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Reviewed Feb. 9, 2012

I bought a Nokia phone N8 on eBay sold as new. But it was not new as it was not in the original box and missing all original accessories. The phone itself, as the seller insisted, may be new, but it cannot be confirmed. It was a full refund case and the seller agreed first to include the return shipping fee. Later we knew that it takes FedEx to ship lithium ion batteried phone from Japan to US. It was due to Japanese postal service strict policy not to ship any lithium ion batteries on their carrier, by sea or air. The seller refused to pay for FedEx charge so the case was brought to eBay customer protection service. I argued that since the seller practically lied to sell his item, to have it shipped back he should pay for the return shipment, regardless of the cost. eBay ruled that the seller is responsible only for the original price and shipping and the buyer pays for the return.

I had two choices, either to keep the phone the seller lied to sell me on eBay, or to pay about $100 shipping fee to get a refund. I sent 2 emails to eBay appealing to review the case but no replies. Instead I received an invitation to write a review of purchase and rate the seller. eBay closed the case and I am left with the phone I do not need nor wanted had the seller not made a false advertisement on eBay. From this experience, I learned that eBay customer protection is like a robot, it work on some automatic guidelines, and as long as you stay in there they don't come after you. In this case, the seller showed his will to issue a full refund so the case closed. And full refund in eBay terms is original purchase price and shipping no matter what. I find it very resentful that eBay pushes the buyer to pay for return shipment in a case like this.

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2011

I would like to inform you of my dissatisfaction with the Nokia X7 mobile phone purchased on 18/7/2011. Since the purchase of this phone, I have been facing problems with the mobile. As you can also notice from the purchase date, the phone is hardly 4 months old and in the last three months, it was with the customer service center (Satya Telecare Nokia Care Centre , 229 C.R Avenue Kolkata 700006). I have submitted the phone four times (latest job sheet number is not with me because they have refused to give me when I told them that I will go to consumer court with all job sheets but they have given me the 1st job sheet of the problem of my incoming speaker and the number is **) to the customer service center in the last three months.

From the 1st month of my cell, I am facing problems with my head phone and I have swap it 2 times but now also I am facing problems with it . During the 3 month after the purchase, the phone had problems with the display and had to visit the service center and got the display replaced. On each occasion, they have kept the phone and apparently worked on it with no luck. Their attempts to resolve the problem have not been satisfactory and they finally claim that there is nothing more they can do to help me.

Even the customer care call center (+919831893838) wasn't able help me and solve my problem. Whenever I ask for a manager who can take a call towards resolution of the issue, I was always informed that the manager was not available or in a meeting. This has happened to me all the five times I have called the customer support. Later the call would be handled by an assistant manager and it goes nowhere.

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Reviewed Oct. 12, 2011

Unjustified and unreasonable acts of the manufacturers and service providers.

I would like to inform you of my dissatisfaction with the Nokia N8 mobile phone purchased on 25/3/2011 and the service provided. Since the purchase of this phone, I have been facing problems and recently it stopped functioning normally. As you can also notice from the purchase date, the phone is hardly six months old and in the last three months, it's with the customer service center (Samvradhi Technologies, Koramangala, Bangalore). I have submitted the phone five times (latest job sheet number **) to the customer service center in the last three months. I had also received a replacement phone as the issue couldn't be rectified but that turned up to be even worse--the phone is powered on for hardly 10 minutes and then it shuts off.

During the second month after the purchase, the phone had problems with the display and had to visit the service center and got the display replaced. Later it faced an issue with the antenna of the phone as the network used to drop and was not able to make calls. This happened at least seven to eight times in a day. I have visited the authorized service center four times for this issue but they were unable to resolve it so they replaced the phone. The replacement phone had a new problem where it stayed powered on for 10 minutes.

On each occasion they have kept the phone and apparently worked on it with no luck. Their attempts to resolve the problem have not been satisfactory and they finally claim that there is nothing more they can do to help me. Even the customer care call center (+918030303838) wasn't able help me and solve my problem. Whenever I ask for a manager who can take a call towards resolution of the issue, I was always informed that the manager was not available or in a meeting. This has happened to me all the five times I have called the customer support. Later the call would be handled by an assistant manager and goes nowhere. I have also logged two complaints (** and **) and they have not bothered to get back with an update.

I am a common consumer facing a tremendous hardship due to such practice of the authorized Nokia service center and customer care . I seek your kind intervention to get me the replacement (a different problem-free model) or a complete refund and a compensation for the delay and the strict action against the authorized service center.

