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The Hyundai Elantra is a compact car that was first introduced in 1990. Read more Hyundai reviews to learn about other models.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Hyundai Elantra?
    • 4,464,628 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Reviewed Aug. 3, 2021

    Hyundai Elantra sel 2020 is a vehicle which consumers should never purchase. The vehicle is built with a defective engine. The 2.0 nu mpi engine will break down causing a stall or fire due to defective oil piston rings. Hyundai has been plagued by this kind of engine defect since 2011. Lawsuit were filled back then. No matter how inexpensive you get a deal on a Hyundai Elantra or other model, refuse that car dealers & walk away.

    Reviewed Feb. 24, 2021

    I own a 2015 Elantra 1.8L. It has 125,000kms and the oil pump quit. Apparently a VERY common problem! Of course, it's past the 100,000km warranty, so no service by Hyundai unless you pay out of pocket. Hyundai Canada will not help you either, even though they are very much aware of this VERY common problem. Do NOT purchase their vehicles if you don't want a $2,000 repair bill!

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    Reviewed Dec. 8, 2020

    I have been a loyal Hyundai Customer since 2008. 08 Accent Hatchback, 14 Accent Sedan and now on 11/02/20 I purchased a new 20 Elantra SE from the Merced Hyundai Dealership in Merced, CA. I was driving down the highway and my undercarriage cover started to come off as though it had never been properly installed at the factory and this happened in less than 30 days from date of purchase. My car only had 576 miles on it.

    I contacted Corporate Hyundai Consumer Affairs because I was unhappy with Merced Hyundai's response to my problem and they suggested I take it to another Hyundai Dealership for a second opinion so I took it to Central Valley Hyundai in Modesto, CA which I did on 12/04/20 and I received an answer from Central Valley Hyundai on 12/07/20. Claim denied by Corporate Hyundai Consumer Affairs for this reason: Under Carriage Cover isn't covered under the Hyundai Warranty Program. I'm sorry but I will never buy another hyundai vehicle as long as I live nor will I ever recommend hyundai vehicles to anyone in need of a vehicle because they won't back their products.

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    Reviewed Oct. 29, 2020

    I bought Hyundai Elantra in 2019.. It is not still 2 years & it is second time engine light came on.. Talk to customer support who told me that consumer affairs will call you once you are done with your appointment with dealership.. They called me & saying they can’t do anything with this issue & has to deal with dealership.. Talked to me very rudely & said they don’t care about this issue.. I strongly don’t recommend Hyundai cars & buy if you have lawyers back with you.. I will definitely go with other brand of car after selling this..

    Reviewed Oct. 13, 2020

    My daughter's car is 2 years old and paint is starting to chip on the car and you can see the clear coat on the hood coming off and they try to tell me it’s from impact. 3 door handles with missing chips of paint and clear coat spots on hood missing and it’s impact issues... I have showed them this and they took pics twice and yet I can’t get this car repainted. I’ve had to have the headlight replaced by them for film peeling off and the door panels on the inside replaced because of plastic peeling and the car is just not holding up as expected and they are not helpful.

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    Reviewed Oct. 11, 2020

    Updated on 11/12/2020: It's me again with my peeling Hyundai Elantra. I purchased my car in December of 2019 with the remainder of the factory warranty. February 2020 I noticed that the paint was peeling off the hood, and roof. I called Hyundai Motor Corporate, they instructed me to take it to Modern Hyundai in Concord NC. So I made my appointment, and took the car in. My service advisor took my information, and submitted the claim. A few days later she called me back to inform me that my car had a salvage title and they would not honor my claim. Then while she was on the phone with me she realized that she typed the vin # in wrong, and resubmitted the claim. Car goes to the body shop, car gets painted. All is well.

    Next thing I know I have a spot on the "a" pillar, and I call Hyundai Corporate again. The claim is denied. Then I walk around to get something out of the trunk a few months later and down both sides of the back glass the paint is peeling. Again, I call Hyundai Corporate to start the case. That claim was denied too. I was told that I have put too many miles on the car in 10 months by the Hyundai Case Manager. Before I go any further, let me say that I am a EMT, and we are in the middle of global pandemic, so I may have done a little traveling lately. So I started another claim and requested a buyback. All of a sudden a lady named Pauline called me and my claim has been approved. So to the dealer it goes again. I pick the car up on 11/6/2020. I am rushed out from the dealership.

