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Last updated: March 11, 2018

377 Ashford University Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2017

In 2008 I graduated from Ashford University with my Bachelor's degree. I have tried to get my Master's a couple of times but due to several things happening in my life it has not happened. In November Josh ** called me to get me 'enrolled' in their Master's Degree program. I should have never gotten involved with them again. I have a zero balance. I owe them absolutely nothing at all, however when I withdrew my admittance into their program they then sent me a form saying I had to prove my identity, which I did. I got it notarized and sent it back. They received it and immediately put another hold on my account saying that my FAFSA was flagged.

I have checked the status of my FAFSA and went through the Dept of Ed to check on this stipulation and have found nothing to support Ashford's claim that I have any kind of flag on my FAFSA. They have held my transcripts since November. I need them to get my teaching certificate completed in my new state of residency, yet the university wants to hold transcripts from a degree I already completed and paid for. None of the holds are even about my past degree, they are about a degree and financial aid that I am not even receiving! After doing some research none of the "holds" they have on my account are even relevant holds to keep my transcripts. My advice... Stay far away from Ashford University. They are the absolute worst and your degree will be worthless because you won't ever be able to get your transcripts.

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Original review: Jan. 12, 2017

I started with Ashford University in 2012, I stopped going for health reasons. I continued to receive calls to come back. In one of those calls the re-entry counselor Christie ** stated that as a reminder that since I'm military I receive classes at a lower rate. I told her that's funny because up to this point nobody told me anything about a discount. I have already finished over 10 classes with them. She looks at my account and agrees that they "forgot" to apply the discount and will speak to her manager about backdating my account since they owed me close to $10,000 in overpayments. I waited for her to call me back for a week and then attempted to reach her, I was sent to another person stating Christie no longer is handling my file and she (Krista **) has no idea about what I'm talking about. I explain the conversation and Krista states that they don't have to back date because it was my responsibility to make sure I was given the discount when I enrolled.

Now mind you when all of this was going on I had a 0 balance owing since I had finished my last class and financial aid and my Tribe had paid everything. After I told this new person I was going to report them to the Veterans Administration I magically had a $160.05 balance and my transcripts were locked. I called the collection agency and was told I owe $800. I'm not paying $160 or $800. They knew I was military since I'm on the honor society for Veterans called SALUTE and they requested my DD214 from day one. I have since called the Attorney General to make a formal complaint. I have several emails showing proof that they knew they owed me money and the email stating they weren't going to pay it. I am a Veteran that served 6 years in the Marine Corps as Military Police and I currently work at the Department of Veteran Affairs as a Police Officer. I deserve to be paid back the money owed to me and my transcripts off hold status.

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Original review: Dec. 24, 2016

I am one of the few who will be graduating from Ashford in January 2017. This will be my second Master's degree from Ashford, to my embarrassment. I wish I had never gotten involved with the school. You cannot get a straight answer from anyone, that is if you can get someone on the phone. I have used student aid (loans) to pay for these "degrees" and am due a stipend which I use to supplement my income so I can attend full time. Each semester they have taken longer and longer to release my stipend. It is due to me sometime this month, although I do not know if I will see the money before I graduate. It does not make sense to me that they are able to hold loans so long without releasing your own money to you. So much for supplementing my income.

When it came to my last two or three classes, I decided I wanted to change my major. My adviser flat refused due to the limited availability of classes. There have been only four people in each of my last three classes. There was a two week forced waiting period between the last two classes, which delayed my graduation by a month. Apparently no one else had any interest in completing these classes either once they got an idea of how poor they were, during which I was forced to apply for a leave of absence or be dropped from the program. Once you get involved with them, they tie up your finances, give you the runaround or worse and are just plain rude when they respond, if they bother.

