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AT&T Home Phone Service

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Last updated: Nov. 9, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

We paid for their privacy manager where unidentified callers could not call without exposing their name and phone number. This really cut down on the majority of junk calls. AT&T removed the privacy manager from all of CA phones without notifying the subscribers. Now, we are getting tons of junk calls that are numerous daily. AT&T should be ashamed of themselves for removing this feature without notification.

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Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

I have called AT&T more than 25 times since September 14, 2017. I changed providers from Birch Communications to AT&T on 9-14-17. MISTAKE!!! I wanted AT&T to be the current provider and have US Telecom as long distance server. US Telecom sent AT&T an order form to confirm this on 9-14-17. AT&T put on hold on US Telecom and would not release the hold as of November 1, 2017. I said fine, I called US Telecom, told them to cancel the request and I called AT&T to be the long distance carrier. AT&T said it would take 24-48 hours and long distance would be available.

As of today, November 7, 2017 there still is NO long distance installed. I found out today that a hold until November 15, 2017 has been put on the account but nobody knows why. This company should not be able to provide any FCC communications. Asked for corporate number and was told the supervisor was the only one that could provide that and she was busy and would call me back. I'm waiting and bet I never get the callback. This is ridiculous!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2017

AT&T has charged me a restoral fee in which they are responsible. They combined my accounts without my knowledge and when I found out I had them change it back. My wife paid by phone each month the total over the phone. They never sent a bill for the other portion of the account. By the time I got notice they disconnected my internet service. They seem to be able to change things without your permission and then charge you for it. I am Fed up! They can be replaced.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2017

Need help from AT&T customer service? Don't expect to get it... Plan on being put on hold, forwarded to more incompetent employees, being hung up on, and not getting any support for your problems with their service! I highly recommend not ever signing up with AT&T!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2017

I ordered the new ATT homebase for my business in my house and when I got it home I was extremely excited to see such great speeds and how it worked. Well about 3-5 days later my speeds dropped to nothing and I mean nothing. Pages would not load, Speedtest showed 0 (if the page would load). I called ATT 10 times and some of those times were 1hr long only to have them hang up. I am extremely disappointed in these large companies because they just don't care whether you have good quality or not. I begged them to help me and I have pretty much spit on. I would recommend anyone to make sure you do your homework and try other avenues before giving ATT any business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2017

First of all, AT&T is not consistent with their promises and billing system. Even though, I haven't made any changes to account, my bills keep on going up. It is such a pain to call AT&T each time. In conclusion, I hate this company.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

I have never dealt with the most unprofessional and untrained customer service people in my entire life. I have only been with AT and T for 2 weeks and it has been the worst 2 weeks of my entire life. These people that call themselves professionals is anything but, professionals. They don't have a clue, they can't follow simple instructions, on how to do anything. They will sit on the telephone with you and say they did this right now and you call back tomorrow and find out they did no such thing.

This went on with me for 2 whole entire weeks of over 21 employees telling me daily they were putting voicemail on my business telephone and to this very day I have no voicemail as yet. They are so untrained and unprofessional. They have no business in the workplace. To add insult to injury, they ported over my personal cell phone from T-Mobile to AT and T without my knowledge or consent and I didn't know until I saw it on my bill. When the telephone bill came for the business I recognized my personal cell phone on it and it showed where they ported over my telephone number from T-Mobile.

I called AT and T and they had the nerve to tell me call T-Mobile to get the telephone number back because it's nothing they could do. I'm like "Are you serious? It's nothing you could do? I didn't tell you to port over my phone number. You did that on your own. Now you want me to go get the phone number back." These people are the pits. I called T-Mobile and they secured my phone number but AT and T ain't saying nothing about the fees they charged me for porting over my phone number that I didn't ask them to port over. So, needless to say I called back and told them make sure they remove those fees off my bill for porting over my telephone number illegally. Moral of the story find any other company but stay as far away as you can from AT and T!!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

I called into AT&T to have my home phone disconnected in July of 2017 due to moving then to only find out after I paid the final bill in August, it was never disconnected. After they received my final payment they continued to charge me for their service that they failed to disconnect then has sent me a final notice of $191.78. I called them for more than two weeks trying to get this resolved (time lapse due to work) and when I finally reach someone who could help, I was basically told they never got any calls from me and said my final bill now was $152.90. Now I either pay their ransom or risk them reporting this to the credit bureau which was a sort of blackmail. This company use to be a lot better than their practices of milking hard working people out of their money and no one to hold them in check.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

