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About Penn Warranty Corporation

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Penn Warranty is a vehicle service contract provider covering the cost of car repairs due to breakdowns or malfunctions. It also lets you choose your repair center and transfer your warranty if you decide to sell your vehicle. Penn Warranty partners with a large network of used car dealers, but it’s not the most transparent about its options or pricing.

    Pros & Cons

    • Uncommon pricing
    • Choose your own repair center
    • Transferable plans
    • Complicated claims process
    • Limited plan information

    Penn Warranty Corporation Reviews

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about Penn Warranty Corporation?
      • 4,477,909 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Reviewed May 12, 2016

      I have a 12 month warranty with Penn Warranty. My 2008 nissan Rogue, check engine light came on within 6 months of having vehicle. Transmission is leaking fluids. Took car to Autozone, was told it was solenoids and needed to be sealed. Had car towed to mechanic, called Penn Warranty beforehand to let them know of happenings. Mechanic put in claim. Penn stated it's not covered, cost of repair is over 1300. Penn stated it was external, even though that have to remove transmission to gain access to seal it up. Do NOT GO WITH PENN. DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST. THIS IS THE WORST WARRANTY TO HAVE.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed April 27, 2016

      We purchased a extended warranty through PENN WARRANTY CORPORATION when we purchased a Toyota Tacoma from a used truck dealer. When the rear seal blew out and the throw a piston rod through the bottom of the engine, we called PENN WARRANTY and they said to take it to a repair shop that does warranty work. We check the shop in our city and got the lowest labor rate and got the estimate for engine to be repaired.

      PENN WARRANTY said they would give us $3,000 toward the engine and $65 per hour toward labor costs. When the shop called PENN WARRANTY, they told them the engine had to be torn down so they could see what happened. Cost $400 to tear engine down. Shop manager said we did not have to do that, they could see the rod out the bottom of the engine.

      After paying to tear down engine, PENN WARRANTY then said they need maintenance records, so we provided the records. They gave us nothing but a runaround and each time the shop or we called the money they would cover for the repairs got smaller. WE COULD NOT GET A HOLD OF ANYONE MOST OF THE TIME!!! Now they say they will pay $600 after the repair are done. Maybe!!! Do not use this warranty company!!!

      Customer ServiceCoverage

      Reviewed April 1, 2016

      I purchased an 07 Audi that was covered with the GOLD package. I was told the brakes were covered in the package and the first week of owning the car I had it looked at. The job was $700 and Penn Warranty told me it was not covered by the warranty. So I requested to have the warranty cancelled. I have called several times, left voice mails. I have faxed and emailed my request, and no one is getting back to me! I'm assuming so they can tell me the warranty cancel time is up! I would stay away from this company, they are difficult to deal with!

      Claims HandlingCoverage

      Reviewed March 7, 2016

      I got the GOLD warranty, and after a year, filed 5 claims. Not a single claim was covered. They had an "out" for everything. They wanted me to have a mechanic tear down a transmission to diagnose issue. $1200, they didn't cover part. Now what? Front CV joint failed. They claimed the grease was low, so that caused the failure... not covered. It's a 13-year-old car, and how the heck can anyone be expected to check a grease level in a sealed part? Huge waste of money. Save the headache, put money in an envelope & use it for repairs. You'll come out ahead.


      Reviewed Jan. 18, 2016

      Do your homework. I paid 1100 for a 3-year warranty and only 1 repair was covered. After 500 repair, I was given 33.00. The hell with them.

      Claims HandlingTech

      Reviewed Sept. 28, 2015

      I purchased a used Mazda Rx-8 in December of 2013. I always purchase extended warranty to cover the expensive repairs. The dealer assured me that it was a solid warranty plan and we would be well taken care of. He omitted telling me the warranty had a claim limit of $3,000.00. We financed the cost of the warranty in the financing of the car @ a cost of between $1500.00 and $2000.00. By the time I found out about it the financing was in place and we couldn't change the situation.

      In May of this year 2015, the car suffered a catastrophic engine failure. The car was taken to two repair facilities. Both diagnosed engine failure. In June we had the car towed to a Mazda Dealership in Jacksonville, FL. The engine failure was immediately diagnosed as the apex seals failed and the engine lost compression. The warranty company demanded the engine be pulled from the car and completely disassembled. The warranty company was told by the master technician at the Mazda that the engine could not be disassembled, that only the factory had the tools to do so. They still demanded that the engine be pulled even being told by dealer that it can't be done.