    I get home and I realize that the rust on the door wasn't repaired. So now what do I do? I walk around the car again, I find that more paint is coming off in the fender gaps where the "a" pillar and the front fender meet, and under the hood as well on the fenders this was the same day that I picked up the car. I called corporate again, started a new case. My good friend Pauline from Hyundai Corporate calls me today. I am telling her what's going on with the car. She instructs me to take the car back to the dealer, which I do. The service department tells me to take it up with the body shop that they hired to fix the car. At the point in time I am just over it. So I head to the sales office of Modern Hyundai to find a salesman. I will just trade it in.

    So the lady that helped me was more interested in playing with her nose ring, and taking the her nose ring out and putting it back in than listening to me. I came prepared with my own financing and even had a vehicle picked out and it was a Hyundai, and it wasn't white. So as she was trying to work the deal she informs me that my car has a salvage title. I explain to her that the vin is wrong because of the service advisor's previous typo. Then I am on the phone with the finance company and she walks in and says the amount that they will give me for my car. I was so insulted, I just slid the paper back across the table and said "nah." I don't think I am going to let Hyundai get me again. Buyer definitely beware, do your research! Don't let them get you too!

    Original Review: November 2019, I purchased the my first Hyundai. I thought I purchased a 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited in pearl white. 10 months later I have no idea what I purchased nor will paint stay on the car. I paid right at $15,000 for this car, with the remained of the factory warranty still intact. Paint began to peel off of the roof and the hood. I called Hyundai, got the case started, took the car to the dealer Hyundai fixed the problem. Little did I know that this was just the beginning. A few months later, paint starts to peel off the "a" pillar. I had the deal note the case and just watch it, I knew it would peel again. After all it is Hyundai's famous pearl white peeling paint. Fast forward another month and I realize that the paint is peeling from both sides of the rear window.

    I gave Hyundai another call, started the case, sent pictures to the dealer. Almost a month later I try to call the dealer, and fail to get a return call. So I figure that I will just call Hyundai Consumer Affairs. When I do that I am informed that my car is no longer covered by warranty and they have denied the claim. Out of warranty you say? How is that I ask? 5 years or 60,000 miles. Well it's titled as a 2017 and it has 55,000 miles on it. So 2017 to 2020 is 4 years and 55,000 isn't 60,000. So I head to the VIN plate located inside of the driver's door, the manufactured date is 4/14/2016. There you go. 2016 to 2020 is 5 years. But the registration has 2017. So what exactly did I buy? April is too early to be considered the next year's model.

    Then I start to research the paint peeling issue. I find out that the pearl white Hyundai's are known for this. There has already been 1 class action lawsuit covering 2006-2016. My car should have been covered in that. But it wasn't because it's titled as a 2017. Which is what I bought. I feel like I have been cheated. I paid for a 2017, I got a 2016. I pay taxes and insurance on a 2017 but I drive a 2016. I have filed 3 claims for the paint issue. Now that I have no idea what year my car is, I have other concerns about what I paid for and what I got, I got ripped off because Hyundai didn't want to fix the problem they caused. How is this fair to the consumer?

    This is the 1st Hyundai that I have owned. I purchased it because I liked what the Hyundai name represents. Quality, or at least that's what they lead you to believe. This is a known issue that keeps re-occurring with the different year models. You would think that they would make an effort to correct the problem. Instead they allow them to keep being reproduced and sold. Now I have a car that I have not even had a year yet, the paint is peeling off of it and I have no clue what year it actually is because the manufacture date conflicts what the registration says. Thank you for ripping me off Hyundai!


    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2020

    If you’re in the market for a piece of junk, look no further than the 2013 Hyundai Elantra. On April 8, 2015 my grandmother purchased a 2013 Hyundai Elantra with 20,000 miles on it. I’m thinking ok, this is a good car for her. NOPE. To start things off, it only gets like 20 MPG, which is pathetic for a small car like this. Now let’s talk reliability: Rear shock absorbers had to be replaced at 27k MI. The back up camera stopped working at 29K MI. AC stopped working at 34K MI. The engine started knocking at 36K MI.

