have always come in on time, and I have always received my stipend in the time frame in which I was instructed. The course work is very educational and makes me think 'outside the box'. I graduate in less than a year and am seriously considering continuing my education with Ashford. I have read a lot of negative comments about this school, however, from my experience, I am giving Ashford five stars and would gladly recommend this school to my friends.

I had applied to Ashford and filled out FAFSA. Once I was done I was told I needed to enroll before getting my financial aid award and for them to look at my transcripts. They constantly told me the same thing and was pushing me to start earlier than I wanted. After the complicated process of applying and dealing with the advisors who gave me the runaround, I decided not use this college for my online bachelor's degree.

I have been a student at Ashford online for three and a half years with four classes to go, all of sudden they stopped me from going to school and put a hold on my transcript. The reason was they stated is because I owed three and a half years of tuition fees. That's right they notified me after three and a half years I owed tuition fees. They did not ever notify anytime along the way, not once no email no phone call no letter of any sort telling me there were fees associated with my account. The VA pays for me classes, none of the financial records show a deficit on my account. My GPA 3.15 that's not spectacular but it shows I've been a willing participant.

Ashford University is the worse online school in the history of online schools. After filing a grievance everyone that has called me is just trying to get the money not acknowledging any wrong doing on Ashford's part, they are not trying to mitigate the situation. Here's all they have to do, admit it was a mix-up, put me on a payment plan for the lousy 3,000 dollars and allow me to finish, but no they just want the money before I can go further. No regard for my past performance and dedication. I'm done. They can keep the degree and all the money spent.

I went to Ashford for over a year. They have no communication in their school at all. They put me in a class that I was suppose to be in after I take the two classes before it. They cheated me out of that class, they have charged me for a class that I knew nothing of. This school has no one above the financial aid offices and that I was told I was going to get my Stipend in May then came July they say I am not going to get it. They took it. This school is a complete rip off. They do not communicate with you at all and do not put notes in your files so that it will be there when the other offices check on something you need. The counselors or advisors are not there to help you.

To begin, I live in Mississippi. I enrolled in Ashford University online classes pursuing a master of science degree in Healthcare Administration. I failed a course and the university is charging me for the course which I assumed was taken from my student loan account, but it was not. The financial aid office had me to sign for a school loan and I received a disbursement. Because of that, my transcript is on hold and I am unable to register for class. And not only that, I have been charged excessive fees for room/board, transportation, book fees, and other personal expense and I lived off campus. As stated above, I live in Mississippi - there is no way I can travel to the university's campus daily and there are no records that prove that I lived on the university campus. I am pursuing legal help with the matter.

I have been attending this class for almost 10 weeks and have been getting a runaround. I been told they got all the documents and now thru the advisor they are saying they need more information. I want to know if this school is real or a scheme.

So I applied to attend Ashford this year in May. I was approved, went thru the enrollment process, everything. They even convinced me to start sooner. Then I entered, got me caught up on this "3 weeks try out no obligation if you decide you don't want to attend" because they won't file your financial aid until after 3 weeks. I come into some difficult road blocks with my financial aid so I know how to fill out different forms to explain my unusual enrollment. No problem. They tell me "It's no big deal. You just need transcripts from the schools listed and if you can't fill out this for just to explain why you couldn't obtain these documents or did not or were not able to receive credit for attending these school."

I explain one school is bought out, 2 - I withdrew but one is no long around and was shutdown. I withdrew because I was having issues with a babysitter for my daughter who I now only & as of June the first school I completed but it was bought out so it was difficult to obtain. I sent articles stating they're no longer up and running, letters from FAFSA saying I will get financial forgiveness because it was shut down due to legal issues and whatever else to show and explain I can't give them the transcripts. I was able to get one and struggling still for the other two. They say "it's cool. Send in what you got, we'll check and make sure it looks good and if so send it to be review and approved."

They denied me and said they need more physical proof to explain why I'm having trouble to obtain these records and they need more proof of why it was so hard to finish school. How do you prove financial hardship and child care. I'm a single mother who is 26 and can only do so much and then it's for years in the past not now which makes sense as to why I want to do online classes right? But because I was denied due to no transcripts and they told me I needed to just submit these form and move forward. I am now not able to receive final aid till next year no matter where I go because I was denied.

