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Been without service for 2 weeks. Keep calling for repair, appointment set up, service repair never shows up. Call again, they say we will call back to tell us what happened and that doesn't also happen. Spoken with many people on the service line and still not resolved. We are at our wits end. What do we do? Husband a customer for 60 years. He is 86 years old, in poor health, and I just had hip surgery. We can't even go to their main office on Broadway to file a complaint. Luckily I have a cell phone to use. Someone help us!

I have a vacation home in a mountain region with no AT&T cell phone access. Only Verizon phones work. I have AT&T landline with Internet at my full time home. For Internet at my vacation home, I have AT&T, and have to use my full time home phone number for that account. So, I have two Internet accounts using the same phone number.

When contacting AT&T, they want to access your account by phone number. When I try to tell them mine must be accessed by account number or address, I get argued with. When they insist on using phone number, I explain I have two accounts under same phone number, give them the account number for vacation home and address for vacation home, but they still end up mixing up the accounts. I have had changes made to my main home service, when they were supposed to be made to the vacation home service. They ask over and over for a cell number and I keep telling them they have no cell service here and maybe they should put in a cell tower!

After spending 3 hrs yesterday with AT&T about issues with... my account, my internet, my services on my landline phone. I had an order # with the landline phone to add call blocking. The rep. said it would be available in 2 hrs. Well 2 hrs passed and no call blocking available, later that night still no call blocking available, today no call blocking available. I call AT&T and was on the phone 1hr- 35min and was transferred a total of 11 times and the only solution was she would have programming check and give me a call back sometime (no estimated time) so here I am with no resolution to my phone problem and have spent a total of OVER 4-1/2 hrs over 2 days and nothing yet.

Called in on Saturday, July 20, 2016. Was given a repair time of by Wednesday @ 6:30 p.m. Gave my Verizon cell phone as a contact phone; received a call on my cell phone on Monday, August 1, 2016 at lunch confirming the outage and still confirming a repair time of Wednesday. Arranged with a neighbor to be on call if it became necessary to access the home. At approximately 5:00 p.m. received a text on my Verizon cell phone saying "Sorry. We are unable to repair your service today, rescheduled for tomorrow," and giving me a number to call, which I did. It went straight into the AT&T repair again, again the same routine, report outage, etc., and the "recording said it was scheduled by 6:30 p.m. today."

I finally reached a Customer Service Rep and asked him what was going on. He of course in addition to my telephone number wanted my name and address, etc. He sounded as if he were in a bad mood when he answered the phone. I relayed the events to him, and asked him what it meant. He rudely said "it means that your service call has been transferred to tomorrow as a high priority." Every time I deal with any area of AT&T or their subsidiaries, I come away feeling as I have been verbally abused. I will never deal with AT&T for additional services. Apparently they are just poorly trained people with constant attitude. If it were only a one time thing it would still be bad, but it is every time they have to be contacted.

Our entire neighborhoods home phone lines are out. We have made multiple attempts to report the outages by calling via cell phones other family members home phones, computer online, Facebook and everything. None of us have gotten to talk to one live person nor do we have any idea if they even know our lines are down, what is wrong, when or if they will ever fix the problem. Obviously they don't care about it being a safety line for 911 or elderly for any reason or the problem would have been fixed already. You can know we will all be charged our hard earned money to pay for services we have never received. Talk about being ripped off. No customer service. They don't care about the people nor care to fix the problems.

In today's technology and as much money as this company makes this should not ever happen. They should know this many people don't have service before we do. No personable service only computers that make you waste your valuable time. It should be fast and easy to report an outage and find out an estimated time of repair and a reputable company would not charge customers for services they are not receiving. What an embarrassment for such a large company to be this bad. Hopefully others will find out by those of us being treated so badly letting everyone know exactly what is happening to current customers so they won't make the same mistake of using such a bad service company. Hopefully they will spend their hard earned money on a good customers service company.