    The CV axle broke almost causing an accident at 47K MI. The transmission went out at 58K MI. The steering column had to be replaced at 59K MI. 71K MI. The car started misfiring like crazy and stalling, ended up costing over $500 to completely fix. The alternator broke at 79K MI. ($700) leaving my grandmother stranded on the side of the road the day before her surgery. Ball joints, tie rods, and strut mount bushings had to be replaced at 85K MI. Costing over $2,000 to repair. I will never ever ever buy another car from this company again.

    Reviewed Sept. 5, 2020

    I own a 2017 Hyundai Elantra GT, first ever Hyundai I've owned. I researched vehicles in this class and was optimistic and confident with my decision to buy this vehicle new, had regular maintenance work done, only ever needed oil changes, never had idiot lights go on for anything. Unfortunately, I work out of town and my commute is over 110 kms per day, on the highway, so, the mileage is high, therefore, no more warranty (3yr/60000kms), I am over the 3 yrs by 2.5 months and over the mileage by 53000 kms. I was driving and the car stalls, was able to start it and hear clicking in the engine, decide to pull in to a parking lot, find a spot and the car stops again never to start again, check oil and bone dry, no oil light had come on, no engine light came on, put in some oil still nothing.

    Had it towed to Performance Hyundai-St. Catharines, Ontario, they tell me engine is blown and Performance Hyundai will 'try' to talk to Hyundai Canada about a possible good faith engine repair for me, all I need to do is provide oil change receipts, which I did and waiting for more to show them, they come back with a decline to repair the engine stating there was overdue maintenance work to be done on the car, I didn't have the receipts yet, and furthermore the car is no longer under warranty, the car is only 3 yrs. old. The cost to be $6000+. How was the oil pan dry, never having had a leak and why didn't any lights come on? There have been engine issues in the past with this company and don't seem to learn from their lesson. Thanks a lot Hyundai, won't be buying another one of these things again, you've made a lasting impression.

    Reviewed June 8, 2020

    Purchased new in 2014, I will credit this car with being solid and visually appealing. The problem is that the car started to stall on start up shortly after purchase. This was frustrating and a problem. That was never fixed via recall, only by a service check several years after we bought it. The car stalled on one occasion while traveling approx 60km per hour. Hyundai claimed that the problem was only known to occur in that model in Eastern Canada. Car has been unresponsive from the day of purchase and Has a mind of its own. It continues to amaze me how car companies toy with human lives. This car is dangerous.

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    Reviewed May 14, 2020

    Hyundai Canada- such an amazing company until you buy their vehicle and then they don’t mind asking you where to go when you approach them for any help even if it is a manufacturing defect from their end. I bought a Hyundai Elantra 2014 brand new. Used it till Jan 2020 and it had about 109k kms. On Jan 28th, 2020, I drove my car to work as usual without knowing that it would be the last time, I would drive that car ever. As I got to work, I parked the car in the underground garage, locked it and went inside to my office. About 15 -20 minutes later, I heard the fire alarm in the building was going off. The reason was my car was on fire. As per the CCTV footage, it started off with a light smoke under the bonnet that got worse, eventually it was a big flame of fire and explosion.

    Today, I am lucky to be alive as I was just few minutes away from being in it. As per the fire department, it is an engine fire and my insurance investigative personal also confirmed that it is an engine fire due to manufacturing defect from Hyundai. This ruthless company (Hyundai Canada) even held my insurance settlement in the name of their investigation. The insurance settlement was finally done on April 6th, 2020, it just covered the depreciated value of the car. Since these undervalued brands do not hold any re-sale value, it was just enough for me to pay off the outstanding car loan.

    Now I have no car nor any money for the investment I made so far on that car. The total money I spent on that car was about $29k and one third of the car was paid out through my insurance settlement. I was hoping to use that car for at least another 7-10 years as it was well maintained low kms car. Now I have to start all over again to own a car.

