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The Dodge Challenger is a muscle car that currently has 15 different models to choose from. Read more Dodge reviews to learn about other models.

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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2016

It has nice features in the car, I feel that their cars have a tough design. The brand is pretty famous and Ford's specific cars have a unique name. Their cars work perfectly because I just need cars for driving, nothing else is important. The design isn't what I look for because I bought the cheapest Ford car I could find. It's an okay design, I don't care about it but it's really cool. I'd say that the Ford designs have a nice texture the way they design it. It's easy and it can last when I drive during bad weather. There weren't any damage on my car and it looks new as it was bought.

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Reviewed Dec. 6, 2016

Dodge always fails me. They break down more than any car and I have had horrible experience with the alternators in each Dodge I have owned. I do not recommend this product nor would I ever buy it again. I cannot depend on this brand to get me where I want to go. It's a horrible brand. Not reliable. The interior design is just not good at all. The outer look to it is ok but that's where it ends. Most Dodges look good but fail to provide the needs that I need in a vehicle. I do not trust this brand at all anymore. It breaks down more than it should. I do not think it's durable in the least. If anything it's fragile and breaks down. The alternator is bad. Everything about it is bad in general.

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Reviewed Dec. 3, 2016

It is a dependable car and enjoy driving it, it has tons of power and a joy to drive. It drives like a dream. Have driven it from Phoenix to Las Vegas many times this year and glad I had this car. It performs perfectly. Has tons of power and practically drives itself. It has very good gas millage and have been on so many trips with this car and it has never failed me. It looks great and has a stylish look. I feel good driving this car. It is like a girl, all the curves are in the right places and looks sexy. Sometimes I think I drive this car too much as I am always traveling and it has never failed me. It is a very reliable car and I am so glad I decided to purchase it.

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Reviewed Dec. 2, 2016

This was one of the best investments that I have made when it comes to a vehicle. They are well made and built to last. I have never had any problems with this vehicle. The performance of this vehicle is the best. This vehicle is best in its class and outperforms any vehicle that I have previously owned. This vehicle is very sporty looking. I love its sleek design and body style. I get many looks while on the road. This is the sportiest vehicle in its class. This is the most durable vehicle that I have ever owned. I have over 150000 miles on this vehicle and it is still going with no issues or problems to date.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2016

It is a very fast and high powered vehicle. Kind of reminds me of the batmobile. Very strong and durable with a loud motor. It has top quality performance and it has a loud engine. It can start going fast real quick and faster than most cars that are kind of similar. It has a very sleek design to it. It looks strong and bulky like a warrior car. It's durable and muscular looking with nice sides. You can customize it to look in different styles too. It's very strong and can last ages if you take proper care of it. It rarely breaks down and when it does it maybe once ever 2 years. It is decent to get it fixed up or repaired if need be too.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2016

I liked the car cause it helped me to continue feeling young. Like my college days. Good for taking a lady friend out in or just cruising on a nice day. Never had any major issues in my time of use. Had the acceleration power that a man like a hard revving engine with smooth ride. I felt no pull on the wheel for excellent straight driving with little user control. This car is a go-getter. It grabs people attention. It's suave. It's like the cool you saying "hey this is me and I'm doing my thing. Wanna come with me see where the road takes us?" Very durable seats. Held up no leather tears. Easy to clean interior. Could drive in the worst of weather. It was a smooth durable operator that could handle any fun mess made on the interior.

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Reviewed Nov. 29, 2016

The type of vehicle for the amount of money I spent was a great deal. Lots of ammonite for the amount spent. Amazing for the price. Smooth ride, amazing shock control, spectacular handling especially in wet climate. Florida is a hazard to drive in while Raining and this car Handles amazing in the weather. Love the look of the car. It's sleek, intelligent, sexy, smooth and futuristic. Definitely an amazing, beautiful piece of work in the vehicle industry. For the type of weather inclement and the roads constantly being messed up in florida the durability of this vehicle has gone beyond expectations and hasn't seem to fail yet or malfunction.