Payment error in their favor by five hundred dollars. Have been trying to get the refund for a month. Each time we call, promises are made and yet we wait. Last call said it would be 7 days. Waited 10. Today told it processed 3 days ago, but would still take 3-4 weeks to get to us. My MIL, has to have a landline. They know we can't cancel, so they just wait. I am sure though they would harass her daily if she was late with her payment. Thanks for caring for our seniors AT&T.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

I decided to switch to over to VOIP because it is so much cheaper ($20/month) than AT&T but unfortunately for me I ended up in the hospital, twice. When I went into the hospital I forwarded my calls from my landline to my cell phone (not an AT&T cell phone) but when I came home, I found the phone dead as a doornail. I called my ISP and they said that the problem wasn't with them that I should call AT&T. So that's what I did. Every time I spoke to them they made me so mad that I hung up on them! It is impossible to talk to anyone above an underlying there, in spite of my asking over and over again. When I told them my plight, their response was that in order to have VOIP I MUST have service through AT&T. I told them I didn't want VOIP through them, I just wanted VOIP through my ISP but they insisted that I must have both AT&T and service through my ISP!

Then they decided they'd meet me halfway and said that I could switch back to AT&T for a couple of months then leave them. Bear in mind that in order to go back and forth it would take 1-2 months for my number to be "ported" from my ISP to AT&T then another 1-2 months to go back to my ISP. And I am supposed to do this why? I don't understand why they think they're the ruler of the roost. I remember when there were all kinds of phone companies and you had your choice; there were even "baby" bells but no more. Maybe that's why they think someone died and left them in charge of the planet. I finally got everything straightened around and I'm no longer with AT&T and my phone bill is now $20 instead of whatever AT&T decides to charge me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2017

Since Monday, Sept 11th, 2017 my landline home phone has been out of service. It is September 19th and it is still out of service. Despite calls to the service dept, the service to the phone has not been restored or repaired. I receive automated responses. I pay monthly for this service and I’m considering leaving this company due to their poor service. They could at least send a letter to customers who are having this type of outage.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2017

This company I swear will lie and deceive you. I was with this company for internet service until they overpriced me. Had a charge. Didn't know why they charged me this price. (Word of advice never call, chat with them so you'll have evidence). Talked to a rep and hell she couldn't tell me why. Cancelled DirecTV and sent in their equipment as soon I got the boxes and they charge me for $92.57. Cancelled before the next bill generated. Had to call my state attorney general. Before I told him who I was dealing with he laughed and said must be AT&T so obviously they been having reports on them. I cancelled the internet and told them this. If I would have read the reviews on them I would have NEVER HAVE GOTTEN WITH THEM!!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

I called AT&T to order new landline service. I was disconnected twice during the call and had to restart the process all over again. The rep gets your cell number and claims to call you back if you get disconnected but he doesn't. Plus the reps barely speak English. After an hour on the phone, I was finally given my new number and a date and time when AT&T would arrive to install the line. That date and time came and went without anyone showing up. I called AT&T and was told they could NOT find my order. I had to go through the order process all over for the third time. They gave me a new date and time for installation. However, an AT&T technician showed up at my house on the WRONG date and time.

The next day I received mail from AT&T with a list of services I had ordered. The list was wrong and my phone number was different than the one they had assigned me when I placed my order. In addition, our new phone line had static and a constant hum. I called AT&T to ask about the two phone numbers, the line hum, and the incorrect list of services and got stuck in voice mail hell with an automated system not prepared to handle multiple problems.

So I went to AT&T online and tried to create an account through "myAT&T app". The system couldn't find my account using either of the two phone numbers. Frustrated, I initiated a chat. The AT&T rep could not understand English well and relied on canned phrases and sentences to conduct business. She clearly did not comprehend my issues and kept asking repeated irrelevant or silly questions. She kept asking who my home line service provider was. AT&T of course!!! I couldn't believe she kept asking. She also stated she couldn't find my Account either.

