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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Mercedes c230?
    • 4,460,553 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed May 17, 2016

    Accurate descriptions of my concerns with a Mercedes C230 sport built in 2007 is very very difficult to express here. My C230 has 55,000 miles on it. At the last front end alignment, the mechanic said that the car is at its extreme limits of adjustment and that was with 22500 miles on it. I am blessed enough to be able to perform the oil changes. They are extremely difficult one compared to my other six automobiles. The cost is 2-3x what it takes to do my other cars. Access to parts for maintenance purposes is ridiculous.

    I believe that the technology in a Mercedes is great. I believe that the design is very good. I believe that the materials used are poor at best. I believe that the reliability of a Mercedes is mediocre to poor and I believe that no one in their right mind would buy a Mercedes for reliability. I will leave their reliability is in Japanese cars: Toyota Nissan Lexus etcetera easily exceeding a Mercedes. I believe that reliability in Ford's Chevys etcetera when cost is considered, is much better. I honestly don't believe that anyone would buy a Mercedes with the expectation of getting a reliable car with quality components and cost-effective maintenance. Mercedes has a reputation for avoiding responsibility for its poor design issues. Royal leaking and electronic cables causing major failures is a common problem and denied but common. Plastic components that crumble and fail is common but did not buy Mercedes.

    Other issues I'm not sure if 55000 miles we haven't hit them yet we probably will try to get rid of the car because of the check engine lights. And $19 thermostat cost from 71 to $114 in a Mercedes. I can't understand why a standard thermostat is not being used. However when you pull out the expensive hundred dollar plus thermostat, it looks like all of the thermostat with a small aluminum housing around it. Certainly not worth $50. I don't understand but I see that Mercedes is trying to eliminate its customer base. This is how they do it.

    Reviewed May 6, 2016

    My 2007 MB C230 Sport transmission will not shift, goes into limp mode. Turn the car off, wait a couple minutes, and restart the car, and it drives fine. Also about a year the transmission quit on me and I have to replace the whole transmission. The car has less than 100K miles on it. The car stops in middle on road and this is a very dangerous situation, a known Mercedes defect with the transmission electronics. The next step if we decide to keep the car is to replace the transmission conductor plate. Never again will I buy a Mercedes. This car has been babied by my wife, and has less than 100,000 miles. Any Japanese automobile would have easily provided double the life before failure. This is totally unacceptable to be facing another 7 to 8 thousands dollars in repairs to a car with only 100,000 miles.

    Reviewed March 21, 2016

    My 2007 C230 Sports Check engine stays on. Mercedes-Benz service department stated it's the magnetic stabilizer and going out and that it made be a recall on. I notice the recall but my car was not part of it why? If they knew about the issues and not try to fix it.

    Punctuality & SpeedReliability

    Reviewed March 1, 2016

    My C-230 has been a beast of burden. It left me stranded on a bridge in Florida for 3 hours. Am told it is the fuel pump but it is always something. And a thousand dollars? Friends with other brands pay less than half that. And have more reliability. Let me tell you a lady on a Florida bridge on a late Saturday night...miracle I am alive.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Feb. 9, 2016

    I have owned my 2003 C230 Sport since 2004 when I bought it with 500 miles on it. I have taken excellent care of it and only put 100K miles on it (approx 7,500 per year). It has been one problem after another. Every 6 months I end up spending $2,000 or more in repairs and maintenance. It current has an electronic problems that will require $1,400 in repairs to address a key switch issue that will not turn and resulted in a complete failure of most electronic systems (starter, electric windows, heater fan, etc). Yet the radio and headlights continue to work?

    This past summer it had a fuel value issue (under the rear seat) that cost $1,00 to fix and almost set the car on fire. The passenger door pull (interior) broke and the passenger side of the car has been rarely used. The Airbag service (SRS) light is currently on also and god knows what that will cost to fix. I have replaced struts and ball joints multiple times. This does not include the regular service calls where they change the oil and check the headlights and seat belts and charge your $500. I have driven BMWs and VWs which had service issue too but nothing like this. The killer is the blue book value of the car is $3,000! I will never own another MB in my life and you are a fool if you do.