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Reviewed June 7, 2011

I had purchased this Nokia C7 on 28-2-2011. After two weeks, it automatically gets switched off. It is given for repair on 30-3-2011 and got repaired after 2 weeks. Again, the same complaint repeated and returned to E-Max for replacement on 21-5-2011. Now E-Max is refusing the replacement. Details of Purchase: Dealer: E-Max, Mirdif City Centre, Dubai. Invoice Number: ** Model: Nokia C7 CCSO-2000030189 Serial Number: 355960042708228.

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Reviewed Oct. 22, 2010

Tried to order Nokia N8 phone trough the internet. Filled up credit card info, then sent in the request. "Unexpected error occurred, please try it again" read the message soon as I sent in the order. I tried 2 more times, same. I called up their 800 number to get help. Big mistake. I was greeted by a voice recording and got waited 30 minutes before someone actually picked up. The guy said that he can't help me because I tried too many times to order, and I'm now a restricted costumer. He told me that now I need to talk to a different department, and he will connect me.

I got on hold for another 20 minutes. The women who picked up this time explained that she can't do anything to help me, because I'm on their system as a costumer who is restricted and I need to wait 3 business days and try again. I'm using my Amex Platinium card, which is working everywhere else in the world, and I have $75,000 limit on it, but I can't charge a $549.00 item on it with Nokia.

I got upset, but tried it again 4 days later with a different credit card. Same unexpected error message appeared on my screen. I did not want to try more times, but called the number to talk with a costumer rep. I got on hold for 25 minutes before anyone picked up. The same story, he can't help me, but will have to connect me to the "right" department. After another 20 minutes, wait a person picks up the line, and before I can explain my problem I got disconnected by an automatic costumer satisfaction research line, where the automatic voice asking me to rate my experience 1 to 5. I left a 1 and then I got disconnected again.

Nokia claims that they connect people. They are the absolute worst people to deal with on the internet, their "connection" with people and with their costumers are suck big time. I would never go near to a Nokia product in my life, and certainly hope that no one else does either. I tried to do business with them, but got lost about 2 hours of my time getting ultra frustrated. I will get an iPhone instead! You should too!

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Reviewed Oct. 8, 2010

I purchased a Nokia 7020 from 8/2010. I had the phone approx 1 week before it quit working. I called Nokia. They told me to fill out the form, include it with my phone for return, listing the problem and send it to their Huntsville, Alabama facility, also to send it that requires a signature for receipt.

On their website it says turn around time is 7-10days (I assume business days) for repairs. First, I tried to deliver my phone 2 times; I had to call Nokia to find out why they weren't accepting it. I was told they didn't know (post office left the card). They finally got the phone on 9/20/2010. They told me they got it and to call back in a day or so. I did, and was on the phone for 1hr 58mins while being told they did not have my phone. Finally, someone told me they did have it and to call back the following Monday, 9/27/10. I did, it was the same run around; they told me to call back again in a few days.

I asked for a supervisor, after 42 min I was informed there were none. They would be available later in the day and would call back in 24hrs. There was no call back. I called back on 9/30/10 and spoke to a man first. I requested a supervisor, was transferred to Cher, was on with her for 53 mins. She finally told me my phone could not be repaired and on 10/1/2010,they were shipping me a new 7020 replacement phone and I should expect it by 10/5/10.

I waited until 10/6/2010 to call. Surprise, Cher was unavailable. I got very irate as we were back to: they didn't have the phone, then they did, but it would be 7-10 days for repairs, blah blah blah. I asked for a supervisor again, another 57 mins I am holding. They tell me they will expedite my case and I should get a call within 24-48hrs. I did receive a call back in 2hrs from Ann who gives me a direct number and says she will be handling my case from now on. She calls me back a few hrs later to say they have no 7020 phones but she can offer me a phone just like mine, a 5610. It is nothing like mine. I had already called sales who told me they have several in stock and I could have 1 in 1-3 days.

Ann tells me they don't have the stock sales do, I ask her, "Okay, refund my money then apply it right to a new one." She has to talk to supervisors and is awaiting reply. I need to give her until Monday 10/11/10. Really? This is nuts. My phone is now out of the 30 day return policy and I am now told I can purchase a new phone. Hello? Really, what about the phone I already purchased. I have always had Nokia phones, I think I need to find a new brand. Beware of Nokia.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2010

I ordered a Nokia phone on 9 Aug 10 and I have returned it because it was defective. They received the phone back on 14 Sept 10 and they said that they will send a replacement in one month. I told them if they can send it before the end of the month (September) because I will be out of the country next month, and they said that they can't because of company policy. When I asked for a refund, they said that they cannot do so. My point was, they already have the phone, why can't they send the replacement right away? Waiting for a month is very ridiculous.

