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Last updated: Nov. 6, 2017

1002 BMW Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2017

Very confusing when they change network, they don't want to fix it. All BMW dealership tell you different stories. Customer relation is a joke, rude and obnoxious. This is my fourth Bimmer and customer service level is going down. I think BMW been losing money due to airbag recall, now network has change and don't want to correct this issue, very disappointed.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

I leased a 2015 BMW 328 for my son. First time the giubo disc broke, the manufacturer refused to fix it under warranty and made me pay for it. I took the case to Arbitration and I won the case and I was reimbursed for the repair. The giubo disc broke down two more times and the manufacturer replaced it under warranty. However when it broke for the fourth time, they refused to pay and I am retaining an attorney to file a claim against the manufacturer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

My car stopped on me going out of town on the weekend and needed a tow. I contacted BMW roadside from the number in my trunk and set up service to be towed to BMW of Manhattan and I prepaid 139.00 from my debit for the service. I called the service center at BMW of Manhattan to assure security and lockup information and was told that they could not accommodate that and they closed at 5pm.

So I knew the car wouldn't arrive on time because it was a little after four when I called back roadside and made reservations for the car to be stored at the towing company until Monday morning but I had to upgrade the amount I paid from 139.00 to 169.00 because of storage time. I was told the first payment couldn't be reimbursed over the phone but that I'd receive it in three to five business days. I continued out of town on the 30th through Greyhound and returned on the fifth. I kept running into the resistance of phone tag when I returned but finally got through with email correspondence.

When I visited the BMW of Manhattan location I spoke about the issues and options concerning the car. The 189.00 payment for diagnostic and the issues that needed to be addressed. I was told I needed the alternator replaced and battery fixed then another diagnostic needed to be done to see what caused the recharger to stop charging and the battery to die.

I explained that I had some one oil the car and wanted to know if that could be the cause because he used oil that was not suggested by my previous mechanic; it was Mobile synthetic and I wanted to make sure it hadn't shocked my system causing the car to fail (BMW 750i 2006). I also didn't want to pay for a diagnosis and fix it only to pay for another diagnosis and realize my system was shot. I feel he should have been able to give me that information the first time opposed to being charged so many times. The service area associate assured me it was not the oil but he needed to fix the car first then re-diagnose.

So, I asked about the financial assistance program that I was told they didn't have. I was also told if the car was fixed and not picked up I'd be charged 85 dollars a day for storage. So I asked the service adviser Denise ** did she have the information for the towing company. I wanted the car towed back to she said "No". I then stated I have it in my papers I will call and have it picked up and she replied "I do have it". She gestured to a folder in front of her and she said "I'll call and make the arrangement and the car will be picked up Monday" (This was a Saturday again and they closed at 5).

Its been two weeks now since the car broke down and I have not received my reimbursement. I called BMW roadside. They cannot give any information or a telephone number to speak with someone who can explain why I don't have my 139.00 back. The woman on the phone sounded unusually uncomfortable and told me I had to send a letter to the claims department. That's all the information she could give me; that there was no number I could call. I expressed my concerns about no contact by phone and not receiving a follow up (which she said I should have gotten). I've googled and cannot find a number for BMW claims or reimbursement and they insist they can't help me on the phone.

I called BMW of Manhattan and was greeted nasty. I wanted to know where had the car been delivered to and the woman on the phone said "It was delivered to the shop where I was having it fixed" (she said it wasn't there). I told her I didn't make arrangements and where's my car. She told me to hold on and transferred me to Denise ** who said "she never made the arrangements and never agreed to it". We went back and forth on the phone till I finally asked where's the car and she said "It's still in the service area". Today is 10/13/17 and the car has been there since 10/02/17.

I think BMW of Manhattan is a in every area from the financial assistance to having the car fixed and also on delivery. The attitude of the managing staff I've run into is very unethical. I feel it's bad business to take my money and now I have to chase it and get spoken to rudely. There system is not put together professionally; unless they're just common thieves. I would like my money returned and car delivered and as I write this long (hour-some) letter the email had still not generated on my phone for an update (as she called it). BMW gets no stars from me. I wish I never bought the car. (I wanted an Impala.)

