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When I call hold times not too long. They able answer my questions. They are friendly. I have no big issues with them. The application was not too complicated to fill out. Nothing confused me or caused me to stop filling it out. Their rates and terms were right in line with other companies. I did not pay anything more with them than I would have going through a bank or other organization.

There was minimal automated services. It was easy and fast to speak with a representative. They were really friendly and extremely helpful in resolving the issue. The application process was very thorough. It was not too difficult to fill out and the employees were more than willing to assist me if I had any questions completing it. The company went over the terms. They were very agreeable. There were no hidden or surprising things hiding in the text. The terms were an easy process to complete. The online tools were very handy. Anything that I needed to complete a task was readily available. They were easy to locate and utilize when needed.

It was pretty helpful. I talked to one guy and he helped me through everything with ease. The only problem was that I came in too early. The application process was relatively simple. It asked for a number of financials, which I was able to provide with little trouble. Overall very good. I was pleased with the good rates they offered. Terms and conditions were fine, although I think it was mostly standard. Overall pretty good. The online tools are very helpful. I can do everything I need to do online as opposed to calling someone. This is a key feature I enjoy using.

I was having a very difficult time and was getting worried so I called them and they sat on the phone with me until we got the problem resolved. It was great, Didn't take long. Straightforward questions they ask you and try to match you with the best possible experience, and they sit right there with you and are as helpful as can be to make sure that your experience was very happy. Rates and terms are pretty good because they try to get you matched up to how much you're making per year so that your rates don't increase and wind up backing too much out of pocket.

Most loan companies just want your business and don't care how they get it, but not this company. This company goes above and beyond to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with them and everything that they do. A lot of application processes can actually take you a couple of days to complete because they ask for all kinds of things that you wouldn't even think to bring with you or dig out of your files, but their process was very easy and simple to complete. Some, not all have hidden rates and terms that you are not aware of until they hit you with them. Not this company. Everything, including the fine print that most do not read, is explained in full to you before you sign anything. Some companies’ sites have online tools that seem to be "jumbled" and you are just not sure what to click on or where to go, but the company I used has very simple laid out online tools. You know exactly where to click.

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Very professional and easy to work with. I developed a relationship with one of the customer service reps. Always helpful and gave me plenty of advice during my new business venture. Easy and easy to process. They made working with them a joy. Maybe a bit time consuming yet very professional at all times. Didn't understand some items and they fixed the problems with ease. I was lucky. The rates were very high and tried to rip me off but I was desperate and had no other options. What can you do. However it made me happy to get the loan for my new start up magazine and publishing and communication business in New York City. Very easy and they had not only online tools but a helpful iPhone application for smartphone.

Even though I didn't qualify they were nice about it. They tried to help me with other options. They told me other companies and processed loan application quickly. The application process was fast. I had to fill out a five-page packet including all information. They were quick to process and make decision. The rates and terms were easy to understand if approved. Their payments would be affordable yet quick to pay back. They also would work with you. The online tools didn't help explain anything. It was more helpful to talk to them on phone or in person. When you searched the online tools it didn't give you the necessary information.

The customer support representative was kind, courteous and extremely helpful. I was assisted in a kind professional manner. Any problem I experienced was handled with quick and efficient resolution. The application was easy, yet thorough. All of the questions were straightforward and the information needed was easy to provide. There wasn't any part that was difficult to interpret. The rates were as promised and expected. The terms were as discussed. I recommend talking to Bob if at all possible. He was a tremendous help with providing me the rates and terms that I wanted. The online tools were quite easy to use. Everything was conveniently accessible and simple to find. Navigating the online tools was also very easy.

The customer support was great. The person helped me out and got me where and what I needed. Thank you SmartBiz, you're the greatest. You should use it too. The application process was the easiest I have ever done. Don't get me wrong now. It was hard at first until the customer service came to the rescue. The rested were fair. For the price of the rate, the service was awesome and you would really like to get SmartBiz. The online tools were really helpful.

They were not always the fastest at replying, but always gave an answer in a reasonable amount of time. So, when I would try and contact them, they would generally take up to 2 weeks to respond which was quite annoying, but other times they could get back to me the same day which was fantastic! Considering how it could've been, I am very happy and would certainly do it again. To be honest I did not know that much going in and so their background knowledge of the process really helped me.

While I would say that today I could go back and probably get a slightly better price, or at least a lower interest rate, I am very happy in the quality of my loan and the way they treated me and helped me not only to understand my loan but in times where I was not sure I would be able to pay on time. If you need any help, just go online and they will help get you all the answers you need by having an array of tools and personnel to help you if you are lost or just misguided.

Their customer support is very helpful as they are attentive to my needs when I need a loan. They are always focused and they are always courteous. The application process isn't tedious whatsoever making me very satisfied. I am happy to be using their service because they met my needs and expectations. The rates and terms experience is reasonable and practical. I am satisfied with them as the rates are not too high and the terms are reasonable as well. Online tools are very useful and I had no problem navigating through the website. The tools were helpful and they are easy to use that almost everyone can understand it as it isn't that complex.

I feel like this company was like other ones, just doing their job. Have met some representatives that were outstanding and very helpful while I needed the help. The application was self explanatory. It even had links to areas that had answers or examples I should say that you needed help on. The results and rates and terms just helped me understand the reason why or why not basically. It was too self explanatory. The tools were so great. I appreciated them as I was applying online. The tools were there for great use to me and I enjoyed that very much so.

They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They were able to answer every question I had with confidence. The application process was very simple and straightforward. Yes it was long, but that is expected when you're applying for a loan. All in all, it was a fine experience. The rates and fees given by this lender were fair. They weren't so low as to make you wonder if they were on the up and up, but not too high to make you not want to work with them. It was very easy to get online and research anything you needed to - current balance, making payments, etc.

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Barbara FriedbergPersonal Finance Contributing Editor

Barbara Friedberg, MBA, MS is a former investment portfolio manager with decades of financial experience. Friedberg taught Finance and Investments at several universities. Her work has been featured in U.S. News & World Report, Investopedia, Yahoo!Finance and many more publications.    More about Barbara→

SmartBiz is headquartered in San Francisco. The company was founded in 2008 to help businesses secure small business loans.

  • SBA loans: SmartBiz structures their website and application process to simplify the process of applying for an SBA 7(a) guaranteed loan. The company works with SBA lenders to help small business owners find the best choice for their business. If a business does not qualify for an SBA 7(a) loan guarantee, SmartBiz can help the owner find another financing option.
  • Quick pre-approval: Interested customers can fill out an online application to be pre-approved for a loan. This process takes less than five minutes and will not impact their credit score. They should note that the pre-approval and application processes are different.
  • Time to funding: Business owners can receive funds as soon as one week after their application is approved. For many customers, the entire process, from applying to receiving funds, takes about two weeks.
  • Success stories: SmartBiz’s website features the stories of their successful clients, so interested consumers can see how other business owners benefited from a loan.
  • Blog: Regular posts on SmartBiz’s blog are useful and informative for all business owners. Topics include understanding a credit score, office decoration and insurance. They also post tips about small business loans, legal matters and hiring practices.
  • Best for SmartBiz caters to business owners interested in securing an SBA guaranteed loan between $30,000 and $350,000.

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