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I have taken my BMW 328i in three times to the Plano BMW dealership to have fixed for check engine light which keeps coming up every 3 to 4 months. One of the issues has been an EVAP leak error which keeps coming up every 6 months. Now they say you have to continue paying to diagnose the same issue that they could not fix. I have had it with BMW and when comparing it to my E350 Mercedes Benz I will give Mercedes a thumbs up on their service and their car. I am just so frustrated with BMW and this will be the last car I buy with them.

Bought myself a new car, very exciting right? WRONG! Not if it's a BMW! I bought this car less than 30k miles, 2014. This Friday will be my 3rd time taking it to the shop in less than a month. It's still under warranty, but now I'm seeing signs, as I did with my Pontiac Firebird money pit. Feels like something is wrong with the mass air flow, tranny, parking lamp malfunction, now check engine light is on. What's next??? Idk anyone who is taking their car in every week on their day off. Contacting Carmax and my creditor to check out other options. Honda and Toyota here I come! BMW IS RUNNING A RACKET!!!

I am very disappointed with the service I have received from the dealerships in the Atlanta, GA area. I purchased my car on January 15, 2015 and it was one of the proudest moments in my life. I have had to take the car in several time because of the oil leak and I was told by the 2 separate dealership that they can't find an oil leak. I took my car to a certified BMW mechanic and he informed me that there is a known oil leak with BMW 750li NG3 engine but BMW refuse to fix or change the engine. I got up this morning and wrote a letter of complaint and when I was looking for the Customer Complaint information for BMW I found this website. I went through and read all the posted complaints and I see I am not the only owner who is having oil leak and my air conditioner going out.

It seem to be a big problem with BMW's and I am very disappointed but I refuse to drive a car that smokes, leaking oil and the air conditioner not cooling properly. I work for a major transportation company and I am going to be sure I let everyone I work with know the problems I am having with the so call "Ultimate Driving Machine". Sounds like I bought a Lemon so if we are going for action lawsuit count me in. I agree that the 750li should considered a LEMON.

I have an BMW X1 2012. It's only 4 years and 100000 Km yet it already has leaking oil, leaking cooling system, leaking freon. My Honda civic 2005 so far has have no problems like that. Is an BMW better than a regular cheap Honda?

Charged for bumper on lease turn in even though marks were under the spec I was told. I was told I had too many bumper dings, even though I was told not to worry about them when I leased the car. I live in a city. Of course I will have bumper dings.

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We are in the market for a newer 3 series BMW sedan. Our current 2002 325i has 240k miles. I have been a faithful BMW owner since 1970. But after the problems with our 2002 325i engine I am not sure about BMW's in our future. Last April we on a road trip to visit our son in Asheville, NC with the intention of purchasing a 3 series BMW. Our experience at BMW of Asheville was not impressive. We found a car during a web search of BMW of Asheville website. We were greeted at the door, offered a drink of water and introduced to sales specialist. The car apparently had some theft and paint damage while at the dealership. So the car was in the paint shop. But after an hour we were getting annoyed having not seen or Sat in a car. Then I noticed our sales specialist jumping in the air with a key fob I assume trying to locate the car.

With Millions of dollars in inventory it would seem simple, to note on the inventory number where it is located and status. The dealership giving us excuses just lowered our confidence in the dealership. In the future I hope customers find a different experience than we had. Still needing a newer car we are looking at a 2007 328i. But after reading the reviews posted here. I am seriously questioning what I am about to do. Can I just on faith that it will turn out okay. Or will the insensitivity of corporate wear me out!

We purchased a pre-owned certified BMW in Fresno, CA in April 2013. Within the first week we had problems with the electrical and our amp went out completely. We were told that it needed to be reset but it continued to fail. We had to take the car in 5 times before they replaced the amp. This was only the beginning of our problems. In the first year of ownership, we had multiply problems with the car including but not limited to: new air conditioning, rear door latch, interior door panel, oil leak. The biggest and most dangerous problem occurred on February 11, 2015.

I was driving home on the freeway and I lost all power in the car. We were in the fast lane, going up a hill and suddenly no power! There were no warning lights of any kind, just complete power failure! I was able to pull over on the freeway and call the BMW service department in Fresno. I was told by my service adviser to simply turn off the car and it would reset. Upon my arrival back in Fresno, I took the car in to the BMW dealership for repair. After the car was there for a few days, I was told to pick up the car because the service department found nothing wrong with the transmission.

Once again I drove the car and with my family in the car on the freeway, I lost complete power again! I took the car back to the service department and told them the car was unsafe to drive. I was given a loaner car. My car was in the service department for one month! My service adviser called me and said that there was nothing wrong with the car and to come and pick it up! I then called the service manager and customer relations with BMW corporate. I explained I could not drive this car because it was not safe for my family or any other driver on the road! It was then that they did an electronic test and determined that it needed a new transmission.

On July 23, 2016, on our way to the central coast, the engine started making a horrible loud noise. I took it in to Coast BMW and they informed me my AC compressor was out, the wishbone was cracked and had to be replaced and they found 2 oil leaks. My car had been burning one quart of oil a month and the Fresno service department told me that was normal for an x5! The service advisor at Coast BMW told me my car was NOT SAFE to drive. We had to leave our car at the coast and rent a car home.

These are all problems that should have been discovered by the Fresno service team because the car had been in several times. There is truly no excuse for BMW to put the lives of my family and the lives of others at risk. I trusted that I purchased the ultimate driving machine. These problems should NEVER happen to another family. Please be warned that BMW is willing to risk your life and your families lives to save a buck.