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I was told if I signed up for a landline, which I do not need, that I would receive a $250 credit card in the mail. After paying my bill for the 3rd month, I reached out to see if maybe someone else had gotten the credit card instead of me. I was then told that I would not receive the credit card because I wasn't supposed to receive a credit card in the mail. I was supposed to receive a claim letter and 12 days prior to my phone call that claim had expired. It took me an hour and 15 minutes and went through every channel of customer support from a local store to the website and all departments there in and each department was inept except for Trina in the North Carolina office for retention which I later found out was actually for deactivation. I will never use them once my contract is over and I will recommend that no one ever sign with AT&T. #buyersremorse

Keep receiving texts on my business cell phone from this company, and it's spam content. The texts say, "Hit me up, I have something to show you" and "I was hoping to show you something, get back to me". I have never heard of this company and NO ONE has my work cell number in MI. I do not give this number out very often at all. I would think that if Ameritech cared at all about their company name, they would put a stop to whoever is using their numbers to potentially scam people. Read the other reviews. It's not just me.

So I received a phone call from a lady with a thick accent stating that I have become eligible to receive an 8,000 dollar grant that I don't have to pay back from the Federal Grant Commission or something like that. I immediately realized this is a scam. Especially when she tells me that first I have to call back another number. When I ask for her email she immediately hangs up on me. When I look at the number I'm surprised to find out it's a US number being serviced by Ameritech. When I look up the number I find out that many other people have been called by it and that Ameritech doesn't seem to care that fraud is being conducted over their phone lines.

When I look up their company, it seems it's no surprise looking at all the complaints they've received. Apparently this is the company to do your fraudulent activities with. They don't care as they are allowing people's identities to be stolen and used and then demanding the real people to pay for the scammers accounts! I wouldn't be surprised if they are somehow involved with these scammers calling our numbers. Beware if you received a phone call from the following number: 312-563-8459. It's a number serviced by Ameritech!

I have been a 7 year AT&T customer of all my services. I went to add a line to my cell phone account just to find out that there was a $477.87 early disconnect fee on my credit report. I have NEVER received a bill or collections notice for this charge. They are stating that I disconnected our cell phones and reconnected them on the same day. This all happened in 2013 and this is the first time I've heard anything about it. Either contacting my attorney or taking this to small claims court. This is ridiculously absurd.

I have NEVER cancelled my cell phones EVER. Cancelled a landline but they are claiming it was wireless. Obviously an employee disconnected them by mistake or something, realized it and reconnected them. I am absolutely livid and will be pulling my internet, landline, cell phones and TV from AT&T. The customer service rep told me to SHHH when I was trying to explain myself. I have never been so disappointed in a company and will never recommend them to anyone!!!

I called and order the AT&T bundle. First of all they send out Dish network and they messed up one of our tv's, the most expensive one, and now they tell me to call RCA. Had an appointment for 9:00 a.m. today to have the home phone put in. The tech called me and said no one answered. Ok my dad is there and you don't hear no dog barking (my dog barks at everyone) and my dad sits on the side porch by the drive way. The tech was at the wrong house and now they tell me it will be Friday before they can come back out. My dad is 76 years old and stays by himself while I work 12 hour shifts. I expressed to them that I need the phone so I can call and check on my dad and if he needs help he has no way to call anyone. They got their money and don't care about you. So we get punished cause the tech went to the wrong house. Crazy!!!

I have been through a nightmare with AT&T after having been first, a PacBell customer, then SBC, and recently AT&T for the past 28 years. My analysis of the problem is that the company is too big geographically and lacks trained personnel resulting in the various divisions of the company not communicating with each other, being not well trained, and apparently computer systems that often freeze. Interestingly one is put on hold. Reps say because their computers freeze most often when you are trying to address and readdress a problem.