Oh, and when I returned to my car to retrieve stuff from my trunk. They had left food in the car that was rotting for the time it was there. The windows were rolled down and big flies were in my car. I had little groceries in the car and though it might not be their job, if you are working on it and it's in your garage common courtesy and your environment should have made you throw away sour milk, juice and hamburger meat. (I'm just saying.) But I'm not on fb so I won't. ;) I didn't know I'd need receipts at the end for this but I can furnish upon request.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2017

I had service done at Vista BMW in Coconut Creek, FL after receiving via email service coupons and discounts. After the service was done and the emailed coupons were presented the Service Manager denied and did not apply the coupons. 20% discount was offered on any service done at the dealer. After the service was done, the manager refused to apply the coupon and pointed out the fine print. This coupon is very deceiving as it was very clear that they wanted to get customers pulled into the dealership for service thru this offer, only to turn it down when it was time to pick up the vehicle.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

I was wondering whether you might be interested in running a story about what to watch out for when leasing a car. I am having a very difficult time with BMW Financial Services organization and have identified at least 4 ways that their owners choice agreement does harm to the customer. I learned a lot and thought it could be of potential interest to your readers.

After turning in my i3 at the two year lease end, and making every payment like clockwork, and returning the car in immaculate condition (nothing found wrong by the independent examiner), they are suddenly hounding me to pay them $353 purportedly so they can use that money to sell the car to someone else. "What," I said? "I leased the car from you, it's your responsibility to sell it." I have tried talking to them but they claim that this money clawback fee, is somewhere buried in the fine print of their agreement.

Strangely, no matter how many times I spoke with all of the people at the dealership no one ever made me aware of this situation. And the Financial Services Group was irrational when I called them. When I explained that I bought another i3 but I didn't finance it, they wouldn't take off the fee. It would seem that finance group at the dealership needs to tell the customer when we are in there signing pages and pages of documents. But my real wonder here is why BMW management would want to pursue this after the fact, fee extraction extortion strategy.

I was told, now after the fact, that had I did another financing with BMW finance they would have waived the fee. However, the reason I didn't buy the i3 I had from the dealer was because I was told that I would have to pay a $2,200 "customer loyalty fee" over the street value of the car. And I actually have this in writing. Is this a rational thing for a customer to be told? Is that what loyalty means to BMW Finance. Hey you are loyal, so you need to pay $2,200 more for the car? For $350, and what they want it for, I can tell you that they aren't earning goodwill and keep customers this way. I have two other tax issues that harmed me that was also part of their program. These were tax related and needlessly abusive policies. Anyway, I don't think I will be leasing another car from BMW Finance.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2017

I have finally decided to share this with all so that everyone who owns a BMW i8 understands what can happen! The purpose of me sharing this with you is that "The Ultimate Driving Machine" did not turn out to be ultimate for us! This was a very traumatic experience for us. My daughter and I still have nightmares about it. Thank God my daughter and I got out of the car in time before it bursted into flames. Please note this car is not even a year old and less than 7000 miles! The worst part was I was scared and panicked as I could not open the "wing" door. This happened on September 2nd 2017!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

I purchased a 2013 328xi for my wife in June 2016. It came with 18 alloy wheels and brand-new Pirelli run-flat tires. After a few months, the rear passenger tire kept losing air. I took it in for inspection 8/23/17 and was told it was due to a cracked wheel. My wife never hit anything with that wheel that would cause such severe damage. The service rep said that she probably "hit a pothole" and that the run-flats don't provide enough cushion to protect the wheel. In other words, it's a defect in the wheel/tire assembly (borne out by a class-action suit settled by BMW for cracked wheels on the Z4 in 2015). The solution offered by the service agent was to replace the wheel and tire for $1,035. I asked if BMW would take back the run-flats (with only 5700 miles) and replace with conventional tires so I wouldn't risk another wheel crack from a pothole. The answer was no.

So I paid for a new wheel (discounted 50% by BMWNA after filing a complaint) and took the car to Discount Tire and bought 4 new Conti Extremes in trade for the run-flats at $30 each. Cost me $758. They inspected the right rear tire and saw no evidence of damage. There was also no evidence of impact to the wheel - just the hairline crack. BMW of San Diego could have done the right thing by replacing the defective wheel at no charge (the car is still under warranty), but instead tried to fleece me for the full cost of a new wheel and a tire that wasn't damaged. In fairness, the service manager, William **, made a good-faith effort to make this right. But the dealership and BMW didn't care. BTW, the car actually handles much better with the Continental Extreme Contacts, and the ride is much more comfortable. We just have to pray that she won't get a flat, because there ain't no spare.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

We sent our 2009 BMW 328i for 85000 mile service, at the same time our A/C was not working. BMW West Houston did a full check, and recommended a lot of parts changes, including the evaporator + gaskets, auxiliary belt and tensioner + bolt-belt tensioner, oil filter housing gasket. The total cost was 3000 USD+. Immediately when I took my car back after the service, the car panel shows the Triangle exclamatory mark, according to BMW West Houston shop that this is the software issue, can be reset easily, I can bring the car back to reset.