Firstly, I must state that I have driven BMW for over 20 years til July 2016. Let me start by saying I am a professional taxi driver. I do mainly corporate work. I have tried to build up a nice little business for myself. My mantra was that I provided reliable service in a good, clean car, at reasonable rates. When I went into this business I looked at all the makes and models of cars that would be suitable to deliver the type of service that I was trying to achieve. I ultimately settled on the BMW 520D (The ultimate driving machine or so their marketing team would have you believe). My plan was buy the car in England 2 years old, keep it for 3 to 4 years, writing the depreciation off against my tax liability. The year is 2009. I have built up my business and was going from strength to strength. At this stage I am on my second 520D car as a taxi.

I go to Joe Duffy motors BMW Finglas to get a service, as I am due my NCT the next morning in Fonthill. I go for my NCT and the car fails, due to too much oil in the car. Irate, I phone BMW Finglas and I am put through to the Master Mechanic. The gentleman does not have the greatest of English, but after 20 minutes he finally grasps what I am saying and tells me to drop straight over with the car and he would remedy the matter, as it is a simple process to drain a little oil out of the car. While I am still on the phone, the service manager comes on the line and in no uncertain terms tells me I must have put the oil in myself. The said Service Manager then demands that I pay for keeping the Master mechanic on the phone. I laughed at this, and I never went back to Joe Duffy Motors Finglas. After getting this sorted myself by a good garage the car drives very well, with me only having to replace the gearbox, the clutch and cooling system.

We now skip forward to 2013. In August 2013 I purchased a 2011 BMW 520D. 2-year-old 50k miles on the clock. Full service history. Service pack and BMW warranty. Beautiful machine. Great drive. Smooth driving experience. The first thing I noticed is that every time I wash my car the headlights blow. This is covered under warranty so no cost to me but I am later informed by BMW that if I keep blowing bulbs they would not be replacing them on an ongoing basis (I ask is this normal to happen, no one can answer but also no one investigates the cause. I will have to replace the bulbs every 2 weeks for the life of the car. This mystery is solved in 2016.)

Then January 2014 it all changed. Timing chain went. BMW replaced no charge (car off the road for 6 weeks). Then, oil leak was ongoing for 6 months. BMW said that it was not a leak. It was the engine bedding in. (I was back in touch with BMW every week and down to the garage most weeks and was always told that the leak was fixed) that it was a different leak each time???

It took 6 months to sort the oil leak out. Then 2 weeks later, coolant leak. 2 water pumps and 2 radiators later (I paid for 1 of each then I was told they were faulty). It takes over 1 month to sort the coolant leak issue. Then, diesel leak. In fairness I brought the car down and it was repaired first time. No further leak. Then, timing chain went again. BMW replaced no charge (car off the road for 4 weeks. They are getting quicker. Must be all the practice they have got from the F10 Model). I drive the car from the BMW garage in Naas and as I get to the Esso garage on the Naas road the oil light goes on.

I purchase 3 liters of oil. I ring the garage screaming blue murder over this and I am informed by the service manager that it is grand as the engine holds 6 liters and not to worry about it as they had put the correct amount of oil into the car. Oil leak again for 2 months down every week and every week I am told the oil leak is fixed and that each oil leak from then on is a new oil leak. Now we move forward to November 2015. Guess what??? Timing chain goes again. I contact BMW and the car is towed down to the garage. Now the service manager informs me that he has recommended to BMW that they replace the engine to which BMW say NO WAY. BMW look for the work sheet to compare what had been fixed the last 2 times. BMW fix the timing chain no charge to myself (I am off the road for 3 weeks).

The ultimate driving machine is back on the road but for how long? I won't be holding my breath. 1 month goes by after the timing chain has been replaced. Now a new problem has arisen. The crank bends, or so I am led to believe, and the bearing disintegrates inside the engine. Back to BMW with the car (oh the joys of driving the ultimate driving machine). I pay 5k to have the car repaired. I get in the car and as I am driving up the Naas road I try to check the oil reading in the car. It's not working??? The windscreen washer is not working??? The bonnet is not sitting right on the car??? There are scratches on the driver's side wing where some village idiot in BMW has leaned on the car looking into the engine and his zipper has scratched the wing (I have pictures of same). I contact the garage and they say I have to bring it back to replace the sensor in the sump no charge.

Then I find the heating on the driver's side is not working. BMW said that they did not do anything to the heating (strange that). I have asked BMW for a list of all the parts that have been replaced in my car since I bought it. I am still waiting as details of anything that was repaired under warranty, I am not privy to. The service manager informs me that there is something peculiar with the mileage of my car but stops short of saying the car was clocked. I went back to the garage I bought the car from and I informed him of what had been said and what I felt had been implied. He goes to see Conlans and was told that I misunderstood what they had said to me and what they meant was that I did very high mileage.

Does that mean the car is not fit for purpose and BMW the ultimate driving machine is only good for short trips to the shops and not able to cope with long distance driving??? If the car was clocked, then it would have shown up in the BMW service history. My car is serviced every 22k kilometers. If a light comes up on the dash it's straight in to be repaired. I still say when the car is running, it is a pleasure to drive. It is now February 2016. The coolant leak is back. The heating on the driver's side does not work. The bonnet is not on right, but I am sure Conlans will remedy this. My insurance company will not transfer my policy onto another car if my own one breaks down again, as I have done so too many times in the last year. My policy is renewed in May. The breakdown service I use has informed me that if I breakdown again before May I will have to pay for towing, as I have exceeded the amount of tows in a year.