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Reviewed May 3, 2010

I purchased an Mobile handset Nokia 5030 from the dealer Miss Bhushan **, bill no. 13310, dated 19/10/2009, 1,900 worth rupees. But unfortunately, the said Nokia 5030 handset had a defect with its keypad. So, I went to the Nokia customer care center EMM ERR Computers **.

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Reviewed April 9, 2010

I purchased a cell phone on 1/16/2010. It was a Nokia Mural. We had a warranty on it for one year. On 3/16/2010, the place on the phone that the charger goes into came apart. The phone was not misused or dropped. I called about getting it replaced and they said it was physical damage and we have to pay to fix it. We did nothing to damage this phone. It is a piece of garbage. When I went to the mall to complain, they called the mall security because they didn't want to be bothered with me. Now what do I do? I charged it nightly and when removing the adapter from the cell phone, it came apart.

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Reviewed March 9, 2010

Since using my phone, I have had ear pain when I use it. I have weeping ears and little lumps in my ears which constantly itch and weep. I know this is due to the phone. I try not to use now unless necessary. Shouldn’t there be a warning on the box about this? I still have constant ear pain and uncomfortable weeping from both ears.

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Reviewed Feb. 23, 2010

I purchased a stereo headset (Nokia HS-49) from a third party website after confirming compatibility with my phone (Nokia 5610) on the Nokia Usa website. The headset was in fact incompatible. I contacted two Nokia representatives on two separate occasions (second one confirmed incompatibility). They refused to reimburse me or exchange my headset. The second representative stated they only repair broken accessories. I was put on hold both times to speak to a supervisor (at my request) and forgotten. As of 2/22/10 (approximately one week after the incident), the website continues to list the device as compatible with the phone. The third party site refunded me the money, so no financial damage was done. This does not excuse Nokia for their wrongdoing or failure to remedy their mistake.

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Reviewed Feb. 20, 2010

I have many problem with my mobile during the warranty period. I have had my mobile many times to the Nokia care. My mobile handset is a 7610 supernova so kindly replace my handset. The problem is with the audio adjustment, fading display, mmc lock. The phone restarts, reboots. The phone locks up, is not responding, charging problem, & hanging problem.

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Reviewed Dec. 30, 2009

I emailed Nokia with this letter two weeks ago and have gotten no response, and I'm lost on what to do: Let me start by saying, I love Nokia. I've had a Nokia since 2000. I love that you can exchange phones and exchange info when a new phone comes out. I've had so many Nokia phones. I recently purchased the Nokia 5800, a little skeptical about it being the first Nokia touch but I got it anyway. I was told it had a one-year warranty and 30 days, no questions asked return policy. I love this phone. But a few months after receiving it in March 2009, the screen started acting up. It began having a series of horizontal lines. I found myself having to turn it off and on over and over and over again.

Finally, I was fed up and called customer care and they transferred me to tech support. They told me to send it via UPS to have it repaired. I enclosed a letter stating what is going on with the phone and a picture of the phone with all the lines. A week or so later, I received my phone back unrepaired! Supposedly, there was corrosion on the inside not covered by warranty (which a non-Nokia repair facility said was a lie! There was no corrosion.). Before taking it to that repair facility, I contacted tech support at 1-866-665-4298 where I spoke to Rick, a very rude individual. The only thing out of his mouth was pretty much "We cannot help you." He explained that once the techs look at the phone, that's it. Whatever they say goes! I paid $380 some odd dollars for this phone that lasted me a few months. He wouldn't even let me send it out for a second chance. This is not fair.

I paid for a phone to work, not for a paper weight. I've called several times trying to find someone to help me, but found Rick over and over again. I asked him for a supervisor. Do you know what he said? I don't have one. I asked, "Who is in charge of you?" He said no one. So I asked, "Who tells you when to work then?" He said the computer. I asked, "So the computer is your boss?" He said yes. I was shocked, confused, upset, you name it. So now, I'm stuck with this non-working phone that would be amazing if it didn't turn to a dead weight when it got cold. Yes, it only works when it is heated up. It may sound weird, but it actually works just fine when it's heated up.