    Cambridge Hyundai – how can people try to resell a car to the same person who was mistreated. These guys also tricked me initially to get the extended warranty for 8 years or 160k kms and charged me $2800 plus tax. Honestly, I wasn’t even aware that I had it until I looked at the bill of sale recently. All I have been getting is a run around to even get the money refunded for the extended warranty. Great customer service Cambridge Hyundai and Hyundai Canada. How many more people will you suck the life out of?

    I got called by them again May 14, 2020 to let me know that from their investigation, car was burned down from an undetermined reason when my insurance investigative representative already concluded that it was a manufacturing defect. They don’t even own up their fault. The conversation ended by them stating that they will not provide any compensation for around the situation I have been put in. If you all know or not there have been more than 300 cases of engine fire with Hyundai cars across North America. Just google “Hyundai engine fire” you will see it.

    Recent news states that Hyundai is recalling nearly 430,000 small cars because water can get into the antilock brake computer, cause an electrical short and possibly an engine fire... Last April, NHTSA opened two new investigations into fires involving Hyundai and Kia vehicles after getting complaints of more than 3,100 fires and 103 injuries. Feb 7, 2020. Think a million times before you make an investment on these unreliable brand, people and vehicle. Link to my car burning down - **. A distressed former Hyundai Customer

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    Reviewed March 22, 2020

    I bought a new 2020 Elantra Limited in September. The transmission failed (while getting off the highway and I had to drive 10mph home to have it towed) at approx 3500 miles and had to be replaced. It took over 2 weeks which I was provided a rental for free and it was covered under warranty. I can now feel the same thing happening (engine pulling, jumping car, revving RPMs, etc) as last time at 6500 miles. I called to have car looked at and was told it would be at my cost for diagnostics and more if they have to open the engine with no rental unless I wanted to pay. I was told I'll just have to wait for it to happen again unless I want to pay out of pocket. Once the transmission fails again, I will be requesting a buyback or contacting an attorney about lemon lawing the car. I cannot afford to pay for a rental or to have my car looked or transmission replaced every three months.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed March 17, 2020

    I have a 2018 Hyundai Elantra that has been paid off for two years now. I recently relocated from Texas to New York, after living in Texas briefly for less than two years. Hyundai has been absolutely horrible in every sense with providing me with the necessary paperwork to have my car registered in the state of New York. First, I have been requesting simple documentation--a bill of sale and a title changeover. I have been given the runaround about receiving this documentation, and have been placed on the phone with probably about 100 customer service representatives over this period, all of whom have the same response: "I understand," and "I'm sorry," yet no one can provide a viable solution or even a simple explanation as to why it is taking so long for this paperwork to mail.

    To boot, it is now going on a month that I am unable to drive my car, which is now living in my garage. This has inconvenienced me to the extent where I am having to pay out of pocket for a rental car, despite there being a perfectly good car that is fully paid for and, mind you, has been registered before, sitting in my garage. I have been hung up on by customer service representatives. I have been directed back to the default line when they do not have an answer. Even more commonly, I have been transferred to people in other departments who have outwardly expressed that they cannot help me and are unsure of why my call was transferred to them.

    Every single week, I encounter the same story. I am told that my information is in the process of being mailed, and "for some reason" my previous requests have been denied, but no one can tell me the source or reason, which, for an international company, I find to be extremely unacceptable. On a few occasions, I have been told that "their computers weren't working" and "the system was down," which, again, is unacceptable for something that is so simple, yet costing me money, time and frustration. Also, this all comes after a period of time last year when, after paying off my lease and buying out the car, Hyundai continued to bill my account for about six months of money that had already been paid, and, again, it took about 1,000 calls over a three-month period to have the company send money that was rightly mine, which they took out of my account due to a flaw in the system.

    Oh, and to add, I have already wasted two full work days sitting in the New York State DMV. I am absolutely appalled with the level of incompetence of this company's finance and customer service departments. I have yet to receive any information in the mail, and I'm starting to feel like the only solution is to get rid of my vehicle entirely, because no matter who I call, absolutely no one can help.