Coolant leak fixed in June 2016, oh the joy of driving a performance machine. I have never had more than 3 months trouble free driving. At the start of July I had to replace the headlight unit with the module at a cost of 1280.00 (this solves the mystery of the blown bulbs). It is now the middle of July 2016. I am now broken down again on the Howth Road at 12:20 am. The tow truck I have been told will take almost 3 hours to get to me. Finally have the piece of ** car on the back of the tow truck. Did you know that if the engine is not started, the car cannot be simply put into neutral. No this is a BMW one of the finest motoring vehicles on the road today and because of this you have to jack up the car, remove the bottom cover off the engine and release the drive shaft. WHO IN GOD'S NAME THINKS THIS ** UP???

As it turns out, the engine is seized. Overheating??? Lack of coolant. Checked the coolant levels they are fine??? Lubrication either too much or lack of? Oil levels are ideal and before I am asked it is the correct oil recommended by BMW themselves? Mis-assembled? I would have to check with BMW over that wouldn't I? But like asking a burglar did he rob me??? What do you think the answer will be? I have lost numerous accounts due to the fact that I am now seen as unreliable. I am at my wits end. I have tried to be reasonable and polite with both the garages and BMW Ireland but I now firmly believe nice guys only finish the race if they push the BMW car over the line. I have tried not to put my emotions or feelings in this letter. I have tried to just state the facts as I see them. I know I cannot face another year of dealing with this poor service and bad treatment from both parties.

I contacted BMW Ireland and had no joy or assistance in any of these matters. I thought I was buying a premium car to service the executive clientele in the corporate sector, how wrong I was? It would have been better to have bought a 10 year old Skoda for a third of the price. At least then I would have been able to keep working. My mileage in kilometers is 315,000. I have calculated that over the last 3 years I have been off the road on average for 1 week per month. I can only assume that whoever is reading this letter, is wondering why I keep going back to Conlans BMW if I have had so much trouble with their work over the last few years. Well here is the answer. I have to keep going back to them as they did the original work and to protect the warranty on the work that has been carried out by them on either BMWs behalf or for work that I have had to pay for.

I have asked, on numerous occasions, if I can bring my car to another garage to be repaired and I am told yes you can but you will have to pay for the work to be done even though I have paid through the nose for the work that has been done so far. I have driven BMW cars for the last ten years and I always said that they were the best driving machines in the world. I cannot, in all honesty, say that anymore and who can really blame me? I feel that BMW do not give a fiddlers about customer service and could not care less that their vehicle is a piece of crap. I have now bought an Audi A6 in the hope that it is better than the 520D piece of **. You may have gathered by my letter I harbor a certain amount of bitterness towards BMW and their lack of customer service that I feel has been shown to me. I am now going to setup a twitter account to highlight just how badly BMW treat their customers.

Friends and family I wanted to share my recent experience with BMW to forewarn any of you who might be considering purchasing a vehicle with them. Although this post is long, I please urge you to read through and leave comments and share to strengthen my case against BMW. I own 2010 535I GT. Summary of my experience: I had initially gone to BMW to repair a faulty water pump, where they should have also discovered the other issues they later diagnosed during their 27-point inspection. These issues were overlooked and I had to bring my car back to get re-diagnosed, where they estimated $5,700 in repairs. After the repairs were done, a new problem arose, and funny enough, the new problem is the result of them fixing the initial issue, which they still have the nerve to charge me to fix. Read the full story below:

I first noticed an issue with my car 2 months ago when my engine started overheating on the freeway. As a result I towed my car to McKenna BMW in Norwalk, CA where I paid close to $800 to repair a faulty water pump. Close to two weeks later I found another issue. This time the problem was the headliner on the sunroof. I brought my car to BMW of Ontario where a full inspection was done. The diagnosis: replace the headliner and repair leaks in valve cover gasket and oil filter housing. Total cost estimate for repairs: $5,700. After making a fuss, they agreed to a 25% discount and since I had guests coming in from out of country, I okayed the repairs.

After that I started checking reviews online. I noticed that quite a few people had complaints about headliner malfunction. One was at 14,000 miles. Had I been using my sunroof, I would have probably discovered this problem sooner and would have been a part of warranty. I do think it is a faulty part and manufacturing defect. After I picked up my car, I got on the freeway and heard noise from the roof again. Stopped by home real quick to pick something up. As soon as I turned off the engine, there was a big squeaking noise coming from the engine. Took the car back and had a test drive with the service manager on duty, and he concurred with the two noise issues and promised to fix them. A week later the service advisor contacted me saying the noise from the roof was fixed. However the squeaking noise was a result of repairing the gaskets. Explanation was that when there was a leak in gasket, the air had an escape route.

After replacing the gaskets, the air had nowhere to escape, thus making the noise. To eliminate the noise I would have to pay to replace the valve cover. Beware: If you are buying a brand new BMW, there would be a squeaky noise from the engine because the gaskets would be new and the air would have nowhere to escape (lol). I contacted BMW corporate to explain my situation and to be refunded for my repairs, waste of time and inconvenience. They dismissed my claim and said there was nothing they could do since I no longer had warranty. I definitely feel profiled as a woman, and I feel like the BMW dealership preyed on my lack of mechanical knowledge to squeeze me for every cent. This was a truly exhausting and upsetting customer service experience. I expect much more from a luxury car company.