Right now, I'm using it but I have to have it under my laptop because the bottom of my laptop is hot. It works just fine but leave it exposed and have it go to the idle screen and the screen gets messed up. Please, please help me with my situation. I'm fed up with tech Rick and my phone's inability to work properly. Call me. Email me. Help me. I want an explanation for my dilemma.

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Reviewed Oct. 14, 2009

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Reviewed Sept. 21, 2009

I request for my faulty Nokia Cell E 71, which I purchased just 3 months back, to be replaced by Nokia.
I purchased a Nokial Cell - E71 (IMEI Number – 354208035977256, Product Code 0580126) on June 27, 2009 at a cost of Rs. 20,000 from the Mobile Store (Invoice No MH2564. Address – The Mobile Store Ltd, Shop No 7, Chembur Fairlawn CHS, V N Purav Marg, Near Barista, Mumbai. Phone 022 - 65205691). Within a month my cell phone started giving problems like - it would hang when I am talking on the phone etc. When I took it to the Nokia customer care center (Fone Plante, Shop - 3, Rajashree Building, N G Acharya Marg, Mumbai 400071. Phone – 022 – 25218755, E mail – they told me its a software updation problem and that they will do it. However they were not able to update the software on their own and told me that they will have to send the phone to the Nokia HO at Delhi. When I asked them what is the problem with my NEW Phone and why they are not able to rectify it, the Nokia Carecentre (Fone Planet) told me that there is a problem with the USB of the phone and that they will have to send it to their head office in Delhi. When I requested them to write the actual problem of the Phone on the Job Sheet (No 639504867/090919/27) they refused to do so. They were arrogant in also saying "you can do whatever you want, we won’t mention that it is not repairable by us and that we will have to send it to the Head Office". The very fact that they are not agreeing to write the actual complaint of the Piece on the Job Sheet itself indicates that the piece is faulty. Given the fact that I have purchased the Cell Phone just 3 months back, I as a customer would expect Nokia to replace this faulty piece with a New Piece. I went for Nokia Phone, assuming that it’s a good company and would really care for its customers. But the way their Service Centre treated me, it does not seem so after all, unlike the way this was rated as the strongest brand in India. The Nokia Carecentre guys don’t even know how to talk to the customers.
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Reviewed Aug. 20, 2009

I had renewed my contract with iTalk Cellular in September 2008, a Nokia95 8GB on a procall 120 contract. The contract was supposed to consist of the Nokia N95 8GB and a blue tooth headset. At the time of renewing my contract, which was done by Fatima, she didn't inform me that this offer was "while stocks last" offer. When I received my phone in October 2008, I saw that the headset was not there and I immediately called her. She then informed me of the "while stocks last" offer. I told her since she failed to let me know this when I was renewing my contract, I want the headset. It was the only reason for me choosing this phone and package. I have been e-mailing and calling Fatima since then, but she sometimes doesn't take my calls or returns them. She's always giving me the runaround. I am really unhappy about the service I have received from iTalk and I have told Fatima that I am tired of waiting for something which I should have received last year. Thank you.

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Reviewed July 20, 2009

I purchased Nokia 2760 in October 2008. It stopped working in November 2008. I submitted it to Nokia Care Center at Patiala. They said that they have to send the handset to Noida for repair. I got it back after a month in working condition. It stopped working again on 12th Jul. 2009. I went to Nokia Care again. They said the handset has no repair seal or sticker inside. So you have to pay for repair charges. My handset is still in warranty. I called at customer care. No, they said they are helpless; they can't do anything regarding this. So tell me, should I throw this phone out? I'm capable of paying repair charges but why should I when the warranty is still on? If the handset has no seal or sticker inside it, that's not my fault. That's their fault. They have not done that. I think I should move to Consumer Court for justice now.

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Reviewed June 12, 2009

When my AT&T cell phone was damaged (not a warranty issue, dog chewed it), I bought another one via I-net at The phone died within the warranty period so I followed Nokia's instructions and sent it in for repairs. I received a note saying the receipt was not accepted (the one issued by the company selling their phones) because it did not have the serial number. Nokia kept my phone (and no doubt repaired and sold it as re-manufactured). I believe this to be a scam as a consumer can in no way influence a seller to provide impractical information on their receipts, that's Nokia's job, and they know fully well that the phone is covered, but use this sharp business practice to avoid warranty repairs. In addition, they steal your phone (I know, it doesn't work; it is the principle).

