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Penn Warranty is a vehicle service contract provider covering the cost of car repairs due to breakdowns or malfunctions. It also lets you choose your repair center and transfer your warranty if you decide to sell your vehicle. Penn Warranty partners with a large network of used car dealers, but it’s not the most transparent about its options or pricing.

    Pros & Cons


    • Uncommon pricing
    • Choose your own repair center
    • Transferable plans


    • Complicated claims process
    • Limited plan information

    Bottom Line

    Penn Warranty provides vehicle service contracts through a large network of dealers. It’s a good option for used car drivers on a budget. However, its claims can be tricky, and customer service hours are limited.

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    Reviewed Dec. 4, 2019

    Nothing but problems with this company from the first time a claim was submitted. The coverage states it will cover such a variety of repairs but when it comes down to it they always find a way not to pay. They are very restrictive on how you submit a claim, how the invoices are written and deeply discount labor rates. On a recent repair that took over 5 hours of labor they only covered one stating that according to their database that's how long it should take. The "customer service", or lack thereof is short, rude, and never helpful with customers or mechanics. If this warranty is offered to you when buying a used car do yourself a favor and decline!

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    Reviewed Nov. 12, 2019

    Drive shaft and universal joint are covered under the warranty. The repair cost is in excess of $1300. Penn warranty estimated parts and labor should be $322 and after the $100 deductible paid $222 toward a $1340 repair bill. Other repairs that were needed in the past were not covered at all thanks to careful wording of the warranty contract. ABS brakes and Differential went out (both should be covered). Broken component that actuates the ABS and differential is mounted on the exterior of the differential and only internal components are covered. $1800 repair bill $0 coverage. Save your money, the warranty is garbage. It does not provide "peace of mind" that they claim.

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    Reviewed Oct. 3, 2019

    I purchased a elite package thinking I would be worry free. After having my car for only 8 months it shut off. When I had it towed to my mechanic he stated something in the engine was bad. He would need to open the engine. Penn warranty doesn't cover diagnostic so I paid 500$ upfront. Then once he found the problem which the timing belt went cause the head of the engine to blow penn warranty sent an inspector there who decided they would only cover timing belt. The mechanic Expressed the timing belt caused the head to go and we would've had no indication.

    Needless to say penn warranty is only covering 750 of a 3800 job. I'm so broken and feel like we got used. I thought for sure I had a great warranty. It's sad that this is what happens when you think you're actually covering yourself. Please don't make the mistake I did because you will pay. Not to mention the going hourly rate for mechanic is well over 100 per hour. Penn warranty only pays 65 so you will have to cover the rest as well they don't cover sales tax. The money I paid on the warranty is more than there even covering so I lost out big time.

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    Reviewed Sept. 18, 2019

    Car blew a tranny 1020 miles after it was purchased, they told me tranny would have to be taken out and opened ($750 at my expense) to see if they would cover repair. They informed repair shop they would pay $700 for a used tranny and wouldn't cover the other $800 that it cost, keep in mind the shop was very reasonable and hated dealing with Penn Warranty, took 5 weeks to resolve. Three other shops would not deal with Penn Warranty when I called them. I don't know how they legally stay in business.

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    Reviewed July 23, 2019

    My experience is the same as everyone else. Three weeks or run-around with two shops. I've only put 400 miles on the car, used, and I had an $800 repair for which they FINALLY paid $110 of with a $100 deductible which I did not know about. The car is unlikely to last the three years of the warranty. Horrible company. I would've been better off just putting the money aside.

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    Reviewed April 8, 2019

    After 2 attempts at making legitimate claims, I've run only into denials and offers to fill out claim disputes. Both times my auto repair facilities were puzzled and frustrated (South Point Dodge in Tulsa, and Right Way Automotive in Indianapolis). This company will put all of its efforts into finding loopholes to not pay your claim. Do NOT purchase a warranty from this company - it is a complete waste of your money.