After a recent move within the same town in CA I have spent 40 hours on the phone trying to straighten out being double charged for two accounts one of which had been cancelled with the move, supervisors not being able to locate account numbers, talking with offshore reps who read from scripts and asked questions which I had just answered, "specialists" not calling back at designated times, techs not showing up after waiting 3 hours past the scheduled time. When calling about the no shows, no order can be found. After finally canceling all accounts with AT&T with the company owing ME $258 I received yet another bill yesterday for a non-existent account. I can only conclude that this company being close to a monopoly is after the buck and does not care one bit about customer service despite its alternately called "Loyalty Dept" or "Retention Dept". Truly a shame to see a good company become so corrupt at its very core.

I have endured landline and service interruptions from AT&T for years and especially for the last several months. Every few weeks we lose landline connection, DSL, or both. I will cite the two most recent instances. Both connections went dead Monday morning, February 3. My wife reported the problem and received an automated message that the line would be repaired by the following Thursday evening. Four days seemed to us a ridiculously long time. When we still had no service Thursday morning, we called Gary **, the technical support manager for our area. Mr. ** reported that no repair ticket had been sent to him. To his credit, he had the repair done by Thursday early afternoon. But had we not contacted him directly, we apparently would have been without connectivity indefinitely. Letters of complaint I sent to two AT&T corporate offices were ignored.

Now to the more recent occasion: At 4:00 PM Wednesday, March 30, the landline and DSL went dead again. We reported that, and a repair tech came Thursday afternoon. He told us that a tall vehicle had snapped the line crossing the road in front of our house. (We wonder why no one had determined before that the line was too low.) The tech said that he would call in a unit that could string the line higher but that it would probably not come until the next day, Friday. Instead, he closed out the ticket. We did not find that out until we returned from a weekend trip Sunday evening to still no service. I spent hours on the phone Monday trying to get through voice-mail hell to AT&T representatives, being kept on hold for long periods of time and once being disconnected after such a wait. Finally I reached someone helpful, and service was restored at 11:00 AM Tuesday - after a week.

To top it off, the outage resulted in a need to reconfigure our voice-mail system. When we received a phone message to that effect, we called AT&T Saturday April 11 to make sure the message was legitimate. The AT&T rep was not familiar with such messages, found no notation of this need on our account, and made a notation herself of a possible scam. She was clearly not trained adequately to know that the message was in fact legitimate. Her ignorance typifies your company's poor customer service. A customer service representative did credit our bill for $32 for the week of no connectivity but, of course, did not have the authority to credit me for lost income as I requested. I demanded that a supervisor call me back, but no one did. This is inexcusable.

Finally, in my frustration, I wrote CEO Randall Stephenson April 11 and demanded compensation for a week's loss of work ability rather than just the usual credit for lost service. A copy of that letter is attached. George **, a representative from his office, called me April 20. He refused my additional compensation and even refused to tell me what steps the company would take to ensure that I have reliable service in the future. That response was unhelpful, dismissive and insulting.

We depend on our phone and Internet service for professional as well as social and community activities. I work out of our home. We would have quit AT&T as our provider long ago except that it would have done no good; regardless of what other phone company we might switch to, AT&T still own the lines. We need a landline because we do not have a reliable wireless signal inside our house. We do not wish to change to Comcast because its reputation for poor customer service is even worse than AT&T's.

Our frequent service failures are unacceptable. We are in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, one of the most sophisticated telecommunications centers in the world, not some impoverished third world country. We see no excuse for AT&T'S incompetence and apparent indifference toward our need for reliable service. Nothing seems to have changed since the classic 1970's Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Lily Tomlin and ending with the tag line, "The Phone Company. We don't care. We don't have to."