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Reviewed March 31, 2009

OK, I don't normally do this, but here's the situation, and I've noticed it happened to many, many people in the 5800 official thread. I placed an order for 2 Nokia 5800 NAM's from They were preordered 2/24 and i received them on 3/24 via FedEx. After ordering, the order confirmation screen showed the final price as $727.48; the email order confirmation also showed $727.48. I thought nothing of this, then when the phones shipped on 3/19 I received a shipment confirmation with a final price that was also $727.48. I thought, cool, I'm finally going to get these things. Fast forward a week and the pending credit card transaction was gone, but moved to recent transactions. Here is what I see:
Code: 03/22/2009 | Sale | NOKIA-BRIGHTPOINT(Services and Merchandise) | $734.25 So today is 3/31, and I finally had some spare time to call Nokia's Customer Service again. I originally called about this last Wednesday (3/25), but was told their FullFilment center was closed and they are the ones to take care of the issue. No big deal, I'll call back during normal business hours. Called back today and was promptly transferred, I spoke to some random guy who didn't give his name, but after a few minutes of arguing told me to disregard whatever prices i was emailed, or whatever prices show up on because the invoice price should have been $734.25. I asked to speak to his supervisor after 5 minutes of circular arguing, in which he told me he was not available. Huh? It's a Tuesday, yes it might be Caesar Chavez Day in California, but this call center was definitely not in California and they are definitely not celebrating the day as everyone else seemed to be working. Anyway, so the reason for posting this long winded thread is because like many others in the 5800 Official Thread, I was charged more than was quoted. I dont know their disclaimer on this, but that is definitely NOT right. How can you send someone 3 different screens for a single quoted price, yet later charge more? Yes i know the difference is a measly $7, but thats not the issue. It's the fact that it seemed to have happened to many others, and $7 * countless others = a little extra pocket change for Nokia. I will be forwarding this to the BBB, as well as Nokia corporate (if i can figure out how), and probably the consumerist. SO, IF you have ordered anything from, I advise you to please go and check your credit card statement and check your order confirmations, as they could be off by a few dollars. Somehow, I doubt this is legal, even with tons of possible disclaimers on their website. referenced thread:
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Reviewed Feb. 24, 2009

I had purchsed a Nokia 6300 handset on 22/04/2008 from HOTSPOTS RETAILS PVT LTD,Shop No.G-47,Jaina Towers-II,District Centre,Janak puri. IMEI No of my phone is 352939026191687.
Within first 2-3 months I started getting problem with my phone's Screen. It had flickering problem. I submitted it to Nokia Care Centre at Sushil Telecom,Rohini . The problem subdued for some time; only to re-appear very soon and I had to submit my phone again to Nokia Care ,Sushil telecom,Rohini with jobsheet no. 049343506/081123/5. I got the assurance that the flickering screen problem will definately be fixed this time. But it was not solved again and the problem persisted . I submitted my phone agian to the Nokia Care Centre at Sushil Telecom,Rohini for the third time with same problem with jobsheet no 102433527/090222/12. I have now become sick of this harrassment and their attitude of misguiding the customer everytime. My phone's warranty will expire on 21/04/09 and after that Nokia will not be hearing my cause.But this warranty has not come to any use for me as they did not solve my problem and the same problem keeps on re-occuring. I feel really cheated. It seems that they are just playing with time so that the warranty expires. I woulld like either my to be replaced with a new one with a new warranty or my phone's warranty to be extended to one year and the problem to be fixed alongwith written assurance that the same problem will not re-occur within the extended warranty period. I also demand a penalty for willfully misleading me and for the harrassment I have been through and still going through . I therefore request you to please look into the issue and kindly help me to get the justice.
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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2009

i have been using a NOKIA cell phone for last 3 years, since last one year i am experiancing ear pain on the side of ear in which i use the phone.
i started using a Hands free set then also the problem is persisting.
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Reviewed Aug. 7, 2008

i got a ad in the mail May 14 for nokia phones. i ordered them cancel in 15 min. it has bee 3 months and it has not been credit to my account. It was a debit of 192.06. I would appreciate someone to call me and let me know where my 192.06 is. I keep getting the run around. My son gave me a phone for mothers day through at&t. thank you for your help.

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Reviewed July 1, 2008

I bought a Nokia handset N72 last month and after 1 week the set is not working properly. I been to Nokia care amnby times and each time I go they refresh the software cause they are the most incompitent people sitting over there, they do not know the cause of the problem.