They could have stopped me and warned me and advised me to "Let's wait get these forms then turn them in" even if I have to continue on in class a little later so I wouldn't be denied I would have appreciated. But now because of their misleading advice and making it seem like it was crucial if I didn't do it because I was already in class doing the 3 week thing they told me about I'm now unable to attend school for a year...unless I pay for it in cash and unfortunately I can't afford to do that. So I'm just screwed and a year of my life I should be in school has just been wasted! Ashford was the worst thing I could have done.

The school has nothing organized. They tell you that you've turned everything in, they turn around and say they are missing some random thing they did not ask for in the beginning. I am still going there because I want to finish my degree. Another thing is, my advisor told me not to order any books till they get my credits from my other school, so I listened. I did not order any books and now that the class has started I do not have the book for it.

Enrolled in January but working with an enrollment counselor well before then. Transferring in with an associates degree plus many additional credits that will apply towards the bachelors with Ashford. This degree is part of an "articulation" agreement with this school and the other credits are showing as an equivalent. I have taken their introductory course, and had to fight with them that I don't need the general education courses, but only the degree specific ones. Anyway, I could only take 2 as the rest have prerequisites. I love the fact I cannot read anything about the courses, when they are available etc. Right now, I am on an academic leave while they review my transcripts. It is May 11th and my first class was in January! They have had the information all this time, and I have told them several times I will be out of classes to take soon. This has to be some kind of scam.

I am a single mother of three children which was recently separated from my husband which lead me to pursue a degree so I come obtain a job that could support my children and I. I applied with Ashford University in 2011 for an AA in Business Administration and was told that I would be able to work in any corporate office. Any long story short, I completed my associates program but failed a couple of classes that I had to make up (of course), they charged me out of pocket for the failed classes although I applied and was approved for grants and loans that paid for the classes.

Because I do not have my degree in hand, I cannot get a job. Ashford says I owe them $1800 and that is on top of the loans I cannot pay back because I cannot get a job to afford all of the expenses! I know now that I would have been better off not even attending college because I am worse off now than I was before I started. I have read all types of negative reviews on Ashford and wish they would get shut down and our debts reimbursed.

I was very disappointed when I attended Ashford University from January 2015 until June 2015. I was very satisfied with the courses in the beginning, until I had two professor, who was very dishonest, and misleading, along with an academic advisor. Hello. My problems began with this class during Week 1. I sent an e-mail to the instructor stating that my father was in the intensive care unit during the first week of class, and that I would not be able to turn in any assignments due to everything that I was going through, since I am his primary care giver. The professor stated via e-mail that it would be okay. However, when I checked my grades, she gave me zeros, for the discussion questions. I immediately contacted the professor, and she stated, that although she would give me credit for the questions, she only agreed to week 1 assignment, which is not true.

Incident #2. I enrolled in school online for the convenience to participate at my convenience. Furthermore, I received a phone call during my first class with Ashford from my academic advisor, which he informed me that I could participate during any day of the week for the class. However, this instructor informed me via e-mail that I could only participate in class after the discussion questions were posted, which is not fair. This is my second degree from Ashford and up until this professor I have never had an issue with my work or my grades. The professor also listed dates that I read my fellow students post, which did happen as an attempt to respond to my classmates. She then implied via e-mail that I read their responses so that I could cheat.

Incident #3. I spoke to my Academic Advisor about the situation, and he told me that the professor can determine the days of participation. However, that was not explained to me before, or after enrolling in school. He was very upset, and began to argue with me and stated, "Although you may have experience in the field of education, you don't know anything about how higher education works!" During week 2, I wrote a paper which had similar ideas to another paper that I wrote which explained my ideas, and experiences at a particular job. This teacher accused me of plagiarizing, which is not true and she gave me a zero. I told the teacher via-email that the papers may be similar in ideas because of the same experiences that I have had. Meanwhile my father is dying, which I explained to the teacher and my academic advisor.

I spoke to my advisor and told him that this teacher is being unreasonable with the participation because my dad is dying. I explained to my advisor that what she is doing pertaining to limiting my participation to only Thursday, or when I post my questions is not right and he stated the professor can make any adjustments to the participation requirement, syllabus or schedule at any time. I tried to drop this class in week two, but instead of my advisor telling me possible good solutions, he consistently and rudely stated, "you only have two choices, withdraw from the class or finish it. The professor is still going to get paid." I explained to this advisor that there has to be a way to assist me but he only stated, "filing this claim was the only way."