I tried to order two more services with AT&T, however, I received an email informing me that the services were set up incorrectly by an employee named Joshua. Then I found out that my credit was illegally pulled without authorization. I spoke with a manager who told me she would contact Joshua's manager and she would also follow back up with me that following Monday. Neither manager called me back. I called back and spoke with someone who said they would write an internal email to have Joshua's manager email me. Again, I never heard back. I called back multiple times and got no resolved. I even spoke 10 people on three separate chats for over four hours just to be transferred back and forth to different departments people. I've wasted hours and hours AND had my credit pulled and my account set up incorrectly. I tried to rectify this informally multiple times but no one from AT&T will help me.

Two incidents: I recently called AT&T to upgrade a phone. We are grandfathered into the unlimited talk, text and data plan and want to keep it. I was transferred 3 times and kept on the phone for 40 minutes while the reps kept telling me they were trying, but the system wouldn't let them do it. I finally hung up. I will purchase the phone elsewhere (for less) and have them add my AT&T account.

My husband and I have auto pay for our AT&T bill and have not checked the bill for inaccuracies lately. Our fault for not being on top of it, but we feel the company also bears responsibility to be honest. However, we cancelled an iPad internet fee approximately a year ago and found out they are still charging us for it. When my husband mentioned the auto pay and not checking the bill each month (which we will certainly do now), the rep said, "That doesn't speak well for you, does it?" My husband asked to speak with a supervisor and the rep said that wouldn't do him any good. We were both appalled.

They refunded two months charges, although they had overcharged us for months. We are longtime AT&T customers, along with many members of our extended family. But, even if we were not, is this really the face AT&T wants to present to the public? We are researching other companies because apparently AT&T does not care about keeping our business.

My phone line went down a month ago. Since then, I have repeatedly tried to get a price quote from AT&T regarding what it would cost to fix my landline, as I know there is no dial tone coming from the NID phone box. They keep asking me to call them, but I can't because I have no phone line. So I've repeatedly explained this in chat with their customer service people. Every single one of their representatives makes false promises about how they will mark the complaint as "urgent" and their manager says they will refund the money, and they will email me the information, but these promises are intended simply to get rid of me and then they just ignore me like the conversation never happened. They figure if I can't call them to complain or cancel, then I have no option but to pay for phone service I can't use.

We are going into our second month with me paying for phone service I can't use since AT&T won't send me a quote to fix the phone line. Reading the other complaints, I see that if I could borrow a cell phone to call them, they would claim they couldn't give that info out because I'm calling from the wrong phone number! Naturally, as I seek another phone company in Fresno to switch phone service, I realize why I thought I was stuck with AT&T in the first place: apparently it's because I was. I can't seem to find another landline service, and none which will allow me to email them for a price quote to get my phone line fixed.

I had home phone service with AT&T and I DID call to disconnect the service and when the customer services put me on hold 4 mins and Mr (**) reps person answer, I feeling he do not want help. He just yelling to me even he DID not trying to ask me for reason why I am looking to cancel the service. He was very rude, unpolite. Anyway, I already cancelled this service.

I owned a company that went under a couple months ago. My cell bill was in excess of $400 because I had 5 phones on it with a high data plan. On top of that, I bought 3 iPhone 6's that were on payment plans so that's why my bill was so high. I called AT&T after calling back a month to ask for a month to pay it as my company close a couple months ago and I had been unemployed until recently. They said that the bill was a month overdue and the second month had just come out so I had to pay the $850 in full or have my service cut off. I couldn't pay it as I only had been working a week and tried to explain to the representative that I could pay off one month with my first check in a week and the next month 2 weeks after that. They said no, sorry.

The next day it came to me to lower my plan since they were going to cut it off anyway, to the lowest possible plan until I could pay it off. Long story short, my phone was already suspended, a call to AT&T customer service said I'd have to activate my phone in order to change my plan and in order to activate it, I'd have to pay the $850. I told the customer service rep "so... you're telling me that I have to pay for a suspended service with a high plan that I can't use or lower" and he said "yes ma'am". That's the thanks I got for being a long time customer with them. At this point, it will be cheaper to have it go to collections than it will be to pay the 400+ each month. I attached the last bill I paid November 2015. They suspended my account in January 2016.