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Reviewed March 6, 2008

The screen of my cellphone got damaged, and I called Nokia for service. They said to send it to them, and they will charge me $100. I shipped it to them, and they said it takes 7 to 10 business days. I called them after 2 weeks, and they said they don't have the part yet; but the maximum that it could take is one month. If they don't have it then, they will send me a new phone.

Now it's been over six weeks, and they saying that there is nothing they can do. So what I'm asking for now is: either they send me a new phone or refund me the money because i bought the phone from them.

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Reviewed Aug. 22, 2007

I ordered a very basic Nokia phone through Trac Fone last Fall for my job. I used it for about three months or so when I noticed that my head would literally hurt, right where I held my phone by my right ear, whenever I used my phone. I switched to a Motorola razor phone which I try to mostly use on speakerphone now, but if I ever have to put it near my ear, my inner ear starts hurting right away. Even when I put it near my left ear, my right ear noticeably starts to hurt! I'm very scared and fear that I have some type of brain tumor or something.

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Reviewed May 25, 2007

I have contacted Nokia at least six times and been talked through the process to activate my cell phone. Also hsve been sent a new cell phone and I cannot make any local calls. When trying to call, Igeta message that says I must use a calling card or go into roaming.I have 280 units of call time left

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Reviewed May 3, 2007

About 18 months ago my husband began cell phone service with Cingular and was given 2 Nokia 6010 phones. Since the use of this phone I have had burning, ringing, pain and bumps in both ears. I switch the phone to the other ear when it becomes too painful and will end the call much sooner. The pain will gradually go away after I stop use but it will take about an hour. I have had acute sinus and ear infections since the use of the phone and believe that it is the phone because other cell phones and land-line phones do not effect me.

Nokia is willing to test the phone providing we are willing to ship it to them for approximately 6 weeks. I do not want to send them the phone in case there is a manufacturing problem and they try to cover it up or keep the proof. I highly doubt they will admit their fault or that there is a problem. I wish to do independent testing on the phones but do not know where to go or what to do at this point.

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Reviewed April 11, 2007

I purchased a nokia phone while on holidays in italy in september. The phone has since stopped working. I took the phone into the above store to be assessed. After a week i was advised the phone could not be fixed, despite the fact i had a receipt as proof of purchase they would not exchange the phone, and will not cover anything under the warranty.

Do i forfeit my warranty just because i purchase the product in another country when it is supplied by NOKIA anyway?? I was advised to look up the address of a branch in italy and send the phone to them, i have tried to find the address through using their site, however it automatically reverts to italian when i select italy as the country, as i do not speak italian this does not help me! I have tried numerous places to help me find at least a contact, but no one can help! What can i do about this? I paid a substantial amount for the phone being 380euros so equivalent of apporx $600 australian. For a phone that i was only able to use for a few months this is not acceptable. Can you please give me some direction as to my rights as a very unsatisfied customer of nokia!

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2007

I've been using cell phones since 1997. I used to talk on the cell phone a lot, holding it against my ear. 2000, I started have headaches (lasted 1-2hrs after I get of the phone) when I talk on the cell phone for more than 30 minute, so I limited my time on the phone to less than 30mins. This worked for about 6 months. Then I started getting headaches regardless of how long I stayed on the cell phone (the longer I stayed on the cell phone the longer the headaches lasted, some times as long as a whole day).

I'm a business owner and I've gotten accustomed to having and using cell phones, so I was trying to find a way to make it work without killing myself. So 2003, I bought a Nokia with speaker phone option. I was happy now I no longer have to hold the phone against my ear, I thought. For 2 years I got no more cell phone headaches as long as I didn't hold a cell phone against my ear. 2005, I started feeling light headed during and after talking on the cell phone on speaker mode with the phone held about one foot from my head. So I bought a newer Nokia that promise a louder speaker. Now 2007, even with the cell phone held at arms length (3-4 feet) from my head, I still get light headed and headaches. Now a days, I've afraid of the cell phone; I text message mostly, or if I have to absolutely talking on the cell phone, I pick it up, put it on speaker, set it down on something stable and back away to a perceived safe distance of 3-6 feet.

My new plan is to get a cell phone that is bluetoothe enabled and have it integrated with my car stereo so when I'm mobile I can talk through my car stereo. This is because when I was on vacation 2 months ago I was talking on the cell phone using a car with bluetoothe wire into the stereo speakers and it didn't border me( it was just like listening to talk radio). But of course I'm not totally confident that this will work.