      My claim was discontinued. I sought help from the dealer since he sold the piece of crap warranty to us and he said it was our problem. Not having the $8000.00 for the repair, I told the bank they could have it back since I did everything I could by purchasing the warranty. If anyone knows of any law firms that handle cases like this please contact me at **.

      Customer ServiceCoverageRefunds & Payouts

      Reviewed June 30, 2015

      We purchased a two year warranty for $1,195 on a used Explorer. Shortly after purchase, the transmission needed replaced. Penn Warranty would not cover the full amount of the transmission. We had to pay over $500.00 out of pocket. Also, they are extremely difficult to deal with. I called later to cancel the warranty, and after 4 phone calls and 2 emails, I finally got a person to talk to me. I asked about the refund and was told "no refund after 30 days." I would never, ever get a warranty from this company again.


      Reviewed May 27, 2015

      I purchased a 6 month/7500 mile warranty on a '99 Tahoe. Within 2 months the engine light went on. At the same time the driver's side window stopped operating and the right front wheel started having trouble holding a turn to the right. The mechanic said the engine code is the Evap Sensor in the intake & exhaust system. The other two issues are electrical with a new window motor needed and a steering sensor, but he was unable to tell me if all three are related.

      The bottom line: Penn Warranty will cover ZERO for these repairs. Reading the warranty contract these issues should be covered but the supervisor stated "none of your issues are covered by our warranty"! What warranty? If you plan to spend any money on a Penn Warranty consider it a donation to the company. You'll never see a penny in reimbursement.

      Verified purchase
      CoveragePriceRefunds & Payouts

      Reviewed April 20, 2015

      We bought our 2012 Lincoln MKT car and got extended warranty for 2 years. After 2 months we had issue with engine and we went to fix it. Found out it will cost us $4100 and PWC will cover only $200-$300. So we called them to cancel the warranty and get refund. They told us after 30 days NO REFUND. We had warranty with Honda, BMW all of them gave us refund if we paid off ahead of time. But this ** company will not issue refund after 2 months. How they can run a business like that in USA???


      Reviewed Feb. 6, 2015

      I was sold on the BEST Warranty on the market only to find out that they do not cover any major repairs.


      Reviewed Jan. 28, 2015

      My expectations were that they would HELP me get my car fixed if it needed repairs. I did NOT expect them to pay the whole thing, but do what they said they would. Six months after purchasing my car, the transmission went. I needed an oil change too but no biggie since that is not covered. They paid all but $200 ($100 of which was my deductible). I knew when I purchased my warranty that when something on my used car broke, that I would not have $1200 or more to have it fixed. I was right. I financed my warranty and am glad that I did. I read my contract as my dealer told me to, I did and made an informed decision.

      Claims HandlingRefunds & Payouts

      Reviewed Dec. 1, 2014

      I bought a 07 M5 from a local dealer (daddy’s auto in Darlington. They also are terrible and suck a bag of **). I got the M5 in the beginning of July 2014 and sold it in the beginning of Nov 2014. Never filed a claim. Called Penn today to cancel the warranty and to receive a partial refund from the warranty I never used. I buy a lot of cars and have always been able to cancel the warranty and get a partial refund as long as the car was paid off or if it wasn't paid off the partial refund goes to back to the bank to come off the top of what you owe. Apparently Penn doesn't do this and I'm not eligible for a refund that I paid an extra $1,700 for and I only had the car for 3-ish months. So to all the employees and Owners at Penn please feel free to go ** yourselves, eat a fat sack of ** and I'm hoping most of you get full blown **.

      Reviewed Feb. 21, 2014

      My Cadillac SRX broke down on December 28, 2013. It was towed Jan 2, 2014. It has been at the Cadillac dealer since then. It is now February 21, 2014. The problem is that the crankshaft broke. The Penn Warranty has sent many Adjusters, and nothing has happened. The bill to repair my vehicle is about $5000.00. Penn Warranty will only pay about $600.00. Penn Warranty has also made me pay to have the engine taken apart at my expense. The vehicle is under contract, and an internal part failed.

