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Overall Rating3.8 out of 5
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About Kabbage Reviews

Kabbage funding provides small businesses with short-term loans and lines of credit. Kabbage loans are available in six-, 12- and 18-month installments. If you choose a Kabbage line of credit, you could be approved for up to $150,000. There’s no obligation to use the entire amount, and you don’t pay anything until you withdraw money.

Pros & Cons


  • No credit score necessary
  • Quick loans
  • Transparent about fees


  • No long-term options
  • Front-loaded payment plan

Bottom Line

Kabbage provides businesses with fast loans and lines of credit. The speed comes with some high fees, but its loan calculator lets you see the costs upfront. The company approves lines of credit up to $150,000.

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Kabbage Reviews

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Reviewed Nov. 17, 2021

Kabbage/K Servicing has refused to allow me to apply for forgiveness. They have trained their employees to lie and mislead me. I have been waiting 80 plus days for link for forgiveness. They keep lying and telling me it will be soon.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Oct. 21, 2021

Updated on 2/25/2022: After months of calls and emails, Kabbage still freezes my bank account. Even after I called in and asked to close my account, they put my request on hold for 5 months. If you are on the same boat, send an email to American Express Corporate Office and ask them to Intervene. You can find their contact information in Google. It appears that the Corporate office filed an official complaint on my behalf. Finally, a representative called me and offered a solution to withdraw funds. Still, they refuse to unfreeze my account. Kabbage is not an ethical bank. They baited people to sign up for an account and then keep soliciting you to get loans. They allow you to transfer funds in then hold your funds hostage. I hope American Express take Consumer Affairs feedback into heart and get a grip on this bank.

Updated on 11/30/2021: AVOID AVOID AVOID! Please take the negative reviews in heart before you do business with this bank. Some had good luck with this company but most are frustrated like me. Opening a business checking was easy but unlock it is impossible. After numerous calls and emails, my account is still locked. Even after I have uploaded all the docs they required, no response, no unlocking. Imagine if you need these funds to run your business. They will swiftly ruin everything for you.

Don't even bother to call them. Send an attorney letter instead. Wait time on phone is nearly an hour and they'll hang up on you in the middle of a conversation. It's unbelievable American Express would acquire such a company. We are sending an attorney letter to AXP Headquarter, to ask for help and intervention. Banks like Kabbage should not be in business. They are incorporated to create frustration, agony, and anxiety for customers.

Original Review: I should have read reviews here before opened the account with Kabbage Business Checking. 3 days after account opening, they locked my account without any notification. After two lengthy calls, they say it'll take 5-7 days to unlock. Meanwhile, I have transferred funds in from my other bank, not a small amount. That fund is nowhere to find. I am contacting my attorney to prepare for a lawsuit if they can't reverse the transfer. A complete waster of time, money, and energy. Don't do business with Kabbage! They brand themselves as American Express but the customer service is completely lacking and they behave like scammer. They are going to ruin the reputation of American Express. Take actions to protect your name and customers, AXP!

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Customer Service

Reviewed Oct. 12, 2021

My account has been locked and payments started being declined. After 2 emails without any reply and 2 phone calls, a week later I got hold with someone that said they would contact me within 3 business days! Meanwhile, I have no access to my account and had to direct the payments to another account to avoid them to be declined. Very bad customer service.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Aug. 26, 2021

I was trying to open an account and but they transferred the fund before I open the account. Now they won't open my account. Neither would reverse the transfer of my fund. I have been trying to get the fund back to my account from last one month. Imagine how many times have they made me say my name address phone social and is still making me say it. STAY AWAY..

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Aug. 26, 2021

I lost my job due to COVID and has my husband's application set up with my work email. I confirmed I changed the email before our company closed. However, Kabbage would not update it, despite the confirmation. I have been trying since MARCH 2021 to log in to my account. I have spent about 24 total hours on the phone with their incompetent reps to get my account access back. All have told me to send an email from the account I do not have access to anymore. I have had an attorney call and they had all of us on the phone and they said to send an email from my personal email to request the change. I did immediately and kept them on the phone while sending so they can confirm. They confirmed via phone AND email. I then received an email saying they were waiting on my email. What?

I resent their confirmation and no one replied. I have filed a BBB report and they state they are waiting on my email. I replied with the email and no reply again. Every time I call, it is the most painful experience and I am certain jumping off the Eiffel tower would be less painful. I called SBA to ask what to do, they suggested I manually send the Forgiveness app in, which I did. Never received the certified receipt back and K Servicing said they never got it. My PPP Loan is due tomorrow and I plan on suing this company.