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Reviewed Oct. 23, 2006

I bought this Nokia Trac phone from Freds, Brookway Blvd, Brookhaven Ms 39601 when we call someone we can hear them but they cannot hear us. WE do not have the sales slip to carry it back to Freds. We still have 67.7 units until 11/27/2006.

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Reviewed Oct. 5, 2006

I purchased the Nokia 3155/3155i cell phone through my cellular company. It was not included in a plan, I paid full price which was $150.00 for the phone because I liked the style. I do not carry insurance on my phones, because I take care of them. Within 2 months of having it, it began to fall apart at the hinges. With out having insurance my cell company could not replace it. Nokia offers a 1 year warranty on their phones as long as damage is not physical. When I reported to them that the phone was falling apart I was told I had to pay to have the phone fixed. I was told that I had to have dropped the phone for it to come apart at the hinges.

Not only have I never dropped or mistreated my phone, but I was extemely offended by the accusation. I have researched user reviews over the internet and there are a million other people having the same problem with their phone and also have been told the same thing as I by Nokia. If there are this many people with the same problem I feel that particular phone model should be recalled. I am now sitting with a phone that has completely fallen apart and basically threw $150.00 in the garbage can. I would appreciate having this matter looked into. You will find there are many complaints by other users. Only when I confronted Nokis with it, they said they had not had any. Thank you for your time.

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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2006

When the Nokia 6030 cell phone is in use the "speaker phone key" is located under your index finger and the speaker phone function has been activated unknowingly resulting in extremly loud volumes.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2006

I have been notifyed that my cell phone will be shut off TODAY unless I put more time on it. I did that more than a week ago and it is good until Nov. 24 06.The young lady that I talked to or should day tried to talk to tho very polite couldn't speak english plain enough for me to understand. Why when I live in the United States of America do I have to push 1 for English? Shouldn't it be push 1 for some other language? Please if you are insisting on hiring people from another country at least make sure they can be understood by your customers.

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Reviewed July 11, 2006

I sent in for a rebate,and filled out all the necassary forms and sent the bar codes for which i had to cut off the box along with the sales receipt.

Then I recieved a postcard telling me i did not comply and would not recieve the rebate.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2003

I purchased two Nokia phones under a promotional program offering a rebate of $50 per phone. I sent in all of the required information to the promotion and it was subsequently returned to me, with some of the material that I had previously enclosed, asking for exactly what I had already sent in. I called and verified that the information that I had sent was correct, and then re-sent the information.

Again, the letter was opened and then mailed back to me, requesting that I send in all of the information that I have already sent in. I have called the Nokia AT&T wireless Summer 2003 Mail-in Rebate offer at 888-600-4480 and have been told that I should re-submit the information a third time, although because at this point the offer has expired, I am not likely to receive my rebate. This is clearly a company abusing the concept of a rebate in order to withhold money promised to customers lured by a illusory promotion.

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Reviewed Sept. 1, 2003

i donated 40.00 to get two nokia cell phones one phone was to replace a lost/stolen phone these phones have constantly cut out on me dropped calls and caused my cell phone bill to triple

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Reviewed July 21, 2003

I purchase a Nok6340 GRY GAIT NEW phone
for the price of $73.49 and I was due back a rebate of $40.00 but never heard
anything back after I send in my paper-
work for the rebate.can this be checked
out and let me know what happen,I myself
try calling the rebate company and they
told me they did'nt have anything on this but after I purchase the phone I

register it with Nokia.

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Reviewed April 2, 2003

I have been using cellphone for 3 years. I have used Nokia phone for 2 years and Motorola for 1 year. The longest call might last for about 2 hours straight. I experience that my ears and head are hurt after I have used the these cellphones for such of period of time. I just want to know if my head and ears have been damaged by using these cellphones? I want to search for same complaints if anyone else has been experienced with the same syndrome that I have now.

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Reviewed Jan. 12, 2003

Just wanted someone to know that my 19 year old daughter has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and type IV cancer on her right side. The doctors told her to get her affairs in order. I don't know what caused the tumor, but she uses her cell phone all the time.

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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2002

no Nokia cell phone rebate. This is the second time in 2 years that a rebate was submitted to Nokia and have not recieved any rebate check.