      Reviewed March 23, 2010

      I purchased three Genesis warranties from Penn Warranty. They were for a 2000 S-10 Chevy, 2000 GMC Sierra, and 2002 Chevy Impala. These warranty payments were set up on the auto pay via a Discover credit card. In April 2009, fraudulent activity was suspected on the credit card placing a freeze on the account. During this time, both the S-10 and GMC payments were due. With the hold placed on card, no payments were issued.

      Penn Warranty was unable to contact us due to an address change on our end, therefore the warranties lapsed and by the time we realized this via credit card billing cycle, it was too late to reinstate warranties and Penn Warranty refused to renew due to mileage on the vehicles which they had covered the previous four to five years.

      In November 2009, I notified Penn Warranty of a new credit card number for the auto pay for the warranty on the Impala. The Discover card on file was being replaced as a result of a breach in the security and potential fraud. After notifying Penn Warranty of the changes, so as not to experience a lapse in payment, Penn Warranty treated this a renewal which wasn't the case - it was simply updating information for auto pay to continue uninterrupted. The renewal I never applied for was declined due to excessive mileage on the Impala.

      When the warranties were purchased, they were good for as long as I had the vehicles and payments were made. Though there was an unfortunate miscues on the S-10 and GMC due to credit card freeze, there was no tolerance given even after providing documentation of notice from Discover. While it seems that tolerance should be allowed for such situations of credit card companies monitoring for fraudulent activity, there is no excuse for cancelling a policy simply because one changes the credit card information on file so there is no lapse in payment.

      It would appear that Penn Warranty wants to cancel customers when the risk is greater for potential problems since I have kept the vehicles longer than the average person does and the mileage on them exceeds their limit for new applications.

      Reviewed Feb. 8, 2009

      I bought a warrany from a call dealership with this warranty. Not only did it take upwards of 4 hours for each question on a claim,some times it took more than 1 business day. The claims department refused to pay for items clearly stated as covered on the warranty. I also asked for a copy of all conversations about my claim, I've got documented proof of calls from my cell phone and emails that were never documented. One of those calls I was placed on hold for over 40 minutes. The records are untrue and lies in some cases. One such statement placed on this record is that I said I would lose my job. No such thing was said by me. My parents have a spare auto and I was using that and I had no fear of losing my job because this company did not want to approve covered items or not approve them.

      How can you have an agreement and the other person pick and choose which parts they want to uphold? Are we as the consumer just screwed no matter if it's in writting or not. I'm a young nursing student and couldn't afford the extra stuff I should not have had to pay for. Still waiting from their resolution department to get back to me with what they are going to do. However have read several complaints online and it didn't work for anyone else. Wish me luck!

      Reviewed June 5, 2008

      My 2000 Volvo V70 XC AWD threw a rod and created catastrophic damage. The engine was full of oil after the accident. Penn Warranty said accident was caused by a lack of lubrication on the bearings which then caused the rod to break. The car was bought in Sept 2007 The was bought with 127275 miles on the car and had been driven only 4750 miles at the time of the accident in early May. The car also had a carfax report. My mechanic told me that the car had been hit on the right side.

      It is my opinion that the Problem that caused the accident existed at the time I purchased the car and was just waiting to happen. After purchasing the car I found out that the safety breaka did not work.

      I had a retired Volvo mechanic and his son look at the car and they said the engine sounds like it has 200,000 miles on it. They advised me to get rid of the car.

      It was at this point that I decided to get warranty protection.

      When I changed the oil, the paper filter was an oil soaked wad of paper.

      When I replaced the thermostat I found the termostat had been broken to run in an open position providing more cooling for the Engine. A proper thermostat was installed for heat in the passenger compartment.

      The findings of the inspector from Penn Warranty stated that the pan had been recently cleaned and he said that sew heat marks on the bearings.

      When the engine blew, we heard no noise to warm us.

      The engine blew smoke, a thud and rolled to a stop. It happen in seconds.

      The vehicle was bought from Variety Auto Sales in Cookeville, Tennessee. Variety imports cars from Baltimore to cookeville which does not require smog devices. I feel that the car was dumped to Variety.

      Regardless of the Condition of the car at purchase Penn Warranty did not inspect the car and the warranty was in affect immediately.

      With mechanical wear, the radial deflection of the rod becomes excessive and the rod

      suffers from torsion vibration. This leads to connecting rod breakage and catastrophic Engine damage

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