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    Reviewed Feb. 13, 2019

    I'm so sorry I got hoodwinked into buying the Gold plan. I wanted bumper to bumper coverage and paid top dollar for it. Instead, a $2000 bill, they only paid $500...I even had to pay a $100 deductible! The worst experience ever, they are still conducting business via a fax machine! For real, a FAX MACHINE. Even the Lincoln dealer said it was the worst warranty company.

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    Reviewed Dec. 8, 2018

    Horrible company. Almost no one of the dealers and repair shops on State St. in Schenectady deals with them anymore. I used to sell their warranty (very sorry to say that) and did repairs on cars under the warranty. They play games with the customers and repair shops and find every possible excuse not to pay or pay very little. Payments for large claims are delayed and often paid only after Attorney General's office gets involved. Do yourself a favor, do not deal with crooked dishonest company that may not be around much longer.

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    Reviewed Oct. 26, 2018

    My claim was made in 8/25/18. After going back and forward finally my vehicle is fix. Today is 10/26/18. I am calling to see if they can pay their part which is way less than the full amount and they are going to call me back. Seriously!!! You found something else to use as an excuse for not paying. Beside of what you already denied. My advice, please search before deciding in Penn Warranty. I know that if I knew better, I would not even take them in consideration.

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    Reviewed Oct. 24, 2018

    All the fine details about what they cover are not shown to you at signing of car purchase. It has all these pretty checkmarks that it covers this that and the other things but when it comes down to it, they don't cover full labor charge, fluids, things that may have already been worn down prior to breaking... ugh what? $3500 of an $8000 repair? When it says it is fully covered. And how long do you have to wait before anything is covered? I mean, that's why you get the best warranty because you don't know if/when something will break. Never received anything in the mail about the details of the warranty, how to get a rental or anything of that nature. Didn't even know what phone number to call after hours for our "free" towing. Joke.

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    Reviewed Oct. 19, 2018

    We have contacted this company on four occasions. Not once has ANYTHING been covered and we purchased the Gold warranty. At the time we purchased the warranty the dealer DID NOT explain we could only cancel in 30 days. This company is a joke. Please please do not purchase.

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    Reviewed Sept. 25, 2018

    I have a 2008 BMW 750I. I bought it at a car dealer and also purchased SCM's Highline warranty. Supposedly bumper to bumper minus wearable items. I brought the car in for repairs, A cracked coolant reservoir, A blower motor, and engine mounts. None of which is covered. The mechanic told me that even lower end warranties usually cover these items. $3400 for the warranty down the tubes. I would not recommend this company to anybody.

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    Reviewed Aug. 2, 2018

    I recently purchased a warranty with PWC, only to find out that no one/Company accepts it. I've taken my vehicle to 4 different shops, and neither company accepted the warranty. Pep Boys accepts it, but they won't work on a foreign vehicle. I feel cheated... No one wants to pay for a warranty $2000.00, deductible $100.00 (per claim), and labor (anything after $85 is on the customer). This is a complete waste of time and money.

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    Reviewed May 18, 2018

    Would give them 0 stars but can't. My expectations were that they would HELP me get my car fixed when it needed repairs. Never had expectation of them paying the whole thing, but do what they said they would. Six months after purchasing my car, the engine stalled while on my way back from visiting college friends. That happened 3 hours away from home and had no AAA so got a local wrecker to tow me to the best shop in town. Called TPWC and opened a case, a couple of days later they requested the shop to do a compression test which they did and reported no compression. Several weeks passed and after many calls they asked the shop to open the engine, they did and TPWC sent their inspector. The engine had been severely damaged due to the timing chain breaking and the nail in the coffin was a note indicating continued operation on a defective part.

    They offered to pay for the timing chain parts and one hour of labor, the cost of the diagnostic and engine repair/replacement will be on me thanks to the note from the inspector which I know is just an excuse not to cover the expense. Plan on going all the way with them, disputes and all it takes until we're satisfied and if anyone knows how to join a class action suit against them please let me know so I can join.

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    Reviewed April 12, 2018

    I just got off the phone with Rob in customer service and he was great. I could tell by the tone in his voice he wanted to help, he was polite, answered all my crazy questions and fixed what I thought was a problem, in a matter of minutes!