Finally after 45 minutes of dithering around she transferred the chat to another agent. The next agent informed me that he was the in the WRONG department to help me, and transferred the chat again. This time I got an automated message saying my wait time was two hours!!! At that point I disconnected the chat. I'm near tears as I write this. AT&T seems to offer no good way to contact anyone for help and if you do get someone, they don't understand English well enough to solve the issues. First they can't find my order and now they can't find my account. If only AT&T weren't the only choice for a landline but I'm in a rural area. I give up.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

My mother is 83 years old, blind and has a special telephone to dial. Her telephone is her lifeline. She has had the same phone number for years. Her telephone account is in her name. When trying to use her phone it did not work. We called for repair. They were sending someone next day 4-6PM, no show. My husband called, they will send someone 6-8, no show. Next day someone comes early morning unannounced, as we were on our way out for her Dr. appt. Repair man said, "Can't fix it, you have to talk to someone and have them do a credit check." My mother was confused asked "Why? I pay my bill on time, they deduct it from my checking account autopay every month." His response, "You have two phone lines here, when AT&T installed U-verse, they used your phone line." My husband and I have a separate AT&T account and had ordered U-verse. Instead of connecting to our phone line they tapped into hers.

I spent hours, days, on the phone trying to get someone to come and turn my mothers phone back on. They said someone will call to let us know when a repairman would come. My husband and I called a "special" number given to us by the repairman. No callback, next day tried again, woman was rude, "Oh you're the one with the three people, you, your mother in law and your wife. Who placed the order?" When I got in the phone with her, I said we want to know when someone is coming to fix the phone, my mom needs her phone. The woman did not even hear and was rambling on and on, I asked her to please, shut up and listen, she hung up! My husband texted her for her supervisor. Supervisor called and said we had used profane language. NOT TRUE.

She, they, could not help, dial another number. Finally got a lovely woman that explained exactly what happened, someone would come, someone would call when. Still no call as to when. Called them again, response, they'll be here on the 21st that's more than two weeks. My mother had to do a credit check on the phone, her DirecTV bill will no longer be consolidated (that gave her a $20.00 discount) and she'll have to resetup her autopay. I don't understand why my poor, blind, 83 year old Mom has to be so hassled with all these things. She has done nothing wrong. How hard is it for AT&T just to come and fix their mistake! I am totally disgusted. My mom is afraid and full of anxiety, she can't call anyone especially in case of emergency. Her little senior friends can't call her. This is elder abuse and very bad business! Shame on AT&T.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 24, 2017

Without any notice or warning, AT&T removed 'Privacy Manager' from my residential telephone line. This feature helps to screen out callers who are UNIDENTIFIED, UNKNOWN, BLOCKED, PRIVATE OR DO NOT PROVIDE CALLER ID. This feature allows callers to be voice screened or press '1' to unblock their number for the current call only. In this day when we are being frustrated and annoyed by Telemarketers and Spam phone calls without let up, it is an essential tool as a front line of defense for these types of callers. They refuse to restore it - and say that it is being discontinued. I never received any kind of notice or letter from AT&T.

I have had to contact the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) and requested their help. In the meantime, I am vulnerable to Blocked or Anonymous calls from Telemarketer at any time of day or night. I cannot understand any justification for this kind of action. This is an essential feature, and AT&T touted it as such for years and years. Agreed, it is useful and helpful and I merely want it restored ASAP.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

We moved to a home that has no access to cell signals or cable services in March, 2016. We had to have a landline and AT&T was the only option. When we set up the account, we wanted auto draft payments. We never received a bill, but since we have several emails, we didn't notice. Since auto draft was to be in place we didn't worry. We receive at least 4 calls a week from AT&T associated folks trying to sell other unwanted/unneeded services, but never a call from their billing department.

On June 20, 2017, they emailed us a disconnect notice with a bill for $$1,002.55. We received it on 7/24 and a call confirmed $91.96 due on 7/7 as well. Of course the bill included 14 late fees (unknown amounts) with no refund possible. I paid it all immediately over the phone (with a $5 fee for using a phone payment). The associate again set us up on auto draft for future bills. On August 9, I called again because we still hadn't received a bill. After a 15 minute struggle to get to a human he assured me the bill had been paid, but he claimed that the reason we had not received a bill was because when they sent the bill to the email, it was rejected so the system stopped trying. He changed us to a paper bill. At no time did they try to call, mail a past due notice or mail a bill. To this date (8/10/17) we have not received a bill in any form and we were told in no uncertain terms we would have to pay for any back copies of a bill!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

I was just on the phone with AT&T trying to get help for my combined bill which I was suppose to save money doing. We have a landline, also talked into for savings, internet and DIRECTV. Combining was suppose to save more money, so I did that only to get an exorbitant bill with the DIRECTV charges jumping sky high.