BMW has made a nasty turn for the worse. I am a loyal customer over a decade and have purchased 6 BMWs for me and my family to enjoy over the years. I am on my 6th BMW which happened to be a CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED BMW. The last 5 were purchased New and after the CPO experience being described to me by a sales associate, I determined to purchase a CPO BMW instead of new.

What a mistake! The car was visually perfect and mechanically appeared fine on the test drive before purchase, but there were a plethora of engine and transmission issues the week after purchase. With less than 30,000 miles, I had no idea what I was getting into with this plagued car, not to mention all the interior cracks and creaking and the deferred maintenance that no one paid any attention to on the vehicle.

I asked BMW North America for compensation for my time spent, almost 20 hours of driving, waiting, telephone calls, troubleshooting, exchanging rental cars, paying for rental cars, etc. and after 3 weeks they called me back stating that they will not honor any compensation. Disgusting. This will be my last BMW, and I will be sure to share this experience with my circle of car enthusiasts.

2013 335xi CPO 3 bent rims sold to me by BMW of south shore Hingham Mass. First I must start by saying I'm writing this review with the facts and non-bias against BMW South Shore Gallery. I have owned 4 BMWs within the last couple of yrs. I recently went to BMW of south shore to trade my SUV for a sedan. Upon my arrival I notice that they had a new facility quite spacious and clean. Not many sales folks on the floor... However after a few minutes I was approach by a young gentleman which was quite articulate. We struck up a deal on my trade for a CPO sedan. After signing and ready for pickup a few days later I notice the car was not cleaned to my expectation... So I told them about it and they asked me to bring it back... so I did.

After a few weeks later I was driving going 93 north. During my acceleration I notice that there was heavy vibration when the speedometer was 70 mph... I did not think anything of it... I thought this was just maybe balancing needed. Within a 2-week span I decided to call and make appointment to take a look... After arriving at the service area... I was in quite shock because the first thing the service advisor said was "you will need wheel and tire insurance..." I'm like "wtf" in my mind... Ok I humored him... Then he said he's going to put it on the lift and show me that it's not uncommon that I have bent rims? But 3 rims... How the hell did he know that the rims was bent... After putting it on the lift... he called me to look. He stated that 3 of my rims was bent and needed to be fixed. Keep in my mind I barely had this car for less than an month prior to observing this problem.

I told them that I'm not responsible for this, as this car is fairly new and I just picked it up. I was appalled by the next comment... that it's not uncommon to have 3 or 4 rims bent... Seriously. I said I was going to go directly to BMW and complain of this deceitful practices on CPO's... and especially the folks in the service area selling you unnecessary things... BMW puts a lot into their CPO's and South Shore is putting the money back in their pockets... Right now I'm still waiting for a call from them to fix my 3 bent rims which they knowingly sold the car to me with. The average driver would not have notice this issue if they were driving at 55 mph... So beware...

Always go over the car thoroughly with the sales person... and have them put it on the lift and have 4 tires rotating so you can see if the rims are bent. My wife brought her car there several times for service and each time it has always been a problem because they serviced the wrong thing... including taking off parts and not putting it on back correctly... There's no accountability with the service advisor... and mechanics. If you do purchase a car please take to another BMW dealer and have them go over it and I bet you will find quite a few discrepancies...

My recommendation is to find another source to finance the purchase/lease of a BMW. Perhaps avoid the product altogether. I assumed a lease, 12 months remaining, in January of 2016. The original account/lessee had prepaid the lease including the applicable sales taxes due the original State of Registration - MA. I registered the vehicle in my home State of Maine where sales taxes on leased vehicles are paid in full upfront upon registration.

At that time I informed BMW Financial Services ("BMW") that I would be registering the vehicle in ME and therefore sales taxes prepaid and due MA for the remaining term of the lease would no longer apply. I made the argument then that the prepaid balance on the BMW lease account, relative to sales taxes collected for future remittance by BMW to MA, should be refunded to me, the new Lessee of the vehicle. I was told that BMW would stop billing MA sales taxes to the account upon receipt of documentation proving that the vehicle was now registered and titled in Maine. Any balance collected upfront for MA sales taxes and remaining on the account would only be refunded to me at the end of the lease term.

As of today, BMW continues to bill me for MA sales taxes even though the vehicle has been registered in ME since January of 2016. I phoned BMW today to revisit this situation; their response was that nothing could be done because the account was originally prepaid. Sales taxes are due monthly on a lease in MA, they continue to bill, collect and pay MA sales taxes because that is "how they do it". Sound like BS to you?

At best this is an error BMW is unwilling to correct on behalf of a long standing customer with three finance accounts currently active with the Company. At worst it is outright fraud that they are collecting and pocketing taxes that are not due/payable to the State of MA. What is a BMW customer worth over their lifetime? I'm not asking for a discount, I'm asking to be refunded sales taxes that are being paid twice, once to the original State of MA and now to the Sate of Maine. We are talking about $600 versus over $300,000 in lifetime value of a BMW Customer. BMW is not willing to make an effort to make this right, what does that tell you about their commitment to customer service. They are willing to lose over $300,000 of customer value and avoid correcting a $600 error on behalf of a long standing customer.

I purchased a BMW 228i from a authorized BMW dealer and right after one year with 12000 miles on it the original Pirelli tires on the car split from the sidewall. I know for sure that I didn't hit the curb or anything and the car is always garaged. When I spoke with BMW they said they can't do anything about it and "you need to contact dealer". So I contact my deal and he said "since you didn't purchased any tire warranty with us we can't do any thing and you need to pay $400 to replace the tire." Since it was important I went ahead and spend $400 for just one tire.