During week 4 I received zeros for the discussion questions. Although the questions were submitted late, I have been submitting the questions late before, and was given credit. Then she gave me only half credit for submitting a perfectly good paper, but the heading was not correctly done. Did she really have to give me 3.5 out of 7?

Week 5. Again, I am being accused of submitting a paper that is plagiarized. I wrote this paper, and these are my ideas. Furthermore, for the summarized material, I cited my information. I am very disappointed with this class, and the professor, and I need assistance. I even told the professor that I basically failed this class, and she told me to not give up and that she sees that I am trying. However, she consistently creates inconsistency with her course.

Furthermore I have reached out to the course mates to receive feedback pertaining to whether or not they received half of a grade for an incorrect heading, have consistently been accused of plagiarizing, and if the professor have written them to instruct them that participation can only take place after the student has made his or her post? I believe that I am facing retaliation, as a result of consistently addressing the professor pertaining to her errors. Furthermore, in both cases of this alleged plagiarism she stated, she would have reported it but she did not, because she was going to let me off the hook. Therefore, I told the teacher to provide proof. However, she attempted to but those are my ideas, and I cited properly for the summarizing.

Week 6. I received a zero on a submitted paper again, stating the paper lacked substance. I wrote the professor an e-mail asking for an explanation, and I also told her that she has been displaying signs of retaliation since week 1's incident. Not to my surprise the professor decides weeks after these plagiarizing accusations to submit the incidents to the proper department. However, the department placed in the last paragraph of the email, that week II was not considered plagiarizing. However, I still received a failing grade, and my grade appeal was denied. Furthermore, Ashford placed a hold on my account.

To begin, I live in Mississippi. I enrolled in Ashford University online classes pursuing a bachelor degree in Behavioral Science. I failed a course and the university charged me 2,281.00 for the course which I assumed was taken from my loan account, but it was not. The university's financial department wanted me to sign for a school loan after the fact, but I would not. Because of that, my transcript is on hold and I cannot register for class.

And not only that, I have been charged excessive fees for room/board, transportation, book fees, and other personal expense and I lived off campus. As stated above, I live in Mississippi - there is no way I can travel to the university's campus daily and there are no records that prove that I lived on the university campus. I am pursuing legal help with the matter. If there are others who have been wrong by the university financial department file a complaint with the university grievance department and pursue legal assistance if you can.

I am within my first week of my first class. After completing exo 100 I was told all my documents had been taken care of and that my financial aid, which I knew was 1500 after transferring, would cover everything. I downloaded the pamphlet that showed me that credit cost was 483 per credit and 50 per book plus 150 technology fee. I have 59 credits to transfer from ccp college and it only takes 162 to graduate with a BA in early childhood. So after 6 weeks, not only have my transcripts not been revised, but I receive call telling me that I OWE 3000 and that if it's not paid by my fourth class I will be kicked out and still have to pay the 3000.

Called financial aid and my old college to confirm that my funds should cover everything. Then called every department in Ashford to explain how much my award was and to question why my transcripts had not been reviewed. She tells they received my transcripts 3 weeks ago, but it takes up to 8 weeks to review. **! I am going to get a hold of a lawyer and the news. Something's not right about this college and they need to be shut down.

I'm thinking about contacting the news about this school and making sure it becomes worldwide. There is something very fishy with this institution. My daughter is about to graduate and she received a subsidized and unsubsidized loan. She never received any money from these two loans. They claim her 4 classes cost $6,000. She has a graduation fee however they are claiming she has to pay for it out of pocket which is $150. I graduated twice and my funds paid for all my graduation fees.

They also claim she owes them $300 on top of this. Last year at my institution there were students who left Ashford to come to my college. Now it makes sense. They claim if she quits they will not release her transcripts to go to another school. With all the reviews I have seen someone needs to do something about this. I am going to reach out to as many as I can including the Networks. People need to stop being silent. This has gone on too long. Look at the reviews, they say a lot!!!

I seldom provide input on this type of forum however, reading the review about Ashford University just make my blood boil. Ashford is an excellent school, Graduation in May 2015 with dual degrees in Organizational Management and Public Relations Marketing was something I never thought possible. The educational requirement involves self-motivation and individual action. The limitations of an online education prevent traditional classroom interaction however; there are plenty of opportunities to interact with other students through discussion boards, email and countless training and support webinars. Every administrative person I have connected with has been helpful and willing to provide guidance. It seems most complaints about the school involve some kind of student aid or finance issue created by the student. If you want to learn and put in the work, Ashford University offers a wide variety of degree programs.