I deeply regret my choice to use Ashford. I have learned nothing truly useful that I did not teach myself. I have a 3.96 GPA at this point and a 4.0 from my last degree so the problem is not due to my lack of ability or dedication. I thought this would open doors for me and it has been a complete waste of time and a huge amount of money. They make sure to cover themselves at your expense whether it is through class enrollment, I have had to fight them on several occasions for enrolling me in classes I did not want or request to take, or the financial aid. This program is the biggest scam I haven ever fallen prey to. I am searching for other methods to express my utter disappointment as they truly do not care. I hope someone reads this and moves along to another university that can offer them something of value for their hard work.

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Original review: Nov. 18, 2016

Not only is this 'institution' a complete waste of time and money but they are all complete morons. The dropout county is so high because these people literally don't care how hard you work and have a bunch of small print of rules that are absolutely ridiculous. The instructors don't care about you or if you graduate, which no one ever does. For the price you could be at a real school actually learning something instead of wasting away here getting bothered 30 times a day with their constant bombardment of emails, most which are automated so you can't even respond.

No one answers their phone and the nasty attitudes of the 'advisors' make it clear they couldn't care less if you get kicked out, which will happen if you do all your work and get perfect scores on quizzes. They make nothing clear and most places won't even accept your 'degree' from them, if you're one of the like 2% of people who actually graduate. Don't waste your time and money. It's a school ran by zoo animals. If my advisor got a masters degree you think she'd be sitting on the phone all day begging for students to attend her bullcrap school? Oh wait she got it from Ashford so obviously that's the only place she could get a job. This place is SCAM SCAM SCAM.

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Original review: Nov. 4, 2016

I transferred in to Ashford with an Associate's Degree with honors from a local community college and was also given credit after an evaluation of work and life-related experience. I was told all of my A.A. credits transferred, and so on and so forth. I attended a few years (took breaks here and there) but made my way up to 112 credits, had a 3.93 G.P.A., took a break and then completed another 6 credits, bringing me to the grand total of 118 credits with roughly the same G.P.A. (by the way, never invited to the honors society or anything either).

The last class I needed was a very difficult one for me (I have disabilities and a severe learning disability related to math). I had documentation for disability accommodations, informed them what I needed for this class and was denied, despite the fact I had some accommodations for other classes (direct violation of disability laws), and then the advisor tells me that I was misinformed about my credits that were supposed to have been transferred and that I wasn't 3 credits away from graduation but in fact I need FIFTY??? I told this individual that I enrolled under pretenses that they all transferred and I was granted additional for the experience I have and he advised me I was misinformed.

I told him I am $30,000. I'm debt for this degree and they need to fix it because of I was enrolled under false pretenses, they collected this amount of money under false pretenses, and this is the epitome of the definition of FRAUD... And I know this because my ex-husband has three Masters and a Doctorate from Berkeley in LAW and he specialized in Fraud. Yeah, it still is not fixed either. Unfortunately I am not in touch with the ex-husband and REALLY rather not go there! LOL. This school is SHAAADY. STAY AWAY.

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Original review: Oct. 13, 2016

Literally everything about this "University" sucks. They have no idea what they're doing, and the whole "Advisor" department is as smart as 3 kindergarteners finger painting ducks on a table. I'm pretty sure they all eat glue. Upon finding out that the school is only out for money, the instructors take 3 weeks after an assignment is turned in to grade it, and having to make multiple calls to financial aid to help them figure out my FAFSA and school loans, I withdrew.

Here's a great story for those of you thinking of attending: When I withdrew, they "accidentally" withdrew me one class into my completed semester, rendering my GPA a 2.08 instead of the 3.2 that I would have had. So now, yet again, I am having to help them figure out that they have screwed up. It seems to be their calling card. Any prospective students, go to another school. The school is a bunch of retarded frauds who don't know their butts from a hole in the ground. This school is a joke!!!!