As a business owner, almost every month I get a postcard from AT&T asking me to call and renew my discounts. I spend about 30-60 minutes a month on hold for them and listening to them try to sell me products I don't want. Then supposedly my discount is renewed. In January I received a bill for $111 instead of $74. I called in to complain and they promised to credit my next bill.

My next bill had no credit, so I called in and they said they couldn't credit it. I asked for a supervisor and they said one would call me within 48 hours. No one called within 48 hours. I called again and they told me they could not credit the discount because it was MCI and I never called in to renew my discount (Seriously, do I need to call twice a month?). When I tried to tell them that I was told that I would get a credit, the lady rudely told me that she was writing notes in my file that she told me three times that I could not get a discount. You'll never see anyone switch to THE COMPETITION so fast as I am doing this second.

After my elderly grandmother's AT&T bill more than doubled, I called to get a better rate. They were going to reconnect her home phone line to a landline. I made arrangements and paid for someone to sit and wait for them to come. They did not show. I called two days later to check on the work order, and they said they would just cut off the internet, since she didn't own a computer, and she would keep the modem and existing service the same for 1/2 the price. I agreed that would be best, and she would not be inconvenienced by someone coming to her house that she didn't know. She gets worried and a bit scared with strangers as she is aging.

Then, I get a call three days later saying that he had just left her house from reconnecting the landline. I was confused. That was not what they were supposed to do. He assured me she had phone service. My mom and I live three hours from her in another state. She is also a fall risk. She went all weekend not being able to call us. I was frustrated and upset. The answer I got from At&T when I called was they needed to call her and do a credit check on her to establish a new account. Both of her accounts were closed. WHAT?

This is obvious miscommunication with AT&T. This should NOT be my grandmother's fault in any way, but she is the one without a way to call us or for help GOD forbid anything happened to her. AT&T: Where is your common courtesy? I have made five phone calls on her behalf today alone. Sad that they could NOT make THEIR mistakes right. I asked when they could get someone out to her house after we created a new account. Their answer: Maybe by the end of the week. IT IS MONDAY! I will call someone else for this phone service that she has had for years. Not worth her LIFE!

On Jan. 11, 2016 I called to set up land line service for my elderly mother in an assisted living center. I was told by the center that AT&T handles the phone lines. I spoke to a Randall and the order was placed to be installed by Jan. 19th. On the 21st when she moved in the line was not working. My sister and I have been calling since the 22nd and gotten nothing but runarounds, long holds, disconnects and people in Pakistan. We have been lied to, promised callbacks that didn't happen. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was transferred around and the call was dropped.

Today I talked to a supervisor named Marcel ** in Miami, FL who assured me he would call me back to let me know when the service will be connected. He did call back and did not leave a message but did leave a phone # to his direct line that no one has picked up and the recording says the mailbox is full and there is no room for any messages. The people in the repair dept. say there is no mailbox. That is just a recording that they use to blow us customers off. I have now been given a new order # (that's #3) and am being told it will be hooked up by tomorrow at 6pm. If my mother could figure out how to use a cell phone I would tell AT&T to kiss my a.

No updates on ticket ** after 27 hours and a 72 hour outage on a business landline. My take on it is to drop AT&T completely. I am ready to get new iPhones with Verizon and another telco provider for the business landline. We don't need any more aggravation and obviously AT&T doesn't really give a crap. I am not overreacting, just suggesting a wiser solution all the way around. I'd be happy to pay another $300.00 to get away from the AT&T service that screws up all the time when we are adding international services, drops calls on the mobile, does not work from the house, and isn't responsive to business needs with landlines. Sounds like a wise and practical move to me for the long run.

A neighbor recently moved and I noticed an AT&T technician at their old residence for most of a weekend day at that location. Almost immediately following that sighting, my home phone or landline service became intermittent which progressed to no incoming or outgoing calls. When I called to open a trouble ticket, the odyssey of incompetence began. I was shuffled between depts. which none could get straight (because I called from a friend's cell) to report my problem.