I wanted to try online college and Ashford was the worst! My college counselor called me a coward for not wanting to pursue any courses, and he was the most unprofessional college counselor I had ever met. He was pushy, mean, snotty and treated me like a stupid child. I called his manager to complain and he took me off the list. This was the year 2013 and Ashford University is beyond horrible! I rate the college -5 out of a positive 5!

Back in January of the present year 2015, I got enrolled to Ashford University. When I apply to financial aid I spoke to one of the representatives and he asked for all the documents that are required to apply for financial aid. I'm a single mother who wanted to achieve my degree. Back in May all of the sudden I couldn't log in to take my class. I called my advisor and find out why I couldn't logged in to take my class. He told me that they had to stopped my class because financial aid didn't kicked in so I asked him "what do I need to send" and "why financial aid department didn't contacted me to let me know what was going on". So he suggested me to call financial aid to asked what was the problem.

I called and they asked for the same documents that I had send it before I resend them. Apparently they misplaced my documents and I thought everything was ok. But still they told me that I had to wait for the next class to start again. I couldn't go back to school, its my daughter last year of high school and I decided to wait for her to graduate in order for me to go back to college. From financial aid never, never, ever called me to let me know that they needed more information about my income.

I never received a call from Ashford saying that they need more information nor send me a statement. I just received from a collection department a letter with the amount of $4,965.00. Am a single mother trying to have a decent life with my daughter, and by me receiving this notice was shocking and extremely upsetting. I can't believe that they have done such thing instead of contacted me and telling me what was going on. I was declare with cancer and I wanted to buy a used car to my daughter as a gift of graduation. In the dealer they saw that amount of collection and they deny it.

Am so devastated and sad because like I said am a single mother I don't know how long am going to live and at least a used car for my girl would of be a great satisfaction for me to give her. But thanks to Ashford financial aid dep. that won't be possible. I regret so much getting involved with this school. I should of never, never, never shouldn't have enrolled there. Know they won't help and they are asking me to pay those 5,000 dollars. I really dislike this school and I will not recommend this school to no one.

They made it easy to get in. They called me the moment I placed my application. This school is on top of things. My adviser is savvy and smart and mentors me to make firm choices. Just being able to talk to someone has helped me work out a lot of issues. I would recommend this school to anyone serious about making money and wanting to live the good life.

I study entrepreneurship. I want to prepare and plan for my future by opening up new healthier spots to eat and get fit. I think we have enough gyms. I love Life Time Fitness but I like to see chain stores of Juice and Smoothie Shops. Too much junk food out here, so we have to clean it up and put something fresh out there. It's a good idea because people are willing to get healthy. We need to be eating more fruits and vegetables. Anyways, if you go to this school ask for John **, he will lead you down the right path. I am destined to great things. Time is ticking, so you better get winning. Get in this school and dream about what you need to do next. No school is going to guarantee you success, that comes from within.

I am a cash paying student. You would think when you pay over $1300 a month, that the online ledgers, invoicing, and home page showing what you owe would be correct. Gosh, they need to take their own accounting and business classes how this works. NO INTEGRITY. What would you do when you receive an invoice for $1385 for your next class? You pay it and it says $0 balance. The home page says $0 balance. Yet, you receive a call that you owe $50 or you are going to be dropped out of the class. But the balance on everything is $0. How many students do they call and harass asking for more money? Where is the invoice? Why does it say $0 everywhere. Why when I read my account ledger, it says my last months' payment was in Academic year 1 when I am in my 2nd year? It is a mess? Where is this money going? How many students do they call asking for money, with no justification? The brick and mortar Ashford University closed.

The increases since I started in Oct. 2013 have almost gone up by 60%. This institution is in trouble and desperate. I have tried to respond multiple times to explain I paid my balance. I was told a supervisor would call me. No supervisor called me. They went home, meaning "we really don't care". I guess they prefer to wait until you are working during the middle of the day, hope you don't answer and then pull you out of your class?? When I spoke to the last rep, she said "It's only $50" with a snotty tone. Really? There is a bigger picture here - this institution's integrity.