    Reviewed Jan. 13, 2020

    I bought an Elantra that was just over a year old from someone who was upgrading. Shortly after the purchase I bought new tires which wore out on a few months (5000 miles). It was found that the ball joints and stabilize bar were shot. This was not only not covered by a standard warranty but corporate said since I wasn't the first owner there was nothing they would do for me. Shouldn't Hyundai stand behind their vehicle regardless of the owner? They don't know how the original owner drove it so why would it matter who owns it. Now I'm out for two sets of tires and expensive repairs. I for one will not be buying another Hyundai due to poor performance and poor warranty service.

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    Reviewed Jan. 3, 2020

    Just writing a review to warn others that the 2013 Hyundai Elantras have some irreparable issues, and Hyundai Motor America refuses to take responsibility for it. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR! My perfectly maintained 6 year old 2013 Elantra was at 59K miles when the engine started making awful rattling, ticking, revving noises and was diagnosed to be in process of complete failure. The dealership I went to stated that it was a "well known" and established issue with all the "Nu" engines from about 2012-2016 and immediately recommended a full engine re-build (aka thousands of dollars of work). Hyundai initially refused to cover anything at all, then offered 60% and no rental coverage (despite the fact that the repair was estimated to take about a month due to the engine parts being back-ordered because so many engine re-builds were underway due to the issues).

    After countless phone calls and advocating, I was offered 80% coverage of the repairs and full coverage of the rental. Repairs took 1.5 months to get started and 2 months to complete. Then after all was said and done, Hyundai began denying my car rental reimbursement completely. It took another 4 months, countless hours and calls again, and ultimately, they still refused to cover the last measly $17 of my rental bill, I think just to be spiteful. Absolutely AWFUL business to work with. It is unfathomable that a company can build cars that do not last 60K miles and can skirt taking full responsibility for it. I will never buy a Hyundai vehicle again. And this greatly saddens me, because prior to this I had a 2003 Hyundai Elantra that was a total trooper! Ran great up into the 175K-ish miles. Engine never had one issue. Cheap to repair, maintain, and drive.

    Reviewed Dec. 15, 2019

    Havent met anyone that doesnt love their Elantra. It's sleek, roomy (I'm 5,10" without heels) dependable and easy to drive! We have one that we've driven for over 300 thousand mes and still driving it daily. LOVE it!


    Reviewed Dec. 14, 2019

    The tires, even when replaced, slowly leak out the air, dealers treat you like 3rd class for service, if you didn't buy the car there. Lease end department is awful, and can't get their records straight! They say their Office of Consumer Affairs are powerless against dealerships, as they are privately owned! A service manager poured used motor oil all over the back floors, because he lost my key fob, and insisted I buy a new one, never did my service, so I had car towed home. Their own towing company brought my car back, stating they gave the fob to the service rep!

    Reviewed Dec. 13, 2019

    I have a 2016 Hyundai Elantra GT and I love this car except for a few things about it. When you give it gas, the gas pedal is not smooth. You cannot view everything through windshield. The frame seems to be blocking your view. I do love how the turning ratio on this car is. It's a small car and can fit anywhere!

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    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2019

    I have owned Hyundai's since 1984. My daughter still has my 2006 Elantra which has over 350,000 miles on it. When the motor seized at 99,000 miles on one of my Elantra's, I had to jump through some hoops because the dealership had been dishonest but Hyundai did eventually honor their 100,000 mile warranty and replace the motor. Another unscrupulous dealership roped me into a 2015 model I didn't ask for. The front bumper started coming apart at the edges and flaring; from what I see as a bad design. I have seen the same make and model with the same problem.

    For the money Hyundai is still a great product that lasts, although they are starting to get a little pricey for a make that doesn't hold it's resale value like other makes and models; but I don't know why that is given the history of reliability? My biggest problem with Hyundai are their dealerships. Maybe they need to get away from "commission" sales because most I have dealt with over the past 30 years have been pushy, deceptive and dishonest. So bad it's getting to the point I'd rather sneak on the lot when they are closed to compare cars :( But I still consider Hyundai one of the best deals on the market for getting what you pay for!

    Reviewed Dec. 7, 2019

    I bought this car as a replacement for my Jetta TDI. I shopped quite a few cars, but the Elantra won out. Hyundai offered their "Friends and Family" discount to affected parties. My total discount was was about 6K. I really enjoy driving this car, and it's fast becoming rare, because a manual transmission is no longer offered.