I was told via automated robot that my line would be tested and the issue fixed. Except, an AT&T tech showed up 2 days later - and completely killed my service. No note stating who he was or why or explanation why he killed my service. I then began calling... only to get the Phone Whisperer who as it turns out, was GREAT at lip service. Too bad her skills couldn't translate to the capabilities of technicians. In the end, nothing was resolved easily...

We moved to rural southeast Oklahoma and are severely limited in the electronic service vendors we can utilize. As a result, AT&T is the only company we can use for landline phone services (cellular signals are not accessible in our metal building home). It took a full month to get a landline installed and then nearly another full month (with 3 service calls in the interim due to a faulty "temporary" installation which consisted of AT&T running our line across a pasture and not burying the cable initially). Every encounter I have dealt with on our AT&T service has been poor- from install to billing. Their customer service line is a joke and you will stay on the phone for 30+ minutes trying to resolve issues. I HATE AT&T AND AM FRUSTRATED.

AT&T has become legalized crime! I started with Pacific Bell in the 70s, and then they were acquired by SBC. In 2005 SBC bought AT&T who had acquired Air Touch cellular. The new giant Telco then began making changes to their operational procedures in order to increase revenues. I experienced bill increase after bill increase.

Illegal telemarketing calls from domestic and international scammers started coming to my phones to the tune of 8-12 per day. The increase was the result of cheap autodialers that could spoof Caller IDs. AT&T wanted to charge me even more to help rid me of the illegal calls. But what they offered wasn't capable of blocking spoofed numbers (the vast majority of junk calls today are spoofed). AT&T would not/will not allow Simultaneous Ring services on their non-VoIP landlines. This service is required in order to use Nomorobo, a free service that blocks illegal calls.

The real reason behind AT&Ts reluctance to help consumers deal with illegal calls is all about AT&T revenue. They charge DIP fees to the illegal callers, charge their customers fees for rudimentary blocking services, and only offer Simultaneous Ring services on their more expensive U-Verse VoIP telephone service. AT&T is no longer interested in providing customer care because they don't make money from that. Their policies and guidelines have been evolving so as to focus on revenue producing activities. They have had layoffs to trim their work force and lower operating costs. The layoffs hit many non-revenue producing areas such as customer service.

I switched to U-Verse and had my landline numbers transferred. The costs of my new services were higher than the cost of my previous landline services, and that was after their introductory discounts and lower rates for new U-Verse customers! But I had Simultaneous Ring enabled and signed up for Nomorobo immediately. Nomorobo works great for me.

Since transferring my services to U-Verse, I've had an ongoing issue with U-Verse billing. Unlike their older landline billing, U-Verse has reduced their billing cycle to what I believe constitutes an illegal and fraudulent financial system aimed at boosting revenues. All my other utility bills are payable in about 3 weeks. U-Verse wants payment in less than two weeks and charges late fees if they don't receive payment in that ridiculously short time. Plus what they are billing for is all about next month so we are paying them in advance. They want the float on our money for 30 days to help boost their revenues.

I regularly travel for business and am often out of town when their bill shows up. I had no problem with payment timing on their old landline service for many years. I have written them six letters about the U-Verse billing problem so far without a single response! That fact coupled with my experience dealing with customer care during installation of U-Verse (what a joke that was) has me convinced they do not wish to provide customer care services period. And as far as their paperless billing goes, I won't use their automatic billing because I don't trust them with my credit card. Why should I, they have a history of cheating me with overcharges.

Dealing with AT&T has become like dealing with the mafia. The mafia knows how to go about ripping people off using border-line legal methods. I'm convinced this new AT&T has been learning from the mafia! They have moved into the world of organized crime and use fraudulent practices to milk their customers and keep growing their revenues. It's downhill from here folks! I'm not taking anymore poor customer care and over priced services from these crooks. My initial one year of U-Verse service ends this month and, after nearly 40 years of business with AT&T companies, I will be switching to a different service provider.