    Reviewed Dec. 21, 2015

    2005 c230 Sport sedan, 125K with regular maintenance--LOVE this car and then... drove it 120 miles one day (ran perfect), and parked it in the garage, and next day went to drive it and it barely started, and ran very rough. Had AAA haul it into the shop and turned out that the cam gear was stripped--metal throughout the engine; had to replace the engine. Zero warning/indication that anything was going wrong--WTH?! Not sure how to rate this. Up until this happened it would have been 5 stars. This experience is a 1 star--going with three... :-(

    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2015

    I bought this car new in 2003. It now (2015) has 200,000 miles on it. The hatchback is perfect for my B&B business and shopping. I keep it serviced as required and have had only minor issues. It has a 6 speed, rides great, comfortable for long distance driving. I have not been able to find a comparable car so I will probably keep it for another 100. The style is still racy looking, paint job good even after 12 years of hard driving. If Mercedes ever makes something comparable I will be their first customer.

    Reviewed Sept. 4, 2015

    If I'm driving my Mercedes Benz C230 once I removed my hand from steering will start going to the right.

    Reviewed July 16, 2015

    Bought this 2006 Mercedes-Benz C230 from a used car dealer after the Mercedes Dealer dumped it at the auction. I got stuck with the old maid card. First thing check the engine number, Mercedes Benz just gave in to a class action lawsuit. Balance shaft goes bad and the engine must be removed and reinstalled. Mercedes Benz should pay a portion. Next, Transmission, the seven speed automatic enjoys shifting on its own, may stay in fourth gear as you cruise down the highway. It might stay in third gear at a stoplight, easy way to fix. Just put the transmission in neutral, shut the ignition off then restart and put back into drive. Works at stoplights and cruising down the highway at 70 MPH. Another problem that should be a safety recall.


    Reviewed July 12, 2015

    2007 c class sport sedan - Purchased this pre owned vehicle a year ago with 67,000 miles on it. Two owners before me who 'kept up on the maintenance'... I've had to replace the thermostat and rear tires. The passenger interior door handle went wonky and broke off recently. This is a well known defect for this particular model though. Not a big deal. Otherwise, this car is solid. Performs, rides, and responds like a sports car. I love it. Brilliant engineering. The maintenance is not cheap, but it's to be expected. It's a Mercedes. Anyone who is educated enough should know that if you constantly drive a vehicle like a race car, or push it to its highest capacity every time you get into it, more than likely something is going to fail, or need to be replaced sooner than later... It's common sense. I highly recommend this car to those who benevolently possess it.

    Reviewed June 28, 2015

    I recently purchased my Mercedes Benz C230 Sport and I have to say I love the car. It's equipped with 18' rims, HID fog lights, has a 2.5 24-valve engine, dual air filters, seven speed transmission, two drive modes, sport/casual. I have to say I love this car. Compared to other cars I had it's by far the best however I purchased an extended warranty which helped out. I had to send the car to Mercedes, well I sent it there twice. Nevertheless as soon as I'm finished fixing what's broken I'm going to have a nice vehicle.


    Reviewed June 13, 2015

    Since I bought the c230 2005 sport sedan back in 2007 I never had big problems with this car. Just flat tires like 3 times. The 2.3 supercharged engine rocks the whole car. It's the best car I have ever driven so far (had a BMW). I strongly recommend this car and it's really reliable.

    Reviewed June 6, 2015

    A week ago my Mercedes c230 started sending a massage saying that the coolant water level is low. Which means that I have to put water every time I read this massage. But that's happening every two days, so I guess that's not normal. Any help?

    Reviewed April 26, 2015

    C230 inside door pull handles. I know this is another defect, but why do I have to replace both of my interior door pull handles on my car? They have pulled off with less than 40,000 miles on the car. Has Mercedes phoned it in?

    Reviewed April 20, 2015

    Bought 05 C230 Sedan new September 28, 2005. Had flat tires two times, maintenance fix three times, otherwise, am pretty satisfied with the choice. Would like to share some tips: Do not wait until the A or B service light, change oil every 6-8k miles. Use Michelin Primacy or Continental ProContact All Season tires - run excellent even during New England snow season. Purchase those unlimited alignment package from local tire warehouse, have tires re-aligned after every bumpy road trip. Do not wait until it breaks, change the driving belt and tighten it. The belt is probably the cheapest part under the hood for this model.