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Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

Reviewed June 21, 2021

We received our PPP loan without issues. We have had nothing but nightmares and issues submitting our Loan Forgiveness Application. We submitted everything full 5 mos ago - and keep checking on it every 2 weeks. After being on the phone for 2 hours today - were told they have No PLATFORM to accept online applications. SO NO RUNNING SOFTWARE. Our original application from 5 mos ago is now NULL and VOID - as the SBA changed laws so now because they NEVER reviewed the application that one is useless and we need to resubmit - which we CAN'T BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO SOFTWARE or PLATFORM up and don't know when it will be up. Although, the website says you need to submit by mid July or payments are due.

CAN'T SPEAK TO ANYONE IN THE US, only India or the Philippines. THEY HAVE NO INFORMATION, can't say when their platform/software will be up. You can't submit anything on paper - only online - which of course is not up and no information on when their new system will be up. THEY ARE A JOKE - DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH A FINANCIAL COMPANY THAT HAS NO INFORMATION, NO ANSWERS, etc. I am to the point where I feel it is a complete SCAM. Go elsewhere - our Bank recommended them and was the only lender they recommended and had their link on their website. I thought all was good since CenterState Bank (now SouthState used them and pushed us to go thru them). WRONG....

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Reviewed June 21, 2021

Got my first line of credit with Kabbage 2018, they were a great company until bought by American Express. I repaid back 10 loans in the time of 2018-COVID when they out of nowhere cut every clients funding. Even through COVID we never missed a payment and with a 750 Fico and 40-50k a month revenue coming in was denied funding when they finally reestablished. American Express should be ashamed of themselves for treating small businesses this way. Find box was able to get the job done for anyone looking.

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Reviewed May 31, 2021

THE WORST COMPANY EVER, On May 26th 2021, I received an invitation that "KABBAGE FUNDING IS BACK" and to re-log into my account. It must be noted that during COVID-19 at a time businesses were struggling to stay afloat, KABBAGE cut everyone's funding and left everyone to fend for themselves. Fortunately for us, our business survived and has remained viable with no slowing down. KABBAGE seems to be at it again with dim tacts, they were unable to explain why I was denied funding with a FICO Score of 779 and Cash Flow of average $20,000/month and over $100,000 cash reserves in our company bank accounts. The CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE and lack communication skills. They have failed to address our concerns for Fair Credit Practices and have yet to communicate back after multiple emails to their upper management. Point is, THEY DO NOT CARE! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

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Reviewed April 22, 2021

We applied for a PPP loan. Their software for the application was not impressive but it eventually worked. We got the loan. However, applying for forgiveness is a nightmare. I applied 3 month ago and can get no response from them on the status of the application. Customer service is terrible. They just keep say that I need to be patient and wait for a response. I know many banks are currently processing forgiveness applications. I don't know what is taking them so long and they will provide no timeline for when I might get a response. My advice is to use another bank. I will never do business with them again.

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Reviewed April 6, 2021

My organization received a PPP loan from Kabbage in 2020, which was then moved to K Servicing. I submitted the loan forgiveness application materials in December 2020 and was asked to sign the loan forgiveness documents on January 11, 2021. At that time I got an error notification saying I could not sign the documents due to an error, and I followed up with them immediately to try and resolve it. That is the last time I have had any information on my application, except to know that it has not been submitted to the SBA in the 3 months since I tried to submit to K Servicing.

When I have been able to get through via the phone, I am given little to no information and told to just wait. I have been told several times that the issue has been “escalated” or that they will try to “push it through manually," but I have never received any follow up of any kind. And each time I call, they have no information on what the last person told me or what has happened with the escalation team. It's an endless loop of poor customer service.

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Reviewed March 23, 2021

I am the owner of two small businesses, which are both sole proprietors going under my ss #. Both businesses are on my 2019 taxes and back in July 2020 when I was applying for my first PPP loan for business A Kabbage told me to do them separately. At the time business B was still doing ok and no one had an idea that a year later we would still have restrictions on businesses. I chose to only apply for business A. Now roll forward to Feb 2020. I tried to apply for both business A and B and I was told that I cannot do them separately.

It took me 2 months to get a straight answer from SBA. They told me Kabbage/KServicing is the only company that can fix this. All they have to do is call the SBA and no one at that company will do it for me. I have reached out to Rob ** the owner and other upper executives with no answer. Support has no clue what I am talking about. When you ask to speak to a manager you get put on a continuous hold. KServicing they just opened up with no email addresses, you can't find them on Linkedin. There is ZERO support. I need someone that has a clue at that company to give me call.