From the last service, 3 weeks later, the driving mileage shows 570 miles, I start to hear a sharp noise, and soon the "service engine soon" light turned on. I brought the car back to BMW shop, after diagnostic, BMW has quote again 3000+ USD for some other parts to be changed, and told me to reset the software back I need to pay 500 USD to remove that. It is ridiculous after the full service with a lot of recommended parts replacement, just after 3 weeks the car has such a big issue again, especially there were about 10 days we actually didn't use the car in between. I am very disappointed with BMW quality, also very disappointed with the service quality.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

I have had my X5 for over 2 years now, I bought it brand new from passport BMW in MD. I have had issues for about 2 years now with the camera. At one time it just would be blurry then it went dark. I took it to the dealer, they said they had replaced it but no sooner it started acting up again, sometime when I would have the car in drive it would attempt to come on. (I was told when I called that it was the hot weather that was affecting the camera operation). I called BMW corporate, someone called back a couple of times but was never able to get the dealership to resolve this issues as he had promised. I am so disappointed in this car vis a vis the monthly car payment I keep making.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2017

Purchased a tire/wheel protection plan (scam) for $1600. When I leased my X3. I took my vehicle into BMW in Bridgewater NJ three times for a tire that had a constant leak and was in need of replacement. Each time I was advised it only needed air. I returned my vehicle to Flemington BMW, where I initially leased it and went across the street and leased another from Flemington Lincoln. I was totally insulted when I received my Lease termination Inspection report only to find that the tire that I bought in to be repaired (right front - run flat) tread was measured to be 3/32". Apparently 1/32" below the acceptable wear and as a result was charged an $300. In addition to a $350 disposition fee for not leasing another BMW.

My husband called BMW customer service and complained to Charles ** about what a rip off scam this was and that we wanted to see the tire they measured so can measure it to see this 1/32", when the rest of the tires were above their so called standards. Mr ** had no remedy for my problem and was virtually speechless. First and last BMW. Tire wheel protection with them is definitely a JOKE! Management at Flemington BMW did nothing! Lost a customer.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

I leased a 328i three years ago. It was my second one. United BMW in Roswell bent over backwards to get me into another vehicle, treated me like gold... The car had 21,000 miles on it, a cream puff. When I told them I was not interested in leasing another they put their game face on. Inspecting and reinspecting the vehicle in full sun for anything they could tag me with. They pulled out their "dingo meter" and one tire was a tenth of 1 millimeter off... They banged me for 300 bucks. My dent and ding package only covered the ding if the paint was not chipped on top… They took out the microscope. The general manager was an **... They lost a good customer. I will make sure I let all my friends know. Be prepared if you lease a BMW, they will bend you over in the end.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

I purchased my 2013 BMW 328i in 2015. The car has about 46.000 miles on it, and it is just out of warranty. The check engine light went on. I took it to Stevens Creek BMW for repair. After they did the diagnosis, they texted me I need new NVLD pump. I confirmed with them that it is $546 including parts and labor. However, when I came to pick up the car, they charged me $761.89. They told me the additional $215.89 was diagnosis fee. I was wondering why the dealer charge diagnosis fee. Isn't that diagnosis part of the repair procedure. I paid the full amount anyway.

I took my car and went on the freeway for couple miles. The check engine light came back on again. I assumed that they didn't test drive after the repair. I ended up to take my car back to the dealer the next day. They did another diagnosis and found a different problem. It was fuel tank venting valve. This time the problem seems fixed. I think I shouldn't pay for the diagnosis fee because I let them repair in same dealership. They didn't told me there were diagnosis fee prior to my authorization of repair. Second, I paid $190 for the fault repair pump which the fuel tank venting valve shouldn't cost that much. My suggestion is that you want to make sure what is total amount you have to pay... Watch out for any hidden cost.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

This my 2nd BMW that I have owned. One was a 1999 530i, and now I have a 2011 535i. My issues are with the interior and water leaks. I feel that both are BMW problems and should be fixed at their expense. The water leaks are from the moisture barrier within the doors. You would think that with the technology today this would not be an issue.Yet here I am knee deep in water in my back floorboard.