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    Reviewed April 9, 2018

    I paid this company $2900 only to find that they WILL NOT cover my claim for shocks! I never received my contract until I asked for it (I waited 2 months for it to arrive in the mail and it didn't come)! Said they don't cover normal wear and tear! Nice to know this AFTER you got my money!

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    Reviewed March 19, 2018

    Warranty of transmission - Completely dishonest. Won't accept shop's manufacturer's diagnostic test as valid reason to honor claim. They also, won't tell the shop what is acceptable to show coverage. They are a complete fraud! Do not use them!

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    Reviewed Nov. 9, 2017

    Would give zero stars if I could. Company jerked me around for nearly a month—until my warranty expired—stalling, lying, repeatedly denying a claim on an item that was listed as covered in their brochure, with a variety of different—equally flimsy—excuses. Warranty covered 1/3rd the cost of 1 item in three years, making it the worst $1000 I ever spent. Penn Warranty is a scam. Save your money, PLEASE, and do not purchase one of these! With or without this "warranty" you'll be paying for your repairs yourself.

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    Reviewed Sept. 6, 2017

    I bought a Extended Warranty from this company on my 2012 Mercedes C300. I purchased this warranty on the dealer's recommendation at the time I purchased the vehicle. The dealer really talked these guys up as one of the best companies for an extended warranty. I took the dealer's advice and that turned out to be my first mistake. Second mistake was paying for the contract in full. The vehicle went into the mechanic for a minor engine leak. Called Penn Warranty's customer service line to see if the leak was covered under my warranty. After being bounced around 5x from rep to rep I was told the leak would not be covered.

    I asked what is covered under the warranty and got very vague answers and also found out that the warranty only covers a portion on any repair. Lastly, the communication with this company is awful. I wanted to cancel my warranty and had to call these people 5+ times. Calling this company is the only option as they have zero online options to connect with them. I only wish I found this site with all of the negative reviews before I purchased this warranty. Auto dealers should also be aware of recommending Penn to their customers. Like I mentioned earlier in this review the only reason I purchased this warranty was because of the dealer's recommendation.

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    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2017

    After reviewing all the reviews on Penn Warranty, there is not much to say about this Company. It has already been said! They are TERRIBLE at paying claims! I have a 2005 BMW 645CI and had several attempted claims with these people, and most claims rejected! Have one now for an alternator, they will only pay $200 on $800. All I have to say is if you are looking for a Warranty Company, Do Not, again, Do Not go with Penn Warranty!!!

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    Reviewed May 17, 2017

    I bought a 2-year warranty for 2k on my BMW 2008 X3. I had a few claims they denied like a leak in engine, oxygen sensors, leak in the coolant system. The last one is my transfer case and shaft went. They claim the lubrication was low so they don't cover it. The is the worst warranty in the world. They need to be sued so we can get our money back.

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    Reviewed April 26, 2017

    This is yet another greed based scam corporation aimed at fleecing the public of their money. Of course the shady used car shops that do business with PENN WARRANTY CORPORATION say they're highly reviewed, how many good reviews do you see here?! 2006 Subaru Outback, motor went bad, had oil consumption and rod knock. Cost and sensibility leaned toward replacing the motor with a used one. But no, Penn Warranty puts the burden of proof on your wallet, so one of their hack inspectors can come out and point at a bad part, cover that little cost, and leave you stuck with the teardown and rebuild cost, when it's cheaper to just replace it, hence the scam, as they won't pay for a new or used motor, which is what is needed. I can hardly wait to see these swine in court. Considering small claims at this time. If there is a pending class action lawsuit involving these vermin count me in because I will find it or create it.

    I'm sorry that you're reading this... Probably means you've been taken too. I've always worked hard for what I have and ask nothing. Now I owe the bank a lot of money on a dead car. I left PWC multiple claims dispute messages (they wouldn't answer phone) three days before my two year contract expired. They didn't even respond and contract expired... Go figure. This vile corporation takes your money and leaves people hanging with no mercy and a ghetto call staff. PWC business structure is based on lies and deception. If you think this rant is bad Penn Warranty...wait until our court date. To Joe Public... It's time to fight. Turn off your social networks, sports, and other distractions. Make the time to hammer these corporations with lawsuits. ACLU lawyers are reasonable and sometimes free.