My Mother's phone went dead on Saturday October 24, 2015. She lives alone and has no cell phone. She had to go to a neighbor's house on Monday 10/26 and call At&t for help. They said they would be out on Wednesday 10/28 between 8am and 8pm. Wednesday came and went, no At&t. Thursday came and went, no sign of them. On Friday I called At&t and got a nice guy who put me through to another section who were suppose to expedite this issue. They said that At&t would be out the next day, Saturday 10/31. They did not show. I called again on Saturday about 5:30pm. Had to stay on hold for an hour. I think they were trying to wait me out until I hung up, but not me. I spoke with a woman who called herself Nina. She said that they should be out on Sunday 11/1. They did not show. Today is Tuesday 11/3/2015, my 85 year old Mother who lives by herself with no way to contact any emergency service is still without a phone.

I am going to drive there today and be there when Suddenlink comes out on Wednesday to hook up her new Phone service. It is going to be 40.00 dollars cheaper than At&t and long distance is included. Mother was paying At&t for the "privilege" to have the opportunity to use their long distance service. We will port her number over so she doesn't have to deal with a new number. She already uses Suddenlink cable and is pleased with them. As for At&t, your company is going down hill. In Texas, phone company's do not have to maintain the phone infrastructure any more, and At&t is living up to that. The phone utility infrastructure is going down, just like At&t. You are the worst and may you have to deal with the same frustration that my Mother has had to deal with.

AT&T makes it virtually impossible to speak with a human being about solving a problem. Either they put through an endless serious of mind-numbing computer speak contacts or their offices are closed, or the wait time equals infinity. For me, they are at the top of the list of most hated companies.

When I got my cell phone from AT&T, I also ordered a landline for my home. However, I told them I would be moving in a month or so, therefore wanted to wait for it to be activated at my new residence. Well guess what? They activated it that same day and a few weeks later I received a bill. Then the fun started. I could not get any help from AT&T. The cellular store said they had no jurisdiction over the landline department and when I finally found a LL person to talk to the said, basically "prove it". I told them to check...that there no calls made from that number - that should prove something.. The reply: "you still have to pay for it". It's been 2 years now and collection agency still calls every day.

I have been trying to pay a bill with AT&T. I moved to Western Kansas and am trying to have a business line. When I moved here I had to establish phone service and in the local community I had Pioneer Communications and have had nothing but good service from them. I tried to establish a business in Western Kansas and found the office space in Sublette. I was told that I would have to have AT&T service and I about have a stroke. I have to deal with AT&T for over 20 years. When I lived in Alabama, BellSouth was changed to AT&T. They quoted me one rate and charged me another rate. After 11 years in Alabama, I moved to Iowa and once again they quoted me a rate and charge me another rate. I said I would never again use them. Then I moved to Western Kansas and I was stuck with using them.

Trying to get everything established has been a nightmare. First of all, when I tried to set up service they told me to go to the AT&T store in Great Bend, Kansas. I asked how long they were open and they stated that they would be open until 8 PM so I stated that I would be there by 5 pm. I drove to Great Bend and was there a little before 7 only to be told that the business department that handles this closed at 5 pm. So I had to come back tomorrow. I finally thought that this was established. Only to find out when I needed to pay the bill that there need to be an online account set up. I had to leave my house and go to the office to get the account number with a 3 digit code after the phone number. So I did that and called AT&T back at the number that was given to me only to find out that I needed another code to register to pay online.

I finally got a person who would email me that number and finally got registered. (This all took almost 4 hours!) I started before 8 am and it is now noon. I never have dealt with so many rude people. When you called to US number they would say they were in Manila, Philippines. When you asked for someone in the US, they gave you to another person who sounded like the Philippines although they said that they were in Phoenix, Oklahoma, or Kansas City even though they all sound the same and don't understand proper English! Now I think that I will look into Vonage! It really seems like AT&T has gotten worse over the years. I don't know what the world will be like in a few years.