I have owned several different cars that were much older and never had a leak anywhere. I do not understand how BMW can claim this is the Ultimate driving machine. My interior issue is with the driver door grab. It is made with some kind of soft material. The problem is it melts due to the extreme heat. Living in the South, we have very hot summers. I do use sunscreens. However it doesn't help. I had to remove the material and now I am left with an ugly looking door grab. Needless to say I am out of pocket for these fixes, Both problems I believe are manufacturer defects. My local BMW service center is in agreement with my reasoning. However BMW won"t fix anything. My next Ultimate driving machine won't be a BMW.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 13, 2017

I purchased a car at Melbourne BMW from Colorado. I was out of town on business. They cashed my 2000 $ deposit and ran my credit and asked when I was going to pick up my car, I told them Tuesday. They said, "ok will have it detailed now." Then they sold my car to someone else on Sunday and still was holding the 2000 $ but this is not the issue. They sold the same car to two different people. BMW of Melbourne and BMW do not have ethics.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

If I could give less than one star I would - I'd like to share my story how Passport BMW located in Camp Springs/ Marlow Heights MD screwed up my fuel pump recall causing the fuel pump to leak gas like a faucet. I've since contacted BMW NA who has been less than helpful facilitating my effort to have another dealership look at the car. Anybody else out there having issues with BMW, I will never buy another BMW.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 9, 2017

Never buy from Visalia BMW. I have purchased 3 BMW in the last three years and many BMW in the past. My 750Li just lost an engine with 4 months left on lease. BMW did not do anything financial to assist. No payments!!! The vehicle had 30k miles. They put a reman engine in. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER BMW EVER AGAIN. The dealer said there hands were tied and they could not do anything. All this could have been resolved for less than $4,000.00. BMW Corporate would not do anything.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

2009 BMW 335I - Battery was removed to be replaced. Closed trunk as car was in public place, now I cannot access trunk to replace battery, cannot use front jump option under hood as cables in trunk are touching or grounded. At this time the only option BMW is suggesting is to have car towed to BMW so they can troubleshoot at $175 an hour - and from what I have found is they will locate the fuse wire and use that to open trunk. They removed the key hole in 2009 with this car thus leaving the consumer in the lurch.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 31, 2017

I purchased a Certified 328i from Keeler BMW in Schenectady 10/15. The car had 29,000 miles on it when I purchased. Certified means that the car should be covered for most issues until it reaches either 100k or 3/12/19. My engine blew within 9 months of owning the car. BMW first tried telling me that they weren't sure this was going to be covered. After threatening to sue, a new engine was ordered from overseas and covered. Shortly after, there was a recall and the oil line had to be replaced. I was told this would take 4 hours. I waited for over 8 hrs. Only 2-3 months later I found over an inch of water in the back of the car which soaked through the floor mats and through the carpet. The door seals broke. Yet another fight with BMW because they first claimed that "this happens" and that the door seals weren't covered.

They eventually covered them but never bothered addressing the fact that the carpets were soaked for weeks while I waited for an appointment to get the seals fixed. One would think that they would dry and professionally clean the carpets to rid of mold and mildew. They didn't bother, so now there's a lovely smell of mildew throughout my car. This brings me to one of the rear doors not opening for months due to the lock not working. I can only assume this is because water was running through the door panel when the seals weren't working. Another fix. There's a short in the passenger seat's sensor. I have to keep the seat belt buckled when the seat is empty just so the annoying beeping will stop. I noted this as one of the items to be taken care of when I dropped the car off to have the door seals replaced. The dealership neglected to fix it. The bluetooth doesn't work. I have to have my phone plugged in, it won't pickup otherwise.