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Original review: Oct. 7, 2016

I am a former military and transfer student from another university. The school was relatively easy to work with regarding enrollment and they accepted my BGSU and former military credits. The credit hours were high but then again so are all traditional universities. The course schedule and availability was great. I merged into an IT program midway through the degree process and encountered few difficulties. Different classes, professors, TAs, etc had different styles just as all major University studies do. Some graded easy, some with all studies, I learned more from the classes that were not a breeze and which challenged me.

Ashford is not a diploma mill, it is a if you want to ace through a program, look somewhere else. What it did provide was an advanced education available to me during my off hours from work. My degree was accepted by OU and I am now completing my Masters with a traditional in-school education part-time--and it's the same degree of challenge (though at a graduate level). It's worth it, it's academic, it's a degree track. Don't give up or blame the school because you are not making all A''s you that should be gaining something. Fail better (as Beckett put it), stumble, try, try harder.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2016

I have had nothing but great experience with Ashford. The staff is so helpful and the professors answer emails quickly. I never had an issue to get into a class or any financial situations. Yes I am in the military and I use TA and therefore never had a problem. My student advisor is such a great help and is always there to walk me through every step of the way. I love that the classes are 5 weeks long and thus I am able to finish my degree in a shorter amount of time. I love that Ashford makes their best effort to accommodate their students.

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Original review: Oct. 1, 2016

I received a call from a Michelle **. She wanted to know why I never completed the enrollment with Ashford last year. I told her that the school was giving me the runaround and I didn't have time for it. She assured me that she would help me and get through the process. I am now in my fifth class and they are still requesting the same documents over and over again. Stating I need to put this or not, I should have did this and that.

Now remind you I have spoken to several people asking them what needs to be filled out and so forth. I tried calling Michelle **, no return call. My advisor stated I couldn't drop out or I would be liable for the courses, but yet they don't know what they're doing. I filled out my FASA and it came back approved along with my loans, but yet they are telling me my paperwork isn't correct. I NEED HELP!!! THEY ARE CROOKS AND NOT TRUSTWORTHY. On top of that, I am in the hospital about to have surgery and my advisor won't call me.

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Original review: Sept. 28, 2016

I attended Ashford University classes online and I was making A's and B's until things began to go sour. There were some assignments I didn't understand. I tried so hard, but the advisor I had wasn't nice, didn't help me at all and didn't allow me a chance to even try and get the assignment correct. So I had to let it go because no matter how hard I tried, I wasn't getting nowhere, and to find out later about the technology fee turned out to be fraud, just really knocked me off of my feet. I was sent a notice stating that I was entitled to a refund but never received it and I still haven't heard anything after all this time. Still waiting. I have a question, has anyone received a refund at all?

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Original review: Sept. 14, 2016

It started off well, until I took my 1st math course. Because I had taken a college level algebra class they gave me credit for their 1st algebra course, so when I enrolled for the 2nd algebra class they did not program or set that ALEKS math program to the 2nd class and did not explain how it worked. Therefore, I assumed I did not have to take the 1st part of it. Anyway they charged me with the class anyway and I failed it. Now all they had to do was be honest and credit me back my money, let me retake the 2nd part of the math and I would be okay... But no. Even though they can see how confused I was from all the emails I sent to the facilitator and my advisor they still charged me. I'm paying that back now, I only have 22 credits left, and they claim I'm out of money. I wish my experience could have been better.

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Original review: Sept. 12, 2016

About 4 or 5 years ago I applied for a course at the Ashford University. A gentleman later called my phone. He asked me to send to him my previous certificates which had three years of University work. He told me that meanwhile he perused my documents I could pay $300 so that when approved I will have less to pay as fees. He went on and promised me that just in case I was not approved my $300 would be refunded. At first I hesitated but after he told me that the school would only hold my money if I signed the promissory note which I would be required to sign after the school evaluated my certificate in order to determine how many credits I was worth, I sent the money.