Called AT&T, was transferred 5 times, an hour and 42 minutes on the phone, with the last transfer wanting me to start all over again with all the info!!! I am now waiting for another supervisor to call back! The service people are kind, but I wouldn't want their job for anything -- everytime I call this is the same scenario. And it seems I have to call about every other month. No one has any idea of what they are doing and they pass it off to the next "supervisor". The DSL internet connection is spotty, which they claim they can see that -- so why do they not fix it!!?? If they weren't our only option where we live, we would be going with any body else! They over sell and under provide.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2017

Please take my advice and stay away from AT&T. I have spent my day waiting for a technician to come out to bury lines in my yard so I can close on my house and all I keep getting is the runaround. Lines still not buried. I have spoken to nine different people today alone, not counting the ones that I spoke with Monday, who promised the same thing. Now I have to wait to Monday and call a different department and hope that the contract on my house doesn't fall through because of AT&T promises that were never delivered. They do not care about their customers! All they care about is getting their money once a month. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! Nothing good will come from using them. I will never use them again and will tell everyone I know to stay away as well. They are full of promises but they don't deliver on any of them. Do yourself a favor and choose a different provider. I wish I had!!! Customer service is a joke...

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 4, 2017

I have been a loyal AT&T customer since 2004. I was solicited to begin a digital life services while purchasing my second Apple Watch. I agreed. The service was installed and worked okay until all the security equipment caused the socket it was plugged into to malfunction. I informed AT&T Digital Life that my security system was not working because the socket stopped working. They expected me to continue to pay despite the issues. I suggested that they send someone out to move it to another area. Instead the situation has lingered and resulted in a $782.15 debt. It was beyond my control that the socket stopped powering the system.

I can't believe AT&T expected me to pay for a service that wasn't working; potentially because of their equipment. I can't believe the nonchalant attitude Chrisan and the other 4 representatives I spoke to displayed. I was on hold 30 plus minutes on a over hour long conversation. I know that there is something that can be done. This ruthless attitude is unacceptable. I plan to seek furthest assistance. They should have suspended the service until the electrical problems were dealt with by moving the system. Now I am stuck with all this equipment, electrical problems and a $782.15. But I am expected to maintain my loyalty.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2017

I own a business account and has one phone line with AT&T. It has been many years... Recently I am closing down my business, so I don't need the phone line anymore, called AT&T to cancel the service. They said, the termination fee is $120, because the phone is auto renew every year, and if you don't accept auto renew, they won't provide the service... I paid one line for $57 every month, it's not cheap, now I want to cancel it, it's more fee to pay? It is the worst company. I agree to pay what I use, but this is not fair, when I cut off the phone line has to pay termination fee? They are ridiculous, surprised they have all of awful reviews, and still survive… I will try not to use anything from AT&T in the future! No more AT&T!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 25, 2017

Thankfully I switch to Cox a few months ago for internet because my home phone from AT&T is down again and they won't fix it till Wednesday. A whole week to send someone out - what kind of service is that. It is in their equipment but I am so tired of this problem. We called Cox to get their phone and they will be out Monday so I will be canceling my home phone with AT&T which isn't working anyhow but get to keep my same number.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 23, 2017

It is hard to describe just how bad AT&T/DIRECTV billing is. Some time ago, we terminated. We sent a check to cover our cancellation fee. They CASHED THE CHECK. Now they have sent the bill to a collections company for the same amount! If they don't resolve immediately, I am taking legal action. Their product is OK but their billing is absolutely the worst.

Original review: June 20, 2017

So it all started with one day they decided to come in and install an internet line. We then some how had 4 internet lines on our account on two different bills. When I called them I was transferred 14 times and even to another state's AT&T and they asked how the heck I got there. Finally I got to the right department and spoke to a supervisor and they told me "Oh we will merge the accounts and cancel the excess lines along with credit you the amount back." I waited for that to happen and nothing was happening so I decided to cancel their service entirely.

Fast forward 2 months and I get a bill from them saying it will be sent to collection for past due and I called. I get transferred 5 times all to the wrong departments again and no one can answer my question and all they can tell me is "Oh we just checked and that credit to your account was denied." I asked them "Why did you not tell me sooner? Why was it denied and who decided to come in and install the additional lines then?" They could not tell me who requested it or why they decided to come out there and install extra lines to charge us for it.

Story short: Tried to figure out why we had two separate bills with 4 internet lines and 2 phone lines. Found out they started an additional account without any request from us and just started billing us. We asked for a credit and they agreed to it and they sent it for final approvals. The credit got denied and they never told us about it nor why it was denied. The bill then ended up being sent to collection.