    Do not wait until battery dies, following the maintenance booklet to replace battery at the said timer. The same as the brake pads and other parts. Before making a long distance trip, try to warm up the car for five minutes; especially for older model MBs. Actually, the said procedures are applicable to other cars too. Perhaps that's why I have no complaints on any cars I've owned... (Knock on the wood...)


    Reviewed April 17, 2015

    I just had to drop of my 1999 C230 Kompressor for blown spark plugs for the SECOND time in 2 years. Otherwise, the car has been amazingly reliable... more reliable than any other brand of car I have owned, and that long list includes Toyota, BMW (I had 3), VW, Audi and Volvo (the WORST). Regular maintenance and the W202 C230 is a car that will easily crack 250,000 miles. However, the blown spark plug issue has been recurring.

    It may be that the original repair was done improperly and they were too tight or too lose, but each time I have had to get the entire harness replaced. I just paid 760 to do it again. I am sure the Kompressor engine is not as terrible as the Ford Triton engine for this, however the symptoms DO seem to happen to a lot of people with the C230, SLK and even the CLs with the Kompressor: Gas smell, rough running leading to a blown plug and a misfiring cylinder. My advice is to get the plugs changed yearly, or at the very least, examined for thread wear to prevent this. Otherwise, great car! Peppy, solid, efficient and reliable.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed April 7, 2015

    My C230 Mercedes Kompressor locked and shutdown - I cannot get into my trunk. I can open the doors but the key will not turn. I have nowhere to turn.

    Reviewed Jan. 31, 2015

    Original owner of 2004 C230k sedan 75,000 mi. Never once had a show stopping problem, all minor issues and I drive her very hard. Check YouTube to save money on routine maintenance. I've found videos on fixing the pattern issues like broken inside door handles, coolant temp sensor, summer convenience feature to roll down windows from outside, wiper/combo switch failure and regular maintenance like bleeding brakes, changing transmission fluid, fuel filter etc. These cars come loaded... and everything on mine works with the help of those videos. Tires wear quickly (every 10-12k mi) but I've finally settled on sticky BF Goodrich rubber for around $120 ea. My compressor still gets Awesome gas mileage. The display shows it to you. On 50 mi+ highway trips I get 32-34 mpg. I clean the sunroof track and change the oil and keep up with the pattern issues.

    Not sure why or how others are having such bizarre and big issues with the C230k because mine has always been dependable. The only minor annoyance I've never been able to resolve is it pulls right all the time and it's not the tires. I just can't take my hands off the wheel, ever. It's not causing weird tire way either. I've had the alignment checked several times at different places and everyone says the alignment is set properly. I don't believe them. One day I'll find a truly passionate alignment expert who knows how to tweak it and permanently fix it.

    Reviewed Jan. 12, 2015

    I am writing to see if there has been any recalls on Fuel problems with Mercedes C- Class. I recently say on either 20-20 or Night line of people complaining regarding this problem. I am addressing this issue to you first. When I originally purchased the vehicle, I noticed the smell a little after filling it up, but, thought it was due to the type of gasoline I was using. SHELL/FINA and just ignored it. Took it to the dealership and was told not to top it off, changed my gas cap. It worked for a while. However, this past year the scent has gotten stronger. I need advice?


    Reviewed Jan. 8, 2015

    Best car I ever owned! Services every 15000 km, castrol edge oil and genuine part filters! Runs daily 180kmh + and it reaches 245kmh. I replace brakes and tyres every now and then, and if I have to convert the Rand to $ it cost me less than a $100!!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 31, 2014

    I purchased my 2007 C230 Sport Sedan BRAND new at the MBZ dealership in San Jose, CA for $33k. It had 13 miles on it and tt was my very first baby... Miles were primarily highway since I commute to school and work 6 days a week. The car was fine; I kept up with the maintenance. When my car was only a year old the MBZ rep convinced me to get $800 worth of PRECAUTIONARY work done, I was young and naive and did it. Since then I have always kept up with maintenance! Everything was fine until, at 60k I had to replace sensors, okay not bad right? On to present day at 100k miles, I drove to work one day (just 10 mins in), my car started to violently shake and the "check engine" light kept flashing. I was terrified!