I know they don't get a lot of cash paying students and survive off of the government. They don't know how to treat a cash paying student I guess. I am almost ready to graduate, and have sucked it up with this university and its outdated material and poor technology - which I have many examples. I am a professional business woman and through my classes I can tell you this institution will not survive. There are many other options out there. STAY AWAY FROM ASHFORD UNIVERSITY.

Personal Background. I completed about 60 units at the community college level and transferred in 55 units with ease. Here is a list of the units I was able to transfer in: Cultural & Aesthetic Awareness Mus 105 Music Fund 3.00 3.00 Transferred. Diversity Awareness Span 101 Elem Spanish 5.00 5.00 Transferred. History Hist 101 Am Hist-Cons 3.00 3.00 Transferred. Political Science Pol 101 Am Pol-Inst 3.00 3.00 Transferred. Communication I Engl 100 Freshman Composition 3.00 3.00 Transferred. Communication III Spch 100 Fund Oral Co 3.00 3.00 Transferred. Critical Thinking Phil 103 Critical Thinking/Philosophy 3.00 3.00 Transferred. Mathematical Math 80 Intermediate Algebra 4.00 4.00 Transferred. Eco 203 Econ 201 Macroeconomics 3.00 3.00 Transferred. Elective Engl 52 Intro College Composition 3.00 3.00 Transferred. Elective Geog 101 Phys Geog 3.00 3.00 Transferred.

Elective Hed 100 Cont Hlth Pr 3.00 3.00 Transferred. Elective Math 180 Pre-Calculus 5.00 5.00 Transferred. Elective Math 190 Sgl Var Calc/Anlyt Geometry I 5.00 5.00 Transferred. Elective Math 60 El Algebra 4.00 4.00 Transferred. Elective Psyc 101 General Introductory Psyc 3.00 3.00 Transferred. Tuition savings transferred in: $19,824. Fees saved (book + technology): $2,160. Total: $21,984

Beginning Educational Experience w/ Pre Req's: Ashford has 3 mandatory classes that are a part of any educational degree, applicable or not to what you transfer in. They are: Computer Literacy 3.00 3.00 Complete A. Psy 202r Psy 202 Adult Development & Life Assessment 3.00 3.00 Complete B. Gen 499 Gen 499 General Education Capstone 3.00 3.00 Complete B+. I was kind of frustrated that I had to take these courses, for personal reasons. I do not want to let my personal reasons affect your decision to attend this school, but they are apart of their program. I am sure that other school's might have theirs as well. However, the course material and assignments were very basic in terms of difficulty, applicability, and personal enjoyment. I am also unsure how they actually apply in terms of knowledge to the BA program. Tuition cost: $3,317. Fees (technology/book): $405. Total: $3,722.

Class structure: The classes are broken down into 5 week courses. For the sake of argument, this is beautiful. I came from long compounded semesters with multiple classes, so having the ability to study one subject all the way through without breaks is great. Week 1. Post Introduction: This is a meet & greet with your classmates. You give a very brief bio and have to respond to 3 of your classmates on the first day for 0.5 points.

Discussion 1 & 2: This post is required to be a minimum of 250 words with at least one reference from the course book. The points for each post is 3% or 3 points of your overall grade and are due by Thursday; the class starts on Monday's. Here are more details on how you are graded, based on a comment I got from a teacher: "You explained the change process you wanted to discuss. You detailed your views on the change methodology in question. You provided some good examples to illustrate your points. This was a very thorough and detailed explanation, well done. You provided some detailed responses explaining your position. This was well done. You provided some good examples to support your assertions." Every week there are two discussion post due, so in total you have 10 discussion posts which is roughly 30% of your grade; 10 discussion posts x 3% points = 30%.

Week 3. Along with the two discussion post there will be an additional assignment due. The assignment is a 3-6 page paper on a subject related to the first half of the book. Here's an example from Macroeconomics ECO 204: "You have been hired by Nobody State University (NSU) as a consultant to help the university with how to increase their total revenue. The university has been struggling in recent years, so they have hired you to help them in their last attempt to find an appropriate solution so that the university can survive.

Raise or lower tuition? Suppose that, in an attempt to raise more revenue, Nobody State University increases its tuition. Assess a raise in tuition and if it will necessarily result in more revenue. Describe the conditions under which revenue will (a) rise, (b) fall, or (c) remain the same. Explain the process of revenue at NSU, focusing on the relationship between the increased revenue from students enrolling at NSU despite the higher tuition and the lost revenue from possible lower enrollment. If the true price elasticity were (-1.2), discuss what you would suggest the university do to expand revenue. Using what you have learned in this course, explain how you would resolve this problem if you were the President of NSU.