Now it's a month passed and the exactly same thing happened on another tire and this time I again contacted BMW asking if there is any manufacturing defect with the tire or wheels. They opened the case and asked me that "we will take 3 days to revert back with the case". It's already 1 week passed and they never bother to revert back to me on what's going on with the case. Couple of days back I called customer service and they said "it's being assigned to the service manager "Matt **" in BMW and if you want you can call at his extension otherwise he will revert back to you". I called at his extension 3 times. Left a voice message but they just don't bother to at least call me back and tell me "we are working on it". It feels like they just don't care about they customers, not sure if they are working in the office or not. THE MOST PATHETIC customer service from such a big company.

Now that not over, this time I went to discount tires for this tire issue and they said "if you are at tread count lower than 2/32" (which is 8/32" since the new tires are at 10/32") since you purchase the new car which and if it is a run flat tires Pirelli (Original tires from BMW) will replace it for free and if the tread count is lower than that (8/32") it will calculated as pro rated basis." They called Pirelli themselves and give me after pro rated calculation. They gave me $100 back and also replaced it with new tires. Now when this happened to my another tire neither BMW or their authorized dealer (Ralph ** BMW), that you will get the pro rated amount back. It felt like I've been cheated by BMW and their authorized dealer.

On July 29, 2010, I purchased a 2010 BMW 3 Series 328xi at BMW of Orland Park. The purchase included a balance of factory warranty for four years or 50,000 miles on all parts. The air conditioning was blowing warm air when the controls were set to cool and I took my car to the service department on May 18, 2013. The service department rep said the refrigerant was low, there were no leaks found and that he will evacuate and recharge the system. He also said dye will be added to help determine the location of the leak. The system was then blowing cool. I had no reason to suspect that the service department was not working in good faith to resolve the problem.

The air conditioner was blowing warm air when the controls were set to cool again and I took my car to the service department on May 23, 2014. The service department rep said the refrigerant was low, there were no leaks found and that he will evacuate and recharge the system. I requested that the air conditioner system is repaired or replaced. He also said it is difficult to do diagnostics for a refrigerant leak and that an oil will be added to help determine the location of the leak. The system was then blowing cool and I was charged $209.19. I had no reason to suspect that the service department was not working in good faith to resolve the problem.

The air conditioner was blowing warm air when the controls were set to cool again and I took my car to the service department on March 31, 2015. I explained to the service department rep named, Craig, that I am not willing to pay for diagnostics, evacuation and a refrigerant recharge again. I requested that the air conditioner system is repaired or replaced. I also requested that BMW, at the minimum, assist with the cost since the warranty was still active and not utilized at the initial appointment when I reported the air conditioner not working properly. I entered a caveat beneath my signature on the work order that I only agree to have the air conditioner system reviewed for subsequent repair and/or replacement. I told Craig at least four times during the consultation, I do not want to pay for an evacuation and recharge procedure.

Craig told me the AC condenser could be damaged from a rock, so he'll have to check out the whole system anyway, especially since it's out of warranty. I explained to Craig that since the car was not out of warranty the previous two times I reported the issue, some consideration should be given to me as a customer. Craig said he will check with BMW and see if they will help pay as a good-will gesture. He said BMW would probably pay 85% of the cost. I told Craig that I am a single small woman who is financially alone and that I cannot afford to pay $300 every year for diagnostics, evacuation and a refrigerant recharge because I do plan to keep the car. I am planning to retire within the next five years and this is not in my budgetary agenda. Also, I explained if I were to pay $300 every year for the next five years, I would have paid to have the air conditioner system replaced.

Craig responded by saying that he was not independently wealthy either. So I left my car with the understanding that every effort would be made to determine how the air conditioner system would be repaired and/or replaced. Craig called me on March 31, 2015 and asked for my permission to keep my car for another day. He said, they couldn't find anything wrong with the air conditioner system and will continue to try to find the problem. I agreed.

Craig called me on April 1, 2015 and again asked for my permission to keep my car for another day. He said, they couldn't find anything wrong with the air conditioner system and will continue to try to find the problem. I sighed and he said, and I quote, "Hey, I'm trying to help you out. We're checking out the evaporator coil and trying to see if it's the factory." Even though his tone was unprofessional, I agreed. It was at this conversation I began to suspect that he was not working in good faith to resolve the problem and that there is no recourse for me.

Craig called me on April 2, 2015 and said he couldn't find anything wrong with the air conditioner system or any leaks. I asked him if an evacuation and refrigerant recharge was done and he said yes. He did exactly what I asked not to be done. I told him I was not pleased that this issue was not resolved as I requested. He said he did me a favor because he charged me for only one unit of refrigerant and he put in two units. When I asked why can't the system be repaired or replaced, he said they don't know what part to repair or replace. I am so discouraged and angry that I was not given a more intelligent explanation. BMW can build machines for which they cannot repair? He said he will notate on the invoice, that next time, I will not have to pay for the diagnostics. He said maybe next time I'll get a convertible for the loaner car.

Craig suggested that I pick up my car in the morning because traffic was heavy on La Grange Road that time of the evening and he won't be there. I don't use La Grange Road to travel to Ziegler BMW and I wasn't interested to seeing him considering my disappointment to the way this issue was handled. So I picked up my car within 45 minutes after being notified to do so. When I got into my car, it stunk like cigarette smoke and sweat. I was provided a loaner car in the interim. The loaner/rental car agreement for a temporary substitute vehicle indicates, "No smoking or a $250.00 fine will be charged." A copy of my credit card was obtained to ensure payment should I breach the no smoking policy. However, I am not being compensated to have my car deodorized.