    I drove home immediately and the following morning I took it to my trustworthy mechanic. Diagnostic was done; the mechanic manually checked the spark plugs, etc. Turns out it wasn't a small problem. It was a very rare problem in fact... I needed a new computer! And manifold repairs! That’s $4K+ worth of work! On top of that my car is no longer operable. I cannot start it. My mechanic advised against trying to start the engine or attempt to drive it (which I can't anyway!). He said something about the fuel being lodged and it will start a fire. I am absolutely TERRIBLY UPSET! I had to call AAA to tow it back to my home. I recently emailed a MBZ rep. No one contacted me back so I utilized their chat feature. The rep simply stated, "There are no recalls" and DID not care to address my questions and concerns. WOW! I am appalled! I expected more out of this prestige high-end car brand! I am better off with a TOYOTA! (F.Y.I. my brother's 1998 4 runner has 250k miles and runs like a charm)! I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER MERCEDES!!!

    Reviewed Dec. 29, 2014

    The story of my 07/ c230 Sport - That car is a great car. The only problem I ever had was the front lower arm bushings and the stabilizer linkage, replaced. Great performance. Next time I'm going for the AMG.


    Reviewed Nov. 22, 2014

    I was just poking around trying to find a good price on brakes. My dealer here in Beverly Hills quoted me 1200 for front and rear....YIKES! Anyway, I'm surprised by the complaints and just wanted to offer my experience. I bought my 2007 C230 Sport preowned with 15k miles. I had 2 problems outside wear and tear. Both were under warranty. I have thoroughly enjoyed this car for the last 5 years and 75,000. I take it in to my dealer for all services and always get white glove treatment. In fact, I actually look forward to taking it in because the service is that good. Don't get me wrong, it's not cheap to own a Mercedes but all in all, I have to say this has been the best automobile experience I've ever had. Thanks Mercedes. Great Job.

    Reviewed Nov. 15, 2014

    I purchased a 2003 Kompressor for my daughter. It has been nothing but trouble. Every piece of plastic/part is brittle and crumbles. The interior door handles fell off, literally. The trouble light stays on for the tail lights/brake lights/turn signals. The jack and lug wrench are THE cheapest pieces of crap I have ever seen. The only time I had to use the jack, it collapsed because it was made so cheaply.

    Then there is the engine, oil in the coolant tank. Uses a quart of oil every 500 miles and about the same on coolant. The water manifold was made of plastic and broke. You could crumble it with your hand. Now the engine runs so poorly we had to park it, so I started looking at the MB forums and find out there has been a problem with the heads on these engines and MB never made good on the problem other than charging thousands to replace with a better design. It also sounds like the supercharger is out.

    The front end is shot. Hit a bump and it sounds like the front end is falling out. The air conditioner doesn't work. The sun screen in the back doesn't work. The automatic climate control doesn't work. I had to replace the blower motor because it went out. The plastic covers on the seat controls broke off because the plastic is so cheap. The dash is cracked, you can't keep batteries in the door lock thob, they are always going dead. The seats are uncomfortable and it is almost impossible to get in and out of the car. The inner fender fell off going down the highway, which in turn pulled another cheap piece of plastic off, pulling all the wiring loose from the fog lamp on that side.

    Ever try to get the spare out? not wasting my time explaining that joke of a system. My take on Mercedes Benz, they are THE worst car on the road and I would not purchase another for any reason. If you like having a car that requires $500 oil changes and repeated shop repairs just to keep it running then the Mercedes is your car. If not, then run as fast as you can if anyone ever tries to sell you one.

    PricePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Nov. 13, 2014

    I just finished reading all of the complaints and here's a very different story for you. I purchased my 1999 C230 Kompressor Sport in September of 1999. I have loved that car and it was in perfect condition until I was rear ended in July and the insurance would not fix it because of age. The guy that hit me was on the 805 freeway going north in San Diego. Of course, I was quite a ways in front of him, but as happens on a late Sunday afternoon at the "the merge", all traffic was stopped. He was busy doing something else (!) and did not see the sea of red tail lights and rammed into the back of my car. I wanted to strangle the guy--I could have driven that car for another 50-100,000 miles. The car was clean and in nearly perfect condition. The leather seats still looked new. I have never had a problem with this car. At one time I had to replace a fuse in the air conditioner--or maybe it was a switch. Not very expensive. I've always done regular maintenance.