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    Reviewed April 25, 2017

    I'm a service writer and have called in for several claims and always get poor service from Penn Warranty Co. and their adjusters. In all my experiences with warranty co process they are the worst. Many time they don't call back or will process a claim with very cheap parts or cost match and isn't cost effective for customers. When vehicle is completed the company takes days to pay and or will need to call back to get payment. My feelings are that there are some people in that Co. aren't trained properly and not professional. In future will not recommend this warranty co. or work with them going into future.

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    Reviewed April 10, 2017

    My son purchased an extended warranty from Extreme Trucks Erie PA when he purchased his 2007 Toyota Tacoma truck. The warranty company is The Penn Warranty Corporation Wilkes-Barrie PA. He paid $1600 for the warranty. Shortly after he purchased the truck the rear seal went out and put a rod through the bottom of the engine!!! When my son called in the claim AMANDA @ Penn Warranty Corp. told him they would replace the engine - not with a new one, but a used one and pay $55 per hour for labor!!! My son called all the garages in Corry and the Toyota dealer and found Dodge in Corry was the cheapest @ $65 per hour.

    Then Josh called and said the motor in truck needed to be torn down so the could see what happened. The office manager at Dodge said the motor did not need torn down - you can see rod out the bottom of the motor. We had it torn down cost $400. The Dodge garage found an engine for $5247, my son went online and found one for $3450 with a 3 year warranty - so that's the one we got. Dodge put motor in truck labor was 21.5 hours = $1384.50 + parts!!! I want the money that AMANDA told us when my son called in the claim totaling $5634.87!!! The Penn Warranty Corporation only sent us $600 to replace the rod and oil pan, that is NOT what we were told. I paid the money for the engine, labor, and parts!!! I WANT THE REST OF MY MONEY!!!

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    Reviewed March 21, 2017

    The nature of this complaint is the service I'm receiving in regards to the repair to my vehicle. I had to provide two tows to get my vehicle to this shop for repair. Once it arrived there the mechanic stated that I was having a transmission problem. The initial cause was I couldn't turn the wheel on the car and the steering was locking up. After the mechanic diagnosed as needing another transmission he submitted the claim to you guys back on 2/272017. You guys approved the claim but only for 1300 minus 100 dollars for deductible amount totalling out to 1200 dollars including labor in this repair. This was not nearly enough to cover the cost for a rebuilt engine or new engine for this Navigator.

    So I contacted the adjuster Shanequa and she stated the shop would have to order the USED TRANSMISSION from the junkyard shop by the name of Reno's auto parts in Ohio!!! I'm in TEXAS. No one thought to find a part shop here in Houston that would cut down on delivery and repair time. After about a week of the part finally arrives but arrives DEFECTIVE!!! This is week 2 of no vehicle and since the adjuster only approved for 7 hours for labor and not 8, I don't qualify for rental until this repair is done. So now I am not only paying for a car I am unable to drive now going on a month but I am also paying for rental and or Uber services for transportation so that I don't lose my job because my car is still not repaired. The repair shop is saying that the issue the part and that it needs to go back. The supplier (Reno's Crap shop) does not want to take the part back because they claim it's a good part.

    The manager at Reno's stated that he would send an inspector out on today 03/20/2017 but in return said he wasn't sending anyone out. So now the manager at the repair shop wants me to come pick up my truck even though it's not working. Penn warranty paid on a claim before they even checked with me to see if the car was working. They asked the shop manager (Daniel) he claimed it was working then it somehow stopped working within 24 hours of installing the part. Now the shop does not want to do any work until they are approved for more labor and guess what, Penn warranty, (you guys) won't approve any more labor until the junk parts place sends out an inspector to see if the part is really defective. So as the consumer I am stuck here in the middle with a purchased warranty that is not really covering a reasonable amount for the repair of this car.