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Reviewed March 15, 2021

I applied for my second draw for PPP with Kabbage. My accountant said we more than fit the criteria for a second draw. I have been checking regularly for its approval. One day about 10 days ago I got an email saying that I had withdrawn my own application. I called immediately to say I had not and was assured that it was an error and would be fixed. I was told this email was sent by accident to many people. When in the following days my dashboard continued to say my loan was withdrawn, I called each day and was told on multiple occasions the loan was still active and no problems.

I followed up again today and was told by the same woman I spoke to on Friday (who had assured me all was good) that my loan had not been approved and to apply elsewhere. I asked why. She was unable to give me a reason. I asked to speak with a supervisor, she said there were none available. I asked what day the decision was made. She said the decision was made 10 days ago. Wasted my time. I will not forget this Kabbage.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Feb. 27, 2021

Hi, I applied for PPP loan with Kabbage for 1st draw back in July 20. Chase was my bank and they sent my loan back to Kabbage. I showed Chase bank all documentation of loan approval and my business information and they still returned the check. Chase closed my account so no other funds would go into the account. I contacted Kabbage about resending the loan and supplied them all the necessary information to have the loan resent. I opened a new account at Prosperity and gave them the information to deposit to the new account. Kabbage never changed the account information and I never received the loan. I called them for months and never got any help.

Now 2nd draw is available and I applied and was approved. KServicing is now processing for Kabbage and They sent the loan to the Chase account which has been closed. I have spoken to several different representatives and sent over the requested bank information and they said they would change on the backend and send both loans to me. As of Friday, February 26th no response to when I will receive the approved loans. Please help, I have been approved TWICE and still have not received business funding!!!!

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Reviewed Feb. 24, 2021

I applied for second round of PPP. I was denied, now they are holding me hostage as they won’t withdrawal my application. Which means I can’t apply anywhere else. Poor customer service, they put you on hold only to be disconnected after being on hold forever. This company is horrible!

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Reviewed Feb. 18, 2021

I received my 1st PPP loan through Kabbage. They had all of my info. Then the 2nd round they asked for all of these crazy verification documents which I successfully submitted, AFTER they had already provided an approval notice. I just received a message saying my approval expired because I didn’t accept it. They may have lost me an opportunity to receive PPP funding when I need and deserve it as a legitimate business. Do not work with Kabbage! I will be pursuing legal counsel to bring their unprofessional and unjust business practices to light.

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Reviewed Feb. 17, 2021

Beyond bad service, it is clear they are out for themselves. I was approved for the PPP on the first go around. Then I got an email stating they withdrew my account, okay will I thought I missed out due to the timeline ran out. Now the program is open again and I applied with a different company and come to find out SBA is saying that they cannot approve me with the new company due to they the SBA already has a loan approved for me. Well to my surprise I was like ummm they withdrew it now they will not release it so I can use the new company.

I put in a ticket that took me two days of calling to get a live person. They said it would take 72 hours to get resolved. NO DICE. I have not hear from them. It is now the 17th. They still have no answers, plus the person on the other end has NO UNDERSTANDING OF BASIC ENGLISH. Are you kidding me right now, I went last year 8.5 months with no pay, I have gotten no pay this year and I cannot even get any help that the USA is "offering!?" So is this a joke and the US Government is putting on like they are helping us small business owners to make themselves look better than they have. Typical they will not be happy until 30% of the people lose everything.

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Reviewed Feb. 16, 2021

The first round of PPP loan; everything went well but with the 2nd..this ishhhh sucked. The customer service ain’t no help and every one always have something diff to say. I changed my bank and submitted all of the documents that they needed and it’s been over 2 weeks and still no update or money. I asked to speak to account services myself and they say, they have no extension to be transferred over to but they’ll submit a ticket for them to review. Y’all been reviewing for the past 2-3 weeks and still nothing. This the worst company ever, I should of went with someone else! This pisses me off. I still don’t have an answer on where are my funds...

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2021

I applied for both first and second draw with Kabbage. Approved for the first draw, currently waiting on a decision for the second. I also applied for the loan forgiveness as Kabbage made it available on their site. Kabbage makes the process easy and relatively quick. They helped my business immensely and I greatly appreciate it.