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Reviewed Jan. 18, 2002

The Nokia 8290 cell phone is consistently breaking. They should have had a major recall. The digital display (LCD screen) is out. My husband has the same exact phone and he has already replaced his phone (through the manufacturer - Nokia) once, and the display is not displaying on this phone as well. In order to view numbers, calls, or any alpha or numeric characters or information you must press real hard on the LCD screen (digital display) and hold it while viewing.

Sometimes it doesn't view correctly even then. When you receive any calls in order to see who is calling you have to hold down and squeeze on the display screen as well. It obviously a manufacturer malfunction because they didn't charge us for the new phone they sent us (which is having the same problems). We have had these phones for about 6 months. The complaint is to inform other consumers of the problem so that they will avoid buying this product so that they will not have to deal with losing business or communication.

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Reviewed May 3, 2001

Last August I purchased a Nokia Cellphone from AT&T for my mother. At the time they were running a promotion; you would receive a $50 rebate from Nokia and a $25 gift card from Old Navy (it was called the Back to School Special). To this date I have not received the rebate or the gift card.

I've made numerous calls to the rebate center starting Nov. 26th. The first response was that the rebate was mailed and should be received in a few weeks/days depending.

By Dec.27 I still had not received anything so I placed another call and was asked to verify my mailing address and at that point I discovered that the address they had was wrong. After the address was changed I was told it would be another 6-8 weeks. Understandable. The date is now May 3 and I still have no rebate/gift card.

I have been making regular monthly phone calls and receive no result. The people are sympathetic but not helpful. The story varies from "There was a replacement rebate mailed you should receive it in 5 days-2 weeks" to "We're still waiting to verify that the original rebate check wasn't cashed since it was not returned to us." How long does that take? Is it necessary? Would I keep calling if I had already cashed it?

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Reviewed April 30, 2001

For many months I've been having headaches, almost daily. After a while I noticed that the headaches started whenever I used my Nokia cellular phone for the first time. They would linger and be stronger depending on the amount of time I used the phone during the day. After I was certain that the phone was the cause of the headaches I immediately stopped using it, about two weeks ago. I have not had a headache since.

Is there anything else I should worry about, like getting some kind of medical examination or test? How do you advise that I approach this problem?

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Reviewed April 29, 2001

Purchase Nokia 8260 on 1/20/01 and mailed Nokia $50 rebate form and receipt. They claim to have never received it. I complained to customer service to no avail.

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Reviewed March 6, 2001

I purchased 2 Nokia model 8260 phones in November, 2000, and was supposed to receive a $50.00 ATM Rebate Card. I sent in all of the required information in the time required and to date have not received any rebate.

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Reviewed Jan. 2, 2001

I bought my phone on 11-26-00. I mostly have used the phone for about 2 minutes. However the first three weekends where I have extended time to use the Nokia I developed bad headaches and become stomach sick while using the phone after about seven minutes. I used it for 30 minutes the second time and became headache sick and stomach sick for 12 hours. I tried the phone in two days after use for seven minutes and stared to become ill again while using the phone. My wife is a physician assistant and has been witness to these events.

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Reviewed Dec. 28, 2000

I purchased a Nokia AT&T Wirless Cell Phone on 9/4/00 and a big part of the reason was because of the $50.00 rebate offer and a $25.00 Old Navy Gift Certificate. It stated on the form that it would take approximately 8 weeks. It has now been almost 4 months and I have yet to receive my rebate and gift certificate. I have called several times and each time was told that at first my claim was denied but they couldn't tell me why. I told them I sent all the information they requested which I kept copies of and they told me they would have it re-evaluated. I called back again and was told the same thing time a couple of weeks later.

Tim, the supervisor, told me that he was going to put the spreadsheet through and that I should be receiving a check in a couple of weeks. We are now talking the middle of January 2001. It has been frustrating to say the least. I don't know if this is a scam but I feel I have been treated unfairly. Why should I have to go through this when it's obvious to me they are making errors. It's ashame I'm being treated this way because I will never purchase a phone/service through them again. All I want is what was offered. That's all I am asking for.

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Reviewed Aug. 4, 2000

After openning my business 5 years ago, I began using my phone between 1000 and 2500 minutes per month. About 6 months ago I stated having ear pains. I purchased "hands-free" kits and althugh 2 models helped me 2 models would actually make it worse. Now I purchased the speakerphone type. However when I use my phone next to my ear for over 15 minutes a day I have strong ear pains during the evening. I'm somewhat concerned and plan to have studies done soon. Sites like yours are helping me understand the situation a little better.

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