    In the last 10 years, the Mercedes dealership would not work on my car because (they do not work on cars that old!), so I found a reputable mechanic. I was extremely happy with that car. In fact, so happy that I went directly to the dealer and purchased a one year old dealer owned 2013 C250 to replace it. Now I am in love with that car. And I saved 10,000 dollars over a new car price for C250. My C230 was purchased new. I will do the same in the future and purchase a dealer owned car (used for loaner). My car had only 9000 miles on it and was in new shape. As a side note - I was not injured in that crash-no whiplash or anything. Another reason to get another Mercedes because of the safety record. The other guy's car was trashed. My car was pushed in a little at the back left side, but the trunk still opened and closed!


    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2014

    I purchased a 2002 c230 Mercedes Compressor last year. I wish I would have read the reviews before I purchased it. This car has been a living hell and have been costing me so much money. A few month after buying it I had to get the shift connector replaced. It cost me $800.00. Plus to get the diagnostic test it cost me almost $300.00. After that I have had several diagnostic for several problems, and I only got my vehicle serviced at Mercedes. Now I had to get a new radiator and get my trans service because my car was making a whining noise. The noised disappeared but a month later the noise is back - the same problems have occurred. The mechanic said I need a new transmission!! I give up 2100.00 on nothing. This is the worst car experience ever!!! Not only that the tires was bad I spent 500 on new tires. This car need a trans recall and fast. Mercedes created a lemon.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Aug. 14, 2014

    On a positive note, this car was made for the Autobahn. Contrary to what people are saying, the C230 is a sports car. It has a heavy solid chassis like all Mercedes and gives a solid ride at 60 - 120 mph for long stretches. These cars were made to drive fast and far. It purrs at high speeds and the 4 cylinder Kompressor engine is designed to give it maximum hp paralleling any 6 cylinder engine. It's torque handles really well although not as well as an S class Sportster or Porsche - but great ride for the money. On a negative note the magnetic key, computer, and electronics system are it's poorest features. The car will lock-up and the on board computer is so sensitive it will absolutely shut the car down.

    These cars were only designed for maybe 130,000 miles max. The ignition system is terrible; I have literally yanked the key out affecting the entire electrical system. These cars need high end alternators (with warranties) and I would only trust a German car specialist to service - they also have to be calibrated correctly at each A and B service or the car wigs out. Sensitive engines lead standard mechanics to hate this car. But even at the C class level a Mercedes is a "high maintenance car" and costs $$$. I think the older models of 30-40 years ago were built better, lasted longer, and required less maintenance. This car was designed to entice younger drivers who could not afford the higher end models. But don't toss off Mercedes Benz. They have come out with some really great cars and are on the cutting edge of automotive engineering - this car happens to be their clunker.

    Reviewed July 22, 2014

    I purchased my 2005 C230K with a little under 90K on it. The car drove excellent for the first 10 months and then the timing chain came off the gear and now I am paying my mechanic over 5K to rebuild the head. One of the reason I purchased this car was because it has a timing chain instead of a belt and was sick of laying out 500 bucks every 5 years for a new belt. My father owns a 1980 280SE and it runs and drives flawlessly with over 350K miles on it. MB has gone downhill since the 80s and they do not stick by their cars anymore. I will sell this car the second it has been repaired and return to the world of Lexus once more.

    Contract & TermsReliability

    Reviewed July 8, 2014

    I want to participate in a class action suit. It is more than evident that MB is negligent in taking accountability for their defective issues with the c230. I own a 2007 and like others the check engine light has come on repeatedly, having me running back and forward to the dealer I purchased it from. Luckily, I purchased the service contract and I pay a $100 deductible for each issue. The problem is I am certain that all issues are resulting from the defect, which they initially indicated was the cam shaft sensor. I have found complete familiarity with many of the stories on this forum. Same after another. 3 words: CLASS ACTION SUIT. Let's come together and hold MB accountable for these burdens. My email is ** for anyone who would like to either get this launched or who has already begun such a process.

    Reviewed May 27, 2014

    I am having to replace the fuel sensor. When replacing your parts... Did any of you replace the old part with an original new part? I was told when replacing anything in a Mercedes-Benz you must always use an original part.

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