As of today's date, 07/31/2017, my car has 70,000 miles on it with coverage that's supposed to extend up to 100,000 miles. The car sounds like a go kart when I start it and turn it off. I've contacted BMW several times asking what they will do in terms of a tradein. I'm tired of having this car serviced and out of commission for days, at times, weeks. I use my car for my business. There are certain standards that should be met by BMW considering the consumer is paying for the brand name and customer service that is supposed to be associated along with. If I wanted a car that was going to be in the shop every month, I'd buy a 3k beater off of Craigslist. BMW has only offered me $1,500 towards a NEW BMW as a resolution. Completely unreasonable. This car is a LEMON. I would expect the company to recognize this and offer a more reasonable resolution. This is my third BMW. Where's the customer service? Perhaps at Mercedes.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 27, 2017

I purchased my dream car 4 years ago. I was so excited but then for the last 3 yrs, I have been taking my 645ci to BMW of Annapolis complaining about my transmission. Each time, they told me they couldn't duplicate the problem but took care of other issues. I had a 3rd party warranty that they charged close to $14,000. Not once could they diagnose the problems with transmission. The last few times I took it, the transmission malfunction light was on. One of the service advisers even saw it. But again I was told they couldn't duplicate the problem. In May 2017, I again took it there since my light came on again. They had my car for weeks, but I was told to pick up the car. They couldn't duplicate the problem.

A few weeks later, my car would not go in reverse and the transmission light came on again. I called and spoke to the Service Manager Steve **. He told me to bring it to him and they will take a look at it. Well, my husband was able to get it there and told him that the car would not go into reverse, reminded them that I just had it there for the transmission issue and showed picture of the transmission light. Once again, I was told they couldn't duplicate the problem. Their foreman sent me an email stating he reviewed all my previous complaints (which a documented in email) and stated they couldn't duplicate the problem, but that I needed a new transmission shifter selector lever ($1,500) but couldn't guarantee that would take care of the problem. Also stated in email that he notice they showed a pattern of low voltage issues (which I never was told before).

My warranty expired the beginning of this year (due to time on mileage). Not once was I informed of the low voltage issues and nothing was ever done about my complaints of the transmission. This would have all been covered but now it is not. I contacted the corporate office, Group 1 Auto. They are the owners of BMW of Annapolis. I received a call from Steve ** from their office. I had him on a conference call with my husband so he could explain our issues. While my husband talked to him, Mr. ** snickered several times while my husband was talking. My husband asked if they was laughing at him. I found the snickering very rude. All I wanted was some kind of resolution with my car.

I wanted to know why the transmission light kept coming on (both my husband & I have had problems with the shifting or slipping of the transmission). We were never given an answer. I didn't want to put $1,500 into the car and that not be the problem. I wanted answers. Instead I got "we need the loaner car back" and "Do you want us to put in shifter?" Well it turns out Steve ** was at the BMW service department. He told us on the phone "we need the loaner back and we will not do any work on your car so please take it to a different BMW service department". I have never in my life been treated in this manner. They couldn't figure out the problem and instead of calling the Corporate Team (which I found out BMW has to figure out problems like this), they wouldn't work with us.

My husband ended up getting the car (with no reverse), and noticed damage to the dashboard and curb straps (that were not there when car dropped off). He also had to call the police in order to get the information on who actually worked on our car (test drove it and tried to diagnosis) since BMW would not give him that information. Now I am without a working car, a broken dashboard and still do not know what is wrong with the transmission. I don't understand how it got to this point. Why were the experts not called when they couldn't duplicate the problem. Especially when I told them I was having problems in 2014? This could have been avoided had they taken the extra steps. I understand parts need to be replaced, but I feel it was never diagnosed properly. I am in total disgust. This has given BMW a bad name.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 25, 2017

On August 24, 2014 I purchased a used 2009 BMW 335i with 58,213 miles. Unfortunately, from the time I drove vehicle off parking lot, it has been nothing but a money pit. I will start out with when I had to return the car to dealership shortly after purchase because the sunroof did not work properly. The problem was fixed, however it was just the beginning because more problems ensued and it seems like there is no end in sight. Not long after, check engine light is always on, I think it is the oil, even though it is about three months that I have car. I take car to get oil changed only to find out that it needs new shocks. I paid handsomely for new shocks in hopes that I am good with car. However, when I collected the vehicle and started using it again, a problem still existed. Three weeks later, I take it back to mechanic and they do a diagnostics test and determine that it's the engine! The engine cylinders are misfiring.

I havent had this car for 6 months and there is a major problem. My warranty was up but I was led to believe with the 82 point inspection that I had a good car, I mean it's a BMW. Engine problems are big deals which is why I had to contact the dealership. The person who sold the car to me, took car to get checked out with the dealerships BMW service. The diagnosis I was given was that I needed to be using high quality gas and dont go below a quarter of a tank before refilling. I was then sent on my way. I was patient but two months pass and check engine light still lighting up. My car is shaking and I now know I have a LEMON of an expensive car. I actually took car to the San Antonio BMW dealership because I wanted to know if they had seen the car and I was told that dealership never brought the car in to check for misfires.