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2021

Joined Consumer Affairs just to right this. Used Kabbage for the first PPP loan and total nightmare as communication was totally nonexistent. They do not answer phones, they do not reply to emails and everything eventually happens without any notice. I just went on-line to check on status after submitting everything twice over a month for the 2nd PPP and got a notice on their site after logging in they were not servicing my 2nd PPP loan, even though originally their instructions were they would service 2nd PPP loans from the 1st PPP applicants.

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Reviewed Feb. 7, 2021

Kabbage represents themselves as a SBA lender for PPP Loan to businesses. I received the amount of $14,316.00 from them on May 08, 2020. When it comes to PPP forgiveness they have no clue what is going on. When you call you will talk with a customer service agent who has no knowledge of the PPP process. If you have not gotten a loan from them I advise you to stay FAR FAR AWAY!. They now are demanding a $967.25 payment due Mar 07, 2021. I have detailed what happen below.

Dec 01, 2020 I applied for loan forgiveness provided by K-Servicing/Kabbage Inc.

• Dec 01, 2020 I uploaded payroll documents(Payroll Service ADP) first time.

Dec 10, 2020 I received an email from Kabbage stating that there was missing documentation.
“To verify your payroll costs during the covered period”.

• December 10, I uploaded payroll documents (Payroll Service ADP) for the second time.

December 22, I received email again "To verify your payroll costs during covered period"
• December 22, I called the phone number listed in email. 888-351-3143. I spoke with their customer service agent who could not find my payroll documents in my portal.

• While we were on the phone, I uploaded payroll documents for the third time. She assured me that she had received the missing information.

December 28 I received email from Kabbage: "Unfortunately your application was declined for the following reason(s):"
“Unable to verify your submitted forgiveness amount and/or documents”.

• December 28, I have emailed and called them ever since trying to find out what is the problem with my documents. I have tried to resolve this but no one seems to know what documents need verifying. No one answers any of my emails asking for explanation and when I called the customer service they had no understanding of what is missing or not verifiable. She put me on hold for 5-10 minutes to speak with her superior. When she came back to the phone she told me the only thing they could recommend is to send my application on to the SBA. Kabbage is recommending that the SBA should deny my forgiveness. They have not worked with me at all to find out what the problem is and now are demanding payments of $967.25 beginning Mar 07, 2020.

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Reviewed Jan. 25, 2021

After several years with Kabbage the ripoff loan company, they abandoned me as a customer stating that they will not allow any more loans on your line of credit. They control when and why you get the money and how much to pay back. They also control if they want to continue allowing you to use your line of credit they can turn it off anytime. I have never been late even doing the pandemic, but they would not open up to allow funds that can help your business which is why you have the account to have a line of credit when you need it.

Not to have the company (Kabbage) abandoned you as a customer and say because of the pandemic we are not giving out any loans, but they will do the PPP for you which I did not do with them (Thank God). I have just made my final payment with them and I am so happy. They give you a loan and they want it back in 6 months to a year which makes your payments very high. If you can go somewhere else please do so that includes PPP loans.

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2021

No one answers phone calls or emails for past several business days, not good considering they only give you 10 business days to respond to their requests. Not using them again. Stay local, deal with a lender in your town.

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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2020

Used Kabbage for years. Good business model. Then corona and bottom falls out for kabbage and their credit source Celtic. Now they want same amount per month with no replenishment. Major lawsuit soon.

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Reviewed Sept. 11, 2020

As so many others wrote their PPP loan application customer service was nonexistent, they didn't approve, although I was clearly eligible, called them many times and emailed them, never got through to a human until today, when I suddenly received a humans email response more than a month after the PPP loan deadline. They shouldn't have offered this service, if they can't deal with it and don't have any customer service, companies were relying on them and lost out by being told that the loans weren't going through after PPP application deadline, we could have applied with other banks, who would have communicated with us. Shame on Kabbage, they are a group of incompetents and frauds!!! Wasting people's time and misleading them. They owe apologies to hundreds of small businesses, however, their apologies won't help at all.

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Reviewed Sept. 8, 2020

PPP Loan: I have spoken to several banking regulators and started to communicate with elected officials to crack down on groups like Kabbage. They accepted my application and stated on their website that apps received by midnight on the 5th would met their deadline. Long story short; they took in a bunch of applications and led borrowers to believe they were working on the loans. They never processed them in time to submit to the SBA and small businesses were left without their PPP. If you want to know about this company all you need to know is their APR on small business loans on EBA at one time were over 60%. I believe they couldn't care 1% about a client or what they do to small businesses and they should not be in business.