I needed to set up a utility service to register my children for school. Since AT&T had already been installed in the residence the lines were all there so set up should have been easy. I was told a confirmation email would be sent. Although they had my email address I never received an email (I know how to check all of my folders). I phoned up to ask another email be sent to me. "We only send one email, sorry we can't send another". I wanted to register for my bill online. "We don't allow you to do that till the next billing period." So I wait 2 weeks and go to register online and you need a voice mail service to register the account, you can't send it to your cell phone, you can't send it to your email and you cannot phone and ask anyone to help you with online registration "for your own security". These people can access my SS number, home address, cell phone and email but won't allow me to register to pay online or over the phone.

The phone line they set up is not working. I cannot receive incoming calls on the line and now I have to wait another 5-7 days to get a code to register online in the mail. I will never again do business with this company and will be canceling the service as soon as my children are registered for school. The customer service was terrible. "Sorry, I can't help you with that" was the most common comment, not one person actually attempted to help me. In all my years of setting up utility services (almost 20) I have never had so much trouble trying to get my bill! Never again. I will never do business with this company and advise everyone else to avoid them like the plague also.

In early July, I called AT&T to change from Charter Internet to U-verse. I spoke with a representative who gave me a price of $61.95 monthly with nothing due at the time of install because I had been an AT&T customer for so long. He said they would come install the following Saturday (keep in mind I was speaking with them on a Thursday). No call, no email, no install... The following week I called back and spoke with Ferdy and was told there was no install scheduled and I would need to pay a 99.95 installation fee and service would be installed on 7/13 between 1 and 3. Uh, NO.

Finally got installation completed and paid nothing after a lot of complaining on 7/17. Called back to make sure my billing was correct and would still be combined billing. Spoke with Alyssa and found out I had been given a new phone number. Excuse me? I was never given another phone number. She said the first agent (the one who gave me an install date of two days from order date and said no install fee) had not transferred my number and I had been assigned a new number (I work from home so it's important I have a landline). I was without a phone for 4 days and didn't even know. If I wanted to get my phone # changed back, it would be approximately 3 weeks before they could send someone out and they would charge me another $99.95 for their mistake.

Fast forward. I get the final bill and pay it on 8/3. The payment cleared my account on 8/6. I get another bill and just thought it was my cell phone bill and pay it on 8/23. Said payment clears my account on 8/26. I verified this with my bank. I got another bill today, past due. I call and they have no record of any payment being made one account since July. Transferred 3 times and wound up in the collections department. AT&T currently has $327 of my money and they are collecting me! At this point they need to speak with my collections department. I am very dissatisfied with AT&T at this time. I even completed their survey. A lot of good that did!

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AT&T is a publically traded company with headquarters in Dallas. The company has 140-year history in the communications industry. Today, it offers home phone, cellular, Internet and television services. Consumers who bundle two or more services receive discounts.

  • U-verse Voice: Consumers in select locations can subscribe to U-verse Voice, a digital home phone service that makes calls using an Internet connection. The service is available in over 20 states.
  • Traditional service: AT&T offers traditional landlines in most locations throughout the United States. Options include local and nationwide plans. Rates vary by location.
  • Extra features: Customers can add several features to their phone service, including three-way calling, call forwarding, selective call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID and more. Some plans include these features in the monthly fee.
  • Online support: AT&T customers can visit the Support section of AT&T’s website to learn about using the features associated with their landline. They can also schedule service and installation online.
  • International calling: International calling can be added to any plan for a monthly fee. Interested consumers can visit AT&T’s website to see per-minute rates for international plans.
  • Best for AT&T Home Phone is best for anyone who wants a traditional landline and is looking for a variety of additional features.

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