In summation, I am extremely saddened to be treated with such disrespect and callousness. I purchased a BMW because I need a reliable car. I also chose BMW because I suspected that I would receive the kind of customer service that would equate with the kind of product I purchased. I am extremely upset and dissatisfied about this issue. I feel very uncomfortable to use BMW for any of my automotive needs. However, I am still interested receiving a satisfactory remedy from BMW as previously requested.

I bought a brand new 640 I, drivers side door opened up, repaired four times, engine light went on catalytic converter, roof latch replaced, navigation didn't work. Cars been in repair 60 days, failed four times. It's a 2015 640 I... w/ 9000 miles. BMW wants 15,000 more replace it, I paid 92,450. 11 months later 15,000? Go lemon, they will screw you over if you trust them. Take your car, cash, your check, prevent you from filing a lemon. Be careful.

Deal w/ your state, nothing to lose. Trust me. It's sad BMW doesn't know good faith. If you have faith in them, you'll lose your mind... so let me do you a favor. Don't trust them you will be sorry, rights will be taken away. Sneaky BMW. Get away with it. Name? I guess? I paid cash. I'm out 107.000. Ask why I pay 15,000? Said Msrp difference miles... there was no difference in Msrp. Their crooks need to be stopped. I agree, hope states start some kind of crime investigation on them and the dealership work as a team. Heads up.

I bought a certified BMW X3 with 9000 mileage back in 2012. The car has given more issues with drivetrain than any other car. This past Wednesday the engine died. Now in need of new engine. That piece of crap gave me no warning. Just stop on the highway. Endanger my safety. We all need to get together to have class action lawsuit against BMW. It make no sense that my friend had been driven a KIA has no issues and I purchase this expensive car. I experienced more trouble than driving the damn thing. I hope consumerAffairs can do something about this issues. I will never own a BMW. Not reliable.

I own a 2007 335i, which I purchased from BMW dealer, and always had it serviced by a BMW dealer. Around 35,000 miles I began having repeated problems with oil leaks, the service engine light would constantly come on and the engine wasn't performing properly. I was told that the codes just needed to be reset and that the problems were fixed. A few days later the check service engine light came on again. I went back to the dealership and was told it was the code for the fuel pump plausibility and all they had to do was to reset it with the software and it would be fine.

A week later the same thing happened. This time around I asked them to take a look at the issue. I once again was told that the problem was fixed and that the codes just needed to be reset. The check engine light would come on regularly and I was always told the same thing - that it was due to the software update but the car had no issues.

I took my car in to the dealership right before 50,000 miles and before the warranty expired to have an oil change and at that time I was told that the car had an oil leak and the fuel pump had to be replaced. They replaced it and reset the codes once again. I explained the car was not driving properly, as it would jolt and it wouldn't accelerate. The service rep said he would check on that and make the necessary repairs. I left the dealership and on my way home the service engine light came on once again. I went back to the dealership and was told they needed to reset the codes again.

A few months later, I noticed the car was leaking oil and the engine was not running properly. The service engine light was also back on. I took it to the dealership and was told it was the fuel pump, and there was a problem with the turbochargers and engine. I was told it would not be covered under the warranty as the warranty had just expired. I had them do them complete the repairs as it was necessary. In less than 24 months, I've had to have the fuel pump and oil gaskets replaced three times.

The car went into limp mode as I was driving on a busy intersection and just turned off in the middle of traffic, putting my life as well as other drivers' lives in danger. I was struck from behind by a van because the driver didn't anticipate me just stopping without warning. This a huge safety issue and BMW needs to be held accountable for withholding this information from customers. I had to have my car towed to the dealership and they refuse to warranty the defective items.

I called BMW North America and spoke Leah in Customer Affairs and she informed me that it was up to the dealership if they wanted to apply the warranty or not. She said it is not up to the corporate office to make those decisions. I also demanded a copy of all my service maintenance records from the BMW dealership where I had the car serviced and they refused to provide them to me.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to Ross at BMW corporate office. I told him I wanted a copy of all my maintenance records from the SM BMW dealership emailed to me, as I couldn't go there in person but needed to the records to show proof that I had the fuel pump repaired numerous times. He told me he called over to the dealership and requested the records but they refused to email them to me and proceeded to say that they don't have to give me those records.

I was beyond appalled that I would be treated that way, after all I had been through given they sold me a product with a manufacturer's defect. I explained that the dealership was charging me over $5,500 for the fuel pump and oil gasket repair, yet I had already paid over $8,000 to have it repaired numerous times. The dealership refused to warranty the defective items. I am beyond disgusted with their lies, fraudulent practices and their sheer incompetence. I've decided to retain legal counsel at this point.

I would appreciate the concern regarding numerous attempts to keep my 750 LI out of the shop. Over the last two years I have not driven my car 2 months straight on a 70k certified vehicle. Is this the expectation when buying a BMW or did I luck up on a lemon? Sincerely, Disgruntled customer.

Recently purchased a 2016 BMW 228i. The vehicle was equipped with Driver Assistance Package that included Park Distance Control. A safety feature that warns the driver when approaching objects with sensors located both front and rear of the vehicle. A very useful feature to avoiding hitting objects and causing damage to the vehicle so I thought. The rear sensors are automatically activated ANYTIME when placing the vehicle in reverse and backing up. The front sensors are automatically activated when placing the car in REVERSE when first starting the PARKED vehicle BUT do not activate if placed in DRIVE. What good does having the front sensors on when going backwards and not on when going forward?