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Reviewed Nov. 28, 2016

I chose this car because I have heard lots of good reviews about it. I like its physical design. This brand has a good reputation over the years. I love driving this car. I like the internal look of the car and the design of the function system is easy to use. I am happy with the performance of this vehicle. It doesn't use a lot of gas so it saves me so much money. It gives me a smooth ride and makes me feel secure and safe. I am happy with appearance of this vehicle. To me it has the classy look yet rugged and tough to the eye. I like the physical and internal design of the vehicle overall. It stands out among all other vehicles. I am happy with the durability of this vehicle. Comfortable on the inside. Good quality and materials look on every aspect of the vehicle.

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Reviewed Nov. 27, 2016

It was a very cheap car for a great price that ran great. I would definitely purchase another one in the future and it was great on gas. Rarely had any problems with the car and it ran smooth. As long as I kept up on the upkeep of the vehicle it never gave me any problems. The car was very flashy. I received an abundance of complaints on the style of the vehicle and the interior of the vehicle. I was very satisfied with the look of the car. The car was very durable. Me and my family took a bunch of road trips and family vacations in the vehicle and we were never disappointed with the trip.

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Reviewed Nov. 25, 2016

It is a very reliable vehicle, rarely gives me any complications. Good gas mileage, and it's a car that I can trust and have peace at mind if my kids are traveling with me. Performance is perfect, love what it can do. Don't have any problems with it as much as I have in the past with other vehicles. Very highly recommend. Can't keep my eyes off it whenever I'm walking towards it, one of my favorite styles there is out there. Nice body, very eyes catching to others around. Stands out from a lot. I don't have any problems, not as much as I do with others in the past. Love how durable it is when taking me everywhere. Most trusted brand out there.

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Reviewed Nov. 24, 2016

I love speed. This car had just enough speed and is very reliable I love it. Even good in winter. I have had no issues and would recommend it to anyone! Was great on fuel and great has mileage (to other cars of this size) and packed a punch under good flew and I'm a speed junkie just enough speed with reliability for the family. Loved the look and continue to love it and the newer models look just as amazing. I'm a good old fashion county guy and black roads are my thing and going fast down them. Stands up great to pot holes and whatever you throw at it. I love this product and so will you.

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Reviewed Nov. 23, 2016

I love the comfort of the Dodge Challenger. The price value does not affect the outcome of my wallet. The value of the Challenger is awesome. It is a fast car. I would recommend that you buy the classics. They are very good drift cars. I've seen the Dodge Challenger 1970 in Fast and Furious films. The Dodge Challenger looks perfect for a muscle car. I'm a female that drives a Challenger because of the speed and the way they handle on the road. They handle the roads very well. When you're on the roads they are meant to be there. They hug the curves very well. Very good car. I love it.

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Reviewed Nov. 20, 2016

It has brought great comfort, enjoyment, and quality family trips for many years. Great car. Definitely one of the best. Performance was a beast. This car had great power. Nothing could hold it back or down. I would definitely recommend this car to everyone and anyone on just the performance alone. It had great appearance and when saw it or heard it you'd definitely be jealous. The car was a beautiful red with black and red leather interior. Durability is and was fantastic. Nothing could slow this beast down and it roared like a ferocious lion. This car withstood a lot of road trips.

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2016

It is an amazing car with amazing features. Makes me feel secure driving my family around in and great mpg gas rates. I love the smooth handling and security I get from this car. Performance is amazing. Also great for all weather conditions. The gas mileage is great and I would recommend this vehicle to anyone interested in purchasing. A very sleek stylish sexy car. Has a look and feel of that of a sports car. Definitely turns heads when you drive by. I like the aerodynamicness of the car. Overall amazing! Very durable. Have gotten a lot of good use from this car with little to no maintenance on the vehicle. Also have little to no need to fix anything besides tune up and oil change.