    Reviewed Dec. 6, 2019

    I love my Hyundai Elantra. The body looked sleek and I always admired the design of the front bumper. It was always a smooth drive and I loved how we could drive in eco mode with a switch of a button. I also loved the heated seats. Only part that bothered me was the mirrors don't have a built in light system which most cars do.

    Reviewed Dec. 1, 2019

    Love my little car. I have had hardly any maintenance on it and it is an '06. It drives like a dream. It's like the Ever-Ready bunny just keeps going. I will buy another one when I am able, but why now when this one is still like new..

    Reviewed Nov. 30, 2019

    I find that the front of the hood is not visible at all and makes it hard to judge distance. I feel this is dangerous and makes me feel unsafe when driving. That is not a good thing to feel when navigating the highway.


    Reviewed Nov. 15, 2019

    My 2020 Elantra was in a minor fender bender in September and the air bag was deployed, not because of the impact but the angle or at least that's what we were told. Our adjuster was very surprised that bags were deployed because of the minor damage. It has been over 2.5 months and they don't have the parts. Insurance rental coverage ran in October and we asked Hyundai to provide a courtesy rental and pick up cost of rental but they said no because it's not a warranty issue. I explained to them that it's a manufacturer's issue since they have put the car on the road and have no parts. They refuse to help.. Totally frustrated.

    Reviewed Oct. 13, 2019

    This is my 2nd Hyundai Elantra. I now own a 2017 Hyundai Elantra. The engine light keeps coming on while driving and you can feel and see the front of the car vibrating. It's feels as if the vehicle engine is struggling. This is very dangerous and I don't feel safe when driving on the highway at high speeds and this happens out of nowhere. I have taken the vehicle back to the original dealership where I purchased the vehicle. The dealership could not find anything wrong. The engine came on again for several days and would go off. I started recording the incidents on my phone to have documentation.

    Over a week ago, I got really bad and the engine would not go off and the car was shaking badly. I was told to take the car to the nearest dealership to let them look at it. I drove to the closest the Hyundai dealership while the engine was light on and was told that to bring the vehicle back the next day since they could not check that evening around 6pm. I told the car back the next day; they couldn't find anything and did a recall repair. I was told to bring my car and leave it with them.

    While at the dealership, I met two other customers whom have been problems with their engine lights coming on, car's not starting and the problems are not resolved. I think the problems are not reported because Hyundai have a great warranty. My boyfriends has 2017 Tucson, the battery constantly dies and vehicle doesn't switch gears properly. The dealership claims nothing is wrong. Hyundai have great features, get great mileage and nice styles. The downfall will be engine problems. I will not recommend or purchase another Hyundai.

    Reviewed Aug. 22, 2019

    Whenever the car is either at halt or on slow speed, and I turn my steering wheel, I hear a noise which is very irritating. The company is saying it's in all Elantra's and never try to resolve the issue. Now I think that it's my biggest mistake buying this car due to the noise as it is very irritating and the company is not doing anything for that.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 15, 2019

    Hyundai Elantra 2014. Brought this car brand new, 130,000km and it’s only 4 years 10 months old. Has trouble starting as it won’t hold the revs up. Stalls every day. Had a tapping sound in the engine so took it in for diagnostic test. They called to say it needs a new motor. $7500 Australian dollars. I asked what the trade in value was he looked up car sales said $7000 but without a motor nothing. A car that’s not even 5 years old paid $23,000 and pretty much was laughed at because I didn’t want to pay for the motor.

    There should be a recall on these cars and it looks like it’s a common issue worldwide and the guy behind the counter knew exactly what I was saying but brushed me off like oh well. Customer service at Hyundai in Cranbourne Victoria is appalling and they should be held responsible for it. It’s inside the engine block and it’s common so they should be bearing these costs. Now I don’t have a car and I won’t be fixing it because they aren’t getting one cent more.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 7, 2019

    I took my 2018 Elantra for tire change two and half months ago. I'm paying for premium plus warranty that must support tire change under "road hazard" protection. They charged me $245 CAD even when I told them that my warranty should support it. After speaking to their manager, they told me it will be reimbursed. It's been two and half months, I called them five times, I went to the dealer six times in person. They make a copy of the receipt and tell me to wait a few days. They literally have six copy of the receipt now. Hyundai customer service keeps me on the line for hours every time I call them. So the conclusion is that they took my money and don't want to give it back.