Also, the front sensors automatically turn off after the car is in motion. You must manually activate the front sensors by pushing the button located near the gear shift lever. I did not know this. By forgetting to do this will not warn you of distance of an object in front of you to avoid an accident. In layman terms you forgot to turn on the front sensors beforehand causing you to hit an object and damaging the vehicle. In my case, I would have avoided hitting the curb causing damage underneath the front spoiler because I failed to activate the front sensors that I had no knowledge of at the time. BMW has a representative called a BMW Genius who teaches the new owner every aspects of the vehicle and the functionality of the vehicle. This would have been very useful had I been educated but unfortunately I was not.

I contacted BMW customer service as well as the BMW Genius to advise them of the operation of the Park Distance Control and had the front sensors been activated I would have avoided causing an estimated repair bill of $600 to $700 dollars. What good is it if it's not on? Should have I known that I was going to hit the curb and to activate the front sensors? Why do I not have to activate the rear sensors? The BMW representative is going to file a Formal Complaint on my behalf and thanked me for informing them of the situation and told me to have a pleasant day.

I bought the 2013 528i car a month ago. It's been at the dealer service department for 2 weeks now on and off. 3rd time back there because of the engine light. Haven't driven my car more than it's been in the shop. Contacted BMW North America... Waiting for their response. This is my first BMW so it is very disappointing since they are so expensive.

About two months ago I bought 2013 528i BMW CPO (Certified Pre-Owned). After buying the car overall I have driven the car for about a month. 2-3 weeks ago (that means I had the car less than month and half at the moment) I noticed that the driver seat upholstery has started cracking. The crack was very minor at the beginning and now apparently it is bigger (since very often I vacuum and clean my car I notice little things very easy...). I scheduled an appointment at Pacific BMW (BMW of Glendale, CA) and even I didn't think that I will stock in such situation since the mileage is less than 50,000 and the car is still within warranty and plus additionally I paid extra $7,000 for extended warranty.

When I took the car to dealer the service adviser told me that the upholstery is not covered by warranty. Even counting the fact that my car has heated seats (heating elements in upholstery) still BMW doesn't cover such issues and to fix it will cost a lot of money since they have to replace the seat (OUT OF MY POCKET). No way! It's joke! I called BMW customer relations and explained that I just bought the car about month and half ago, that this 2013 528i is my 5th BMW and in the past I had 325i 525i, 328i, 5XX (don't even remember).

The girl told me that she will try to do something and will call me back. About a week later received call from Supervisor or Manager of customer relations Kayla (sorry if misspelled) and she told me that BMW willing to cover 25% of the cost. Let's say if the cost of seat and labor is $2000 then they cover only $500!!! And for the car that I owned only month and half within warranty I have to pay $1500. So it was the second "heart attack..."

I explained all the situation her that spending several tens of thousand, within warranty, customer for life... She said that all they willing to do now and she said if I'm not going to do the job for 25% she will notify the service manager of the dealer that I change my mind. No way! It's totally rip off! You just barely sold the car to me and don't care about your customers and the facts. NEVER another BMW! I will tell my story all my friends and relatives and let them to decide if they want to face my situation and deal with BMW.

I was sold a lemon, bought brand new car (2012 BMw x6 35i drive) with only 10 miles that had a manufacturer's defect that had to be fixed 3 more times within a 24 month period. Asked to be put in a new car because it had not been 30 days since purchase and was denied. BMW changed my oil and a month later my engine locked up on me because of their negligence. Horrible service treats you like a number, damages your car purposely if you ask me so that they can make $$. All of a sudden I have all these MAJOR issues when car goes out of warranty.

Looking for a good attorney because I want every penny I spent back for all the pain, and suffering. My car constantly had oil issues with leaking oil and exhaust issues. The car rides like crap since they have called themselves fixing it. Help. Anyone out there with similar issues. Maybe we can try and get a class action going, or if you know of a good attorney that specializes in lemon laws please I would be ever so grateful for the information. The car has had 3 safety recalls on it. I will NEVER purchase another BMW!

I own a 650I, bought it from BMW dealer, always had it serviced by BMW dealer. At around 80,000 miles after having repeated problems with transmission, I was told I needed a new transmission and it was not covered by warranty. Also was told I need engine rebuilt! And also out of warranty! This car cost over $100,000, what type of valve stem guides do they use that they wear out at such low miles, not to mention a transmission, both items last longer on a $30,000 Honda... How pathetic!

I spoke with BMW North America. They refused to warranty the defective items, and if one would check the 'new' engines in BMW's, they would find most are burning oil very prematurely because the new engine design is built with sub par parts... This is a car costing over $100,000.00. I am disgusted with this horrible excuse of a luxury vehicle and more so the haughty attitude of BMW. One more thing, the dealer I was using "Checkered Flag" is horrible. They returned my car after a service, 4 quarts low on oil. When I called them, they said the oil sensor was faulty, when actually it was their lazy and inept service approach. I have engaged the services of a lawyer on this one!

BMW refused to provide oil change according to contract for 4-year maintenance agreement. We had and still have problems with squeaking brakes. BMW respond this is normal??? I do not recommend to buy BMW. It used to be good a long time ago. No more. My friend just took my advice and bought Korean car. In my opinion and many BMW customers reviews stay away from problems.