So I contacted dealership again and thankfully, management agreed have the engine cylinder misfires fixed. After that repair they were done with me. I really felt that all problems were resolved and now I must maintain and keep up with repairs that would happen as more mileage was put on the car. I had forgotten that I actually had a lemon of a car. My nightmare was really about to begin. In August, it will be three years since the purchase of this 2009 BMW which currently has approximately 97,200 miles. Here is the rundown on repairs since purchase, however I may have left some out: Water pump, New tires (the warranty dealership sold me was bogus), Coolant, Serpentine belt, Air conditioning, Brakes, Oil pan gasket, Valve cover gasket, Oil hoses, Engine drive belt and tensioner, Spark plugs, Direct engine coils, Upper and lower pulleys.

As of today, the car is in the shop because it turns out that the reason the power steering belt keeps breaking (second time it was replaced was in April 2017 so this is third time to replace) is because there is a crack in a mounting bracket of the power steering pump. Mind you, I had taken the car to the BMW dealership for a diagnostics test on June 27 June 30, 2017 because the car had been running in limp mode since May which is dangerous especially driving during rush hours to and from work. Our mechanic's diagnosis suggested it could be an indicator that the high pressure fuel pump needs to be replaced and mechanic did not want to work on it in the event that it was the high pressure fuel pump which is under warranty and only the BMW dealership is able to replace. The car was at dealership for three days for diagnostics only to find out that it was not the high pressure fuel pump but the low pressure fuel pump sensor.

Upon reflection, I learn that not all issues with car can be determined with diagnostics otherwise that power steering bracket crack would have been revealed since I was having to replace the belt for the third time. The costs for repairs are power steering problem is approximately $1100 and fuel sensor approximately $500, I hope. Fuel sensor pump is scheduled to be fixed this Thursday with the dealership but now I will probably have to rescheduled since I just had to pay $1305 for the spark plugs, coils and valve cover gasket. Total costs thus far, are well over $11,000 and rising after this repair be worked on now. No worries I have receipts. I have been so frustrated and overwhelmed with these car problems that no one should have to deal with in this short period of time for a presumably well-made top of the line car.

I have been inconvenienced because of the many times of being carless and have taken time off from work to get car repaired because mechanics do not work weekends and as a teacher I have to schedule based on my teaching schedule. I contacted BMW North America because I wanted to know if these problems are typical and if I had any recourse to consider. They take no responsibility for a lemon of a car and advised that I contact the dealership who sold me the car because they had no records on the maintenance of the car. I also informed the lienholder because the cost of repairs and still owning on the car just doesnt make any sense to hold on to a lemon of a car.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT NO ONE BUY A BMW! I understand maintenance and replacing parts but geez this car started falling apart at 60,000 miles. Now the only recourse I have is to trade in car while I am upside down and buy something safer and less expensive because I can't afford more repairs. Amazing how these "top of the line" car manufacturers take no accountability for such poorly manufactured cars. I was suckered by the name brand and thinking it made it a better vehicle. Live and learn.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 1, 2017

I owned a 2008 BMW 335i. My car got caught in fire yesterday and it covered with flames. Luckily I got out the car quickly and nobody is hurt. It's too dramatic and I would never have expected this. I used to love its apparent and the car's handling, even though there are numerous problems I had to deal with (random misfires, water pump, fuel pump and crankshaft position sensor failures). Up to this point, I am hesitated to buy another BMW in future. I Googled and there is a list of news reported about BMWs get caught in fire.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 11, 2017

I own BMW 2009 335i and had fuel injector went wrong. I took it to import car specialist and diagnosed/ready to be repaired when I read the article about the injector recall on 2010, previously produced BMW. I called toll free to confirm if that is true. A representative responded my call and told me it is not the recall, but they extended warranty and told me to take it to the dealership. I was about to spend $1700 at the import specialist, so I was so excited about it. I called repair shop right away and canceled the repair, and told them I just spoke BMW representatives and he said I have warranty. The repair guy congratulated me saving a lot and asked me to tow my car since the sounds are real unstable so I towed my car to dealership. They took my statement took my car.