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Reviewed Aug. 28, 2020

My experience with this company is like a nightmare. IDK what else to do in order to change banking info. They need a voided check, no problem. After I get voided check the agent Promises me everything is taken care of and bank info is up to date. This is on 08/22/2020. The very next evening I get a notification to my email stating now they need past 3 banking statements & tax return. Ok, no problem. I send that to them 08/27/2020. My problem is still not fixed after all info I provided. The best thing I can say about agents I spoke with is they all are polite but don’t think they won’t lie to you just to get you off the phone. It says their customers service open time is 9 am - 9 pm but they do not answer the phones, at 4:30 pm you can no longer get someone to pick up.

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Reviewed Aug. 27, 2020

We applied for a PPP loan before the deadline in early August. According to Kabbage these loans are all that they are doing at this time. We provided required documentation and bank sync and we were emailed within 48 hours that our loan was approved and then... crickets. After a week, spent lots of time and energy trying to follow up with them. Email approach is worthless. Can’t say how many times I was bumped off the phone before I finally reached a person. Was told they needed additional info, which I sent and... crickets. Same drill a week later. Finally reached a person and was told we had been declined? Would not give reason.

A week later get an email saying we had been declined because they couldn’t verify information plus a time limit had expired anyway. Very impersonal, poor customer service, no consultation with any kind of loan officer to discuss the information sent. Mixed messages without any explanations. It was a mistake to use Kabbage and I would discourage others from making the same mistake.

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Reviewed Aug. 25, 2020

The process was flawed from the start. As I attempted to complete the application, I got to a point that it wouldn't let me move forward any further. I tried to click back and it would not allow this. I attempted to contact customer service, calling numerous (>8) times and waiting on hold but then their phone system would hang up on me. I emailed but it said the reply (which never came) would be in several days, after the application deadline, so I created a new account and restarted the application varying my email and details. I completed this successfully and was told that I was tentatively approved for a certain amount but that they needed my tax returns and my bank account information.

I submitted them and saved, planning on submitting one more document regarding payment to independent contractor but it wouldn't let me, so I emailed them letting them know this. Never heard anything back, yet again. Then a 2 weeks later a got an email saying I was denied because they could not verify my information. They never emailed prior to this to try, never contacted for any reason. I had however received an email saying they were being acquired by American Express at this very busy time when they are clearly unable to manage their workload. I have now missed the deadline for this loan which is devastating during an unprecedented time like this. This company should be avoided.

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Reviewed Aug. 25, 2020

Kabbage is the worse place to apply for the PPP loan. Not only they are so unprofessional, they don’t answer phone calls when you need help. I applied for the loan and I got approved. They sent the money through my checking account and my bank rejected it. Kabbage requested so many extra documents which I sent to them and they still cancel the loan saying that they didn’t receive all of the required documents which is not true. I will be reporting them to proper authorities for them to be investigated for being prejudices against small business owners. I would not recommend them to anyone.

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Reviewed Aug. 22, 2020

I was approved for a PPP loan through Kabbage. The initial process went quick. 7 days and they were depositing the money. $17K. ... Then the wheels fell off. I use online banking which is incompatible with Kabbage. I was not warned. The deposit was returned by the bank because it did not have my name on it (according to the bank). Kabbage called it an improper account and demanded full tax returns, utility bills, Bank letters, etc. All of which I provided. My loan then entered manual review mode for 27days where it had to manually reviewed to add the new account they had me open at the "proper" bank. There are no updates for this on the dashboard. It just shows my loan with the grace period ticking away and I haven't seen a dime of it. Daily calls go like this.., 7-8 times into a queue that hangs up on you after 15 minutes and makes you start over again.

It has now been 30 days since my loan was initially deposited. Still haven't seen any money even though I am on the hook for the $17K and have missed 30 days of the grace period,. Daily calls are faster now since PPP closed. They tell me nothing but to watch my dashboard... Manual reviewers cannot be contacted via any means you see. I have been told for two weeks daily that I am the highest priority. I am supposed to be watching my dashboard and waiting for micro deposits now I guess.,. I get told one day it's in disbursement then told it is in review the next day.

I do call daily still though.. Just marvel at the lack of concern. Be warned about online banking and PPP disbursements.. Kabbage says it's a lack of ability to take ETF payments but my bank says the problem is they put numbers on the name of the deposit instead of my name. I don't know but it doesn't work and they have a special kind of limbo for you if this happens. I challenge anyone to show me another way to contact Kabbage than that one phone number or a way to speak to a manager. I have tried for hours... Days to talk to some who can do something about my situation..

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