After a short while the gentleman who I remember vividly as Mr. **, told me that I had no credits from my previous colleges that would be carried forward to Ashford University and I had to enroll for a four year course. I then told him I could not enroll for four years and we parted. After one month I got a bill of $1,200. I called and asked the school how the debt had been arrived at. I was told that it was because I had been enrolled in the school for 4 years. I asked him why and I was not a student at the school.

After another two months the bill went higher to over $2,000 and still I was not at the school. Today the school is still sending bills of $2,106 to me from now and then. The US government should investigate this school. The school is engaged with activities of stealing money from Americans especially those with an accent. This has to be stopped. How can the school charge Americans money for courses they have not attended, even without having signed a promissory note, just because one has sent an application?

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2016

I enrolled with Ashford in May of 2011. Since then I have graduated with a BA in Psychology with a Major in Applied Behavior Science. I never had any problems with the instructors or the advisers. After graduating I automatically signed up for their Masters degree program. The only complaint I have is that the courses are really high.

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Original review: Aug. 19, 2016

I was currently attending Ashford University online. Started back on September 16, 2014, transfer credits as of June 20th of this year they dropped me saying I ran out of money. When I called up Department of Education Nelnet telling me I owe only 28,413 and look on my student portal for each course that I have taken only 13,400. Something does not add up right. Well I want to sue them for lying to me with only 6 course remaining, social and criminal justices degree. Very confused and upset. 120 credits, only 97.0, my GPA 2.61 - not too bad for a first time college student. Need a lawyer. File a complaint, very unprofessional service reps.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2016

I answered the call from Ashford because I was interested in furthering my education, the advisor got me to the point where she convinced me to sign the e-contract - (it was to obtain transcripts from my other colleges to see what could be credited. I told her I was not sure, she convinced me that is was 100 % no commitment if I decided it was not for me. Later that evening I read up on the complaints of Ashford and was able to print up the e-contract.

I faxed them (according to the contract) not to receive electronic correspondence - informing them that I decided that I would not be attending Ashford so that they could not hit me up with a technology fee. And this was done the very next morning - I even sent the faxed letter with proof of the confirmation of fax, certified return receipt. That was delivered yesterday. Yet I am still receiving e-mails - I have called and left messages as well. I am afraid to open e-mails from Ashford in fear that they would say that by opening e-mails - I was acknowledging their correspondence and I haven't even signed in. I contacted 7 on your side. I don't know what horror to expect from this deceiving recruiting - I have been sent a student ID as if I never contacted them. What did I get into, I just want out! I was only trying to get information! I am not sure if I need to hire an attorney.

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2016

To begin I was a skeptic with online school and I was right. I did 1 month of a class and 2 weeks of another = 6 weeks of school. My bill is over $4,000. Over $3000 is to Ashford and the other $1000 is to financial aid... Why Ashford lost very vital documents and the feds did not get the documents? So now I owe them $1000 too. Ashford never takes responsibility. All the help on the phone is nonchalant and no help. Now I need to file a claim

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Original review: Aug. 3, 2016

Oh Ashford. I am on the fence with Ashford. It seems they need to tighten up controls, cross train and adjust their ridiculous requirements. I know 4 people who graduated from this school. I went to UOP initially for 2 1/2 years. Never had a huge issue. My biggest issue here is financial aid which seems to be everyone's issue. I never had an issue getting a stipend and most issues I have read simply takes for the person complaining to handle their business. Know what you're signing and what you have not signed. Ask the right questions. Become e-mail savvy and e-mail 8 people at once, randomly and I guarantee someone will call you.

Threaten to catch hold of the Dean. Threaten to file lawsuits. This WORKS, I did it. No problems since. With that some of the teachers really don't give a ** and some are there for a check and some really care. In other words expecting traditional University quality within a online University that has not been around half as long. Ashford is working out their kinks, for real.