The next day, the dealership called me and told me I don't have warranty and call the company again to confirm. So I called the same number, the representative who answered my phone was so rude (and she will contact me several more times to tell me the exactly the same story) and asked my VIN number, and the VIN number I gave her doesn't have the warranty. I tried to explain to her what had happened a day before, but she wouldn't listen. She kept saying that she doesn't have any record of me calling, even if I copied my phone call photos and Verizon statement. Several uncomfortable conversations/emails/proof of BMW dealer's statement of it saying I believed that the warranty was covered at the time of my vehicle was received at the dealership, they denied their responsibilities, and treated me like I am the liar.

Who would go through that trouble not believing having warranty, paying $700 more than the imported specialist and towing and double dipping diagnostic fees. My car is still in dealer's while I argued with them to admit their mistakes, but no apologies, but I became a liar of calling them, they couldn't find my number that morning calls... etc.

I still don't have car two weeks later (still in the dealership) and wrote a last email, I gave up. All I can do is let my friends and family know what they've done to me, how they treat their customers and encourage them not to be in a situations like me. It is not only pain to deal with people who doesn't believe me with all the evidence I presented, but also ignore their responsibilities of what they informed to their customers. I ended up will pay close to $2500 to change the problem injectors, but I ended up not suffering from them ever because I will never take my car to the dealership and never buy another BMW.

I really regret my friend's recommendation not to buy one years ago, all I would get is trouble... and yes. Anyone out there, know this. They will tell you, while looking at the image of your phone record, "You never called us, we don't have a record of your number". Not honest, soon or later the business will pay the price for it. Just like our lives.

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Original review: May 6, 2017

I just want to say I love my BMW and have never had any problems with my car. It has run beautifully since the day I bought it used from a private party with 48,000 miles on it 2 years ago. I only have 1 major complaint and that is the underside of the front bumper being that it seems to be too low. When parking, those cement stoppers? The car will easily park where the bumper is rested above the concrete stopper which is normal parking. HOWEVER if you do this BEWARE, because when you back out? KA-KLUNK! Sounds like someone was thrown into your vehicle but no, there's a piece under the bumper that gets caught on the cement piece and when you back out it gets caught on your bumper and nearly pulls it off! This has happened too many times to count as you cannot see the cement bumper and should not have to and should be able to park normally.

The result is a separated bumper which will eventually get torn off. I've had to have mine reattached several times. The clips have been broken numerous times and it is now held on with a strong black wire and the bumper has literally been screwed on. Unless I nearly park 3/4s of the way into a spot or back in it will inevitably happen again. Other than that the front seat does not recline flat. At best it reclines to a 30 angle which is weird for a luxury car.

Otherwise I love my BMW. People don't understand these cars are very complex and technologically advanced. If taken care of properly... (using the proper grade fuel, proper fluids, etc.) Your car will run as good as the day it left the showroom. The red no " in between" with these cars, if something's not right it wont run like crap. It just wont run at all until it's dealt with.

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Original review: May 3, 2017

I leased a 2 series as a third car - Just returned with 6k miles. Half way the car went dead - Ok, it happens. But it took 24h and 5 or 6 calls - Yes - For BMW roadside assistance to tow the car to the dealership (And then I had a few issues with the dealership, but minor so won't make this too long). I then proceeded to return it a couple weeks ago. They did an inspection a month before lease return (Just like my Range Rover went through, which showed a lot of charges, but then to my surprise US Bank did not charge any of them as I believe someone actually checked it and saw they were unwarranted - Kudos to them).

Anyways, BMW are now charging me the same exact 2k from the "Inspection" even though I changed one tire at the dealership as requested (I deemed that to be right) AND the key that was "Missing" wasn't and was returned - They said the inspection was final, and it is upon me to show all receipts. Plus they are charging me for minor wheel scratches and other things I had never heard of before from Mercedes or Range Rover or anyone else I've dealt with for that matter. BMW never, ever again.

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Original review: April 26, 2017

My wife bought a used BMW X3 2014 with about 35M miles on it. After a couple oil changes and 42M miles the engine had a drivetrain fault and BMW said it was a computer issue and we needed to pay to update our program. A month later we got another drivetrain malfunction fault but this time the oil pump quit on the way to the dealership and the engine seized up. BMW insists this is not their fault and they have no liability.

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Original review: April 17, 2017

I purchased a used 328i from BMW of Columbia in Columbia SC. The first year I took it back for so many reasons. It was unbelievable. Yet it was suppose to be certified pre-owned. I have fibromyalgia and it was very frustrating for me. I lost all confidence in the car. I have depression, anxiety, and the car when bought only had 24,000 miles. The problems I had was not call for with a BMW.