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Reviewed Nov. 16, 2016

It overall was a really nice vehicle, it drove well. It didn't have too many bells and whistles, therefore I can't justify the price of the vehicle. It drove very nice and smoothly sometimes you could not tell that you were even moving. It didn't get the greatest gas mileage though which you would expect it would since it's a small vehicle. I loved the overall look of the vehicle. The body style is exactly what I wanted. It also has really nice paint color choices. The color was so high quality. It isn't the most durable vehicle. It definitely would not be my 1st Choice for bad weather or bumpy, unpaved roads. Definitely not a sports vehicle.

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2016

It is very dependable and altogether a nice ride that is good to have when you need a vehicle to get you where you are going. Very smooth ride with everything you need from a car. If you need to get out quick this is a vehicle that will get the job done and if you just want a ride to take the family out it's great for that too and isn't bad on gas and doesn't require much maintenance. Very sporty look that looks nice all the way around. Inside and out this is a fine automobile with a design that looks great. Going down the road you will get looks from everyone if you drive one of these. Very dependable vehicle with low or no work that you have to put into it. The motor runs smooth and will get you there fast if you need that the front end to the inside of this car is top notch. One of the finest cars made.

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Reviewed Nov. 6, 2016

It has been extremely valuable as it is my main form of transportation and it has served great for work. I use it every day and without it I wouldn't be able to travel or complete work that relies on me traveling to places either close or far. Reliable and durable through hard situations. I would recommend to people who are in search of a heavy duty car that can take you around where you need to go. Nice looking overall vehicle, and in my opinion it's a nice looking car that works great on road. Cheap but worth the cost and it is extremely nice in work and appearance. Nice durability and it gets the hard work done without taking too much damage. Even on construction, the durability on this car is insane.

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Reviewed Nov. 5, 2016

Great value - fast but smooth, very nice ride, fully loaded or just basic manufacture details, can be very fast or just as slow as you would like. Great deal for the money whether you are leasing or buying outright or if you buy new or used. V6 300 horsepower has enough pep to be fun but does not suffer from bad fuel economy. Roomy, spacious, lots of options, multitude of colors to chooses from. The stylish door creases, led tail lights, comfortable ammenities, roomy interior, stylish wheel options available for extra cost. Even just your basic manufacture details are enough to make other drool over your car. This car is very durable, easy to maintain, not much work even if you have to do the work yourself or if you take it to the shop to be serviced. This car can really take a beating and be able to still run and drive properly with any issues.

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Reviewed Nov. 4, 2016

Was a great value for the money - never any real major problems with the vehicle. The vehicle runs really well and has great gas mileage. Great performance, and the warranty was exceptional. Tire last a long time and it drives so smooth you don't hear anything as you drive. Great appearance - comes in a variety of styles and colors and love that it has a nav system in it and you can Sirius XM satellite radio or you can get one with a cd player in it. Good durability - it will last a good long time as long as you take care of it and don't do anything dumb like get in a wreck or drive off a cliff or into a lake.

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Reviewed Nov. 3, 2016

Runs smooth, has nice look, has nice feel, parts are expensive, ok on gas, doesn't need a lot of work. If you're looking for a nice looking and good overall feel of a car this is the way to go to. Happy with the performance. It handles very well, a little bit better than you think. I like the car. Test drive one for yourself. Best way to understand and know for sure what you want. Very appealing car. Look it up online, very sporty, nice smooth look, take good photos lol, but overall a lot of people just love the look. It is durable, parts are expensive, but you should not need to do much added work to it, the car runs awesome. If this is what you're looking for, this is the car for you. Thanks.

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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2016

Value is expensive but the car has all you need in it. Every eternity possible therefore the money spent is well worth it and I would definitely recommend it and buying it. High performance vehicle - very fast, very dependable. For young and the old - I never owned a vehicle this great with speed and easy riding. The appearance of the vehicle is almost sports term without the small feeling of a small car, big size feel and looks great (leather interior). The durability will last years and years and years. Doesn't wear and tear easily like regular cars. It's easy to keep up and clean and feels great.

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