In a three- to five-page paper (not including title and reference pages), provide subheadings or separate paragraphs for each of the questions listed to help focus your paper for the executives that have requested it. Support your paper with at least two academic sources from the Ashford Library. You are required to format you paper according to APA style guidelines."

And here is how you will be graded: (2 / 2) Assess a Raise in Tuition and If It Will Result in More Revenue. Distinguished - Provides a thorough assessment of raising tuition and if it will result in more revenue. (1.76 / 2) Describes the Conditions Under Which Revenue will Rise, Fall, or Remain the Same. Proficient - Clearly describes the conditions under which revenue will rise, fall, or remain the same ,this part had to mention elasticities and should be related to the elasticity given in the scenario. (1.76 / 2) Explains the Process of Revenue at NSU. Proficient - Mostly explains the process of increased revenue from students enrolling at NSU and lost revenue from lower enrollment.

(1.52 / 2) Discusses Suggestions to Expand Revenue. Basic - Partially discusses suggestions for the university to expand revenue, somewhat demonstrating the relationship between the price elasticity and revenue. Resolutions suggested had to be mindful of the elasticity situation. (0.76 / 1) Explains How to Resolve the Problem. Basic - Somewhat explains how to resolve the problem using what has been learned in this class. There are several ways to help with the issue, but at all times, you had to mindful that a tuition increase, with this elasticity, is a wrong choice. (0.7 / 0.8) Critical Thinking: Explanation of Issues. Proficient - Clearly explains in detail the issue to be considered, delivering enough relevant information for an adequate understanding.

(0.44 / 0.5) Written Communication: Content Development. Proficient - Uses appropriate and pertinent content to discover ideas within the context of the discipline, shaping the work as a whole. (0.5 / 0.5) Written Communication: Context of and Purpose for Writing. Distinguished - Demonstrates methodical application of organization and presentation of content. The purpose of the writing is evident and easy to understand. Summaries, quotes, and/or paraphrases fit naturally into the sentences and paragraphs. Paper flows smoothly. (0.3 / 0.3) Written Communication: Control of Syntax and Mechanics. Distinguished - Displays meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. Written work contains no errors, and is very easy to understand.

(0.3 / 0.3) Written Communication: APA Formatting. Distinguished - Accurately uses APA formatting consistently throughout the paper, title page, and reference page. (0.3 / 0.3) Written Communication: Page Requirement. Distinguished - The paper meets the specific page requirement stipulated in the assignment description. (0.3 / 0.3) Written Communication: Resource Requirement.

Week 4. Usually continues back to normal, 2 discussion post and a quiz. Week 5. Discussion posts are due but your final paper is due. This is about 30% of your total grade and weighs verily heavily on your understanding of the course material as well as your ability to gather sufficient and proficient reference material from the library. The more papers I have done, the better I have become at using the library. The more references you use, along with your ability to format the use of them in APA format in the paper, the higher your grade will be. The minimum requirement is usually 5-8, but I typically use about 20. Like I said, it sounds difficult, but I can usually knock out a 10 page paper in 2 to 3 days, or about 10 hours, for a 98% or better.

Teacher interaction: I rarely contact the teacher for any advice or questions. The format of the assignments is pretty straight forward and after about 4 classes you should have the hang of things. This is probably the biggest personal issue that people have with this school, based on the reviews that I have read. I can speak from experience as I have completed over 60 units at the community college level, that the ability for any teacher to actually teach and be great at doing it, is a hit and miss. It does not matter if they have a PhD, or two masters, or have been teaching for 50 years.

Also, the only exception in my entire educational career, at 90 units, where I have needed a real personal touch from a teacher to put in the time and meet me more than halfway in terms of help and explanations, was for my trigonometry, pre-cal, and calculus classes. Each time I had to make appointments, have my questions ready, and put in a significant amount of work in order to pass. So, unless you engage a teacher for yourself, you are going to be treated like an adult without having your hand held and assumed to be in charge of things; like understanding the material.