    This is not the first time I have had an issue with this car. The last time it was the calipers that were a hassle to fix. Now this (the transmission) and before that it was the back windshield wiper that is still now not working either. I have spoken with Shanequa's supervisor Eien. He gives me the run around just like Shanequa and the repair shop. I have never dealt with a warranty company like this ever before in my life. This whole experience has been the WORST!!! No one seems to care that money was spent to have this service but why should you, money is spent now. How can a class action suit be filed against this company!! False practices.

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    Reviewed Jan. 30, 2017

    Filed a claim with this company about a month ago. They have fought us the whole way thru, and then denied the claim stating it was a preexisting problem. What happened is the oil light came, so I stopped and checked the oil which was full. I had the car towed to the garage and my mechanic determined the engine was blown and needed another engine. Contacted PWC. They wanted it torn down at my expense and they would send out an inspector. The inspector said it was a preexisting condition with the timing belt and the plastic guides and metal clips were broken by a loose timing chain which clogged the oil pickup and cut off the oil pressure. When we purchased the car 4 weeks prior to all this the dealer said it was the smoothest running car he had on the lot. If the preexisting timing chain was making all that racket don't you think we would have heard it?

    Now we are in a dispute claim with PCW. The outlook does not look good with this claim. I feel everything we say they will come back with something to get out of paying the claim. They seem to have certain catch words in their contract that helps them denied all claims and their inspectors seem to be coached on how to word their inspection reports to accomplish this task. Avoid this company at all costs. They are rude and underhanded. Seems from all the other reviews we've read everyone is saying the same things.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Dec. 20, 2016

    First off, I don't have a contract with this horrible company. I work for independent repair facility that they just denied a claim for. They sent out an independent inspector to look at the failure. The inspector agreed with are findings and finished the report. Nicole from Penn called back and said that they would not cover the major problem due to previous problems with the crankcase vent system. Which has nothing to do with the worn camshaft. I talked to the supervisor for Penn and we strongly disagreed with each other. Being a previous tech, he was trying to get technical with me. However, none of the stuff he was saying was correct. I called him out on it and then he just said that WE ARE NOT COVERING IT!!! STAY AWAY.

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    Reviewed Nov. 10, 2016

    Let me tell you to please stay away from this company. You have to go thru so much it's ridiculous. They still haven't paid for my Vehicle Repair from August. Now my Vehicle back in the shop. I was told they will get the claim started for me but I would need to pay and get my money from them because they don't want to deal with them. They even ask GMC if they can mail them the part to keep from paying the price. Who will allow a warranty come to do that and be held responsible if it don't work or something goes wrong. I HAVE HAD SO MANY PROBLEM WITH THIS COMPANY I WISH I CAN DO A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. If at all possible please someone help us out. Stay away from Penn WARRANTY.

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    Reviewed Sept. 22, 2016

    I have had to use my warranty twice with this company. Both times it has been an awful experience. Once with a dealer and once with a specialty shop. Neither one could get the company to pay for the parts they claimed they covered in their paperwork. They were very difficult to deal with and response to the service manager took over 3 days to approve anything. Needed a compressor for the AC. $1,000 replacement cost from the dealer. I have a $100 deductible and they paid $150 towards the repair. In the paperwork they claim the AC compressor is covered??? Not true!!! My advice is to stay clear of this outfit. Get your extended warranty from anybody else. These guys should be investigated by the State Attorney's office of Pennsylvania. Major rip-off. Both the dealer and the specialty shop said they have never dealt with any extended warranty company as fraudulent as this one!!!

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed May 27, 2016

    I just purchased this warranty. Paid about $1200 and filed a claim May 2016 for a little over $400. They told me I was approved for $340. They sent me a check for $170 which is crazy. I will never do business again with them and I will not recommend them to anyone. I have to dispute this claim to get my full amount... Smh. I never had to go through this in my life with any other warranty company that I dealt with. POOR BUSINESS... I'll be going to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU about this.

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