If love to spend 13 hours on the phone with the company and be transferred 14+ times in 1 day without any resolution, then this is the company for you. If not you are better off looking for another company because AT&T is by far the worse company with the worse customer service. Hell, I even read that if you complain to their CEO they will take legal actions on you. Now that there is a red flag that the company even knows what they are doing is wrong but they don't care they only want your money.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: June 12, 2017

Over the weekend, our Internet stopped working. Considering I have a book due in a few days, I was really frustrated! I am so grateful I received an amazing Customer Service rep for area 46280 on the phone! I apologize for the spelling, I should have asked... I think his name was Kannon or Cannon? Thank you AT&T for stepping up your Customer Service! Previously we never had any problems with Customer Service. I just felt the service was average. After experiencing zero call hold, multiple options for help with my complaint and great customer service, our Business will always use AT&T!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 9, 2017

If I could leave no stars that would be better. Worst company ever. They tell you they need to put you on hold to review your account. Meanwhile the stupid ** kept me on hold for 45 minutes till they closed and never returned. That's how they want to conduct business!!!!! 5 ** calls today and the issue still is not resolved. What kind of ** morons do you people have working for you??? Like really do your job and help the customers, you take enough ** money and rip us off, the least you can do is talk to us when we call, not place us on hold and pretend you're doing work. When really you're watching the ** clock tick till it's time for the phone lines to close while I'm over here looking like an ** thinking you scumbags are actually trying to help. This place and the people that work for AT&T are worthless!!! I'm surprised this business is still functioning with the amount of stupidity from at&t customers services!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 1, 2017

My husband signed up for the bundle deal which was supposed to be $89.99 a month for two years last 10/19/16 and was billed around that level for Dec, Jan, Feb...then in March they started billing us $133, $144 etc, for the next months. I called at least 20 times to correct this and each time they said they would and to not pay a portion over the amount...then they started adding late charges and even shut off my phone service and DirecTV service. Again, after another 10 or so calls it was reinstated but I had to pay the $279 back charges. Most of it was reimbursed, but then I started receiving two bills - one from DirecTV and one from AT&T which is more than the 89.99. Now it is June 2017 and my husband took it over and it's still wrong and there is no place to go to straighten it out only call centers that do not work to fix the problem. So stay away from AT &T deals. They're a pack of lies.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 29, 2017

Overcharging - March 24, 2017, I called in to inquire about adding another line of service and change our data from 5gb to 10gb. Made the appropriate arrangements, put a phone number on hold and until my husband could go in to the store in person to have them set up a new account on a phone that we owned outright. Went into the store that evening, and found out our account was all messed up. Supposedly got it straightened out. Then on March 30, 2017, I discovered the amount they were charging me was wrong. So I called in and spoke with an AT&T call rep and began to figure out all of the problems. They had me behind on my bill for every month and it wasn't. How could my daughter and I have upgraded if my bill was behind. Everyone knows you cannot upgrade if you are in arrears.

They were also were charging me more than what was quoted to me. I was being charged for insurance where I never asked for it, got a credit for that and some other credits which brought my bill balance down. Supposedly got everything worked out and was told my bill each month would be less than what it was with only 3 lines instead of 4. The next bill was said to ignore since there would be some pro rating on it where we changed the account mid month. After that, would be what my bill would be normally.

The next month was close, a little cheaper than I was told, so I didn't complain. Then the next month, my bill went up considerably... like almost $100! I called in to see what was going on and spent 3 hours on the phone with two women. They tried sidetracking me from the fact that my account was being overcharged. I had kept all of my texts and emails about payments. I was told 4 different amounts on what my normal bill was. One was $218, the other was $246 and then the next was $223. When I asked how they came up with these amounts, and why there was such a price discrepancy, I never got any answers. Nothing was resolved. Then I call in again requesting to speak with a manager. They didn't want to transfer me and tried to speak to me about my account. I asked again to speak to a manager. Finally, I was connected to Josh and started to explain my dilemma. Then I was hung up on.

I then called back, this time I was told they couldn't transfer me since they didn't have the capabilities to do so. Then the lady proceeded to ask me to talk to her about my problems. I said, "no thanks", that I wanted to speak to a manager. She said "ok," and then transferred me (funny how she said originally they didn't have those capabilities but then did). Finally a woman said "Hello, how can I help you." I asked if she were a manager and she hung up on me. I then called back, and got the automated system telling me after I entered in my number that the call centers were closed. I then called back and used one of our other line numbers and got right through. I tried it again on my number, and was told the call centers were closed. My husband recorded it and was witness to it.