Student interaction: This is my biggest personal issue. Along with your two discussion posts that are due each week, you are also required to respond to two of your classmates posts, for a total of four responses. The minimum word requirement is 150 words with at least one reference from the book and you have to write more than I agree/disagree with you. My issue is that most, about 95%, hardly put in the effort to give you a college worthy response. It's horrible. I put in a tremendous amount of effort into all my responses and rarely do I get good feedback. The responses are only 1%, so you can literally put in a piss poor effort and still get .5%, which must explain the laziness. I have made suggestions to the faculty at Ashford to up the word requirements to 250, have them due sooner, and weight the points heavier, but we'll see. Other than that, you are literally on your own.

Scheduling breakdown for each 5 week course: Two discussion posts: due Thursday, 250 word minimum, one reference and two paragraphs minimum. Four responses: due Monday and 150 word minimum requirement. Quizzes: due Monday, anywhere from 5-25 multiple-choice questions, and usually every week. Assignment 1: due Monday, 3-6 pages, 3-5 references, APA format. Assignment 2: due Monday, 8-15 pages, 5-8 references, APA format. Each week covers two chapters from the book as well as any assigned readings and videos.

Grading: Is pretty consistent across all the courses I have encountered. However, personally I am still unsure of a couple of things. It may sound weird but here me out. I put in a tremendous amount of work into my homework/assignments/papers, etc. I usually go above and beyond the minimum, only because this school is expensive and I want to get out what I put in. Second, I came from an engineering background in my work career, so liberal arts studies come very easy to me. Therefore, it is my perception that this school is easy in terms of difficulty, but, I have been a student for a long time, understand how to read instructions, am a great independent worker, and take my education very seriously, so it is not a knock against the school curriculum, it is only how I perceive it. It may be the other way for somebody else.

Financial Aid: The school is expensive, like I said. It is literally full price, plus some. The U.S. federal government allows x amount of dollars per year to be dispersed to a borrower for a given semester/year, then after that you need to get personal loans. Ashford charges the maximum allowable, plus about $700. So, you will get a call once a year asking for the payment. This might explain why students owe money by the time they graduate. For example: If you did not transfer any units, you are on the hook for about $60,000 in tuition/fees, etc. In addition to that, you will owe about $700 per each year. So, this can add up to $2800+. Hence, why you owe money to graduate.

2 cents: I have had zero problems with the school with the aforementioned notes I laid out. This includes grading, teachers, students, departments, etc. I don't cheat on any of my papers, and I am religiously meticulous about citing my references, so I don't worry about getting accused of plagiarism. I do have fears about my future career in business after I graduate, so I can't assume that my educational experience at Ashford could be the reason to blame for any shortcomings in potential jobs. Meaning, is Ashford respected when a potential employer sees that my BA was from here and not USC or Notre Dame? Who knows?

If you do decided to study business you will learn one important aspect, this might actually apply to your life as well, and that is that you cannot state that you exist for money. Anu Aga says, "We survive by breathing but we can't say we live to breathe. Likewise, making money is very important for a business to survive, but money alone cannot be the reason for business to exist" (as cited in Epps, 2012, p. 33).

After looking into this school and enrolling, I had to withdraw before even starting class due to a family emergency. I emailed my adviser and spoke on the phone with him. He assured me that it would be taken care of. Guess what, today is the first day of the class and he never withdrew me, and now financial aide office is calling wanting their missing paper work. Mind you I already removed them from my FAFSA so they could not get any of my money... Now no one in the admissions office answer the phone nor call me back... Do NOT waste your time dealing with these people. They are pushy, rude and could care less about how you feel about it. The adviser I had talked to me as if I was a child and had no clue how to do anything... He attempted to walk me through their student portal and by the time he figured out the log in I was half way through all the paper work...

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Founded in 1918 as a women's junior college, Ashford University has certainly grown beyond the mold. They now partner with Forbes in their School of Business and offer a complete range of educational services.

  • Good reputation: In education, reputation is everything, and Ashford University has one to be proud of.
  • Regionally accredited: In 2013, Ashford University earned accreditation from the WSCUC, one of the six regionally accrediting organizations.
  • Online and on-campus: Ashford University has a long established campus in Clinton, IA and a virtual campus available to students worldwide.
  • Transparent tuition: Tuition and fees are clearly posted on their website, so there are no unpleasant surprises after admission.
  • Internal scholarships available: There are several scholarships available through Ashford University for students who qualify.
  • Best for New grads, promotion/job seekers, lifetime learners and full-time workers.

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