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    Reviewed July 26, 2019

    Purchased a brand new 2012 Elantra w/ only 12 miles. Had major headaches and problems. Car at 12k miles noticed a rattling noise. Took it to the dealership and they said it was the heat shield that need to be welded. Took car 2 times bc the rattling noise would not go away. 3rd time they fixed it. Next issue was the car shut down on me w/ 92k. They said it was software update and bc my car had passed 60k miles I missed the repair. I had to pay for it. I spoke to Service Manager bc I have my car service there so if I was owe a service why didn’t they do it. My car shut down on me while I was driving in the middle of rush hour.

    Next, they tried to charge me for the airbags claiming that my issues had nothing to do with the recall. I had to contact the HDQ in CA to have them call the dealership to tell them to fix my airbags bc they didn’t want to cover it. A year later I had the same issue the car shut down on me. This time it was due to the crankshaft sensor. Not the software. Dealership charge me $275 to fix the sensor. They told me that I might have to fix the 3 other sensors eventually. The tires sensors TPMS they are all bad. This has been an issue since the car was only 4 years old.

    I have had a Corolla prior to this never gave me any issues. I would not recommend buying this car. Warranty of 100k is not worth it. I still feel my car will shut down on me anytime. Sad that a car now w/ only 129k miles might need to be replaced. My brother owns 2011 Toyota Camry w/ 159k. The only thing he has done is changed oil, tune up and tires. That’s it. Car has no issues. Remind you, I have done all of that at the dealership.


    Reviewed July 5, 2019

    After 65K kilometers all of that new car engines dying. 100% of their 1.8 Nu engines knocking and must be replaced by 9000$! Including my Elantra which I bought in 2013. That's why they selling that cars so cheap. Dealers replacing it by your cost, they are covered by dozen maintenance requirements and mileage, you are not covered, the guarantee is all against you. This car is crap, more crap and one more time- is crap!

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    Reviewed June 26, 2019

    I raise my kids to be responsible honest and independent. My daughter’s first car be in the second owner was a 2012 Hyundai Elantra. The car was in perfect condition and my daughter loved it. Fell in love with it when she first sought and even loved it more when she drove it. This past month we noticed paint peeling from the roof unexpectedly. It wasn’t hit just peeling. You could see the pain never adhered to the car. Come to find out they had an issue with this paint peeling for many years. I filed a complaint with Hyundai. They told me to take it to the dealership the Body Shop. The Body Shop manager confirmed it was paint delamination and that they have had issues with this car and this color paint and the paint doing exactly what it was doing on my daughter's car that she works so hard for.

    The service department submitted it to corporate Hyundai and they declined to fix her car because she was a second owner and because of the miles. She just went over 100,000 miles. The cost to repair her roof is over $1200 because they have to strip it all the way down and redo it. It’s funny how they will post recalls if it’s a mechanical which most of the time they try to hide but they never never post a recall on a paint issue yet we as the consumer get stuck with a vehicle if we want to sell it. That’s going to be basically worth nothing. It’s funny how they will post recalls if it’s mechanical which most of the time they try to hide but they never never post a recall on a paint issue yet we as the consumer gets stuck with the vehicle if we want to sell it. That’s gonna be basically worth nothing for anyone that is considering buying a Hyundai and you are the second owner. Think twice.

    You could end up like my daughter with the car that’s going to be worthless and ugly that no one will buy. A dealership won’t give you fair market value because the paint is all peeling off. I raise my kids to be independent to do things on their own. She’s paying for herself to go through school. She paid for her own car. She pays for her own insurance and she’s only 19 years old. I’m raising a daughter that will stand on her own. Something needs to be done. This is just wrong. I have lost 110% trust in high on days customer service and loyalty to their customers. I will never and I mean I will never buy a Hyundai in my entire life and I will make sure my children and my friends and anybody that I can share this story with I will. Hyundai you should be ashamed of yourself. Selfish greed. That’s all it is.

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