I bought a BMW with extended warranty which covers paint, tires, windshield etc. I was not told about the full deal. I was misinformed about windshield because their extended warranty only covers it one time! If it happens again no one will help. I was not told and didn't read the fine print. Now I had also coverage for paint and had a scratch in the bumper. They said it's accidental or driver error. I don't understand what I should do at this point. All I did was parked the car in the Home Depot parking lot and came back to see the bumper scratch. Now it's not covered according to the BMW 3rd party coverage. I asked "under what criteria my scratch is not covered and what did you based on?" They said picture and some and someone came and looked at it and thinks that it's not covered.

I went and spoke to the sales manager. He said that "you paid $2000 for windshield protection and now you already got the money back and just be happy about it." I paid almost around 8000 for extended warranty. No one is able to help me out at this point. I called IBC and they said they don't deal with extended warranty and ask me to call and talk to my local MP!!! Can anyone help?

$1200 seems to be the benchmark for service at BMW. Funny how another BMW owner in a conversation in the service department said the same. I'm guessing this is the goal quota. It would be interesting to know how many others might coincidentally be sharing the same experience. Always friendly but always something else. Last visit I was told about an early oil leak that I would need to address probably "on the next visit". Today was next visit and it was not mentioned. Quota was met with 800 dollar rear brakes and 425 spark plugs. This is the third visit in the last 12 months maybe and each 1200-1400. I won't be driving another BMW. I've been driving Volvo for years – never treated me that way.

I purchased a low miles used BMWX3 2011, and less than a year I'm having issues with the drivetrain error that seemingly many owners have experienced. As I scrolled through several websites viewing comments of this issue in several models of BMWs, I'm finding out this issue should be a recall issue. What's the deal BMW?

I have recently bought a new BMW 335i GT from Patrick BMW. Before the purchase, I was told by the sales person that the advertised the car would provide the fuel economy of 20mpg in city and 30mpg on highway. Also, I was told that on an average, I would be getting around 24-25mpg as I live in suburbs. Ever since I bought the car, I was getting the fuel economy of around 17-18mpg. If I drive on highway, I am getting around 19-20mpg which is far less than what it is advertised and what I was told before the purchase. I have reached out to the BMW service multiple times but I was getting a constant response back from them saying that they couldn't find anything. As per the dealer's advice, I have reached out to the BMW customer care hoping that I would get a solution from them.

It's been more than 2 months since I have started interacting with BMW customer care and I have called them a number of times. Every time I call them, I am being told that someone from BMW North America service will look into the car and the dealer will schedule an appointment for that which has never happened in spite of multiple follow ups. I am completely fed up with this. It is clearly evident that there is something wrong with the car. I have got a car with a major flaw and nobody from BMW is even taking care of this in spite of multiple complaints.

Was recently "informed" by BMW they are no longer supporting BMW ASSIST which is a feature that INCLUDED (past tense) collision detection as well as stolen vehicle recovery along with other functionality such as being able to send Google directions to the vehicle. My X5 is a 2012 (!) vehicle!!! With all the BS advertising BMW has out there about how great their cars are and how safety is a great concern for their customers, trying to get an answer other than "we are sorry for any disappointment this may cause you" is totally and complete BS!

The manner I found out about their decision to stop supporting these features is not because I purchased one of their vehicles (brand new) but because I noticed the ability to send directions to my vehicle was not working. Pretty pathetic manner to manage customer loyalty. BUYER BEWARE if buying a used BMW... UNDERSTAND CLEARLY your vehicle based on whatever year it may be (2013 BACK...??!) will not have important safety features such as collision detection nor stolen vehicle recovery... period. If I had not purchased an extended warranty to 100 K miles I would be selling this thing ASAP. Will be a cold day in hell before I purchase another vehicle from this company.

To whom it may concern: I purchased this over $30,000 expensive lemon on December 2, 2015. This vehicle has been in the service center more than I've driven it. My expensive lemon of an investment is currently at the BMW Midtown service center waiting on the arrival of its new engine from Germany. I was told it will take weeks. I am very disappointed in my pre-owned certified vehicle. The resolution offered to me is not appreciated by me. Please any feedback is welcomed.

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BMW started in 1916 in Germany, and the international headquarters remains in Munich, Germany.  BMW North America was established in 1975 and is headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, N.J. The company manufactures luxury and performance sedans, coupes, Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs) and sports wagons.

  • Build your own tool: Interested buyers can visit BMW’s website and build their own vehicle. They can see the base price and how much different packages will add to the price. Interior and exterior trims can be customized.
  • Night vision: Select vehicles can be customized with night vision technology. This feature allows drivers to see animals and pedestrians in or near the roadway even in low light conditions.
  • Connected apps: BMW owners can connect their Audible, Amazon Music and/or Aupeo! accounts to their car so that they can listen to their media during their drive. They can also link to all Google services as well as Go Pro. The apps are available through the add-on package BMW ConnectedDrive.
  • Driver assistance: When owners add the ConnectedDrive package to their BMW, they get real time traffic information to help them avoid traffic jams and accidents as well as receive assistance from a BMW Concierge. In the event of an emergency, BMW Assist eCall™ will automatically alert the BMW Assist™ response center, who can relay the car’s location and any relevant information to the police and emergency services.
  • Certified pre-owned: Certified pre-owned BMWs are widely available and make the luxury brand available to those with lower budgets. To be certified, a vehicle must have complete maintenance records and a clean CARFAX report. Only cars with fewer than 60,000 miles that can pass a thorough inspection are sold as certified pre-owned.
  • Best for BWM caters to drivers who want a luxury car with a wide variety of individualized options.

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