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Original review: Aug. 2, 2016

I've been going to Ashford for 8 months. Everything was going fine until my 6th class. I am A B student. My average is 3.68. I've been accused of plagiarism. I did not plagiarize anything. These people after all money. They make you pay a thousand and something a class. If you're Disabled Student they treat you like garbage. Don't attend this sorry excuse for a School. Forbes School of garbage that's what it should be called.

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2016

I have two bachelors degrees from Ashford and they will not release the transcripts for either. The first one is in Education Studies and is paid in full. The second is in Criminal Justice and I owe a balance on that one. I can understand them holding the Criminal Justice transcript until fully paid for, but what gives them the right to hold the transcripts of a fully paid degree such as the Education Studies?! I am trying to get a better job to pay off some bills and it would be a great benefit to have my transcripts available to show I do have a degree.

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Original review: July 30, 2016

I have been a student at Ashford University for over two years now, and I have nothing but good things to say about this school. The instructors have been fantastic! They have always answered my emails in a prompt manner and have been very professional each time. When calling into the school, I have had to leave messages, which were returned within 24 hours. My student loans have always come in on time, and I have always received my stipend in the time frame in which I was instructed. The course work is very educational and makes me think 'outside the box'. I graduate in less than a year and am seriously considering continuing my education with Ashford. I have read a lot of negative comments about this school, however, from my experience, I am giving Ashford five stars and would gladly recommend this school to my friends.

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Original review: July 27, 2016

I had applied to Ashford and filled out FAFSA. Once I was done I was told I needed to enroll before getting my financial aid award and for them to look at my transcripts. They constantly told me the same thing and was pushing me to start earlier than I wanted. After the complicated process of applying and dealing with the advisors who gave me the runaround, I decided not use this college for my online bachelor's degree.

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Original review: July 22, 2016

I have been a student at Ashford online for three and a half years with four classes to go, all of sudden they stopped me from going to school and put a hold on my transcript. The reason was they stated is because I owed three and a half years of tuition fees. That's right they notified me after three and a half years I owed tuition fees. They did not ever notify anytime along the way, not once no email no phone call no letter of any sort telling me there were fees associated with my account. The VA pays for me classes, none of the financial records show a deficit on my account. My GPA 3.15 that's not spectacular but it shows I've been a willing participant.

Ashford University is the worse online school in the history of online schools. After filing a grievance everyone that has called me is just trying to get the money not acknowledging any wrong doing on Ashford's part, they are not trying to mitigate the situation. Here's all they have to do, admit it was a mix-up, put me on a payment plan for the lousy 3,000 dollars and allow me to finish, but no they just want the money before I can go further. No regard for my past performance and dedication. I'm done. They can keep the degree and all the money spent.

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Original review: July 22, 2016

I went to Ashford for over a year. They have no communication in their school at all. They put me in a class that I was suppose to be in after I take the two classes before it. They cheated me out of that class, they have charged me for a class that I knew nothing of. This school has no one above the financial aid offices and that I was told I was going to get my Stipend in May then came July they say I am not going to get it. They took it. This school is a complete rip off. They do not communicate with you at all and do not put notes in your files so that it will be there when the other offices check on something you need. The counselors or advisors are not there to help you.

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Original review: July 12, 2016

To begin, I live in Mississippi. I enrolled in Ashford University online classes pursuing a master of science degree in Healthcare Administration. I failed a course and the university is charging me for the course which I assumed was taken from my student loan account, but it was not. The financial aid office had me to sign for a school loan and I received a disbursement. Because of that, my transcript is on hold and I am unable to register for class. And not only that, I have been charged excessive fees for room/board, transportation, book fees, and other personal expense and I lived off campus. As stated above, I live in Mississippi - there is no way I can travel to the university's campus daily and there are no records that prove that I lived on the university campus. I am pursuing legal help with the matter.

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Original review: July 7, 2016

I have been attending this class for almost 10 weeks and have been getting a runaround. I been told they got all the documents and now thru the advisor they are saying they need more information. I want to know if this school is real or a scheme.