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Original review: April 15, 2017

We purchased a 2010 BMW 535i station wagon from Bob Smith BMW in Calabasas 4 years ago. We even paid for extended warranty to 100k miles. The engine broke down on 89k miles. Contacted BMW North America AND Bob Smith to repair, no one takes responsibility to help us. After the car had to towed to Bob Smith for diagnosed (it was already diagnosed elsewhere to determined the engine went bad already) they told us it will cost over $1600 to diagnosed. Then they told us it will cost us over $20,000 to replace the engine. Yes, you read it correctly... $20,000 NOT $2,000.

Bad customer service when it comes to warranty. Only if we could beg the public not to purchase BMW, we would. If you're thinking of owning one, please think twice before you do it. BMW will give you the best service when everything is going well, but the minute something is seriously wrong with the car they will show their true color. So sad & extremely disappointed with the way BMW handled the whole situation. We've owned 4 BMW but we are going a different direction now. Unfortunately we still have another BMW 328i, can't wait to just get rid of it as well. Sighed.

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Original review: April 12, 2017

I own a 1999 BMW 328i e46. At 0715hrs March/23/2017 I was driving to work when out of nowhere and for no reason the drivers side A-pillar and door airbags deployed striking my left arm leaving a bruise and pushing me towards the center console. I contacted BMW of North America and spoke to a representative and was asked to deliver the vehicle to the nearest dealership so they can perform an investigation. At 1525 hrs April/11/2017 I contacted the representative at BMW, she told me that the sensors sensed an impact even though there is no recent physical damage to the undercarriage of my car. She then proceeded to tell me my car's suspension is worn out and could've caused enough shock to set off my airbag.

Instead of taking responsibility for an obvious manufacturer issue she then tried to blame it on age then changed back to a sensor recorded an impact. Then offered me $1500 to "Help" with repairs to my car "in-house only". I need my car. It's how I get to work so I can take care of my family. I can't cover the existing amount of $3000 to cover the rest as quick as I need my car! BMW should pay for all the damages! Airbags should NEVER deploy without an accident! The car broke itself and tried to kill me in the process. Luckily I am 230 pounds and 6'1" tall. This could've killed anyone smaller!!! Very scary and disappointing!

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Original review: March 28, 2017

Our BMW M235i coupe, was involved in an accident, another car hit it from the back, so they are responsible. The car has been sitting in the body shop for over 2 months as it is missing one piece that BMW USA does not have available. They are not giving us any estimation as of when this piece will be ready but minimum it could be another month! And in the meantime not compensation for the lease payments while we are waiting for that piece from BMW! It is unbelievable that BMW leases cars that they don't have the all the spare parts available and they expect customers to continue renting a car until it's ready! Over 3 months or more... Also their customer services is appalling! They don't bother to even be nice or understanding of the situation.

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Original review: March 21, 2017

I recently waited 3:15 minutes in my car for the towing company that BMW contracted to get to me. I'm in the Chicago metro area. There are literally hundreds of towing companies and absolutely NO reason for this to happen. I hit a pothole and blew out my right front tire. I called BMW RA and received the confirmation email and ETA at 4:14 pm. The ETA for the tow truck was originally set for 5:53 pm, a full 90 minutes from the time I placed the call. That time came and went and no tow truck.

I called back and BMW RA said, "We contacted them, they are running a little behind and will be there in 30 min." That was a bold-faced lie, because I then received another text from R.A. stating that the NEW ETA was 6:40 pm, which was a full HOUR longer. 6:40 pm came and went and I called AGAIN. I was told at that point, "We contacted the company and the driver is 15 minutes away. That was a bold-faced lie because shortly after that call I received another text changing the ETA to 7:12 pm. I called back and started screaming and they said they contacted a 2nd towing company "just in case" the original company didn't show.

At 7:30 pm a different company showed up and that driver showed me his phone to prove to me that he had just been dispatched 15 min. earlier. The original company NEVER SHOWED. This is proof that the BMW RA people were lying right to my face and is also BEYOND PATHETIC that I had to wait in my car for 3:15 min. no bathroom, no food, running out of gas in the Winter in Chicago. This is the 2nd bad experience I've had with BMW Roadside Assist. and I have to tell you I will think twice about purchasing another BMW. I didn't have these issues with Mercedes.

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