That's when I called Sprint, asked if they were buying out contracts and they said "yes." Then I called back to see how much was left on two phones we had just upgraded to back in January. Had the same issue about the call center being closed but then used one of the other numbers and got right through. I was asked if I had any issues right from the beginning of the call rather than "how may I help you". I knew right then they were all in on whatever they were trying to do. I said "no, I just wanted to know the amount we owed on two of our phones." He then gave me an amount. I said "thank you," then he started acting weird, saying "yes, yes, yes" and proceeded to then tell me that since we've made payments on the phones, that we actually owed less. He told me that what he gave me was the retail amount. Umm, did I ask for the retail amount?

Then he gave me what we actually owed (supposedly). He then asked what were my issues. I never said one thing about any issues. I just requested the amount we owed on the two phones. I said "no problems, thank you so much", hung up and went to Sprint and became a new customer with them. Long story short, they have no record of the amount the woman gave me on March 30, but my bill showed it but then increased and they had the nerve to tell me I paid a partial payment. I've always paid my bill statement and what it says to pay. Never have made a partial payment ever... How would I ever be able to and keep service? Makes no sense! I am done with this company who has had a lawsuit against them for overcharging their customers and lost. They're still doing it! Their customer service is a total joke.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 25, 2017

We bought a cabin for which we needed a landline because the cell service is spotty. When we set it up with AT&T we told them to send the bill to our home address because there is no mail delivery to the cabin address. A month later we called them to inquire about the bill and were told that the payment is late. We explained to them that they messed up because we never received the bill. Reagan promised us a $60.00 refund. We did not see that on the next bill and called again. Arthur assured us that things will be taken care of. Next bill arrived, no refund. I just called and was told that the refund was denied. I don't care about the refund but communicate people. That's your business. Incompetence all around. Sorry that I need that landline.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 22, 2017

Just decided to go with AT&T U-Verse digital phone linked to my DirecTV acct. Previously I had a standard line phone through AT&T. First thing I check was that my number would be Portable. They checked and assured me it was. After 3 days of waiting, I called today to see why it hadn't changed yet. After talking to a person who supposedly was working with a tech, finally told me it was all but done and they just needed to have me answer some questions for security reasons. They put me on hold for this person. 30 min & 3 people later, I finally demanded to speak to a supervisor.

The supervisor checked & told me that my phone number was not available to move. That is 2 maybe 3 people that lied to me about moving my phone line. All the supervisor could say was that he started an investigation as to why I was told it could move. I told him that did not help me and they were losing my business. Sorry guys, you just cant trust what they say, and obviously selling is more important than truth.

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Original review: May 9, 2017

My mother is 84 years old. My father passed away in Feb. My mother just wants to have my father’s name taken off the billing on the AT&T account. My father was an employee for AT&T for 35 years. He retired with them, and had benefits with AT&T. They told her she would be without service for 2 weeks and they have to change the equipment, then she has to send the old equipment back to AT&T even when the technician was there to install the new equipment. She has a Life Alert pendant and being without phone service for that long was not an option. She called several numbers and no help. She would get people that talked with such a heavy accent it was very hard to understand. She would ask for a supervisor and get nobody. Very disappointed in AT&T in that they do not support former employees and their families. Will not use them again.

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AT&T is a publically traded company with headquarters in Dallas. The company has 140-year history in the communications industry. Today, it offers home phone, cellular, Internet and television services. Consumers who bundle two or more services receive discounts.

  • U-verse Voice: Consumers in select locations can subscribe to U-verse Voice, a digital home phone service that makes calls using an Internet connection. The service is available in over 20 states.

  • Traditional service: AT&T offers traditional landlines in most locations throughout the United States. Options include local and nationwide plans. Rates vary by location.

  • Extra features: Customers can add several features to their phone service, including three-way calling, call forwarding, selective call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID and more. Some plans include these features in the monthly fee.

  • Online support: AT&T customers can visit the Support section of AT&T’s website to learn about using the features associated with their landline. They can also schedule service and installation online.

  • International calling: International calling can be added to any plan for a monthly fee. Interested consumers can visit AT&T’s website to see per-minute rates for international plans.

  • Best for: AT&T Home Phone is best for anyone who wants a traditional landline and is looking for a variety of additional features.

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