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Original review: July 6, 2016

So I applied to attend Ashford this year in May. I was approved, went thru the enrollment process, everything. They even convinced me to start sooner. Then I entered, got me caught up on this "3 weeks try out no obligation if you decide you don't want to attend" because they won't file your financial aid until after 3 weeks. I come into some difficult road blocks with my financial aid so I know how to fill out different forms to explain my unusual enrollment. No problem. They tell me "It's no big deal. You just need transcripts from the schools listed and if you can't fill out this for just to explain why you couldn't obtain these documents or did not or were not able to receive credit for attending these school."

I explain one school is bought out, 2 - I withdrew but one is no long around and was shutdown. I withdrew because I was having issues with a babysitter for my daughter who I now only & as of June the first school I completed but it was bought out so it was difficult to obtain. I sent articles stating they're no longer up and running, letters from FAFSA saying I will get financial forgiveness because it was shut down due to legal issues and whatever else to show and explain I can't give them the transcripts. I was able to get one and struggling still for the other two. They say "it's cool. Send in what you got, we'll check and make sure it looks good and if so send it to be review and approved."

They denied me and said they need more physical proof to explain why I'm having trouble to obtain these records and they need more proof of why it was so hard to finish school. How do you prove financial hardship and child care. I'm a single mother who is 26 and can only do so much and then it's for years in the past not now which makes sense as to why I want to do online classes right? But because I was denied due to no transcripts and they told me I needed to just submit these form and move forward. I am now not able to receive final aid till next year no matter where I go because I was denied.

They could have stopped me and warned me and advised me to "Let's wait get these forms then turn them in" even if I have to continue on in class a little later so I wouldn't be denied I would have appreciated. But now because of their misleading advice and making it seem like it was crucial if I didn't do it because I was already in class doing the 3 week thing they told me about I'm now unable to attend school for a year...unless I pay for it in cash and unfortunately I can't afford to do that. So I'm just screwed and a year of my life I should be in school has just been wasted! Ashford was the worst thing I could have done.

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Original review: June 26, 2016

The school has nothing organized. They tell you that you've turned everything in, they turn around and say they are missing some random thing they did not ask for in the beginning. I am still going there because I want to finish my degree. Another thing is, my advisor told me not to order any books till they get my credits from my other school, so I listened. I did not order any books and now that the class has started I do not have the book for it.

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Original review: May 11, 2016

Enrolled in January but working with an enrollment counselor well before then. Transferring in with an associates degree plus many additional credits that will apply towards the bachelors with Ashford. This degree is part of an "articulation" agreement with this school and the other credits are showing as an equivalent. I have taken their introductory course, and had to fight with them that I don't need the general education courses, but only the degree specific ones. Anyway, I could only take 2 as the rest have prerequisites. I love the fact I cannot read anything about the courses, when they are available etc. Right now, I am on an academic leave while they review my transcripts. It is May 11th and my first class was in January! They have had the information all this time, and I have told them several times I will be out of classes to take soon. This has to be some kind of scam.

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Original review: May 10, 2016

I am a single mother of three children which was recently separated from my husband which lead me to pursue a degree so I come obtain a job that could support my children and I. I applied with Ashford University in 2011 for an AA in Business Administration and was told that I would be able to work in any corporate office. Any long story short, I completed my associates program but failed a couple of classes that I had to make up (of course), they charged me out of pocket for the failed classes although I applied and was approved for grants and loans that paid for the classes.

Because I do not have my degree in hand, I cannot get a job. Ashford says I owe them $1800 and that is on top of the loans I cannot pay back because I cannot get a job to afford all of the expenses! I know now that I would have been better off not even attending college because I am worse off now than I was before I started. I have read all types of negative reviews on Ashford and wish they would get shut down and our debts reimbursed.

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Original review: May 9, 2016

I was very disappointed when I attended Ashford University from January 2015 until June 2015. I was very satisfied with the courses in the beginning, until I had two professor, who was very dishonest, and misleading, along with an academic advisor. Hello. My problems began with this class during Week 1. I sent an e-mail to the instructor stating that my father was in the intensive care unit during the first week of class, and that I would not be able to turn in any assignments due to everything that I was going through, since I am his primary care giver. The professor stated via e-mail that it would be okay. However, when I checked my grades, she gave me zeros, for the discussion questions. I immediately contacted the professor, and she stated, that although she would give me credit for the questions, she only agreed to week 1 assignment, which is not true.

Incident #2. I enrolled in school online for the convenience to participate at my convenience. Furthermore, I received a phone call during my first class with Ashford from my academic advisor, which he informed me that I could participate during any day of the week for the class. However, this instructor informed me via e-mail that I could only participate in class after the discussion questions were posted, which is not fair. This is my second degree from Ashford and up until this professor I have never had an issue with my work or my grades. The professor also listed dates that I read my fellow students post, which did happen as an attempt to respond to my classmates. She then implied via e-mail that I read their responses so that I could cheat.

Incident #3. I spoke to my Academic Advisor about the situation, and he told me that the professor can determine the days of participation. However, that was not explained to me before, or after enrolling in school. He was very upset, and began to argue with me and stated, "Although you may have experience in the field of education, you don't know anything about how higher education works!" During week 2, I wrote a paper which had similar ideas to another paper that I wrote which explained my ideas, and experiences at a particular job. This teacher accused me of plagiarizing, which is not true and she gave me a zero. I told the teacher via-email that the papers may be similar in ideas because of the same experiences that I have had. Meanwhile my father is dying, which I explained to the teacher and my academic advisor.

I spoke to my advisor and told him that this teacher is being unreasonable with the participation because my dad is dying. I explained to my advisor that what she is doing pertaining to limiting my participation to only Thursday, or when I post my questions is not right and he stated the professor can make any adjustments to the participation requirement, syllabus or schedule at any time. I tried to drop this class in week two, but instead of my advisor telling me possible good solutions, he consistently and rudely stated, "you only have two choices, withdraw from the class or finish it. The professor is still going to get paid." I explained to this advisor that there has to be a way to assist me but he only stated, "filing this claim was the only way."

During week 4 I received zeros for the discussion questions. Although the questions were submitted late, I have been submitting the questions late before, and was given credit. Then she gave me only half credit for submitting a perfectly good paper, but the heading was not correctly done. Did she really have to give me 3.5 out of 7?

Week 5. Again, I am being accused of submitting a paper that is plagiarized. I wrote this paper, and these are my ideas. Furthermore, for the summarized material, I cited my information. I am very disappointed with this class, and the professor, and I need assistance. I even told the professor that I basically failed this class, and she told me to not give up and that she sees that I am trying. However, she consistently creates inconsistency with her course.

Furthermore I have reached out to the course mates to receive feedback pertaining to whether or not they received half of a grade for an incorrect heading, have consistently been accused of plagiarizing, and if the professor have written them to instruct them that participation can only take place after the student has made his or her post? I believe that I am facing retaliation, as a result of consistently addressing the professor pertaining to her errors. Furthermore, in both cases of this alleged plagiarism she stated, she would have reported it but she did not, because she was going to let me off the hook. Therefore, I told the teacher to provide proof. However, she attempted to but those are my ideas, and I cited properly for the summarizing.

Week 6. I received a zero on a submitted paper again, stating the paper lacked substance. I wrote the professor an e-mail asking for an explanation, and I also told her that she has been displaying signs of retaliation since week 1's incident. Not to my surprise the professor decides weeks after these plagiarizing accusations to submit the incidents to the proper department. However, the department placed in the last paragraph of the email, that week II was not considered plagiarizing. However, I still received a failing grade, and my grade appeal was denied. Furthermore, Ashford placed a hold on my account.

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